Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 14, 1963 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1963
Page 6
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i»AGK SIX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER .14, 1%3 Questions They Ask Is Keeping Close to Children " By JIM KtH.P Telegraph S<nff Oiir Sunday earlier this summer, tbf Rev. Harmon Dycus. pastor ot First Methodist Church of Godfrey, was dolix'cring his us- unl vigorous sermon. As he progressed he became more and more emphatic until about midway in the sermon he virtually roared a question: I was to a thoucli a good job is usually done in Christian erlucntion. Questions such as "Did God make me sick because naughty? are important child, he said. He thinks parents arc failing to fulfill a nood if they dont 1 sit right down and answer the child's questions when he asks them. "The child is motivated to ask "Are'you, my dear friends, in the question at the time by some- a tunnel?" "No!" piped back the voice of a small boy in Hie congregation. The sermon was inundated by a wave of laughter. The boy happened to be the minister's own son, three-year- old Gregory Harmon, much to the embarrassment of his father and mother. The incident illustrated, in the Rev. Dycus's view, the importance _ and one result — of a mi- iser's efforts to get close to children. "He felt he could talk to me," the Rev. Dycus said, "and he just answered, that's all." Built A Series Out of his experiences with children, in all the churches he has served over the years, the Rev. Dycus has built a whole series of sermons 'based on "Questions Children Ask." "I've found," he said, "that the things the children can understand, the adults usually can too." He believes that children often are neglected in the worship ministry of the average church hing that has been bothering him ind he should be answered then inri not be put off," the Rev. Dy•us said. "Parents should also spend time in prayer to get close to God so that when the child asks such questions, the parents will be helped to answer them." 'Where Has Grandma Gone?' Some of the questions the Rev. Dycus has been asked by children include "Where has grandma gone?" in connection with the death of a grandmother, "Who were Adam and Eve's parents?" and "Will I hit a home run if I pray?" The Rev. Dycus often is asked by children in the church if they should pray for good grades in school. "I always tell them: 'sure, pray for good grades, pray every night right after you do your homework'." Once, he said, a little boy in Sunday School who apparently had been observing him for some time each week, finally came up Santa Clans?" "What kind of car does God drive?" and "Does God like policemen?" Most of the questions asked by children come at about the age of 12, when they start to think about the world around them. One time, he related, he received a telephone call from a mother who was very excited about her young daughter, 10 years old. The girl, the mother said, had declared that she didn't believe in G o d to him and asked: do the other six "What do you days of the BOOK LEARNING The Rev. Harmon Dycus of Godfrey answers a question of his daughter, Cynthia, through the aid of a Bible. In the center is the minister's son, Gregory. I ister should b,e a close friend to children and he says he has received a great deal of inspiration in his dealing with them. "It's hard for a child to believe in something he can't see," he said. 'Often I'm asked, 'Where is God?' " Other questions about God children ask are: "Does God like week?" "A child is crystal clear," he said, "so honest we can learn much from them. In their desire to show their love and loyalty to home, school and church, there just isn't anything artificial. A child is what he is." Should Be Friend The Rev. Dycus believes a min- and would the minister talk to her? The Rev. Dycus had a session with the child and found her alleged disbelief was there because of some trouble at home and the girl apparently was just getting back at somebody. Not Necessarily Bad "I told the mother," the Rev. Dycus said, "that her daughter's questioning God's existence wasn't necessarily bad, that it only meant she was beginning to think. A faith should be hammered out by the individual ad he shouldn't believe just because the preacher tells him to." Children, he said, often regard him in awe and sometimes "seem quite surprised that I'm human.' One little girl told her mother a couple of Sundays ago that the Rev. Dycus had shaken her ham after church, he said, and she was delighted and amazed that he had done so. "Of course," he said, "I shake hands with everybody after •hurch, but to her it was a big hing." He added that when chil dren see their pastor in their own ionics, on visitations, he becomes nore of a human being instead of just an awesome figure in the pulpit every Sunday. The Rev. Dycus's father is also a minister and once, illustrating :he innocense of children, he was asked a question by a little girl. Only the question was asked in church and in full view of every- lody. Uninhibited His father, the Rev. Dycus explained, had announced to his con- ;regation that a certain hymn would be sung and asked everyone to turn 'to Uiat number in their hymnbooks. "The only problem was that this little girl couldn't find the page in her book, so she just got up, walked boldly to the front of the and her Calvary Baptists Approve New Church to Seat 1,000 church, stuck the book out asked my father to help find it. He did." In his own church, the Rev. Dycus said, a new family enrolled their small son in the Sunday School recently. After his first session, taught by a woman teacher, lie returned home. "Who was your teacher, dear?" his mother asked. "Oh, I think she was Jesus's grandmother," he replied. "Jesus's grandmother?" the startled mother said. "What do you mean?" "Well," the boy said, "all she did was talk about Jesus!" Construction of a colonial-style church designed to seat more than 1,000 people has been approved by members of Calvary Southern Baptist Church, 1422 Washington Ave., Rev. Howard Todd Taylor, pastor, said. A split-level parking lot with access on Brown Street and Washington Avenue is included in the building project which totals more than $357,000, he said. Church members approved plans of architect William L. Flippo after they had studied copies of the proposed church plans distributed at Sunday morning services, the Rev. Taylor added. Plans call for an early spring ground breaking for the project which will bring to Alton one of the largest of 876 Southern Baptist church buildings in Illinois. The Rev. Taylor said. Bids for the project will be let after the first of the year. The overall structure will house Sunday school facilities which will accommodate in excess of 1,300 people, the minister said. Plans call for a choir loft to seat 60 people and a balcony seating 200 people, he said. Rooms for 72 classes of 13 different Sunday School departments will be provided in the total structure, he added, ranging from nursery school through adult classes. He estimated construction time for the church will be about one year. The Rev. Taylor cites the rapid growth of Calvary Church as the main reason of need for larger facilities. Its membership has grown from 517 in 1957 to 1,336 members at present, he said. A report on monthly Sunday school attendance cated an average CALVARY BAPTIST AUDITORIUM Proposed facilities for Calvary Southern Baptist Church, 1422 Washington Ave., include seating area for over 1,000 in church auditorium said to be one of the largest of its kind in Illinois. for 1963 indi- _ attendance of 604 persons per Sunday, he said. Jersey Church Will Honor Senior Citizens JERSEYVILLE — The Sunday School of the First Assembly of God Church will honor senior cit- zens at 9:45 Sunday morning. All those who are 60 years of age and older will be special guests, and will receive free gifts from the local church. Special gifts will be presented to the oldest person and to the oldest married couple present. The program will include music by children and the church trio. A section of the church will be reserved for the senior citizen group, and the Rev. Frank Goss, pastor of the church, will address the senior citizens during the Sunday School hour. All senior citizens of the community are invited to attend a special luncheon that will be given in their honor at 12:15 p.m. Free Transportation will be available to the Sunday School hour and the luncheon. Mrs. Stewart Will Attend CROP Meet Mrs. J. W. Stewart, 2102 Washington Ave., Alton will attend a state Christian Rural Overseas Program assembly in Springfield Monday. Mrs. Stewart is a member of the Madison County Committee of CROP. The Rev. Albert W. Farmer, National CROP Director, explained how CROP food is handled for the needy in other countries. The CROP drive in Madison tounty will get under way Sunday. The Rev. Ronald Christiansen, Rte. 1, Moro is chairman of the county CROP board. Other officers include The Rev. Hoxsie, Moro and Mrs. Brandeis, Marine. Mrs. Rugh President of Presbyterian Women Wayne Esther To Be Speaker At Cottage Hills Baptist Church The Rev. William Blake, pastor of the Grace Baptist Church, East Alton, will be the featured speaker in a week long revival at Cottage Hills Baptist Church which gets underway Sunday morning. The Rev. Blake, in addition to being a tenor soloist, is also a radio speaker having a weekly program on station WBBY. Mrs. Bouillon Heads Piasa Women's Union PIASA — Mrs. Melvin Bouillon has been elected president of the Women's Missionary Union of the •iasa Baptist Church. Other new officers are: Mrs. Don Gwillim, vice president; Mrs. 'aul Odell, secretary and treasurer; Miss Muriel Schulthes, pro- Tarn chairman; Mrs. Otis Simmons, Girls Auxiliary director; Mrs. Harlan Cooksey, GA coun- ilor; Mrs. Dewey Paynter, irayer chairman; Mrs. Howard Reno, mission study; Miss Hazel Perrlne, Mrs. Her- >ert Moore and Mrs. Mary Halliday, community missions; Miss Hazel Perrine, stewardship; Mrs. Jeneva Reno, Mrs. Loren Lahr, Mrs. Paul Odell and Mrs. Helena 'alley, social committee; Mrs. Mildred Crocker, publicity; Mrs. ohn Reno, publications; Mrs. Lottie Lahr and Mrs. Bertha -raig, enlistment, Mrs. Don Gwilim, musician; Mrs. Dewey Payner, Mrs. Helena Talley and Mrs. Trank Gwillim nominating committee. Co?igregational Baptism Rites At Melville A baptismal service of Melville Congregational Church of Godfrey will be held at 11 a.m. Sunday at Camp Warren Levis following Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. At 7:30 p.m. Sunday there will Baptist Council Sets School MBS. UOBEKT HUGH Guest Speaker The Rev. Harold Hughes of McLeansboro will be the guest speaker at the First General Baptist Church, East Alton, Sunday moning. The worship service begins at 10:45 a.m. race Baptist uiurcn. BOM BAY-A huge oil refinery will be the featured . . , .... mnn . In ,.. Mrs. Rolland Wiegand has relinquished the presidency of Women's Assn. of First Presby terian Church of Alton because she has accepted a teaching po sition. She turned over the gavel to Mrs. Robert Rugh, interim president, at a recent meeting. Paul S. Cousley, Telegraph editor, spoke at the meeting on his experiences at the 175th Grand Assembly of the Presbyterian church. He explained legislation passed and answered questions about them. Devotions were given by Mrs. Edward Scott and benediction by Mrs. Ralph Perry. Bazaar Dec. 3 At Wood River Methodist CHURCH OF CHRIST GODFREY, ILL MEETING AT THE PRESENT TIME AT GODFREY CIVIC CENTER PAUL HUSHEY, Minister BIBLE STUDY J'Jjj A '^ WORSHIP SERVICE '° :4 * ^.M. EVENING SERVICE 7:30 P.M. WEDNESDAY EVENING BIBLE STUDY ... 7:30 P.M. is to be built soon in India. be a reception for the baptismal candidates and for those who are transferring by letter to the church. The highlight of the eve ning will be a communion service. The public is invited to both services. Methodists Set Visitation At Carrollton CARROLLTON — The Methodist church's Every Member Vis itation will open Sunday with Ken neth Byland and Charles Sulli van as leaders. The workers in the visitation will be divided into teams and will meet at the church Sunday at 1 p.m. and began the work of visiting the church mem bership. The Alton Council of American Baptist Churches is sponsoring a Leadership Training School to be conducted on three Tuesday evenings, Sept. 17 and 24 and October 1, from 7:15 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Courses to be offered are: "Baptist History and Beliefs", teacher, the Rev. Ben A. Bohn, pastor of Main Street Baptist Church; "Current Social Issues", teacher, The Rev. Orrin Anderson, pastor of the First Baptist !hurch of Alton. "Leadership of Congregational Singing", teacher, The Rev. John Lobos, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Rosewood Heights. "A Survey of Two New Testament books, I and II Corinthians", teacher The Rev. Walter Burk, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Wood River. "Visitation Evangelism", teacher, The Rev. Jack Laffler, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Hartford. Lay members of the 13 churches of the Alton Baptist Council are eligible to attend the school. Registration will take place at :00 p.m. at the host church on Tuesday, September 17, prior to he first session. Registration fee vill be $1.00. Study books will be available if desired. The Planning Committee for the school consists of Rev. Tom VIcDermand, chairman; pastor of the First Baptist Church of East Alton; Rev. John Oliver, pastor of the Union Bap- 18 Churches At Calvary •/ Tuesday » A mass meeting of 18 Southern Baptist Churches in the Alton Industrial Baptist Assn. will be held 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in Calvary Baptist Church, 1422 Washington Ave. The purpose of the meeting is to present goals of the churches, to present the 196364 Sunday School program of Southern Baptists and to acquaint the congregations with the associational Sunday School officers for the coming year. The Rev. Wheeler Thompson, secretary of Sunday Schools for the Illinois State Baptist Assn., will be the guest speaker. A goal of 300 Sunday School teachers and officers has been set for the meeting. Membership Classes Set At 12th St. A class on church membership Carrollton Lutherans Advance Sunday Service list Church and Rev. Ben Bonn, pastor of Main Street Baptist Church. St. Norbert's At Hardin Sets Dinner HARDIN — The fall dinner of St. Norbert's Church will be held Oct. 30. Plans for the dinner were made by women of the Altar Society. The meal will be served in the school hall this year, instead of in the basement dining room of the church. Dinners will be served from noon until 3 p.m., according to Mrs. William Pohl, Altar Society president. in the Presbyterian Church will be held in the parlor of the Twelfth Street Presbyterian Church at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday. The Senior High Fellowship will meet at the church at 7:00 p.m. Officers for the coming year will be elected; refreshments will be served. Sponsors of the Junior High Fellowship will have a planning meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the Junior High Room of the Church. Bible Presby Women Will Meet Wednesday The Women's Fellowship Group of Bible Presbyterian Church of Alton will meet Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at the church. An election of officers will he held. South Roxana WSCS Stages Recipe Swap The Women's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist church of South Roxana had a Taste and Tell dinner Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Fred Longshore on Ohio Avenue. Each of the eight members at tending brought a dish of food along with the recipe which the other women- tasted and then bought the recipe. Mrs. Sam Chapman gave the spiritual life lesson and Mrs. Loren Cuthrell presented the pro gram assisted by other members of the group. Rev. Connors Honored for 5-Year Tenure The Rev. Henry Connors, pastor of Alton Community Church 2508 Johnson St., was honorec this week for five year's service to his church. Song services were held and guest speakers were present each night from Wednesday through Sunday. Refreshments were served following the meetings. The Rev. Connors is an policeman. CARROLLTON — The Rev. Kieth Gerberding, pastor of Our Redeemer Lutheran church has announced that the Sunday worship service will now be held at 10:30 a.m. instead of at 7:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. which was the schedule of services throughout the summer. The Sunday school service will be at 9:30 a.m. Every member visitation of the Methodist church will begin Sunday at 1 p.m. when the workers in the program will meet at'the church to begin their tour of the church membership. The Junior Church during the worship hour is continuing and plans are under way for the organization of a junior choir. The sandblasting on the entire exterior of the church has been completed and tuck pointing of the brick and painting of the wood surfaces is now in process. The Rev. Lawrence Kearney, American Baptist Missionary t o the Philippines will speak at the worship service Sunday morning in both the Berdan and the Mt. Gilead Baptist churches. The Rev. Kearney is on his second furlough to the United States and is associated with the Central Philippines University at Hollo City. Dr. Frank Marston of the First Presbyterian church will speak to the members of the Cosmopolitan class before the Sunday morning worship service. There will be no service other Alton than Sunday School Sunday in the First Christian church. angelical CHURCH Eighth and Henry Streets CHARLES L. STEVENS, Pastor CHURCH SCHOOL 9 A.M. MORNING WORSHIP 8 and 10 A.M. Sermon: "The Go and The Lo" 10:30 to 11 Broadcast Over WOKZ Nursery Service for Church School and Church -. EVERYONE WELCOME -t ~, WOOD RIVER — The Philathea j Class of the Methodist Church will hold its annual bazaar Dec. 3 in the church social rooms, it was aiinouned today. The Ways and Means Committee will be in charge of the ba- LUTHERAN 0,,,,*. of the Greater Alton Area Welcome You To Worship Tomorrow We Sponsor Uial-A-Prayer 462-6668 Radio KFUO—"The Gospel Voice"—860 k.c. "This Is The Life"—Sundays 9:30 a.m., Ch. 5 "The Lutheran Hour"—Sundays 2.-30 p.m., KFUO 7 a.m. KWK 1380 10:15 p.m. KSD550 For information on the nearest Lutheran Church call 465-3833 or write 517 Marsh St., Alton, 111. CHERRY STREET BAPTIST CHURCH Sixth and Cherry Street* W. FREEMAN PRIVETX, Minister 9:00 A.M. CHURCH SCHOOL 10:10 A.M. WORSHIP Message—"LIVING IS MORE THAN EXISTING" 6:30 P.M. YOUTH FELLOWSHIPS 7:30 P.M. WORSHIP Message—"EVERY LIFE IS SACRED" This Friendly Church Invites You Come to The Congregational Church Of Tho Redeemer en Henry Street at Sixth in Alton SUNDAY SERVICES: 9:30 A.M. — Church School Classes 10:40 A.M.—Service of Worship Sermon: "The Call of Christ" Christening of Little Children Anthem: "Praise to the Lord" German 6:30 P.M.—Pilgrim Fellowship Robert Chotfield Kemper, Pastor U Will Want To Hear EVANGELIST G. B. McDOWELL On The OPENING DAY Evangelist G. B. McDowell * Anointed Messages: Timely, Pertinent, Powerful * Music: Robert Ripley carried an article in "Believe It or Not" on his miracle gift of music on the piano and the accordion. "HEAR HIM ONCE AND YOU WILL INSIST ON HEARING HIM AGAIN!" THE ALTON GOSPEL TABERNACLE 512 Spring Street 600 Free Seats in Air Conditioned Sanctuary For Free Transportation Call 462-3562

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