Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 16, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1898
Page 4
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To Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account p' The little Dutch boy who stopped the leak in the diko with hia finger laved his country from overwhelming dentruc- tion. You hav« read about him ia your school readers, liow he was walking along the dike when he heard a faint sound of trickling w*aler, and knew at once that a lealc had sprang in that great embankment which saves Holland from the devastations of the hungry Bca. It was early in the night, and no one was near at hand. The leak was small when he found it, but be knew that the action of the water would enlarge it long before morning, and wash away the entire embankment, inundate the country and destroy his own and thou- aandi of homo. So he bravely put his finger in the crevasse, and kept it there all th« long night through, nntil help came and the openitlg.was properly stopped. He had saved his country. Equally insignificant is the entrance of disease into the human system. The be. winnings of the most terrible ailments are go email they can be easily stopped at the start Your health is a dike which keeps out and stops the inroads of dangerous and devastating disease. Whenever it breaks down, no matter how slightly, there is an opening for disease to enter. If the opening is not watched, it will grow larger, until the sweep of disease overwhelms yon, and health and perhaps life is destroyed forever. Fortify your health with Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, and you can defy Ill-health. You can make your health go strong a bulwark that disease cannot find a crevice through which it can creep. Taken in time, Dr. Pierce's remedies prevent greater and more serious troubles. Hundreds write dally to Dr. Pierce, telling him how these remedies have saved them •ad made them strong. Constipation causes nnd aggravates many serioui diseases. It Is speedily cured by Dr. Pteree'a Pleasant Pelleta. Women Should Know It. SHE IS A POWER. of HIM Sim iv In (lie Ili'llj <jrci-li llrlllxli (iiliinlnl I'otllle*. Onfi of thn niofit ri'iiinrknl.lo mill in- tcrostiiiK nxnmpli'H uf tl.ui Kiit,'li*li new woman in MifH Flora Slu-.w, wim is juft onw iiivwtiKntiiiK tho corrupt iimiiiiRo- liioiit of tli.i Klondike, by I lid colonial government. HiiiiiK n pioneer type, sho Is hard to dcwiriliiv Klie is tn I'.ritisll politics what. Hetty (irecn is to tlio American financial wot Id. Professionally aim is tho colonial editor of tho London Times, ami «c nidi she linn n port of roviiiK commission. Toflny film in in Dawson City. Tlio next wo hear of her rtio may bo in Fnshodu. But Rim plays a far more, important part in colonial affairs than tlml of n nowspnpt'r oorri!. u pnn(l«ut. Tlio most BUcceFHfnl journaliHta nre tboHi) who know wlmtiot to print. Minn Hllnw i» ono of tin-mi. Il wnH ourr.'iitly Iwlluvccl thnt she was as deep in tho ".Tamomon raid" iifTuir as tJecil Rhodes himself, nnd, it is paid, that if ndviru Imfl been taken the plot to Kci/.o tho Trnus- »pr*i«ntlD( M Flnt-clMi loiur-; anoeCompuilei. FOR SALE. The Dr. Hardy property corner 5th and Alby ita. Lot 1801120 foot with 2 dwellings. A 4-room dwelling on Eauton street bot. 10th •ndllthflts. Lot 48x120 foot. Price $700. The residence of Goo. Klrsch on Belle street! 8 rooms and bath rooms In good ro -'air. TheW-room roBldonco of S. H. NlohoU on Lingdon et. Lot 70x170 foot. A fine location, AlneS-room dwolimef < n « ar . 1 7,, n , ( , w . ) with bath room; heated by furnace; In Mlddletown, The nne lot of David -Doyle on BluH street With 4-room brlolt dwelling. TheJ. M. Ton«or homestead containing about 42 tores: One 10 room dwolllngitriilt of allklnd, Some nno lots on Bluff street with brick pav- Ing and seworj no grading, In T. L. Koulds add Aflne 8-room brick dwelling, heated with •team. Lot IZOilZOfeetj One fruit; half block Mniiv women Buffer untold upony and iriiBcry because the nature of their dlsfHHO Is not correctly under- Btood. They have been led to believe that womb trouble or ferrmln weak- np.« of some sort IB renponi-lble lor thn many ills that beaet, womankirnl. NBtiralgia, nervotiBnens, heatlacho, puffy or (lurk clrcleH undcr the eves. rhctimaliBm, a drilling V ttln or' 1 " 11 nclio In the back, weakness or boar- ing-down BeiiBation, profusnor fcasty Btipply of urine wilh strong odor, frequent dCBire to pass It with scalding or burning Bennation. Btdlmont In It after stniicllng in bottle or common glass for twenty- four hour*, are signs of kidney and bladder trouble. Tho nbove symptoms are often at- lrlmitr.d by the patient liorstlforby her phyniclan to female weakness or womb trouble. Hence, so many fail to obtain rcllnf, because they are treating, not the tliBoaso itself, but a reflection of the primary catiBC, which IB kidney trouble. In fact, women as well as men are made miserable with kidney and bladder trouble and both need tbe B»me remedy. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root ,-ls the great discovery of the eminent kidney nnd bladder specialists, and IH oai>y to got at any drug stare for OOY or 91. To prove its wonderful merits you may bavo a simple bottle and book telling all about it, both sent absolutely free by mail. Kiodly mention UieTiUJCOHAi'H and send your ad- drops to Dr. Kilmer & Uo., Blngham- lon.N. Y. 7 rooms. Heath with turnaoe. Lot M feet on Prospect street. A flne property no thonorth side of Second car line In Upper Alton. ' - street between IM in Highland Park, each 70 by about A'au'room dwelling on State street. Priof 'jlgood 8-room dwelling on Second street, A goo* 7-room dwelling | good lot and VnSw ten room dw«Ung In Upper Alton, good town. Fine location. •^.'KS'rSl'd'eno. Ol Albo,t Wade on B.U. ^-f'rSem.' 00 ^ tfrttaft"^ ffii** f^S5agehou.e. Lot 85 feel front. 'oVrenT, other deilrable property not irlefcc dwelling on WUllam atreet, ngwlth 2^ good lots on MISS KI.01IA 8I1AW. vnnl ropnblio would not hnvo failed. Sho wi»a an important '.vilnofls hoforo tho coiuinittee wliioh "wliitewashed" the affair and ono of tho cleverest in telling so litllu about sonintliiui,' of which HUB know so much. MifiH Shaw has boou (Inscribed as "a charming uioluiiRO of femininity, im- periitHsm and journalism." Sho began her career IIH it jouruoliHt wbilo truvol- iuf? as a companion to a wealthy Ktif?- lifc'h woman who hud n penchant for touring. Mian Shaw wroto letters about colonial aiTairH that nttrnotud attention, aud she, was engaged by Tlio limes. It was during her Jlrat trip that sho mot Cecil Rhodes. Ho at once recognized her ability, and cvur ninco thuu she has enjoyed b,i« coufldcnoo, wbilo ho bus benefited by her ndvioo. Miss Shaw is a stylish looking woman somewhere between Sfi and -10. Sho ia all businuBs. Tlinru iH no iio;iHourin of the BCiitiineiital kind iibout lior. Her ono idea is colonial expansion, and whenovor HUO comes nrtrofH a loosely fastened boundary lino her impulse in to jolt it n few thousand milusont of place. When In England, H!IO lives with an nunmrricd nistor in n protty villa near Rogcnt'H park, koopH up an dlogunt UH- tttbli^bment, nnd is much Bought at'tur in intellectual us well UH sniai't society. TwentySecond Annual Convention in Session. WIM, KKCLAHK FOR KXJ'ANSION. - A goSVr bom dwelling with flne rlYerylMf bMted by hot water. FOR RENT, The two story brick dwelling with 8 rooma,on Bellerlew ayenue now ooouplod by J. Moulton. All-room dwelling on 3rd street with bath a°nd U two 4-room tenam.nt. bath room 12nd street near Cherry Toe L. J. er Alton REAL, ESTATE, INSURANCE, and LOAN AQGM IROOM 15, P. 0. BU1LDINO. A One building lot Wilts on between drove and Franklin, foi °Aia5iore farm 8 mile, soull VCR 8A1.B4 Liberty street ...."for HUB. " A120sore farm a muea eoutli at Brighton, one-nalflnoaltlvatlon, one-half good puature, Ior$a,000. A bargain. A new two story brlok modern dwelling near tne corner of Third and Ooorge utrootn. ™ W^om dwelling house with largo lot on Langdon atreet south of Twelfth street. Tbe one atory frame dwelling No. 021 eaat Sto^jtrVtJtor 11*00. Loteoxflo. flood street ubuVframe dwelling house and another Sr nouleTall on ono'ot In good location JuTitewtown. Bents for $38 per month: ew 8-room resldonoe on State street OD toU247Uxl56on Oak street botween the C"AA. and Big four K. K. tracks, uultablu for *•^ ""—-, or manufacturing purposes. 10 oa eatt lUe of Alton street, bet, ktSe'arm'ln'Jersey county, halt mil. r • i station by rail or river. e business property, corner Sno nts.,gn easy terms, « »ouble <r»mei»«ldenoe, new and al i improvement*, eltuated on Fourth it., nry. « acre farm with neoeuary building* D «ai k^ton, «uiublp for a diary. rleslrtWe fS* profitable bualneu prop neut'fcaiUdet, occupied by good and a convenleul Boiia tat AN AMERICAN BEAUTY. Jim. C'olwnti-, Wnlthy VOUIIK Wlil»»v, Who May »lnrr>- nil Knrl. Mrn. Siuuuol T. Uolgato, who IH re- portwl OH ougagud to tlio Kurl of Stntf- ford, hiiB for Hovcrnl smiHoiis buou n fa- vorito iu oxolunivo LiiiiiUin Hociuty, and this JH not tho first tiuio it IIIIN liuun ru- Hioroil tlint nho wns to niurry into tho Kuglifih nobility. Who IH ono of tho nu- uiorouH women on whom Mayfuir IHIH oonfarrud tho title of "Iho boaiitiftil Amui'ianu." Mi'H. Oolgntu is it liaudMomn young widow with u fortuno of $10,000,000, whiuh sho ruueivod by tho wiU'of iu^r into husband, tibo in a diiHliiiiK blond, with a perfect ligurii, aud WIIH u grt'iit bello in Now OrlwiuH, whoro liur fiitliur wua a (liutliiKuiNhud juilKo. Shu HjieukH Frouoh, Ungliiili and (ionium fluuntly aud ia it lulunlud vociiliut us wull uu a pianist. Sho iu about !10 y«arH of IIKO. Her husband WUB tho multiiuilliouiiiro Boapmiiltpr who dim! in 1HIM1. Tho Eurl of Stniltord iH over UO yours of ago and a wido^vvor. Ho poBecssos uu- MltS. KAMI.'KI, T. COl.dATK. incumboriid rHtntoN, diivoli'N intli'li of liiM tiino to niiuiUKiuK tlui Huino and IHIH a uoiiHtuntly incrciihln^ liunk uocount. Workbiuil p.trk It tho flnuut of bin country wills), ttud lio pntsoKsiiH a town him HO lu fit. iluinoH Hinuin 1 , Liiiidon. Tlio oiirl iH dtttiuumlril frinii thu tlrut ViROonut TorriuKtoi), wbo WIIH a oom- luuiulur in tlio iH'iiiiiHtilur war. Mix full uainu in Himry Williiuu UharloH Dyng. Tho uurl also onjoys thu titlua of Viscount Kullolil and linruu Htiiill'urd of Huriuoudiiwortu. _ _n Ilunteritowc . jth and Cherry its roof reildeaoe, No. eaiy Urmsi ~ T prooeee la i bltanU, Lan< • the nur- building suitable tor itore 01 Ing ioufe near th» t aew brioE too or COM Branoa, opi>oal|» TO LOAN. Robbed theOrove A startling Incident of which Mr. John Oliver, of Pbllldelphla, wivo tho subject, IB narrated by bli» ait follows: "I was lu » uioet dreadful condition. Wy akin waa almost) yellow, eyes sunken, tongue coated, pain continually tn back and sides, no appetite • gradually growing weaker day by day. Three physicians bad given me up. Fortunately, a friend advised trying "Electric Bitters," and to my great Joy and surprise, the (irst bottle made a decided Improvement. I continued their use for three weeksfand am.uow well man. I know they saved my aud robbed the grave of another .') No one should (ail to try 60)» per bofcUe at B. lIcBiiliilliin" \VI11 lie l'u»»i-il C'ontnivKi-lliie tlio AM»«I-||IIM I.iili'ly Maili! !•» I'l-iwlilent <i,,ni|>i-r» iif Ilin Ailii-rlcun I'Vdcniliiill of I.iibiu- Tllilt Or^»nl/«Ml l.ulMir IK AK"!"*'Ilin Ac-lnilBllliin of Cuni|iior«il Tttrrllory —Allnok on lltiycH. ChlciiKO. Nov. IB.—Over 100 cleli'gntcn fnini nil pru-ts of Uils country ami from Cuinnlii iii-ciipli'd Oilil Follows' hall, Gl! Nurlli l.'liirk Kli-i'i't. :il 10 o'clock In the nuirnlni; when Cli-nerul Master Work- iniin Ucnry A. Hicks of New York raiipcU en Ihe celt,"' "f I'"' rontrum with a small woollen gavel uiid calleil into existence the Iwonly-Hccond unnuul na. tlonal us«cinlily of the Knights of Labor. This meeting; l« ileBllneil to make the people of chlciiKo thoroushly fiuuil- liu- wllh Ihe KniKhtH of Labor before It censr-B Ha work, and is expecteil to last, lit lenpt until Thanksgiving dity, ami It may lut have ended its labors liy Hint time. Action will he taken In rcKanl to the n.-i«iit foi-einn roniiuests, and It is srikl (hat thu KnlKhts of Labor will pass resolutions combating the iiHsei-tinn lali-ly mai.le nnd rt'ltoruted by Preslilenl Samuel (.iompers that or- ganlxed labor Is against the accjiisl- llon of comiuei-eil tcri-ltory. Klfi-Mini ol Ollk-Kl-H. Oilier resolutions will probably pass Informing congress of the labor logls- lutli/n which Die Knlghl.s of Labor think necessary. The biennial election of national ofltcers will also be heli.1 (Hiring the present assembly. On each alternate year otliceis ai-e elected or the constitution of the order revised and kept up lo date. The national assembly o£ last jcai- was intended for constitutional revision, but the unex- recled light over (he national olllcers developing which resulted In the deposing of GcncTnl Master Workman Sovereign and Ihe choice of hlr. successor at a special election, so much time was lost that little remained for considering Ihe constitution. There is little opposition to the re-election of the existing ollicers, with the possible exception of lienei-ul Master Workman John W. Hayes of New llrunswlek, N. J., and most of the attention of the assembly will be devoted to the necessary changes In the constitution, which has remained practically untouched for two years. linn In ISut Worrlml. Allhough all tlio brunt of the attack on the present ofllcers is being directed against General Hucretary-Treiisiirer Hayes, that ollloor does not stern to mind the efforts being made to reach for his scalp. "This attack Is no worse than tbe assaults that have been made upon my Job from the lime I was first ck'cted to hold It down, which was ten long years ago," he commented sarcastically. "I am still general seiTctary- treasurer. 1 think 1 have as many friends among the delegates this year as ever before." Mr. Hayes Is the only one of the present national ollicei-s who dales back to the era in which Mr. 1'owderly reigned supreme! over the affairs of the Knights of Labor, and when Ihe number of knights who obeyed his dictates were popularly supposed to amount to fully 1.000,000. J. It. Sovereign, who was I'owdcrly's most successful successor In the art of keeping In the saddle of leadership, bul who wiis Hiinimurlly unhorsed last year, still remains u Knight of Labor In good standing. TKXTII.K WOHKU8 MAY STltlKK. 1'mnT UIHU-H nnil Mora 1'uy tlui Unite of tlio IHMimtul. New York, Nov. 14.—Thu general executive council uf lln; National Union of Textile Workers of America met In tlu.' Hotel Cadillac ami discussed the advisability of making a demand for fewer hours of work and higher wages all over the country. The union, It Is said, may soon have a light upon Its hands In the smith, where the wages of employes have ulrcudy been reduced. A member of the executive committee was directed lo confer with the local leaders in Augusta, Ha., where trouble Is expected In the mills. The council Issued a statement calling Ihe attention of manufacturer!) lo probable danger lo the coiton Industry of this coinUi-y In the event of Ihe annexation of till! rillllppllles, Till- GllUllcll said thai If 1'orolgn capital builds factories there the southern manufacturers will suffer greatly. JiViiies .1. llll'l IB "to begin work at mice on his new lirltlsh Columbia railroad from HOIIIICI'H 1'Vrry, Idaho, to Nelson. Remarkable Hescue Mrs. MlobaelCurtain, 1'lnluUeUi, III., miikOB tbe slutemont that she oauebt cold, which Bottled on her lungs; aim WHS treated (or a inoulb by her family pbyslolun, but grow worse. He told ber ebo was a helpless victim of consumption aud no medicine could cure ber. Her druggist suggested Dr. Klnglg New Discovery for Oou- HUtnptlon; ebe bougbt a bottle aud to ber delight found herself benefited from the first dose. She continued UB wo and aftor taking six bottloe, found herself sound and well, now doea her own housework and is as well as the ever was. Free trial bottles of thin Great Discovery at B. Marsh's drug store, large bottles 6t)o and It. Arrrat of ft" !-"mbr**lflr. Tnp'-kn. Kan. Nov. IB.--United Stules Marshal Slum- line received n telegram from AlhiHiii'-niuc. N. M.. nollfylnc him of the arr.'ct of II. 1). lOckhinn. formerly of the firm of Niideau * Co. of Nn- dcmi, Knn.. who IH wauled for the alleged embe/.7.len;enl of $4P, 1)00. It Is alleged thnl Kcliham before disappearing some time i\K" borrowed (S.OOO each from four Kansas banks to use. as he said, In making and cashing cheeks for the Indians. He next visited govern I Indian nwrvntlons and secured fld.iilio in government, checks which he exchanged for bills of large denominations. He is said also to have taken $4,1)1X1 from Ibe firm's store nnd the poslolllce lit Nadeaii. A reward of $5,000 WIIB offered for his arrest. llnltlirl Mil) O.I til r«i-l». •Washington, Nov. 1(1.-Vice Tresldent llobnrt may ntlend the Paris exposition as the representative of the United States. All of the other nations will be represented by their olllelal heads or some member of Ihe reigning family, nnd as It will be Impossible for the president to attend, efforts are being made to Induce the vice president to BO. Should the president go to Paris the vice president would be called upon to execute his duties, and Major McKlnley seems averse to trusting the affairs of the nation In the hands of Mr. Hobart, particularly while congressJs In session. I.\-lliiiili OIllclulM cmTilul. Kansas City. Nov. 1(1.--David V. rtelger and Richard r. Coving-ton, formerly president and cashier, respectively, oC the Missouri National bank, which failed In (Kiobcr, 1S90, were placed on trial In the United Plates district court on Indictments charging eni- bex-/.lcment and the misapplication of the bank's money. K. I 1 . Moxey. government expert, who examined tbe books soon afler the failure, will be the chief witness for the government. Relg- er and Covlnglon are now engaged In the Insurance business lit Bprlnglleld, Ills. __ "Woman I'm-n n Gun. Little Hock. Ark., Nov. !(!.—Argenta, on the opposite side of the Arkansas river, was tho scene of a sensational shooting affray. John B. Cuneo, proprietor of n saloon, was discovered by his wife wllh Mrs. Fannie K. Howell. Mrs. Cunco drew a revolver and emptied its contents at the. pair. Two bullets entered Mrs. Howell's head, one pass- Ing throiiKh her brain. She will die. Cuneo was shot three times, and his condition is serious. Mrs. Cuneo escaped In a buggy, but the police believe she will return. Tile commission of live sent by the Cuban assembly in Santa Cruz del Sinto call upon President Melvlnley has reached Hav:u;a. Distressing Stomach D.seasc Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It ia a jure for the whole world of stomach weakness and_ indigestion. The cure begins " Tested and Tried f For 25 Years _ Would you feel perfectly '' safe to put all your money * in a now bank> Ono you have Just heard of? But how about an old bank? Ono that has done buelneas for over a quarter of a century ? One that has always kept its promises? One that never failed ; never misled you In any way? You could trust such abanir couldn't you? SCOTT'S EMULSION of COD-LIVER OIL WITH HYPOPHOSPHITBS Is Just like such a bank. It has never disappointed you, never will. It has never deceived you, never will- Look out that someone does not try to mako you Invest your health In a new tonlo, some new medicine you know nothing of. 5<x. >nd $1.001 ill druggists. SCOTT & nOWNE, ChtmUts, New York. MASON'S 111 1.1, A Ma- with the 'flrflt dose. Tbe relief it'brings is mar- veloiiR and surprising. It makes no failures never disappoints. No matter how long you have suffered, your cure IB certain under the use of this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Sold by S. H. Wyss. "The worst cold I ever had in my life was cured by Chamberlain's Cough Remedy," says W. H Norton, of Butter Creek, Oal. "This cold left me with a cough and I was expector- atigg all the time. The remedy cured me, and I want all ray friends when troubled with a cough or cold to use it, lor it will do them good." Bold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyaa. Delays are Dangerous. Many of your friends, or people whom you know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fatal diseases by neglect of a simple cold or cough. Foley's Honey and Tar, a safe sure and pleasant cough medicine, would have saved them. It is guaranteed. Sold by B. Marsh and S. H. Wjss. •__ Quit coughing la easy enough, if yon take Dr. Bell's Flue-Tar-Hsney. It cuts tho mucus and allays the inftftnimaliou ao that there is no inclination to cough. It soothes the bronchiole, and is strengthening to the throat and Inugs. All good druggists sell it. You Can't Alford to Chance It. A heavy cold may lead to pneumonia or consumption. Folay's Honey and Tar taken in time affords perfect security from serious results. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyes. $100, Dr. E. Deletion's Anti-Diuretic May be worth to you more than 8100 if you have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water during sleep. Ouros old and young nlike. It arrests the trouble at once. 91. Sold by 8. H. W>BH. Druggist., 052 Second Bt.-eet, Alton, 111. KatiM Simula n llurglnr. New York, Nov. 16.—Rev. Maurice HosentJinl. n Jewish rnblil. was immspcl [rum Ills sleep by hearing a stranger In hla house In Knst One Hundred ntnl Sixteenth streets. Arming himself with n pistol he went Into the parlor, when? he was atai'kccl by the Intruder. The two men fought desperately fur a few moments, the Imrslnr proving to be the stronger. At bust the clergyman fired his pistol full In the face or the burglur, who fell unconscious, a bullet having torn out his left eye and entered the brain. Shot tlio Wrong ainn. Mitchell, Ind.. Nov. 10.—Jesse, ased 22, son of Kmlte Burton of Georgia, was shot by John Flora here through mistaken Identity. A feud existed between Flora and Ab Junes of this place, and Flora mistook young Burton for Jones. Burton will die. He Is highly respected. Flora, after the quarrel with Jones, waited in hiding behind a house with a shotgun. Burton, who resembles Jones In nature and dress, came In sight. Flora isjn jaiK Unlit Itoblmry ut Chlcii|*o. Chicago, Nov. 1C.—Mrs. Kmma S. Hill, who lives at the Cambridge Hats, Thirty-ninth street and Kills avenue, was enticed into nn Inner room of a basement at 1907 Wabash avenue at 1 o'clock in the afternoon and gagged and tied by two men, who robbed her of $500 and checks to the amount of $1,000. The robbery was accomplished while scores of persons were passing and ropassing the house where it took place. ^ Twenty 1'ernoim Urowneil. St. Petersburg, Nov. 1C.—The frozen surface of the river Suchona at Vellctu- stlng broke while a number of people and vehicles were crossing the stream. Twenty persons were drowned. I, Tn.1 Slimll. Washington, Ni.v. Ifi Kenntor BOIl'S hill lilted 1" II SUefl HS III Ihe l ''" S Ini? days of Hi" last >"HK>-esH >'»'' "" tended In put n slop I" II'"" 1 ml'' 111 ' 1 '" 1 tluii Is proving a dead teller, says the c-oTiiiiilfshiner "f Hit,-mil revenue. Tills 1,111 WIIH taken up l>y tlio senator nl tlu- reiine"t "f HIP Null' 1 '!' 11 T»-i'' (1 " f 'I'•'""•'• lull Ilic' iil«« originated wllh ""' Cll '~ cn«ci Hoard of Trade. Commlssi, ,ner (.r Internal Revenue Scott has tnlien summary aetlon "> roeommemlltiK t" the secretary of the treasury .ill »f l'«" twnnly *l"-eln Hour InHp.-ct.n-s Hppnlnl.-n inul.-r Ihe bill h- dismissed ini'l their work turned ov.'i- t.. the iVBiilnr special agents of the treasury department. The commls- Bloner says Ihe :\K> nts "» v ' x ivi'"" 1 ' 1 ' no vIoliHl-Mi". Ihe wile of revenue slumps provided by law l.> bo altai-he.l tu adulterated ll"iir has be.-n liislKiiillcant -»' fa.-t, tntnl j-cvemu-s under Ihe bill have been (.nly uno-tliinl tin- expense In- cin-reil f«ir special iinenls. It Is uu- lleved the law will be repeal.'.!. EMU'KMKXT KM)S IN IHI'IUHCK. Fullii't- Klllii lli« Mini Who Win ItiiiinliiR AWIIJ Wllll HI" IIUUBlllt-r. Webster City, la., Nov. 18.-A murder resulting frinii an elcipeinent occurred near Thnr. Anna left Inline In the evenlns nnil joined F. 11. Kreld- erictison, her betrothed. Her father hail forbidden her (joliiB with Frelderlckson nnd had repeatedly ordered him from the house. As BOOH as his daughter's departure was discovered her father started In pin suit. Me overtook tliein. nnd when lie deninnded the Klrl Freid- crk-Uson opened lire with a revolver. Fwanson h"d his rille in the IJUKRV, and with 111" lirst shot be fired Instantly killed FreUlerh-ksiiii. Swanson was not luii-t,biil t.iolc hki dauehler and went to the rn-ar.-st .insli.-e of the pence, where he fjavi himself up. H Is reported thill the girl's mind is railing. « «-t .1 Vn.i Ifuvo AlwavH Bought, nud which has been u So J ™ " To en.", 1m, Wno tho signature of lu use lor ovc slnco Allow no ono to deceive you In this. , Imitations and Substitutes arc but Ex. What is CASTORIA The Children's Panacea-Tho Mothers GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS Bears the Signature of IjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMTimiiaal"!"".""""" 11 "" 1 " 1 """"! MADE ME A MAN ' orr, Impot«no)r, by ibuw and ot ttL cretlont rtitv gutokly and turrlv i ~r restore Loit Vitsltfj lo olfi or wang, and V fit a man for •»lttM» or morrl»e«i skr Vrmont InnanlW BOd Qpn«am.pUou K ,„„.,.. J jinurova whorp all otherstail., lu I'ulu lion nOBbow wHb Ur, Mlliw' i'l^lu 1'IIU. It has been fully demonstrated that Ely's Oroam Bulm IB a specific for nasal catarrh and cold in the head. This distinction has been achieved only »B the result of continued successful use. A morbid condition of the membrane In tbe nasal passives uun be cured by this purlfylne mid healing treatment. Sold by druggists or It willbemaiUd for CO cents by Ely Brothers, r>0 Warren street, Now York. It spreads over the membrane, Is absorbed and relief is Immediate. When You Tatte Cold nothing comes lu so useful as a bottle of Dr. Hell's Pine Tar-Iloney. Good for children, good for everybody. A remedy you can always rely upon lo cure a cough, HH attack of croup or other bronchial trouble. 2Rc at up- la-date drug stores. t lilts the Spot. When suffering from a sev> ro cold and your throat and lungs feel sore take IV dOHO Ofi l?«l<.»»« IIr,n«x and Tar, when — will be at once w warm, grateful' ..._ healing of tbe parts . experienced and you will wiy : "It feels BO good. It hits tbe spot " H in cuaranteed. Hold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyes. InnanlW and lafontn time. Thelt-OM rtowa Tmni Sentan4 effect* a OT7BB whoro uU list upou listing tbo genuine) Ajmt Fora ale by E Marsh and8. H Wyas. ASK YOUR DRUGGIST for a generous io Cent TRIAt SIZE. H oontalna no cocaine, mercury nor any other Injurious drug. H is quickly absorb ed. Given relief at onoe (C opens and cleanses the :nasal passages. Allays Heals and protects COLD >N HEAD J ain and Inflammation. e membrane. Restores the senses o'C taste and smell. Fall size EO otn; Trial size 10o; at druggist or bj y mal^^ dwlu M Warren Btroet. N.Y Honey the HoreneBO relieved, a fee linn; u n d affected will ba Inflammation Morton 1 Klietimutiain Cured In 3 Days. Hill, of Lebanon, Ind., wife had lull unniatory says: "My wife had lull unniatory rheumatism in every muMole and joint, her Buffering was terrible and her body and face wore swollen almout beyond recognition: had been in bed for nix weeks nud had eight physicians, but received no benefit until she tried the Mystic Cure for rheumatism. It gave immediate relief and she was able to walk about In three days, I am * sure it saved her Mfe." Sold by II. We Chamberlain, Urugglftt, Alton CASTORIA For Infants and Children. Tb« Kind You Have Always Bought Oblnhutcm — it uuuauuu Hruid. NNYROYAL PILLS Orixlnuluid Only Genuine. >«rc, U«»r« rellnbU. uo.-» >i ' ' VWkl CklrlHittrr - liilUdudV. _ wllh blo» tllbi fajuii itanftmu nitttttv - tlfolloiu. AIDroulili, «rMod M Mrttoulg;. loUmootal. L tor I4U2IW, 1 * (9 f lll.lioOTMUoioaUl ik«il.Mlic«taia0.yM; O.-M:'"-- Vim £)rs. O. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OKKlCE in M'Pike building. Cor. and and Eastern sts, Pbones 138 end 171. P. SCHUSSLBR,M.D HOMfiOPATHIST and SURQBON 'DBNCB, HOTEL MADISON Telephone 100 £)rs. B. C. & H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURS: 7 to t a.mi U to 1, < to I, TBLBPHONB 87. QR. C. B. ROHLAND, DBNTI5T, Offle*HoHr*i (••«. toll* «. Bd I to » w. ramp MWT B.B, DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCY In Short Tun*. Yager & Yager, Attorney! As the bell-buoy enables the mariner 10 avoid sunken rocks ond slioulK, MI Dr. Hell's Plue-Tor- llonov wards oU' tbe serious couse- (iiiences of n coagb neglected. It Btoiw tho cousb ami cures the cause. ••1 WIIH mTlouslj-airt'cted with HCUUKhlor "-) vcnra. I'uM liunUn'ils of dollars to clpc- towami for iiialli'lin-.lmteverytliliiBfalli-il until 1 tried Dr. Ml* flne-Tar-Honey. This wonderful remedy suvwl my me. J. B. ROSEL, GrnotBtarg, Ul. DR. BELL'S Pine-Tar-Honey la a guaranteed cure for all throat, lu«K and cliest troubles, including asthma, bronchitis. IM Grippe whooping oougli, croup. • ugghu—260, itoiiifi .jl u|iou reoelpl of jirlc* Tlie R. K. Sutherland rdlHi>M:n., IMnrab, Kj. Alliln The Kind You Have Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years. Route BEST TRAINS TO Nebraska^ntanalugetSoug HENRY J. KLUNK, Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer Aai <utn la Fnii asi Sill Mutt ud Urt, nl •«> lactm: si 8sus|«. Ut BAST SECOND • • ALTON ILL PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. Laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Also best of Teas and Chinese Novelties or, hand. 624 But Second st. - 306 State at Edmund H. Blair Real Estate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Notary Public. ALTON TIME CARD matxi rofftn*, meiaUte ta»«*,vn»Jfti- lie anb cloth ea*h»t*. tfuvial rob** tor labt**, 0(>ttl«m«n unit »ljilb»»«. 81» $iati atr*»i. bent*, 16OS). U. S. NIXON, Architect, and Superintendent Plana]>nd Specifications for Work Accurately Furnished. OFFICEZOVBS At/TOX 8...V.NC.3 BANK WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer Ic Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster > Prices to meet competition. Good, delivered, elephone IM. Offlc* 107 Weit Second Street THROUGH SERVICE BETWEEN >—— ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY ANP THE „ PRINCIPAL, CITIES OF TEXAS, WieNERJUFFETSLEEPERS FREE RECLINING KATY CHAIB CARS DIN ING STATIONS OPEBATf 0 iY THIS COMPANY, SUPERIOR MEALt, FIFTY CKNTS- ^<> Veterinary Surgeoi DR. D. M. MAKER. Qradnate Ontario Veterrlary College. Offlw over The Model itore. COR .THIRD AND PIA8A 8Tf) , ALTON II.l T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Maps Profiles and Estimate Furnished. 305 Belle Street, Up Stair*. Granitoid Paving Co. W. &.H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 But Sixth Street • Alton, III All klndi of Granitoid Work: Bldewalki Btepi, Flooring, eto., done and toe beitguall tyof material and work guaranteed. Ordnr- bv *all will r«c»lv« ommpt atteDtleo ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent Ml BBLLB STKBBT. Hooey to Loan on Improved Property RBNTB COLLECTED. Chas A. Strittmatter Merchant Tailor. 7*4 BAST SECOND MRKIH (Hotunta who tpprioliU ant-olwi, <t; TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, -At MODERATE PRICES, T«»r» toTlt*« to sail w* •iwoln* ny NBW STOCK OF GOODS Chicago & Alton. On and atter noon Aug. 11, 1698, trains will eave Union Depot, Alton, as follows: For Chicago,North and Eaat—* 12:84 J m, *8:10 m, *8:47am, «ig:05pm. ForSprlngfleld-*12:88 am, *8:10 am, '8:17 m, «6:30 p m,! *10:05 p m For Poorla—*8:17 a m, *10:06p m. For Kansas City and the West—*8:47 am, 6:20 pm, *0:DOpm. 'Dally. tBxoept Sunday. I See Joint C. & A. and Big Four time table for rains between Alton and St, Louis.] Between Alton & St. Louis Lv. Alton For St. Louis. Ar. St. L 18am C&Adally... 20 am Big Four, dolly. ....C &A, dally. Warn 00am 880am 815 am 15 am Bl^ Four,' ex-Sun"." '. " " Sun, only' ...C& A, dally. 7 30 am 7 80 am 800sir 800am ' 1000am . D24am 10 25 am 140 pm 240pm Big Four, dally 140 pm I20>m.., Big Four, Sat only «aOpm Hjjpm ,, " ex-Sun 044pm , AH nm. ._ " ** ^«||« tt fa' 43pm 27 pm 603pm 820pm LvStLUS 708 am 7 44 am dally.... C. &A. dally.... .....CAA. dally C&A.dally /For Alton . - • -C cb *A, dally ;;;•— Big Four ex-Bun uiuam ' 48 am C&A, dally ..-. 8 47 am RIO am Big Four, dally .11 40 . 606pm ..1682 pm .. 70o|m ... 924pm Ar Alton 8 10 pm 010am — pm.. 645pm.. • - -; Big Four, dally 1140 mm -.Biz Four, 8*tonly 860pm ...BigFour, ex-Sun 6 84 pm n * " '-"- , 616pm .. C&A,'dally ... -Big Four, dally. --" noy. 8 2« pm ......... Big Four, dally. . . > ______ 9 86 pm 8<0pn> ........... C&A, 'dally* .. ...... 048pm Owm , ............ C&A, dally, m. . . . ..... -C & A! dally: **-C ft A and Big Four tloketa, .1006pm 12 S am Alton aud veraa, .7elpod on° any C & TR^f Four MuXeX k 'eY aly e,a P d nK " th ° Se ' gtl0118 ' O G N(JRRI8, C 4 A Agent. Q H HAM1LT6N, Big Kur Agent c. c. c. a st. L.—Big Four. n?iL ai i daf ! er .¥ a y **• 18W . "•»">» *i» ••«• Union depot Alton, as follliwo: Going East-tS 30 am. t610 pm,]0 M pm,«» pm Trains from KAMt nr^ivn of £U^Q depot *7 ain —*..ig Trains t»19«.!". -(830 am. tBIO East arrive at ' pm, 14 47 pm -uauy T Except Sunday. ISun only. [See olnt Big Foifr and C & A time U trains between Alton and St Louis.] • !S au V'. t.Ex, 0 *^ 4u»d»y? ISun only. ^Ml^Sf A; tlm/tabl. fo, Burlington Route. On and aftor Oct. 1st, 1888, train* will loara Alton as follows; Leave Alton (Suburban service) Arrive St, L 6 60 am O 710am 8IX) am 1006am 1280pm 1246pm 246pm 445pm 428pm Q t 706pm Leave St. L. 7 41 am 821am 1020am 11 60 am 800pm 600pm 661 pm 760pm Dally Dally ox-Bun (i Sunday only Dally «tx-bun Dally ex-Sun 640, 7M»m 856am 1100am 125pm 140pm '846pm 6 40 pm 5 20pm 8 10 pi. Arrlr* Altoi Dally ex-Suu Dally ox-Sun Dally ex-Suo O »18am 11 Warn a 4ft pm 8Mpm 6Mpm 688 pa Ql 840pm (Tralnu oonneot at Langdon utreot for Union Depot, g Arrive and depart from Langdon and Ridge ata. t Sunday, thin trkln departi nion dep from Uni epot. St. L. K. ft M. W. Through service. C. B,&. Q. (Ridge •t.sutipn) Through .sleeper and ver. Ticket* on St. Louti-PeorU Line IW. L. C. 48t, P. By. i On and after Nor. fa 1808 tralui will leave Alton an followa : Leave Alton for Peorla-*8 K em. Uare Alton for J»r«»yvule and gprln»n»Id~ |i to am Freljbt ail Aoo., *ii'6 am, 16.67 am Le»re AltonW Qnftgn-'-'e.M jS| iCiovpS. i*»re Alton, Porft, Loult. Arrive HI. t,. «*u 0 iff B»«eP*Buo4ay »??*» 6 H Ptt IDftlly 7 14 OB Une 81. UttU Jot Alton Arrlr. "ue* liUan Dally 8'8w 4; 88pm BxoeptSuD 6:6'pB )8un

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