Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 11, 1961 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 11, 1961
Page 4
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Fayette School News I!n . ; ,. . .,„_ hf „. chort ,o- rNew record, broke eld u-t to those who previously pur- Page 4 ru ^ctll ^a and Lmd'a mark o< 10' .".> chased thorn. May U. 196._ Fayette Leader Fayette, Iowa complete the milk, peanut Marcel I a finishci th<- )»»>k \Wbb (F). 5-tie- L Nolting (V, 'this year and many new ideas butter sandwiches, cake, fruit First Grade ing gifts. Mrs Scheidel language letters .I.'IV. •a:,, .'in, I which s ;,e had reading, "Story • will now use 1 junction.-;. material /or he: fuushed cur In civics we art taking a test remainder of t : places in A- a'.xmt the powers of the govern- Everyone is the Panama ment and their duties. In science we are learning a- '•: the class trip, plans are not ye they have ease collected from their project. We are busy getting ready for They will give them on different 8th grade graduation waieh will days. he May 2i. ;it S p.m. In Health we haw learned a- i. ut the other three food fam- High School dies. Everybody is working hard on their notebooks. We now The Farm Bureau sponsored know about the five foxi fas- a safe driving program for the hcen using for Ciii-avan". She un,c KCOIIP mics n ading lor the yea/', •joking forward hough complete made. We es- a recent mov- .1/1 Howl". It iv of American oition, with a Nichols (VW— 5' 10". Football throw — I-Nolting (W). 2-Bcnder (WC), 3-Berg (S;, -J-Parker (NH), 5-Vigen (E)— 17")' 7". Bread jump—1-Smith (F), 2- Hannigan (NH), 3-Ashby (F). 4- "Z^,""' tie-HandKartiier (P), Tope (NH), tl 10 " stlfff -ehi'dule highway transp very interesting historical happeijings one movie left on our "Will's For A Soli:;". Boys Sports In the Comet I'elays held a Hies. They are carbohydrates, high school students. They ran Charles City April 2H, the Fay- fats, vitamins, minerals, and pro- reaction and braking tests. The e * te thinclads f,ni.-hed first in terns. reaction distance is the distance their class. Tean- competing in during the nerve impulse to Class E and their total punts stop and the removal of the foot earned were: Fayette 42, Shef- from the accelerator to the brake, f ' L,1 d 39, Clarksville 27, Orange Braking distance is the distance 24 'A. New Hartford IS, St. Ans- traveled after the brakes are S ar 9 . Allison 6, Hudson 2. Ven- applied. Figures are based on tur a 2, Frederick-burg 0, Janes- feel that all these various things will contribute to a bet- annual; and if all — members will eoopera- ,' ' ~ \ , _ , te and do their best to get their 00-yard dash—1-Durfey (F), os d as possible, -Johnson (E), 3- Wenthe (NH), - • ...... haekgi'-iund of U«th <P), 5-Johnson (W)—:10 0. We have 220 yard clash—-l-Nauholz (S), 3-Wcntthc (NH), have been used for page lay- saiiec. outs. Bv purchasing a Polaroid Friday — Fish sticks tartar camera at the beginning of the sauce, potato salad milk, green year, we have been able to take beans, bread and butter, fruit pictures when we want them. We cup. To celebrate .us s venlh birthday J,-finny Alse.o i. . treated his r: " / d buu , , ew dispo , a l. Many'hu- Pfcially enjoyed chess to cupcakes. - a " d man beil ,, s whl al ,. sick may ><-'. -The Amen Mrs. Don Culhgan and Donn.e <n« go £ - contaminate sewage with rlis- covered the hist were the first visitors we vc had anu '«•"<•«> h u .... „ r,„ since moving to our new rwm. P r ^ cnt a,i tnat tht? >" havc tJ>t Rcrmf We hope more of you will o:me before the school year comes ti* an end David Becker surprised his class by bringing candy May Day treats fur each. Thank vou David. In social studies we learned seme interesting facts about the horned toad. Horned i»:ads are no: !i ads — taey are lizards. Tr.ey live on deserts, prairies, and plateaus. Their flattened bodies and coVr markings blend . „ , wrh their surroundings. The , ~ b * Mananne Nadeau ho-n-like projections and en- In spelling every week we h ,' c f ,i« wrvn a? defense h ave a story in which we under- n 6 ui« wc uas™ UII -> *'""^ 'V7,'7'n h p, J'7',7>kl (Smith, Williams, Burns, Dur f..^ ,P snakef a^d line the wcrds in the unit. This vigorous application under ideal "lie 0, Parkersou.g 0. lainfield . , „ „ . othe-eneml^T^e »> rrS loads' ™* «'e have a story on first roads, weather, and mechancial d e' c o ." n-Sv OHS HOT - aid. It is very interesting. We conditions. Stopping distance is ned to^Thlve ticLv L"ues have only two more spelling the total distance covered from Sixth Grade 2-Iohiison (E). •1 Smiiii (F>, a-Handgartner (P) :24.2. Mile run—1-Koester (NH), 2- Paus (W), 3-Schult (S), 4-Hum- t pal (S), 5-Van Sickle (Fj—4:50.1. 2-mile relay—1- Fayette (Tripp, Ma.xsrn. Butters, Van Pogart), 2- Siiiiiner, 3-Waukon, 4-North, 5- Postville--8:50.9. 120 yard high hurdles—I-Nagel (E). 2-Niemann (S), 3-Hannigan (Nil), 4-Ashby (F), 5-Tope (Nil)—:15.2. SH0 yard relay — 1-Fayettc, Poetry Association To hold workshop The Iowa Ftoetry association will hold a district workshop at we know this year's annual will Upper Iowa university on Friday, be as successful as we are plan- May 12. Registration and lun- ning it to be. cheon fees for the event will be — Judy Miller, Editor SI.75, according to Miss Ivadell F. Bra use, assistant librarian at U. Hot Lunch Monday — Tomato soup, wein- er in bun, milk, cheese sticks, cake, sauce, bread and butter. Tuesday — Scalloped potatoes I, U. and coordinator for the workshop. The event will begin with registration at 10:30 a,m. in the Zinita B. Graf lounge. A lunch- Speakers in the field of poetry tongues have. Some horned units. toads lay egg.- ry the eggs hatched. In the southwe the time the emergency is ob- wh:le others car- * n language we have suffixes served until the car is stopped, until thev are ancl prefixes. It i.s very interest- The test results were as follows: ing to change the meaning of a At 20 m.p.h. Barry Zbornik's re- em part of the u ' ord by addin g ^ il - action distance was 9'10", brak country, many children find that iwrned toads make &:od pets. We completed our farm unit. We enjoyed visiting Farmer Broun and his family on their farm. We had a chapter test health last week. We all fairly well. In arithmetic we've been weather, and mechancial Fayette's placing included: 880-yd. relay — 1. Mike Smith, Larry Williams. Lee Burns, Dwight Durfey. Time 1:37.9 2-mi!e relay — 1 John Tripp, Dick Van Sickle. Ken Butters, Randy Van Boga 100-yd. dash — fey. Medley Relay 440-yd relay Larry Williams, in ing distance was 25'2", and his to- did tal stopping distance was 35. At 20 m.p.h. Carole DahlqUist's re- re. act:>:n distance was 13'10", brak- Time 8:51.8 Dwight Dur- - 5. Fayette Mike Smith, Lee Burns, Fourth Grade — Mrs. Heineman This week we have seen two movie?. They proved to be a g>xi review on the early En. Colonies. '•'»'• a.e working with synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms in reading class. May 3. Stand Sumner College students have been trol officer Ohr s reaction dis- Standi aK0 coming down for reading class tance was 16'8 \ brakmg dis- and wt r.ave had choral reading, tance 94'9". and total stopping Fayette ... . It's a lot of fun reading poetry distance was ill 5. No ,. th toget.ier and acting out the All four of the drivers rea- Elkader u,:rds. ction times were above average. Postville Friday morning the high school Waukon Student; from colics have been Seventh Grade and junior high students were West Central able to witness the launching of Valley High — wriilen by Diane Alber the United State's first man into Field and In our spelling test this week space. The television set was set as follows: Shot put as follows: fey), 2-Sumner, 3-North, 4-Post- viile. 5-Waukon—1:36.5 440 vard dash—1-Handgartner (P), 2-Nauholz (S), 3-Whitford (NH), 4-Ander<ron (S), 5-Pattison (F),—-.54.1. liiO vard low hurdles—1-Nag- d (E), 2-Niemann (S), 3-Smilh (P), 4-Hannigan (NH), 5-Ashby (F),—:20.5. Mile medley—1-North Beermann, Grimes, Wenthe, Koester), 2-Fayette, 3-Sumner, 4-Waukon, (F), 2—Paus (W), —2:07.4. (Smith, Williams, Burns, Durfey,) 2-E1- kader, 3-Sumner, 4-PostvilIe, 5- North—:46.8. Mile relay — 1-Postville (Don Smith, Wirkler, David Smith, Handgartner), 2-North, 3-Sumner, 4-Waukon, 5-Fayette—3:39.4. and ham, green beans, vegetable eon will be served at noon in the jello, milk, egg salad sandwiches, Porter dining room. The after- apple crisp. noon program will begin at 2 p. Wednesday — Baked beans m. with bacon, ham salad sandwich- will discuss various works, and es, potato chips, fresh vegetables, special music will be provided in relish tray, fruit jello, milk. both the morning and afternoon Thursday — Beef and noodles, sessions. . 80 60 5 G . 05 37 1:3 27 27 7>L Annual News track results and are memorizing poems. I', gcr Williams won the spelldown this week by spelling "information" correctly. In were The annual staff is busily working to get all the pages done - 1. Ciowe (NH), 2- before school is over. Everyone 3-Bierman (S), 4- on the staff has work to do and 5-Robertson (P)-44' all pages can be done except graduation, track, classroom — Mis. Swarlz We now have our room furniture in the arrangement planned by Marcella. We have used the plans made by Donna and coming Mondays and Wednesdays to teach choral reading. Everyone enjoys this very much. We are also making poem books 34 out of of our 43 members up in the high school study hall. received 100. This proved very interesting and Nolting (W) We took a science trip at noon educational for everyone. Stahr (NH), hour and the first period on Judy Langerman, 16 year old 9 '^"Wednesday. We brought back daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Discus — 1-Powell (E), 2-Berg shots, and eighth grade gradu- art we are learning per- many beautiful rocks and a few Langerman, was recently chosen (S), 3-Schlatter (NH), 4-Tann (F), atioti. ception and are illustrating nice fossils. by the auxiliary to attend Girls 5-Stahr (NH), 114' 3 and %". The annual will be completed poems. Gary and Jerry Petsche have state at Cedar Falls. Judy will p °l e Vault—1-Ron Meyer (S), and mailed to the publishing .Many interesting things have been absent from school all spend June 18 to the 24 at Girls 2 " Timmerman (F), 3-Kaune, company on Friday, May 26. In- been shown this week. Dennis week due to illness. State. Judy is a junior in Fayette WC), 4-Grimes (NH), 5-tie—Mc- dividual annuals will be avail- Stannard brought a mud puppy In Iowa history we had a unit High School. She has been ac- Nally (P),Will (E), Zbornik (F)— able in late July or early Aug- of salamander to school. Jo Ellen test. There were 10 pupils who tive in chorus, pep club, basket- ~—~~ " Langerman showed us a ster- Had A's and 13 pupils who re- ball, annual staff, and paper " eoscope. Pam Curtis brought ceived B's. No one received a staff at school. Her activities out an air sac of a fish. This keeps F in that test. There were 35 0 £ school include member of the the fish from sinking. questions in the test. First Methodist Church, Sunday Virginia Paul and Johnny Orr School Toucher and 4-H Club brought their pirortable radijoS Eighth Grade president. :o we could hear first hand about the austronaut Alan Shep- _ by Charlotte Duwe and Susan Special Education herd, Jr's ride into space. We are Evans happy it was successful. In arithmetic we are drawing —•— M r.««r«i«„ bar 6 ra Phs and studying about * .„ ~,u Downm9 geometric figures. Ihe fourth grade have en- 6 j language we are studvine were'aToul ?he P lngTh sS COOrdinate function, and eon- Linda, ments in Jamestown, Virginia and in the northern colonies. We had 17 perfect papers in our spelling test this week. We enjoyed having Mrs. Johnson teach us while Mrs. Downing was sick. We have started to review the different things that we have done in language. Today we studied about nouns and their possessives. Some of the children brought parts of ant colonies to school to study during our science period. We also completed our chapter about State Parks. We will continue to talk about them when we study about Iowa. Pamela Kiel brought her chemistry set to school to show how the dif ferent chemicals would react when mixed it $ Sasre . Income when Hail ruins your crops It pays to insure and be safe. And for extra safety and ,.. service, be sure fo insure with Farmers Mutual Hail. FWH includes fire and lightning protection on crops in " the Field at no extra cost — 30 trained fleldmen and 100 adjusters assure prompt settlement. Ask your agent or write today. . , .. ._ EARL SCHNEIDER INSURANCE AGENCY 2323 GRAND ' .v^-i- DES MOINES, IOWA Why Fertilizer Users Are Successful Fifth Grade — written by Mark Longax In Group I arithmetic we have been studying adding and subtracting decimals. Group II are studying about dividing frac tions. Donald Wardell and Linda Clark are going ahead to Group II to get as far into the book as possible. For Mother's Day we are mak HEY YOU BOWLERS Inquire About Our SUMMER BOWLING Free Instructions AU Teams & Individual Bowlers Welcome WE STILL HAVE OPENINGS IN THE SUMMER LEAGUES Monday. 8 p.m. — 3 Man Team for men. Tuesday, 8 p. m. — Mixed league (2 men 2 women) Wednesday, 8 p. m. — Women's league. Thursday. 8 p. m Young Men • league. Friday, Bp. m. — Junior league. Bowl Where You See The Magic Triangle — 8 ALLEYS — Automatic T ANJFQ PiwUen 1 ^ rVi> West Union, Iowa LILAC COMPLETE PROCESSING FOR YOUR FREEZER MAYNARD LOCKER phone 66 Maynard, Iowa YOU'LL SEE YOUR DOLLARS GROW IF YOU USE OUR AGRICULTURAL LIME ON YOUR FIELD BEFORE PLANTING Order Your Crushed Rock Today For Those Soft Spots In Your Drive Or Your Parking Area. Corn being harvested at left yielded 134 bushel Corn yield test was taken by M. C. Wangsness, Fayette Co. Extension Director. Fertilizer users are successful by maintaining an adequate amount of fertility and keeping all food elements in balance.. Precision Fertilizer MANUFACTURED BY Lloyd Pattison & Sons Free Soil Testing FAYETTE, IOWA Complete Fertilizer Service ; Bulk Fertilizer A Spreading - Anhydrous Ammonia * A |^U|^ (ALSO BUY GRAIN) "^l ^itaqihlli

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