Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 8, 1959 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1959
Page 5
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Fact AT Fancy Bj GLADYS HOLLAND They All Like Footbaii- Fa// Is Busy Season for the Family of Gene Macomber, Carroll High Coach BACK TO SCHOOL . . . for chil- 1 dren of t.hp Carroll area means back to hot lunches which arc srrveri at nominal cost in nearly all public and parochial schools. * * # THROUGH .... the cooperation of the U. S. Department of Agriculture in supplying surplus foods, nutritious menus are available al less cost than they could be cooked at home. * t * ALONG WITH .... meals and groceries for lunrlt, tlVgovernment supplies fresh milk at reduced prices under the Special Milk Program which is administered by the U S. Department nf Acricullure throufih the Stale Department of Public Instruction. *t* ^ RKC.USK .... milk drinkinu becomes the Hum: to do and because the price is rediicerl. children drink more milk when it is served in school As a result they become healthier and more alert * * * MANY .... school oilicials have reported thai there is less sickness and thai lower children are absent alter ihe milk program hecomes established. V the same time, their .-<hnol vwnk is noticeably improved "Laxatives didn't help" tf\nck of bulk in causing irrecu- lnrity. read this message from Mrs. ? y I v i a Roden, Miami. Florida. Tin* is what she writes " IAIxnlirr* ihrin't hnn my t *HKHtIpntio>\ l-'i'iuilx I Irirri Kn&ogfl * Ali-Hmn. I rant viy enough tfoorV unngs nhtu/t it." KfiHocp 's All Hrin brines crfeafiant relief u> millions when Hxwiivr dniC'* fail t>eeause it is a bulk-forming cereal food 4 *iSt a half rtip pi 'rvinR with rrriftk £ivf¥ vnu .ill (he f ;r>ori frwwl hnVk von need each dyv fur consistent., natural rvmilantv Try Kellnpp's All-Hran for K) dnyp — wo if it rioevti t work for you, t.on ALL-BRAN Fall is a busy season for the family of Gene Macomber, Carroll High School's football coach. Fool- hall practice keeps him husy until late in the afternoon and the whole family attends the football Ramos. The Macombers' apartment al 027 North Adams Street is conveniently located in the first block southwest of the Carroll Public Schools. Mrs. Macomber describes the five rooms as "largp and comfortable." The first floor apart-' ment has a living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, children's room, and bath. j There are two children in the; Macomber family, Marci ,Io, V->, and Michael, 2. A third child is expected in December. Met at Drake I Mr. and Mrs. Macomber met while attending Drake University. Des Moines. Mr. Macomber is from Chelsea. Mass.. and Mrs Macomber is Ihe former Bethel Ann "Becky" i Buckner from Scran- Ion Mrs Macomber attend e d Drake lor two years, majoring in music education, particularly vocal music While in high school she participated in a number of activities and was drum majorette for Ihe marching hand At Drake she was a ma lorelte with the university's march ing band The Maeomhcrs were married in August. 19^2. and Mr Macomber left for the army in November of that year. While he was in Ihe service. Mrs Macomber spent a year and a hall | in Ihe Kast, engaged in secretarial work She also spent six jnonths at Scranton. living with her parents and commuting lo .lefferson. where she worked as secretary for a law firm Dancing Classes During that six months she also conducted several dancing classes On Saturdays she had 27 pupils, ranging in age from 3 years to high school age. in classes of tap dancing and ballet She also taught ballroom dancing to a number of high school students during the u rek Alter Mr Macomber'.* return from the service in !!).">•}. he re- enrolled at Drake and receded his B A degree in I'l.iK He then began work toward an M A degree and in September. I !)">»?. returned to Massachusetts as assistant football coach and ph.\si<al education director at Chelmsloid The Macomber tannic lived in I'helmstord for two years In the siiminei of Iwhile vacationing Scranton. he look the Carroll High School coaching ]ob < "I knew he wanted to look lor a toll in Iowa," Mrs Macomber said So belore leaving for Iowa for their vacation, she packed then- furniture and had it put in stor-r age. When he accepted the Carroll | job, she had their furniture sent out from Chelmsford. With the many school activities, the Maeomhcrs have little time fori other activities. Mrs. Macomber is i a member of Ihe Methodist Worn-! an 's Society of Christian Service. j In addition, she is a member of the faculty wives' club. I Vnrntion In East This summer, the family spent t six weeks on vacation in Massa- 1 chu.setls. They were visiting his mother, Mrs. Frances Macomber, i at Chelsea. Mass. Every day was j spent al the beach, with the result ' that the Macombers received good sun tans. Returning to Carroll three weeks ago, they brought Mr. Macombers mother hack with them for a visit This is her third trip to Iowa and she likes Ihe state and its people very much She'll be returning to her home in Massachusetts some time this month. Mrs Macombers mother. Mrs. Virgil Buckner of Scranton. works at .Jacqui's Pink Shop in Carroll. She eats lunch with the Macombers on weekdays. Football is a favorite sport for the entire Macomber family Mrs Macomber takes ihe children with her to all the h*ime football games. They also try to get lo as many o| the out of town games as possible During the football season. Mrs Macomber gives the children their supper early and fixes Mr Macombers when he comes in. usually around 7 In addition to his loolball coaching. Mr Macomber assists Ihe basketball and track coaches and teaches classes of physical education | Cooking and baking arp hobbies Timet Herald, Carroll, la. Tuesday, Sept. 8, 1959 For the Finest, Serve... MANNING CREAMERY CO. SOUR CREAM < Add flavor and piquant elegance to plain dishes with Manning Sour Cream. It's low in calories, fresh and wholesome. SOUR CREAM Now Featured at Leading Food Stores. for Mrs. Macomber. She loves to cook and is "always baking something." She also tries to do some canning every summer, but has missed most of it this summer while in Massachusetts. J Following are a few of her favorite recipes; i Stuffed Cabbage (Polish style) I Parboil whole for approximately 15 minutes: ' 1 three-pound cabbage | Remove leaves separately and. if. center vein is thick, pare it down, i Fill each leaf with 2 Tbsp. of the j following filling. I 'z lb. raw hamburger 1 cup uncooked Minute, rice salt and pepper 2 eggs 1 grated onion Plac-p the hamburger mixture in the center of cabbage leaf, fold heavy end over, then the two sides and roll. In a large pan, make a bed of the smaller cabbage leaves. Place cabbage rolls in and pour 2 cans of tomato sauce and 2 cans water over this. Simmer 2 hours, lor added flavor, fry cut pieces of salt pork or bacon and add to sauce. Vj 07.. celery seed Vj nz. stick cinnamon fi cups sugar 5 cups vinegar Reheat syrup on the next three mornings, adding I cup sugar each time.. Do this until 3 cups nf sugar have been added '3 mornings i. These pickles may stand in an open jar — are very crisp. Chirkrn Potato Chip Seallop 2 cups coarsely crushed potato chips 4 Tbsp. butler 2 Tbsp. chopped green pepper I Tbsp chopped onion '-i cup sliced mushrooms 4 Tbsp flour 1 cup chicken stock or broth 1 cup rich milk cup diced cheese 3 cups diced chicken Cook onion, hotter, pepper and, mushrooms until limp. Stir in flour, 1 milk and broth. Cook until thick and add cheese and diced chicken. Place ] 7 of chips on bottom of casserole dish Pour in thickened chicken and vegetables Top with other half of chips. Rake 25 minutes at 350 degrees. I A CHAT WITH GRANDMA . . . .Inst up from their naps, Marci Jo and Michael Macomber stop for a moment to talk with their grandmother, Mrs. Frances Macomber, Chelsea, Mass,, and their mother, Mrs. Gene Macomber, 927 North Adams St. (Staff Photo) Sweet Piekles Start as many cucumbers as you have 4 or 5 inches long. Wash and put in a brine of 1 pt. coarse salt to 1 gallon water. Let stand 6 or 7 days, skim if needed. Drain and cover with boiling water and 1 tsp. powdered alum. Let stand 24 hours, drain, and split. Cover with clear, boiling water for 24 hours. Drain and cover with the following syrup: Salad Dressing I cup sugar 'a cup vinegar 1 cup salad nil 2 tsp. salt 2 tsp. paprika ! ti cup catsup celery seed to taste minced onion to taste Combine all and stir well. in glass jar in refrigerator. Store Meringue Cups 4 egg whiles Vi tsp. salt 4 tsp. vanilla 1 cup granulated sugar 'sifted' food coloring, if desired Beat egg whites until stiff. Sprinkle salt over top and beat more. Gradually beat in 2 Tbsp. sugar at a time. With a spoon, shape meringue on baking sheet covered with brown paper, ungreased, piling high as possible. Bake in slow oven, 275 degrees, 45 to 60 minutes or until brown and dry on surface. Remove from paper while still warm and fill with ice cream or fruit. Black Walnut Cake I 1 2 cups sugar '2 cup butter cup milk 2 cups flour 4 egg whites, stiffly beaten 1 cup chopped black walnuts 3 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. vanilla 1 cup coconut, if desired Cream sugar and butter. Sift dry ingredients together and add alternately with milk and vanilla. Fold in beaten egg whites, nuts and coconut. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes, or until done. Mrs. Macomber said that, this is a very rich cake and she often pre* pares a small package of white cake mix according to package directions and folds that batter into the batter of the above recipe. This makes a large cake that will hold together well. This cake is also very good with sour cream frosting. Advance Party Inspects Route For Khrushchev COON RAPIDS - Representa-' lives of the state and defense de-' partmcnls Monday went over the approximate route in Iowa that Soviet Premier \1k1ta Khrushchev will tr.nel two weeks from today Led by Iloswoll Boh 1 Garst.' .Nikita's host here, the members of the advance party looked over the tour farms Garst plans to show Ihe Russian in an area about 14'v miles northeast of here In Des Momes. Khrushcbe\ will lie met at the air guard hangar on Sept S- In an official party of Gov H 'Tsc liel l.n\eloss. Mayor Charles lies |,t Cnv F.dward McManus and Franklin De Pudt. Chamber ol Commerce president, and their wnes. The Khrushchev caravan will go down Fleur drive and Locust street and is scheduled to arrive at Hotel Fort Des Moines at 2 20 p m The afternoon will be spent louring Iowa Packing Co and John Deere Des Moines Works, possibly Rookey Packing Co . and residential areas of the city A banquet at 7 3d p m will he at Hote Fort Des Moines Khrushchev is scheduled to leave Des Moines at it a m. Wednesday. Sept 23. lor the Garst tour Garst wants the trip to start at 7 30 am At noon. Sept 23. the Garsts will he hosts at a picnic lunch at the poolside near their farm home for about 70 persons in the official party They'll he served either chicken 01 ham or both The estimated 400 newsmen accompanying the tourists will lunch in Coon Rapids While Khrushchev is looking over Iowa farming, the plan is for Mrs. Khrushchev to be shown a coin- operated laundry, a locker plant, schoolroom, market and several homes in Coon Rapid; - . The Khrushchev party will leave the Garst farm at 3 p.m. for Iowa State University at Ames. At Ames, they'll be officially met on the steps of Beardshear Hall The Russians will be shown the swine nutrition farm south of Ames or perhaps some typical classrooms. A state department press officer said the visit is "the biggest thing ve've ever handled, even bigger than the queen of England's visit " Personals Mr. and Mrs. Orren Grundmeipr and children returned Monday lo their home in Charles City after spending the weekend with Mr. Grundmeier's parents. Mr. and Mrs Hugo Grundmeier. and other relatives in the Carroll area. They came to attend the wedding of Manp Grundmeier and Maurice Dion Sunday. SINGER BIG-5-DAY SALES MARATHON [FREE REFRESHMENTS FREE DOOR PRIZES Verna Sellen has left for Midland. Mich . to visit her brother- in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs Norman Skelly. She will enter Central Michigan University, Mt Pleasant, Mich., as a senior this fall. Vivian Kivits of Sioux Cily, formerly of Carroll, came Saturday afternoon to attend the wedding of Bertha Lynne Anneberg and Larry F.liasen Sunday afternoon. She is an aunt of Dr. A Reas Anneberg. Miss Kivits is returning to Sioux City today I.aVonne Kuker left for Omaha Tuesday morning where she will teach second grade at Holy Cross school Guests of Mr. and Mrs. C .v Bishop over the weekend were Mr Bishops sister, Mrs Lena Xovack. her son and daughter-in- law Mr and Mrs. Wilfred Novack. and Mr and Mrs. Carl Novack. all of Bucklin. Mo they were en route to the Black Hills on a vacation trip COOKING that puts the. IN MEN FOLK OPEN EVERY NIGHT TILL |Q R M. TUM. $« pt ember 8 thru Sat. September 12 Don't Miss This Sale of Sales i BRAND NEW BBC!* powwit save *20°o! SINGER* VACUUM SPECIALS SALE-A-THON PRICE PORTABLE FULL POWER Canister Cleaner Reduced to $1/150 . Sack** by SINGER 39 Be ooceoro 54B •20 OFF Golden Glide' Tank Cleaner TRADE-IN ^CHINES SINGER and other makes ELECTRIC $ 7?m PORTABLES 19 ELECTRIC CONSOLES JLV 50 AUTOMATIC RANGE Imagine tempting your menfolk with the aroma of their favorite foods with never a burner! mishap. Enjoy the new wonder Gas ranges with automatic top burner control and automatic ovens. Buy yours now! ASK YOUR DEALER HOW YOU CAN STEP UP TO GAS COOKINQ NOW IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHTS POWER _ TERRIFIC COMBINATION VALUE f The famous SINGER* Slant-Needle machine • Handsome Portable case • Elding steel-frame sewing table SAVE $ 42 00 on the famous SLANT- NEEDLE Deluxe wi.h ZIGZAGGER Every Machine In Open Stock — Discounted for This Sale! 101 OTHER BIG VALUES! FIRST COME, FIRST SOLD! SINGER SEWING CENTER (Listed in phone book underSINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY) 'A Trademark ef THE SINGER MfO. CO.. 518 North Adams - Dial 2338 - Carroll, Iowa MANNING CREAMERY CO.

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