Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 11, 1961 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1961
Page 5
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Our Future Citizens Fayette Leader Page 5 ^L^L^L Fay * ilc - Iowa Summer program in West Central Commencement play Selected for u. i. u. School to be expanded this year Thornton Wilder's Broadway ' play "The Matchmaker" has MAYNARD — Superintendent There will be offered a summer been selected for the annual Wayne P. Truesdell ls amiuon- reading clinic open to children Commencement production at e ' n ^ * ha * t ' le summer program in Upper Iowa University, it was thc West Central Community revealed today by Mrs. William schools which began last year Esters, director. w '" oc continued and expanded Tin- play will bo presented this vt ' ar with tlu ' following May 2<J and 27. Limiting and set- courses being offered, tings are to be made by members Weekly instrumental lrs ; ,, ns of the acting and directing class wil1 l)C K'vcn by Karen in this Bails- check and there will he a sn ics if band concerts in the three towns in the district. M;iynaid. Randiiliii and Wcslgak 1 . Alvin Kelly, physical eilur.it- ion instructor and coach, will ard Borland of Oelwcin, while havt ' charge of the girls' softball _ .,„„„.„ vull Shaver is the son of Mr. and Program. He also will wi-rk out tact the Maynard office of West Mrs. R. J. Shaver of Rowley. a schedule for six hours of be- Central. Other members of the cast in- hind-t/ie-wheel training and tor . elude Mary Ellffn McCormick, the 30-hour classrcvm instruction P rev ent DOWer lawn Shellsburg; Vincent Pop:>lizio in drivci ' education. K a¥V " Mrs. Dorothy Dilley, third Mower accidents at U. I. U. Heading the cast are Diane Borland as Mrs. Dolly Levi, and Gary Shaver as Mr. Horace Van- dergflder. Miss Borland is the daughter i-f Mr. and Mrs. How- area. This individualized will be conducted by Dr. Voarl G. McBride of Iowa University, Fayette. There a].-;:> will be a summi ;• enrichment program offered at U. I U., with courses in French, lI'Tinan. possibly Spanish, typing and junior dramatics. Tiiese course;; will be i pen to students How in i;radc.s five to eight who •'IK' in the tup 20 per cent of their classes. Those interested in either of UK Sciienectady, New York; Larry More youngsters in the series of Fayetie's future citizens are pictured above. Left to right they are: Top row — Lynn, 16 month old son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Borcheri: Garth, three-year-old son, - - - -. •nd Beanna. nine months old daughter of Mr. and "Mrs Ronald CVmv ' Winthrop: Elmer Freycr- Ki'ade teacher at the Maynaid Xocher. Bottom row five-year-old Steve, three-year-old Kathy, and lmltn - Fa .vctlc; Joan Froscher, school, will have charge of the two-rear-old Donnie, children of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sleek. Downers Grow, Illinois; Ti:m ~ — .. _ Ham, Winthrop; Bill Kapler, Burghardt. Cresco; Scott and Lynn Jack Frye left last week to Wilmette. Illir.e^s; Bob Home Economics Extension Week will be observed April 30th last two cvjurscs should con. to May 6th. Above i? the Family Living Committee that met re- ently lo make plans for the 1961-62 Extension program year. Left to right: Mrs. George Boess, Mrs. Gertrude Smith, District Extension Home Economics Supervisor, Mrs. Howard Jones, chairman, and Mrs. Reuben Koester. fcuutalia left last week to work as cook for the A. W. Pat- Lansing, Illinois; Helen Jo Bur. ridge Co., of St. Paul, Minn. He get Fayette; Diane Gearhart, will be working for the present Dundee; Jay Nelson, Manchester; The Esther Circle of the Worn- at Horton, Montana. He expects and Janet Thoreson, Swea City. an's Society of Christian Ser- to bc 8° ne about three months. vice will meet Wednesday after- Mr - and Mrs. Bob Roltighaus Do-R-Best club meets noon, May 17, with Mrs. Dick and three children of Mason City, Vargason.' The Deborah circle wero last Sunday dinner guests , ., ., JUT will meet with Mrs. Mary Beman. ™ *"e Frank Edmonds home. %*i?™£? ^TorT?- J nT Everyone is to bring Jeir Bles- . Mr and Mrs, Ralph Lenius and ^J^.^^Sl^ ^ remedial reading class. There will be re; ciiarge for this course Lebin which will be for six weeks. Wiok,' Sportsfest held at Upper Iowa gymnasium The Second Annual Kayelte High School Sp»rrt>fcst sponsored by the Upper Iowa University April showers bring May flow- was held Tuesday night, May 2. Phyoical Educatm Department About DO high solm-1 .students participated in the various e- Winners are as folVws: Volleyball (boys) — David Burgel. ,,.-.,„,.,. i( _ ., - Each girl present was given the Jot- Rohdi*, Frank Randall, Den- 10.45 to 10 o clock for the sum- was a Friday aftcrncon caller of opportunity to make different nl? Dilley, Gary Nading and mer months. Mrs. Ben Turner. shaped rolls out of bread dough Allan Finger. Volleyball (girls) The fourth quarterly conferen- Mr. and Mrs. Ben Turner were prepared by Mrs. Harry Arthur, —Sharon Pattison, Sue Crafti-n, ce will be May 11 at 7:30 p.m. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and leader. ' Janet Scheidel, Sharon Farley, Dr. Gable will conduct the meet- Mrs. Oliver Saltsgiver. Three cakeu were bimight. Andrea Nadeau, Annette Baker, ing. Everyone is welcome. Ilene Jones of Canton, 111., and Mary Jo Nabholz, the one bowl and Sandra Henning. Bible school will begin May fiance Norman Helle of Ellisville, cake, made from "scratch". Glor- Badminton Doubles (l'i ys) — 29 and last until June 3 from 111., visited her brother-in-law ia Dobbs the box cake. Duris Allan Finger and Dennis Dilley. 9 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. with the and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Alley made the conventional Badminton DouhlVV (giilO — exception of Memorial Day, May Ault and daughter, Sunday. cake method. These cakes were Andrea Nadeau and Sue Craf- 30. It will be held in the school Mrs. Mary Beman was a Sun- compared for texture and grain, ton. house. day dinner guest of Mrs. J. W. The club met Thursday night Bowling — Girls' Division — The Woman's Relief Corps so- Frye. for a Good Grooming contest. Marge Webb, Boys' Division— cial meeting will be at the home Mrs. Ben Turner and Mrs. Doris Alley was chosen winner Gary Oakley. of Mrs. Dale Wolfe in Oelwein. Ted Lenius were Saturday morn- uf the senior girls. There were Trampoline — Girls' Division During the wind storm Friday ing callers of Mrs. Hazel Ra'smus- three in this group; two reds and —Caivjl Dahlquist. Boys' Division evening, the barn on the Cletus sen in Payette. one blue ribbon award. Gloria —Barry Zbornik. Fettkether farm across the road Mr. and Mrs. George Carley of Dobbs was chosen as winner of Swimming — Girls 20 yard from David Wells was blown Maynard and Mr. and Mrs. Louie the juniors in which seven blue Free Style, Zoe Anna Martin; 20 down and other buildings damag- Sorge of Fayette were five and seven red ribbons were a- yard Backstroke, Zoe Anna Mared. Also part of the stone base- o'clock dinner guests of Mr. and warded. tin; Hoys — 20 yard Free Style, ment barn southeast of there was Mrs. Lee Jellings, Sunday. These two girls will represent Barry Zbornik; 40 yard Free damaged. Mrs. Madge Doran and son-in- Center Do-R-Best in the better Style, Mike Ashby; 20 yard Announcements have been re- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. grooming contest to be held at Backstroke, Ron Webb; 3-man ceived of the birth of an eight Emory Gates, of Waterloo, were the 4.H Rally Day. Relay, Ron Webb, Mike A^hby pound four and one half ounce Wednesday dinner guests of Mr. Mrs. R. Strong from Illyria Barry Zbptyvk. Diving, Barry girl to Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Mun- and Mrs. Lee Jellings. township and Mrs. N. Earth, tea- Zbcrnik. ns at Fennimore, Wis., May 2. cher from North High were thc After the trophies were award- Power mowers can slici gers and toes as tiiey can cut a blade . f grass. Learn how to u.se them ;.itVly, advises thc Iowa Stati' Department of Health. First, rake the area to be mowed. This is essential. Three out of Ion persons injured in power IN wcr mishaps are hurl by objects thrown by the mower. These objects may be rocks, nails, bones, wires or sticks. It's been calculated that a rotating mower blade could hurl a nail or sVne at a speed of 170 miles per hour, turning it into a mighty lethal weapon. Rake thc yard first and eliminate these hazards. He sure that all people, espec- it of the s in use. Ajcidenfis have been recorded when blades and other mower parts hit obstructions and flew off like missiles. One major hazard is leaving the mower running. About 20,000 youngsters are injured every year —- many of tliLin when they investigate a running mower and j;et in the way of the blades, dais don't give your toes enough fin . Yo-.i can prevent such accidents proUc t : ,:. n . Always wear closed- preferably by always turnim; off tin when you leave. Turn cff the motor, too, when removing grass. Reaching under the deck, chain guards rr belt guards with the motor running is a.-Icing for tragedy. hot, let A rcd- cause an ex- p'i .:ion. Dress sensibly when operating a mower. Flimsy, open-toed san- safely. toe shoes, preferably steel-toe safety styles, or clcatcd golf shoes that wont slip on wet grass. Take time before operating the mower to read instructions carefully and become fully familiar with controls. In an emergency yen don't have time to learn what to do. Remember that a power mowed is a powerful tool. Use it WE HAVE PARTS & SERVICE For All Kinds Of VACUUM CLEANERS Xirby Home Renovation Phone 118 — Fayette Phone 364 — West Union She has been named Meredith Katherine. Mrs. Munns was the former Lu Ann Burghardt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred FOR SURPRISING RESULTS TRY LEADER WANT ADS judges. ed eMteijyone enjoyed refresh- It was also decided to send ment and dancing in Colgrove- Sheila Sullivan to Ames as a Walker Cafeteria and Auditor- delegate to the 4-H convention. ium. EtIG GAIN Economy Corner FREE! SET OF COW HOBBLES! Get a FREE set of Master Kicker, the most effective cow hobble ever built, with each HALF-TON CASH PURCHASE OF BIG GAIN DAIRY FEEDS1 Hurry . , . offer good only while supply laslsl DON'T GET CAUGHT IN THE RUSH GET READY FOR NATURAL GAS SERVICE NOW Natural gas is almost here. Now is the time for you to get ready for it. Here': what you should do to be sure of getting natural gas service when you want i.. APPLY for a free natural gas service line at Peoples Natural Gas. Phone or visit the Peoples office to make application. INSTALL the house piping you need to bring the natural gas where you want it for your appliances. 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