Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 17, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1898
Page 4
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S8S5- To Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account . Hie pay ifh leak in ail C embank- Whelming: destruction. You bar* read •boat him in your School readcrii, how M*M i walking along ttt dike when hi heard * feint Round «f trickllns; water. Md knew at once that £,ilVU!? l l* pri " 1| U 11 Otat an- tneist which saves Holland from the dcvas- it J°-, 8 2t the >>««8Tr sea. It was early in W night, and no one was, neat at hand, £?ii eak £ a !. ( ', ma " f' lc " he (b ""' 1 «. '»" Be knew that tlie action of Hie water would SSSKu " l °.? K 1)cforc "omiiiff, ond wash •*«/ the entire embankment, inundate the SJ23? 7 , . dcstro ? hit own nml tlioii- •Midi of homes. So he bravely nut his t'" ld kc P l u lnere «» h, until help came and Moi>pcd> He hai1 Three People Killed on an American Vessel. THE SHIP'S CAIMJO CATC I IKS I Illlv. .Squally Insignificant is the entrance of OiMue into the human system. Tlie be- jrlnnlnra of the mo»t terrible nllnionta are K.!? 1 *!. 1 ." 1 ^™" toeasily_stopped at the of dangerous and devastating d Income. Whenever it breaks down, nonjatter how ulighUy. there I* an opening for disease to enter, if the open- ln*.«» not watched it will grow larger, until the sweep of disease overwhelms jroa, and health and perhaps life is de- atroyed forever. *jM lt ' fj i/S!"',' ie '! Itl1 wftl1 Dr ' Flerce's SrV d ?n i. Me , d l caI Wscovery, and you can defy ill-health. You can make your health to strong n bulwark that disease cannot Bnd a crevice tlirougli which it can creep. TWten in time, Dr. Plerce's remedies ore- ventjjfeater and i mora- acrldiia • dr. . to r. Pierce, telling . !?JS°!? t ^ e9c reme<llM have saved them and made them strong. "V tf*Y__..*l __ At .... _ . ** tpitMfetiat io Pint-elan tewi ano* Compute!. „ IMG! BOOK : Tn« residence.ofGg FOR SALE. The Dr. Hardy property oomer 6th and Alby -S*. Lot 120x120foofwith2 dwellings. -, A f-room dwelling on Easton street bet. Bth egKs5»nd llth itl. Lot 45x120 feot. BriOe*700. StofV-./ n. ., „_. ~) n fa on BelloBtroet . ,._ good ro jalr. residence of S. H. Nichols on .... jnst. tot 70x170 foet. A flne location. ig«s>-C. Aflneg-roomdwelling (nearly now) with bath :i . room; heated by turnaoe; In Mlddlotown, ip% The flne lot ot David Doyle on Bluff street |S|;%;iirlIli t-toom brick dwelling, S;/' 1 " ..The J. H. Tonsor homestead containing about sgSR;'; U tores: flne 10 room dwonlngitrult of all kind, Ms?;'\ Some flne lots on Bluff street with brlok par- •iffSji'IBg and sewer; no grading;, In T. L. Foulds add. B-room brlok dwelling, heated with _. Lot IWrlM feet; fine fruit; halt block „-,,», ,^ Henry street. s«;*g A desirable residence oa Prospect street with 'rooms. Heath with furnace. Lot 80 feet oa ¥;'.-'. A fine property on thenorth side of Second f:= f. street, west of Cangdon street. K«' * An rf-room dwelling with lot 120x120 feet) fine lalt. One ot the finest location in Middle Alton ' 'A 0-room dwelling with about Hi aores of rand. Fine fruit and shade trees, 9 blocks IB oar line In Upper Alton. , . ..fine lot oa4th street. v4 Sereral fine lots on Belle street between 15th ^••jidlotti sta. A two story brlok store and dwelling and a «two story brlok dwelling on same lot oorner of ited and Vine Bts. A good Inrestment. :^Tflne lot* on 4th street near Mr. Qarstang ,,; Theflne'doable dwelling of Mr. R. Oarstang, ,-.',:•• Vieatod by steam with modern Improvements. »*8S'jK»T»^desirable 8-room brlok dwelling, 611 : ;;rt'':BeUestreet, with all modernImproToments. wgSSiTh* Pitts Foundry, everything oompletei In?,»$••; udlng 10 loUi switch oonneotlon with C. 4 A. J-3-- Alton Novelty Mfg. Co. property on Id street, f8^« flne fotsln Highland Park, each 70 by about SJJ»'." : ^ : -ttft, ' : feKj Aalirooni dwelling on State street. Price i-.K •• AffOOd 8-room dwelling on Second street, two flne lots on Alby street; .Tie double brlok dwelling, corner Third and Alby streets, one ot tbo finest looatloni In Allot A goo* 7-room dwelling; good lot and fini gf^ Awjr 6m room dwelling in Upper Alton, good lot IDxlod feet on Baaton street, ._ brlok dwelling with a* lots In Mlddle- . Convenient to motor Fine location. / tDVestment ' fine ntideno* of Albert Wade on Belle , with 10 rooms and finished attic, ball itnroomi. Good cellar. Oas and water and can lag e house. Lot H feet front, rent, other desirable property 001 >rt*k dweUIng on William street. f room "dwelling with a good lota on Fifth east ot nidge street. Price. II.DjX). d 8 room brlok dwelling with t lots on itreet. )d 7 room dwelling with fine river Tlf.w, by hot water. FOR RENT. two story brlok dwelling with 8 rooms,on lew avenue now ooouplocl byJ. Moulton. • A B-room dwelUns on 8rd street with bath fr" roomwlthmodernflitures. l . New store room and two 4-room tonaments '^-'wlth bath room) 2nd street near Cherry K\ v^.Tbe L. I. Clawson homestead In Upper Alton wlto 10 rooms, barn and garden, now occupied ' by Mr. Qeo. Levls. Poenosalon Klron by July 1. iiivTT: 1 . .; '" ESTATE, bURANCE, and LOAN IROOM is, P. o. BUILDING FOR 8ALB.J k AM building lot Mil 15 on Liberty atroot k Drove and Franklin, for $500. lore farm 8 miles south of Brighton, f la cultivation, ono-UulC good pasture, A bargain, Anew two story brlok modern dwelling near »er of Third and Oflorgo streets, •room «welllng house with large lot on rot Third and Oflorgo streets, .jm •welling house with large ) street soutfi otTweltib street. ' tr«m» dwelling No. Ml east r tlfpO. Lot 80*150, Good street twelllng house and another on one lot In good location «nts tor J38 per month: If 8-room i|«|4enoe oa State street op !t»M7U>xlMonOilr street between the d Big Four R. B. tracks, suitable for or manufacturing purposes, " of Alton street, bet, Jersey county, half mile -,.-.i by rail or river. . business property, oorner and iit*.,oj) uur terms. „-» frame n •Idenoe, new and al or«o»8l«, situated on Fourth st, r buildings neu i aod profltabrs" business street, oooupisd by Cnplnln linker. Chirr Mnln rip.-r nnd nn A pp ri-n I In. II.,y lilt, rrnin tin. I'tiinm <il Huriilug 8n#Hi—A r««i»«nKnr linn n Nitr. rOW l-.K<-n|1(t fl'IIHI Hill HlllMII TMTlMt 1 l-'llll> —Vutllfl Alli'inpl or Muln <II-III>K>IIII> hi Hnvn Tlii.nv Who 1'ci 1-ln-il. Ncsv York. Nuv. 17.-Funn'.'i nf liurii- Ing mijjiir (Hi board tin- Ann-rliim Klilp KiMillu-nrtli, frnin Valparaiso Chili, rilllHCll till' llciltll l.f tlll-l'l- Illl-ll Illlll nearly kllli-il n fourth. IIM ulrcnily n- ptirlcil l.-rlclly frnin Vnl|iariilmi. Thr men whu H-«TC los-t wen- ('apliiln .IIIMH-II I). H;ik<>r, \vliu WUH In I'uiiiiiiiinil of tin- ship ivhcn fin- 1i-tt llllu, llnwullnn l«l- niulM, May ID; Arllnir \V. ripi-r, chief mate, nml HII npjirentli-e Imy, Henry Jfolinnn. sulil to IK- :i lelntlvi: of l.len- tPlllllll llnliHoll nf Merrlllllli.' fume. The man \viio \v:in ni'iirly Htifl'itcnti'il \\';IH (IciirKe Krni'fit Thriini. a |ia«"<'iiKfr making (ho trip fn.m lillo lu IhiH rlly. The Ki'iilhiiirlh IN nwin-il liy Arthur Howall uf Halh, MI-., nuw In tliln tlly. Nltlfilld Conien fiiiln Ilt'lmv. Mute (leiieri-aiix KIIJ'H thai Jtily 8, when iho K'onllwnnh WUH a.r.W) inllcs fnim Vnlpnrnlyn, KirHt Mate I'lpei- saw iirnnke <uiriliiH up the MrBl venlllaliu aft. Tlie cuvcrliiKh were rernuvei] frcuri Hie ImlcheH anil Minnke helclieil furlh In Kreiit (>louil» ami crime .so lli.'rccly that It wan rifici-HHary to rc|ilaee Ihe coverings. There was a fume with th" smoke that was Miirn>catlnK anil the hatchcH were kept rlmi.-A. At eight hells (Jon- fireinix took ehai'Ke of Ihe port watt h Blld fjuptuln linker. Male Piper and the RIcmherH of thr; Hturhunrd watch went below. The nr/'rentlce lioy Ilobson was tcld thnt he fnuld turn In. When he went, to Ihe cabin which he usually occupied It was round half liurned arid he occupied a divan In PIper'H room. Captain Hakcr's Htuteroom was in the Cabin on the starboard side of the vessel. Thrum, the ta.sKenKer, elep.t -on the divan In the capaln'H BlltlnK room. Klru KB I,, i» itiiuM -tho VIotliDN. Lnte a,l jji\f/it*^3enereai}x wont to arojijo.J,rfe captain, hut In the pannage iVa'dlng to tin; rimin Genereaux WIIH almost overcome by the fumes of the hurtling sugar nnd had to retreat. He then opened all the duore and portholes and made a second attempt to get Into the room, but nKnln had to retreat. The third time he cot a« far an the Hlltlns room, where he found Thrum lying on the divan, unconscious. The captain lay on his back dead. The two men were carried on deck. In the mnte'H room Plppr was lylnc In one corner of the apartment. Hohuori was found on the dlynn. These two wore taken on deck and placed on the after hutch. For four hours the crew worked to remisl- tate the men, hut. succeeded only In Ihe case of Thrum. The haicln H were bat- lened down nnd the' VCI-M . 'leaded fur Valparaiso. KIllK irilllllinrt <)|inim I'm Ilii il. Home, Nov. 17.—Kins Uumliert In opemnB parliament made reference ID the rioting In llaiy IIIHL tiprlni;. Ills majesty Raid he was looking forward to the moment when he would be able to pardon those who were misled al thai time. Cunllnuln/ir, Ihe hint? pointed to the acceptance of Italy's proposals regarding the government of Crete and the anarchist conference an proof of the cordiality of her relations with the powers. The financial condition of the country, his majesty' aH- Herted, was satisfactory; tin- navy would be gradually increased and a series of Internal reforms would lie submitted. In conclusion Kln^r Humbert said Italy needed a peacu and cordially adhered to the czar's proposal to discuss the question of disarmament at the approaching conKress. ltti'8. CIU-KII Itutlrui. St. Paul, Nov. 17.—Greeted with applause, Mrs. Matilda H. Curse affiiln appeared before the Woman's Christian Temperance Union convention to present the report of the Woman's Temperance PulillshliiK association, an n f- flluted Interest of the national union, with ofllces In Chicago, and having presented the report she Iwide n leiirfdl adieu lo the W, C. T. U., resinned from the publishing concern, donated her Block In it to tlie union and declared she hoped she could return, though it mlglil be when her Imlra had liecnme Bray, to present tile Chicago Temple to Ihe while ribbon forces. IMiijnl- Hlllni'H Alli'Ui'd Willow. San Kranclsfo, Nov. 17,-Jiidffe Troutt has Issued lelters of KUardlaiiRhlu lo Mrs. KliiKe-Stitro, the alleged contract wife of the late Adolph Kutro, over the persons mid estates of the minor children, called Adoiph and Adolphlne Sutro. The pcllllon of Mrs. Kluge was granted without opposition. This step was taken by Mr. Kutro's alleged widow In order that the children mlfrlit have a icgul HlumlliiK In court through lief. The contest of the will of the dead millionaire will now liu proceeded with at an early date. Victory for thu Hutir Fornuil. Pretoria, Nov. 17.—The Uoer fon'es, after a musketry and artillery bombardment, stormed ami captured the mountain BtronKhold of Chief Opefu, •jf tho MuBBtoH Irihe, In the ^outlaiiH- herg dlslrlcl. Opefu recently massacred a missionary and his family, and the Transvaal government sent an expedition to punish the natives. The hitler attacked Ihe lloera, but wore driven Into the mountains. Two Uoers were killed during tlie Htormlnir of the mountain HlrunuhoUl. Women Should Know It. Many women suffer nntokl agony ond misery because the nature, of their dlHcaso Is not correctly unaer- Btood. They have been led to believe thnt womb trouble or fctnalo vveak- nesa of some sort in rospontiblo for tlm many ills that bead womankind. Neuralgia, nervousness, headache, puffy or dark eirrles under the», rheumatiftm, a dragging pain or dull aclio in the back, weakness or bearing-down sensation, profuse or scasty supply of urine with Htrong odor, frequent desire to pfl»s it withec/ild- inn or burning sensation, sediment in It after standing in bottle or common glass for twenty-four hours, are signs of kidney and bladder trouble. The above gyrnptomR tire often nt- trlunted by the patient herat-lf or by her physician to female weakness or womb trouble. Hence, BO many fail to obtain relief, because they Bro treating, not tho ilsolf, but n reflection of the primary cause, which is kidney trouble. In fact, women as well an men are made miserable with kidney and bladder trouble and both neo.l the same remedy. Or. Kllmor'u Swamp Moot is the great discovery of the eminent klil- noy and bladder specialists, and )H onuy to got at any drug store for fW or 81, To prove Its wonderful moril.s you mny liavo a simple bottle and book tolling all about It, both sent absolutely froo by mail. Kindly mention tho TKi.KditAi'ii and sent] your address to Dr. Kilmer & Uo., Blncham- ton, N. Y. AIKII'T SKW STEAM Ml THA(KS I'lnn lo Mnlii: Vnvii';<'« AM-D«« tlip At- tanlle SadT. I.undiiti. Nov. 17. As a n-Riilt of a ciinVnmc of tho i:::ii'!ii,-em on th" sub- je' {, UK- l«'niHn;r s(.-amshfp lim-s havi' adnj^ti'd ji KyMnn ol' two lioritewai'd ami two iiiilw;inl lian«-.Att;intlc tracks. The ineelliii? wns hnhl at the Havoy Hotel. lifs-iili'S (lip KITH! f i ans-A Mantle, prvs rern-r lln.'w. nearly nil of Ihf Rtenm t'hip c'limpanles InleieHlcd In trade be(we'll Knropc an.I Ihe northern porlH of Ann-lira wi-re repl-.-nenti'il. Tin- >|iie.ut|<in nC ;ni iifii-ement to e«- talill^b n.-\v trai'lts \\;is never liefore HO thiirmighly illscii«seil, nor were the routes prnposi-il i-ver In-fore HO Kener- nily iiei-epti-d. Mr. IHHIII.V of Isinay. Imrle * Cii., )i];uia«.-l.s uf the While Klnr Ilii", presliled, and made the principal iiildn H". The UPC of (he northern tr.icks \v.-i<i deferred a month later Mian at present. West-liiinml, the northern Ir.-ick will her>vifii-r be used from Aug. 1Ti lo .Inn. II; cast -b'Hind, from Aug. 1M to .Ian. II. The point of divergence of the Houthi.Tii track was placed two di-mves e;iHi nf ih,. iip.sent route for Ihe purpose of ki-c-plnfr ships jjlear of the regions win-re lee and fop arc most coinni'in. ROCKEFELLER'S MONUMENT ItH fllinfl IH n PINj-lMi> Foot Munn- lllll of Vermont (; run lie. A monolith almost as largo as the famous Cleopatra necdlo has been quarried near Barro, Vt., nnd is now being drosfind. It is to bo used as the shaft for tflo monument which John 1). Koeko- feller is to eioat in bis burial plot in Lakovinw cemetery, Cleveland. The sbaft is 53 feet in length and in 7 foot flquaro at tho base. It in of tho host quality of Vermont grnuito. This ia tho largest monolith over quarried in America. It will rest on n base, coinposotl of three huge blocks taken from tho «amo quarry. Tho base stone is 14 feet square nnd 8 feot thick, tho iiox't block is 0 foot 2 inches square and U feet 10 inches thick, while the die is 0 feot b inches Rqunre and 7 feet thick. This will give tho monument n total height of 05 feet 10 inches, making it ono of the tnllost monuments erected to marl: the resting place of a private individual anywhere in tho country, Tho Rockefeller irjouutuwit will also be a very costly ono. The monolith and its baso stones will cost about $50,000 delivered on board tho cars at Burro. Tho weight of tho shaft alouo is i\ trifle moro than 100 tons, nud of tbo eutiro SHI: WIM, MAititv i,oui) M:I,SOX. KiiKiiKvniiMit of n llalflr Crci-U Nrliool I'cnclicr IM Aiiiinliuc<'fl. Hal tip I'reek. Mich., Nov. 17.--I-ocal social circli-s were interested by an announcement In u London ll.Jnglund) newspaper that Mlsn Killle Kell of this city wan In lii-cmm; UK., bride of Lord John Hyro jVelMon. Lord Nelson Is the eldest pun ,,f ib,. Key. .T. llonitlo Nelson, m-plivw of Mail N'elHon. and greal nephew of the famous Lord Ne'suii. on his motlii-r's Hide. Nelson Is descended from Hit; Duke of MarlborotiKli. He Is very much llki d li.-rc, nnd Ihe mur- rlaffe Is In be a public one. After hl^ Krnduatlnn at Eton eight years ago, I,unl Nelson came to Battle Creek and has lived here since, except a Ions summer vacation at home. He Is a devout lOplscopallan, superintendent of a Sunday school, and owns much property here. He, Is thoroughly Americanized, and says he will leave it with his future wife whether they live In Unttlc Creek or Kngland. Miss Kell Is n public, school teacher. Nelson Is 40 years old. The rjai—i*J ttie mr.rriage, !» not made public, but after It takes place the honeymoon trip will he around the world. New York, Nov. 17.—The Times says Sibyl Johnstonc, the actress, died at her home in this city Nov. 1; that her body was cromated and that the fact of her death had Just been made public. Gail Borden Condensed Milk HAS NO EQUAL AS AN INFANT FOOD. /'INFANT HEALTH"SENT FREEDOM APPLICATION. ' NEW tt>nt! CONDENSED MIIK CO.H.Y Distressing Stomach D.eease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids noed suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It ia a cure for the whole world of stomach weakness and indigestion. The cure begins with the flrst dose. Tho relief it brings is marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter how long yon have suffered, your cure is certain under the use of this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Sold by 8. H. Wyes. "The worst cold I ever had In my life was cured by Chamberlain's Cough Kemedy," says W. H Norton, of Butter Greek, Oal. "This oold left me with a cough and I was expector- atigg all tho time. The remedy cured me, and I want all my friends when troubled with a cough or cold to use it, for it will do them good." Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. THE JfKW'S IN nitlEF. The Amnrlc.m innllliologlstR' union 'icgan Its sixteenth congress in the National museum ut Washington. L. H. Copeland was elected president if the Western Society of the Army of he 1'olomac at Its fourth annual ineet- ng held al Hie Sherman HOUKO, Chicago. Nearly al! the roads 111 the southwest lave notified their Chicago connections thnt no .stop-overs will lio allowed on .vinter tourist tickets. The Tnllant Hanking company, one of l\p oldest Institutions at Ban KnuiciBco. iias retired from business and trans- 'erred all of Its assets. A petition was picsentrd to the coun- ••II at Mnncio, Irirl.. asking that an or- lln.ance heniadepriihihllliiK expectorut- ng on the sidewalks of tho city. Tlie Knickerbocker Ice company of >Jew York, whlcU Is known ns tho trust, iaa obtained arYions on all tho Mtlwau- ee companies/ L. C. CoKFayp of Chicago Ia reported ) have beey drowned In the Copper River, Ala.«k/i. Overbalanced by a timber he was car- yttig, Henry Will of Chicago fell Into he river there and was drowned. It Is said Miss Sarah Bonnell, an Ablene, Kan., young woman, has received i legacy of $500,000 from a friend In New York Interested in her musical education. Surveyors of the Illinois Central are now hard at work locating a route for the new Omaha extension of that company The line is being run from Fort Dodge to Council Bluffs. August Auslln, member of the firm of Austin & Nelson, contractors and builders. Chicago, has been missing from his home since Nov. 9. Volney W. Foster has donated two bushels of wheat for a Thanksgiving feast for the sparrows of Evanston. Ills. The police will serve. Nntiiilml ClrniiRi- In Hi'Mlwi. Concord, N. II.. Nov. 17.—The Thirty-second nnnuiil meeting of the National Orange, I'ntrons of Husbandry, assembled here. .Muster Aaron ./ones of Indianapolis presided. Colorado, Connecticut. Illinois. Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts. Michigan, Missouri, Now Hampshire, New Jeiwy, New York, Oregon, I'ennsylvnnln. Vermont. Washington ami Wisconsin are "represented, .Tube! Hobinson, muster of tbo T'omlnlon Orange of Canada, compared tho order In Canada witli that in tbo United States to I he advantage of the latter. He looked forward to tho time when complete reciprocal Irado relations niii'.lit be established between Canada and the t'nltcd Ktates as a practical demonstration of Anglo-Hax- on unity. Curfew Hill VHcioil, St. Louis. Nov. 17.—Mayor Zlegonholn has vetoed the curfew bill passed by the city council recently at the Instigation (if Colonel Iloiigland, well-known all over the country ns the friend of the street waifs. In part, the mayor says In his vote, message: "This bill pur- takes of tho character of sumptuary legislation which Ims been generally dlstiiteful for centuries and to which, In common with thousands of good citizens, I am, on principle opposed. It Is it step backward to the middle ages, nnd Is opposed to the spirit and policy of our free Institutions. In that It attempts to abridge the personal liberties of the citizens." Funeral »f Mimtcmint ]>ri>*el, Annapolis, Md.. Nov. 17.—The funeral of the late Lieutenant II. O. Dresel of the-United Status navy took place here, the services being hold In the chapel at the. naval academy at 2:.'JO p. in. All Hie officers at the academy and such ot tlie instructors as could bo spared from their duties wore In attendance In undress uniforms with mourning badges, as was also n detail of cadets without arms. Tbo pall-bearers were selected from among tbo former comrades and associates of the dead man and the services were of an Impressive character. >%>\x\y\^\\^:\\xv^N«^?^^ €AST0R1A Tho Kind You Have Alwnya Uought, and which lias been lu use for over 3O yoar«, 1ms borna tho signature of ud Imti been inado under his per- Honnl supervision since Its infancy. Allow no ono to deceive you In tills. All Counterfeits, Imitations nnd Substitutes nr*J bnt Ex. pertinents that trlllo with and endanger tho health of Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment. What is CASTORIA Cafltorln Is ft substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Harmless and Pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic Hiibstance. Its ago Is its guarantee. It destroys'Worms and allays Fevcrlshness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Trimbles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates tho Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Tho Children's Panacea—Tho Mother's Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS ' Boars the Signature of DIE FOB THE ROCKKFKIXKH MONUMENT. niouuinetit about ISO tona. By way of comparison it may bo mentioned that tho Egyptian obaliek, whk'li is also of grmiito, is TO foot in bight niid weighs about '.'00 tone. Tho filmft is of such great length and weight tlml it lias boon a HOriotiB problem how to Ret it to its destination without straining bridges and crushing roudbudu. C'arn of extraordinary strength bnvo bciin built to transport this lingo stonu to Cleveland, nnd a route lias been olioeen which will all'ord the most sub- Hlimlinl rniidbi'iln mifl tljo greatest possible freedom from nharp curves. 13ut though of mammoth /size nnd to cost a comfortable fortune, one of tho inott striking featuivH of thin monolith Will bn ItsHimplioity. It will lie nlnicwt devoid of ornament, and tlio only inscription on it will !jotlio\vord"l{ooke- feller" iu large raised letters. Ulilrngo tiriilu ,111,1 Followlnit were Board of Trade I 'Wheat- December . Slay I'orn— Way Dills— Chicane,. Nov. 10. the emulations on tin- HlBll. I .Wi',i ! • DO 5s fjiw. '< .oTiTi .liu'/i •3H4 .1)3 (.'losi>, » .Uti',i, .31T Delays are Dangerous. Many of your friends, or people whom you know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fatal diseases by neulect of a simple oold or cough. Foley'B Honey and Tar. a safe sure and pleasant vcough medicine, would have saved them. It is guaranteed. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wjsa. Quit coughing in easy enough, if you take Dr, Bell's Pine-Tar-Heney. It cuts the mucus and allays the Inflammation so that there is no inclination to cough. It soothes the bronohlala, and is strengthening to the throat and lungs. All good druggists soil it. You Can't Afford to Chance It. A heavy cold may lend to pneumonia or consumption. Foley's Honey aud Tar taken in time affords perfect security from serious results. Sold by E. Marsh nnd S. H. Wyss. $100. Dr. K. Deichon'i) Anti-Diuretic May bo worth to you moro than 8100 if you have a cbild who soils boddlng from incontinence of water during sleep. Cures old and young alike. It arrodts the trouble at once. 81. Sold by 8. H. WJBB, Druggist, 052 Second st/eet, Alton, 111. STUBBORN COLDS A stubborn cold is easily token ; it sticks to some people all winter and very often develops into bronchitis or consumption. You should cure a cold S romptly by taking Dr. Bull's Cough yrup. This celebrated remedy is acknowledged to be most efficient and reliable for all affections of the throat and lungs. It cures a cold at once. Dr.Bul!s Cough Syrup Promptly cures Stubborn Colds. Doncs are small and pleasant to take. Doctors recommend it. 1'rice 25 ct». At all druggists. The Kind You Have Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years. j| Tickling *" tensatlon in the throat is Instantly rellovcd by Dr. lioll's Piuo-Tur- Honey — a wonderful remedy for _ coughs imcl nil troubles cuusod by : inilaiiimution of tho mucous mcm- 5 bruncs of tlie throat aud respiratory : organs. A purely vegetublo com= pound, H contaiHs nothiugbitt hcai- Inguadlnvlgt rating niedlcluul prop- ortlcs. It Is guaranteed to euro the : most stubborn cougiis as well as Hnslhnui, brouahltis, sore throat, Lo 5 Grippe, whooping cougb, and croup. DR, BELL'S Pine-Tar-Honey Is sold everywhere nt 25c, MIC aud ll.oo ji bottle, or will lie sent upon receipt of price by Tlie E. E. Sutherland Medicine Company, Paduonh, Kentucky. 1 Burlington i BEST TRAINS &f-~~ • <£ynm*> fivmiffffis^ZSM TO ebraska,Montana f PugetSoun(l •st*tn**« Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer Aa< staler la Fcssfe asl Sail Mists asd Lard, lid BUS Isclsnr si Suup:. l» BAST SECOND • • ALTON ILL HENRY J. KLUNK, MADE ME A MAN AJAX TABLETS POSITIVELY COSB A LI, fftrtmut IHaraati-Vaillnii Mem 017. Impotency,Rl*w|>!iw9ne«», elo.. uituxxl or AuuHflaujaotuer J£iutiaHe« aim ludlii urotiouB. Z7i«i/ QufektH and tufvlti ration last Vitality ID olfi or >oang, ail it fitaiiiauforittudy.biutnmiB or luartlutta r- --, —77- 1'rftvent Iu«unlty ftnd GonsuiupUou tf takeptn Umo.Th»lrnM »how« Immodtuts luiiin,v« B'lint iind eilocw a CDUB whora all others lull. I a Bliituixtu liaviug thn eonalntt AJojc Tablets. Tbi» have imred thoiiwinas and will cure you. H« el't • poHlllvn vtrltku KUiirunteutdHffHOtiiuurulb «ai'h ft4*$ u tbn tuoaiiy. 1'rl*-^ SO uout* pur ci.;>Ji.iv , Ifnll tnsloitoi; to'i *J>J. B» mjSJ. t.. ' ysuvt. i*! sriKr'/'•:* ffsaltv in esabo mabr cafftn*. mvtatite ea»i», mstrtt- PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. l-aundiy Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Also bait ot real and Chinese Noreltles on hand, ALTON TIME CARD Chicago & Alton. ' * 8:1 ° 624 East Second si. 306 State Edmund H. Blair. Real Estate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Notary P*We. IU an* etolh easlttt*. $uctutcobs* May 1'ork— Di'l'eilltie January Way J,iml — .2-1% 7.70 (K'i U.1U 8.00 9.10 prop good and loo ot Bom Mtf TO LOAN. rfiJp Ticket* Macklnac Island, Mleh., Nov. 17.—The Bteumer J'eerless was ieleaHeil from Mission I'olnt and "as taken tn HID dock, where her lightered carjto WUH re- loiideil. No water la vonrtng tutu lh>> bold, and the Hteuiner Is thought to be uninjured, but us a matter of tmfety a diver Is coming from Clieboygun for an Inspection. IliltUli dluuuiur Wrmtkoil, Cuxhuvoii, Nov. 17.—The HrltlHh uteamcr I3e<iD of London, from Norfolk, Oct. 21), for Hamburg, grounded off MlttulruPcUun at thu mouth of the Hlv- er Elbe, and ban broken In two. TUBS nnd lighters are attending the wreck A startling Incident of which Mr. John Oliver, of PJallldelphla, was the subject, ia narrated by him as follows: "I WM in a most dreadful condition. My sklo was almost yellow, eyea sunken, tojjgue coated, pain continually In back and aide*, noappetlte- gradually growing weaker day by day. Three physician* bad given me up, fortunately, a Wend advlaed tryjua "Bleotrio Bitters," and to my great joy and surprise, the flrat bottle made a decided tnaprovetuent. I continued their use (or three weeksfand am now aw?ll»MUi. Iknow they saved my life, and robbed the arave of another vlotinj," No one *bonld fall to try Uecember ... -1.77',r. -I.SR *"% 4,fi5 January -l.8"i J. 1)21,4 4.85 4.80 I'rodiice: liuiter — Kxlrn creameries, iiHi'-'Sc Per Ib; extra dairies, isti' 19e; fresli paekliiK stock, llfii'll'c. K^KH I'oultry--Turkeys. TSfSH per Ib; chickens, (ifi(7 l ,ke; ducks, tiVi'ti^; geese, $4,oo$? 6.00 per doz. Potatoes—Good to choice 27J|31c per bu. Hweet Polaloes—Jer- seys. Jl.TBJC'.OO per Mil. Apples—Com. moil to fancy, Jl.MKjiH.tiO per hbl. Cranberries—Wisconsin Dell ami Hughi. JC.60 4(0.76 per iibl. Jll'tlllll (ilHlll. Detroit, Nov. 18. Wheat—Cash white, 70->;c; red, 70'Xic; December, 70V»c; May, 70c bid. Corn —Cash, S4c. OatH—While, 2SV4c. ityc- Uemarkable Rctcue. Mra. Mlcbael Ourtalo, Plaluflel-J, III, innkofl the Btatomout that she oaugh oold, whlob aettled on her luugej she was treated for a mouth by her faml ly physician, but grew worae. He ti>W her she win A Bulpleuo victim of consumption and no medicine could oure her. Her UruggUt suggested Dr. Klug'ti New Dlooovery for Oon- sumption; she bought a bottle aud to her delight found herself benefited from the Oraidoae. Sue ootitliiuod ltn ueo aud after taking six bottlus, fp«ud horeelf sound nod well, now does her own hcuaework and IB as well eg rhe ever was. Free trial bottles of thic Great Discovery at Q. Marsh's drug store, large bottles OOo and |l. Pulii Ims nunliow with Dr. Mll'w' 1'uiu I'llta, Bamtlu BJgftatun tt It line been fully domoiiBtratcd that Ely's Orenm Bulm is a specIQo for na- aaf catarrh and cold in the head. This distinction has been achieved only as the result of continued successful use. A morbid condition of the membrane In the nasal passages can be cured by this purifying; and hoaliug treatment. Sold by druggists or It willbemallfd for 60 cents liy Ely Brothers, 08 Warren street, Now York. It spreads over the membrane, la absorbed and relief la Immediate. When You Take Cold nothing comes lu so useful as a bottle of Dr. Bell's Pine Tiir-lloney. Good for children, good for everybody. A remedy you can always rely upon to cure a cough, an attack of croup or other bronchial trouble. 25c at up- la-date drug stores. NO SUM t- HO SKIPPERS. NO KOI/KIUHAT. . fnrfioOlb8.puBt.|iald,unrmielptoI& o^v«IIi:uCu..l-J C«d>r *.. Nl t>ni> laoa. s. NIXON, (lilts the Spot. When suffering from a sevi re oold and your Ibroatand lunga fool dorp, take a dose of tFoley's Honey {the soreness relieved, a and o n. x A. . Iti» Kiwi you HaiiAlw of and Tar, when will be at once warm, grateful „ healing • of the piirla affected will be experienced and you will say: "It feels so good. It bits the spot " It Is guaranteed. Sold by Q. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. Inflammation Rheumatism Cured In 3 Days. Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon, Itid., says: "My wife had lull imraatory rheumatism In every muscle and jolut, her suffering wau terrible and her body and face were swolUm almost beyond leoofciiiUon; luul boon in bed for uU weeks and had eight physicians, but received no beneflf niiUI she tried the Mystic Oure for rheumatism. It gave immediate relief and she wiw able to walk about in three days. I am sure it saved her Ufe." Sold by H. We Ohambertelu, Druggist, Alton •ft Cliltliriilerr v .r?*,in «'IHUJUII<; nnuid* 1ENNYROYAL PSLLS Ortgloal MB,) Only Ucnutnc. • AFC, ftlwaya rcliablq. IAUICB MB fM Jar CbictHuttrf J Urand lu HoA and . tralad wlib blno rlbbun. T«Uo . /ttjuu donwrow* cultfttv* f. 4tJ)niu A r :hnect, and Superintendent Plans; and Specifications for Work Accurately Furnished. OFFICEIOVEt AtrOV 8\VIN[33 BANK WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer Ic Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster Prloeito meet competition. Onndu do UrereJ. •lephona IN. Office 107 Weit Second Stre*. Veterinary Surgesn DR. D. M. MAHER. 'Iriilmre Ontario Veteroltry College Offlp over The Model itore COR .THIRD AND PIAflA «T8 , AI.TnN i; ] 1 ' * 8:1 ° For Peorla— «8:« a m, «10:OS p m. Sunday Between Alton & St. Loul5. LT. Alton For St. Lonls. An St C & A dally ^8 Four, dally.. i A, dally.... 6 13 am 6 20am.. 6 CO am.. 700am.. ..Big ••C 815am!., eiSam... 1240pm. 7 20am 780am 800an< 800am 1000am - 708am For Alton Ar Alton 7 U am.. .. BleVouV « & 810 i"» 748am VAA Sfn 8un »10»m KMOam.... BlrA'..? Bl i?.: 8«am - BjfFourdliiv .;:;;;•• l&Kour, Bat only........ 847am 1140am i!E::;;r : ;;5iafH-:-}IB 948pm 1005pm T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Mapi Profiles and Estimate Furnished. 305 Belle Street, Up Stain. <Hart>» f)rs. Q. and ff. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS ANO SURGEONS. OKK1UE m M'Pike Building. Cor. and and Eagton sta. Pdoneo 138 * and 171. F. SCHUSSLER.M.D IIQMEOPATHIST aod SURQEON , HOTBL MADIHOh too CASTORIA For Infantg and ObUdren. ni Kind You Have Always Bought /)rs. B. C, & H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OWICH HQURB: > to ( a.m| U»»1,1 to » TBLBPHONB 87. QR. (,, B, ROHLAND, DBNTI5T, OmosHoMii la.D, MllaiJ. ni I tp II W. IHIHB RUT P.M. D1SCHARQES OBTAINED IN BANCiKJRUPTCY In Sbort Tune. Yager & Yager, Attorneys THROUGH SERVICE - BETWEEN — — ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND TU» PRINCIPAL CITIES OF TEXAS. WUNER Wf FIT SLEEPERS — n _______ ANO rrmj-sXBsj FREE RECLINING KATYCHAiaCARS PINING STATIONS OPERATED 0V THf Granitoid Paving Co, W. &.H. BEISER, Prop's. »ij Etut Sixth Street. - Alton, III. All kinds ot Granitoid Wo if -z.—iT":js— — wor br Ball will ?*MlTs pr«a Sidewalks, . beit quail' guaranteed, order* pl stttntlcn Tersa, are good on any trains regSlarly ," 0 pi Mileage tickets e ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL. ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, ' Ml STttBBT. Money to Lota oa Improved Proprnj MMTB COLLKCTBD. Leave Alton 660 am 6 710am 8ooam 1005am 1280pm 1240pm 2 46 pin 416 pm 428pm Q| 708pm Leave St. L. 741am 821am 1020am UN am 800 om 608pm 561 pm 760pm (Suburban sorvloe) Dally ArrlraSt. L 40 am Btfr^. S- Bunday only Dajly ex-Sun Dally ex-Sun Dally n* Dally e»-8uu Dally ex-Sun 11 00 am IMpm 140pm 846pm 640pm 080pm Arrlre Altoi Q i!8un 1116 am 124Spm SMpm BBJpm _ . 0 86 pn Chas A. Strittmatter Mercfunt Tailor. J94 BA5T S6CUND 5TREBT OntlMMB wkJ »g > /A < 2« w Ont-olasi. TAILOR MADE CLOTHES. -At MODERATE PRICES, You are UTlted to out and txamlcs m> NKW STOCK OP GOODS ^ FIFTY James fCo' 4 ^ St. L. K. ft N. W. Through service. ., — a departs Paul ana pm. and points Leare Alton. OiCOtm H pm meet. Unli :Hu> '55pm ArrtT ' BI>1 " for Alton Bioepfflun

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