The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 12, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Saturday, February 12, 1927
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cc TO VOLUMET XXX. No. 95. HIGH HO^O FORCOJJN 11^ FARMING Second ing ant neSv4 won second place Prize For ^^versifi(;d Farm Given at the Manhattan Meeting. in Kansas The gratifying and imp that Allen Cbi^nty in thel .sas| State Better Fa(nfinffj the Idis- the at Cohtest was received Register today in a Ion j -tance call from l^iy Gwi i, Ailen d^obrity farpi ageil Manha^tsin. Thi'.4 awaril ried" with it a cash "§250 whifch goes to ;the Countj- Farm Bureau yrd will 1)6. usec^ in t.he fu 'thera ic > ^>1' its work amonglAUen toinjy the comi ig ytsir. farmer Tills 1- the KuhH :i'4 KliiK- AKrii'iiliiii Iv.Ki: Ut tit of (liveiiiricd fiiriiiiOK' in I'rizfs w wlik-h sli viinci'iiK iwucn Mil : banriiil'l which W^H] the 4)iOK .:in (i 'llo County W illltcsi was iriaiiKtiriil iiiiliitc Ihif ri; offcrVd irt- Kah- The Wcpkty IlPRlster. ThH Diilly U.'KlstcTi I-:.stublI.<d Tar Heel Bet pr ze of Allien III .•|<lv.ll((<'IIH.-hl )l|l<I.Kh(IW I aliHiK th' •h 1. Wii awarilswlcn ^Manhall llie fon<:l am of. K. lit' Wci-k. on first pla 4i> tli<' t urea SI' , lin and .M nia in laK idinK < A. ( Was ty .seeond, Leaven lliird and I 'awnee Cilunty loiiri During Allen Ct - cToase in 'i.e irpni of dair>' »}>0; from 4,t»t of sweet Oilier fa into the Allen the time nmy lias tllic numhe [pijoducis, in acicake of lu to (i.KM); 'y •.il- Illlllil-S •jst a|l- lie- 'arrhin le nkht |ven Kil lindton MU'^i.Coiin- Ivorth 'CoiLnty V a iX this Kpowed of da ',m): i im S22 h villne (:ijmjity. liut most ouiHtandinR ont^ and tihc ones whjcii .Mr.' G wifi had Itini repeat ojt'eir the tele; lie returns! it should pel fronj him for complete r|;<!ord of al I of lli»» th •which h^vp contrihu ed to the vance in diversified % Allen CVuniy «-hic$ place frtm' March 1^ 1.-1926. Kifty-f vj- counties rnlcred (his better rajriiiinK conl st oijijjinally and Iweinty-eiBht coupties (jomplet- ed it. (ir various follows: ed it. j I'oiiits; f 1 -.scored 'ja.-j county. l .o :i2 ,Ti): 87:t.o:i: Of pri sas City winners contest. c<iiinty. WJI •! |l \V comity, Kccoird. liOK. Tw winners y.<)k di.s Cham o( the I Wo II iirl Nelson l<)d first laajid Allen ( aril rcieiv ity hoRS w • ten 'coil II I -• Topek The Kari . ijoday to| iian ma „ lintil shi! ••9 -Jeives is • Iluf the •[phliged i;cviidiicf or", who;' ],.271.64; I Lea veil wi 'awnet. S'Jti. rihiiii ler Of Kans l/.os CONDHICTOR JMUST MEN nd in clover from ti61 t ;t6rs, of colirse, a Yard whiclj was liiad liese ire ont an ry alf^ iicrf' in- tat- Kotibli.sHed 1K $7 led 1897. lOLA, KAN,, SATURDAY EVENIN ASKGHANG IN Di S. PLAN y to Coolidge Plan lAiros Limitation Wiir 'arry Serious Reserves J-Germany |sFor It. I'arts.^'Kth. i 12. (AIM-^France's for to President Coolidge's naval lament jiroposals, it was un- od after a cahinet ineetlnR will constitute acct-ptanco fm' hiit under "siirious KoroiRu .Minister Briand raft the reply and presfjnt it Niirtli (°!iriilfn:i no« has Hiree licl.s for (lie Ilenimnidi- noiit- innlhin I'or prp>!<lrnt In lil'is. ; (iovrnor .initiis tVIKon LUcl.caii (:iliov4*) IN HIP I,JIJ«'SI. i'liroHn- laiis iilMi proiYiTi .Spiialor jj-iir- nlfold M. SlniMiou> iiml Joseph, lis Ilanicis, former secrrtiio' , of Uie navy.. ANOTHERWAR NOWSTARTED BY WAR LORD reply disanl dersl( today in fo] serve: will ( for fijnal cahinet approval. j ^Ion- ilay. The vatiotis has n<il been revealed it is .knowti that France is more !jea!otis of her Indepenr re);ai<litif; l.ind and air force.<i| small: carft than she is capital ships which are less iiud tiui expensive for lieri II lia'} licen suBpested al.'-o exact nature of these rl'ser- hut i)iuch enco and resaijdinK use- that Inces oiild iieiit War Lords of North A re : where tl BattlinR With Troops Of Central China Ruler—Halts Campaign. Kiaiice-nifchl like some assiini that (he iV-nKueof .ValiouH wj not h<- iRnorcd In any-siih.sec •disarmajnent conversatlon.s; (JERMANY BOUND TO APPROVE! IT Iterlillj. Feh 12. lAI'l -I'res dent Cd'didK'iV naval proposals ar( the talk of the hour in p<iliti.eal and j diplriiiiaiif circles .in Cernany r lo Ifa, (age |)ho^e. W be pds[5ibl ubllcaiiod farminK hasi • t; 1924 to M IJBi;:!. |ent< r^d e to the (|>niy to !hen to J* Injss ad- in ken rch has the the-" th.^' Al'l FiKhtiuK tile forces of [lie .Vor.Ili and I Wii t'el-Ku. ruler vvliose siderahly curse last .August coujiiti'es ' NVasihiii .lien rth II. 'I l>v the I |(.'omlll |M -cej s 5-aere i ivent tj<i Allen! of Sajkdiil pri/.e j in urtis, 'd a I re aw esi me iirdeli ••ere! llton coil iity .coujnty ;aii- fol oriil lllih Cieiieua iired to PROTECl WO 1. Kans.. ,Fe!).; 12. Si s supreme court ecide "wlKitli .er' a leal a ladj sucoimiis l€> what he coii- her place oi t slri 'i ^t ^ ar. coii'rt api ej-d at was jlinwever. I itcensiirc the 'of the srree car fjomluct- failed to tape the | roe of peace iriaker. • ""The jaw requires liim lol passenRprs against assault teiy hylfeliow passefigers." cd .Jii.etice Burch. in cision. Holmes another from tli Compan which -gaViP of Kansas chance to <Ie o Kansas SERIES OF (AI'> refjisod geiit le­ w -it h his Ifists tlie court liziJhetl City. iKaUas nand flam '^gOf, :ity ; Railw.iy iloct hat-J •kiiKj. Feb. 12. .lu'Kiin lift Ween war lords of i troops of -M.irsh Central (."liina domination was coit tailed by the ('aiitimd when tliey tlirusi him norlhwurd from Hankow, on tin- Yaiigtse river. The :>;orthern forces of The Peking government advancing into Honan provJnce to begin their announced campaign lo hurl back fh-j Catonesc into South China from (heir V'lingtse strongholds, -cnconn- tered the troops of Wu, !*ci-Fu in Honmi province. Wiii occupying a position between the forces of the contending Peking amf .Nationalist (Cantonesi l governments, had warned .Marshal. Chang Tso-Lin, general-in-chief of the Peking armies, that their advaiici' must bo halted; to prevent "niisuiiderstand- ing" of tjioir troop.*. lleadiiirarters of thi- " .\orthern war lords admitted today there bad been fight ing hi' ween Chang Tso-Lin's army imd that "of Wii I'ei-Fn In. Ilohaii. but siiid that the fighting was due lit misiiiidi-rstaiiil- iiig of .--iiliiirdjiialffs. lilC; DEFICIT IN (;i;ARANTV FlfND I TojHka. Kan.-. IMII.J 2. (API- l .jaliiljlii's of tlie Kans;(s bank do- posllois" giianinty fund e.\i-eeil tho assets liy J.'..:'.s,s.;'sr,.II Uoy \.. •It' .slate hank c;>niniissioiier. today inftirmeti i |ii- house and .senate banking committee.^. . .\et liabilities of ffi..'K((:!,S17.!l!t have accrued against (he fiirrd throiiKli ilie failure of l.'.O slate hanks since .lanuary I. l.'M .'t. Ilo»y- "•ver. twenty nf the l.".ii hanks have been reorganizerl. le view prevails that /FEBRUARY 12, 1927. 1923. lit had been In,a shaky condition tor several y«»ap and this fact w;aa known by ofiicors and di- rectprs as.wdl as Ihej slate hank comini-ssioncr accordinj; to infor- nialion prese ited in court. SuitB wore tiled against directors and oBiccrs tif the bank by several Officers and Directoh Of State Banks Liable For Deposits, Is Ruling Topeka Kan., Feb. 12. (A*) -Officers aijd diretttJrs of a Kjtnsas state Hank are liable personally ceivqci wheri they know the baik evenjthouglji.the .state banking de to act, while it .al.^ t liM cQurti ruled today in appeals involving County State Bank, of Eldorado ' . TheiBldorado, bank failed in* FLOOR FIGHT ONBANKBILL Class and! Wheeler, Both Democrats, Swi Fis-tk Bui Ar Halted by 'Friends. K:er- art- many Is hound to sympathize h ily with the American Initijittvc ami to jwisli it coihplete sue-ess. H is felt tho complete disaj-ma- ment of Germany under'the tVeaty of Vor.saiUos was supposed to represent the first step towant universal disarmament anil that tftefe- foic Prjsidenli CooHdge's ^propdis- als are imost welcome. .Special satisfaction Us exprdssed iffemoraiidum co- tliat th(| president's apparently 1 fore<asts further! operation ,by the delegates ot I'niled Sta.tes at flip preparatory Cc- disarmatjient negotiations neva neixf month. . in MONEY AVAILABL 'FOR ARMS MEET Washington, line witji the Feb. !2. .(AP recommendation of President Coolidge. the housi cign affairs committee todajf proved a bill 1 to authorize priation of $7.=i.()itO, for furthefj ticipaiion .by ll'ie Cnited States in the Cicnevii arms conference. The committee di.sciissed thn advisability of 'recommending |^ that limiiatiiiii :of (ruisers. dnstrbyers and suhUiarines be placed o^ the coiiferi'hce agenda., but took ito action. ' the In for- ap- ppro- par- Washington; Feb. 12. .Senator (Jlas .4. Dem-icrat. Mnd Senator : Wh<-e!er. I .Montana, engaged in a i on the floor jof the senate over the hran^h hanking 1, (API Virginia eniocrat. ist fight today ill. During a r^ill call to determine dep xiltors. It wa>| alleged that the OIHC ers became 1 able, personally wlif n rhoy approvicd the acceptajice Of ileiMjsiLs after it w.-is known that, tpc bank wa.s In a i uu.soutid condi-": tJon This positio i was lipheid^ by t|ie supreme cour . although the (Ctiutiniied on Pak Officers and diret foi <|ep<^sits re- is in a fai ing condition, partment may have failed infgrmatibr, the supreme;^ affairs 0f the B^Iec ;e 8. Naraber 1) FARM RELIEF BILL BEFORE HOUSE SOON l|loasure Had Margin of Eight V6t;s in Ithc . Senate- House Read] for i Action. bci^. agfcd ivfiy. I ai sas cblllege graduates daiighfrs of ' j former |: KantiaK | mlnlst(|r, were under ob.'tervatjion in the county hospital today to tcrnilnf - - ' if the hanking bill should be mado the unfinished business bi-fore the met on [during a ;or Class senate, the t^-o senatorsl the Democrativ side and heated fliscUskion, Sena Blrtiek the Montana senator on each arm and invited: him; Int ^i tho Democratic cloak room . to finish the encounter; Friends of jthe si-natoris ru.shed in between (ii|'ni and ;broke .up tho combat. ' LIBERAL CHARGES AMERICANS KILL Mexico Cit>i Charges that Feb. American (AP) — aviators. employed by President Diaz of tho Conservative igovernnienl | In Nlca- ragun, kill?i^ many, noij-conibat- women. ga early a state- ; THE WEATHER K.»r: |(,\.\S4S: rii!<rl(l<><l, wMi. Illy sunn ^leirinnlng tontirlil or Sun. day: mi ileridrd changff In i emp. ••ralnri',; ' For lolii and VIcIiiH^: rnsittred. probald} snotv liefrlnnlni; tnlnlehl <»r .Sunday; no decided rlian(:e in ants, i among | them ijomoj .by bbmharding Chinanda this week, were made iii[ !ment to thej>ress by j'edrii Zcpeda. (Liberal re'pn scntative in .Mexico 'ciiy.; , ^ r ' • Zepeda added that jbombardmont has destroye I ten blocks in the heart' of the town. 'He declared that he had' elegrams.from Costa Rica,! fluate.inala and Ss^n Salvador- Ihundanily sustaining his charges. He rte I thatall Central Americja was indignant be- caiisf "Diaz is forcing dd men and young b (».vji, some only eleven \\|isliiiig|oii. Fel. 12. (AP )-Carrying a margin if eight vote.s, whicjh is two iiior; than! (hat by which a somewhat similar bill was lurried down last June, the senate app) ovcd Mc.N"ao'- laugeni farm Ire lief hill was euro ite to the house today where it will be. offered as a sbbitituto for a tv In measure liow beinjg considered t lerc. I House advocates have tentatively apr4ed to seek a recommendation ffonji the rulc^ coMmitteelby which tic senate bill could be substituted f»r the house men mre. A group of rep esentatlvcs met villi IlepresentatlAe Dickinson. Ue- liubiican, jlowa, toe ay to ;the rituiitlon and Chairman Haugen of die jhouse agrlcul ural committee ^av* the senate bi I a study to de- Ipniine.whether i|. was accepti^ble as ijmeiidfed. I Htiugen said hb felt woi^lU press for lassagq senate bili tis It c ime ov4r. TJie adciuion in the senate of to- liat^o w«s a bash rorambdity and of the Bledsoe in: urattce! plan,' lie sjaitt seemed satlsf|ictory. FISTS FLY OVER FARMRIILIEF BILL hou! .•fen \Vashingfon, Fel; Ilea year.-i old, (<)^tght in his army. SNOW HOLDS BACK I Ni M. OFFICERS •mperaturr. f i Tenipi 'iatllief- Highest yesi l .'i. at :t |>. 111. Lowest last .•!2 at I ii. III. .Voriua for tfKla; rday Inight .•12. Pr<'cjiiilaiion; for 21 hours eiiding a( 7 a. m. today. 0. Total fo year toidiite, IL:t!l. .S"un ^ises at,' 7;Hi a. m.; sij ;>::•( p. m. SNOW IS COMINC ^ TO STATE AGAIN Hils iH at detilarH de-^ Itoiids and ^|keanier KIsenht re. All foggy. e.xcept .Salina pirtl^ cloijdy. I 'ittshurg cloudy. Ark i'Hi,; raining;' road.s good ejcept Kafiiia, Ottawa, fair; Coffeyville j slippery; Piti.libiirg. Arkans.nsjCity. isofl. ! Kan.-'.is Cily. Fel). 12. (AP)- Snciw inniglit or tomorrow for this territory was predicted lodav by the loc'al weather bureau. Rains reported in states south will bring ' prwipitation in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa land .N'eliraska and the temperatures in thi'se states are such as to promise snow, the weather bureau said. LUMBERMAN WILL ADDRESS CLUB UAKESIN IMPERJALIVMLEY DO LITTLE DMAG^ to PROPERTY TODAY •eting ill be the 1 was Buildings Whici\ Had Been Day Trcmb'lons Are bainagcd—Other Towns Arc ' T Visited^*-" • • C^Iexico.Cal Htartifig after mi a ha|f .Now Y caused The lowed others second] quake hour until nix o'ci i THe t\ -ist trerriorr 4,fe/t 8« 12:58 a, m| \. It, i« used KOine diij •<»igH h -re mid lii (be 'l |iternutlona^ bi l„<)W (ir Cflllfornlii.' conlliicjd tci bnllijlnKf< und or c6n|tlemhe (l f.. Fifb. inigl 1 lltJcJH le.scrjibt 'l( iiageio b exlcitl , (Ml indiir] lit Damiige The speaker at the next m of the Current Topics Club \\ Mr. F. .M. Paul, manager o Clark liuniber Yard.. Mr. Pai lor a number of years engaged in business along the .Mexican border, and cliiring that time accumulated' information touching conditi6ns in| .Mexico :that throw a gi-eat djeal of light upon the. controversy IK w going on between tliat countr- and our government; His talk v ill he interesting ami enlightening ind it is hoped there willbe a go )d attendance. Th<' meeting of will he-held at the Portland! hotel Albu(iuer((ue. X. M.Febj 12. (AP) A s.niiw fall 'of six to; eight inches last flight has delayed tlie Indian officers who j are atteuiptlng to verify repoirtsJ of a conflict between cowlmys ami I .N'avajo Indians, the Crown Point lagency believes. No word, has been received from the .officers who }aro said to hn working in a remote section aboirl 70 miles frjim (bo agency and the snowfall, it ii» believed will hamper their woitk. The shjrrlffs office at BernaliHo also has no word s "deputy try from from the shj-riff and h who went into the conn a dilferrnl direction. CHICAG TO 5 TALHS LONDOIjJ NOW Chi<ago, Feb. 12. fAP)|L-ChicaRO talked over ^-ire and wireless with London today, formally inaugurating commerHal telephone service between the two cities. |, . The first official call! was set up at 7: IS. a. m., Col.'H. E. Shrecvc of the I^ndon tplephonje system, responding tp the greeting of F. O. Hale, generail manager (if the Hli- iiois Hell Tcleplione iConipany. (AP)-A )r list light de eloped i in, ithc tiC lobby today between Repre- atives Tinchet and Strong, bt Kaiisas, over difff rences on. the ilt ,\ary-Huugen fi rin relief bill, ^'acih called the ot ler a "liar." ,: As ^bej- were preparl ig to come to l^biWs Speaker I-ongwoiJth and Ucp- rescnlative Hiiilspi th of Texas,: in- erifened. Such p isses as were aae all went wi d. The two members several times ^ttunpted to land blow.s over the speiker's shoulder, but he pushed ^hefn apart. tonally the spei ker led Timiher nlq the house cha nber, and Huds petb and other friends calined $tr^ng. The disturbance is said to Ijave plopeil over a discussion ' of Tindher's recent speech in (he hou|se iagainst the McNaiy-Haiigen Strong is a fiupporter of the sure. ^ill nie;i NO sure he ot the 12. their home. Kb no tjie.y upon {he until Rra less cBer dorsed .Mostj closing savfngi Using ch they mad ks which arid cash ious stork, getlfing some icash cl th Ho (ho chi before day. •Mr. ico, pr ^b ;i sisters chiirch] destitu they best churcH them; had n and th them a SAL e b mental. aftfer tiher i>leiis of gnilly charget < f forg ry. he [sis tens, I-ft dcstitiite atter a rfmall inherit unee from fljeir father. h;jd dwii died, are (declaretl byj police to be wanted'; in mnn; than a sltore of cities where tiiey aro sa dl to hav • left worthl'ess checks t6talling about $2r..iioii. put of w'h ch they obtained; "a livjiiig aiiil evidfd arre; t ov;er a'perioil of years iy continually traveling.) proh bi ion Olficer, \VJ H. ijol- Iaii4l, f he invest igateil the rase, snljl II c sistcn wero horn j in (irahaii md (ilsnwood. Mo., ind were gra< ualed roi^ Kansas \\|es- leyan university and Hethany legie. . rh >ir fatiiet was iias(o?: ^fif- tin (alina, "Fansas Methodist lliirch for four years and a trustee of ^ <a isas Wesleyan university fon eie rer year.?. The ariily cane ( K California in inio .« h(?'e the* father died seven years ati r, leaving his daughter:! a kinal\ Jisuram-e. and a .siiiall ,^fler- tl e insurance was sold t le luim'e and lived r capi al in San Diego e begjin writing worth•'• Blanche en- (iilonef ICIccliitIo (;aribal(Mt rx- prlli'd is repi tana whethi era I r»>»i Fjt;infp as a jilofier, rted lin bis way 1<1 fla- J'liba. It is a fiues(|on he 11 III be periiiitled to land therei, ho\>e»er. SIM- niiiilri^s |ia»e dlenjed (iaribalili rei'uge. d. the ({hecks were Ifor amoun 3 from $5)0 up.lo $i ,(ino and were (^s^ed at banks hefpr. mo — ^ s(nd cks oi the local haiiks thelrfprurchasesat var- CLAIMED IN SMITH s and leaving the tdwn banli| opened the next NA tOUND BOT^ POPULAR ERDICTIN MURDER I Tbpeka, Kans.. Feb. 12. (APi-:^ {'ndblf lo reach a verdict afteribe- t sixty-eight hours, the jury case of rge BighamJ S7, ng, oil n |hd JhairgM I with tHe Deyliii, ih, in Mar ^•hdrged: in the disfrint court XoAs^ The| chargejwas TRIAL beil statemeJ^t at^rihuteil to iinjs wife that Bfghaml had tnurdef of Hugh h 1026, was Idis- ^hawriec county !y. i • -I Ibased on a death Dev- shot Saliiii, l|Blanch obscrv pastor church six ye: siding until 1^1 forni.i daiight .Siillna dl STA The'K iir^ biisines s ; Aftei making .rasnhe(-r:j- i;enic homes other able the the stenog on land ajid Mrs. Ellen Liid- fion oirlcer.s repdrted jthe siiXA thej appealed! to their friends vben, they became but w ere refused; tlliat they iiad given up jthe of th Ir lives fto the their many actirtties In thjat the: felt their fatjher 4r heei i adenuatclv paid thougit the chiircH oWed ving .i Kans., F. Slhuber, ind Or] tihn at the .SalitJa Feb. 12. <AI father 1- of roceeili inds CO ajti; toilai from le: rank laign fu gs. the senate campaign nmittee informed t!ie; sen- Iv- it h:id been pr'ovented rninn Sill the facJ.,-1; about J. Smith's senatori: I ic:im- erator. I Dorrall Harris 6f| IM^pran Sentenced to From One to Fifiy j Years jfc^rj Robher^. | .Topeka,^.s., Fel A 17-y.ear-oId bank day v'a.s sentencerl jnie to fifty yj Reformatory The boy, D riti, oEi Moran, robbed ihe ;j^u- burn State Bank j.tlAu|)um, February 1, escaping .^1,016. .The nlKhtj from state insonJ robber itO" 8eirve-i • ^ciirs in [the- ai Hutch- oiiralljl^ar- had-'hcld up a fi .stolenjihis automobjid Warris; Hvith liefoSre. he rmer and Severap Fail to Testify in Senatorial Caitipajign Pifobe in Illinois, s Committee Charge. Washington, Feb. 12. (AP r<'li:iuiiiry i po.ssible c< id in Illinois becauti^ Samel Insifll, the jpublic utili obert E. fro we, st:| tjorney or Cook jcounty. and i. Schtij^lcr, In^ull's attoriley r;e- flused t(^ answejr, questions | pjiit ^o them by the committee, j InsUll'H contribiiUon .to Sniith 's riampaig i fund ;Tia3 acted ajs a bar U) his otituinins tae senate i.L r 1 wb^ch be was [appointed lasi December by (JoviirnorSmall, SPRINGFIELD IN LINCOLN TRI^q KpriiiHfj(>ld, -111.. Feb; 12. | f AjPt- [ice Stauber; iinfler Los Ang(?l"s. was First- Methoi^ist until 19 (11. Kor following he was ler. rfmaining in "SLNATEr y AS ITS FI Hn ii ui pn pr v|| airplar building * And rush nio{'k when ilh hi.^ werfi ring t) Ifre- .Saliiia he mrtved to Ci daiigbiers. The very popular eir residence h^re. wbicl Vol ege ajihers. was p:fesi?d making it unbtwful dome jius did ough NEWS MERGER un(| killed her hi shand and then shot iier. . Dcvlyi s body and | the jwojinijed woman Were ! found* in thc ^lr home. Bigham is a rai road switchman. De.iiin was a raiiiDarf shop m^n 'ondcmned Aflcr New Year's!BUILDING FUND i ! CUT BY CONGRESS ly (Juakes. (Ai')-;-A ,st?rie.s of earthiiuakcs rocurrinK at int^'rval."* of about )cked the Imporiali Valley today. a}« the ."^harjM-'.st of the .>>erie.s wa.s ill ri»H ear's Day. Iitfinbloifs «( extensive, lo \», Inillhl (jiatui tJnnce 'a half poiir laler which «e^e ight a 1 apiirt. } Ejich si diminlslted i •It- reniil of [••t'pi lit hU was by lid .1] El (lentrojand B ively 12 and 29 mil(is norti: icCelJSl inteiisity •ai *'ley.! resheii Df Washington.^ Feb. 12. (API — A revision of the government's plilns lor a building program to Ite (r^r- rled out throjigh the cxpeiidilitrii of the; $l (Hi .im(t.(Mio author zntlon was pri'liared 1 toi'lay for coAgress, i leaving! out a| number (if priojects. n-piirted the (|uiiki the sevwli-K'.. Sit L , . j jiarticiilarly ll |oHe In Iar«e c (, the llrsi Ixdiig ! - lanrnge W«K re- IMirted In the two 1 local It le .K. Ill (ialexlco (he (bimage In nearly,',' . k-ery Inmaiice was plaster i>liaken i ' every lnnta)ice wji down. The Virginia hotel. c(m-1 h I demned as a, result of the January j llr,Mt (luake.s.i was damaged further f(iil-!A cornice fell into Hie street. A I; few bricks were kjiiockedl off the f^\' rear wall of the Overland Hotel e which v .-:iH iiudergbing repairs. "Mexicali reported blm of adobe plaster broken from several biiild- iugs. ties. TopekA. Kan., feb, 12. .state.depar'tment of labor and introduced today in of Rice county. The Depqrtin^nt of Indu stry Arid Labor % Sought ir\ Kansas Housie Bill Tdddy (A P) —Re-establishment ho im by ^ commis.sume ment woulfj be ex-officio state fia^bry ihspecttor['minfe insj^ect- or and chitif of the free employ.riient bureau ^ansas hall a depurtilient of la-^ ' - It- icije, •lOU.iy iX TOPEKA llink cilnlmlsxloi ^erH announce Ih ^nt state depjsit guaranty fUnd liabilities exceed Hsset:^ by five and <)ne- third mllliiin, dollars. - : .H luse works on'local ^eg- Islatjion. while senate takes holi(la.v. ' j I bor prior to{ the establinhmont of • 1 th<' Industry court In 1919. The * i department ^^as not rejived when the Industrial court wuk abolished two years hgo. ' ' Revision oir the intafaglble was suggested In a bifl by- house. asse.>isment an committee. The rate w creased froni 25 to 75 every $100 cif moneys The present ed so that ciipital stock law would tax the ustry was prtipo.sed in a! h\\\ Speaker pro tern :Conk|inK, r at the head of the denart- M a blinks and ''moneyed <;ai)ltnl Ih the hilnds ot Individual citltcns oi' this cnmpjptltlon with national bfnks" Htjite coming IntA rh |e business of would be 8ubject| to ; the general pi|opcrtj- tax. The llnlted States district jcourt decided j ..recentlj that national I taxation Ii banks; can enjoy lould be in- cents for or credits, be araend- ot state] jnjtangible taxi lap in' Us present he benefits al the forte rm because a federal ^tatut bfds state taxs 1« ws giving jfaoney capital of indi ^idials an advalntage oj-er national i>a)iks. •Mi lines. De^.Merge and th line, fff^H'tive annoui r Capita ership quishejl than Ki Goo< A riierki of Oo( li- in Feh. 12i fAI got do will Kan.-i nJsaR ••S(jnate' today. storniy dehati^.l tho nlawfi I the eating pie IV:LS passfd. pectipi^ (j)f prairif! II bo: inqiipred nnder received! a fayor- ngcjr metnhers ir chaihher werio deii t Kngagii pr|tly bile an()ther jliill for tal N to |>ill of ly- iiog hn- ;everen )day i^'i gireatest On th :l|ry of pringfi oh-i-r I li allis w Uie' le toni is wife Dr. W v{"rsity iilili of led to laJnd on the cap sion t (jday. IN (ifter dark. the senate ti.-ilges legislation" ii DES MOIN i :s iowa, Feb! 12. ( ^ bf lh(» pes NJoin^s Carilalj Des .Mi^ines Evening T|-ib- ncxt Monday, d her<| today. Ann^n'ncemei t" of lhf| nieri made ii .lohn Cowles;; assoc; pnbllsBe- ot tie Des Moines I ister aK( Tribu le-.N'ews, a!nd f^afay ette 'YjDpng. .If:, .publisher of |tbo Raid thjit Mr. .Young 's oWri- n the 'for a c [10,000. Ijtnd. K "T nf t Bank ii4d the The b^ilks wU name capit:i1 was rejlin- finsideratioh of morrj GOO!I)LA^ D BANKS COVSOLIDAT >va.s! er.' ate eg- ay- 1 louse W ri -sei iln Cei ear :i iitiiam. ^CK age eln s youth; and respec li boin:ig(" to Spriij citizen—Abraham I'lSth! birthday ajinivcrS- hi.s l»irth residfjnt!| of Id ami visitors fcom all the middlowcst walked] leri' Lincoln w.alkcd, yi.sit- )i(inv' wlierr; h»! 11-ed > when he now liejj bi :intl el ildreiu iliam K. Dodd, of Ijho r Cliii r, lago, adilrejsseid \ a I'-eliiigi :il the- old hern ijincoln served lative. \ Tonight, (he tehnial Associatiiin Jncolni talk by fleprjio' H. publisher ot .New "i'ork. i Asia n tempt u.sed the cai- in hi.s the robbery. Tbre^ hours after ll:irris[was arrested jr| (ho money, which he ( pockets and in a sale covereil.'; In anotjier the hriy entered ;i pl(« fore. Judge Otis K. II charges were filed' youth i«s a result of the automobile. li'pht ir b«l. in vfas ee giijiiy Ith iincal'* iigiiin! tile thef ) i BOYIS FATHER lIS AGENT AT ies o'p- tefs ait- Daniel stiat to TE R. \V. Harris, .Missouri jPa^ific agent at Moran, is t lej fatlie^ ot D(jrral|.' According td JWr, Harrts,j the you till had been wc riling Onj the' farm of;.Mr. Harris's I rqthefs near Topek:| for nearly a y ^ar. He [was planning to come hon said, and had written a Short'time before tliejbaitk robbery. PRAYER FOR WQA afteri [tli^ bol^up, 'l|ope|{a. led his re- hpUrs, be; No the ; of MORAN ar. e,{ his to thai J father effect. ED IN BE ltridp*water, S..D., 1 'eh. 1!.; (JAP) An inyestigation was b^guii today by .McCook county au hbrlt cs JintO the! (r ^i .-^e of Mrs. H. viricoln. and side state las.: a I.iri- will ItABBITS WIllL GO FREE T..p<k'!i. Kans.. Feb. 12. The hmg-earedi iar.k rabbit! of liest'Tn Kansas scored a.ivit;tory iday in. (be 'state supreme (ioUrt. Their c ere di iuling t iif.'s nei, ounty e pi joiinds. iad ref rjnired. lado t oiintiei r. Ii:inces 'liiiii.shrd by the tri tiat weRfern Kansajs d not pay tho fi^ve ices i, of • extorminption ii.shrd by the tribiirials foun- cent or each of the denlzensof fland. n., Feb. 12.. (A e Farmer^ .\ati pirst .National Bi p b<'cf)ni<> effei; Fehrutj'iy 14. announced l( be consolidated lif-the KIrHt .Nati Ooodfand. dcr th Bank h: "Jl 1 ffr ngress t \l use * Hnu jen bil f . ' ^daate f^ * upf branch <:D )ii:il ink, tivi- UII inui ins killed within i Sevenil west(;r'n counties iseil to p;iy the b 'l inty re- [hy state -Jaw. Cl;imi laf it was costing as iiiiich as ll'j '.'i' some [111' li lARE TAKEN Forty meets at; noon, iebatca .M'cNar WA,Slil>jjTO>i |ces move! to bring banking., i one Arre.sls Are M their Dolton! who w-as tied la aned for three ^iiys while memiers of si re- ligioiifj'sect made eff(rls t) "Jiray the evil spirit" out of her b (dy1 .Mrs.l iWoIlman was escu-di fiy a coninilttee of local b ispneSs: ineii. Who had the woman ph:iccd| medical attention. S n; hi d; been withoi i food for five ( a^s i ndl was found i by Dr] f!. H | iClaiisieir of Bridgi water 1o*"be iip&er fiuence of hypnotism." is :!r. FAP (•ars old. ; :AIN \y ^olIhian ot. MERS FEAR MYSTERi^ FtlRES ; Saiipii. Kans.. Feb With no buildings of save line large granaiy"; co 60O b:ishels,of wheat. ?rhe( i -i . cpnsi tinder the in-. w(imaa t<^a fA|P)-r qnfncft htalning 'nihg oil(lie f :|irH ;i.vmorid fariiri nijie.liniles tiorth'iist of Wilson, vi.sitidlby a' .series of fires over tl e| wepk,ifour guard ; U'ontiiiiie on d I 'ly. Tlicrc w-as no disiiy-bancei last night, i Farm neighbiirf, I owbver. are (ei-rified. and guar I the r p-remises nig^it and day f aj-fng Iticen- diarisiji. j ;' 1 ' ' INCREASE IN RATES IS WRAIN DENIED Wa^hingtoh, Feb. \2{ fA|P)f-An increaisc in grain rat \^ sbngbt by tine nock Island and Frisco'rail- was i Tiiiads iietween Oklaho nad Kansas loiiits,' was deniii|l' tddajr' by th'" [nr<,'rsf;(fe C(immfjn>o (j^ornmis- -on.:, . .\ TO JAIL—UTILE FOR NIGHT TROUBLE lieved fo Have FoIIov Theatre .\fter MidhiRht. iiimbriilK''. .Ma .s.s.L F' ,'anl .ItiulfiH .s an(roti),'er ' ' 'ied to'riufil a riolt ir ntl til )(>li(< i<) on iudii )ond.4 Kigb, mi-n a))<l several 'A ni heir \ •rf W luickl: jcrowdd Istratioh. The troubl wa.s ficriously 1 ur g :{9 students, a id for aihearinjj oi of tlic students b. 12. (AHU-Sevei-al hijhdr^djHar- jrnen battlffji with two pf I'ice pfificfers Harvard Kquare early today. Both prf) bjiii'ls cai-h. 'Ball fof th rA w:i|« tiomlfial. tuber a'j>|ieared In (ourl leads bindaged. .Ii dg(| Icott (iisposed . of Lhe ThP court- r <pom( but there was r|o ade! B^TpoBcc, As Troii()Ie | is Beed PeVfoijmance At tlniVers^ty rirbters werci furt)l«h(id<'- ly staijted merely in a dismay uberaiicd afte^r the close night (1 p(>lice iiaid the ori was (ibscure and aiuleville perf(irniamc« 0th- wlth Rob- casea was Icmon^: in of the apiJarent'-; of ex- of k raid- in the brui.sed consi Ecirty-ont" arrests we»^ m ide, in- ncourlf ttjdiiy al! were h^ld ih Hmall. [ebruary m. ' rably but I3nlv|r>i»lty-, Theatre, i; students lind resident Thei i: bad been co; turbinoc at the pc not "iiough to lead .plali t from the fihei men r Ki orts would be; mfi .said to put a stop liients late at night thoiight were likely |t6 lea|d|to dis-' turl ^ntes.' They h4 (l never bad from en- stti dents. any tr )uble, they a( ded, tertiinmenjs (ipen oi ijr to to pen to both of the city. Ideriblo dls- tirmiiniie but aiy' com-^ re miinage- le, the police antfertaid- i'wrhich' they- -J -••1

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