Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 11, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1927
Page 3
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It is a little lutlc fo an :iiinouncc nitiit but not cvbrjroie knujrS that iiiffr«st Jn the Central lU-ai Mar kPt from r.. r. Kfdijey. Tlic tlca Vvas made sonieUnie ago. j - SpetheU Apple' at HuRhcs} ( TV, 50c a bask t. John HeJnlcin' of colony was Ji • Iol a . Wednesday «n biislniss. had been to, Neodcsl a.'and was rt* luruifiB home!' .Mr. Hclnlcin said iij «TH!aklnB nf ihc fceent. Bno\(f storm, that Xeodp?l a had fall thrc -i; inches offsiii w duifing th storm.' loJa soedi.s to be aj (avoret :s;H>t Tor thr rpasoh khat^lt! dirt nfv v:t t niorf than u s Traii|»ers Al entiimi t j&sr received < rders for LnOi tiiiiiiip"^ cotton-t^il them in at once. I F , Mrs.' Laiira Butt "am aiid .Mr; flwrgfl N. Stille ^!r( v to ICmpori tiii-i njorniug to biinK ba'tk .Mr; Harnlij W-nn and iiHe (laufihtcij Maxiii*. for the wcfek end. "- C'HMily'in Uiid, Itoart tioxes a't ?I.i>i"i. fl.T.'j and flOt at Cook's. K. ."i. SneariifKc-i . who miller w/'ni in operallpn it the .lohnso hii<<|iit^t in C'hajnite f<<r hernia, rrj lui:nerl honie" ni ;hl. .Mil .iweai ingen jis rcportiMl-a ' frftti^iK alon V (.>ry lift fly. •' Money to Irjafijon reajl cstar«| eaav terms, no ;iion; Joltv rtiill'Iliis & MriSanfzed in 1VS5. ii!oOlhn-e.=» Cor.'ier o i ';es, Sne'y. ant inch ol rafrhits nrini ank Brodbeckl lUn - V KS ' .New Tlie Inia Fniil fn week Irnin; ItH j I lie noi'th isidt' vai-;int;"hy the tjosi t'T (n'ld'iliih a^' tht, tier ol! the .siiuare ' . —.S'(ie<-JicW .\ppl/ Croiot-y, rrfii-. a hank will n to irihy and snij this .Mr.'^ Frynk .MrC . riiil. went to rlit ^ton. nioriiinc to visit th Kran'lparent.*. Mr. ..— ...... ._. .Mcliiwell. TIioj- -B -jill return hon^c? Snn'lay, cvenins.- « « c * « wili ;j.n'l Ilrin*! Run yinir fine [ofljer thins tl them here cleaning- I .\Meson I ' PJjofs^' 3 • e • • The f)ld 'Kesistei is'. imdorRoititj ext This bulldiBR :iio» Rowlnn and when Iniissfoiis. Th J fxlatiot Incalio I .Square, (k.^ Iiivp Jinjdt rUT he rcjini mad - iif tihe I.asi northeast coif •t. j;iji;h( : Buj-" •*>t>rliiF -VerrhjiiHlisi'. . Roscoc nlt •^P^I90ri,. ofi the lUch- ardsou Dry floods stoi|e, arrfVed hoiiie last night from St.- L.ouJ»t where- he ' bought., liew merchandise for thP store. jHe purchased some lovely »c*' ilresiiesJ, ccjats and hatii for the japproval of tls customers and ahnounce-s iicw Jhings arriving daily. •" -rCandy. in Red Heart Hoxcs at ?1.0Oi and J3.(J0 at'Cook's. Miss Kvalyn nahl will RO to Siiv-: onburg; this eTening to spend the week *nd with her parents, Mr. and .Mrs. P. .\. Dahl. ' —Valentine Candies in u.ttraclive heart-shaped twxes at Cook's, your Rexall Store. \V<>(ttJ"ChBJpm|«n wejit to CjLiitite on ;th(> noon .train ^In-spect the ladlds auxllia today y of United Spantah War VcteiranF. m Uiero she will go ta.Fre Ionia fo^ aii Inspection of the Krelonla Aiixillary. -Cllnkenhifard's Cafe, will a [Thicken Dinner Sunday. L*.ster L. Turner, a prlva C( nipany L, I'th Infantry, st • i TiftI IQfLA DAILY REGISTER^ R»FR tr AY EVEND G, ly^BJlli/ ed l.scrvc ;te in itlon- at Ptort Ciook, Sebr.. retkirnc<i Iniiit nightlojhls post of duty after a ten days furlough visit Wl h his iriJDther. MrsJ Ri J. iHulbert ^f 911 siuth Washington avenue. =—Special \ Stindcy Dinntir. at K rause C:rfe. featuring chickui, 50c. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smock of • Voranjw^rb; guests today in the ,h (me of their uncle. Sheriff Dwight iSJnock. 324 Soiitb IK 'altiut street. Special for Saturday: Coco-Peouut Crisp, SOc l|b. Hofrard"3 Candy Shop. Sam Ifiibert, repre: ttie • lulernatUmal Har pany./was in business with ientalive of tester com- lola veit^rd.'iy on .T. P. Kohlerl local dealer for their produqts.; —i^Maloney's Grocery for' - sale. i now heuis j lof the local i ( Call at 101 S^uth Wafihiligtou St. (jiiite ail interest Is tjiknn by tin- members „ unit of thf cavalry tro< p under ih« direction of Caiitain- A,. R. (ijbson. Wednesday night of this week there- were forty-one meif ai drill prac- lii o and the Irooj) ijail the largest payroll for several .ye.irs. -Ve.xt Wodnesday night thi,>. i<ijite officer.i w^lll be. here for lusiu^tiim of the trciop..' — • ' tiiio ra;id'.es jln •od }io|^. at |f »(ik'.s. yoiir IIS CITIZENS JIni. .Mnrtfnduie Seriously IH Ilonn" ill lolH—.IWr JlcPen- aid W^Tf frimk !S>w York' i«r VWtL Hi d to- ktrect The Bt-n Biggs family mov (liv from 105 South Second io'4iri Xorth First street. --MaHha Washington Cf«ndics fresh for Va^ntine Dry *at ^'ook'.s iMotor tor in i.Mr*.JJpal -M/ichtll) L.VHAflPB. Feb. 10.—Mrs. .Mar- t'lidaSe SA' rejxirted seriously ill at the homo of. her daughter. .Mrs. Hu:^el Haxson. in lola. 3Tr5. Ed .\rcV>i- of nortbe«.«t of town is sic)( with the measles. W.lE. Owens, of HMOi ^Idt. was ill I-aHarpe on buslfless Tuesday and rlslteU his mother. .Mrs. Emma Owtn.«. and his T)rother. F. E. Oweas. • . Mr.';. .Antia Myers and daughter. .MIs.s Ada: Meek, 'cnlertalnW a firowp of friends Thursday evening In honor oi; the thirK-cnth blVlhday of Kveretl .Sleek. Mti'sie an;l games were • the, diversions [of the evenihg. .Altis Ellis, iif the Klli.* Company, was a bifsiness vis Jioplin today. - Or: CJ. I.;iiuheth. Suret'on. ffice jdn/ne -."i6; nes. plioiih 6\'>i. I .Mi.^.s Kiiiind. coinily siiperiliti-nd- ,ent. extends thanks to th<! chil- 1 ilreii of the .lefCerfon scheiol for ai ropy of the Jefferisonlan. a news- ji :MU -r printed Jn the interc{sts of this partiiula'r sch(jol. 1 L.; Coi M. D., SiM|ElaUat Bye, Ear, N OB* and TbroAt. to st^re here; -Try It once--you otbeV.' Van Uboier 's Kirs. A. M. Sm at ;orf. ir parents an'I |ind Mi-R. K. ,* * • » «L * C . i' overwrap'? you value, -for Kcien- <)f. cf ^uV -sel leunerK 0.-, * 9 modelinj? is .bo (or -rent. iconiplete theirooni wi I For Khiiiire Ci i I herebjj anijoi candidate tor the iiiis.';ion'>r of Finan liila and .-shall jgr the Hiifjport of'the liruiichlttp; piihiari : .1 ''• K I'.-.ik i >l .\, .M.. who is li'-ri' hi!- «ir<'N niollH'V. gt^ii'i'Ty and IwiOi ]|iinil)i)lili.-\vai ii 1 -thi- UcKisicr jiffi' ini'ijii. Mv i)friU »<'ui iio his I KIIIH mniNstoner. ncc that I am office; of Cori e of the City W atly apprecia' tnters «t the a ^i D. AR.NKTT. b :;isl I. for a Mrt.. A. lil'< I oilSilllt yi'sl' k'il the iildre.-;.^ ^iOrt July w . <'ycl<j point; ('i wo linn i\Vork.-. i miiiiin ^ibilv. 1 rei-ei fiiiiui ite In 'noldiij .idiual iWetltf ! Association! diiriiijK pi (••bruary ill: Br^nrt lola. Tliey dis3 errill paid dlitv a Ho the M deiu i I'll If, . ,, I , I clrovi jiiver from Df tsburi and pj^id m<> 111 a tot. for h I ihoii'i y balance, of aniouui of $ I- si .v mpnih; 4 -jish to stale, Insuranci^ is ,I '-i 'tiiin.'and any iii-^u j..^...^^. ' pron-^t hims.f'lt' aliid faimily. ry wist!l>''-by plicajjon ^ieh ' thjm. Jum is the Ij FiiM Street buildii repairh Iheloues to Totn the job of i- offic ilisivej \!t Vei'.iij-'- ••i .Hit wi I-. Monit lin.'iit^ ibllrr •e. Iill.' r|. ;it t .si rii ed a I iiijiiriij i.s; a p C. fo Oil b">eli Mis.s .Mice • .^^ul•l>h>• j i.s exirocrrd from New York 'Sniidity for a visit with her molhen .Mrs; John -Mur- l)hy, niU.Koiith Jerfersliii. and with other relative.''. She i.M on li< r way home to Lewiston, Idaho. —Treat your Piano as a musical Jnstrumetit, Havn it tunod every S months. Call '1. 6. jCaiiatsey. C. y{. -Sharon. r ..'|ii-i -^fiitiiiK tlie ! Midland Flour .Mills ] of Kansas City, was a busincs.'i visitor in lola yesterdjay. •r^Dr. A. B. Twadell. Osteopath.! New Globe Bldg. Phobe 191. ] Workmeni' repljt ciI; tlK- soitins <if the plaie vviiulovy late yesterday in ihe front of wjhat'wKs for- mpTly known as Uillie's Cafe. .Mr. arid Mrs. .1. n. Hall, the new pro- , prle'lors of! this eating plai.-e liave i appropriately giren it the name. 1 "Helen's CSfe" in honor ol their little.daughter. Helen Hail. —Spring Hals are here "in all their glory. Don't miss .jpeing the wouderfal di.splay iri all the gor- R «m<; 'coTth*. -Sfzes and -prires t<^ s;iil evi-ryone. .\ special offering at tS.T.".. Edwards Millinery. ... H.. Arbi'ic'klp. who ha.j vi-ry 111 of Jiicrioughs. is riijiortert y linlmiving^ 1 ' F. L. B. LEAVELL, HI. D. • Special attention given; Diseases of Colon and Rcctdm. Electro-Therapy on'd Physiotherapy. ^ Office lola State Bank Blflg. Ph'oaes—H7 and 705j • • • Tiic county clerk'•< offic*'; has a lew county iiiaji. sanwing the chanKci in naiiieybf tlif> lanil wner.s and .all oU>er imrtortant •(hanees.'if any. The map iii about Jx5 feet in sr/e. It was dri tvn by \. U. Stroup and is a worki of art. Refrieshments were served. Th^se pre.-ent were: .Voble' Ohifest. FVed Mitchell. William Livingston. Jack Mitchell.. Dale Carvey and "Willard Hammer. * .Miss Opal Meek fs vi.-'ting her brother. Loien.i-.Meek. and' lamily at .M.ip!eton, • —Will sell my Uouseh'dd gocds. ;.'arden tooI«.' etc.. -jti piibli*-, auction; Feb. 16.—.Mrs. E. E. Hates. .\iec McDanald ol New \OT\ arrived here -Mcmday f<ir a \i.sit niih his sister. Mrs. Clair Kerr, and his Iiroth-jrs. .lo'Ui .Mcl^oiiald and (^eorK^ .Mcliiinall. t, Mr. ;uid .Mrs. Char|i;..c Olforl i;e- tiinii'd Ijome- to Blue .Mound Wetl- ii.'sdiiy after ^pendin^ sev(?ri(l weeks with the laiter'rf mother, .Mrs. I.!»y .Moore, who ha.s beeii ill. .Mrs, Moore i.s feeling b .'nei-. I'Ink .Mackle and son Bert of Ottawa viiiteil at the Henderson .MItOlieU home toifay. .M.T. ami .Mrs. U)ren Mfpk and .\adine spent Knflday witli the for- nx.'iVs mother, .Mrs. Aana...Myers, •i'.'iil famllv. —ileuutifnl Sprini; Hats -if all t'ne l«t"st ^lyles and shade;!, priced at to t.i.ito. Mar.l'ii, .Mis.s Aiiif .Meek itnd Everett Rak-, er ')t Moriui went to Mapleion!' WefinesiIaV evening. J .leff Folk met tkith :iU accident; " the first of The week while helpini; ' ,,d;^ ,-( liMern for" .Mr, E. W. Dttn-, j,- • jk"rlf>n at the fnrm he is improving i l ^J ' r.isf of town. I Mr. Folk was de- y srending into {the w"!! with some|— dyn;*mite when h; slipp-jd s.nd in; H |M ;.lerson FEBRUARY 11. — , , in. I• V rs. John '^'allac^ Was- ho |»lissH lo he Tiffany Aijt CItib Wedbes- ^a.ij afternoon. The iiecting (was fcpdncd by the pret^den [.' .Mrs. viola Br»lwn. Roll rail |i-a« fespDndml to wltJli a auotation fj-om Lincoln. I Af'er the general routine of nuilnes.s. u valentine encchange was held and luncheon whs servett to The following member!*: Mrs. Viola RDwn. Mrs. E. A '. Wrflghi; Mrt. R HiRhesi Mrs, Oliver Poster. LMrs. Ma ry Wilson. -Mrsl Haro' DavisI and \li .s Thelma Floyd.—Club ' Re- 'pohcr. - j . ; 'ho Allen County Teachers As- 'sorfiatlon will bold a nleetlng at the ifola senior hlgh{ school building ISalurday. • .-• j •-Jiut like Atigel Fooil Cuke, 7ah Hooser 'B -Br^. S for ISei, : Irs. j. 51. Thomas and grand- ida igbter. Edna Marie.' bare both jbe n quite ill atj the;lr home.f 415 jEa't Lincoln strtet. j Edna Marie ;h8^ had a siege lof the ineasies. See ••Deaton^ubbs" at Carlyle (Fe(j. I-;, and at(Getieva Febj 18. JAdpiis.-iioii, 15c a id 30c. dr. W. F. Senjker returned this mdrning from tie eastei-n whole-' le markets wHere purchase good? for the Seijeker j The her home. 702 South street. -Dr. Montgoiderjr, la L^ondry Bldg. JPbon* 138. r. D. Black, ma station on lenue is ill of .nager of jth'e Lesh South Wast^Itigton infldenza. fr -Martha Wa .'sh for Valent Bert Reed acc •. Mrs. Eilwln ine in Pratt, It her of .Mrs. S. ihinicton Candles ne bay at Cook's. imp. Be «l Lef>iiaril Johns cond street, w fihed to his Ivoi !; le^. is reported jciydp F. Snid vonburg. has iisonic frafero Mit profiM 'tinK it h'e b-r-ke a couple of • .>w!o>ichf her a, riW. ; • . : ,1 fi'f' '•'•"'n " Mrs, Emm.- Ovfiis and : Mrs. Charlijs Sommcrvilli- and Airs. Charles I'addock cnlle,l oil Mr.*. ;i Mrn. M'iliis Hill and son Chark-s. I who iiave been visitinR their grand- j ,mot!ior. Mrs. CliarlesI Cole, return-f : ed today, to tlu'ir h<ini<' in .Madi- j uEoii, Kansas. i ; S |ie <-ial Sunday .Bhinpr noouj uliinil etpnlnir. Kellp.i - I HiHini Jind I oifee SJi4 |t. Hotel Iiiniii'.; Mrs-. William Tjivlj-if. wlio has bei>n th^ giip-t r.t" >ir . IJ. E. Kilmer?,, returneil iiii);iy o Ij'-r h'tnie in Inilependen<e. Kails.ns. •- j • • a Ni>iri-lally at I.e'.vmiia's Cire. Chiil^eii IJiiiiifr i >n -••Iloniecookiii;;' niiia 's ('.'iff. CI , Sundays and. Tluiisdavs. .<..•'. i>. •. TliroiiKh an error ii composiiion Klay^t-Mn the udveriisenieiit i f I'lix'.-f l'<iul- llogist-r I try Fed in hi'-t iiinpt's ; Ue^i^•;. r (be name (If the •|r.d»;i>- F-ed j HeaWh <t Ac .:'.9..0O". disal in:: .-i lie rnll •k by irokeii I w lilicy w makihg 1 recei »1ed ., , 111 inV opinn n, j wond'erfnl p; o- i inan Wishing .placi ipE his Ir. Alb [i.-slrict .\pent 1. STq.VAKER S pre. I.lillarpe. was kmiiHe.l iroiu l! e li-l 01 (l•;ll.r^. 'I'-e^i- IvHiluV ftiodn «:ire nr.imilaitu ",[ !,y 'i-iii- Cox i;raln Co.. Mor:ln. and'have maiiv ii'ialiii'S • wliieli I'laiie tlieni attracii--e to ..\llen itmnty poultry raiseis. In adiiilioiii tj th.i dciil- ers listed last'ni^ht Fed Stoi^e carries a these feeds au'l is pr oiiih them to its c;is! tiie Tredway; full stock of'i] pared to fnr- Jomers. .Ma«ter Donalf school this ten (Mit wUh tl In Front ofi Cook's Drug Store; Ends Saturday, 12:30 At Sleeper's Dare ue ner Will Dijive ISOHours Withdut Slec theWheelDfaStarife^an. Prizes lot You! ho is sponsoring the drive v B. T. Barber, w ing prizes: The stating) JRl-glster hat dairynfaf who was »il on \ $10 Of !roI coiint to pa selling, failing prqpe bercu the cisfat al alway en . ca The untaray nbercdlln fest." linl testini: did not! as Mr cows ing * wheth K >Bhl whose] limits selling; . Thel-e law.ii: and. A he; had been ing a^ Allen the s other city . nutslile the're the c (O CO will baT« no Bread. I Ith ik reported ill Clilropr^ctor, nled -hi.^ sis- dinger to,, her \ be fo Interest ested milk liitiile Xortl ill ofl lives one 'leased bond fo fine on d iiilk without a tb have lad hisj e of in treat vJaa precipitated est case"' to i ;detcrt|iinQ •t or not the city lias a itgal | :o collect a ux froia a naa r >sidenc^ is outside the city o: lola ^1 allk w or the prUdlegb ofi thin the icitv lit lits;; i.t nc state .or, nati inal. Ivollving a ta.x for <|elling jnilk; \ ir. Allen Believes the city hais , Mceedet its Itkal rights-in iffi [the ci sine . limits; |le t a ci (utcomtj \ it cotlie i up iij -1*>H ach ^ejnedy iji lavalu.ibl{:t. 'I move this leave Insomnia Sto n: ch Kitniia.s. He ' is a W. L. .Marple. cau.'ifi If :.VO get i )n, olf 324 North | HP<»ot ^fii) of W ho lias been con- le with a broken s itnprovlng"nIce- r. <!'2S. K. 11.. of been }i)eilged by mare and Cortiphss, a national CASE SEfiN ^ [N lOLA ARREfeT M his regard. by Mr. ordinan b dieve.s ail» and irds, .\ )Hwed w by tl +5 dair \-S lola. econd le flu. erred ypsterdavj •. John T. Al his in len, mile ndrth from •refui charge oC .license Atnl rows given -thei The tu-' enter into Allen :ba^ ir^perly kak- Alleh wjio fs cijeat- e which; is not, .Vir.i ill harinony with national; laws: In i 'r. Allenj holds fhat| j [rials l|ave no jurisdi' tiod y limits and than ^ he Jives ou sidei thfy have no igh: y tax frpm ;hiiiL of the i trial > hen district! court will ith a ^great de; 1 of who: are i iter- ing ami in se ling CiwenijoUn Mo'crow () :freet. w-Iio has fieen is imwiving. irOSl|s(BaclBresth) bad bieath •Wll.son's ..Htoml- . he inf-ctlon which c: usej et Ibarra.' siij^r condition and the bre; th sweet antL p ire.! (Wakefulness) sorders i invar ably ^nsomnii and .i)ervousae.-is. slee'p .should. •annot pi anil edy ajnfj wash tke a hirapinf; son's St6macl) :t down witli a Thlt will s(*ou belli today and' flowering plant, aj bekah lodge.; \ Burkct: retained cek- after having ; ini-asl'js. urniturc Store i) ^nd HandcufTed to , KEEfiYOUrST RIGHT! \j. do*. Hi artham,DUcomfort ARESeriata! Hi re'a an OL hiorted Treotoienf that Keep s You Fit •pidT "fuU" feeing afier meals— 1 mt, heart]|am, iisoonifott, an o —tbelfc are Natnrt 'a nay of tellii g iTiflingiiam'a PJa t Jm'de trill heij} voar Sirer and eaa urage grotir stoib- Kbfpbr that's wh t'a fTipnft Yoiir MSTliHish Ba ^K«r 419 Mjis St.,li Jkntowij, Pa. "Snoe I te«n hn _ faasirfd me oCaU n>y ailm ycaW ago my appe ite didjo Jltfn vbetbef' I atp It Jtrfee it ita. .Thiee BOPOO! I „ not. Cas ca«Sd a&ertf ^Bk my k «arve9 w^re me pf many UiUeas and n eiilu I Now tb^w t attd :djirtt«M are Mynemaoi B my deep is aotmd and I Ro about my hotuew^ amging." Plant Juice ia conjtaoundn] Trom herb* and plsnta. Thi^^leasuit tasting mnedy works'naturally, easily, fWitiioui any discoiiifan. It clcanaes l^ur whole aj'atem, pur lies your blood and tones up your bod )r. Tbt first tew doses ' rill rave you a elianoe to eee how mi eh better you -! feeL But don't stop, ustt ^'uMof that--tire this fine }ld iemedy a chance to do }-ou sope real ^ood. Askl your druggist fdr the anginal I'a Plant Jul Dilun^ism 2QNI£jm kinbroken, and itn\: Jiiice IfanclMted ISEK To the person who tomes nearest to g^essih^ the nilmber of miles driven hi Dare Devil Warner diiring^ the 120 hol"^-"- lirs.^ FIRST !?iUZE4-S200 Gift Cerlilicale good on |lh^ purchase o^ any mi Now Sldr Six. SECOND'PRI>5E—Si50 Gifl Ccrlificale, jjofid im the purchast of any model JNcw-Star Four. To the person; who jcomes nearest to guessing the numl^er of gallons of gasoliii|e u^ed. FIRST r iil award t r PRIZE4-S25 Certificate Kood on the purcliase of any our stock, . ' SECOND To the person hours Warner ture Company IJIRSTP SECOND i Hrin«r or mpif your ir stock, PRIZE—Sieberlinfj Casing, choice of! -i during the drive. le follow- jwhd makes the best g^iess will sleep in the wiijl^pw of aftir the drive. MZE>r$10 Gasoline Book. PRIZE—3 Gallons Grafolcum motor (oi i ;ues4 to IJ. T. Barber or jfive your es: 1x3'/2 or 29.x 4.10. to the njmber of the Sleep?r Im^cost Trgnsportdtibfi used car in Furni- imatc lo Dare Devil Warner £ lie by v- Drug Rrowir.s jpru^ i ti .'re. 5tore. Fry 's Drug inheirirri Oisr Strei^t yi/iear i^rtsheil Frames snia-t I arid beccminii Id -for )ffi<ie wear >r .flopping. Cain be worn withf itod4y*s snugiticting hats. /hnilElE CCS at you PI W\ii\n sal PROPER GARB AT FIRST SAVES MONEY IS NEED Phine 115 Clark Lumber (]p. ' ' Wes[ jMaMiJoh; DRY OPODSil^MfeNS ioLA'S •OLA > - - ^AM&lU ^ .,. , forineriy occupied Hy lames Hcbai ^soii: POPULAR STOliE iljumtr in^ Bin! liostery" Mcwest Arrivats Prmed Extmo7wnariiy Low ap^e i ^fari^bfthe Reason I'pbks boki of .95 to m a or Gveiy recijuiremerit leWst mater:Ms,'colors an, Ne\k- Bloubc^ effects,: nevjt rided Skiz-t^, Bows Ribbons, Tticl trfitimings. i Blues, Oray^j JMothe^ qdse, ^[onkey Skin ajid other brighjt jcolqringjs. ' i Latest Styles—Fiif Trimmed h SENEKia's Nt>\v Tuxelo motlela. many ujthi fur trirnnied front-si Spfiil. and dress;models of new*St (al rics and a great tion' o ' popular shades. 3" model lavi-shfy de- tailefl. rrhe new Si>ring Hs ts are her<:, wide i hats;to the imall type: i material ih favor-iaH arje! novjf disp Felt.sUind Silks in *miall;and $2.50 TO afge hea^ sizsi

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