The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 10, 1891 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, October 10, 1891
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The Postville Weekly Review tOBTVILLE, BAT'DAY, OCT. 10. W. N.BTJBDIOX.Hditor. Mnttrtd at the Postofflu at Postville as * t6nd-$lasi Matter. UPPER IOWA CONFERENCE PROHIBITION. ON REPUBLICAN BTATB TICKET. For Governor, HIRAM C. WHEELER, of Sac County. For Lieutsnnnt Govoroor, CKO. VAN HOUTEtf, of Taj lor County. For Suproma Judge, S. M. WEAVER, of Hnrdin County. For Supt. Public Instruction, HENRY SABIN, of Clinton County. Tor Railway Coinmisalonsr, FRANK T. CAMPBELL, of Jaspnr County. SENATORIAL TICKET. V. Y. WHITMORE, of Fnyetto County. Fo: COUNTY TICKET. For Representative J. S. BRYBON. For Troasurar, D. D. RONAN. For Sheriff, J. B. M INERT. Suporiutendont of Schools, J. P. RAYMOND. For Moinbw Board of Supervisors. N.J. QUANL-AI1L. For Survoyor, A. R. PRESCOTT. For Coronar, I. E. NASH. W E pine* in tlio proper place at the head of our columns to-day tho ticknt nominated by the republican county convention last Saturday. As a whole it is a good ticket and worthy tho support of every republican in tho county. Wo aro not personally acquainted with nil of thorn but havo no doubt of thoir litnoss for tho several places for which they wore Dominated. It would bo folly to expect that they will ail bo elected in a county so stiongly democratic as this, but more, of them may bo elected than oven we oxpect. For sheriff Mr. Minort was elected two years ago, wliero there was less prospect of it than there is now. He has only held the oitico one term, and by usage, by right and by qualilication ho is entitled to a sucond torm, and thoro is rfonrcely a doubt but ho will be elected by a good majority. And tho same may bo said of Mr. Kaymond. Two years ago he was elected superintendent against his present competitor, tho lirst time, wo beliove, that tho republicans havo over olected a superiuteudeut in thu county, at least since cur knowledge of tho county, with tho slnglo exception "of ono terra fillod by Mr. Row. Ho has made a thoroughly efficient officer, which is attested by* tho democratic officials who recontly examined the books and work of tho county officials. To fail to givo him a socond torm would be injustice to him as well as to tho schools, which he has so faithfully served. Wo shall say more about the other candidates at another time. Wo only ndd now that we hopo republicans will do their duty, as a grand victory, all along the line awaits us both this.'year and noxt. Keep your armor on. The Des Moines Methodist confoi- ence passed very stilngont resolutions favoring prohibition and censuring Gov. Boles, and the governor has since been busy in replying to those ieiolu- tions. It was thought by somo that the Upper Iowa couferonco, held at Haven- port last week, would hardly antagonize tin governor, but llioy reaffirmed the DesMoines resolutions and resolved as follows: "Tho ministerial committee on temperance presented the following resolutions, which were road at an opon meeting and which will bo unanimously adopted by the conference: Your commilteo on temporanco beg leave to report as follows: The Uppor Iowa conference reaffirms its loyalty to the principles and policy of prohibition, believing it to be tho only effective method of dealing with tho liquor traffic. Resolved. That we recognize that tho liquor power of the United States havo raised tlio cry of "On to Iowa!" for the •purposo of securing tho repeal of our prohibitory laws. Resolved, That we bolinvo this to be tho crisis for Iowa's prohibitory law, and we call upon all good men and lovers of tho state, retjardloss of political affiliation, or church relations, to rise up in their might against tho effort now being made to rob us of our prohibitory law. Resolved, That wo join with our brothren of the DesMoines couferonco in denouncing tho attumpt of any party to eripple and obstruct tlio enforcement of the prohibitory law, and then on tho ground of non-onforcemont demand tho ropes! of said law. Resolved. That any party calling a license law a temporanco measuro sots itself against the Intelligence of the State, contradicts the verdict of experience and reflects on its own moral integrity.; Resolved, That wo maintain that party alliance with tho outlawed saloon is treason against the state Resolved, That wo condemn with he .artfglt indignatiou the action of Iowa's chiof exocutivo in pardoning offenders of tho prohibitory law in such numbers as to mako its enforcement most difficult and in somo places impossible. Resolved, That wo enter our solemn protest against the statemont ot the chiof magistrate of this state that Infinitely more pauperism and suftoring havo resulted from the enforcement of the prohibitory law than from the unrestrained salo of intoxicating liquors, as utterly false. Resolved, That God's method of doal- ing with evil has over been prohibitory, thcruforo wo will not voto to receive blood monoy in the form of license. We will grant no iudulgcnco, and wo will not voto to regulate out to prohil the grontost of all ovils, strong drink belioving total abstinence for tho ind vidunl and prohibition for tho stale to bs tho true law of temporanco." H. O. F IMTT, Chairman. W. F. B AKCLAT, 0. H. M AHSH, N. Pra, Secretary. Tho lay conference also passod reso lutionu as sweeping. This puts tho Methodist church solidly against the democratic party in this contest, and the only consistent thing for democrats to do is to repudiate tho democratic party cr withdraw from the church. Somo of tho brethron havo contended that it was vory inconsistent for anti prohibition republicans to remain i tho party. If this were the only issue their position would bo corroct. But it is not. Outside of Iowa and a very few other states this is not a party issue at all, and it ought not to be hero. Bu hare we have a great church making an opon issue and condomning tho governor and his party. Now it is time for democratic Molhodists to decido botwoon their party and their church and leave either ono or tho other. If thoy do not do it thoy want to say no moro about inconsistency. T HE great Irish leader, Parncll, d»ad. THE GOOD WIFE; AND A HARD LESSON TO LEARN. Tnisr have a summary and bloody way of settling strikes in the south. A number of Memphis negroes who wont to pick cotton in Arkansas wore charged with iuoiting tho other pickers to a strike for higher wages. To got rid of the strike and tho trouble the planters • mado a raid, captured ton ol these Momphis negroes and hung them to the first treos in reach. This terrible butchery ]s excused on the ground that the victims were "lawloss rascals, supposed to be from the orap dens of Memphis." White men from the gambling dons of the same city would never have been molested. Public sentiment is dull to these, crimes perpetrated on the blacks, but wo do not for a moment believe that Omnipotence forgets them. There will bo a day of judgment. U NCLE J KBUY R USK has gone back en ' tho equinoctial storm. He says there is no such thing; that tho faot of tho sun crossing tlio equator twice a year has nothing whatever to do with the weather. The first wo know the old gentleman will be telling tho children that there is no, such saint in the calen­ der as Santa 0|aus, which would boa < . f»i' greater heresy than, this he has sprung upon us regarding the equinox. Tho faot is thi^t we do not desire that our good old beliefs should be 10 ruth- lowly disturbed, T HI state comnilttso ought to arrange for one good meeting in Postville before eleotlon, with a speaker of state reputation, Thero has'as yet been Very little done in the corner of the stale. Wo want one goad mooting that will draw out tho people for miles around, with Dolliver or some equally good speaker to Merest a greutt audience. Shall wo mmm**mmammp •,,» notwivh*t»n J'n 'g •VforaMe weather qr places op The heart of a man with whom affoc tion is uot a name, and love a mor passion of tlio hour, yoarns toward the quiot of a homo as toward a goal of his oarthly joy and hopo. And as you fasten thoro your thoughts, and indulgen jot dreamy fanoy paints tho loved image that is to adorn it, and to make it sacred, she is there to bid you God speod, and an adieu that hangs like music on your ear as you go out to the every labor of life. At eyenlng she is there to greet you as you coino home weary with a days toll; and hor look so full of gladness cheats you of your fatigue and slio steals hor arm around you with a soul of welcomo that beaniB likTo suushlno on hov brow and (ills your eyes with tears of a twin gralittulo to hor and heaven. Tlio maid on whose ohook, on whose brow, in whoio oyes shone beauty and pleasure -her triumphs aro by and the memory of those that loved her and praised her are rtllko from tho minds of the living orased. Yet there are a hundred of wives who havp yot to learn tho great lesson of silence upon matters ^hioh belong only to ihomsolves aud not oven to thoir families. Whatever your litis- ban.d may bo, my'dear woman, romoni bor that ho Is your* and by stamping bis faults to tho world you stamp your- Belt a traitor to your most sacred vows, Marriage is uover without its little misunderstandings and It is, well for you to romomber that your neighbor has to oonlend with as many as those whloh enter your life. Keep before you the rough but truth-freighted saying that It is only .a fool who tells all he knows. If there is a skoletou in your bouse, for your own sake aud the stke of everything that Is most dear to you be a trtto wife, a noble woman, and k»op tho key hidden In your own heart. The roughest man has his tenderost spot and someday when you least expuot it you will ttnd you have touohed tho main spring. Nothing so touches a rottu *hQ bos wronged hor as a woman's silent patience- a far moro powerful weapon 1t is than angry words or fretful discussion. "Yea, hope and d^ipontloncy, pleasure and, palo, Aromlogled together like nunthine and rain. And Uis irollo mid the te»r, »nd (ha song and tho ' • •' tdlrge, Still follow eaebotbsr Ilk* surgeupon nurse." > _________ M " ^s| ( .. , I 'IIK debt P ( Chicago is shoivo tp b,e |M ,}7a,17Q \W\> (li«u fafm debt, of K #BWMWi . ^,708,6^ Uvftee thu» M R. AND M RS. C LRVELAND are tho proud and happy parents of a daugh ter. May the lllllo ono develop Into as lovely womanhood as that to which her mothor has attainodl O NLY three weeks from next Tuesday until election. It is almost tlmo bogtn to make calculations to attend the polls and toseo that your neighbor do likewise Let us have au old time outpouring this year, and then we shall bo satisfiod with tho result, wbatovor it is. P ROF. G OLDWIN S MITH makes a statement that in all the wars England has carried on alio nevor has had moro than 80,000 men of hor own nativity, incltid ing both islands engaged in battles Even at Waterloo of tho 70.000 men composing her army ongaged In that memorablo contest less than 40,000 wcro natives of Groat Britain. Every student of American histcry knows who fought for hor cause in the revolution of 1776. I T is said that a silver shekel has beon found in Galvostou of the timo of Simon Maccabeus, who lived one huu dred and forty-two yoars boforo tho beginning of tho christian era, and con 8cqueutly is 2,0!i.1 years old. The coin is estimated by competent judges to be worth for its numismatic value $5,000 while tho intrinsic valuo of tho silver it contains does not exceed lifty-one or fifty-two ceuts. The question arisrs, how did the coin tind its way into Gal veston, a city built ivithin tho past bun drod years P TOIL OP 08N1U8. 4 1. • ITocdi Thai 1,'ve Aro tho Itojult of Muoh Labor. Hatty work is seldom good work. It is given to few to spoak or writo at a moment's notice words that will live. Tho stanza of tho poet, the paragraph of the prose writer, whoro every word seomH to llnd ita place us by some in- ovltablo law of nature, is in reality tho coiuummnto rosult of an apprenticeship tlio most stringont and osaot- lng in the world. ••At length." exclaims Gootbo—"at length, afior forty years, I have learned to writo Gorman. 11 It surpriBos us to learn how hard oven the most original and spontaneous of poets havo toilod at their art. liurna in supposed to havo owed loss to premeditation thau almost any other poet, yet wo know that ho was acquainted with all the great English poets, and that ho read them in such a way that no academic training could moro successfully havo sot his fanulttes at work. Holuo has the reputation ot being tho most spontaneous of lyrical poets; yet It was reported but tho otber day that ono of his songs which had struck overyono as being as unforced as a bird's warblo was wrlttou ar.d rewritten somo half-dozen times, t.he poot's blurred manusorlpt revealiajr tho mental druggie that had gone to its production. It may ba an inadequate definition of genius to say that it is an "infinite capaolty at taking pains." The words, at all evonts, ex prows the inevitable conditions under r/hioh it cau olona manifest llaolf. THE COLONEL'S WIPS. Th« Important Part Slao Playe in AXBIT tile Thero Is ono person In the army, u» rather connociod with tho army, whom It Is more necessary for a subordinate ofilcor to coiicilato than tho colonel of his roglmont, and that is tbo colonel's wife, sa'd an old regular arm; officer tho other day. Tho colonel commands the regiment, but tho colonel's wife oom mandi tho colonel. Many a young lloutenant has loarnod this only after paying dearly to gain tho knowledge. Thoro aro two orrora In judgment of which tho lloutenant mar be guilty. Lei him bowaro of marrying a wifo who is better looking and more ongaglng In mnnnor than tho lady of his commanding offenr, or If ho Is single let him bo careful to avoid showing particular attention to otbor ladles of tho garrison io the noglect ot Modamo la Colonnllo at tho little soolal featherings which enliven tho monotony ot life at an army post. The dangers that may be on- countered by a nn;:lcot of theso two rules are probably not so great now as when wo had many frontier posts sur- rounaed by Indians, who, if not actually hostile, wero liable to break out at any momont. Looking hack on U IOJQ dayi, many an old army man can recall Instances of young nontenants Doing sent out twenty or thirty ndlos on tho pralrlo with a Uetachmout detailed to the Important service of gathering hay. for government mu oo, with a chance of iosluK their rsalps before they returnod, and who wore nuloitod lor this dnty by reason of the fact that tho superior attractions of lhi-lr wives had excitod the Joalou* ra^o of tho lady, who commanded the colonel, and, through him, the regiment And evon In those days It not Infrequently Happens that the yonug offlcer who Is detailed t-j tho most uu- ploasant duilos Is the ono who has failed to win tho good opinion of the colonel 1 * wifo. I. E. Appointments—Docorah Bi»- triot. Presiding Eldor, H. H. G HEEN. T . O. Docorah. • Burr Oak, R,.M. Aokijvmnn. . Calmar, D. N. Howo. Charles City, T. M. Evans, Clermont, supplied by C. A. Parklu. Crosco, %\ M. Coleman. Cresoo Circuit, H. F. Wjatt. , Dooorah, W. F. PItner. Elkndor, J, IJ, Pony. . Elma and Now Havon, P. N. Dvvello.' Floyd, J. H. Koppol. Frankvlllo, F. T. Heatly. Frederieksburg, L. S. Cooley. Guttenburg and Clayton, F. H. Linn. Havrkeyo, F, P. Cassldy. Ionia, L- N. Green, Lansing and Now Albin, J. B, Wyatt. Lime Springs and Chosler, B. 1). Smith. Luana, supplied by Benj, V. Berry. McGregor, William Lease.' Mltohell and St. Ansgar, E. Kutohum. Monona, — Now Hampton, T. N. Cook. Osage, L. U, MoKoo. Postville, E. J, Lookwood. Rloevillo, I). S. Staeblor. pidgowar, G. B. Crlnklaw, StabyvllliiB. li.'Hal), yplga City, Hadwju Williams, Wauooiua, p. M, Parker. Waukon, W. O. Maourdy, ' ' We«,t Union, F. J. Norton, W.. P. Mabry, raUslonary to Salt Lake City, W.' F, Albright, itbsont in South America, engaged |ri luUflouaiywpvk. BUBBLES IN THE AIR. day and every his EvKnr dog has eravnk has bis turn. Osn is a sottor of tvpo and tho other ts a typo of setter—the conundrum Is obvious. I T I S not a lack of stone th.t 'u delaying tho Grant monument It Is a lack of rocks. I T I S tho onlon-lovor who has a dls- tlngalshed—vory easily dbtlngulshod— air about him. Toe would hardly expect two young ,eopln who marry just In ftinlotu.e •aoh other seriously. Tins poarl craze has broken loo.;o In >Vlscon?ln ngaln. Jt hum rhty 0ood ouu'.ry not to bo a clam In. Tim bill boards ,uat n .waro an;:oune- ng "(rrovor s Lost In Aow York.'" Tlio.-o :.t nothing r<o:ltlcal alout It, howo.or. TiiE rol'cr ftkatlna cra.o Is showlnc ,'lgns of breaking out again Thl.-han ernptlou that should be *dru>- In* at once. "Pnoenss WOUK" has n-nderod ongrav ng so rhoap that tho picture lu your ally newspaper is Juatas likely to roure- sent a caudldato for constable as ono o.' the cro-wuod heads of Europe. W HKN George Schlotthaoer was out down after banging himself, In Cincinnati, ho said ho Just die It for a Joke Mr. Schlott, etc, will rocolvo tho sympathy of every humorist who has foand himself at the end of his royo. TO DANCE BEFORE THE QTJBEN. Pour Pretty Americans to Entertain Her Majesty With a Mlnuot. Nitw Y ORK, Oct. 6.—Fashionablo circles in this oity aro much exercised as to tho identity of four pretty American girls who haye arrived in London to dance a minuot before the Qucob. Their chaperon rofusos to give thoir names, but aays thoy are well known in the best Now York society. A pictuie, however, Is printed lu tho October nnmbor of tho Now York and Paris Young Ladies' Fashion Bazar, untitled "Pretty girls learning to dance the minuet," which givos aomo clow to their identity. Socioty hoie also is interested in ilia fact that each of the four Americans is to wear a dross similiar to tbo ono illustrated and marked No. 8 in tho Oolorod plates of tlio magazine, which has partly revoRlcd their personality and sot fasliioiiahio circles agog. The young ladies have boon practicing tho tniuuot for eight months before venturing to ask the privilege, which has beou granted, of dancing beforo Her Majesty. Tho Now York and Paris Young Ladies' Fashion Bazar is for salo by all nowsdcnlers. it will also be sent, post- ago prepaid, for 25 cents por singlo copy. The subscription prico is $3.00 per.yoar. Address, G EORQK M UNRO, Munro's Publishing House, 17 to 27 Vandewator St., N. Y. (P. O. Box 8751.) An Ideal Wife. A S350 sealskin coat for tlio lady coming nearest tho'roquiremonts. Every lady sending fifty cents for a three month's trial subscription to the Ladies' Pictorial Weokly, may enclose n sample of her handwriting (not less than six lines,) for tho delineation of her character in Prof. Wicklo's Graph- ological Prize Examination. Tho sin­ glo or married lady possossing.'accord- ing to delineation of her hnndwritiug, tho most characteristics nocossary for tl.o making of a good wifo. will lio presented by tbo publlshois of the Ladies' Pictorial Weokly with an Elegapt.Gen- uiue Sealskin Coat, costing $350.00. To tlio lady standing second in the examination will bo presented a flrst- olnss Ladies' Gold Watch, Costing $85.00. To tlio lady standing third will bo giyon a silk Dress Pnttern, of tlio best quality, costing $45.00. Fourth, China Dinner Sot, costing $40.00. To tho ucxl five, Opera GUissos, oost- ing tlO.OO each. To the next ton handsome Parlor Lamps. To tho next twenty, beautiful Mantel Clocks.' To tho next thirty, beautiful Plush Work boxos, and many other articles, n full list of which is published, with tho ulos, in tho Ladios' Pictorial Weokly An'olognnt Silvor Tolo-a -teto Kettle is given* each day to tho lady Whose handwriting is rocuived, and upon delineation, is pronounced the best of those recoivod that day. Tho regular price of this publication is $2.00 a year, and it is equal, in every respoct, to tho high-priced illustrated English or'American mngnzlnos. Three months' trial for Fifty cents, postal note or U. S. two cont stamps. No free copies. AddresB. tlio L ADIKS P ICTORIAL W KBKLT, Toronto, Canadn. Books Given Away] Who has not lionid of that popular old reliable story paper, Stroet and Smith's Now York Weokly? For oyer thirty years it has boon beforo the public, and during that tlmo has always ranked as it does to-day lirst and best among the mnny story and 'sketch papers, It is uotluvd to tell the 1 roa- son why, The'bost author. 1 ) aro engaged to: write for it, and the publij»h«rs sparo no txponso. iu procuring Itlieir masterpieces. Messrs. Stroet • and Smith also Issue some of the mogtipop". ular oopyrlght Amorioan novels . jn book form, and this year as a special Inducement to the public thoy r niako the following , .;' s ( UNfARAU-lMtP OVFjitBj Auy parson remitting f 1.00 for font months subscription to the Now York Weekly, will receive in ndditiou, free- of nil expense, any 25 cent novel they may seloot from Street and Smith's catalogue, or auy 5 novels and a full year's subscription to the New York Weekly for thrno dollars, Sample cop tes and patalpgues furnished five, upon application to Street & Smith, 81 fto»o St., New York City. MANY TO PLBA8B. M» rjrlno Into a Royal Family Mot »n Kae/ Matter. Tho brother of tho Marquis of Lome was pojij to get married, and, as became the dutiful son of his father, he wrote to tho Duke of Argyle asking his permission and blessing. Ills father re- pl.oJ with great cordiality: "Certainly, my dear boy, I am quite willing that you units yourself with Miss Blood. Uutslnco your brother Lorno has married Into tho rjyal family, perhaps It wll bo as well to write him, Inqulruig whether tho marriage will bo agnoeb'o to bis teollngi" Tho would Lo groom was oomplaisant. Ilo at once wrote to his brothor Lorny- "Marry whom yon lovo, my dear fellow,"replied Lome, "ami go.irl l".c.k to you: hut I will and that, whereas I am most wli.lng to rocolvo Miss Mood as my slstor-lnlaw, my wifo Is tlio daugUtor of CJuoen Vie Vir.ii and It may bo that sho will have a fooitn:; of exoluslvcness about It; It wl I, thcrofoio, bo as woli, as a matter or form, to ask her consent" Tho l'rln- o-ss Louise was asked, and sho. too, was cordial, but sho made this ondlng to her nolo of foltcltatlon: *. A .B, howovor, my molhjr has always fo't tho doopost ln- lorest In your family, 1 a;n Induced to say, loy tho matter before her." Whon tho matter went beforo Queen Vlotorla she was touchod aud pJoasotl. Sho wrote with dignity and kindness to her daughter upon the subject. "I myself," sho sal I, "would willingly agree to tho miirrlepo ot tho sou of the Duke of Argy'!o arid Hiss Ulopd, Had your sainted father DAOii alto. It Is true, I would havo consulted him. but since ho has been taken from us, I would suggest thai the Httli.g thing to do Is to refer tho maUer to tho head of his houso, his dear uno'fl and guerdlan, tho Duko of llrasn Cobiir^." "Willingly, lndood, would I sctilo the matter," roplioJ tho Luke, "a.'id-gratlfli'd am I thotourroyal cousin and uLco has ;>ut It In my hands. Uut llneo tho unillratlon of Germany ttdugs have changed; I am morgod, as It weic. In tho g oil empire. 1 rotor thn tcb;o.-t of th:f marrlaga to the Emperor o^ I fruia..y." When the E:nperor of t'unnuny reci-lvud tio missive he full himself lu a m.aiular/. "I am, it ts truii," h-.i sa.d, "at tbo head of the family o? v.-hlch Albort Victor waapoiiius trloua a nion.ber. I am eonnortcd with EoKland through the closoat ties. t)or- n.a.M- and lirtt lirltaln arc allies aud kindred. Hor Ink-rosts are my Intcr- n'.-s, Uor snb..o-.-ts dear to mo. Not w.:lis:a'.i 'lliig ihoxi facti. ttils Is a eon- t..W <Mi »i governmc-nt, and I rotor for coanu Viii-.ou and consideration mattors ijf Intuiiiatlour.l lii.mouco to my :nlui>U.r. I<nt Hl'.inatcl: decide * And this Is what Hlsmarck raid whon lie wiia rOi )i ^rod to ospross his opinion upon .Miss ltlood's pro; osed nuptials: i do uot euro a whom Argy'.o's son ai .v.riok" Ml.'l, frori: this anccdoto you t.-n .It Is not a vory ultnp o matter to Tarry lulu a fnml y connected with tho oyalty of J;ngiand F.J. BECKER, M. D., HO MEOPATHIC I'UYSICIAN AND BUltGEOK. Offloo on SoconU Floor ot Varkor't Bulldlua, noiur I'ostoUlcL', Postyillo, Iowa. DR. J. S.GREEN, rnrsiciAN * SUKOEON, Offico and Kcsidonco Soutliwest par •f town. All ealls promptly attonded 8TATIONEKY. Don't forget, when you want plain or tancy Stationery, tbat the Review office is the place to get it cheap. J. SHEPHERD, M.D., . PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, c. a.rixsiox UXAMINIM. Ofltco At reitilouoo on Groon stroot, toaond home East ot Hoy A MaN'oll'a Uardwciie. DAI-JIEL A. JERALD, ^Cercliant Tailor, Postville, Iowa. All work' warranted i 0 givo satisfaction. A full lino of tho latest styles n samples. WH. nnBrimuD, j, i. SHirnaaD. BHKPIIERD BROTHEI1S, ATTORNEYS -:- AT -:- LAW, Insurftuoo Agonts and Colloetort, Authorizod to praotlo« in Ml tbo courts ot tho state. Offloo ovei Lton'i itoro. brick bloak. POSTVILLE IOWA. J. A.HAVIRLAND, "Veterinary Stargreoaa., TOSTVILLK, IOWA. Office lirst door Kast of the Cominer cUl House, Groen St., Postville, Iowa A fine set of surgical instruments. All necessary medicines kept on hand Thirteen years successful practice Calls promptly nnswored I'REU. N. BEEDY, -PH OTOGRAPHER.-:- And Doalor in Pioturo Frames. Postville - Iowa Postville Dray Line P; J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased tlio Qriglna. Postville Dray I/lno I am prepared to do all kinds of draying promptly, carefully and satisfactorily: flood teams, good drays and oaroful drivers always at the service of tho public, at fair prloos. All kiup» of light or hoavy hauling; in town or country promptly done PAHTIAL LIST QF BOOK8 OlfMBKP. Tlio County Fair, by Nail Burgess, Donuiau TUompBou'a Old HQTOsatoad. Tbo Virginia Holv»»», by May Agnes Flominj PrettlMt of All, by Julio E<lward«. . ArnGlrl'8.Mo>'oyibyJ«<H>Kato|.wi|l(i )m; " TrUy, by M J». Ooorgl Sl)eld<t n i • r APeart'a Idol, by qertha M. Cl»y, / 1 , praut Aifjnt, by pld 8l«»ll», ; •;?>: • } /QeM'Pest' P*rr«|l, by Purfce Hrflhtfejd, { Mviiitolms, or the' Poisoned pin, >;"^: . Rooky Mountain Sum, byBurko 9renlfor (l, The Struggle, tar MwmMtf by |„ F, Fltu, - ,j • • >. ' Ana leo others. :> - . r)K Jtpjttonifaw t|ie»Q |iQ9k> »r« Ml „. bound in llthogrftph papgeopW Myb 'f 1 n'itt '.l W I_> :i .1'''. AAA ' ~ - ^Tlfg Granite Cemetery Work, Iron Fences, Curbing &o. Those inleniliug to purchase Monumental work for future dolivory will find it to their advantage t.ioxutninoM. V, Kidder's Grunito Work iu Comoto- ries, as ho lsdolnfj nrst-clnss work at as low pnuos as can bo proourud In the country. If ho has not dallod upon yon •drop him a oard at DooonUi and ho will ho pleased to visit you with Designs ana samples of all kinds of Granite, at the lowest posslblo prices, M. V.KIDDER, 34m0 Deoorah, Iowa. Next week we will have something to say about our elegant stock of Men's and Boys' Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats, and caps. Drop in and see our goods. Hoy <& McNeil. m—• o O *-» a u o G All War't'd Fir©k@©p©rg, Invites you to come and inspect his mammoth new stock of Furniture. Everything in the line of Carpets, Curtains, Chairs, Bed Boom Sets. Also a fine line of Hammocks. ©. F. GMNTON. A complete and full stook of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling, oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building the coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills- Best of grades only handled. CENTRAL MEAT MARKET I BOHTJLER BROS., Props. Wo havo opened a Now Moat Market In tho Mott building opposite thn post- office, where wo shall koop a full assortment of the best of moats at '.ho lowest prices tho market will • aflord. We solicit an inspection of our stock and manner of doing btisinuss and in­ vito a fair share of your patronage. The Old Reliable Meat Market, JOH.i B. HART, Prcpriotor. Opposite_- Postvillo - State - Bank. Nono but tho best luonts plit'chsiscd. Everything in flrst-clsBt shape. Courteous treatment to all. Pilcus tilwujs tho lowest. Consumption Cured, An old physician, rutirud from practice, having find placed in his hands bv nn Knst India missionary tho formula of a.siiupjo .vcgpiahlj riuuoily for thu speedy nnd puriiiativtit cure of Consumption, Bronchitis, Cutnrrh. Asthma nnd Uini; Afloulioris,' nlso ti positive L, STROEBEL & SON, . — vaovaiHToas ot — Postville Boot and Shoe Store. (M A»»h»WWNa » UOLTKB'S PltD STAND,) - " Ha,yo, iy (nil; line R( Boots, £hoes, Slip- imf, Jfykiwn orid ttv^rytUlui; kept WONDERFUL! Xho cures whi'-h aro being effected by Urs. Starkoy A l'alnu, 1621) Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa., iu Consumption, Catarrh, Nouralgln, Bronohltls, Klinum- ntisiu, nnd all chronlo dlsuasus, by their Compound Oxygon Xreatuiont. are iudood marvelous. * If yon are a sutlurer from any disease which your physician has failed to cure, write fur-information about this treatment, nnd their book of W00 pages, giving iv hlsiyry of Compound Oxygon, Its nature ana uft'oots, with numerous testimonials from mitlonts. to whom you may. refer (or 8,(111 fuithov jnfotraa. lion, will be promptly seut, without charge. »** This hook, aside from Us great merit as a medical work, giving, as it does, the ro&pU of yearn of study ntiit oxpon- oncfit you will llnd ,» very Interesting one. Drs.STAREEY&PALEN, 1529 Argh St., Philadelphia, Pa, • I 120$tttt«r.$t ,"r $an Tfafoitift Calr yiopeo, ippftlWft v tU |B yauflt\ in). • ml riuIlciUciiru for Nervous UeUIUy and Nervous Com|)lnliits, ii'ftiir hiuing tosled its wonderful enrntivo thousands of • 'casus; Hits felt it his duty to ninke it know.)! to Ills. suH'nriiig fellows. Aattutted.', by lliis molivu uml n tlosiru to'ruliuvo human snll'ei'ing, 1 will sund free of oliurgR, to nil who ilusiro It, this ruolpo, in German, Frouolt, or ICngiisli, with full directions tor preparing and using. Sunt by mail bv addressing with stamp, naming this paper. W. A. N OTBS. 820 Power's Block, ttnohosler, N. Y. 48yl TQ1TSQRUL PARLOR. OlwT'!jfY,lJl , ? ,, * fl9W ^'•"'•w. «iv» us u U'laj (or a month. Linf™ w,** •» *» 5* U.J ^: nm> <.b«l |«v0,we,0nn plungn vuu" RAII.B.OAD TIME-TABLES On and alter Sunday, Juno 29, 1890, ti-Bins on tho C. M. & 8t. P. Ry. will p.avc Postvillo as follows. flOIKQ BAST. . Passengers. No. 3 4.56 p. rn No. 4 (night) 3:32 n. tu. Freights. No. 7 Way Freight 11:05 a. m No. 9 Timo Froight 6:10 p. m No. 11 Timo Freight .9:86 p. tn GOING WEST. Passengers. No. 1 night 12.10 a. m. No. 3 10:26 a. m. Freights. No. 10 Chicago Stock 11:05 a. m No. 6 Way 4:32 p. m. No. 12 Mitwnnkeo Stook .6:10 p. tn. All Freight trains mentioned, nxeopt No. 12, carry pnsscngvrs when ps^JTi'usd with proper transportation. No. 11 botween North McUrcgnr and Cnlinar U. K. WHIPP, Agont. B.C.R ."&lr .R.R. DKCOIUI! DITI8IOM. Timo Tablo m tilTtct Juno U, Pasaongor going North... b:\0. P M 14 Somh. 4:1*0, * 4 Freight. " North, ....2:45. P. M J. E. l'KKUY AguDl. Auk my nsontii for W L . . If not for Mnle In your place nnk yony ilrjalnr tu HO ml for calnlosiioi - ncftiny, mitt set thoni lor you. f2TTAIi .E NO i nnk youy Hocuro lWo FOI1 TI.EMEN S3 €s>tm<J'i& cewl THE BEST SHOE IN THE WORLD FOR THE HOUrv? It U a 8 ;«r ,Ui>.-), wllli no UClts 'T rrax Ibrv.a to hurt tliofwet; iitado of tlio bo»t fluo cnlf, a;*lU* (Tilda th;\n an j vlhtr i;inun/aWutvr, it L ».J4- C>e OOtirinisiio Ituint-stCsCRil, ibn Hunt or.'f ImiHnn 'l I I IMOI whk-li c«»>t from tn ^t2'.'0, ijV'-C 'B Btrllull. cuiilfni-iubl: fcUtl tlUrfcXl*. Tit: hj.l M .oft uv^r ufturwl lit lliln price; »amo crtuo w «w-- tom -iti.-'. 'lo fllme»i,'o»tln .7 from Sew to i'J.W. •'•O jfl Police HLoui Fnnncns. KfttlrenJ Hta £l* tj« ami l,ctti;r('ariitjriall vr«ftrth(»m: flinc.ilf, BPftiulo -i. i.ui (K >th luslclf, huav> thruo eclM, osUk- iloiv o .l ^f. <»»'.» i»*lr will v.finr \ ?t>ir. C*tr*> &i\ fliiornn'i no bailor fclioQOWoff «r«dr.l tlil« prli'o; olio trial will convlut* UT -*<J •.T J IO \f?.xii a shite for comTort nnd »er »li:©. £S» &ro very Mnm« hiul (.Uii 'uUu. ' II KISC Jinvo i^lveil ttmm a H'lul will weiirno ulliur in»lco. ESrfclfas! K-JsOO unit Bolioul tm DUJfO worn hy Iho Itoy^t-vcryv Unro; lUcy uil on their merits, a* tho HiproathiR ^alu" phow. ^•dtJItJo huriKiiln, vcr /PtyllBh; r»|ur.Ur r ' im liniiurtLMl nliui't) cnBliUKfritm 8l .'W toiiOW. UI JKOS urn lint hoet Itm.' U<niKi»la. Kf yJiih ami tluraol<?. rntilioii.-H«» t!»at W, h. Ikniyla*' nnmo tu\A vrlco uxo stamped on tho bottom uf oacli ihon. W. U UUL'U L.AJ3, umefcuni, tlasa. MOLD JIT LUEMAU - & - SANDEEB. WXHB MILLS. S3 C. P. DARLING-. (Suvccasor to Uarlln^ & Stiles.) — DKAl.Klt IN — Wind Mills, Pumps, Tanks, Feed Mills, Corn Shellors &o. In wind mills 1 furnish pumping and K'tiarnd mills uomblnud, nnd both stuel uiul wood pumping inMls. Ollleo arid shop tint door south o{ Hoy & MaNoil's 'hardware sloro, Pust- v'llfo, Iowa. POSTVILLE LUDQI;g. Ill) OI.XVE EnANOHlLOBGENO- Jixniurs or n-rniAs. Msoluoii thu naouutlanil tuiirttiIr'vli'.»)«T«iilu u onett montli. YslUiiR brotl.rtn tn ROH U it»«<t alwayii wcluomo. nAlUUBOltlt, 0. 0. U IU8. S KUI.TOM, K ot It & b NOBLE LODGE No 51. A . o. u. jr. Thr Koynl Atu'lonl Ordur of Utilti-d Worknuui mout« llin Souoml mid Koitrlli Sutuvdivy ovoniiiRs In ooidi monlh, In tho Mnsoulo ll«ll ovor tho IlvU'U Dtng torn, J OHN W UI'.KBI ., M. W. J AHUI pRititr, lUooi'dor. BROTHERLY LOVE LODGI\ J\'o. 204, A. A. J) A. At. Ki>gtil»r moating* on Ttiondtty orsn- iiiK on or hnforn tlio full of Iho moon. All bri'thrnii In good siiuidlnjr urc trnr- illally Invili'd to in toiid. K. I). S TICKS , W. M. W M. M OW, Siio'y. CHURCH DIRECTORY, CONOUKGAl'IONAr. ~«ov. Jj. I,, Ilwitoii, toi. I'voiiuhliiK uvovy Bnuuuy at 10'.HQ A.M. uiul 7 iltQ V M. fcublnilli H V hwl licuivdlstsly oftor mrvnlutt soivlae, Y. 1', B, C, 11. msats ovoty Buuduy gvimtmjut 0U6. Vrsysr M«*«. tu(j Wpiluoudiiy ov««lil(t«. JU5 'r «q »l8V ,-r«»V, »• .JTooKwoM,- V««tpr, . f»oMiitng novviooi ttvory Hnndsy »t lOtM A M.und 7tuo.It. M, .tiMlilwUi Bsbovl luimsdl' ft^ly *(t«r luomlBtf sufviwv 'Ah» *l>itotttl I JBWIUS svury.Humltiy tv«uUuj»iU,OQ o!slo««, Vxwot WWW ww. Vf«*n»*»» WJHW.**' . 7 $i ti'sV^H.. Vou,itf» ottvuwtli; 1^'I*WJ»

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