The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 3, 1891 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1891
Page 2
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, — —. TlioFostville Weekly Review POBTVILLE, BAT'DAY, OCT. 8. W. N.BTmDIOX .Bditor. Mnttrtd at the Postofllttat Postville as 4$»ni-*lat$ Matter. BBPTTBLIOAN STATE TIOKET. For Govornor, HIRAM C. WHEELER, of Sac Couuty. for Lieutenant Govornor, GEO. VAN HOUTEN, of Tajlor County. For Supremo Judge, 8. M. WEAVER, of Hardin CountT- TorStipt. Public Instruction, HENRY SABIN, of Clinton County. for Railway Commissioner, FRANK T. CAMPHELL, of Jasper County. SENATORIAL TICKET. V. X. WHITMORE, of Fayctto County. BEPTJBLICAN COUNTY CONVENTION. A convention of tha republicans of Allamakco Co. will convene nt tho Court House in Wiiukon, on SATURDAY, OCTOIIEI! 3, 1891, at 11 o'clock, a. ra., for tho purposo of placing in nomiuntion candidates for the following offices: Representative, Treasurer, Sheriff, Suporintondont, Supervisor, Coroner, and for such other business as may proporly come before tho convention. Townships will bo entitled to delo- gates os follows: Ccntor 6 Franklin 6 Hanover. Jefferson Lansing.... .. Ludlow Faint Creek... Taylor Union Prairie. Knirview French Creek. Iowa Lafayotto Linton Makeo Post Union City Waterloo Total numbor of dologatcs 88 By older of Committee, C. M. BEEUAN, Chra. WE h«id a talk with our clothier, Carl Hotter, this waok rolativo to tho cost of clothing under tho woiking of the McKinloy bill. You vemombcr that clothing and woolon goods were to be raisod fabulously by the McKinley bill At least so said all the democratic papers and speakors last fall. Mr. Holtor says that but ouo line of import •d worsted suits hnvo boon rnisod at all, and they are soiling those suits just tho same as last yoar. On some othor lino* of domestic goods prions aro low or ;than oror bofore. So that all tho ehango in prices they aro making is a reduction on some lines. So much for tho oftoct of tho tariff on prices of clothing. And it is just tho snmo in all linos of goods. WE commend tho financial plank in tho democratic platform of the stato of Now York, just adopted, to our friend Butler, congressman from this district, with tho assuranco that Now York is likely to furnish tho platform and tho candidate next year, and that it will bo » gold platform, with a gold candidate running upon it. How do you like It, WaltP "Wo steadfastly adhere to principles cf sound finance. Wo nro ngninst the coinage of any dollar which is not of tho intrinsic) vallio of ovory other dollar ol tbo Unltod States. We thoreforo denounoe the now Sherman silver law, under which one-tenth of our gold stock has been exported and all our •ilvor output is dammed up at homo, as a falso pretense but artful hiudranco of return to free blmotnllio coinage, •nd as tending only to produce a change from one kind of monoraenull- ism 10 another." Nomura that has ooourred in a long time in which we had no voico has given us greator satisfaction than the defeat of B. F. Wright by the Floyd county republican convention as a candidate for representative. On general principles wo have nothing against our brother editor only that two years ago he bolted the republican tloket ami ran Independent, thus electing a democratic representative and making tho house a tie, and to tho further, fact that ho has been making the most begging campaign in his own behalf through h\p papor that wo ever hoard of. Weight is a pretty good man and a V«y good editor, but his groed for office is too disgusting for anything. It don't pay lor a man to blow his own born too loud and continuously In politics. After he has worked humbly in the ranks for awhile (it he does) he juay reach the covefced. goal. THE Louisville Courier Journal is the recognized leader of the democratic press of this country. Recently it contained a long editorial on "Tho Outlook," which was more of a wail than anything else, We have only worn for the following oxtraotsi "If we are to hold our own, and main the vantage ground won twelve months ag&, notT>y the genius and valor of onr leaders, out by n spontaneous and unexpeoted rally of the rank and tile of the people, we shall have to oou- test every inob of tho ground between how and November; audi to say the truth, Jordan is going to be, roust In the nature of the case bo, an exceeding hard road to travel. Suuh I* the situation as WQ enter the full campaign, in Ohio, the illness of Governor Campbell greatly discourages democrat and encourages republicans. Q\ Hear Torh the wpubliqans aro unl- «ed for the Hwt time in fifteen years, «P JKW ^ wndidate, and a feader pifcfihleif have \mn wholly under- rV ^tKjpr line ^mmm THE republican county convention will bo held at Waukon to-morrow (Saturday.) Wo havo not heaid a word as to candidates, and wo presume it will be hard to find men to consent to run for some of the positions, thero being such hoavy odds against tbo party in this county. And yet wo hope the ticket will bo filled with good mon, and then that republicans will work as hard for the ticket as if thero was a chanco of electing tho whole of it. This is the only way to koop up tho party organization. Tho reaction from tho present democratic sway is sure to come, and wo believe it will bofolt this year to an appreciable extent. With good nominations wo aro sure to elect a part of tho tickot this year, and more next jcar. The tide is on tho turning point and we should relax no vigilance now. Next year tho republican patty In tho nation is suro to redeem tho losses of last year and again bo triumphant in congress as well as In tho o.xectitiyo branch. Lot us hold aloft the banner in Allamakee county. BOARD OFSUPEB^ISOB,B--ALI.A- MAKEE COUNTY. Soptotnbor Session, 1801. Tho board of supervisors of Allatna- koo county, Iowa, mot in regular sen- siou at 11 o'clock, a. m., Monday, Sept. 7, 1891. Members all present. On motion board adjourned to ono o'clock, p. in. Ordorud that tho relief granted on tax ponalty lo M. A. Whlto on a former ordor of the board be extended if complied with to-day. Aftornoon occupied auditing accounts. On motion board adjourned to eight o'clock, a. m., 'Tuesday, Sept. 8, 18'Jl. TURIDAT, Sept. 8, 1801. Board met as per adjournment; members all present. Day occupied auditing accounts and oxamining tax lovy. On motion board adjourned to eight o'clock, a. ns., Wednesday, Sopt. 0 1801. WEDNESDAY, Sept. 9, 1891. Board met as per adjournment; mom- bors all present. Ordered that tho porcentum of taxa tion in this county, for tho yoar 1891, bo iixed as follows for the several funds: Stato revenue 2 mills. County fund, 4j mills. County school. 1 mill. Brhlgo. 2 nulls. Poor, U mills. Insano, 1} mills. Poll, per capita. 60 cents. Each male dog, 50 cents. Each feuialo (log, 91. BOAllD OF HEALTH TAX. Lafayette township, oua-sixth mill. Paint Crcok township, ono-uiuth mill. Union Prairie township, otie-sovonth mill. Waterloo township, one-fonrtb mill Makee township, ouo fourth mill. COKI'OKATIOM TAX. Waukon corporation, 10 mills, hnusing corporation, 10 mills. Lansing sinking fund, 2) mills. Lansing water tax, 2 mi.Is. Pnstvillo corporation, G mills. Postvillo hoalth, J mill. The relocation of a portion of road No. 51, and vacation of Hill street and Bench stroot in Dorchester, coming up for fiual hearing and it appearing that the law has been fully complied with in relation ihoreto, and it further appearing tho objection tiled against tho vacation of Hill and Bench stroets by C. 1' Harrington has been withdrawn and that the costs aro settled in said case, it is hereby ordered that the relocation and vacation bo grvited as prayed for. Road No. 644 coming up for llnal action and it appearing that the law lias beon fully complied with in relation thoroto and that no objections or claims for damages have bean tilod, it farther appearing that tho costs nro unpaid, and it is hereby ordered that said highway be established in accordance with commissioner's report on same upon pavracut of costs by petitioners on or bofore the noxt regular sossion of this board. On motion board adjourned to eight o'clock, a. m., Thursday. Sopt. 10, 1891. / TnunsDAY, Sopt. 10, 1891. Hoard met ns per adjournment; members all prosent. Minutes of yesterday's proceedings read and approved. Tax petition of Mrs. Brldgot Kolley, not granted. Tax potition of Mrs. Mary Duffy, deferred. County auditor's roport of foos for qttartor ending August 31, 1891, showing $34.75 charged and $34.35 of same oollootod and paid into tho county treasury, examined and ordored placod on file. Ordered that tho action takor by this board on the tax potition of G. W. Spenoo at their June session. 1891, bo and Is hereby resoindod. Tax petition of Martha A. Maxwell, for a remission of $5.27 erroneous tax against her property, granted. On tho tax petition of Jackson & Townsend on account of destruction of property by wator it Is ordered that all penalty and ono-third the taxos due against their island land bo abated upon payment of bnlanco Inside of 60 days. Tax petition of J. S. Stafford, granted. County olork's report of foos for quarter ending August 31, 1891, showing f220.70 charged, and f'68.45 of samo oollooted and paid into county treasury, examined and ordered placed on die. Tax potition of H. Nieiandor, grant- Tax petition of Geo. W. Hays, deferred. Report of Co. superintendent, examined and ordered placed on file. Petition of Robert Henderson for a remission of $1.29 tax and bonalty erroneously returned against him for the year 1886, granted. On the petition of H. Stott, of Floyd onuoty. it Is ordered that upon payment of $00 tho county treasurer is hereby authorized to give him a rocolpt in full for all taxes against him in this county if paid within ninety days. On tho tax petition of Theka Allstadt, it is orderod that the county treasurer rotund to her the sum of il0.83 erroneously paid by her, and It is further ordered that all taxos unpaid against southwest southwest, section 18, township 09, range 3, and lot 8, block 80, Lauslqg previous to the tax sales against said property be abated. Petition, of J. M. Gimmell, eta).', refejrredtq J, Leas. Petition of W. S, Hart for an assignment of a. school fund mortgage against southeast quarter .northeast quarter and. northwest southeast, seetlon 82, township 97, range 4, granted, apd the onuniy. auditor is hereby ordered to assign without recourse ;uponJpaywept,pfprincipal aMinterosf \&Miwm,mi&mr by petUlonorv- %M 'W(#»n )>°Ma Mourned to eight; ed. bets all prcsont. Minutes of last day's proceedings road and approved. Petition of J. H. Trewin, et al., granted, ond county is hereby authorized to furnish tho necessary books petitioned for. On tho potition of Michael Connors, guardian of tho Hughes heirs, recommended by township trustees, for a remission of taxes, it Is ordered thntull penalty and ono-half the taxes not included in tho lax sale ngainst southeast quarter northeast quarter, and west half of southeast quarter north- wost quartev. section 31, township 99, range 5, bo abated, If paid within 90 days. The committee appointod to examine the books In tho several county offices made the following report: To tho Honorable Board of Supervisors of Allamakco county, Iown: GENTLEMEN:—In compliance with your appointment requesting an examination of the records and accounts of tiiu county officers, you will kindly accent the following statement, mndo urielly as possible, as my roport: Juno 15, 1891, with J. Loas, Esq., chairman of your board os assistant, wo commenced our duties in the ollico of the clerk of the district court. As the clerks of the district and cir cull courts, up lo January, 1881, received all fees of said office and such additional compensation ns was ordcrod by board of supervisors, It wns deemed best to commence our examination with records of first clork of courts acting under the now law, which provides for a salary, and with tho approval of tho board of supervisors shall bo full payment for all services of clerks, and thot all fees received by such clork shall bo paid to tho county treasurer. Wc therefore made a careful exam Inntioli of all fee books ot district, circuit and probalo cour.s, judgment dockets, mechanic's liens, naturalization and marriago records, and compared tho receipts shown in said books with tho clurk's foe books of receipts. Such comparison with oilier oviduni'us shows eight hundred or more items of various amounts collected and not entered ujx.n said dork's receipt book nor paid lo the county lr"iisuror. Wo did not tind tho clerk s book of fees duo to individuals in said ofllcc. Mr. Uunrco was duly uotiftcd to bo prosent in tho examination of his records, but failed tc appear. A copy of such portion of our finding as he desired was given him for exam illation. J. H. Meier, Esq., niombcr of board of supervisors, was also my assistant three days during tho examination. Attar a careful investigation of the books, papors and other cvidonuu, there appears to bo due from L. M. Boarco, ex-clerk of court, tho followitig amounts: Am't duo Allamakco Co $4,618 00 " " to OHlatcs 68G 45 •' " individuals 1,13-1 79 Miscellaneous funds not distributed 168 76 Total amount $0,488 00 With the assistance of J. Leas and J II. Meier, members of board of supervisors, wo proceeded with the examination of books and vouchers of J. F Dougherty, county treasurer, during his administration of said ollico from January, 1886, to August 3, 1891. Wo examined the temporary ami permanent school fund records, board of health, domestic animal, county roads and other funds record and found samo correct. In examining stato treasurer's re eolpts ou Mo in county treasurer's ollico with tho remittances mndo as shown liy the county treasurer's ledger, wo found a difference of $3.-16, which is iu favor of tho county treasurer. Wo enn account for tho above slight discrepancy only in ono way. When the present' treasurer lirst remitted to tho state treasurer funds duo tho stale, shortly aftor going into oflioo, ho remitted tho amount as shown by his ledger less the uxchnngo, which ho afterwards paid to tho stnto. In examination of consolidated school tax fund a difference of nlno cents was fouud ngainst Treasurer Dougherty. In examining tho receipts and disbursements of tho county funds, we Uud a difference of one cent to the treasurer's oredit. Having traced all recoipts of money shown by treasurer's book to tho jour nal, wo then checked journal with ledger and found all balances correct. We found the books kept in a clean, legiblo and ooneiso manner Mid in ovory man uer satisfactory to your oxamining committee. With the assistance of J. Loas, chairman board of supervisors, wo proeood ed to tho examination of tho ofllca of tho superintendent of soheols, J. P. Raymond, tho present incumbent. Wo examined ontraneo cards for teacher's institute, also examination for toachor's oortllloato, numbor enrolled at Institute numbor that was oxamincd and compared with certificate stubs, amount of money paid to treasurer and vouchors for same; found rogister of school oflicors and districts proporly kept. Mr. Raymond's rocords show muoh care for order in arrangement and rollect oredit to himself for tho manner ho keeps his books and accounts. With tho nssistanoe of J. Leas, Esq., we also made an examination of the books and rocords of W. J. Mltohell, ox-county suporintondont of schools, during his two tonus of ofttco; wo examined the books showing amount of receipts and found all funds propurly paid to county treasurer. Mr. Mltoh­ ell kopL his hooks without blots and ornsures In a very creditable manner. With J. Leas assistant wo also examined tho rocords of L. Eells during his two terms of county superintendent of public bohools; the same oau bo said for him and his rocords as was staled of Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Raymond. Tho rocords ot all the superintendents named aro a credit to each and prove their ability to manage the affairs ef our public schools. With too assistance of J. Leas, Aug. 12th, wo oommonood the examination of tho rocords of the auditor 's ollico. Tho examination committee having their own private interests whloh required their immediato attontion, examination was postponed for a few weeks. All the above is respectfully submitted; H. O. Dayton, examiner. " On motion the roport of tho oomnilt- teo was aocopted and ordered published; and it is further ordered that said committee- complete tho examination In tho auditor 's office and also the records In tho sheriff's ofUoe and haye tho same for submission to this board at their next regular session. On motion the county attorney was instructed to commence prooeetllngs in the diatiiot court, at once against L. M. Boarco, ox-olork of the district court, and his bondsmen t'i collect the. amount due the county as shown by { tho report of tho examining oommitteo. and that J. F. Dayton be eraployod to assist him in said oase. On motion O. O, Howard was appointed oounty sealer ot weights and measures of this county. and without a handle, turned over a man's head, bottom upward. Tho attiro of the women differs from that of the mon chiefly in tho absence of a head-dress. In somo places, how- ovor, thoy wear at times large basket hats, so unwieldy that both hands aro required to keep them in position. The religion of tho Koreans is a religion of traditional custom rather than of firm conviction or Btrong fooling. Their ideas of God, of duty, of ctcrn'uy, aro vaguo. and havo little practical effect on their character and life. This fact has a two-fold significance in relation to mission work. On tho one hand the Korenn mind is not one that responds readily to any kind of religious influence. On the other hand, tho fake religion now in possession does not, for that reason, place a serious obstaole In the way of tho truth. Thero is not so much weeding to be done as in some other placos, tho soil is not so forti'.o. Tho Methodist Episcopal church was tho lirst protostant church to arrango for mission work in Korea. In Juno, 1884, tho Uoy. Dr. Mnclay, of Japan, visited Seoul and received from tho king tho assuranco that no objoctlon would bo mado to tho Introduction of Protestant Christianity into tho country. St., New York City. —Wide Awako for October has a pleasure in store for all young lovers of English literaturo m the form of a narrative called "The Maidens of tho Lakes," they being tho young daughters of the three hike poets, Dorothy Wordsworth, Edith Soulhey and Sara Coleridge, lovely girls, to whom Wordsworth addressed his poom, "The Triad;" thoro aro portraits ot tho throo girls in ciiily manhood, and vlows of tuoir homes and favorilo haunts; the nrticle is by Miss C. II. Garland. Thoro nro two long articles for those who enjoy natural history, "Boo-Hunting," by Rowland E. Robinson, and "Tho Trouble Grandpa Nntuio Had With the Horse," by L. J. Bates; also a sbortor and vory curious ouo, "Tho Joint Snako." Thoro aro three stories, "Edith's Guincn-Pig," by Esther George, "Jessie's Chickens." by Hattie Tyng Griswold, nud *'A Night with Russian Wolves," by Lieut.-Col. Thorndike, whoso titles smack of animal life, but all *hrco tiro storios of human nature Two interesting folk-talos aro given, tho Norse story of "Why tho Son is Salt," and tho Moqnl account of "Tho Genesis of the Earth and Moon." Margaret Sidney's Peppers Serial is iuteusoly interesting this month, but although one numbor more brings tho story to an end, this "ond" is not to be g:iessod by tho renders. ' "Marietta's Good Times" deals with a nionkoy theater. "Miss Matilda Archambeau Van Dorn" does credit to hersolf and her ancestors, though her immediato relatives wore aomolimes of a contrary opinion. "Men and Things" is full of good original anecdotes, and there aro many readublo poeuis nud enjoyable pictures. $2.40 a yoar. li. Lolhrop Company, Boston. An Idoal Wife. A §350 sealskin coat for tho' lady coming uoarest thojroquiroraents. Evory lady sending fifty cents for a throo month's trial subscription to the Ladies' Pictorial Weekly, may enclose a sitmplo of her handwriting (not less than six lines,) for the deliueation of her ehanvour in Prof. Wioklo's Graph- ologioal Prizo Examination. Tho single or married lady possessing, (according to dolinoatlon of her handwriting, tho most characteristics necessary for tl.o making of a good wifo. will be pro- sentod by tho publishots of the Ladies' Pictorial Wookly with an Elegant Genuine Sealskin Coat, costing $360.00. To tho lady standing second in ; the examination will be prcsentod a first- class Ladies' Gold Watch, costing $85.00. To the lady standing third will bo giyon a bilk Dress Pattern, of tho best quality, costing $45.00. Fourth, China Dinner Sot, costing 40.00, To tho next fivo, Opera Glasses, costing $10.00 each. To the noxt ton, haudsoma Parlor Lamps. To the noxt twenty, beautiful Mantel Clooks. To the noxt thirty, beautiful Plush Work- boxes, and many other articles, n full list of which is published, with the rules, in the Ladles' Pictorial Weekly. An elegant Silvor Tota-a-teto Kettlo Is given', enoh day to the lady whoso handwriting is received, and upon delineation, is pronounced the best of those recolvod that day. Tho regular price of this publication Is $2.00 a year, and it is equal, in every respect, to tho high-priool illustrated English or Araerloan magazines. Threo months' trial for fifty cents, postal note or U. S. two cent stamps. No free copies. Address tho LADIES PICTORIAL WEEKLT, Toronto, Canada. MISSIONARY NOTES. T|te morning costume of Korean mon is ^perhaps on* pf tin most > striking things one meets with. . Tho outside of it consists of a long, loose, coarse dingy looking oalloo, reaching' w'the feet. Ovor the bead oomes d QW n a huge, hat reette, muoh like a round, deep* wide Books Given Away! Who has not henid ot that popular old rolinble story paper, Street and Smith's Now York WeeklyP For oyer thirty years It has been beforo the public, and during that time has always ranked ns it does to-day first and, best among the nyiny story and skoteh papors. It is uot ha\d to tell the reason why. The best nuthot-s are engaged to writo for It and the publishers spare uo expense la proourlng thoir masterpieces. Messrs. Street and Smith also issue some of the most popular oopyrlght Araerioaa novels' in book form, and this year ai a spoolal inducement to tho publio they-' make the following .-• •wtfMuwam wrnlfc •" Any person remitting 91(00 fge';/oui months subscription to the Nqjffifork Weeklyi will - reoolve • la ftddlt^f ree of all expense; any 26 eent nov&they may seloot from JStveet nodi ''" catalogue, or any 6 novels' iwju year's subserlptipn Jo fte Weekly for three dollars. St" Ji)»[an4 qa^logHMJfra!*'- tftpflUMttea to. 8 M&t' m ork PARTIAL II3T OF BOOKS OFF1RKU. Tho Coantjr Fair, by Nclt Durgcss. Denmau Thompson's Old Homestead. The Virginia Heiress, by May Agnes Fleming. Prettiest of All, by Julia Edwards. At a Girl's Mercy, by Jean Kate Ludtum. Trixy, by Mis. Georgt Sheldon. A Heart's Idol, by Bertha M. Clay. Drant Adams, by Old Sleuth. Gold-Dust DarreH, by Ilurk: nronlford. Mu«rtalina, or the Poisoned Pin. Rocky Mountain Sam, by Hurke Brentford. The Struggle for Maverick, by J. F. Pitts. And too others. Remember theso books aro all neatly bound in elegant lithograph paper cover.*, and contain from 300 to 600 pages each—no cheap trash. For tho Unveiling of the Grant Monument, at Lincoln Park, Chicago, 111., beginning October 7, 1801, tho B., C. R. & N. R'y will mnko a rate of Ono Faro For tho Round Trip from all stations on Its line, south of and Including Grundy Center, Clarksyillc and Doco- rah. Tickots to bo sold Octobor 6 and 7; good to return'until Octobor 8. For further particulars call on any agent of the company. J. E. HAXNEOAK, Gen'l Tkt. & Pass. Agt. Tame Hamming lUrrts, Humming birds are generally supposed to bo oxtromoly timid nnd almost untamable, but when thoir confidence Is won, which Is an easy muttor to tboso who understand thorn, they nro very fearless and tho lovelfeBt little pots in tho world. Wo tamo them nearly ovory season, nnd they como to us onywhoro around the placo, and when tho doors are opon make themselves perfectly at home, oven in tho houso. A year or two ago I callod my wife's attontion to tbo first one ol tho uprlnjr, as wo woro sitting on tho plnx/.a, and when I callod him he carao at onco and oxumineQ ouch of us carefully and then flow off, I Baw ut onco that it was ono of our pots of tho previous yoar, BO I went In and prcpnrod a small bottlo of augur ond water, anil it wae but u few minutes boforo ho returned and at onco took bis dinner, an ho had boon ecoustomod to. 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Ofilcfl ovei Lion's storo, brick blook. POSTVILLE - - IOWA. J- A. HAVIRL AND, Vetermary Surgeon, POSTVILLB, IOWA. Office lirst door Kast of the Corumor clal House, Green St., Postvillo, Iowa A flue sot of surgical instruments. All necessary modioinos kopt on hand Thirteen yoart successful practieo Calls promptly answorod I 'RED. N. BEEDY, -:-FH OTOG-RAPHER.-:- And Dealer in Piotnro Frames. Postville - Iowa Postvillo Dray Line P. J. BEUCHEE. Prop. Having purohased tho ortgina. Post­ villo Drny Line I am prepared to do ail kinds of draylng promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. Good teams, good drays nnd oareftil drivers always at the sorvloe of the public, at fair prloos. All klnps ot light or heavy hauling, in town or country promptly dono. Granite Cemetery Work, Iron Fences, Curbing cto. ' Those intending to purchase Monumental work for .future delivery will Had it to their advautago t > examine M. V, Kidder's Granite Work in Cemeteries, as he is doing flrst-oluss work at as low prices as can bo procured in the country. If ho has not oallod upon you drop him a card at Uooorah and he will bo pleased to visit you with Designs ana samples of all kinds of Granite, at tho lowest possible prloos. M.V.KIDDER, 34mQ Deoorah, Iowa. L. STROEBBL & SON, — rtwrniATon* of. — Postviilc Boot and Shoe Store, ' («' A &MsrooNa > He-nun's oi» STAND.) Havo a full Hue of Boots, Shoes,, Silp- . j>«l«, Rubbers and' everything kept In a No. 1 general shoo stove. •,Otiftow,work and repairing neatly T!T. T. K. Next week we will have something to say about pur elegant stock of Men's and Boys' Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats, and caps. Drop in and see our goods. Hoy <& McNeil. ft © I* © •-> a u o o < o P o p C9 CD If! RAILROAD TIME-TABLES All War't'd Fir@ke©p@rs. Invites you to come and inspect his mammoth new stock of Furniture. Everything in the line of Carpets, Curtains, Chairs, Bed Room Sets. Also a fine line of Hammocks. THE POSTVILLE LOli YARD. ©. F. GMTON. A complete and full stook of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling, oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building the coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills. Best of grades only handled. CENTRAL MEAT MARKET I SOHTJLEB BROS., Props. We havo openod a New Moat Market in tho Mott building opposite tho nost- ollicu. whoro wo shall koop a full assortment ot tho host of meats at '.ho lowest prlcos the market will a (lord. We solicit an inspection of our stook and manner of doing buslnoss nnd invite a fair sharo ot your patronage. The Old Reliable Meat .Yarkrt, EEDOniia & PHALEM, Prop.,, Opposito - Postville - Stnto - Bank. None but- tho best im-:ils pni'chiiscd. Everything' in llrst-cl»st slmiju. Conr- tootts treatment to nil. alwajs tho lowest. WONDERFUL! The cures whl»h are being effocted by l>rs. atnrkey 4 I'alnn, 162iT Arch St., Philadelphia, Pn., iu Consumption, Catarrh, Nouralgia, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, and all ohronlo diseasos, by their Compound Oxygen Treatment, are Indeed marvelous. » If yon are n sufleror from any disease .which your physician has failed lo cure, write for information about this treatment, and their book ot <!00 pages, giving a history of Compound Oxygen, Its nature and ofl'oots, with numerous testimonials from patients, to whom you may refer for still further inforroa. tion, will be promptly sent, without oharffo, «V This book, aside from Its great merit as a medical work, giving, as it does, tho result of years of study and export- enoe, you will find a very interesting one. Dm. STARKEY & FALBN, ,529 ArchSt-, Philadelphia, 480 Sutter St,, S M FrsnclKO, Cil, ^J».W meuUpn this paper, 4m' Consumption Cured. An old physician, retired from prac­ tieo, having had placed in his hands by an East India missionary tho formula of a simple vfgotahle remedy for tho speedy and pcruiitnunt euro of Consumption, Bronchitis, Cntnrrh, Asthma and Lung Atl'colions, also a positive and radical euro for Nervous l)ob!lily and Norvotis Complaints, aftor having tested Its wonderful ourativo powers in \ thousands of cases, has felt it his duty ; to uiako it known to his suffering fellows. Actuated by this motive and a desire lo relievo human suffering, 1 will soutl frao of charge, to all who desire it, this ruolpo, In Gorman, French, or English, with full dlrootions tor pro- paring and using. Sont by mail by addressing with stamp, iiHiulng this & aper. W. A. NOTES. 820 Power's look, Rochostor, N. X. 46yl TOsKSORIAL PARLOR. HBAtt TflR POBTOFMOR. I oordlally invito new patronage dive ns a trial «W >• niuutii, Ueart our manner and way of xlolng thobusi nesi. I believe we oau pluase you. «7 .T. P ARKKB, Prop.. • On and alter Sunday, June 29, lsoo trains an tho C. M. & St. I>. Ry. W)L J eave Postvillo as follows. ooiso EAST. Passengers. No. 3 4:M p. w No. 4 (night) 3:32 a. i„. Freights. No. 7 Way Froight ll -.d.'j it. m No. 9 'lime Froight f ,:10 ]>. ro No. 11 Tiitio Freight !):M \K m U01N<! WEST. Passengers. No. 1 night 12 .10 .i. ID. No. 3 .10:M». iu. Freights. No. 10 Chicago Slock . No. C Way No. 12 Milwaukee Stock AH Freight trains mentioned, except No. 12. carry passengers when p/pvidid with proper transportation. No. 11 between North McGregor and t'altniir G. K. Will PP. Agent. B. C. R."&lr.R. R. • •11 ••0, r , a. m •1:32 p. to. • 1:10 p. m. G ENTRAD HKCOIIAII DIVISHlS. Tinio Table in rfleet Junel!. ]X'j\ Passenger going North... /i : K .i. ]' M " " South, Freight. " North. 2:1.'., P. M J. K. PKKUY Agent. , A«k my a(«nta for W. I., Dnuulns Shnr«. If not for nolo In your pluco nnlt your aoalor to solid for cutnlnguo, sncuru lli« nscucir, nnd vet ilioni lor >UH. OT TAKE NO Ht !U8TlTDTE. S3 BHOE oEHffiSanN THE DF -ST SHOE 1H THE WOnufFOfTHE HOHET f It li » Bonmlow tfono, with 1.0 tacki or Trfnx tijrm .4 \it hurt tlioJpftj mmlu of thu boat fltjo calf, titul cat;, ond btcausi w* tit<tfc« inor»i *.'iof* cf fi\t* arattc than any oihtr manufacturtr, It eqiulu uaud- »«wcd ahi»ott cuHtltiR from $1X0 Ut * J.C 0. epO« »li«o rvor «IT«roU for CVMj e <ntu1* Htitm4 |:iuinrteM ih 'toa whlv.'Ii eo*t ff<>iu $S.o Ui v'2- f5 (>/% OO lUuil-Hnwuil Well Klin Pa '.f. nhn:* over u(T«.>rctV at lltl* i>; »omi- rnui>i u.i*- tuiii-iii«'l^»ln>»»C()htln.i from fiiA- to %\>iSit a:u\ letter C&rrlKrsoll weur tdoi >: fiuornir, trnmlexn. wiiooth in6):lo. Uaxvj throo R -lr., •Ion ftlto. OiinpaW will ^onr ay^tur. OO fln« enIO boiiitr nlHw over vn:r*-\ tOlil^H tlila )ir.i-p; tylio tr|/.l will cottvlncc U.">*J *I ho vriint a *Uoti f'T comfort nmi ncrrlm. ffiO !£A 1111J S'J.OO WurUliiciiiun 'n '''^ SpcStv nr.. vrrv fctn'HK n«u (liiriiblu. Ihtut* hnvo ulvet) tliom .1 trlnl will m-nr im othor mt*l.-. LSOy-O worn byllio IfoyHOvoryuinif; Uioy.'».l CieiU IVO boiiRolu, vcrvHtyllih: c.iimlAKrciiLii Importod »j»ofsro*tliiKfrom »).oy to co .ml. liiullua* X.MU St'2.00 uuU SI .7.1 *V'*° . r ." r ITlMcff Aro tho best ntiuhonjffjla. Ht>liv)ion<liiiirftljla. <!n.utlou.~ ht>tt that W. l»ou«lftV IIMIW uua prlco aro autaipod on tlio bottom ot uach »)MJD, W. L. UOUUUAJB, UrockU)U,. sou> ny —LUHMAN - & - SANDERS. WUTD MILLS. C. P. DARLING-. (Stiecessor to Darling &Slilcs.) — DKALKU IN — Wind Mills, Pumps, Tanks, Feed Mills, Corn Shellers &o. In wind mills I furnixli pumping anil geared mills combined, and both steel and wood pumping mills. , Ollico and shop lirst door south of Hoy & McNeil's 'hardware store, Foiit- villo, Iowa. FOSTVILIiE LODOEB. OUVK BRANCHlLODGENo. lift KNIOIITS Ut' I'YTJIUS! Mootioii tlio aooonaaiid fourthFilil »^MV «iila a fl«oh mouth. Vsttlug brotbrtn In good »ts »d always woloouie. DA1UU8 0KR I .0. O. Oius. SKBLTON , K olll&u NOBLE LODGE NO- 51. A. O. U. W. The Loyal Ancient Order of {Jolted Workmen moots the Second ami Vourlh Saturday ovonlngs iu oach moiilh, in tho Mnsonlo Hnll over the Brick Drug tore. JOHN WEMSBL, M. W. J AMISS Punnr, Iteoordor. BROTHERLY LOVE LODGE, No. 204, A. F. & A, M. Reguhir meetings 011 Tuesday evening on or before tho fnll ot tho moon. AU brethren In good standing are oor­ dlally invited to nttcud, 15. 1). STILUS, W. M. WM. MOTT, Stio'y. CHURCH DIRECTORY., CONGREGATIONAL -Bov. N. h. Burton, !'•«• toi. FreaoMuu ovory Bunitay atlfltSU A .M. and7 ISO .VII.: Sabliatli Bchool Immtidlately sftor moinlag sorvioo. Y,i>, B, O, B, moots ovory Huniltty ev«nlug tvt a :16. l'iftyor Mott. lug Wednesday ovonlngs, METHODIST.-Hov^ E, S, Loekwourt, r»st»t, 1 'roaohiug soivlsps ovoryfluudayat 10:00A M ,»na7i80 P. M. BnWiatu Boh'ool lmpedK atofy alter morning service, Tho Bptvetlh . ke&gue .very. Buwlay evening at a too o'elort, Pyayetwoetlus every vyo4fioia»y, evening *^ 1 iQ) Q'QJQ * Yev m s *vn«itly lu.vlp$, - "^sAw '-t" . ^ t \ i

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