Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 19, 1972 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 19, 1972
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

CAMPUS CLAXTEK By Larry Lewis 6REATJ YOU'LL HAVE TO PUT HERON MYI.API MOOSE TSKIIMG LAST WINTER, voa HrrATREE... WELL, BE CAREFOL, ' n DON'T HITA E * ^ By Bob Weber SKIP THE DUM9 COKES!... GETTHAT TOS RXUNQ... THE WIZARD OF ID By Parker and Hart SMIDGENS By Bob Cordray OUR SPECIALTY 15 SIRLOIN 1 STEAK A 1 LA CARTEl I c SREATi WHEELONE IN! TIGER By Bud Blake THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith JEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman OH 1 ?..ARE YOU A.ND DAD GOING ON ANOTHER rES.'.AVHICH REMINDS r ^ - SO MEJ...ASOURNEW . J SHOULD I MOTHER!... I'VE LOST MY PURSE! ...EVERYTH1NS AND ELSEWHERE... ...ED1E, THE DEAR OLD GAL NEVER STOPS WORK ING' ...SHE EVEN HELPED US PACK HOUSEKEEPER, GRANNY SHOULD RECEIVE ^N ADVKNCE! ...VOU C*N'T PAY FOR VOUR DRINKS WITH THIS! WHO SAYS WE CAN'T, BARKEEP-2 SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neal By Ted Shearer ...IT SAYS ONLY 13 MILLION PEOPLE ARE Vi/ORKIN'G FOR THE SOVERMMENX.. MAYBE IT'S A T/PO6!?APHICAI- ERROR... UNPERSFAND THIS,,. I'M SURE A THERE'S MORE TAXPAYERS THAM THAT.' today's FUNNY AMANDA PANDA * L'^'.^^.^TK^.T^xin* KNOCK ON Tcdoy 1 . f UNNY- will pay $1.00 far each original "funny" utcd. Send anas »o: Tadfly'. FUNNY, 1200 W«« Third St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113. Me my! INTERESTING WOMEN OF LITERATURE . . . GEORGffi ELIOT Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. One of the great novelists of the world was named Mary Ann Evans. But when she began to write fiction she signed her work "George Eliot", and that became the name by which she became famous. Mary Ann was born in Warwickshire, England. For the first 21 years of her life she lived on a large estate which her father managed. Here she learned about country people and how they lived. After her mother died, her father moved to the town of Coventry, and here Mary Ann made friends with many literary men and women. She got new ideas and a freedom of thought. George Eliot's first published work was a translation of a Life of Jesus from the German. Then she became assistant editor of a magazine and began to become friends with many of the prominent literary people of the day. She had a good brain and was always interested in new ideas. The first of many novels she wrote was "Adam Bede". Another novel, "The Mill on the Floss", gives a fine picture of English country society of the middle class. The novel "Romola" is an historical novel of 15th century Italy. Probably her best known work, and one that almost everybody has to read in school, is "Silas Marner". It is the story of a man who loses his gofld and finds a little girl. George Eliot's work has a strong moral sense, and it shows a belief in the power of a person's character to control his fate. FUNTIME The Chuckle Box Teenager: Do you believe In free speech? Storekeeper: Of course I do. Teenager: May I use your phone? Teacher: If you added 500, 38, 64, and divided by 52, what would you get? Student: The wrong answer. Alton Evrniin.i; Telegraph Salurrbiy, August 11), H)72 B-.1 By Marcia Course FLOP G-V) DAVID CRANE By Winslow Mortimer KERRY DRAKE YEAN, &ONMIE, J CAME TO PICK up JACKIE . WE'RE TO LISTEN TO I DIDN'T KNOW VCU Wtk'E CODING "--U'V^ ( NO, THANK'S. By Alfred Andriola IT'S PUTTING YOUR Y^.".,, r .-) AK'/'//^ "NICE, HONEST LITTLE /'Y^W^ ''° BUSINESS" OUT OF < V ^" V'-'^rf^ I'M BEGINNING TO WORR/ ABOUT PAPA/ WILL YOU WALK I ME. TO THE SHOP MR. DRAKE ? fe~^ ^^ L SO ON.'IF ME UP, I CAN'T POSSIBLY PULL OFF THE HEIST' By George Sixta IT'S NOT A TOY-' AND DON By Carl Anderson I'M CELEBRATIN' MY BIRTHDAY, BALDY i RFVETS - True Life Adventures World M T-v ,__ . BUT 'Fl_AM>H<3 r By Sidney Oinarr Your Horoscope DID YOU KNOW? LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE FORECAST FOR SUNDAY Many astrolotiors claim ihat the mobi popular grandfather is one born under Gemini. The Gemini man is able, somehow, to relate to youngsters. There is a vitality which .surrounds the native »f rliis /odiacal sign and it is especially attractiye to children. If seeking a grandfather who can double as a babysitter, ( Gemini.' ARI1£S (March 21 - April ini: Fnlist aid of mate, partner. Don't permit pride to block progress. Look beyond the immediate. Potential is great. Know it and act in manner to inspire confidence. Don't sign papers unless thorjugh- ly familiar with contents. TAURUS (April uO-May 20): Tread lightly. Means he war'.' where apparent minor points are concerned. Dun't pros-, issues. One step ai a time should be your current credo. Aquarius and Leo figure prominently. (let message across in fjrthnshi manner UK.MIM (May 21 • June 20\ : Relationships are tested. Opposite se\ is inyolved limotions tend now to ti'.uriinaie. Be ready to confront one who talks "a miie a minute." Hold your lire—retain sense of hiimar. Don't take others too seriously. CA.N'CTR (June HI - July 221 Home environment, challenges lo security are tc.aiiivcl Taurus and libra pel-'ens are -oil to plav pninunciu rnlc^ i'ukc dine tu base tte< isi.ins <tn I:trt.--. ReUlse to he citercrd Pl.iv w.iMin:: ':anu\ l.l.-:o i.iulv '.'--.-MIL: '_'_•): Don t commit \.iur.-^l! t" air. dehr.iK * 'iur~r. 1 ook .iround l"i" s iinc i i^niiai 1-0:1 slH'ppnv i'r-i cs :- in vnlv'ed Sec in lij:!it nl rral'.lv. A\'i:ui -cci'ii: piMSon^. -HuaElon.i I-ORtCAST FOR MONDAY When you want information concerning organically grown food or special diet, call on Virgo These persins are aware, concerned with health and especially pleased- when , , c o (llt ' a ," be S { serv 'ce. Virgo is no angel, but these natives have excellent motives and. given half 'a ARIES (MaTcii 21 - April -^ p ce al n."! 0ns ', Malnta »> steady ?eer of?cfn,rse th Aquarlan - Don ' iAURUS (April 20 - May ••(» • rravel plans subject to change'. ^ou are on the move, but destina und'v, 1 ?.^ bL ' - dif fr e ' U Gem Si ana \iigo are mvo ved Person-'! m.,«net,sm soar,. Members of op! on "luirnv "'' e drawn tO >' ou - ^ lUiMI.M (Mav 1-1- June --o, Home alwirs. family members are n spotlight. Money is in question Decision that had bee,, delayed vo,-.; » '° '°' vt ' r ''nt- You are Who holds the record for the sense of smell? It could be the male wax moth. It can detect the smell of a female moth at a distance of one mile! Win The New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Riddles, Jokes; Tell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. Telegntph Want Ads CLICK! t.-\\i.LR (June 21 . Julv 2T m,r, f l .'- tl «; i 'l" ll '»- He roniuiHR'. oohsh. Mate, partner is verv much m picture. What was secure is subiect IM revision. Move with ed s'| U 'i' ''' kL ' "' uhin P for Ki'anl- L-l;o (Julv 2.} Any •>•>)• Handle respen-ihilitv with aplomb L'i,|,/e sense 01 showmanship -Mam i-.lio were lukewarm now SIIMU aeiuiino afiection. You are ii'iu R''| - assis . nnK ' nt '»' inipor- ^IK(j(i (Any 'jn-sept. 22}: You "'.'t in,ue la^.rahle attention You put iinisln,,., touches on iniportaiu pu> ,.'i i Accent is (in muney through iicalive endeavor. Notlun K j., apt " 01, ,ir he.liway—ii is - M O1 - no|h . in;. 1-vpress your teelinys LIBRA (Sept _',",-Oct •'•')• \\'(nt was routine, almost ' dull tels •'h.iheii N on will iiud excitement icpUces cM.nplacenc', . Leo could f>| iei\ much m piuure. lixpre -i '••"as Maintain independent stance 1 i .itlier linn follow M OKI'IO (Oct. L-U.NOV Jl) You l"ol .'.«a\ triiin home ties, tradl- t'"ii i>nc who taught van in past ^•'l''.^'^';::,, 1 ;'-;!^;';-;;:'';;,,,'];;, ;•;:; '">• ^le.iter indepelldelli , ''llliil s -\--l I I AHII'.S (\, ;( ,-, . ,,,.,. '" ' " ! 'es lend , 0 l,e s, .,t(e, ,.-|' \" u '"•''' }"•• "''"i-: "^ d,, , „„. i, •" "'I' e isilMV, n an,| i,,,,],,, , , K'' In',' me is,:re. One I,,,, „ m ,,|,'|- i,e:nim , ,,1,1,1 I,,. ,..,,.|i ;n , ,.,,,,. ,. in.' 1 ,; 1 ,!";;:'., ' ' ""• imm " •"••' '' '' : ' : ''' "' '-• I ' .'I :' , • ' e.i 'oi 'dwrus '8 ' dai 'NOII '9 '

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