The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 11, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1927
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIX IVhat Ilns Go} e !B«fore ! Dea h strikes GA flRETT FOLrf SOM while swin raing with party, of friends at Ocean Town N. J. M the HOTKI, :i ;rAJlJSACA •where Ihey all had been guests an inr tilry is begun after <|oc tor, perfunctorily e: aniiuing bin thb ; 'bcac4 pro lounccs him /ill- i;» '0^927 By N A SERVICE (nC. IIOGK UARX SI for in [turtling that ^ l|olsoii to Oeith i hefor on Ucad. FolKJc)ni's coAipani :^ NEVl .LE. \BY a! A'ALD)N. .It Folsori; jiist had hi en '^tariJing IJARnpX,'kno|wn a|i King. . tlie made 8tabbo<l itOSS. are Barron' aulil his ligbl i:; Khed on tht Ana^tasia Folsot i. Hs esthblished that :)ns had beei^ IRS. HELEN': |CAR.MELITjM L his death, ^ext to NED the Copper rjtcr. New AXASTASIA. Yvrk. Then anu^unccmeut is Imd been ithe water, his ydlcjt, is (Questioned, as wif<l. bat no mytjtery. j -'ccentric and ni|a.«terful, takcjs cbnimand. She qiX'Stions -Ned his wife, and TITUSl ROBI.N SEARS. liryos dio already .snspii -i )ns. .>un Co On With CHAl'TER .nisi ;s .-iiid Robin dioply. iind werj' sud to at lent ion liy ; tht of .MisK Kolsoni. as sliisaid:; ••Writ, then. 111 i sk you. .^r Uairoii. and yJtii.,.Mr. Hears. In 'giil with iifC' at'oiici-'til I ir offlri- and give yoi r di'|i(isiH(in> " It, cjcHr from lie glanre of| Slii'/sprulic^- that slir llarron and Rincs tcning. and be- cnterlains the Sl«»ry i. IV. ^ r / _ <ars ihiiu;:])!! jonly brjougliU elided itoiiesj <2axo}yn pour don Sea II.:l It Jiiiiily It] arricd 4". ^"i'l <liiI(Mly, •'('oi|ie on. dad. •And addeil. • BarriiM room his wlfr. fake And "I will' ai^ i^mm Siifs K s ami not h ildh, eageV f| seiliig Hie: III K"in(; wlihl 1. of coiir'^e vhielr left oi llld Angellira •'Vim jtirls heller fin .ii|> In yiMir Iliiriiin sail! .Ned. (;oin [IS villi ciin gj Isoin seenn hei; friiwd alonj; the (hen) 10 crowd w Tile R bnJiind ; jitof .'m .1. wh besieging Sister ils i<;rtainly meant Crny- « son. (I- the 'JiiiiDr- liiveHlIgatliiii villi. • Tite ,RlKK.- ly I MadelliK Fair lieliind. or, iess insistently tried to foilh their stories. ' [ Tite Rless .was deeply interested; 'ijnd loiind himself a |)lac<: near the intcrloeutor.s, where i'he might got the drift.of the examinations going on. i He was surprised at the deft luindling of the crowd by the experienced Jepson. knowledge of; the value of testimony enabled him to dismiss inaiiy with a few words, and hold others while he put leading (Questions to them. Hut. aPer all. little was lojd df any real, help to he invesligationl .Most of the reports were merely from those who had, seen' Carrett Folsoin in the waier.'ani! had perhaps hirard him speak a few woi Is to hi.s companions. Others told of seeing him on the beach before he cnlei'ed the iiirf. but none could tell of any one who might/have attacked him with miii:deroii'*" iutciK. ."A" right, all right," Jepscn would say to the more garrulous onesj "this't an ih<|iiest. I 'll take .vour name and if-wantcd you will jbe called for." It re .-iliv seemed as if many gave. Ilieiij siaiit evidence from a desire to get called to ihe ln(|uost. ani! !»<• that i route resK -Ii the desired goal of newspaiier publicity. •As .Miss Folstfni and her companions entered t !ie room. .lepsoi was talking to.Mr. and .Mrs. Tracy, who were, as inniiy witiKfsses asseverated, near .Mr. ri-'olsoin when ho died^ th'tiigh not hoId|nK the rope. ,. . • ' Ves.sij-." Mr Tracy deilarod, • were within what .voti: might call a stone's throw of liim'. Yob; Kirj a .•iiKine'stlrrow." "Yes, UH. close as that'" wife (•orrohoriileil. "W'e Mere neah'r at haw ^ijidc po;}sIblc. AVe pafefe T hut never < ih Possibly if wi* •<i, jis looking, we d We refuse t) time, our talent he end that onr glaiii'iiig al "Run .'ilini^. .Maddy, and j'-I Willi yrtii.' to us there t away." f I lo ni:iisli;i;l way. ainl led re already a [the door. ggs and Rollin Sears folf nd. the eldi r man said, [oil the wir- re to be the she is hiiiil- 11- hunt hini al all (111 hfi "The jiidgi! linnethiiig lo 'path! I shoiililn't villain of I hi jiiece. if| iug- him ddun:" • "No. .\iid -Khe' w down ami (oiiviit bini] bel'rire she is throusJi." "But sii'- ciiii't do til liwn." Rii;gs reluined • and jury will have •May." .; Yiiiin;; Se:irs sniiiei . "I've; been reading .Alice in- W iiidc.rland' tw tlw. !'.anoii Uidtly." 1 e said, Vand raster i-ejininds. me Yiii eji of iiui! of the jinri '••ni h- .iiidge. I'll,he jury;' .Said iiniliug old Fury. Tl! try tlfp whole atise aiid londcnpii you u death:' ••:ionielii)w LMiss Fob nie very jlike cunning j\ist expf'esses leresled '•Yes. that I'l'i niuih ii she makes ojit of iho • They entered' I'.ooai almost filled with w nessos. • . It -wiis ali.aziii;: to si Jleople Uaii s\)ildi>llly, themselves- ol kamvled sesseil eiiiliK-millR the (lari-elt Kiilsnm while tlie iliiy Uiluve. Itelerli've .leJtHiill at (leliut ivej DiMill, we: • With' ellil lo lit <• iile Wer< iiinuirlaiit .to h lilid HhUh Mhiiiilil h <If«lll )Mi .e(t Willi S( ;iiil .Men and. wmiien boi Willi ;i|i ;i!r iif aiysle edge. ihroiiKi'l. Ihe |ili >nv seems lo lid Fury. her. o see what lly^^tl•"l•y." .1 to lint it iild-hc \\][- • ho.v la.ii'v! I^e I hey pos- li<-havior ol In hathlim ,d Ih.- hitle| ,at Ihiir ivhiill nlieii li.m .'IK'll, to. ' Hiiiiitiiii^ily lllellllim. h. nearly all iiuis kiiowl- le aiul.niori:- It's the St. La lirst, but II big wy*e lame •' , ' "'I'.' was tlie'i'vvave that'look iilm under." Tracy put in. but .Mrs. : 'il'ra-y safd; < "Nil. il wasn't a wave; took him Milder, lie was slabbed, you knenij-—" "Yes," and .Miss Folsom turned her piercing eyes on' the swakcr, "that's what 1 v.»nt to knovvT You saw him .stabbed'/" . , ' . "Mert:y. no! ' almost scieamrd the frighteni'd .Mrs. Tiaiy. " \'oiir8e 1 didn't know lie was slabbed llienr But he tinista . bi'en, for that's when he. let go the rope and went under. I .saw him go. under. Iifil, at fir^^t I ihoiighl nothing of it. We all po under when a big 'vave coniey. an(( if we lose hold of I lie rope we gral( for it again. But lie didn't seem to grab J."or it. and ihcn. next tliing'71 knew; he was '•fii'g brought up by the life guards and by some men who stood near." "What men'/ Who'/" asked .Miss 'iFolsoni. Hharply. i"C()me, niadam. |<>ut with it! ;Was your husband jone of these meii, wlio asslsied'?" "So. I wasn't.'! Tracy spoke up llnv himself. "I bad my wife to [\:ii>k after and there was plenty of help about if llitj man wa.s in any danger." "You. Mr. Bartron/" .Miss Fol- r,om's voice was tense. "Did you assist the rescuers'/" r "Xo." replieif Ived Barron. "I. (no. had niy wiie in my charge, ami as the surflwa.s very strong, I "(lidn't relax iny hoid on her arm. il saw the commotion altotit .Mr. ;Foisi>i!i. hut I took no part in it. .'Had my;help seemeiil necessary. 1 John I). Rockefeller's mil III! I), stopped al a fee to cil Ji^inid hlin -with the resnit ijhis unusual photo depicts. J of crait be SI) giii^ illi|llest am (lilat It wns a cuse siilineiiiing like tlmt." You knew niy brolh'-r-'" .vv^rds were shot at him alnm. c^slnKl'>'. 'I bad met hliiij a few lim bi^slnesi'. I never lii,'t .Mr. Ki H ()f'Inlly." '•.So. bill 1 have some letter; have wilt'i;!! bilii.^'i {'Yes7" Tlie moilosyllalile ihii-re murmur of f hik ried no invitation to fiirlh'-r closurcs. i'Yes. Yiiil will to! appear .-it th< plain those Ietter.4 '"Cerliiinly." said ('piydon Robin .Jiiid lookM up anxiijiusly at jthe'begjnning <|f this lonv tlo,n; but jus' he noted his fat complete indifferejice lo the milrks of the lady, I;e breii frdely Jigain aiirt rrlurned iii teiilion to tlie sci.-ne hefore b Altiiongh tlie aetettives ,Mi|is Folsom precedenire in th ter of nue.slloning the willin^j nekses, they T\epi ii snpervisi . the affair in their |owii hand.>^. afad n>; de a list of the Ones wbonil wanted to tal'k wi|th later. •, pli^ased'tbe sister bt the deiul to feel that she «!as in cliai-l th ' solution Cft the 1 mystery'o)' hor br)lher's death, thi-y were w it should be so, ifspein'ally seemed to f'lem ^jiat help i] ions have not immunized him against Wil^ tch his breath while making the rounds of lingers' wit and jiisiOrmond Beach To Be Promoted arrinte- colne through ju«c| that mmit. <\ . Ainl .so the procedure icoiiti One after another the voluble nejiscs were weighed ami mon en, tlipn not found wanting. sujriifs were vagal) and iincv tiiei:- impressions iniuk^ina jshoiiid. ofcoiirsi-, baye; offered itiistii five and fiili-ioiis. ibit with: two able life guards and |im^erified. i^several ii.irjite evi'ileiitly Iielidiil liy- 'stiinders, I s-aw no re.ison for mi.\- I me ing In." ' , • i b 1 "Where 'were you. Mr. .Sears'/'^ and .Miss Folsom looked; direcHy al '.•I 'oydon .•^enrs. ••rfwimmlllg ahiiiil.' lie re.(i|rii(;d in a dIsiiilereHleil voire, "I '.vioj mil liir away, bill not near eiioiicll t'l- hear liny v.ords that were said; 'Sn. lli 'iiiigii I saw a ,-iirt of excitei ,ii ;eiii ihere. I I had till • reason l-it . iihliik of all,^^ ijr,-iceily iiiiill I saw j wh Itlieiii Cairyiiiii |.Mr. Kolsiiiii out to i lui the beaci). Aijld then 1 temenis were cijiitradictorvf ^0. ,alter a iiioriiiim's wii|h. li:4n(lfiil of witii"sse '4n inrftriicleii in present that afl'>rnr;oii at th s<djv <''S <|iiest. .11 would ,111 ,1 Iiave been li.-!;ii ili;,| afl|'riioon, liiil (hat .\IiH,s !''id peremptur." onh rs (oiilil iinl disregiirded xvlthoiii exioediiid hiiiiior. Wheii| 'coiirsi'. •Will: ibBucd Dally fijom Ida Abatiact * + + * + February .I<ihu Dietrich ijnd b .liiseph SIriibh.-i !fi-2C -l.S. $l.t;illilou. REAL E.STATK TRANSFEBS * Office of * Co. ' •:• : * 4- + • • • a. 1!I27; I. K ':: (if, NE. that :w the mob the imo* his CO ethica: f^is not ideals i^her ll slan prhyerb w lieu y lie litis spent he has joyed piM the ilioney.lie has away ,hp^ THE ('IV(Mf<\TION IS IN r:iVEs Bi -iu; The road, ^ioii o^ snlaSli" rajilEoa tliiiu f: "n^ sto] live an of lite takes miE F( WEI.,F| I f'opyr iissvill rating n tb< mile? " cons • II Too iccept every I)ei efit he CO [Jmunity Vbul-Jis ifes but a4i liftliing' save things which, bt ers the ih ere slip on- or rei coninijinities may bti n ore the be.sfa ncHv: some men j vv lieii ii» is that they neteif-' 1 - ves aiijd they "alwavs i aid Is. is not diiffii ient; If he to the adTark-eH iiiinuuily mateH.a ly; Iv and eslhetjca lifted the lefel nd achievement he found ahitm. ailed. There is a,n old P|;r- [liifh says' in Kfd tnan comes t<i las saved he |lo.«jes.' n-i en fVIen 4nd Women Eve^-ywthefe IS i Get The ifiercin —TcTi-luringj paiji.s—the bbttli Inula Xo. 2. whi: public nd 4 I lieu (j id neve lierco [and bur ct up-f-that rpb a man of -that 1 ervesj Thos nd cjial tar] products 4elicvel The iet rill of Ibfi make Ihim just and ail worn out. ; arc it ho pains lihat safe, effective wa.v tm help •ackini pains le bf Allenrhu SiK Be sure yoii h conies in capsule^ li'orm. persistentj of Neuritis ^1 Qi^ck Relief Froin Pain kiuii that; • sel'in to! hirt^sieepl; I bik of« dope only erve- is'tji> get ial) Kor- giit No. a- if. as Viirecteil .akii |)out •>! hours iltey havi neck Having sold my farm Auction at the fartii 1 |ini1<r we>[ : iiil,es cajst aiui 2'^ liiile.-' '' ' ' ' enter school housel (in kith htm. iJiFFEitExrE bet\vi-*:n,AND BARBilJRils.M RJ ^IER: SOMJCONE SOMElTHlNC TO I THE' ,\RE. ight, lo:;;.) .•I 'nd Ey< tcri Rtiil- 1' in the Ozai^k _re- lissoiirli. is said to l^e tin e.'isseiijzer-carrying •»'' am r-oiintr.y. It if; ess long and it>l j^^r ill- sts of one locoino- ch. The president lAad riiiis the .train; i HE H;0; ]) a re. eight Iding 600; eight llocM lie giving lonsin. It»ecemh! ay: 1 i)i Deccjmlier. giving -Ci As I am quitUftg farniing. 1 will sell al 1 iiblic dence. fi miles soutlh audi 1 mile: west of I^a 1: rpe. C i^iile north of lIuin|boIdt. jor one-half mile t^iih of J on— Beginning al If IIFf.Ul OF lirp.E.S— Two i-i-mn •-'..Sill) lbs. marfcs. smooth moillli. weight 1 brown man weitht l..')lll> lbs.: smooth mouth, we i Claming 2-year-oli) 'i coming yc. horse, smootli lbs.; 1 soi-icl weight \.tm lb: HKAO or (A C years old. ft iirs old. fresh ii irs old. fresh in ijr.:^ years old. In cow S .vear.- .^pi(il: 1 liriudle ciijw^ .". rii l"IM • l,e' dir-1 assume'l kreilce River hiin- .•iii\ - ixk, ; of;iii I Illy. Have tite llHilli'tll," she on "Then, If you dcu'i g.i" •re. can always adjoiir t!i-r liiveslinaliiin." Jio il 'was set for two o 'l III thai, time tin- i oroiier' i 1 was fill'^d te ovcrllfnviii;--| . I iiiairv ilisaiifioinled woiild -l).'' imiii (ors were turn<'d away. i • I (To I'.K t 'oiiliiiiied) ' i |miMt Kliiil of iveaiieii tiled j tiarrrll K'lKomf 1 lie ilocl'ir ws lii,s tor-ion in thtj ne.\t ehai frr. • The phrase, "living oe -tSck." ! da.'ea hack lo .the sovertteeiirh i eii- l liiry. when a tradesman's bill was ! l;n<i-,vn as a ticket, i his is lliii!l( .S. Cib-oii or 1.(1^ j .\iii-'.l,..!. .Mliii.~lir 1 (1 .^«-il/.ciia!iii, ' ••no,ly will he mir new am- i lia.-inlnr 1.1 l!eii;illin. l'ie,^i.!illS I ('ii(iii,!u"> .•i;ii! ,>'»e;:etary of .Stale ; K' \Ui::i are (•••|Mll [l; ll Id Iijivij ,|,,- i I i I' "I that he is ti l'hiliiji><. reaijK ,1 f ('aiiada frr-iu t]; .\i!i;!;!"r asptrallt P'l-l wlici is kniiW 1 s.islaiit set i,.-tary so mm II i:i dje sine ed Uiiiiam !s' eiii!.".^.iry !i> • I'liited .siai,--, •er Ih- i;rus-i'!.^ il ti. have h'-ea uciion at myrr?si- iniles east an I 1 Ijer ilay fji-esluiii per day Ijeifer, .1 l»er. giving 4 jgallons per Hrindle fesh inj I ms per pddb school l»oii o 'fjbick a. nOR .4KS ar-i)l II.. the folio M) .vears I ..iui|les.:i'lig St-, bay MMi ,0(10 .r 1111 1 bay ht l .rifii) co!t. a (lid.'fresh in .March; 1 yi NIIOA'B.S -Weight 175; eueh. '2ti ileiiiil of Sll I.M I 'll Ever siiiontb itioiith. man. .. >'•"*• .^-lilking h in April; 1 be ll in .\pril: 1 ro| fresh in .Mav'; fresh in fall; s old. fresh: rs old. Iresh; TKK.MS (ASM lie (liile »i'c>iile, J 14-16 TI.E Oiie In-il i macliine sh; il red jow ! er arid .Mai-eb; 1 <-ow j spreadei] .March: 1 li.leif-' with! f' ll; in •.Marchj: 1 j pres.-i; w I 'iil. fresh I in j seme Icil als; yeai-s^ jiild.' Stiiiie ter i years aid.! KlVe ij^ III cow 7 years I tiKAlS] I cow 4 yi ars j la seed L Jersey co\r. > i bii>a^ ^ijme pr; black CO V -I Millie;v-iji-^r roi|i|i| tliieriii-ey cow. foil(:i'.r. Tlni -e ile-ii'iiig credit sliojuld -eel 'A. IhRfleGlarle}^ ii>L ll. I». .SMOC H. VnclioiieerJ III MllorJoIr N-VI'IoImI. IIA \K. ri l.n Kit Sened Kj Jedtlo .«»!iifli j Srlit ol. The biisie.^t hour for lebpli i.< usually-between !i and, I'l 'Tl )e_;f;iin6il lie.'ii. (juelti -Venieuced iiiuelf. . ,A|ryoi^ I« froren oicr.failbil.v.-! small |tm>. friiis iiii,-,i,(i .,(i.i traiisulanli lo^ed f«ir As I have :.iy,i\ my Unit: I iililiis ea::t of I.aJl;.i:pe-and I ai hoiith of the :iab. oil SATURDAY 'Beginning at 1 o'clock p. ni.j " IIORSES-One brown hoisi years old. weight' about 1. : i';!i-:<l< r. ll .1. Bjiil-r M'riciu. a--" •( state; who was liiews during tii" A;>i"r!<aii .-ojouru of Qneen .M;iri'> •>i' Rjiiini-iiiia. If Cihson goe .-j to Belgnim. i! was liiouglif likely il!;,; ng di-;- 4 ci Ifi-ijiili Milky plii>^:l rib^d properl.y: Ives. eeii. J E.WF.\'r.S. ETt L'-inih gang plojiv; se. gttving 4 s n Hoi n ar.^ ol If'i gall y^'ars ol i y >arling C uernse: glades; cfilves. FAK.H One wa v> •nl Be|i;imiing'at loiuu o'c All OFiHOKSKS-l i'giste^ed i'ercheroii ma .\|«). l.';4|>!24. lo; years old. black ti gistcreil f . . ;asineti;e lSi?A. S >iearr^ 1.401); : I tiaiu k 4 ami a years lihjl. w sorreii piare 10 Lv 1.2011. ; OMRV (:<)\VS AM), itVAV. iltS One Wi.scoiisiii llolsieiif cow tjulr in a Hidefabjy -reduced liani shed those sc liaiuK ihat' have c: man r sleepless mgjli fbr t >>-<i or; three days' jfou are ; satisfied Tv i It doe.sii't matter ihay havcrjsiiffered o rCeuHJtik jis in the k o? legs. Allenrhij iiiuIa[Xo^2 should gji rjeiie ' good ijiy ! Ci)ok's Drus. druggist wilt ]\v, oil. Mi not himost dre. toi^turing imed you _ s» 's. Cobtlnnc imore of .Wntil th results. 6w IbiJg yoti A-hcthcr your- jiulderl arm. jSpecial Fort you Jipeedy. Store 6r any felad ti? Bup^ qiiit hirming. nd :!|miEes sou sontll' Of li^la. ahtl ont-lial j a. ni.. jthe black •:ulli following desciibed proj^erfy:- Deer^ ijiahiire iprea ibo -A -ijiig, hiachine; I 'lbl. fi* in 1)! ^ailoiis "iier day; ow 7- .years old, •r. giving .'.Vz gal ed coW 4 years r» •ight '.^9"^ rtiiin tivati oi-: giassj s P'i i-a Shi (lid fclaek i 'ighl old. 1 red cow Decenrber, giving ; 1 Wisconsin' years old. fresh inl d. ;fiesh giilioii:- •ar| (dd, ^giilbiiis fliilstein Decern-^ di |yr I iirir old. :!W; Kal- ilolstcii! August. Wiscoii- tein cew.; years ijibl.' giv- i;aIIons; 1, '' ein co^' 7 -i-ears ol •art .le^-sey.cov,- 6 y .Voveiilber. giving (lay; ll Wisconsin >w 7 years old. fresh in . gallon.s per day; 1. gallonh per ifeiy; 1 |Wii=con- . giving red cow 6 gallons per . giving cow S •sale; S heifers—2 Holsijcii^s. :t 1. giving .'Ji^ day: 1 ijed cow) S years oli ms per day; 1 rci l.| freslj by day of lis h sulky lilovy; shove! cultivatois; .•alor; 1 ' H-jin h Jilow; i r,-.scction barrow; :7.«borne disc;. 1 mowing 1 Johi Deere corn pjailt- I) rod.s of wire: 1 mahui'e 1 Em h'son grain ' (Irfll lilizer attachment land j-els; 2 .sets farm baniei-t;; her CO lars. IRiiil -eh liil iioiids. .Six d >zPii Chiekens.! AM) I'EED- Some KJai o- rons alfalfa h-ny 'in irie hay in bilifs; : liuii sliocks k'alir their liicul but'ilier I grades and ,S grade. .(Juerns <>y I.M1'LE.>IE.\T.S. on ;' 1 • hayrack; cjini .Villi! Cb! II , , , i ••lippijiRl rn;sh in|,,^„. , ' •"'« l"rirbpe. •celfllier. I: wis- wbtii rel: raiiir iiich 'riiek: riliis; h.iriiiw; 1 •eijer; 1 Fly injir; 1 ili power hay [eller. " I.I.ANKtM .S nachine; I i( k rope. Ii ool; I set win setl-^t Jof Lailarpe, iiile north ol is Utr: 1 Deei-iiig I liOsbonie 10- riike; 'l McC'fcrmick jgrainjn LMcCo -Tiiiic ; .iiorn bmdcr;^' ll Iwalking poU-; 1 16'inch loiv; I •,-4rSh(: vi >i rhiinir cul- ! I iJ-sliovel rilling clutivat- t«lieeI-b|irrow i; Dutcbmaii ] .hjirjels; 1 .^>0-|<|i:ilon oil j^reaml ,'!tank'; >elt; 1 f^igallon lortling tub; |I s lick dippi^i^ iz|s,iw and \U)j^ chains; l^.ii;! hook; fev harrt; l^Uer; 1* jjne hi I- ool &< t'fcof;. I iay'slin|;s; 2 bar-. ]sepa- 1' 3(b log milk l^edge iJosfs: J set idiimp boards; jspliog bwding i-hnte; bid btiggy Jersey lieiipr KTt'.- 1 conib < HH KENS w f^ed bunks; iilig.trotj :! sets .wVf I lars. pad^^• oijbie-trces; | ler articles jt t^iivenil extra i I saws; . 1 iuany iot !<i liicjiiijoii! illO^SEllOLI) bole ^lii(jestic range.j bra.'^s Klirinjds; ibcock miltlitesjter.! and i;<»«ijf^s— oui^ 6- ;lBie new: 1 leiislead. inlitiress 1 [UxU nig;! J Legiioiirj -ingle- comb White iji •rs. priZjO v.inners ('Oiinty Fail-. FEHIIi- Several loij j -ie !ia|>-;;abi)ut 90 shot-^k kaffiij fod ;le:i-.' ! TE|{MS t'.t .SIl' Ir cret if N desired sm ' jour local baii .0. drcfwell and I'llIAiS. DRAlioO. Aiielloneersi ' ('iOI,.S, It. I». smiK and I iicli .Sened by Ladies of ihe nirisljia^ fjiiirclj «iif I 1 hand I > !• s e )x; I ba rn ghs; bafiiess; hiifters: ;ih , . - crofils-cut nuniiirous (baled and rug. ngic ij10x12 (Ijiien s j puilel's;' G |gJiorn i- wviV- ithc Allen prni- .|>K. Clerk. |IunH>.< NATIO^NAI, HA\K. fli rk. f liiilii M .s .\jlib I am le-.ivii: s north ,;iiii! 2 of l.xiiib Elm; red and 1 mile L' Allen; Couiiiy. I 'v.iU j;e jiibs (list of "(.aHarpe, iir i; miles east and ;; soii^b east of the I'u'amond chu Wri--'!it ::t Bcrnt :-'wvl"n. would I it lieci^inie minister llies m; —For [irompt <'!,-!:':-;i!i»d,t'i<Jiimiik ler replai-e him I" MONDAY, FEBRUMtY 14th rcsuilp use the m km Il;iv 1 ' I 'liiili • .\ii. ij(i:i ,,:i II,,. f.-jrai ; "! .\l''i,ie, .Hid di!'- fmntl; an ~N1 -:.V, Moiilre.ll .Iliir^.tU Mie St. I.avreiiee river at iMon- repairs, luit traine Isn't incon- row; 1 hay rack': 1 wagon w b6x; 1 endgutc^ seedj.-r- 1 good iLaniess and other FEEO— oil- stiick iof hay: ahi EBRUARY the follinving ibtserib". S I fill iMisliei.. ,if Kani 19th jirop'-rty: llieginning at 1: fill o'clock p. HEAD OF ES— One sorn weight l.fiiHi. 1; mare 'J yearf breil to j.-i( k: per day mare; 6 .vjrirsjhe fresli] red i.o; ja(k:j 1 ; co.v 7 old. weight I giving -i ar^ Old. weight 1 no 7 years old. T^i's: horses are Iriving mare. : sp^n e?;tra good mare mules. HrV. hajniL high; span expra good biatk ^ of .Afifcil I ^ui'k.-,kii! iiiai'e .ili. 16 hands higii; -d i )in le.v liidh: xtra fe> Ih •el 111 , .stoves; i:.lil-<; In ;.'oi>i! I "ndlt'oii; '^ar.d and vaviou-' o jeveral loads of hoi her iiilieles. goi,- isM aud Mil h W.rluht acios* Ihe ire—Ihf rivpr C. 0. Edwards vat .-•t ibi- rout*', mttrked br rows o( ri'iii jieiiiliv hills. i II. I). S.MOl li. Anelio :ieer. le.! bay iiiiire mul< lands high;- 1 .':! year.'; old 1 brown hors' LIU b.-mds higi 2 years old. l .'J good: 1 spdn 2 years old. i lai k mare mule ; ds high; 1 span rsi' and marei. 1 pan yearling hoi higli: 1 span and diare). U 1 span.yearllnj iliare). 1-1 hands mule, coming , . I ' w ' I- . « till*. II o. cupboani: ; roikiug ,-ha!r: j giKill line; 1 liorrel m ire mule cntt" li^hcs; fniit jars; organ.: i-ig ' ..t.^^,. -i 1 lyear ojd, extri| I 'e biiile (^)inlng 1 6w. I jiUii 1 i jinijie 4 year old. gilod one-prb i'lile. lljEAO OF (AT'lll.E llelfpr. givbig fa raj 7 1 hiile 111. the folio 1 gray hor?(( 7 years oil. .-j 'Mi; 1 bhiicK- gallons r.l weiglit 1.4 lO. eow, fri -i 1 sound. Oiie Ions mii c nioofh iiioiiin; , years ol well- matched;;; gallon years old. afi'ciiw :; v niil'ts. i:{ ye.ijr.slbr. fresh 1 span extra j «-ow r. yr . :; yearri nid.: r.f A(Vi;i! par. bay l:(;r|-e '' l.">',i; hanjls mule. ;; yeaks 1 gray maj-e hands hiKli. black maj-e hands bigll: years old. i'j • earling muies'j hands'^iigii: se mub's. !.''> [earling mub«« and 15 hand:s mules (hor.=;e ;ig iie.,( high; ] black I year old. ii • .^hlre Miw .velght thlof Ap good: 1 bayl'\''°='|''' •'"f h""^"' .vear old. J J "l-ats.. p(ir|-bred. yiar old: I One iloll^ KulliJiis milk I Old. FEEII tra good 4.''iii bales rd "cow 4 y«»^r .March:;' | 1 heifer, b' old: ;!!gi|o.}i heii'ei-s. Whitefat fall, ll*' (3 AVhitflfa last fi(ll: ing 1 ye^r ford bull 5 fall cal ones. lv »E.1li till Roiierts miles ;outli and Colon v; miles west iof siiiiite day < r.s. old lilons fresh !iii!k: 1 Holstii Id (-0W i sale; fresh last ifalll. iiilk; 1 red <;<^w 6 jlasi fall, giving 1 red and white i last iLiII. giving 4 1 "Wl-.:] frel-h milic; •.ali-s (lid. roiin !).+ middl tiyi old. t pjii-f) h- old. f ';'"''''l lesh ih Whi frrslil lieifers, .-ih in he. 1 ^ White old; 1 years ritied property: j years: old. eface roan c<>w 2 months, giyii 1. red and wjhi Jresh about'jiri cow il vears ioljl. 'Of .Marrh: 1 6 fresh bj- nilibl -bred Shortlioijii esh about 15th <>f hrnil Short lior spring. 2 yeaijs eface 2-yeari-old in spring; 2 .veal's old lait spring: 4 heifejs ijoani. F year jold ace heifers conj pure-bred Henf |old..a.good nine .eh. 4 heiffers, 1 bull. go<; I OF imi .'S-Oue Hainr One Fdmile. (ol A jvintei: climate jliije tharof fig^pt _ re |st «t —ranches. ' 'iZTi lbs., bled f il: ? Hampsl ^iip old; S Duvoe ^hi months i!itq. lie. .Si.x n<injrh|i A lOut l .'iOO bushels !*-hile cor I in crib: ab^ii go 111 prairie liav In burnl TfIk.MS ('.\.SH- If yon desire t;redlt see j^nij local tanker. HAjROIiD HEWliffT I (01^. II. I». S -MOrK : U(l V. E. DRAjjiOO, Aiiolilnripr..*. wj H". WEST, (Ik i Tn velasyouchoose—De|Aiie|orothei4 sL All Santa Fe tn - . Ch ef IS new—su[ exia fare from C Cit ^—anli worth tt. are Nexc^Uent, but 1|j4e —a i^gai ti^in witfi Mo :go-^:^8 frjom-Kat^iM tjcause imt and ^tjer. Only twd busihesi days on tHe way— No expraifare on p; other Skit^ trai v^. ON ^PyR WAY-^Grand! Cinyon a|>^ the tindian-detour mil Pliohe 3id i TEX A land of maijv winj gladly arran^ send picture {ileajsures. I details o; defstiponic'ditjest. ir. E. Rlll1>«T0X,iAgent r trip; also Knn$.il<i If

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