Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 11, 1927 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1927
Page 7
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-fertRloed'lHOti^ 4'' ''"^ii* f '-ij day avenlnK-' )«HcfouM nients were i er 'ed and iin -Nfiil Mr. uul lira. Uc ilu to SKH lioiak- lowji -jjlit la tl»»lr new. iu nwi;';; Tbt ijre 'pjannlg^ « surprlRe lor Tueada^' itKlit.; I N- T. Curler Ik Hlowly ijiiproving. IHa.sai a]> Ibogbr ^undaj bac .>!iO(><^ lie Wis taken ,,! Mr.'and Mis. Clarehe*- I tended the t m -rul ot i alece, the iu aiji babe orj Mlian li<! ill. Rlggs :it- lelr litllri , . Mr. anil Mra. Walter Vonnelli .Sudc^ay.! The ! i It.ttle' babe wi M laid to reh at Kin- friienils heije ejitend id. Their byinpathy. r AlJsaea Emmh Long and Oerlrndo Parks: spent. M >ej week eu 1 at Blue , MOHJia. . I I Mr.! and Mrs. iBrosIu.s ot Kiueald Were ,dhjT3er guest.^ of Eitiell Dixon 's Sunday. They also cilled on Mr. and Mri. {Levis \V Ison. Mrs. Russell Warren a Fort Scott visitor Wednesday ' \ Several fn m here attt nded fce le at Wes ^ojnes's Moi^djiy. i Mr. irnes is qtutd Mrs... RuthI )t lola. vfsi: sbffier and Mhs^j It. J. Keedon •fent to Blule Teeton. Th^y Air; *ild »^rs poorly. 0avis and to Iblai 8a Don Ray and -M. EMounrt- to found hin^ Dickey Ij eojoring: a Ttsit. rr9ni thcjir dafugh- flir oi Kansais pity. Sh«j returned i name Tnesdfty. if* iMr. and Mifs. Mr. and MrB[ peyfis Wi urday- evening ight: Bill .Horan There vas a| 'hall Tiiesfay n orchestra frini the music ,«r.s. .Mont Jfiller wa .k iundby m >rning no a d 'onter^ncfl from this plaf I it (tur foil g 'v*nt to Kin I Dislrict ijui eri {ituniHit I letd quarterly tnceUneH t f, uad Mlldrid plan to ... , coming iinir. uiie pa <«>r uerv- | \ng both plaiieii. II The Odd Kcllowk a:« going to xiv^.Bxupper tor tho iU<>)p)<ahH Siittirday-uiKhtl A; progium is he- Inr pruptireZi ^nd all uie looking forward tio i good :tinif'. Mr. and .Mrs. Colunib l|. are moving yi&a vajftateil Uy Ru<<sell \yarren's When rii'ey oovfrl-into heir (iwn propert^:_ .'Mr. at>d -^rij. Ulphni a^id family Virgie by kwere called Ito lof her fath'r 'looking aftj r ' while ihey t r< gone. Mrs. iJpneii, who' has Ulug -iier, si-tn-, .Mrs. F ensOB, has gpne to ICan^ vfsit :l^:daQg iter:and t will return o her homt City. Mq. Mrs; Lulu McCollum. lene visited ^tjihe paren s \Vilroxi Inltd their lijuse lliali ?;ient ''child ren Mrs. Retttia flun- Sunday. Adams see ^Ben improv- ave been Herbert ^oyce and' son vrent club daiiee at the McCoy's furnished elected legaue toe. Some aid when' Mail her icre. Kin- unite .for H. 11. lilalse. and the latter with Mrh. H. R. Neviit. Jj\.. IFloyd Wajton and family vi.'^ited ^aron DetSn's in lola Sunday of week.: ' . I Wil.son and fhniHy have j-ed Irom tile north part of town e company houses on M^ at! i± JKJloyd nio int(J .^t.^ one of tli n s-treet. reston Patterson ~;i)ebit Saturtjay n>n her iu lola. Xoi lout Shorty nnd Uu^sell Warrlen went to Ft. S<'Otr riin! match Monday i;ve- a boxing i. Carron was a dinner guest the •lonic Thnrsday tre and family night • witlf his 01 U. ng: K. .NVvif, .Ir. loyd Heat^ siwnt Salur.Iay eve- gene .Miller. 4lrs. Cecil Oha'lton with hei parVlus .lin J wilhTl.'ii I y r. anil- nt Sunda near Welda. j .A rs. John j Barley Wii 1 a bridge party PEPS DP, MANY STOCKS GO UP over Twenty Issues Ajr; Elevated to Highest •' .\ew V sumption in today•^^ cumpaniei Prices YearsL in n. (API—R«j- upwardi niovemein was aci- |.)rk. Feb. of the stock market- by a revival of specii- j 1 hbnior K. pri the rheij del Sal (lau (lay Kuc| Jan (Jill Lui Arl l>r») tin the death Fred Cildwell is tb«; fillii |g station been vis- C. Dickis it'ity. to- •oin Ifier* in Welili i -l . • ind Kit heal. Kee ton honie from Saturday, uuiil Tuetiihiy Mrs. P. Jp. Uor ;a -visit Ui tth^e she Wil ' lowia, to visit she and Mr^ Cleveland. Oh 1}-. Pres. Deiaipi and fani at Centervllle Blaise Kansas (jity. i<>om go ito Relatives wiljl 10. Sunday. r*. Lewis h Mr. and to lola, II I . Mrs. Earj ^heftier hafi gone to Erie to ns Mr. and,] here visiijing ' have beeiJ granddaugl ner and fajmi their honie Mr. jand tiicir iler, Mrs. Pjrn fJood- mi y. left Sa urday for in Kans'as Ci y. family: spent entfil Brow Mr.-1 add are sthyingj while they >Irs. Tom Lewis and Sunday a li home.: — \ rs. Dewey 11 Cfaarle.V aie in Jexad. ft Friday [isun City, ter which locate in ly visited ve moved en '-rrtained Sali'rijav in of Mrsi P. C. Blii.>e. -Mrs. It. .VevJti. i-jr. won the honors [ .Mrs. H. If, Rliiise iilo booby j i)e. -Mrs. ]>.('. Blaise ••eceived guc .>;t prize. Delicious; i efvesh- ts wcj -o served and ail had a lUaifnlltime. Floyd Walton gavi! a party jirday.-.Ian. iJ'.t, In honor ot 'ler );hter. Maxiiie's, eleventh blrtli- 'I'licre were eleven invited 1 ^1.1 .IS uillows: .Jiini! Huriis.' s Hyjiii. Wanda Keynolds, I.ti- Huiuaker. .N'ellie Sholller. Ine AdaiiiH, Margery Ail mis,. n« Sincliilr, Heiiy Barley, .lulia r;uly, unit IMiilinn Mlllir. All h< ni enjoyed n deligbilui ;fi!j<- wlsh .Vl.'ixJiie ninny tni..-*- iiap- birt Inlays. ^l^. :inil .Mrs. Clanii'ce Isiiai iMiil hiir v.itre'visitors-ai the pareni- (-. K. Luck home in.Iida TIniis- liitive inttrejit in the rail sharcij Sotne sluggishness developed in th early .trading but byi noon the en tire rliarket was headed { upward-with oveij 20 issues elevated to th highest prices In years. , fteneral motors was ^Ipw in n jsjionding jto the raising of the ijn nual (lividenil from ?7 to $S. ..•^ew York Central and New I la Alii al A-A: - . •• rbi» Liiillis" Aid had a social ^iiiettiig ar ihe lionii; ot .Mrh. Rus- *'tl Iteynoliis Tliursday ;itternbon. riwy lalked over business, .served ilci reshnienis and had a pleasant, al'l'Tinmii. Tweivi- ladies were pri sejit. ' :irs. JJolliii. .Wviit, .Ir.. entertained Willi ;i bridge party Fiiday aft- 4n oon jii iioiior of lier guest, .Mrs; i'. L'. uiaise. Mrs. Bailey won- ilio ho iiirs. 'All (/re.-<eiil eiijoyvd a (Ir-ljlKhifiil :ifii-nioijii. Those presr the par- : Spillman ISpillniau 's Mr. and Mrs. LeeJTalhy, Mr. and Mr«. Fred dilHwetl an I Mr. and Mrs. Sam C erjdacn were »(sliiors- at Joe Talley'j S \ioday. v.^ Friends have r »eeiiv <d an- nouucemen^'of • the .n arrlage of Miu Elsie and Finis m Si^all, '< Kansas, wh cli oecurrei Oklahoma, dec ' i\k bride iiua .Mlilred ^girl. a of oiir liigli fichninl am i, successful .school teacher. iflae Hite. hf M ^red7 f JHoward^ iji Prvor. 92€. , The RraduH)i> it< a very j! Site has LtifUKht -«t iHbward ho\ eriif -ternts; j aitd is teiiiihing there it T|i»^<brideirr^m Js a i oil miinii fi whose hfTnuQ |s at Howard Klsic'sij ni(tny; fri^dtt here with for her; aiut-her htiabinid a long aciil happy llf*. "air. andJ Mrs. John Sa^Iey. Mr. and Mrs. Cl^artey Spil inlan. Don! Spiliiiian, Mr. and Mn. jCiarru'.-A Warjren a id LMr. «nd .M ps. Bidwlli were: ami^ng! those wl o left tni-: ;Texas' SJitprday e\yi in*. They weijt:,to tie Rio Grande vllley. iJtfise <}Iessner Brock sp|>i:t Suii-i .day.wlth^ DorJs Dlcljinsoh. , Eiarl Sh>ffler and fa niiy visi'err relatlres i sar Moreh S inda'y Miesarm Billy Wood a: id. JA. Hands were dial er! g<ie^' at - .iiihn Bar-j ° ley%-Tue^r evoningw 1 • I wen-; .Mrs. I'. C. Blaise, Mrs. H. Blais.', Mrs. John Barley and f. Lesiir Henderson, Miss Be- ;t AciilX . M is. .lohii Bonian ami J \ViIli Blaik of llaineti. fir. aiiil .Mr.-?. Kd Hite gave'a iiily dinner Sunday in honor Ilii'ir 'uieei', .Mrs. .Ira Norton's (!i<l;iy. Those present were: ami Mrs. Klnn-r Hite and ICarl, and .Mrs. I'reston Patterson .Miiia Lucille and .Mr. and .Mrs. .N'ortoii. .Mrs. II. I). Iliikmau: and Miss Htizel went to l^ittsburg Friday risittd liniil Sunday with Mr. .Mrs.. Frenili Uooher and-;Miss ta Haikeil. Paulini' .Miller 'spent Saturday chi with June Harris and Sun- (•ni| H Mr nil M t Ta i >f hi M M iiil ill ia/id iapd Iv with .Maxine \yalton. (irude .School \u|e« Xoles. Itas been absent i^'couni of sick- Ceralil, Brofk fljoni scliool • on ness. • I The fifth grade.-conducted several i-eading lessonji on the Quaker stiyle. i ~ •. -r The fifth and sNth grades Invited the' second! primary and tho- gi^ainipur room to the funeral of .MK "Ain't." Wednesday morning at nine o'clock.' The services were J^. Blaise, fk i-'iedonia; lOLA I^IIJE. FUR CpMPAN' G^t.lsnr .priciesi POVLTRT A>'D <-ri,ii dueled S. S( ih by the Ueverend "I ^eii." Tile pall ijearers were the .SilauR" hi-olbers] Tlie Mildred lools d/>eiily iiioiirii Iho of •Ir dear friend, hut the teachers 111 pe lie- never n-vives'again.' The pupils of lli<> inlerincdiate om are niakiiig lot of nice |U )s- tdrs. & NVOOL on lEGGS mllrj-. We had a file drill Tuesday. The hliillding. was soon cleared in' a r iilpl and orderly manner.' Visitors at school the past week V'ere: .Mrs. l)iimi'iiin, .Mrs. Deihin. Irs. Lillian Coonfield, .Mrs. Panl .ewis. .Mrs. Ja|) Brown. .Mrs. Hank ^Ic^dani. .Mrs. Myers.. .Mrs. Tom .cwis and Mrs.-Collins. lU'lorus Bloohm is absent from be' primary room this week on ac^ •ount of the death of her grand- inotlier. Dellierf U>wis has moved to lola. -'riday was his last dqy with us. The second grade are having ome exciting spelling, contests. The rooms are quite prettily de<-- HeM -4- -CapoM - «llp» — GrtBn BUM —l.-»@l>c L.— 14@17«' and Elm iola, KansJ [. :_„ io»li;d _„.!,. —OJJP facb IS-Wt iiiinPr)ducifiCp. Phone 87« veri shared the leadership of il rail Kioul}. each cliiiibing three i more po^'iits on large buying o d<-i-M. . .New liigb records ; were made li I'nlon fai-hlde, Coi-a Cola, Sofet Cable, (.'blnrailo Fuel and Lima l.b iiiliiolive. . bulk '^40 ponnds and up $n .-lii{|< Il.tri: pai-king sows SHifilo.T.'i. 1- Siieeji .'itio: limiteil offerings of hiinbs aliout steadv': bi-sl ofien-il $12 .r.u: others $12.2 .-,i KunsRs litj- , Kansas City. Feb I Wheat: receiirts 1 changed: No. 2 dark ,11. lAIM — 4' ears: nn- hard *l.:!."ii5i l.SS'.a: .\o. :;. Jl..';S'ril .:iS: No. 2 hard $l.:H(i;l ..'5 .S'|.: No. :!, $l .:!::'t :f/ 1..'{S: So. 2 reii «L.'{2!'-i'f/ l .:i.-i'..: .Vo. ?l.»lff<1.3n.. I I Com. unchanged: iNo. 2 wliit^ ~i (fiTpc; No. :{. 7oif/': .No, 2 vellow 7tia75 »2c': So. v.. ?lff '7:{'-.: i.No. 2. mixed 7:;4f74>;c:i.No. :!. B!)&/71c. Oats, unchanged: I .Vii.'2 while 4ii «i4»c; . N 'o. 44ffi17c. .Milo maize SL1.-.'5M.2::. Kafir Sl .OilU/L20.! Rye'9!)c«7f 1.01'-_..! I Barley 71'fi73c. ! iKaiisas Citv CliLsi!—Win at: May old n.-y-i'it: May iucw. i].r.j\: July $1.2fi"-ii. CcMii: .May 77'jr: July \ Mon: HI .Mr. City this W» riflat Ve -. Tljey ar« ri'iiiin the latter iiurt |. .M i. il 1(1 .Mi.s. .Iiihn-. jyesttnUy on a pleasu Cliii ago. nt '.S:: >ii-i-oiii) 'la^ t ^hicaso. F ''i. 11 I API--Close iWlnai. May .«1.II loj 'l: .Inly l.i 1'% j if .v' . to .<efit. il.rj--^',, \. :„ ,<i..-;:.'J,. i ' •' Cnrti. May Si's t^ '4' : Inly .M^' ' »ic: Sept. Kfi ''i |i -i i Oats. I iivc. Mir.- H'pl. !»:i-%c. May if>\<-. ;; Kiinsas City LhcHtnrh. Kansas CHy, Feb; 11. (AP)-f U'liited attfM Depurtineut of AgrJ- cnliurol —Wulo Z.Vl; ralves 2.1: fell steers si-arco. fully stead.v; largely a cleanup trade on heayy classes: snjrplles insftrficieni <o lest values: few loads ni fiuiilily $S .10 (f (!).'2a. ! Hogs 4,0(1(1, slow: desirabl lo 2:Hi ponnds, .lifrlOc lower; lig^t lights and butchers 1,'t to 2Tiv. of top Sll.HO on 140 10 IfiO pound stoi liigs steady. $ll.7;^<^I2.&ti: bett<j grades 17U lo 2:iu pounds $11.6n'|i< 11.7.".: light lights up to $n.!)( Jill.v tTi': .--i-;!l : liil.v .*l.ii|',; <l ;iU^ e .liu n \ -"" 'il II «.-•: le Itn « ora.led now in luiiiijr of .Washing- Ion's and Liiieuln'.-^ birthday aiiU valentine day. | -Mrs. (,'l!<r<'iife W.-iVren has golif* to Texas and Mrs.j l^rless Neviil is substituting in lier room. Sli wilf be back Friday!. Tlie boy.T in the second prima room liaM* rei-eived their saws and will make sonif.' toy.s. | Wallace Brown. !who bus bevJi absent from school- the past iWo weeks; iri-«nlered A^onday. . average.s $11.."i5 .sows iVj.r.Wn 5 The! lirlniary folMs have a r«p- reseiilalison of Lincoln 's tarni in llii'ir sa Id table. | School; NOIes. • i (.Nornij. Isaac.. There . wasn't any . basketball gaiite ]• riday on aci-oiint. of biiil wetithei- aiKl roadsj i Miss Jstoii and Mary Ilunsaker drove t( lola Thursday evening Tlie .saplioniores lhad play pr ic- tlce .Monday night; otr the .<ita|;e. The-jui iors had their |day pric- tic.e in.^ he study hall at the same tiine. We are going to have soiie fiiie plays soon. ' [.Miss Klliott speitt the week e ulj her home in lolu. jThe boys have been mkaing hds- ketball posters in the manual training class. I.Mildred high school's boys b; s- pk^tbail, team played .Mound Clt;'s ^ team Wednesday night. Mou di.j C ty defeated .Mlh red 13-.S. The girls, have chorus practi Tuesday anih Thursday monilng>. jVioIa Ciirloy- spent uiglit at l)er uunl!s home. | i| jThe girls In sewling II are fliiii g ;t { ; Chlcugo I.UestocL. I Cliieago. Feb. llj 1AP)-(lalled Isiates 111 iiarlnii-nt jer AKrit-iilliirei Hogs m.lMul: talrl.\r anlve; gem rally 1.'. lo 2ric low-r; top »12.2'i pafil lor c]ioii:e l.Ou jiound weiKijts; bnlk 140 to 200 liniind an rages -fli.JMl?; 12.1'>; tno.MJ 210 in L'lo li'iumi biiicli .Ts ^ll .r .r .'ii imlk lo ::tiO pound packing s!auKbti>r pli:s.*ll.."i"'ri ll .7.">: si'jei-fed sirong wo'iglit J12; In-avy wijiglit hogs $1 l..'>i>|rrll.7ii: medium $ll .GU«?iU'; IlKlir tll .7 .-.(iil2 .I.'.: ll«hi lighl .?lI ..Mi'j»12.2'i; packing sows $10.40Vi (iI; slaugliler pigs at <H .2r .f/IL'. I Cattle :!,0i(0; fal slrers scarce. hef;i $11 .7ri; bnlk {•It 'i/ Ji»;.-ni: •^i-igh- ly' Texas CKk" fed and feetlei-M firm nie.liiitii bulls ttidni.'JU; veab-rs *12.Silfiii:!..^0: iiulsld«-rs upward I" ^m^io. : She.ep 14 vj.ry sb.w: fat lambs-top to sliijipfis »l:!2.^; lU- .sirable lanll^^^ b;12 7Vw l.'.; lew heavy lambs aroiiiii |-$l:; Tj-'i: mils $IuAiII, fat ewes . iilM-li'aiigca: de.uir.ibb- ewrs $7..50(ii .s.r.O; i li-ciliiif; lambs are steaily: <:lioii-e lii^lii weight lambs held altovi- $1.",; kinil mostly $12 ..'ior(« i;^7.'t liKliI weii^jjt ami! giioil 112.25. ilO..-,ii: ^7 .2.' tockers innst rcb OF HUMBOLDT Porlhind Declares t' cement iMrectiirs' .Meetlntr. Per M na] and Social I Francis Culv .M 6 OLI)T , Kans ii^ .Mrs. Jolin ir |i til iiied wiio liere.l Mill. lJeirf:ba<-h started trip Tluv •r.) Feb. 10.— Ull ar^ in ek visiting expected to jll tile Week.' nios started e; and busi- Tliey were l.y .Mr. .\|mps '.s sister. I tlieir liome K". F. .MeCarty no Tuxas yesieril wl!! 'visit ix nunilil' I'liroi^le. Mrs,. Leitzba -h relurji in ;•. month, b|ul JCarijI will, remain s .Margaret Iter of .Mr. t lion am ir l!oHi-j-iiller of Ibis riiy rntin • iiariy at lier in^ iii?ht Aliniu twenty prcsi :ii ami ilu- party \iiy successfill aft"a|r. Otik Kilis -of New rami' here i-arly this slior visit with his I-:ilis and liis brotlie (-jitter, ' the .Mrs. L. K. gave a val­ ine 'ruesday gue<(ts were {jiriiVi'il to be and Ifuniiiy. He win Vork Tuesday eyenint! Fi/ani -i.-i Dlniond li e[id [ medium ii'-avics CRESCENT VALI.EY . (Ceorgia Brooks I Feb. 7. - Mr^ iind .Mrs. Frank ilcs and faniily f.peni i^sinday at . L. Swearingen'si Aiieinoon cb II-- " .Mrs. ;iarry .My- I'lini Kaii.'a.-i City w)i|t tills Wfck• for iiii-iip .Tie sin-ci-s.sfiil hiKi baskiiliall team .\<.'0 lesha jiiiiioi- iiigh ai 11< iliinilioldt gyiiii littiJ! learn lias b<-f^n iroig'teams from 1: iliis year, and is be kiKM-nljn junifir-bigl; k> III ill in this part. Hav ng lost only one -igb . Ibis team has 1 ki ejj up. The (•allK Neoi esjia will be a clbse and har.l I'liii).' It gam.-. At the lei-ent ui>: -ring of 'le boar I of direitiurs of the Monarch C'-iii-iilj Coiiipaiiv, a I tiir per ceu! (livii end was ilt-i-larec . The .Monan-li is fast becoifiiii!^ a • really larx<- industry and is one ofi lliim- iLiliii's (-hii-r assets. ' Numb£r2 Divldeii^l items. OBI< lit apdMrS. E. U motor morning, r of ciities intends lo .Mrs. j .Mca longer PCBLIC AVqTION public ail at 71>:V.N6iih furniture Hinting olj .moves, tal ing iiteus] .'.00 brick wagon, c and othei articles ti o C. S.. dishorl lev Is hie PUBLIC inunity Sajle Bred Hog 14: Mr. ; Feb. Li; Ocoltree. Ifyson.'• rt>n 17: :Kinca 19: Carl Feb. 2::: Feb. 24: ICan.s.. *'e Kan*., Fe of these Bayard, are inter employ 'dii at Bnyarj 'tf.r2, KiiK- 1 .r'-ffTl''"''' York City. Week tor a tat her. I). C. Aitis Kllis ned 10 .New lis re roiiirncdj he Weill,' advice. ! Hiinliboldi junior vill play Jb<^ euiii lonigbtj asiiiiii. 'tniij defeating rger school.'* omlng well .S|CllO«l lius- if t he state, gunie out of reput-iiion toitlgii: with (fjontiiiutd from Tlie choriu girls are learnlngln •wj song. ("Roses Kverywhere.'j ! Most the tsndonts 1 avc revived .from, the thicc week quizies w^hUih they took list week. [ : .Mlldj-ed biusket lall bo.vs diet thilr first defeat at .Mound ( ity ; last Tufpsday evening after lia\jlng ' won sijf straight games. j ' ' Colony higit school hoys tind: girls! t^'ums will .|ome to '.Mih red Wo,dnesday, P'ebrnory '.1. Come {and roiit for-.tlie M. H. S. teams. ' ' 'Vern Dean was absent school Jlonday. We are .sorry to lose two of pupils., .•*Iary Hmisakcr and C Burris. We are very sorry to lose C sla ( ej-s were .Mr. and luitt and son. • I .Mr. and .Mrs! Wllliite calieil Sun (lay at flia.s. Buir'.s to gel a(-')ii:.ii.l-ji'. (1(1 with the new ;dau^'hter. j .^'j,, .Mr, and .Mrs. Itoliert ll.iii.iii .Mid flmiily , were dinni-r Kiie.,is Timr-,- ay of! Mrs. .Pnglil .Mr. iind .Mi>-j jtiiSscll Andrii.-.s I lid family t-alledi at ilie itolieit Haninij lioUie Friiiay-ev^-ni^lg. Mr. SweariiiSeiJ <-;iJled at tin- oi.nson hospital! iii C'laiiute ti' CO lijs -son. FloyiJ. who is niiich inprov'-d, wbi<-ii Jiis.^fvieii'Is will ! glad to learn.! The Kev. Silas Kexroat of Biiffa- liVfi., j A bill liy Abrallani of Shawj- lu-e Cdjiiit.v would establish a biiildr iii»;|loaii (brpartinent .• eparatei frot ihi'jstalv blinking dvp,irlnii-ni. oilii-r bill by t'lnikl iig of ! Itii niy. piiiiKPsed a liiiiliting ait'i: I iiKiii b(>a;d of five m-iiibers. "- I l:i> dilition of anot'iie nt pasoliiu- tax iM'>|i-}:an of Dougla.-j iial revenin- W(. ^id road fuml. It.: rol^at" jiidijes illiei legislalili-'.' Page 1) (-eiit to tly |was proposed (-(iiiut.v." TliL- uld go to the A rSEI) t the d(jal( Sales lindj to buy goj At presc lilM' of.hi els, pri Co., 211 .Mi^nd Walnu il six eds. , chai4s cann ivi're, ikens. inols Iniimen: .Auct: I will sell 'at ay. Feb. }i. . at one-thirty, rfconi house i-iin- d|ressers. ruf?s. :. dishes. co(>k(l fruit. Also |j)low.!,i spring ols of ganjei; many other us to menti'pn. ineer. aiLd LBS 1 .MorarJ. SblP. Bite Mound. Fjeb. cBratncy ales, ICai 1st 11 I, kidi wr s., for (1 or a aiictior Katis.. ai m i £;inj-: w(i AOJrOMOTIVE Abt*ni6blle Abencles ATES — Cbni- Feb. 12: Pure Selnia. Kans.. lire Br»d Hog Sal*. [K^iis.* F'b. 16; Fred erville Kans.. Pe ^i. Commi nity Sale. Feb. ] lecken iable. Mpran.i lliri dreg Bine .Moiip.d. Theo. J igelo. llenlfr. jr,: Kd t:ochraii. Selma. If SUKtiKKY- .Medicine. X-ray. jU F .ii .enskl. Phones: office. 886| residence. : 126W. I EM I Help MANi BOO perif-nce ai; Posiofficf |<KKEP|KR—State e:4 id .salary in.first lette feox lOlL ilNANtlAL Money tti PAR: rea^nable tlioiine. 21^ . M. If iHteresteJ iir;ii!y le K. K. ll-.1i;. bills. If vou e expectiiif* to — write gni'- tcleiilioni- I .My eer. or e.vpcnse. k in the sales. MONKY—To propert.v. ever Browr •LOYlMENT Wauited—-Hnle JiOan—o rtgages LOAKS —Quick Bervlce aj^ rates, j Al D. Hawj S. Washington. FARM AND , ratet.on farms, 5%' .ori 4hort tiijae. R.j.^. CITX LOANS—Baije city 6%. Long R. M. Gnnainghaiji. loan oh farm and c !tc> Jackson Kealty C( 's Drug Store. MON|EY TO eastern mojney and city 'Terbis antl . . JlL '?^ri .^-_§ln*'?y^ J^- LOAN—Private arid to i loan on farn s property. Low rate, payment to suit bo Funk. PAGE M^B((!JHANDM (AND 2 .VD !H.-' Rezijors iiewi; clieiAi, nasi nesH and ArtlclM for Stele ind SMOWCASFS -HGoo<t showc pl:!ii.ifcla8 (Ii-ap. i S St< furniture, Kejiey Hotd.1 Office Eqnip |< t|cp; also flat cCi rthy Motor TYl'KWRlfTKRS FOR" SALf-: or tiiade. innkij.- ! tary ^and in Ailding inachi |i)<l»;! ariyj jublic stenograt bf r.; u6- I niiiltlgraph wo -If done. ; Bm.n_> • J 0-J1'iovi7 (jlgbetfl^thlerfrj \ .Farin Eqnlpment 11A imb \VT- 'Deere. :! sec incli: EUlWy jijlow; lC-14 harrow, iliiise implemen« iieW; .'; li^rsii* coming 4 t|) (dd, weight from i:iOO ^o jlsii haru'-s.s for "i- horse? l.yons^r l_Jy ortlr street PLOW—J( hi^ Deere siilfcy iiev: .(. (. Cfik!e l.=;-27 trai .shape; Fairbanks-Jjprse scab-;-... .".'-^ [tons, good !i miljes wesfj and half iriil of lola. C.J iW. Purdell. - Fnelj Feed, FertlllzeN BALKD ~ [\LFA1>A—iPra and straw jii ton or hal< at barn juri delivered. Comiianyi j | CJiRM.AN MILLET — Se^l feed for )abv chicks.; Kfupp & Metal Coi. :U0-24 iNoiitl; eye. Phtipe!--.?!! L MERCHANDISSJ 1(^1 : 16 h djsd almbfli yeiirs} I <Ua. ! .r-i - t.: -1 Ilonsehold Gopds Ft-RN1T( dining Heatrola loads of from ka IlEl Ahd ess! — Beautiful bedroom i .su than halt ijeatc'r. Scvi furniture jiistj sisUs City, at on 111)111 JX.l|ii:3lli.1 wood- piices. I Curtis Store,/ Lalliirpe. i i CAS; IlAKtiES — Penlnssili^r and |dod. new Beacon ^as ratises. ! pas! ranpe for $2:;.50. ;He |uAngei?'( illorsesj Cattiei Vehicles 48 cow; cbeiip. 12(;i\V -Fine 110 til (d open ind dosed^tod- lo sc 1. Kills Mbtor rtb wisblUKtoh. Antamiobtlesi 15AIJC..-V1 .NH t'br'y.sler rdlipe-' .Maxwell .sle sti-rs anjl Suppl.v < (lAKLANl •ti »;v.| '2t Ford bailoiili lliul.soii rhevi-iiled oilier I er'nts .M()ior C»i 1!>2.-, STA ilitioii: jro^il bll.xj I'll Wf I92r» F^JH^ ; lier. g'oo ' shape. Ji!ficr.-ioii i ;i26 FOR ]r»27 liceil iniiit bi; eii;Ji-ls n ;l!i( <m| l)y llaiith r. lh<- ii:<i I i-.-( Okla., Ora and Olin Kiiylmni ^ Frj;iiik .Br'ieks's las' <• liik dinner at londify. before leii-.ini; :oi- .Vnror:i. Id.. Tiiixlay inoiiiiiiig. Mrs. Win. Koiisii-k. Jacfinrliin | ild .Mrs. Peake spi-iil Tiii sduv wiili trs. J. P. WilhilV-. KInoir ll/iwooil. VTda Bale and Jliss Yowell wci-ij supper »:it<'«ts at iobtrt llanim's. it b-inij the birili- ay of Ihiris. j .Mrs. IJriney sjw.'nt .Siindpy with fier tiioilKi. .Mrs.iT. .\. Siiiiiiions. .lor i»i.liitl(iii lor a iiiiiil 111 e.vteiiijl riK.r.aiid ot i:er:-| from iwi> to ft imlu nd'd fo" ik stall- affafrl if Itino i-;iil i.iiliitiiiii, whicli by iildvi-riior Paul (-oimitutional the ti-rni of ler stale offi- inr years was pliiiili by lhi,> ij.iininiitti-c;,^ ly ill I rod need-; was siigge-slr 11. ANNOUNCEMENTS I'ersoniilji Xir. ;:nd Mis. tnd" biiliy si )cni it (;uy it.-iiL-s. .Mrs. Wiih 'ie cH Frank jSunday IK,') ME WANTED-Ij uivls. 7 and V year i. ^;I>lil^l at I'oTirt Hniihe. AUCTIONS A actions law vers III 1 1 in- .Morris tA;U—Is as dependable as;i who si Us It — Dodge S ^M -viic. I 'file best place depeiii" • " (TWO SOW.- .salif. K. I phoine ;t;7*>. [.voiing ;.lersey for sa South ^'hestniit. I 'lioij wi» h lilable used «^ars. live a coiii[il<.'i(! BUli W'll llE .MOtt)i: ('t).-Hu.l-j K'on-Ksse> deal>>rs I -IverytbiVK in hlgl. «hisi ised (-a s. Vou will fjiidl what Volt want h -re. .-Ml ih4«-ed| worth tlte I money, Wi- iradiS or give liberal terms 21'J S. Wash iiigloii^/ {Mwine^lS 1. , j II nijobt US or Sale •:D cAks--i'j2(; •7jt" rodiister; 1H24 fori lourintds. .Marr AiiK Biiick 4- Deal rland fi>ij oadster '2.'{ liedan, ::oupe; g' 4-pass: cdniie, finil It che: trad TOUKll 4 Che B. T troet. TOL'l paint. TCDO k good ing. oripai il finis 1 ai cond [ on. t f'ai'hy .\ o or Co. ton. Pbiins .S9;!. Auto AdcesRoriesl FoitI) 'cXllf-:\Vill 1)1 prl<-. Phomi Ian; Ford road Dealer.-.. rs - PtlNTlAl r sedan,, gpod: '24 Ford cii)ip< iFord coupe{ '22! bod shape:! '2:5 '21 Stiidebukvi- shajie. Seyerali p cars. -tiaslLi Hobart=Steel(i NC—C.ood i-oii-l rolet, toiiritig. :i BailK-r Cyi-agi- Pholie .'il.^r . ^-i INC—Copd ;rub motor in iftooi Ibyer ilotor CO;. in S 23, {—Balloon tiros clean .npliolKlel| good mechaiJi laraiiteed. f .Mr 212 S. Washing CAKBl'R iTiOKS- al less I haiii cdst loin .\ut 3_)Vre(-kj ^^1^ '"'^'^ Id iright See sni.-ill Judge KODAK dajk filnH sure rol re iiiircdf .'(2» SdutJi ex Tires Parts 13 ew Sti-ombergs, while they; l.-;st. g Co. I'lioi 7S2. nied—Auiuniutive pay cash: imll^ ind worib: lb IrwIn. We and a pri amounlt. rontnictiuiri 1 1 lod. me JICHjCNK yvOODH -For sale. ?2 .r .O iliniiber <jr :S3.2.'» delivered, A. Phrane iL Gtt|ORAPHIC- MACiA- :'ljraplett| from 191.5 to (jur- uH in condition to bjnd. ifortlaml Hotel. Plio. t07. levelop six lexpo- p^ini one of |eacli. ts. 4c. Enclose Home Studif. us yniir ko-. .-.0 ^ ewks side, f'h south. ihr(( — And liflcen Jtigs l>r.vd<-n, ('oli)iiy. Kai) f(br lamiis^i If.UtY CUffKS Buff iirpidgtiin forlsale F<-b. 12. 'ili.-, North Thiijd. ELECTKIC H.\TCHKI) CIllCKE .'ls All .leiii in-i varieties; lowefct po.sidblu j ^rii-es;! also (Mistojn Quality Electric llatc Kan .f. •biii;;. • '•as. ii:.v! when cbii-k ^lar loiij 1 liii-k.' forlsale th fr 'and tbc .I'liaianlt ••(tf mil lot Sal i:t:t le;. bai re .Mill rday. Few with s. MaWiMn;-. Iial! (mike W( Ml of .Moraii. Kaits! Poultry and Sutinlies bat <-ry HAEJV CHUl'KS -:Iiisciiunt on ( l:l:n-e i lIK .VrElt;.. -li-inth stove. u{ Ca 'l Self Oak priy new. wboi Servi(-e .Markei SALE OF including I sniti;. 111! I .MMiiilt- I I lalili>: fi se:ilft: i-( STOH.VflE FUI liniag 1 used S.sive oiik «-oii ilffel: 4S-Inch (Ir'iiirs, geniiin! ni)j)lete suite. $ ri4-iii(:b (,'xivnsion walnu] (hjiir.s tij ^natcb,-geMiili seals. tUi- 17 pieces,- $37 |. dii(>f<dds| itU in good priced from ;$l."i to $2" while ejiaiiie-l kitihtli ( s|i|ehdid! I linililion. $27.i| Sleeper Ifnriiilure .. C ih WE ARE LM.VKIXI !- Tb prices oil new fiirniliirt'.j nia l_tj-(-s; i;.s. !^ Jir^son'.s Fi ; Seeds, iPlants, Flowi bK^iigb^ iij wil 4c W hi- 3' Siiir( it stn d belo|-<> l-'.-b. li'i. Ueli'v- ai.eil. Ten poiinits ;i'r f:ivi-ii free, wiili eaj.-li .SI.Id lui-ally. \Vf bajk-tj • .Nrwiown C?oaI Brooiil- Sol Hot Oil Brooddr, lo liliif sati.-^fai-lioja lir Ic. l!oi^ie ill and sij buy your broixlers iii> l;:ili only, all III liej t-iislom ha I- per yKK. other I V Cliiil; ll.'ilibery 't. I J walnlut |tds^ new price;! 1 ' trui-k arrived ^indlintr, i3argain •i • lieatinK r. coaL NiTURE, rodm . tiiictioh; I leXitenslou leather ahlr-,! P leather fnditi^. r.f'- .iFseflT;' ailiiiiet jlni i (i A. iR .f i . i; ;, I lowest; ^_ beds and: riiL StoreK CHOICE IKA.NOTA SEE! Kansas I grown. 1 mil • Ha;rpe. Kans. Hagluiui Phone 1 7!i I.aHarpe or i KIKIID SKI' Fiio- egfes che^l iiies. ;j 2( i :i)S-Of all 1 youj-s ea.i-l.\^. -Spei-lal iirit-iJion Heil Top; !.•;(! t)<|r iioiiud. All'li County Inipleiiieiit Co. KANOT.-V <)ATS—Testei| f oats. -Alva Shadwick-,1 i.Kansas.; n^J SEEDS —Tested, reelea I grown K.inota <>ats, aJf; I clover, timothy and . Priced ;t('»; sell. C. \^| Humboldti S ~W1 biindi-'-d. H. r.lil tia di.- Wyandolles. $- I. pill) HlfS fori Oa at tr>-! HEST MARKET—Prices p: id cream, eggs and poult) y. Jr truck and chicken coops are up poiil- Pho. Cis. CA lor it' .(. U. Nelson, le ti:;i. -iR'o l.ailariie. f;iJl:it-fFor grey 'goosi - —-- ---r ale or w .U. IJ. La Phiiie yi;i-J3. jjour service \t<y' pick Barkir Produce Co. nil St on, II aii- HElFERS—Eight! 2-year-old H d- sie lis. frvsli sooii; also two goiid niik COW! and I'lie •3-year-old H^il- stein bnll T!ie l)ui.l can be res tvifd. .Ml! pr:i!-ed right. M. .ioi T 1 M()TH|Y j iSEED— Chas. kink }]alf;.niile siuith. of -Moraii.i Kans. Wanted—To Buy^ KLKCTKK sei-Oiid h: (i)r lio : .MOTOR—Wa! rid motor, 1 1 i voltage A. tj f!. S. .IWIiff. Mildred. Ki <i'ui-Iaitd. Kims.. It. li C. WANTED 'FO BUY— 1,00 l ton . tail; lirap-calight r i 2!>i- eaijh. \ Will buy u^i 1st. HJ f;.!Frischenme'y Wille. Piijiia. Kans. OATS -f-f.. •jfe Roibtt I lolaL\\ • iiirts": ©it on Rpii I i'Kanotn; Carlyle!. IJIKania'f lid, ai/i-et. Alsjki''cloved iWorif^, IS. Hawf ijree wpst ! ' -I i;. •I • ( tied, good if-sep.oweij, i i current: ins. 5 1 • live <iptf .jjblts, at cj Francis REAL ESTATE FO Nd.'jOE BE'TTER-Tt-Start your baby (Il cks oulThos. ijtTUtliard Starling an,!*,! <ir()wiinK Buttermilk Chick I'l ddin. frtr sale at your grocery K. C;_.M(rKJnnf^' F(.-ed^Store.[_ WAjNTED/TO BL'Y—All kinds cut- tlel CI( ; w! I'lf MA;(.E IKXi •wiighi I - i-hi-nv .loj Wafted-LlTesloek [60 a~nd Fliif APAKT -ME ^.T—Three . T ^qms^'iahf bath, very n.-ce, over '" ' ' ' dry.-Phi^e 102. - Spotted Poland (hiilia. 0 lo 200 lb. W:|ie ;(ir 111 ('olliiis. I 'i«|iia. Ka'ns. APARTXIKN'!' Two roob; furtdshl- tit. nuHt'-rnv grniiiid fbjo: ir'Hl.rmn -i'. (^lose ill. 210 I-'iiinc Cifl'i. ^ir^""'^ -f. :/t'arms ^nd iJind /oil y^liw ^jr<y nnit. well liajf s |c|!ii)ii. ihree aiiji. and nogs. .i._C. Butch'er. 1 i niiles south* asi of Mciijft,. =^=-^-~vr-~- -. i. J 'r ^'r 1 WiiiictlH- owner. J. ». fl MiERCHANDISE j _i_ Art fries |,Vijiic , tlji- owner. J. .McCune .Honie, Indeped for Sale PhjiiiCi Itidep'^-ndence Saff. -1 l^Ouses for Ken 44^ >|a, Ltjun! oiitbi' 'ilt^roWi 'NK ^'OODr^iWio!. soniid ( hitnk 3.00 i a rank (k-tiveifd, [ WEST: SI'KEKT, C15 n-23. ! i V [|e|i^^oI co'ta.ije. i f'lOc.iric lightdj e Ur, frill -age. J. C. BuBchli ity -y Bufeihlerv { OtHc'rIs and llesk ml (;FPICE .SCITE—Over I alt^ije Storc.f-'' ilKiiiire at. P.-^|ici St'ire.i I REAll ESTATE Fftjl BroHers \n Real IF YOU WANT--TO hitj i^ot a 1 finsurance ae< ljuckle Real Estate. I iFatin|$ and Lnod ff» FARM-j-SO acres for sap|j. .improved. . Also wagoil harness;; some feed, hedv. jlol-i H. 1. Four foot of Pi(|u:i Hill.-. -P) i. MIRES- Bargain, iiriiveil. Aear lola, poss !: iiui-gaiii n nibdern hoi i .'jiiuall piyment. llamil ^'ohip: iiy. , • 160 1 ACRES—Fairly well li-Iose tei^jns HOtlSI^ Reuther. good town. $4 tW. A. Schlick. ifflnseti for Salfa K*r; HPiVe room mbi l4se ,,good locati Its. rent or team T^ent lao4 )P. ken wbd, weii , im- ;:l|ilsi, oso in. il

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