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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, May 18, 1961
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DCS Moines Dcpt. of Hist. & Aret»iv«f s Moincs. If, Iowa. The Heart Of Northeast Iowa's Scenic Wonderland Volume 47, Number 20 Thursday, May 18, 1961, Fayette, Iowa Eight Pages This Issue h winds cause Car safety check Friday; Prizes offered to motorists JILL KABER AND MIKE DENNER T.'ie second annual car safety motorist will <be instructed on lane check in Fayette will be what needs to be fixed, and may held on Friday, May 19, from 12 then have the car repaired and noon until 8 p.m. The check lane return to the lane for another will bo set up on the street from check. the Lutheran church corner, Several members of the Lions • s °uth. club, and business men will be The safety lane is sponsored by working at the safety lane, a- the Fayette Lions club, with the I,-ng with members of the High- C • uuc cooperation of the Chamber of Wlly Patrcl. Much of the work at Services held baturday Commerce and local merchants, the lane this year will be done MAYNA/HU —. Funeral ser- Eai ' h t ' ; " t; ' at drivcs through the by high school and Junior high .; for Albert Carl Buenncke 1: " 1( ' wl11 bo chwk( -' d fo ' - dcfec- students who are members of the were held at 2 p.m Saturday tlvc «n<ipment, such as lights, local youth center. 13. at the Delsing-Wright horn ' br;lkcs - windows, and if the Each motorist who drives Vj (if) M;,v . - . .. funeral home with the Rev. Her- C! »' " in «ood shape, a safety throilBh the lane will al.o receive s '° rm : A corn " lb ' ™ chme sh * d combmaHon are a complete loss. nrui ,1. Hi-mdt, pastor of St. ch «* tht ' Awards presented For shapely legs, And ugliest man Beautv actuallv met tho hoist Pa " l "' s L"«»« : uVr c huu'h,' official- tht ' windshMd. If the car does will receive a free "glass of IV:yal ?dnXnUtaT Upper Iowa in «- n '"*" ^ '" ^ Grove n " 1 ««"* *° requirements, the Crown Cola, a gift of the De- ,ivnr.=itv FntnHn JhL "ivn,, wmctery. . corah bottling company. C. R. Carpenter, Fayette banker, Dies at 92 years to farms Downpour lasts less Than half an hour -, Rain and wind created havoc in the Fayette and Maynard area Sunday morning, in a period of less than 30 minutes. Several buildings were blown down, along with other reports of damage by the strong winds. At approximately 11:15 a.m. Sunday, when the sky's color-Was at its blackest, the celestial dams broke. Water poured down in bucketsfull, reaking everything. Irf . ' ' Driven by high winds, the rain !'V'*I • secpad through any crack or GLEtfr? 5AKI.E7, 3 miles south of Fayctto, esf.maiod damage to crevice. Cars on the highways his farm buildings and machinery at about S2.000 in the Sunday were forced to come to a halt will be placed on free literature on car safety, and Machinery in the shed was also damaged He reports his garage " was als ° moved aboul two fee1 ' (*o*™* ph °'° b ? Scovel > Mr. B'l-nnckc died Thursday Wednesday university, Fayette, when "Miss Drumstick", the co-ed with the most shapely legs, met UMOC, m'.irning "I the Veteran's hos- the "ugliest man on campus." l )it:i1 ' Iow; ' Cii y. where he had Miss Drumstick is Jill Kaber, '^'" "-vcra! months, followinfi a a freshman student from Prairie '"'^,'' " ess ,, Hp w »« bf >™ al Ma - v : du Chien, Wis., the daughter of ™" <d May , f 7 ' . IM ?' the f 011 ' ° Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Kaber. " c ' nry ami It ' lllsa R «'^n^c, and Winner of the Ugliest Man on Campus title was Mike Denner, senior, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Denner of New Hampton. The annual contest for thc two titles was sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity on the U.I.U. cam- was a life-long resident of this community. At one time he operated the furniture and undertaking business in Maynard. He served in both World War 1 mate in Funeral services tor C. R. Carpenter, 92, were held Saturday afternoon, May 13 at 4 p.m. At 8:3 ° P- m '' Friday ni«ht, a drawing will be held on the bank corner in Fayette, when 00 gallons of gasoline and other prizes will be given away. Each motorist will register for the prizes when his ear is driven through the check lane. A special check will be made of Upper Iowa university students cars on Friday morning, from 9 and Hawaii. pus. Votes in the event were Mr cast by making contributions to l)1- ! )lhl ' r ' Car1 ' b " th .. at the fraternity's charity fund. JJmn, and one brother Winners were announced during u ' 1 > nalcl the 'annual UMOC dance held ... •./ TJ i i Wednesday evening in thc Col- Volga Valley club at the First Methodist church r;,,', . , .,, . . . . . . . with the Rev. Paul L. Huscher the co»ege students will be set lie is survived by one sister, 0 ffj c i a tj nK U P on tne street north of the coi- rs. Henry Steele, and- one lege gymnasium. Mr. Carpenter died Thursday, »-™ : M c^a;i e rmcSd^arpenr 3 wi Senior breakfast to born June 16, 1866 in Buchanan Be held Saturday county, Iowa, the son of Mary ™ , and Lorin Carpenter. At the age ° annual of twelve he moved with his . breakfast wait for the downpour to / The stopped vehicles rocked by the force of the winds. •' Fifteen or 20 minutes after it had started, the rain had all but stopped falling. Traffic returned to normal. No total amount of damage is available from records at Interstate Power Company. Dale Maxson of Interstate reported that a number of small services in the community were knocked out by falling trees and branches, but no main lines were broken. The high-velocity winds slashed through a number of farms in the Fayette area Sunday, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to buildings and machinery. The high winds crumpled a BARN ON THE Cornelius Yearous farm noar Fayette was a com- corn crib, machine shed combi- pleie loss in the damaging storm Sunday. Wind tore it apart and nation on the Glenn Oakley farm blew it into a big pile. The farm, ir. the soil bank, is unionanled. near Fayette. (Polaroid Photo by Scovel) grove - Walker Memorial build- fyj e j. on Thursday in ?L. v ^ . , ... ' The Volga Valley club met paren , ts . to Af' in Ston, : where he fl Saturday morning, May Miss Kaber received a gift cor- Thursday ^ernoon at the Lima a . ttcnded .. and , f«duatcd from 2Q u WM annoimced this week Fiontp whilf* iJpnnfM* rnpeivnri ™ . ^ tllC DUbllC schools. «,, k K • »• kf r t '11 ' ' ' .... . 1<1 I-* • t i IIUI Ct\.lU\ (.[IL^lilV^ \_I1L HI I. 11V* J_I1111<-1. tificate, while Denner received , , T mcmbers answered an engraved plaque and key. Denner was sponsored by Phi Kappa Delta, honorary forensics fraternity on campus. be held at roll call by giving mother's At thc a e e lf 20 he was c al- Klock's Island, with President maiden name and nationality. lcd to bo Cashier of the 'Bank of and M rs. Eugene E. Garbee as A program consisted of songs Fayette, a privately owned insti- nosts . by the audience, solos by Miss Uition. In 1901 the bank was or- rj r . Garbee reported that the Dora Popenhagen, Oelwein; and gamzed as the State Bank of mcnu f or t h e event will include Upper Iowa co-ed wins Title of Miss Oelwein Scvwal pieces of machinery in thq shed at 'Glenn's farm were d^maged_and the wind moved the garage off its foundation n ^ Upper Iowa University co-eds ihe two feet. Across the road from Glenn Oakley, lives LaVern Leverington, who also suffered heavy damage from the winds. The roof and one end of the barn with a section of the roof Student Education Associa- falling atop a hammermill, stalk Women bowlers Close with dinner readings by Mrs. Joy Popenhagen and Mrs. William Lar- scn, Volga City. Gifts were presented to the oldest mother Mrs. John Wilson; yeun.rcst mother, Mrs. Mabel The Women's Bowling League gundliagen, Gelwi/in; youngest closed their season with a dinner rr . in dmothcr, Mrs. Aulden Wil- at Boot Hill, followed by bowling , on; mot her with most children, at Lilac Lanes in West Union on Mlx Ti ni e Feltcr, Elgin; and Wednesday, May 10. Forty-eight Mrs FalTc i Bass _ Mrs. John Ny- members attended the party. degger won tlw door prize. Officers for the coming year Oilier quests were: Mrs. Wil- were elected. President, Lila Ham Chrislcleit, Volga City; Mre. Streeter; Vice President, Lois Robert Dietx. and Mrs. James Ingels; Secretary-treasurer, Mar- Murphy, Wadena; Mrs. Cecil ie Stade; Sgt. at Arms, Ruth Kelly, laaynard; Mrs. Lewis Ash. Lr.ckwood Mrs. Donald Orr, Mrs. Awards announced at the ban- Halpli Dickinson, and Mrs. Rob- quet were as follows: high av- ert White- of Fayette. erage,«Lois Ingels 137, high series, Lois Ingels, 502; high game, Ella Thomas 210; perfect attendance, Fran Carley, Ella Thomas, Vera Schmidt. Top ten bowlers Lois Ingels 137, Fran Carley 136, Ella Thomas 134; Vera Schmidt 133; Barb Kauten 132; Arnetta QPattison 131; Ruth Shadle 130; Viola Webb 129; Arielta Leonhart 128; Colleen Frey 127. Mrs Robert White, Fayette; Fayette, and Mr. Carpenter con- f ru ; t> ro n Sj doughnuts, scrambl- toolc thrcc of tne l °P four P latl( -^ . li "«. Drill Team, Kappa Eta Beta chopper and corn sheller, demol- od eggs, bacon and coffee. last Saturda y in the annual Miss ; ,oro;ity and the Women's Ath- ishing them. The nearby Corneli- Assisting with the breakfast, Oelwe| n contest. Taking top hon- letic Association, us Yearous farm was struck by The final team standings: Tewn W L Odd Balls 80 32 Lucky Hawks 77 35 Night Owls 75% 36 Ms Jolly Joes 60 52 Ten Pins 55 57 Panhandlers 39 73 Busy Bees 34 78 Rock and Rollers 27% 84% The members presented Barbara Kauten with a cash gift in appreciation of her duties per- • formed the past season. to which all 82 seniors and their °l' s as Mlss . Oelwein was Miss spouses are invited, will be the Nancy Morrison, U. I. U. junior senior class sponsors, Gary Witt- from Greensburg, Indiana. She is lich, instructor in music, and Richard Clark, assistant profes- '" L r - Morrison. of Mr. and Mrs. J. For her talent presentation in winds and suffered the loss of a the pi.Kr.-mt. Miss Morrison gave barn - The farm is vacant a , nd the a baton twirling routine, using a Properly is in the soil bank - retiulur bat,;n for the first part Thc roof was llfted off a chlck ' an,l a fire baton for the second en housc at the Cl %* nc ? " au P l part of her selection. She was farm near Sumner. The 20 by 40 «>ncT named as the most outstancl- - f , oot bLllldln K housed a Quantity m IW, -n twirer at the Purdue of , chickens, 28 of which were sor of history. Other faculty The 21-year-old Upper Iowa members taking part in the event University student was chosen will be Miss Grace Meyer, Dean from a field of eight beauties of women; Wilson C. Gill, dean Saturday at the annual Miss Oel- University b'ai'i camp "she"'-Uso killtd instantly. Others were of men; Roger Bowen, alumni wein Pageant, held at the Oel- wfm th( , \. IKM { . ) tw j,.i'i 10I . b-ilon cl ''PP lc(:1 and are expected to die. executive secretary; Dr. Hersch- wein Community Junior High on a lL ,i ( . v i st , ti talent program A tree was to PP led on the el Hendrix, dean of the univers- School au'diVjrium. Th( , r,. f()()l f,.i n( .]^ 137-poimd Fred Granam farm near Sumner ity, and M. H. Aldcrson, direct- Miss Oelwein is an elementary beauty lias blonde hair and blue in tho late evcnin fi ' wind and education major at Upper Iowa. eyes. In her leisure lime she en- rain storm and trees were down in Sumner on the Howard Senst C. H. CARPENTER tinued as it's cashier until Feb. 28, 1918 when he was named president, 'and this position he held until Feb. 14, 1957, when he was named Chairman of the or of public relations. Hank Stevens, a member of Her pnronts are Dr. and Mrs. J joys amnm; oilier things listening the custodial staff, will attend F. Morrison of Greensburg, Ind. to good niuhic, swimming, golf, Property. More than an inch and as a special guest. The young lady is a member of readme dancing, serving' us a onc nalf of rain fcl1 at Sumner Sunday Scb:ol teacher and camp Sunday. Elkader reports from counselor and twirling. Nancy one lo one a " d one quarter mcnes wis chosen to be on the Blocks of raln > but httle dam *ge m that High School Fashion Board at community. Indianapolis, Ind. Miss Morrison was presented with a trophy, a crown, and the Still time to sign up for Feed and grain program chance to compete in the annual Farmers of Fayette county who School year to end 26 The chairman emphasized that Mlss , Iowa Contest to be held lat- * Board. He retired from active have not yet signed up to par- tho grazing restriction on divert- '''' this >T ai ' al clear Lakc - bhe Ull bank work Jan. 1, 1958, but con- ticipate in the government's 1961 ed acres becomes effective in als " ^•'•'-'ved " S100 scholarship tinned to hold the position of f ee d and grain program still have Iowa on June 1 regardless of the :md a m ' w '' ol ' nial dress ' . The 1960-61 school year will Chairman of tne Board until his time to file an application even date on which the agreements otat ' 1 ' U ' L u - students placing Come to a halt for Fayette young- death, if they have land seeded to oats, are entered. He said there had '» tiu> ''on^st were Miss Lana sters on Friday afternoon, May Mr.-Carpenter served as Dep- it wis announced this week by been reports that some farmers Cooper, who was chosen as first 26, according to Dean Curtis, 1 uty Superintendent of Banking Ellis Thompson, chairman of the were delaying the filing of par- runner up; and Miss Judy Lar- Superintendent of Schools. For I for the period Feb. 1, 1920 to county A. S. C. committee. ticipating applicants because of sen, who was elected Miss Con- seniors m the Fayette Commun- ! July 21, 1921, during which per- He declared that farmers who an erroneous belief that the «emality by the contestants. ity school, the year ended with I iod he maintained his important have oats seeded are actually in grazing restriction became ef- Mlss Cooper is the daughter of graduation ceremonies on Tues' connection with the home bank, a favorable position because oats fective immediately. Mr and Mrs. Herman C.-joper day night, May 16. He has received several distinct acreage will qualify as diverted ., Thcse farmcrs sho uld sign up l :1 Uwulimd, Ohio while Miss During the last week of school, I. honors from both the County acres under the program and the imm ^ tf ZT, nrcvtnt I 1-ist ^"^ '"n d « u B htcrf of Mr. classes will be dismissed daily at lj Bankers AsMciation and the oats may be left standing and immed '« tel y '" P CVL>nl ' ljs j- and Mrs. Perry Larson of Elgin tae regular time through Wednes- State Association for his long and unharvested on the diverted land minuic rush m the county of- Another Upper^ Iowa student, day, MayJ^^n^ Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dilley of faithful service to the Fayette announce the engage- fraternity. ment of their daughter, Darlene, In addition to his active , , „ , , , to Donald K. Bolton, son of Mr. in banking over the many years, required for diverted acres, the " " , ... , f ., • - - . The Vacation Bible Scho>l of and ^^ Earl Bolton of Cenlral Mr _ Carp l nter was act ' ive in Oa 7 s on t he excess acres may be ln « June 1 ''^'aidless of thui d| . c , ,,, f M echanicsville. the Grace Lutheran church has clly< An Augusl we dding is plan- civic affairs, in his church, the harvested in the usual manner, sign-up date but of course there _ ^__^_ -been tentatively set for May <i« ned- Miss Dilley attends Upper town, the public schools, Masonic At least 60 per cent of the corn can be no grazing whatsoever on Services held Tuesday to June 2, all day sessions from Iowa University at Fayette. Her orders and in Upper Iowa Uni- and grain sorghum producers of diverted acres after June 1". p. »« Hpnrv ror mr8 ' ™ CIlr y the school house at 9 a.m. Students that ride school buses will be picked up at the usual time on that day. 9 A. M. to 3 P. M, for one week, fj^j^ gj^ attends Upper Iowa versity. His wide acquaintance Fayette county are expected to As a means of increasing farm The Rev. Norman Betke will at- whero he ig B ge nlor. throughout this entire area has participate in the feed 'grain pro- income and preventing a further MAYNARD — Funeral serv- Former grad dies tend a "Tram Two Bible class left him with many admiring gram A tota i of 1,154 f arms in build-up of national feed sup- ices for Mrs. Henry (Lydia) Dr David L GranniS| a grad . friends. the county have already signed plies, the feed grain program pro- Guril/., 04, were held at the St. UQte of upper Iowa, died in On Oct. 5, 1892 he was united up. vides for special payments to Paul's Lutheran church Tues- Soutn st p au i May 3( after a "Train Two" Bible class teacher-training course at Ames -, , Kou*e this week Wednesday to Friday. »«• a ™ °P* a "«"« e On Oct 5> 1892 he was united ' vides for gpecial payments He is a Cabinet Member for Edu- At spnng art exhibit in marriage to Gertrude Whitney, Chairman Thompson declared corn and cation in the Westgate circuit. A tga and open nouse from 2 to who preceded him in death in that most corn and grain sor- ducers who 6 p.m. will mark the opening of July 1958. To this union was ghum producers who sit down put to conservation gpeca paymcns o iUls - South st u , grain sorghum pro- day afternoon, May 16, with bur- long , ulness H ^ agree to divert and ial m Long Grove cemetery. The ^ L y in 1JJ95 a servation use from 20 Delsing-Wright funeral home faer o£ u _ L ^ , graduated from and was a mem- first football • Mr». Herz to preside the annual Spring Art Exhibit at born one daughter who died in with paper and'pencil and figure to 40 per cent of their 1959-19GO was in charge of arrangements. team For m£my years he hag Mrs Nathaniel Herz of Lead, Upper Iowa university next Sun- infancy; and one son Arthur, who out their production costs and average acreage of corn and Mrs. Guritz, a long-time resi- been Attorney-at-law, in South 'South'Dakota will preside at all day May 21. Exhibits of the U. I. died June 13, I960. possible income under normal grain sorghum. Participants in dent ot thjs community wais st. Paul, Minn, sessions of the 1961 South Dakota U. art students will be on display He is survived by one grand- crop conditions will find they the program will also be eligible taken suddenly m bauiroay, 'State PEO convention Mrs. Herz in the Colegrove-Walker Mem- son, Charles, now a senior stu- will be ahead in dollars and cents for price support on their 1901- May 13, and rushed to the oei- .. - •*•---* •-— i orialbuilding throughout the fol- dent at Drake university, and a by participating in the program, crop corn, grain sorghum, oats, wein hospital where she died at Friday afternoon Sixteen members of the Wes- is state president and has been „ = — ,— - ,. -„ , . _ . _ —«- — . „ an officer in the state organiza- lowing week. daughter-in-law. '-This is important," he said, barley and rye. Producers of 6 p.m. m for the oast six years The public is invited to the op- Since his retirement Mr. Car- "that A. S. C. community com- corn and grain sorghum who do Surviving are her husband, one leyan Missionary Society met Mrs Herz is the former Janet en house and view the exhibit penter has made his home with mitteemen have been requested not participate in the program brother, Otto Topp, Des Moines; Snday afternoon at the home of of Fayette and attend- which annually attracts hundreds his aw 'and daughter-in-law in to assist producers figure out will NOT be eligible for price and two sisters, Mrs Albert El- Mrs. Clarence Nuss near ttawk- Unner Iowa University for of visitors from Northeastern Des Moines. Burial was in the the benefits obtainable by par- support on their 1961 crops of ings, 3Des Moines and Mrs. Har- eye. Roll call was 'A Mother of upper i»w« bordering states. Grandview cemetery. ticipating". those grains. old Harford, Oelwein. the Bible".

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