Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 17, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1898
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j™,,,.^^^^^^^,™. ^ag^n n^gg^^n J** 1 **^ gei^teuj. * ^giptiq^ ^^jgjjg^p^ SIXTY-THIRD YEAR, (Bitibllihed Jfturary 14, t8M.)> ALTON, ILL., THURSDAY, NOV, 17, 1898. TEN CENTS PER WBBK Give the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph. «^ -"•Hjjpp "When docs this train start, conductor?" | "Madam, this train can't start until I get iny piece of Battle Ax." ' No matter if you did start wrong when you ! began to buy chewing tobacco, you can change f firvar in Hit. rf rf • _ B PLUG and start right. You cannot find any one who has changeo from Battle Ax to any other kind of chewing tobacco. Why should they ? There is nothing better. If you are not chewing Battle Ax now—start again—buy a JOc. piece to-day. Demember the name •* when you buy again. Fire and Water-Proof ROOFS Gravel ?nd Composition ™ ROOPINO MATERIALS Ifannlaotarei bT JOHN M. SELLERS, of r t Louis, Who bu lately rooted tho following bulldl ..outhern Hotel, New Plantain- Home, 1 pen'Tobacco WarehoDia, and Lsmp'e Brewarj. The oheapoit and bait rood «T»I pa on building. Drop a poital to ot call on E. C. MACK, AQT . Corner Shields and Boxza Streets A He a After dinner you enjoy a GOOD CIGAR You will find an abundance of good Oigara, at Marsh's Drug Store. Howell's Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the latest things out, and the prettiest to be had. Kugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. J. HOWELL, 117 West Third Street. Here is one of those who are either so prejudiced against all advertised remedies, or have become discouraged at the failure of other medicines to help them, and who will succumb to the grim destroyer without knowing of the wonderful value of Foley's Honey and Tar for all Throat and Lung troubles. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H, Wysg. ••IP A YOU DON'T SUCCEED," TRY SAPOLIO. Spain Reaffirms Previous Posl< tion on Philippines. ANOTHER MEKTINO OS SATURDAY. ipnitlnnl.i Ili.lnl Tlmt Din Word» "Blmll Del mm I no (hi> Cuntrol, Dtnpolillloti anil Government of lltn I*lilU|tplnefi " Do Nut Warrant Any lirfarmtrn Hi N|mlii'» Wllll- ilrnwnt Kxirppt on Her Own Tormn, nnil I'|'O|»OHI« to Arbitrate Construction. Paris, Nov. 17.—The meeting of the Spanish-American commissions began nl IMfi p. m. and ended at 3 p. in. The Spanish commlRslimcra presented a long document in answer to the American ni'guim-iit which was submitted last week, liy mutual consent the memorandum was handed to the Americans without hulng read and the meeting adjourned to Saturday next. The Hpan- iBh coinmunluutlon will be translated (iml Its c'onttMitH will he dlBcUBSed hy the United States tormnlsHloners at their UBUul dally session. ][pnfllrme<l Tlinlr Position. The Spaniards, In their communication reafllrmeil the position which they have RHHUmed iik'ulnst the discussion here of Spain's Philippine sovereignty. Tliey Insist that the words "Shall determine the control, disposition and government of the Philippines" In article 3 of the peace protlcol do not warrant any reference to Spain's withdrawal from the Philippines except on her own terms, and therefore the Span- lards propose arbitration on the construction to he placed on • the words "The control, disposition and government." Not Hie LiMt Meeting, Madrid, Nov. 17.—The minister of foreign affairs, Dulte Almadovar de RIos, has received dispatches from the Spanish peace commissioners, now In Paris, Indicating that the day's meeting of the Joint commissions will not be the last. The commissioners, It is added, have received additional Instructions to defend Spain's right In the Philippines. The newspapers. d'scus-'S the Cat-list agitation, but express belief that the followers of Don Carlos will not Issue a revolutionary manifesto. CALLS THEM CHILDREN. What Gc-nernl Blvrrlll ,Sayn of tho Philippine fulumlcro. London, Nov. 17.—General Wesley Merrltt, U. S. A., who Is still In this city, has read with a great deal of Interest the long letter of complaint against American officials In the Philippine islands addressed by the so- called Filipino Junta of Hong Kong, to President McKlnley and the people. In discussing tho Filipinos the American general refers to them as "children," and says it would be Impossible to establish American government in the Islands. He. adds that they must have some form of colonial government similar to the British colonial governments. Regarding the complaints of the Filipinos, the general said: "It was Impossible to recognize the Insurgents and I made It a point not to do so, as I knew It would lead to complications. Admiral Dewey, after my arrival, pursued the same course. What was done before Is not for me to comment on. I, purposely, did not recognize Aguinaldo or his troops, nor did I use them In any way. Aguinaldo did not ask to see me until ten days after my arrival. After that'l was too much occupied to see him. In talking with leading Filipinos I told them the United States had no promises to make, but that they might be assured that the government and people of the United States would trtat them fairly. This v.'ns because the United States was In the habit of dealing fairly with all struggling peoples, and not because I had been authorized to say anything of the kind. "We purposely did not give the Insurgents notice of our attack on Manila, because we did not need their cooperation and did not purpose to have It, We were moved by fear that they might loot ami plunder and possibly murder. Agulnaido's subordinate leaders, In conversing with American ofli- cera, frequently said they (attended to cut the throats of all the Spaniards In Manila. Aguinaldo himself wrote a complaining letter saying the Insurgents had been denied 'their share of tho booty,' whatever he may have meanl by that. 1 took no notice of this etler, nor do I think the subject now raised IB a matter for discussion between Agulnnldo and any representative of the American government." Mll.HS ON WAU KKSULTS. Tile (Jfmcrnl ItaUt-N tt Nmv York Audience to Cliecro. New York, Nov. 17.—Speaking 'at the Chamber of Commerce hamiuet General Miles nald: "Twelve millions of people that a year ago were Buffering under the opjiregJ Blon of tyranny and cruelty are today iinder our protection. Gentlemen, what are you going to do with these? Are you going to turn them back again? [Cries of "no, no."] No, It would bu :he crime of the nineteenth century to do it. If you cannot give them liberty their own country, If you cannot establish government for them, you can at least protect them until such time us they shall be prepared for self-government, and If Jthey do not care to come and be a part of this country you can see to It that they have a liberal und a free government, such as you enjoy yourselves. I am not talking ibout expansion or about any political jucstlons. 1 am simply asserting what the army und the navy have achieved. They have given freedom to the 12,000,JOO people und 1 am very sun; that 80,- JOO.OOO Americans will not desert them. 'Another result that 1 rejoice In is this: That outside of any treaty, outside of any givat work that diplomatists and statesmen and commissioners Inay accomplish, there IB a bond of friendship, there Is a sympathy and a respect between the people of Qreat Britain and the United States. [Apiu«e.] It may not retmlro u treaty .o bind us more strongly together than we are now. There In tt cordial frlond- uhlp and u profound respect between tho people of the United States und Great Urltaln, und that 1 trust will grow nil outer und stronger and Ita UUVIUOD • Arnicn o»ive. ' Tba beat salve in tho world tor onto, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tenter chapped hands, obll- ilalne, cornu, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refund- id. Price 8fl cent* per box, For sale B. Marsh. Alton and Upper Alton How to Prevent * Cold. After exposure, or when you feel a cold coming on, take a doie of Foley's Honey and Tar. It never falls. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyes. Baking Powder Made from pure cream of tartar. Safeguards the food against alum. Alum baking powders are the greatest menacers to health of the present day. HOV*t BAKIN4 POWMR CO., N«W VOfW. Influence, as has been said here tonight by the distinguished Lord Herst.'hell, will be not only beneficial to the people of Great llrltaln and the United States, but It will be beneficial to the people of the whole world.' THINK TltOUIlM-: IS AHEAD. , ' Army Ofllre™ at Ubinllit .Snlil to Look for a Serloiifl Uprising, Seattle, Wash., Nov. 17.—Captain John Darnosun, commander of the United States transport Arizona, has arrived here from Manila on leave ol absence. Captain Uarneson left Manila Sept. 24. He paid the general Impression among army officers was that when the pence commission concludes Its labors the United States troops will have serious trouble with the natives. Admiral Dewey told him that Agulnaldi was not only unreliable, but treacherous. It is said that Aguinaldo had promised his men tltat 1m:.;-Vr.!.,': upon the withdrawal of the Spaniards he will declare war against the Unltec States. He says he will kill oft American Bol- dlers faster than the United States government can send them to the Islands. Captain Barneson said there Is a difference of opinion between the nava and militia men regarding the retention of the Philippines. The naval men strongly favor and the military oppose. IMMUNES FIGHT WITH CUBANS. Kcgro Soltllen Got lii'o » Frucati at San 1.UIH Over llog Stealing:. Santiago, Nov. 17.—At San Luis t\venty-flve miles north of here, where all the colored American troops are quartered ar. attempt was made by Cubans to arrest two soldiers belonging to the Ninth immunes for hog stealing A fight ensued and Lieutenant Ferrera a Cuban, was killed, ns was also Antonio Iloman, an old man, a boy and a baby. Two of the negro soldiers were shot to deaHi by the Cubans. General Wood left Santiago at once for the scene and has just returned. He will discipline all the soldiers Implicated and offers a reward of $1,000 for the discovery of tfee officer who led the attack on the this district ha\ ! fully of late. The negroes ol actlnp dlsgrace- Nurai-n f^ifef 'la- Portland. Ore., NJ|||: -Miss Abble H. Zaner, directress cB^Cfees at Portland hospital, has reqKP-- a, dispatch from Surgeon General sternbeng of the United States army to proced to Manila Immediately wlln as many trained nurses as could be secured In Portland. Miss Zaner will leave for San Francisco Immediately and will be accompanied by the following trained nurses: Miss Josephine Dunn, Miss Cecelia Earhart, and Mabel J. Lake. They will probably sail for Manila Friday. Knig-iTorgonHcilM for the Army. Washington, Nov. 17. — Secretary Al- «er, after a conference with Adjutant General Corbin and Major Shaler of the ordnance bureau, decided that the United States armories had progressed with the manufacture of Krog-Jorgengen riiles to a point whert* l'o could undertake to furnish the < •- Jre army with this weapon. Aa fast an the small bore rides can be packed and sent forward the SprlngliekiH In the Imnds of the soldiers will be returned and turned Into the arsenals. Il.-Nl for A.I mi nil SrliU-y Washington. Nov. 17. — Hear Admiral Winlleld Scott Schley has been placed on waiting orders and directed to proceed to hlH home. This was done at the admiral's request. He is In need of rest and wants to go to some place where he can recuperate from his long stay In a tropical climate. Ofllclally Admiral Sehley resides In Frederick, Md., but his lufl address on file at the navy department was 110 Madison avenue. New York city. TronpH Told To lit) In ICeacHneHH. Washington, Nov. 17.— There has been remarkable activity about the war department fur several days In the way of preparing troops for service In lands beyond the United States. An order has been Issued directing at least ten regiments of the regular army now stationed In northwestern forts and posts to hold themselves In readiness for immediate transportation and service In tropical climates. Cuban Kvamiutlon CommUHion. Havana, Nov. 17. — A Joint session ol the evauation commfptilonB was held. Captain General Hlonco, In order to complete the evacuation of the province of J'orto 1'rlnclpe by Nov. 22, has ordered tho transports Chandenagar, Ban AuRustlne, Isla de 1'anay, und Mexico, which are capable of taking on board about fi.OOO troops, to leave at once for Neuvltas. _ Kipui't American Wamlilpn. London. Nov. 17.— The rumors circulated here that the American Meet was on tho point of Blurting for Europe caused great excitement in commercial circles. The Dally Graphic Bays: "The Hpanlsh trans-Atlantic licet has been ordered to be prepared for a renewal of hOHlllltlPH, and the forts in the Canary Islands are being rapidly manned." Maria T«ru«a Cannot IJo Kuvud. Washington, Nov. 17.— It will be Impossible to Have the Maria Teresa, which lies Htranded on a rural reef off Cat Island. This unfortunate news Is communicated to the navy department In tt lengthy cablegram from Captain McCalln, dated "Nassau^ N. P." ' IlluoM of Major Uuntiral (Iraliuin. Atlanta, Ou., Nov. 17.— A telegram was received here announcing the uei'l- OUH lllnc-HH at Fort Hamilton, N. Y., of Major General William M. Graham. General Graham was for several years commander of the department of the , and was In command of Camp Aljer during the Hummer. Ho was retired m the OHO limit two months ago. General Graham'B trouble In typhoid fever, combined with an attack of pneumonia. DrBull's COUCH SYRUP Will cure a Cough or Cold at once. It poaltlvoly rell»v«« nil throat trouble*. Sw*U aowi. Frieo W oti. ftt d*ug«U«. THE NICARAGUA CANAL Grace Syndicate Has Full Control of Its Construction. A NEW CONCESSION IS OUANTEI). Chlrngi, MHH Who Ohlnlndt It for llm ftyiulli,tl« Heturn* from Mrpjrtown nml Tell* Wlnlt ll« HIIII AofomplKllod— Itoiiti) of HIP Cunnl Not To Ho Materially t'limigml from Ttmt Already Mapped Out- No Hitch Alioiit New Agreement. New York, Nov. 17.—K. F. Crngln ot Chicago, who engineered the purchase of the concession for the building of the Nicaragua canal In the interest of the Grace syndicate, arrived here on tho Eteamer Alleghnny from Qreytown. H? was accompanied by Colonel Alexander Uncon and M*. Pyre, of the firm of W. H. Grace & Co., and a corps of civil engineers belonging to the corporation. Mr. Crugln says that the syndicate which he represents has now full control of the building of the Inter-oceanic canal and that the old grant, or Car- denns-Miiiiocul concession, for years held by the syndicate controlled by AVarner Miller, has been cancelled. Mr. Crngln. In an Interview, said: "We went down there for the purpose of ascertaining If the grant held by the Maritime (Miller) company was workable and soon discovered that It was not. The concession for years had practically been cancelled by the violation ot several articles of the agreement. Now and Independent Concession. "Although the government held that the concession ran until October, 1899, there was no disposition of the officials to grant a renewal of work which had ceased nine years ago. Then we arranged for a new and Independent concession, the work on which will be pushed vigorously. This new grant has been dated when the Warner Miller concession Is supposed to end, In 1899. There Is a probability, however, that the Maritime company will abandon the work when they understand the provisions of the itew syndicate's purchase, and this would give us a chance to begin work immediately, our contract containing a clause which says: 'Unless cancelled before that date.' There will be no hitch about the new agreement, owing to the formation of the United States of Central America. Our agreement with the Nicaragua government was made and ratified before the new republic came Into existence. Conirni)t8 Final and Binding:. "The constitution of the Central America*, republic provides that contracts made by the separate stales prior to the union are final and binding. Costa Rica has nothing to say In this matter and owing to the strained relations between that country and the state of Nicaragua the new company has nothing to fear." Mr. Cragln was asked If "the purchase of the Nlcaraguan government's steamboats, railroads and national lands by ;he Atlas, a British corporation, would not Interfere In any way with the concession to the Grace syndicate?" •He replied: "The Atlas contract specially states that there shall be no Interference with grants made with the government prior or after the purchase," Mr. Cragln, In closing, said that the route of the canal will not be materially changed, and that the capital to complete the work has already been subscribed. POSTMASTER TOIBERT'S CASE. Government Will See Why He Wa» Driven from South Carolina. Washington, Nov. 17.—The government has decided to Investigate the circumstances under which James W. Tolbert, assistant postmaster at McCormick, S. C., was compelled by the threats of an aimed mob to abandon his ofllce and home. With that view the matter has been placed In the hands of United States Attorney Lathrop, with Instructions to look Into the matter with a view to the prosecution of any violations of the federal statutes In this or any other cases growing out of the recent race riots in that locality. As a* preliminary step Mr. Tolbert has sent a telegram to Governor lOllerbe at Columbia asking to know whether, as governor of South Carolina, he can and will afford him protection In returning to his family und ollice. Uiith Gold .SiMUiliiieim. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., Nov. 17.—W. M. Klmbnll of Hie Canadian Soo, came <lown from the Mlchlpleton district and brought with him a quantity of gold quartz from one of his claims, on which he recently found free gold. A shot was put In (be vein and some exceptionally rich rock was thrown up. Mr. Klmball exhlbted two specimens, which showed u larger percentage of free gold than any so far taken from the district. Vinlon dull Strike -Suit lull. Vlrden, Ills., Nov. 17.—The Vlrden strike IB settled. The ChieaBo-Virden Coal company has agreed to pay the 40- TUB EICEUENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS is due not only to tho originality acd simplicity of the combination, but uluo to tho and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known to the CALIFORNIA Fio Svitui- Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all the importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by tho CALIFORNIA Fio SVBUI> Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one In avoiding the worthless imltstlons manufactured by other parties. The high standing of the CALI- yoiiHIA Fia HVKUP Co. with the medical profession, and tho satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Fign has given to millions ot families, makes tho name of tho Company a guaranty of the excellence of ita remedy. It Is far in advance of all other laxatives, as It acts on tho kidneys, liver and bowels without Irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get Its beneficial «ffeot», please remember the name ol the Company — CALIFORNIA PIG SYRUP CO. •AH rHANOUCW, del 3UWUTIU* **. *BW TftKK, JT.T. rent .v::!'.' flijinxnaeo ny the mtnern af.c to trtke \rncK the strikorn without dli- crimination. The stockade will be torn tlirvn nt once and nil outward evidence of the bitter light which has been on fur six months and which cont the lives of twelve men will be wiped away. New Fnctory for KflCAnnbn, Mlnli. KFranaba, Mich., Nov. 17. — The citizens celebrated the successful Installing of tho United States Wooden Ware company hete by raising the stars and stripes over the new bulldlngn. A special train conveyed a large number of the townspeople to the factory at 11: Speeches wero made and responded to and Mayor John Hartnett raised the flag. Ilertnlntiolia of Negro Plttsburg, Nov. 17.— At a meeting of the Colored Ministerial association of Allegheny county, resolutions were adopted condemning the "Chrlstless behavior of the white ministers of Wilmington, N. C," In the recent race troubles and serving notice that they BUS for peace, but If robbed of their rights the white people can expectj-etallatlon. Hank OrclcnMl Closml. Washington, Nov. 17.— Mr. Dawes, the comptroller of the currency, has Issued an order closing the First National bank of Kmporla, Kan. Kfll'il l,y nn Ktplnlnn. Butto, Mont., Nov. 17.— Robert Me- Faddcn, William Henderson, John Kelley, and George Morgan were blown up In the bottom of the Berkeley shaft by the explosion of a missed hole. The set of holes had been fired by the night shift before It went oft and the men thought they hoard all the shots. It seems they made a miscount and It was several hours later when the missed hole exploded right In the midst of the day shift. McFadden died. The others are terribly cut up, but will likely recover. _ Prealclont Going to Atlanta. Washington, Nov. IT.— Captain Evan P. Howell of the investigating commission, was at the White House and practically completed arrangements with the president for a visit by Mr. McKlnley to the Atlanta, Qa., peace jubilee next month. The president will leave here Dec. 13, arriving In Atlanta at noon on the 14th, and remaining until midnight of the IBth. If the Seventh corps Is at Savannah he will visit U thore. _ Industrial Labor CommltlHlon. Washington, Nov. 17.— At the session of the industrial labor commission, P. H. Donnelly of Illinois was elected secretary by a vote of 7 to 6 for Professor Jenks of Cornell university, who had been recommended for the place by the committee on organization. The fight was a bitter one and consumed most of the morning session. W. E. Backett of East Orange, N. J., was chosen chief clerk and disbursing officer. Hale, tho Elevator Man, Dead, Chicago, Nov. 17.— Wlllam E. Hale, until recently the senior member of W. E. Hale & Co., who Introduced the hydraulic elevator In Chicago and the west, Is dead of Brlght's disease at his residence, 4545 Drexel boulevard. Mr, Hale had been sick for two months. ''Austrian Nbbleiiiau In Disgrace. Lexington, Ky., Nov. 17.— Baron Wal- dcck de Vlllamll, an Austrian nobleman and a captain of Seventh volunteer Infantry (Immunes), Is In disgrace and has left for parts unknown. A few days ago he was discharged from his regiment for various offenses, principal among which was refusing to pay his debts. Little Boy Found Murdered. Muncle, Ind., Nov. 17.—Andy Boll- miller, a golden-haired boy of 6 years, was found lying murdered In a gravel pit In Whltley, a suburb of this city. No motive for the deed can be Imagined. Search Is being made for a gypsy band that camped In this vicinity, but which disappeared during the night. Trouble Brewing lu the Stvut Valley. Simla, British India, Nov. 17.—Trouble Is brewing in the upper Swat valley, whence notorious "Mad Fakir," at the head of 600 men, is preparing to attack the Nawab of Dlr and create a rising against British rule. For Rats, Mice, Roaches, and Other Vermin. IT'S A KILLER. After eating, all vermin seek water and the open air. Hence thli killer Is the most cleanly on earth. Pop Sale by all Druggists. Price, 15 Cents. NEWTON MANUFACTURING ft CHEMICAL CO., «5 WUJUm street. New York. ATfTAL-MIDY I These tiny Capsules are superb to Balsam of Copalba.X"""> Cubebsorln|ectionsand(M!Di CURE IN 48 HOURSV-> the lama diseases wlthoul Inconvenience. . SfU by all Jrufgittt, ASK YOUR DRUGGIST for a gonoroua 10 Cent TRIAL SIZE. Ely's era BQira oontalnn no cooalno, moi oury nor any other Injurious drug. U 18 quickly abeorb ed. GlreB relief it once It opens and .oleanaei the Inasal iacei. Allayi pain and Inflammation. eali andproteoU the : membrane. Reitores the tenaea of tatta and smell, Foil slzo 60 oU ; Trial .lie 100, at dru»l.t ojb, gaU.^^ dwlv (6 Warren Street, N.Y. — — — — , Pfll ft lh URAll UULJU "I II BMW J ftDr. Wlllluujii'Indlun 1'lle XoiiiUiiL-iitwtll euro Illlml, VlJlooUlUK UUU ItOUlllg 1'lk-s. UubsorliHtuetuiuorti. ty» till) Itching ut uncu, uoU a jxmllli'o, (riven luntunl ro- , wIlllumH'Indluiil'lloOInt' prepared for IMIouunilUeli •Iviito purl.H. Kvtry box IB witi-i-«u»... liy druintlHU. by mull on receipt of price. 60 ct-ula uud »I.UO. 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The most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Wool" ens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere; M. MORJTZ, Merchant Tailor, 112 West Third st Commencing Nov. 10th, until forth • er notice, we will sell at Strictly Cash Prices: All our INGRAIN CARPETS from the cheapest to the Best all Woola at a redaction amounting to 16 per cent. Brussels Oarpeta and Velvets enough for a room at cost prices. Bring in your measure. Electric Power. We are prepared to contract for Electric Power^at Low Rates, If you know of any manufactrer who s seeking location ask him to correspond with us. Electric Motors can be used for running Elevators; operating all kinds of machinery; pumping water; In] fact any mechanical application. call on us for • Incandescent Lights, T^l A • Electric Telephone 93. Henry Watson, Contractor and Builder, McAdam, Building Stone. Cut Stone, Curbing. Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Alwajri on hutf. Also! Dealer la Ceirjent, Lime, Sand and Plaster Par!** Sldo Tracks Runulni Into tho QutrrlM. Telephone No. 31. Reddenfe 628 Alby tt v *s *s ^ Mim'Hu i<M r

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