Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 11, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1927
Page 4
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- t PAGBrFOUR bHAS. P. SCOtT -.*2nter «d at: the- Jola Fostoffloa as nd Cli^ kitter. Offlclar ^aper City OffIclar paper City of faaitett Ofriclar Paper Allen Cdunty. By Carrfer One Wetk One MontH - One Year life SUBSCRIPTION ^XTES. In lolo. Gas dlty. LdHarpe and Bassett4.i. ....16 i...70 ay MAIL, OUttlde, Allen, County One Tear I.. i....; \ Six Monthk ^ Three Moptlii • \ • In Allen CounKy One Year |.......i..Lj BIX Monthh ' Three Moiitha One Montl^ .......[.,...\ Member ofj— , , Natlohall Editorial Au >clatloi« Kaneas Preu Atioclat an. . . The KaHiai Dally Lea jue. Audit' Bureau «^ CIrcu atlon. Presa Cdngreit of the Vorld. , Inland bally Presi An tciatroii. MEMBER ASSOCIATE D PRESSl 'Hie Iteg ster carrleH 11 « Asscijclatcd Prt-Mi reiMJrt by Lpeclal Isa-sod I wh-e. - The As.vjciutfHl- Presrf Is e! cluslvelly e»i- tlUed fo rhe uso for r<T» iof all news Ulspatctieii'crp<i not olhttrwlsi' credltPd \ . and aNo theloQjil new* pii In. .AH -rights or r^publ^ clal dls)>:it(jl)es herein 1— > — . — i Bible Thought'fok A fool Uttereth all his mind a wirje man .keepeth It wards.— Prov. 29:11. TiiHor^r KOAys .M By a jvotc of 77 to sas'Hoilsf of UepreHen fused to submit to the ST W 6 the Natives peopl - question whelhei; or nit the should . huilil a system under the direction o Highway Conimi.ssioii. aBal'nsi tlib proposed amendmanf is e ilecisive l« lagi) in fipite of the a lan': it .much moit two years c ampaign iat has bejen made during .th< intervening tii le. indeed, is t lat probaWHt^ live campjiiKn 'for the liad mucii to do ^•[th th againSTTit. sentiment jagaingrTit. | Tfie .Campaign for J on chiefly pera and IJy the chambers Inierce, particularly C'haniher of Comiherce,] fact, appealed , to the rather than to^ .. .. iiiemherii <if tl?e Lej^'islji Of whom ale furmerH or| -tiiie. smail towns. U .Hec good, rdads , • vak ^carried by the metrtjpoiitan pa- of corn- he; State und this prejudices) the.judgi^ient of the lure, men frolii iiiH fttrlinge should n'a{. at hli •Leglslalun' even to jjllire, the peopl): Jo vote upon fiuch 'a !ci,u here again of the (ton • became m sh thafmempvirfl ol the bn ,wl ling a ch mcd stion; but preji dlcq the t(jwn' Ifarmeis iii CenU , Centa L.S7.80 ..IB.OO .tz.eo |..ti.eo .$4.00 .J2.00 .}1.2E .. .iOo TRAID CATSI The lower House of tlj {Legislature, scared to d ear somelMdy ;wlil accijs.e It eaning; in -tfi.d direction I hine politics," defeated ; mend the primary law.-|-a bill so I nild and innocuous t^iat eren WH- bort anid urged its passage. ! for }he for Go.v- a, State dates fori It or paper, ibil.shedi here- itlon ol 1 ^"K' IsO resMrve <t. Toddy. n till after- Thls.'blll would provid hominatlon of candidates I'rnor,; Senator, Congressihen and \ttorn^ General by primary Just \a under the present law,; lut would tuthorlr.e the calling of :onvention at which cand he subordlnaV? State offices-should le named and a plutfbrni written, pt would provide also . for party eglstratlon, - each voter nelng ro- i)ulrei|l. to state his party dfflliatipn ind thenjdenied a vote li| the prl- nary .of any other party. i : but ; of a _The AIT. Kan- re! the State oad.s ptate vote thi amendment legislative W..3 c'.!ve :or it The i ac- the -unbapp^ ntry. against ajnMost. ;The the l.fgi.sli ture:'doubtle|i3 fejarcd that if tlie queiitioii were submit-' ted to llie' people the towns wauid! outvote the coiintry an i the sys^ teiii iney so bitterly opi o.'ie would be foisted I pon them. Thfc Register ha.s (Jcntrlbluted what it could to the cai ipaigri for the amendment and ha' hoped it would pass believing that' the things the ^mcndmentlpl'oposed to would he ibist for all accomplish concerned. But this paper'understands and tJioroughly irespects the sentiment on the other side of thij qiiestion. It can readiJy see how the impression has arisen - in*- >the country neighborhoods that Kansas ^ity and the Dtbejr large cities are s selc- ing to build! main highways to 'serve as trade febders at the expense of ro^ds which w|)uld s^rve FEBRUARY llj l $2rJ e Kaiiaas [eath for iof Ima- a bill to !lam Allen White gave Iti his sup- nfs are knows ty over to a er they have - Surely these aiiiendrnci tnild enough. Everybody hat, under the present law candi- liates for minor State offSces are roted for by the average citizen vithout any knowledge whatever of haracter or, qualIficatloii,|the mater .of choice beipg as blind as if were, made by drawing straws. S\"erybody knows jthit the method Drovided by thp present law for the raming of party platforms,—tiirn- ng that important dli t unch of' candidates af een nomlnated.-:-is absolutely the fnost assinine deyice/that ever was nvented for .sud) a pilrpose. Every- )ody knows, too, that', under the jresent |law there is noj possibilfty if preserving the Integrity or a iiartif- primary with tlie result that *verx;.jear the demoralization of iirtifef.prficepflB fartlier and farther, to tiie-inrfeaslng menace of f^ood government. Arid yet a' majority of the House f Representatives refused to sup- riort a measure Vhich certainly mintains the pjrimary principle nd seelts meriely ito-cure the per- f !ctly /obvious defects of the pres- «nt law. And the;^ voted thus, not ecause ithey were not convinced iji their minds thdt the bill ought pass, ;but - hecapse they were rraid! ;Afraid somebody would j imp onto them ft r votlii'g agalh .st tjie holy,| sacro-sanlct prlmiiry law! What can yon do, with a hunch With that sort of abdominal vac- ty! IX JTlIf: DAY'S NKWS. Thomas A. i the farmers,! and it can i nderstand the apprehension that w )uld a 'ise , in the mind^ of men wh )se gr (attest immediate need is a ;ood toad /to their neatest njarket (own, that if the rftiilding 6f roads w ire placed ; in the hands of a SJatt comnis- sion this immediate need wculd ; irt-ver be met. It has sei'lned to ilie Regii fer that it woiMd be easily pissllih to work out bobi progjams together, the building j )f tlirough-S ate roids together witli rhe inipro> emeot' of •i -jocal highway's. hive d me just that thiiig to a yen grat fy- Ing degree"~l|ere in Alio i coui ty. We Iiiive a fliie hIgli |Way t i-ross Ihe |- i-ounly froiii north to sout rand tn- oUier eiiuuMjj as gbOd f om c ust ' tci west, both of them cojiitruc;ed arid placed s| as to be p irts o' a tWoiigh-State highway thpt ml (at i'e built in eilibfer dlrectioi throt gh I the coiinty. liut we have ilso built many-niiles of local roa Is. tnd havie more cojnirig. If every coiin- \-ty In Kansas jhad done as yreU as '.Allen has done, there w'ou d be it-j^tl,, pon ^he .fie caube for' complaint part either ofj the through of those dejmandijng -thCj Legislature vhio ^me'ndment declared m to .advocates or local roads. ; Meriibers of fought the tHeir idea of.;| road progr; To build roads farms with thjeir nearest center, arguin ; that when done throughout the StaU •will have a State road sys #ill jgo somewhere. Whetjher that will connect the marlet that seems which the like it or not the program t tare has defli^iteH comm and-we will h^ve t!o make of it. It will but—Rome wasl to . Legis tted' [the b^st be a sloW 1 ttslnens, not buUt in a day highway Edison no doubt will hi kept jbupy today reading the c untl «iss m^essages of grepting which will pour in to remind l;lm tl at todijy he reachep the age of f( ur-scoi-e years. Tlie name of Ellson .is) known throughout the cirillzed 'world, and: wherever his n; me is known the stimulating p( wer of his inventions is felt; for all-•'these; inventions .have been on- the side pf moral ami social prog- re 38, and "hence they are each and al charged with a potential opti- m stjc inspiration. Mr. Edison has be en well termed a man of herqu- le ni suggestiveness—not only the grsatest iiiventor of an age which has lieeiii singularly fruitful in in- ve itions,~;but a discoverer as •well. Fcr, wheri he cannot find material wi h the properties he requires, he ex Jlores jthe regions of the unknown, and brings, back captive the requisites for his invention. The ca 'bori disc by -niiich h^ perfected his electric light is a notable ex- anple of this almost inspirational exploration. School ajt deavor conduttel Vezie. on Wedii hiS: wecji' .\rrs. Ro: this we'ejj the fami an orch •.•«ra at not a cuttiirity. Hut the project his been tab f|[l This del; y Ing to H' 11 le whejl propositi) 1 mediate ii .Mr. >>nl up :io Uii week to ter. yirs ily. Th this visi daughter are at home. Tlie W< tion of, Sii .Mrs. Euifl noon, Fe; Mrs. fj « mg. So4>^ the Wat lesson wL* read. IThankfuinhss." f <l j Circle.. !the Wild! ; Kenneth irig wys Hefreslini I licks.--.j Sei-rotarjj O. H.,P; has rent^el 10 -acre liract in SHO c; L. Servic e milels VALL Krnold) • hours jajt Salehi NEl Feb.' Chapel, tiie milels southwest bf lola. Suidiy. FetJruary 13 :ISuridiy i\. Chrisljfan E i- llowed byjservic ta Ipastor, Rev. N. J. prayer I'meetii g jeiday ening, being! he d 'at th^ home ofl^Ir. aid ISnav^l '. Choir practi :e ori TJi irsday evening it >1 home, Df Mr. Ray. Peck. It sepijiij that ^le organisation if as a is :5on| with tion.' .Mrs. ii". E. Drai<e droye Thursdajr of lait |e of their d&ugti- Potter ajnd fani- accorapanfed ori ~an!d (rhett on| lie hon: ieorge] were by a Mr. am Mrs. Brttwn wh|b sent 11 i the Jiarental ijien's 5| em U- Hicks'i [by-nany Pecif "Cast Th!>- Bi^ead Upefn surig. i sfcrip'ture The leader, Mijs .J Shliltz.- wijs in cljarge^ ThahkqffeJ-- isng bo.xes son w;(..« on TJhankoffcring aid lloWed bvi Pray r The Chiurch in as sung Ijy litt e J'ler which mee Iliy,' the pi ^esident. I '-jnis wee served by Mr i. [I s. Krt e Hicks, i Acting verse 0()d' Ijlicks. losed will mbv is Ihe pl^ pieet ab( cided to baldnx'ss. A student in the High School caHs the; Register to inqufje; . if thdre is riot a typographical error in jthie '13th and 15th verses of the IGtir chapter of Mattfiew 'where Jet^us is quoted as saying: "Whom do men pay that I am,—"Whom do ye say that I am." The.answer would seem to be that this l^ a graimmatical blunder, not a typo- gra|phlcaI|crror. Of course the con- strnct'lon iShould be "Who do men say that" |I afli." anel Jhat Is the waj it appears in the revised ver- slot s of ijbe Bible. The translators of Ihe kng .Iiimos version, how- jpvor, wnile It."whom," and' tlie iprit tors ihave faithfully followed their copyj for 3(J0; years. / to appear that singing high jirari i- over the radii Is likely tli<-.same effect . .,. . On; a blistering day in i July, j -v ery third person you mee^ wlll.s ly, "\Velt. Is this hot enough for yqi ? But when it'p Iielow kero in .lai ar^y, you riesver hear, "Well, is (nis! C0I..1) enonkh for jj^ou?" Some pi" ' cholofo' hoSnd i ^lebsej Vx))la{itjr ' '•.»»•' ( McAdoo .says he isn't aiming the presidency. Whiejh ;remiriUs of tliel lasi time we heard Bill Kiji? |-.<iay .-".\w,; I. wasn't even trying make: that, putt." ' •»»«••: -An exchange publishes the fejl- lowin biit we don't believe it: •riici owner of an auto had h|is driver stop to pick up a lot children' ori the way home from country school. He put one of th bright, pretty girls on his lap aijd began!to talk to her. ; Have you any lunch in dinner Iiox?" he asked'. Xo." sh* said. \ I ailwpys liked to iaave some mine to i-at on the way home frojn sph6ol[" he sfiid. "Do you like yoi teacher?" Yeij," she said. "I am tli teach l!t2B. W would bi and will think of tn-heart< The lO) to the Xe • on the V offered a ernooli ahi! acre was ('. C. 'Ain Kl Doriid Willi Id e-a while be some los Ime of whiiili ! sacrifice. Diviije jTlie. effoiit program ••r the uijpieiredeijfed of 'in, such a flood las. thai I stroll? test of bourage- ijower, •! nd no one 'wpiiid Hying tl at it was a chick- move. , i acre f: rm that runs i ho Valley schoolIgrqini !t side luctionl by h eachei rtierman said t(i| Me hirii was • wjilling that ri| jo the i-volvill a tea from yoi r The orange, if it reaches main:- ity, is protected by a bitter oil in its i-eH which is poisonous to ii sects. ^f ijrirl Miijberrj, »ihown in the iJ |i |M 'r phiilei. was arrested after aj djTinniKp bomb planted iinder' ;i bed in liis I'uinily's huine at Pittsburg. Kans^kHlfd the titO M.iyiierrjr ibllOrpii (below) and sierlonsljr in.tiired Mr*. .May- heny..! Florence, 11, and Karl Kobert^ 0, met instant death ivlien Ihe boiiib went oif, Mny- tii'rrj liad siieil for. a dl»«ircp. litipii.s ijeighborhood, o^- changes of IIS of limed. grade, or fluL'tuatio values, can net be cl fjje^p^eciation of la id, w implroi ed or unimpre)|ved. c;i ji-lf imed. Whep in liie course owiier. liepreciation ^vill lie allowed I cose a| i i-laiin DeprUiation doe^ 'an iiijl or His i ii'iadejt : 'lepreci vidual, his inve- literary ability |ie basis of an :) :ition. Like Very little eoal is mined soiitli i iarbly of the Equator. About ninety-five i per cent i of the worlds supply is | The mined north of the Equator. ' i'l its e OUT OUR WAY .and those of years the regula. of property hak clalnii'il its \ ,„ ^.j,.,,, no flirtht-r ^^j^' p I , , ^ ' I confined jiot apirly to ; " • :wiii,hw.-.H ries or sto«k lotential earninig capaij^ity ofi i IloWame for '',^1 iof the alb: i Miss .Ann •nteitrea in Westminster Abbey. he bat, the bu sleeps head del woode'ock carri aws wh.en flying. hat «as Kansas em tiat •ve be a- be ! The Republican insurgents In the HpuHe .haVe -been, invited to attend ihe Republican caucus but are; reported as iiesitating to accept "lest by ! uch . attendance their freedeira e>r a :tion might be restricted." In e: words these high-minded gent emen.; who are good Republi- cians when they are on the ticket bjiit lecorafe free lances as soon as they are safely elected, would like tei share the beriefitis of party regularity but shirk its responsibilities. I aiicllone'i prised ^of j.Mr. Overill with ah 1 iites. in 1 '1 ich he diistVial ipt lola, and siirroundihr; it as dwelling the dairy eif thisro] three aiici cd display witli no even thoiiSc rca.'sonabIi{ The in beem baell recent pa th sOnie tliisiness, liding I ioneers hethei- !inea.«Ie.o. n not ance by anioutbreait of thel eine i ime the aitend -1 dinipi^ished o five .scliolars rho ha i made re'cordsj |ierfect attendancf had break, .ind the teacher. j up. after 1 LiSincsfone's heart Mas liuried in '"'^ place rentjrall Afriea while lis body was <f>> school i .Mr. and jiiind Mrs. terflv invar-i f'harle.^ W wnwartls. iof Mr. anil evening llif s its •A III uij lok owe mi ii ^bile wl]o member of the Kansas legis- ie has proposed a sales tax of on toliacco. ' At least here is 'jman'who doesn't think aufo- owriers are the only people bught to be taxed. ilwing Herbert:! "Wrigley would not lave $25,000 to pay for swimming ,the-Cataliria, channel if he had not been -a good aiivertiser. ronngll arrange a Ij.-it the ne.'vjt _,inepfine. op line in the Mrs. Milt from the carlyle, M^. cler. and night at E. band is' af •C.iljf.'. bnt faviirable I into thai ciininii<n\iiTaltIi. :j'o cet into ihooil. ' Mrs. Roy ilirofher and litinir al th Sunday. • The town Frank Bli force of hnnj livity,. Baeten's pi; icular hill ind descent Mrs. .1. Ei ndlsposed ^t present ijtr^ngth sloj Mr. and liams. Mr. aad i ^enneth we (ley heriiie;S}(in I : Mr ,LIoyd Maplefon.. aria rental'W. C, Mr. rilenrji Illinois -Mon death of his I Will 'VViso^i. ting wooeL. place. ; ; %B- Butljer evangelist lajy, ejame^ out ft pip few liotir.<! at in the R. V. Bale ed to the he several wee: :s. around amonj? E. P. Willi inipleiiiients lime ago wh couIU^not Tint ntnted one e^ es, has agai early in alio ie that i.ssionary lassocia- B. Churcri met if '»hursday:after- The I president. were bpened. I Theleb- rks frri ke "hi I prod the rilrii .Mr. iquent Saleni church 8 and has ed •<»!'K -Tv:/-'^jrs ,--J .j His stuff about all in frenn difterent purchaifing qu^rtprs ind will soon be ready sunshine ind drying so that ma get an equal start with ne V neigljbors in the farming l| ih^ss. Mrs. FJoyd Loraneie t future posslbiiit|y. ewhat disappoinjt- *ere iieolnd tife high hopi?,of iro- sonj'in'^law: ope -iied the mee rii south' of Piqda the A^rnold premises. [the bottom. ( arid It March i. Th s he Baxteys occii- twelile years, but llr. and till ner Si< fatlier in Os lorn, AJ returned Ronri. It is gj C. Bu ICongeit stand it of Iredem -Mr. anil and'Mrs. thtj Baxli i ^r. an I 'nday with .Mrs. Lo Union district. .Mrj rs. Osborn having {from the hospital L'ne'rally unierstonijl Ie!r has purchased farm, but jas wi he lattifr ;h<)ld.s aujop ition that; extends Jovi lerigthy' ieriod of Itinie. Mrs. Drunintond Wil is ; Pere.:iU oif were Sunday I evening vi.=!i: htime. Mrs. .S. T. llaxi.-y Mr.-and Mrs. t,. j. Haxley an| ^rtj spent liist; Siinday at tli of jVIr. aijd,.Mils. Walter Hu Mol-an. lie de ith ot Mr. Thomas Id has taken away unotlj ler w lose residence in ' 1 s;n' set county d! ;<tes liack within eight ye ;ijrs of the pionceij Surely tie onward mari-li is fhinniig the ranks of thu. . hafe bee I he-re'.half a centjiiry While "T 'pm" may ni| ivri ge-^erally ovt^r is ahsenc at one . I . :r ne -jghborhood regretfully and strikin.iilv iibie. Jack Tiwney hauled .sev.'r dred busljels of corn to niarkft ihi.- niote. .. iie^n kno foiinty. I coriies. a wetk for ! Jjirs. E| been awa again las E. B. P.utler. fnma (! wli > nursing, rctnrmi 1 week." Kher ground" of the ro^el. W: s sale Monddy af rd effort !J40 pt i o\^ner. froiii but the a banker ai-e;ept thit price :i heavy Iciss and Iling to stdl ai eant too great a land is .still hi^. a ^systematic ;n of wid*>':a'wak >. .Manhattanl com Ir. .Vol^Iji'.-.Mr; Ldvt am Xoble prt;lude( talk of min stre.ssed the in| ctive feati(res of I opport|inltie!> the county seaij, emphasis orf and at thei clos p speech, tbesil maele a concert fj pers.ilasive taleiit.' hni mped he to their fffort Herms wqre' very ht in t fiactuijed during -^the^ i^io owertdin. w :is himself his M riretty n eks vith the malady, !iei had I^ssed tt?d dav jiiiting h riom. Mrs. Ro .1. Ba ams ni Nfrs. E. first o Ipijogram regiil Snavely.l Mr. le-y and i ^Ir. [pt at the home H. Crook / one* , the week, "to to bo renifcred r Community the la^ Friday ^ven- n onth. laid Crofik cajnc <Iown o<ne of ler parent's at and Ml -s. .1. R. ,Win-.j iemained over Friday Ii. Oroolk '.i. Her jhiis- ^rpsent s t Los AngMes. not j(pf slnierk ! anv the richpjs of Ibtit still hiiipp« Snavely slier of lormer"; hjji boai d has niade_ forpm in of a sinifll tH nion scho6l,haf nil} for a i little uch of a shake- ing psiaped sucbiseiz- eared a fiiniilv [more than! half of man'.i''*Wfp. [Fether igill taught?" In i-; absence''from ^ip repeats meihirtg for a liyeli- to wnr| mile to m ir fievera iet aining Hcnr Mr.s. Xola Shajinon. Mr. Chas. Wil- parents | and lola wprp; . hnnie As "Why don't other; cdffees tast HilsBros;?"^ Controlled Roasting—Hills [Bros.' .copV CcbffMe YOU j drink, you; wijl 'w iniiicr, illlike patented process •u'///l ,j>ou ids at a time ins —tl at's the answer. :h roasts ead'pf irj And' it should always as Hills Bros, by name ind look fjirithe jAra) oii the can. Send for A Addlress Hills Bros Bou evard, Kansas Ci y/Missoijri. ; • • • ; , I HILLS BROb cdFFElE k down a rock west of .tohn ike that par- irjore ea sy of ast-ent Ith he: ivy loads.f '* ^ijitchinsbn ha.s been I days but is health -and Miller !and Mrs. Birl Hicks iand visiforfe at .the Bax- Hay ei ening. . <: llhrant and wife; of d pres -nt at the >pa- ^lillbrai t home, i ililler Ivas called! to ng. by the la^ even nfofher. of Literfv. is e-'nt-^ W. i;. Hillbrarit.'s and ^ife and ian Miss towii e R. C •H|eek. who has] is ag lutdooij m^. who ^ni| live " I Lrnold '.4 plurchas IOI92 TH m. II. of "The Art of \free Iintertaifjing.'* , 2525 Soutiitest Hulk the for I • Frejff frttm original i^ ' park: t. opened ;.. • i k'^ the\ \' ily •I'v INTEKESt Pthel Griffith fo spend] a Butler home been confiii- iiise preftK- closely ffir |tin shnfflirig affairs. Isold his farm stock some it appeared that he a farjn. but! lat^r south I plac- d eqtUpmeiit L. ^. HORVII.LE, President Ai li>'. BKCji, Vice-President JIAKKY SlIlV .WE pital Sulrplus PAID ox TIMK T^EH^IT.S' SAF KT'Y /»KP^S!T Profits .i M)iA'STMTE mm PAY JNTERKS^r Stobk ... TIME : <j' k Caviller BOWMS, i'resideilt . . !l. H»r, I, KANSAS; Established a (iuarfir i»if a Ci Capital Stock .!... .1. ... .i,. . .3OJOO0 Siiri)lu 5 and Undiv Deplosi|ts II ry 150. m i,ooo,poq B )XES F( R ritSST BK\SO\i Ca .Jifer M), Asstl qi iliier .00 .bo I>EI'OSIT«? ..$50,opo|.qo^

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