Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 18, 1961 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1961
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Established In 1914 ,f.:i.00 PIT Year $3.50 Per Year Subscription Rates In F;iy<Mt" and Adjoining Counties Outside Fayette and Adjoining Counties The Lender Is pift>iislicd weekly in Fayette, Iowa, and distributed on Thursday morning- Entered at the Post Office at Fayette, Iowu as second class matter, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Maurice Stoneman, Owner and Publisher YOU HAVE AN INSECURITY COW^X--VERV SIMPLE TO cMJRCOMe-- utter; 1^ .03 POR BHAU ~Y JOIN THE V I PAYROLL SAVINoa PLAN TOCWV/ Chattin' With Stoney A great big bomiui't this week should go to the members >:f the Fayette volunteer fire department who took time out from their busy schedules Monday liitfht to wash the Creek Bottom Comments — By Reuben Editorial Comments Where Credit Is Due The American people, by and large, eat better tiian ever before. And you can give a good share of the credit for that to the efficiency of modern food retailing. This is highlighted in a Department of Agriculture study of food costs. It says, "A year's income or an hour's work buys more food and marketing services than ever before," and chalks up that achievement to increased efficiency. The statistics substantiate the conclusion. In 1900 for instance, hourly earnings of food marketing work< is averaged a big 77 per cent higher than in 1947- Hut labor cost per unit was up only 37 per cent—less than half as much. Thus, higher efficiency, resulting frum nuv and improved distri­ bution techniques, far offset the wage increases. time when they oould do a little or no damage to public property. This loosening of the ordinance during the winter months was met witli great criticism from •——— —— sorne groups. However, during Our Iowa Legislators didn't Whether or not that would bene- this period pets were allowed to finish their work, but they did fit any particular property own- f° frp0 unless we received a def- finally quit and go home. This or, would depend on his or her inate complaint. 11)61 session of the Legislature income bracket, which is exact- N^w- il is garden time, and I could properly be called a "his- ly as it should be. ABILITY would ask the some pet owners torical" session, because never TO PAY should be the fore-mcst wh ° were given leniency last before in Iowa history did the consideration in taxation legis- winter to please keep your dogs Legislators spend so many days lation. But such matters being tiod "P and-confined during this and cost the tax-payers so many as they are, political expediency garden and flower time, dollars. Nothing was done about is always the first and fore-most Our garbage department and property tax relief. Perhaps it consideration. street department has been work- was naive for anybody to have One clique of our Legislators i'lg at full force in cleaning ues iviuiiu.iv f ' x P cctccl that anything would be dug up the three per cent sales sweeping and washing our streets winter's dirt done ; > bol, t il - othcr than to talk tax corpse out of William G. here in Fayette. In driving a- •md ,r,ime off the Fayette main about if ' and trore or ]e . ss medi " -Bill) Murray's political Garden ''ound town I have seen many street Many pounds of dirt went late , vari ° l,s ""f. taxation gim- Memories, and gave thought beer cans and beer bottles down'the driin and the streets micks - If a dollars worth of to trying to breathe the breath thrown up on peoples lawns as really look better " sma11 chan 8 e is P lcked from a of life back into it. Then they well as candy wrappers and We don't mean to say that Mel taxpayer's pocket, and then his saw Governor Erbe standing by, other items too numerous to Holtzman hasn't been keeping P ro PC'-ty tax is lowered one dol- witn his ( pro b a ble) veto axe. So mention. Please restrict your them" clean, but it's just impos- Jf r . we contend that nothing has they just tip-toed quietly away, drinking to your homes or the sible to get all of the winter's bccn achleved other than to leaving the corpse exhumed, but taverns and restrain from throw- accumulation off with the street make bookkeeping a little more un-resurrected. Then they pack- ing cans and bottles — Our peo- s-weeper Now of course, he'll be complicated. We contend that ed thejr bags and wont home p ] 0 take pride in their homes able to keep most of it off. ?" taxes ar f taxa l l0 % an . d ? do1 " That was a relief, although we and lawns—you can help. Quite a few of the firemen j arj f dollar^ whether Jt^is one dkin > t ge t any property tax re- It has been brought to my at- Asking For Trouble Kveiynnc, to say the completely obvious, Wi ulil like to make more money--to get a great- re return for whatever goods or services he produce.,. Hut attempts to make more money by purely arbitrary and artifiejal means usually lead to a dead i ml street. in 12 of the Mid\*\'st states the members of a new farm organization have combined to hold livestock i ff the market, in order to create scarcity and so force prices up. If they should be successful, says the Chicago Daily news, the price of pork chops would increase from the I960 average of !!(! cents a pound to SI.04, and bacon would rise ir en last year's (15 cent average to 79 cents. Other lives!,-ck products would show comparable jumps. Outside observers doubt very much if this The department's study presents another turned out to help on the project, lu,ndr £ d P °, nni ^; ten dlmes - or lief. tention that during the past week int'resting fact About 25 per cent of the increase and had water pouring from a iolain S &uck . LeA us never forget that the there have been a couple of out in the marketing bill that t..ok place between both hoses down the main drag. However, _ there is something "government" cannot give any- of town agents going door to 1940 ind 1'I60 was accounted for by "built-in If your store windows got a Uiat co "'? be ° one ab0 ", sm "" body a dollar for any purpose, door selling stocks and bonds, maid service"-that is, the vastly stimulated de- little dirty, don't complain, be- a fair al l° ™ ai £" ab mXea ? the £ tak ° ! l awa V. lrom This type of thing could very mand for ready-to-cat or almost ready-to eat cause the efforts of the firemen "°" *^L,„ ii v Irw ^mebody by taxation, or finagle well be a swind i e s0 be very foods. The housewife wants to cut the time she will probably help to keep them ^ 1 ia „„ them out of ,l > b y selling them a care f u l that you know what you must spend in the kitchen, and she's more than a little cleaner by eliminating an ° rea *°" aD ; n ^*L, Um , led Slates Savin K s Bond - We are dealing with along this line, willing to pay the inevitable costs this entails. ;,.me of the dust. aujusita gross income mx. sha u con tinue to contend that \y e nave severa i honest and re- What is true of food is true, in varying de- j t - s no srna n c h ore to hang on- -s the one road to tax relief is re- ) iab i e pe0 pl e right here in Fay- gree, thioughout retail industry. Competition has to one of those hoses for a couple project which is for the safety duced appropriations and reduc- e tt c and our surrounding area spurred all manner of improvements which have 0 f n()Vlrs because there is a lot of of the motorist Better drive your ed expenditures. That solution .... ....... pressure behind that stream of „„.. throllph th „ lnn „ anH c PP to , the tax P roblem ls NOT in water. The night was rather / > f t u \ , •! sight ' ° n the fol ' o - s0Cab le hori- cccl, if you'll remember, but af- wh *l needs l ° f. to P ut . d *on. tor an hour or so of the washing m sha <> e ^° ^ hat U P ass ln " project, Eldred Dumcrmuth re- ?PcctKn. Highway patrolmen will marked "it sure is warming up, b ,° on Khand to h ,f ] P twKlth thfe isn't it". He happened to be man- choc , k ' ^ *ey will not be wnt- ioulating one of the hoses. lckels ' If y« u A ™? hro "6 h v . , m the lane now and get that safety Friends: There's another project that check sticker on your windshield. Once again we are being faced held price increases to a minimum—just as competition keeps profits at very modest levels. effort can succeed. For one thing, animals can't be kept off the market indefinately. They must be fed, and they continue to grow. If marketed late, in a too-heavy, too-fat slate, they bring reduced prices per pound Open Forum who offer this service. If you have a suggestion or a complaint, of any kind about anything—feel free to call and discuss it with me. Mayor Jack Beck Even leaving that practical problem aside, we'd like to see the local fire you might avert the possibility of with the age old dog problem the wisdom of these farmers is seriously open to department take on. That is in- acquiring a ticket at a later date, that must be dealt with fairly doubt. The artificially-induced price boosts, if specting all of the business places We would like to call your at- for every citizen and every tax they should come, would hit all consumers—and for wiring and fire hazards. The tention to the ads on page two payer. there are a great many more consumers than wiring in romc of the stores is of this issue, which are connected During the winter months I farmers Resentment against this form of price- atrocious, and could be disas- with the safety lane check. Sev- did not enforce the dog ordinance ' • '' .„ „„„„ mr> „ 0 trous. And probably there are eral of the Fayette merchants strongly. My opinion is that the iixim, would be enormous. many Qther fh . e hazards around felt they would like to offer a reason people live in a small Any group which tries to undermine the free lnc uus , ness d j s t r ict that could few extra bargains to make your town is so that the kids and pets market is asking for trouble—in the form of tough be eliminated. tri P to town a little more entic- can have a certain amount of un- legislation and regulation. We've been mighty fortunate >"g. Patronize them. restricted freedom during the not to have a fire in the business ~ ~ district, but when will our luck Do You Recall 20 - 30 - 40 Years Ago 20 Years Ago — 30 Years Ago — Four students in the Fayette Mildred L. Wilson has been in- Attend horse show >:n :!!:::::i!ii!ti:ti:Im!3 day afternoon. Finally, after , „ ... ., ., , , •!• , .• . ... , • , run out. Possibly if they could shooting at them, they did decide . . . „ , J . „,,„„• ::: , i ea ve aside a day to make an in- jji ° ml „ „. . , , , , spection of all the business hous- fij The local Camp Fire girls held es and makc recom mendatior«, lit a very successful program Wed- as to what should be done we «( nesday night with dancing, a one could delay any possible tragedy. ili act play, candle-lighting cere- And - to °- the y would familiarize jit .... _ , themselves with the layout of c p each building and the contents, so that in case of fire they could know just where to go and what to do. monies, initiations, and fire songs. high -school qualified in the aca- vited to take part in the state demie tests which renders them scholarship contest which is to Vo , ga ^ Saddle ^tendl bad idea to inspect the homes in A number of members of the , And jt probably wouldn't be a , , bad idea to inspect the homes in eligible for the tests to be Vld be sponsored by the University Volga *X ver ° ^ Tl. , Fayette. Many ol the homes are at Iowa City June 3 and 4. The of Iowa at Iowa City on June 1 ed the °P en Ran 8 e Saddle clubs 0 i d) (but good), and the wiring students were: Tom Goebel, Am- and 2. Miss Wilson is the only horse show Sunday at the Jack is antiquated. Their inspection erican History, physics and bi- student in Fayette high school Schatz farm near West Union and recommendations could save oY»y Gene Wooldridge, phys- to take part in this contest. and brought back many first the home-owner a great deal of k -s -r Wanda Brausc, English lit- Fayette businessmen are ar- ^ nd third prize ribbons money in averting a fire, erature 12 and Plane Geometry; ranK f £or two days of amuse . They will also have their first Friday, May 19 the second and Everett Shafer qualified in ran 8 in 8 tor lw ° a& ? a °\ arnuse u ride Qn SundaV) M ay 21, annual safety lane check is sched- science and nTan,' soletiv. ment here wlth a carmVal and »« ^ ! " T -'-» '"" J : " » — ' " science and plane geometry Lester Grimm, son of Mr. and J ubilee ' June 1 and 2 ' , Mrs. John Grimm, of Elgin, included will be a street parade, drowned Saturday afternoon, ball games, vaudeville acts, while swimming with compan- street sports, etc. ions in the Turkey river. Karleton W. Crain, son of Prof- Lester is the second drowning 2 BOr „ and . Mrs ' J '^' Cnu \. of in Fayette county this season. F^te has accepted a position , „, - m mathematics at Purdue uni- The Prairie du Chien city versit La Faye tte, Ind. council voted to purchase the $500,000 suspension bridge over *p. v r A the Mississippi river from Prairie w 1 ears /\gO du Chien to Marquette, Iowa. The Allamakee county board It was announced that Grover of supervisors have appointed a Miehe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl woman sheriff, Mrs. Gunda Mar- Miehe of Maynard, has been tindale. Mrs. Martindale is the chosen for the position of 4-H only woman sheriff in Iowa. She club agent in Linn county, sue- succeeds her husband, Ben Mar- ceeding William Horr, who re- tindale, who passed away recent- cently resigned. ly. Marshall R. L. Harvey had a IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE tough time getting rid of a band TRY LEADER WANT ADS of gypsies in town last Thurs- from the Roberts home in Lima, uled in Fayette. This, too, is a LUCY'S GARDEN OF EATEN Sunday Menu Dinners Served From 11 a. m. lo 2 p. m. TOMATO or ORANGE JUICE BAKED HAM SWISS STEAK FRIED CHICKEN BAKED POTATOES SCALLOPED CORN JELLO MOLD' HOT DINNER ROLLS COFFEE ICE TEA MILK DESSERTS Graham Cracker Pie Ice Cream Apple Pie Angel Food Cake PLATE DINNER $100 $1 50 Feeds Grass! Kills Weeds! (^aboard'* LAWN FEEDING WEED KILLER Destroys Plantain, Dandelion, Chick Weed, other broadleaved weeds. Feeds grass at the same time. Non- burning, 50% organic N. Clean, odorless, light-weight. Small bag covers 2500 sq. ft—large bag covers 5000 sq. ft. Apply nowl GARDEN CENTER MECHANIC and SEVENTH Fayette. Iowa Check These Safety Lane SPECIALS This Ad Is Worth BEEF BURGERS MALTS Egg Salad Sandwich 15c each From Noon 'Till Closing Time Ott's Drive-In QUALITY GAS 2c ••• Per Gallon Discount During The Hours Of The SAFETY LANE CHECK FRIDAY, MAY 19 — Noon to 8 P. M. Campbell's Station DEEP ROCK SERVICE Ed Campbell, Proprietor 50c Discount On The Repair Of Any Defective Equipment After Going Through The Safety Lane. Bring It With You. Zabriskie Garage George Zabriskie, Proprietor Fayette, Iowa •••••••••• Flav-0-Rile BREAD 10c BILL'S per loaf SUPER VALU LADIES SUMMER HATS HALF PRICE Group of Children's and Ladies' SUMMER SHOES $2 °o Regular A Pair * WHILE THEY LAST! CHILDREN'S SOX Pair jp-rjja, DISCOUNT ON ALL TABLE LAMPS FLOOR LAMPS LAMP SHADES During The Hours Of The Safety Lane Check McLeese - Leytze FURNITURE and APPLIANCE Phone 160 HAMBURGER - DRINK & FRENCH FRIES 25c From Noon Until Closing Tvbt »y. • FRIDAY, MAY 19

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