Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 12, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1927
Page 2
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Born to ol iixe Blmple lifle, son wifl. lie knew thu travail hearts, Ui« toil Tlial liiriii the wilder^ ftilj fieltl. The pidn|(jr'H fervid fa^li, the hope!) tlifll yield ' ' The fur-l^ulfillinent of he pr() 'He Jrod* Ij thtl e^ dust yet KJiW thi| gleani. By all thit made nu-b wetjp L<i :ju all ih 'e erly. To make a| apar POrgiving hear^. iPallen atidi niade Had, r love and glad. He was orjlaiuuir to se fi'ee, J'roclalin tlie»duy of ( wor^d and Ull, to bear dead- he is laugh^cr^. htt tlie chpti^ei od and Lib- Ion his cross to «t!aud , A living Christ to tja land.} -ilugli/ Itbhert Orr ^Vood-Moore '('ia!(<( ' Banijnets; iiushunds Ti^ antitlal banquet : band.s and I faniiiies ul MoOre olusfe of the Fir Kplsci|ipal (Ihurcli was ; night by th !e meroberB, dies of" Gir^'Ie No. S in dining rouih cit' -tiie i decorated! |n hoiiur- ol| tine. ' Airs. C. A K <'id: was t i and anriojiileed the prtgtam: Tl Doxology was sung add the Ktv. C. I. ColdiSiiliiMi gave tbd Invoiatiolu. Mrs. K.' a. welcomed! 'j''"^ guests. Pets gsv«f 'a toaut to Chau. Funk, responded. <•. 1. (-'oh s Hitli gave Miss Mary Louise .Mar • Joe Culp i\Vlill.u enterl readings. | .Miss Puulinti JtfiSH llazifl Close playi , duet. "Uuuieo anil Jiili '21," unde • [lie ilireeliol IJaphne Sjto Ighill,'of Jiiglr Si'hucjl Wiis enact t ^ui 'U. Th( liaHt consist per Ueldli g jJack (Jriff ville Kobeirt.<< aSid f'e The -play, given by .Wr-s.O. Q., O. Dodge, (Jtho Aex :i ner, Mj-.M. Mr.i Jtihn I nder, Mrs. i iW 'alter iLytlc' Newman, jVIj-s. Walter Otto Htllb^ant aii({ .Mrs. Buren, G. Walter' Maud •iJamii Fasliion." of thfc men p frultl^ phet'i a, brok coine fori wide WM3-; O. K. S. Clnb MeetH The Order of ^tern SUr club h«ld Us meeting-' yeaterday; afternoon in the borne of Mrs. C. E. Locki 702 North Washington avenue. The City. Federation collect,, repeated by all present, opened, the mcetlnR over which t ^e president, .Mrs. ^. A. Bills, presided. Reports of aid Riven to the Masonic'Home at Wichita were retid. and! a hoat- Btar«_^j,g committee for the ensuing year was 'najqed. Uiiests of the club were: Mrs. J. W. Uuckpitt, of Kansas City, Mo.< Mrs. L.|E. Steefe. Mrs. H. O. Tay-. lor, .Mrk C. i C; Ausherman, / Mrs. F. H. pelp and Mrs. Lena Brown, the lattier becoraipg a member at this meeting. Tl ^e social, houf was in charge of Mrs. Harry Bishop, wlio led in a heart-hunting game and a guessing contest showing four Uy ng pictures in each of which Mimething was wrong. Small prizes Were given in the games. After the program a lunch wa .s] serv .ed, ;i •• ^ Tlie hostesses were: Mr.s. C. E.! h Tor the hiis- Ihe Wo«l- t .MetlH)djst given last With the la[Charge. T le liurch WIS p.- Valtti- imstmistreiss le Warirur, djiris toachur, liirs. (i. B. Which ,.Mr. The Re^. talk and and .Stijis liliued wi iiiilbe ai ! M piaj tl It. .1. ^ I -of .Miis he ..luiiior •tl ,by Hiiui d of: lla jr.., llo cy raze arr) Mrf Irndi J. J. ' ereuu. was 1^1 rs. .v. .Mrs. Wag- C. E. .Mrs. ilelde- bruut Ouests I inemberH t ! numberj 01 Mrs. Riissi Ponsleil, A^rs. h. L. Burlj. Mr^ Cora Schonaeri! Miss Glad <;ulp Whit ner. The meiiibers and fan ilies Messrs. an«l iMesdames )ene Paluline! BlUb : I lis iPereau an f the class itere;! Tlie f the .Ii)nior High School tlfe progran ; Mr. and til 'Boyeir, . J liss | Irene' , Miss Floreljce Round, s Benjamin, and Miss Rd and Miss Corr, Will John Evans and Robert „ . r. ' IT I II The evening was spent in play- <nu • . ., .r **"t^llkoutR and rine tos.q. in the base- jr.; Bart Thayer. Anna i Ruth and . aiary Jdnd: |A. E, Gib.scn arid Edward; M. JE.| Lewis aid 6leva: Chas. M. Fufik, JVI. E. larclerode, G.'E. Pecsj, Katherine aid GJu -aid; R. B. Warner. John B azee' arid Richard; H. j L. WaWn« r, JR. 1). Stephenson. J. S. Htinrj, Olho Alexander. :0. Dddfee and ijohri:- ID, B. .Mccarty, W. R. Arndtj and DonaW; c). P; Marsh kindjAlary LouLse: J.Jj.i Helilebrari ; and AVi|- ma; C. E. ."Kewm'aa and ( aroliBeth; Walter Lytic and Wilbir; p. S. Brown, !Lajwnence ' and Virplnlai: Kenneth Foust. Phyllis and John; OHt) Hilll rant; Mesd hies Imo KrauBo iB. Kl Funk. M C. Lacey. C. H. Olson. jL."(i. Bow fcr. Bessie •II. Algeri Georgia Sultoi and Ha- .zel; C. B. Tippic'. Ken ward and Margaret F^oii;. Sarah E)oBgott, E. A. Moore. M.!M;^'lose ind Hazel: Jtiss 'Liisai Atnincost. thje ReV. and Mrs. C. I. qoldsmiih. Dr. Mrs. .\. Hainriiil. Mae, X hP .Mer and Jilnfor and iMii arid Mrs. C. AJ Reld. ' •<•• * *• , >tp«>(!jfll '^lUKEny Diliner I noon f iles .oe rta Wkirr mmt m THEIOLAiDAILY NG; .FEDllUAUY 12, Its CITIZENS Tnintletli C «Bt «r)r Clnb I^nter- tainedj by MnL 0. t'lerenger \ -.-M ^AlfriS Vaniegrlft' Kwriti Urn Tmi«9'> tlirs. Opal.Milchell) LAHAI^P£; F>eb. 11.— The 'twentieth Certturr club spent a li ant afteriioon at .the home of O. qievenger Peb. 8. Music rIsKIng made the time pass i|ulck- ly. A diitnty lunt:h was served by the iiosteis. .Mrs. Knight of:H insoh |i^;AH,a guest of thr;: Membe^i;'present were: jMrrf. ,lis Kerf. iMrs. Wiii. Newman. Otto Ohifest, .Mrk A, ' Ilcild«iuaji. Mrs. Ralkih Barker, mtl V Barker, .Mrs. Otis Barker, Mrs. loaii- •Mrs. and Itch Mub'. Wll- Mrs.' Daugherty; Mrs. WiiltiTlhW were: Billbe Miixine; E. li." Van Lock, t; lairman, assisted by ' »Mr|.s. F. A. Wjigner, Mrs. Hirry WagrieV, .Mrs JrjW- Punkhouser, Mrs; Harry BLsluip, Mrs. Anna BeardljMrs. P. C. Class, Mrs! Laura Hough and .Miss Lillian, Cowley. Otherj meriibers present were: Mrs. L.i-G. Bowker, Mrs. Harry Bishop, JMrsJ Samuel Brown, Mrs. I. F. Dtilapp, Mrs. Kenneth Foust, I Irs. G. IM. «rover, Mrs. Wm. Haver ott*;' Mrs. J. H. Herr, Mrs. O. .M. :err, Mrs. W. E. Lyons, Mrs. J. Ai iilham,! Mrs. A. A. Mosher. Mrfi. oe .Mckinley, Mrs. Mont McKiney, Mrk E. W. Myler, Mrs. C. H. IsOn, lilrs. H. B. Parrott, Mrs. O. 1. Parkening, Mrs. WilllR Pereau, |vfrs. C. ;E. i'ennington, Mrs. \\. R. Smith, Mrs. H. H. Sherman, Mrs. B. Simith, Rfrs. W. E. Starks, Wm. V. ;V. Stephens, Mrs. ("has. F. JcotI, .Vlrs. W. T-. Tliayer, .Mrs. c;. TlioiUas, .Mrs. George, |lrs. C. iJ. Whilakcr, anil Miss Nelie Wallers. i « • • [Vednesday Afternoon Uridire Club The members of the! Wednesday Afternoon Bridge x;IUb entertained Ihelr husbands at a 7 o'clotrk din- ler Thursday night in the honie if Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Northruu. rlr. and Mrs. C. L. Clark werlt uests. High score ' prizes wert.' eceived by Mrs. \\. B. Nortlli-uji lid Mr.|Cl L. Clark. The meinbiers present were: Mr. nd Mrs: LaVerne Xorlhrup, Mr. !:|nd Mrs. J. li. Mlttelbac^, Mr. and jlrs. Kenneth Foust,^ .Mr.- and Mrs. h. K. Harrison. Mr. and h'rs. E. H. ilunter, Mr. and .Mrs. J^ U, Hair, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Harry and Mr. dnd Mr.s. E. E. Lynn. lies DlnmnTifor iiuMH -'• • Mrs. O. L. Garllnghouse was i hostess at dinner night in her '.Ijome at 218 South'Washington ave- iiue to the members of her class of tloys of the First Methodist Bpls- (iopal Sunday, school. rank Iwni. Isdn, Joe Mrs. Esther Rebman and Mrs Burger oli loia. The next: iuej-tiii^ will be With .Mrs.; Stephenisou Mr.s. Alford Varidegrjft, who passed aWay Tuebiljiy at Ghaiute, was buried in tlie cemetery here today. j i • \ Sid Baiim. sale'slman fofjRoJhen- berg andi Schloss' Cigar |om lany of Kansas City, was in lowif -today on biisines.s. . Th«» pr )i)erty located on .^lorth Harrison street belonging lo| tlie .MpDoiialdi estate tiiid /occiipieil by .Mrs. .Margaret Thompson- is- for sale and-Mrii. Thompson is: loo ){ing for another [location. , The Rev. Mr. Goodrich iind Miss 'Rose of Fort Scott were Jl.aHirpe business iVisitors today. I .Mr. Wood, who has been sppnd- Ing the winter with his litiug! iter. .Mrs. Fraiik"yessi!n, reti|riie< to his lioraeJat California, \ii>., JFri- da.v. '\ \ II •Airs. Jack Bishop. u;ho hair Iwen speuding jthe winter'' witir lier duiightef,. J.Mrs. Olson, anil family o." Hi ' • daiigli OF THE DAY Father kiid Sonj Banmnet Ljirgely Atf«i (ed—Fa mi In Yiclriity ^njuinffhid I Tenants- Pen onals. tchihson and visitiijg o her eisMn lola.i was huro i un- iMCts 011- iin- i!ay visitifig friends. She^ exp{ to ret^irn jto lier home hei-e \ day to remain thh^ugh the .s nier. i ' \ Wilson t Bon. g»ain deah^rs, lun- loadcd H car of .Nuireiia cliick feed today. I , Mi.s. Hebeica Arnold visited her prop.-rty on .South Washing on, whicli is, vacant aiid fouiid that soineoiie liaii hriikeii in and re- iiioveil the electric liglit fi.viiire<. llliss Mabel iIit<|heU of Santa Ana, C 61 sri much avdirdupois and went. <j ieraoii juice. Xow she tips llie be? of in !i;L niiKl ti\rn\nf. [KeHey H Jiboni and ('ofi'rc, Shop. * • • JItinor Uw^s iaf IMc.nIr K VI M :w nor (Jlif Miss Mai ilhleeit I «. Mi.«.H 1 As Mafor to CUIIK" M Ks lr(!iie bi sketbiill Raine, were hi! ;,lint II lull I •• I ii ptenic -<! o'clock in I i "i lionw of J SI ermali. Si4 j North slj-j Glail.vs (iort lefc. Mtijis M M se: U ^y JLoulse \i\ uyiii'n, MisH •upper ills. .Mitis Ruby l)«- el4nH , Hotcbkiss ai ]d clCatHon. o for t .lu-. lol Hliiikins. ^| M W W SI Mi-Itim. MIsF i.s.s Rowen' Joan lieinderson. ? iss Luelja Mi,^s Hazel Trout win tKarnin. ss 'Eleano|r ernian. irt. Club lo(| ss Hazel thp hostess Mj -B. J. I>. i M Steee :i and • •:• •> country Clijb iParly • the inonijtili' pai-ty ial k place last Btiwlus. cli:| ilihmittee Mfs. W. S. Feris. Mrs. E. ff). Shieldn. Hit ilex and ? Prizes at •s. F. .1. a ..jfnch. . Aftfj- eiyoyed : an •ved. <|rhe giii'sj Mesdames S Sliinley Kirlj .J.,!G. Stadle C.^ Pulleu, I Stodghill; C. ShSelds. F. 4 W«l Krorik. yBkle; ;Me plbach, M llr^|. W; H. K bridge werij forton and Lykich. Pranfc .McCarthy, Irian, Dr. refreshniij jwere: 'M! i. Sifers. V ssrs. ai>d . I... Kirk. .ijO. C. Uallgarno,-jr., L. B. Chfvalier,; 1). loyd Cartel, G. B. A. * Swiggeti, C. H. Horton, C ihorace .\*m4-^. I isrs. G. R. Ciitherlnq Gjird. Miss Ji -Mtifi. 0. H. Pai^kenjng, MK Parken- 'im, of Oklahoma; Mrs. L. P. Bto II Mrs.: A. ftxTwadell, airs. ^. T. Reld. Ve|-,.Dr. [an {lind Dr. anq itel IMiihii; l |out8 and ring tpss, in the base ijiient of the homej J The boys at the Jiarty were: .John Brazee, James Reid. >yilbur Clark, l{toIarid Rogers, Gordon Goldsmith, lloberf rielman. Ray Gregory and Alfred Anderson. - • •> • (hapel Proi^ram Given By Fort Hcotf Olrls A group of Girl Reserves of the F ort Scott Hi^ School motored to i da ,yesterday to spend the day with the Girl Reserves of the lola V igh School and gave a play entitled "The Case of'Suspension" at tl e chapel hour. > The play was en- a ted In la most creditable manner a id it was riiuch appreciated by tl e entire'school body. : A valentine luncheon was'given ii the dom'estic science room for tl c visiting guests and their hostesses. St.; Valentine suggestioris ai ipeared in the favors and' In the p ace cards as well as the d«teora- ti ms of the room. Miss Gladys f^^irtnor, president ofihe |locaI Girl R[>serve body, welcmne <I the guests ai d during the liincheoh songs Wire miog. The visitors were piloted through the class rooms dur- irg the afternoon and all but five le't liater-for their lefiirn to Fort SlOt't.i . ' : • rheiciipsts were: Miss Velda Cox. Ft. Scott. M sH Eiren,Ix>ckeridge, .Miss Hejiena -Ft. Sco^t H itchkit^s. Miss .Marguerite Jones, nor guesis .M ss'.Mifiry Louise Wfills, ^liss Maf ipper jit jCi rii Bollinger. Miss Beulah Bollin- iliss Lau^a ge •, Mis^ Lola Clary. iMIss' Lucille et. : Jo iitsoh. Miss Marjorle Carson, re: Miis .Miis Kathleen Hayd«in. Miss Ruby 111 Brinrioii. I>a vis. MIsa Aliw Rhiidps. .Miss Lil- Elizabei;H tianllUfst arid their sponsor, Woodaril. IJfliOre Watl.s. Aiieriran Lefclonj M xillury Jleels ' , _ The niembers ^f thij American Ligiori Auxiliary ttiet yesterday after loon in headquprlers In Memoria Hal r\ bazaar and food sale was plan- Easter week. |A meniber- ve will be started at once •s. r. E. Newman,arid Mrs. B. >^orthrup as caplains of tht . i\ iiratlun of BIrlhduy ebration of (he birthday of ank Mellon yesterday, a of friends went to her hoiie fir dinner, and gave her an apijon sliower.. Tliey were: iC. P. Aioore. Mrs. W. A. William Spilimaii and fu<nlty| near Blue .Mound arid Mr. liiiii Mrs. LTI'II .Meek and daughter /if Ma- plelou visited at the. Ernnsl M.ver home Wf^diiesilay afternoon. W. T. Stout, who lias lieeri poor liealfli fiir "iiiirie time, is f iiig belter today. Hr. C<iok was here from Cliaiiliite today culling on .Mrs. Hat)ie (julr lott, bis local agent Ifor lieib iii4di- cine-*. I .j Mr^'. P. K. (lOilwoi of lola called on frieiidsl heie today. | Ernest Peak iif iiis Vegas, .N'ew .Mexico, visited his jniollii;r-ln-liiw, .Mrs. .\. R. Miintgoinery. Weiliies- day ! IIss Laui'a the Couil- night wiflli irnian of ssisted '.by y?.. Barney ng. given to Mr. M. cartis dancing w^s nts InjCele • n c.e were! '^f'' F nu nber L. Hovt, S. W. lard. M. H. Troui- ilrs.; P. I^ski, Miss • 'lla Irwin. at •d- er )s- i)b- s. ed ft-i lOLA PLUMBING N NE^ HOME B. A —NT:.\, S.-iniFr: ., weighk 2M. ncisco Bur<>au She wearied „ f.:?-dny <ftot o« orange and lit 157, and Is riiuch happlet I-.. rlisiiliiy i>[ bJith li'il .inange'l ajid prospective v( s-s can /iee I ju .•il Comijany M<ives to New j Building Here Yesto,rday. Sutton, |^riipri<-ii>r 111 (li-i III! aij'l s\ :ii «;tst ol 11 > I 'IIH^ II«-.V iiiiil ' lola Pl^iiibiiiilicoii^iiaiiy. IIIIIV<MI iiiin' bis neii' biiildliig I.,:tuildry yestenhi .Vt iiig is h fine |)liii <• ;mil ivr r_v imi • veuieiuti! for <arr.wihg i.n.llr- vVi .ik has bc< II thought tif :>iiil loiill ini 'j ilie niv lilliliiiliK. j'I 'll.' >illt. !• \ ;il !sj lire col siriicti il, i )f li'.iili :iliil tli. j frorif h IjlUlliV of ini 'S ^l ll l.lli 1. t;|', a iii-at palti'iii iiijil ii -i'l'iiV li:.ri': will bei !i iai^c i >•< lr;>- jin- li^lii I in front to light.tlji-\v:i;. ili< j Kireirt. On tiic iii.>ii<l <i in: lii' .--iii.w | room ttire tirr liJ.- i -ciliim liniils. These I ghls and 111- '.jhiss iviiidow.s anil ilnor in (M^IIII iii;:Kr |^ ahilliil :iiii-i- of liklit lor l'ii>; H'MUM i mi^.-;. The show room wall.s -.xu- tiiii -lu'cl ; j^i; ill buff color :iiiil lutihc a I 'iin ;-luiv.. j \s\ This room i.i fiTl tlie il :..;l:iy nl j 0. Iiliiinliiug fixtiin.'K ainj y,<un\-'. , m. (Audrey Cress) Fi -b. 111.- .Mr. and Mrs. Leo Pr rick anil, baby spentj Sunday after- i noou with .-^nne Illltiie$. .Mr. and Mrs. Viirn' Ostraii spent Sunday at tlii^ parental trander hoilie. Allen called im James L| dell SiindaylufternoOn. Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson and children s|ient ^Sunday at A. E. Foste Fern an 1 .Orville Hunter cal|eui, at Frank )strander's Sunday ernoon. John Brown and daughter .Majrle \ drove up fjoni .Missouri Friday ening to vijsit Walteij Baker's. Brown returned home Sunday iindl .Marie remained a few days to visit' her grandmother .Mrs. Rowland Paul and Floyd Stinis'on sp4nt: i look ii4 llieir iji n-'i'ii isj used ft: ;;liir;..!;i' lor sto Is roi'iu • is m :• siiliil as :i roij Sill ion I '.a.s :i i "s.i :il ion for hi -OMIlllrllon of -.ii.v !ii:i;i-rially III' tills jKirl of how they wn home, ijhe r a work sliop k. "The fit or lie of cement k. '. 1^ ice room ini' a iMKsiness arid Ithis building to the appear- he city. I M U ASHnt.Tk>N ( RKA.H; Islarch j: iilateil suga'r ili!c.-.|iiiii :is corn il)l>'spii :iii.-i grj l|';iH|iiioii vaii|lhi ,ilil 'S|rtiiiiis i:oco^ inl licli creuni up iliii |i |iiil wliliiuts or al- .Vljilis of ;» eggs iriiti>- milk (o scajlil in double,1.. . Wit III :i p^ !• i; ;iiiil slir ill in: ui -ito cook for :iu r \| tiiii 'S stiff ami I. .fili.-illy :irlililig Ui l .i -i . < mil ^n 'll ' with colli ;ci:staril. Covtr Il |"lii |)pc-i| j .fwi'^ enei) creat|i. •(ii}.ui' ^ cPtaiii jWitli [ chopp«td rii4' liiiio «-li>Mrii 'si4-(.'. R; .\Ii.v corn$tuijcli, sugar aikd LJste [with cold t m Ik. Coh- niiiiutes. Beat stir I Into cujs- |ie viinllla and fill sherbH MATiyEKSj ••J:(MI p. nij Bally i = Jtonir of JUttvr PictioTH MondaV Fori Throe I)av iatunlijjl 1 to III 7:0 <l .9 :(fl p. m. • I —i Elite. Orchvskra f2, 7 Jind {) p. Ir. I -it- ; Richard TjaJir adge "DOUBLING WnJHJ DANGEft Frank Os -lXmance! I, Sunday afternoon trander's. .Mr. and .Mrs. Bill; Fredrick and .Mr. Fredrick's mother spepl Frlt^y at Leo Fredrick's. ..Mr. and Mrs. Hay and little gi|-ls j called at J. A. Cressfs Sunday i(V- ; ening. I i ' Wni. Kriieger's i house caught, = fire .Monday morning.; .Mr. Spence, Who was driving by. noticed it and notified them or it! might have done a great deal of. damage. Mr. anil .Mrs. Henry: Striu^k spent Wednesday evening atj Will Moon's. | .Mr. CrcHB lielpeil Mr.. Stlnson' haul some iiats. w^iich he had piir-; Kil Faulkner Tiiesdily. I xioon and: .Mrs. (iladj.'< Sunday afternoon I A thrilling luirrican" drama lof-.^pie.s and biy,stery, throbbiny with Uuj emotimi;^ otj p^-imitive gfeed, and il-^ ^ luminaled by lliti divine Ciri-.s (;>r lyoiithful lovej and ro-^^ Krazy Kat Karhiori Komorlv—t)oro<hy pliillipsl in i*TheO Bar (? My.stery"—Hcniiffi Coniccly. "I.'i Minulles From^ Hollywood VAUDEVIljLE Robin so n and The neat. i-l't-H^' act in 15 ijniipiilcs of .son, and patter. ha sell froni Granilnia .Aloon spent M'ill .Moon'si .Miss .Nan Leo Fredric Now Showlnt,'—-.Malln-.e UK- .1 ' She !i:iil ••(Iniililc 'ir' f.ii- ;, ,;irl in then she i-ejlizcd jn ;i llji'.ii i.i i.-nm- Durnal Ayers culled on Mtk, : |il«h( 10c finfl 25c .1 kiilfe-fhrowlng lb: t iIic man was Jml tin- ilciiilly we lliir ling - straight ii'-ii.l! ntil for sh p dr will .M K i.eJnis. Woidrulrf, Mrs. P. J. Horlon. Mrs. Alf ami ed Fawka. Mrs. Frank Marks, Mrf C. V. »<cPher.son. % Iss Mary Rollerts. of LaHarpe, a ! tuderit in Emporia Teachers col ege.l was initiated Into the K. S. r: CJ chapter of m Kappa Sigma national ed ^ealional sorotlty an I one of the.tnlrlben Greek let- tei organliatloriii on the campus. Te 1 otiiers were Initiated with Ml IS Roberta. k Tuesday evening. We are g ad to report Krueger 'much ImproTfil at 111 writing. George arid. Lloyd Moon went tjo Parsons Tuesday. .Mrs. Will Moon called :ai llenrV SIrack's Tuesday afternoon. Those whO; spent- Sjtinday at th: Howell homej were': ^ Henry Strack and fatpilv. Mr. anil 1 Mrs. Burrell Howell i|nd girls, .Mj-. and .Mrs. Ira Howell. I Bobby and Joeita Adams, and Bepa'rd StracK. I Mrs. Hansen ha.i bjeijn helplii/g' care for Leola Krueger, who been ill. room fixtures (Mrs. G H. Ford) MORAjJ . Feb. ^0.— Although the day Wari lo thre ijten'ffig withj oe< sional showers «nd With oiln -r ujii- pl^sanU weathefl features, the i ]a- thers and^Bons day ev^ng at church w is largely atteiidedi The one bunll-ed for y <jhair«> that hiid been placed at t !<e tables were illl, taken aiji O: few wel-e served frojin i trays. Tie progranij of music w flue andjf le spedial addressefi we unusnalQr nttlri^' arid enthusiajs- i tically feceived. The Pre.sbyteiian: Iadl4fi| servec tm.-bamiuei wiib ;dre3Slrig| oped kajid, iiny. Pailkerl House j rolls, putter, Br!ick ice crdam. cuke, ci|f fee, and Jarshall Oliphaht left Tuefeflay morning for a iiiot trlfl to jt le Rio Grande V'alli They e xpect to be go i .t... '-nM.:!.. -,1... rTexas. abduti tieeq we^ks. they wl^l' II int brolthersl who haije just iftir a.tfl folIoMlng m«iu: lir. an daughteij. wej-e in 1927. gray, nlashed iiotaoe? ijorn, p!ckl«js, celery; fiijit |IIi> toan ad ,Mrs. C forme tbwn .Si Roast chid; !s -,|!i* 'Kirks While ';thei-ei:lo^ look lifter their fallic brests apd will visit; tin d Elmer. Oiiphail eturned to Texlis | llti tile Rio f c ijlumns a leount ppjople ii| L>nuired .Jace fo fikmerly fiiini La Tleague; 'l \>agiie. lirirly Ki »ias hell jstor oi ffiier. irig overi fiAe liunflreil pe^pje'wlto halve gorie - '"^eftnost part of "out where bvglrii' the nt • Wesi Ii.hi. 1). Stii si Mr irj;Gr t .JiSt; a, Kail in<'il •at ih I !-n <• Iioy« <lianil nb. • s :i re p to A izonu. Ejd Mdttbeck ii suffering from a-r"! |pro longed] attack of hiccough:^ itliiat has reacied the itage of much' ilis- eonifort and Is tausing much concern.' '. J 4dical ittention is biiiig Kivpn at d bis n any friends : Iiopi- iwill .icion big elieveij'. ^•11 Grande Vaftey,''and asidp <>m m; ny int,ereslilhg items ij.df jrely 1 ical'in^wi the firjt three of the paper.-conta ned the if'a ce ebration of Kaisas honor j of Kansas Day It iilraost two coin nn: of the nkmes of tlie gu >sts iiiLluding their jformer Kaisas ad- ilkV .vs. . ijii the list were fou • names of Allen count/, two larpe, JMr. and Mr:. G \V. and Mr. and Mrs. W. S. of lola. The\ celt bra ion. n.san ip every pa tlcular, in th(( .Mi E. chuich; the the church, the lev. Mr. a former Kansan. prcsid- this j^iroup of niq-e tjlian Ibllnai-y^ Mr<|. I). 1). Stnridiek •eima Viftorik Phipps was born olier !. 18»;r>.jarid departed his F'eliijiiary Ci 1927 at het h inie .1.. tr^^ t*l... .L ried to Kan. She was ma ndley September 2l4.Llp84, .ille. Mo. They m)ve<; to .. in thfe year 1895 and re- er«! to; the close of her • Hge of 60 years. 4 moi iths dai >K. To this uni* v ere t I liidren, three girls and Thrtie children and her have • preceded her in Tliose left to moui^n her .MIS. !John Burns, lola: . Hoijier Oupgan, lola; JMrsl B. iliaiii. IJetroit. .Mich.; Frank and rold iStandley. Ragland, Ala. iiiUey: Blackwell. Okla. e e,ra \ a b s a I.SI idchildren, three 1 ijst of friends and remain. :phn wiis converted in 1914 tind ted w Il Hn-i liirii ii liren in Christ, and iton- li.-aljlcil III rawforil and: ilii-;ir i ^'"l-'';.'' that relation unt r iboine. She was mwiijiii .11111:1111,1' It i—.... • lesidentH biri-. i I'-'f" ''i'liijilu She passed bnday for a ishoii I i''»^''>' "'' 1 Ji;ii p^lbl Ijtiiii kis t. Mr. aWdl .Mrs. JlVill .Manbeck a I ictupyin; itlie- Fred .N'uriliii rt r sine* hold! ;ig their al'. Jill ri Stuteviile -arid laie- nicml to the; Runibi'll| fin, 'acated iV Mr. Wanbeck. aiw tl| •win Jo ) ison family will ui >)\e he Ha'rl in Taylqr farm vacaliVl l| dr Stut^tille. Ihroiial the ^ourfcy of-T-.'HJ lesi Oilplant the writer of iliii; i-.i um 1 has lieen privileged m read cop IT of iMe noma .News, a «<ik iie» spapi I from fho center cii y i !).-jv. vit (.'iilKui; lie I -vi: lit by c i i 'rjl hi y I riT 'lUiv l.iil i.v I nol niiiM H .Nl :inv >' ii: I iiir 11 tak th the K'hurch of rothers neigh- he 1 i '.od ! always lier Lord and loyal to quittly if seated in her favorite 1 frierid.s ami ne ghliors . in the'beginninp of jlhe rrvice of her chun b. i 'lMierap services were co: be li'cr pa The side ill l< ridili ted Chii rch nlfed : Brethven stor. It|ev. E. X. .MrJnlgbiii- rest by body wa.s laid to t iiiT husband '.nu la cemetery. Chi 111- I I'ks becaiiHt! the .v 111- sharp corners. r j f -~. • ij Two oj: the best known nimillea ot Virginia jarid Illinois wwre inked, wheiij Eliza ,beth Stevpso i ot Bldoriijlngtpn, 111., beqanM the briddpr Erriest L. Ives M Norfolk, 'Va. thh niarriage toow. pli ce In Italy^ j lyes is'in the codsuu r aer- vice and; the couple vjill i ve in Gonstalntiriople. The bnde » the ^r ^at ^raAddaughter of j Jes ie W. .Fall, Whp,; more than |ituy other J';».r^s ^,:j ;'::p j ^-p-sibie fo: .1... \i ^ .... I f, ' I LiScoInVf ; nomination '' h presidency. Use Register Wants ^or rfesnlts. tv A Abijaham' the in. < > * > i > i > < > dance ceX < > act. And ^ ^ unnerved. ^ ^ hds VAi.E.Nti.xK ri.rB SA>IIWiriI , 1 loaf of bread ' - 1-:'. cui> drc-ssing 1 lu-ail shreildi-il lettuce :! cakes Pbilailel|/hia or .N'eufclia|: tel cheese j 1.small can pimentiH 1 cup chopped nulsi Salt and paprika ] j Lightly butler thin .•^lll^e3 o bread. Spread one slice with pi Uientos, rubbed smooth with pap r-ika. salt and pepper.; Spfead-flu other slice with cheese mixed will chopped nuts. Dip the lettuce leaves in mayonnaise {and lay be tween slices of bread, i Press light-j ly together, trim off crust and cull in oblong pieces. Posken logetliejj with toothpick, on icp of whicl^ a little scarlet heart has been fastened iby slits in the heart), as a favor or. place card.—C. R. —Telephone your Claaa'ified Ads to 18, .Maiinee lOe and iOc; Ni.i,'hriO«- -ind ti^ii: JDAY ANit) TUESDAY ebe est? captFvgtTi I'iv. It vinh IJanltis he Mcffic cjjr.s irh» .sjfce hu motlzcs < rih-i, Pictuff beautiful Hi her f/o enn! . DBE WHONES LOOK THIS PI^MRAMOYER: lloK TONIGHT TURDAY ONIJY HOc anc . ' (TO mail ,:/>: :it;t at fi Icfjr TiTss rri a super-eom-di/ prodijced hi the ^She'H'the snappy 8hhrUtf ili.'^ter villi_ throut/h culleye on sheer nerve and the irai/ ' \. \ • I r . ' • attliu\i the .campus u.itk her fUtiatlovH and UN," two reel C ometly and PATHE NEWS. i JACK Wo: "HIDDEN li hi.<; wonder doc; : lit liOOT'i Jack Hilxle and his wonder ilpg are liere again; You'll ma le braiiij le hum in ~ act Ion —action - sipplufi new bag of amuzii| riing .speed of this gtrick.s Jhe dog IMK. You'll t!ii4l glorious We'stilri]j ijiaina. Pbij : II the way: | | ChatWes," Stri chapter of I "Pitting J 1"—tlovd HanMitph Ccincd ^i .-^'ntt Pathe NteWi ri^ " LI'" r

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