Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 11, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1927
Page 2
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PAGIETV^O , SOXMiT. i ' : IK. T. ClBb Lnncheoa ! You canilol Share ; 'MOoda'; They fret yo'ijr loVc cj even ways—|- Laugbt*r'ana fllgftt, . ' 'ekeehi alia jpra On 'these your"Joy$; , - inbssi Jntrudeis; After a unfamiliar Ic life's more arid men's ise— jtn]; sombre-. spir^ in me broods d ednvjntion'if sure riinqiiii nights and ays, :oul ital I bitter sbli- Ever a dajrlclin» Over your s'jtai ;' a ?cay'B O keep your p acid li And lcav4 niy " • udes! J have mj pl'act: fiilness To thos^ fo \Yljom yoij^ constancy ; , a( heres Tlien you may • hive no; for al leave flic; less. lecenu interval of years. peace, grounded in my|-very loneliness, / Too surp for words. |and far too said ffir tears. —Esther Clark Hill. (>he Bridre Luncheun hlj-H. Herman Tlitilen, your faith- I shall Ijr. and Mrs. S.-A. Bixly were, ^ostcfescs at a bridge! lur clieon yesterjiay^ afternoon in the home of ihefornior, 223 South Oak street. St. Vale nine suggestions were usied in thle luncheon aid the decorations. At bridge Mrs. M. B. Brownficld received a ! prize for high score; Mrs. Clyde |Thompson for second liiKh and llrs. O. K. Hanford tl e conyolatlon . «5» •> •> i' —Special .iSnnday IM ner noon and e>pniiir. Kellrj H ^fcr Dinlni; Room jind Cofiee Shop. • • * Kntertain Fourth l>iTlsii| i krs. C. v.: Perham an i- -Mr.s. W. H.;I'orter I iit<,'rt;iinc(l Ihl members of :thp Foui tiv Divisiim ol the Pres- l)yi.criiih working .societj ye.stcr- dai? afternoon intlie lione of the " •• ' avenue. K. Starks, ss mc'et- |io hold a ruary 19, former. 403 The chaifinan. Mrs. W.! presided o ling; Plam ;cake .sale 'and to enl< iRjoh next lodi Forty by the call Hast mcrtting. refreshments. Kast Madisojl cr ;tlie hu.^iii were madf^ tiaturday, Fe)| rtain the O^wraF; Divi. George inrfntb. Mr.-^ Trombold led the devptjional per|six calls wer<f ng rommittef The hoslc reported since the Iss served •Wojiian's S M'I P I J-of ^ j St. j Tlmotliji's flpisropii I . Mrs. lien y Hallietf i the'mrmbnrs of the Woni ty of .St Tiniolhy'H rhtirch yest-rday afterrioi Jioine at .'j2( Kast .lackHo hun-h ttertained lin's Socie- Kpiscnpal n in lier avenue'. Mrs. Lucir .lamieson HI theLles- prepara- Ilishop's ej^J('miK)ran- hy ;n^cm|d -att^nd- ro si-rvcd «on period !>n "fj^rayer", i lion for ili|lt! ni(tioii-wid^ Crusade; M the close eSi eouH pniye|R.wcre givenj Iters. Thijrii was a got ance and n freshinctnts 'w| aft«r the study period. The incet,fng next ThiriMil.iy will I MJ In the ilidtiii' of .Mi-k.| C; Lutz, 703 North Second strenti •> • * J I'axt Orael«k ('hib Lnnrl )<4)ri Mrs. I.' Mhlser entertii ncd the " members : of the Past Or icle club at one o'clock liinoheoii yesleriday in her; home at Cui N6r|t|i Walnut street.; She was ter, Mrs. Anna Pegrani. of j white nirclssi .centeri blc. The afternoon wasi formally with fancy-worM i. , • • iirst nivlslon Holds Meei assisted Jiy h Inp The meeting of the First Division of the; General "Working society of the First Pr sbyte^iari church was held Wednes^ noon in tjie church. In tHe abse^c'e: bf the chairman, Mrs. A. presided. Plans were disliussed the Alai:ch jiieetlng. Foiirneen m<'m bet's were present.; [••..<• >orlhH'eNl nivislon JleetAii; ! .The womtir of tl>e Norljhwcst ili vision of thb First Christ hrfd a meeting yesterdayl ^n: dhe homfe of Mrs. Car;] T^ie work was tiuilting] r- N '.Tii T. Vlnb Lnncheon ;Mrs. J. F." Nigh and her sister, llrs. C. M. Thompson; were hostess's to the members of. the N. T. T. ' lub at luncbeoji Wednesday after I oon in the home of the former, l.(|l4 South/Washington avenue. Sweet peas were the' table dec- ratlohs. The afternoon diversion >ras needle'-work. Mrs. ! Catherine U'oods. and Mrs. Wm. DIngman \.ere guests. ' The members present were: Mrs. . H; Hecox, Mrs. Richard Ewjng. .^irs.-J. E. Cornish; Mrs. A. R. Sieep- cjr, Mrs. H. H. Shertnan, Mrs. Ed utherland, Mrs. J. F.| Swonger, ., Mrs. H. G. Ridge way, Mrs; 'C. llf Olson, Mrs. J. V. Kohler, Mrs. 1-a D. Kelley arid Mrs, J. V. Roberts. • * i ^^her T«a at TrInMy Parwonaffie The womeb.of THnityi.ilethodist jpiscopal church held a s'uccc^sful iver tea yesterday afternoon; in e parsonage. At the. serving table Mrs. Walter F^akiii .arid Mrs. L, K. Fo8t ;er poured j)ffee and tea, and"- Mrs. Henry llorter assisted with th(| refresh~ ents. I ' Mr. Joyce'Wilson, corrietist, and rs. HazcirBremer and Ajfrsv li. P. Vl'icks entertained with instrumen- 1 and vocal music throughout the ternoon. ' <• * * ^(ertnln .Sonthwfst |UvIslon Mrs. Sarah Moore, Mrs. J. O. My- eis and Mrs. J. A. Totnpkins entertained the members of thle South- st division of the Ladies' Aid of je First Christian church all-day yisterday in the home ofi the for- .Tii|ef J;G12 South street.: Q^iilng was the work of the day (lariielabdratc dinner was serv- at noon,'! Plans were. made to sdrre a chicken dinner at the TfHE TOLA DAILY HEGISTER, FRIDA I'resbrterian Chnrch. ^ibhatli school at 10:00 a. m. P. S. C. E.fat C,:30 p. m. ilnrning wbrxhip at 1I| o'cliick. • J:i'ening worship at 7:30 o'clock, ou are cordially invited to thdsb services. ing. anccj er, p|-eti r datigli- bouquet *l the spent ta- in- [lay afl bygfeird cl urch next Friday. ; Seventeen members and three childrjen were piescnt; 1 •:• •:• • - Tilnl lUvlwon .Heels j [rhc members of-the Third, Division of the General "Worliing Society of the First Presbyterjan chiirclj mer yesterday afternoon wi h Mrs. C.-L. Whltaker'iind Mrs. W R. ^eylniun in the home of the foi'nier, 408 South street. :iIrs ..'F. C. Oreen gave' a devo- tio lal talk about her favorite hymn, "T IP Glory Song." The bnsiness lUfPtirig was presided over-'by the ell jrhian, Mrs. Richard Ewing. Rij I el en members were In attendant e and refreshments were served. Number 1 she lh<' coi wa be a splr thrjiu^h which Kts may be teri in for mill sta ed (Continued from Pago 1) ulrl ekisl between the people of towns and the surrounding titry 80 that- there should alt of codiieratlon their mutual in- advanced, i r. Hiimm t(jok as hlsj topic, e place where we llva" jKarller he Winter .h^ hart gone (o Call- lia for a visit with his brothers had siient a month lu that e during which tlnie he travel>y automobile some 2,000 miles, see ng much ofthe ruarl |sectlon California: ^T^wo things partlcu- y impressed Jiim. One >vas the day S .C •Soil ^fy .Uethodist Eiilscopul Chu -cli [uday willj be quarterly mt et- Liet us have.a record atte In the Siinday school, the morning hour Dr. t|ie district I superintenden h thff sermon and at the cltso of the services he wiir convene qiiairterly conference. All dcp: rl- mei^s please have their ' repoy-ts reallv. j|i|ilor Epworth League at 2|30 P- Ji, Hpiworth League at 6:30 p. m; Iqvhiing ser\'ices al 7:30 p.' rii. i|l-week services on Wednts- venlng at, 7:30. H. U. MATHIS, l»astor., Flht I'hi^-ch of (hrlst SrlenlH ji iday school at 0:4;) a. m (ircll at li a. in. Subjt^t, :00 all iid- :;aith-i vill ho I'he BapUsIt Tem|»le. Are you interested in evolution, and the history of human beings? Then hear Dr. SowerbV for the next three; Sunday eveningf. Next Su^iday evening he -will discuss. "TJie Diviiie Image in Man.'.' Special music has been jn-epared for both services. An anthem in the morning and a ladies trio in the evening. Laut Sunday we had 2SS at the Sunday school, an Increase of 22 over ihe preceding Siinday. Let us add 22 this week. We can do It if we ,all get busy. •. Miss Marjorie Mather has been elected the new president of the B. Y. Pj 1^ with Esther Coghill as ivice-president. New lines of endeavor will be inaugurated and good results iwwx. accrue. Young"men and young women are y E\^ENING,! FEBRUARY 11,1937 .Mri Haro arid 1 erho< Wplf. Will Tasche called ou Saturday, morning. Burns. .Mr. Hensoii Sliaw Mr Fort •Cla look r..irn<i 1lr> ; Wf dnesday evening meetings ;at o'cWck. , 1 Sei vices will he held at Lhurch edifice, corner of Sycamore ahd East streets. The reading rodm over Ramsay's I Dry Goods Sfo|-e, 101 >^ East .Matljsoh avenue, ojA^n each week <lay from 2 to a p. hi. The [ cordially ipvited to atten I the services of the churph and to visit the reading room JPRA^IE CENTER • Neva Wolfe I JFc >.. 8.—.Mrs. Oreji Haugh and •Mts. Vernon Ostratider arid Mary Ktel; n spent Friday with Mrs. Taylir and .Margaret. JMr and Mrs. Roi) Rarnett a^id rUild|ren visited Sunday afternoon .Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Sievera. Mrk Ziegler called on- -Mrs. .M. E. narnj'tt Thursday. and Mr.-^. xAa Wolfe and d. -Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wolfe Srnest Ray speiit Sunday af't- n with .Mr. ai^d -Mrsl GUs Charfie Ciiariic made, a business trip toi FfrKt ( hrlstlan Church. Pnaching al: 11 a. m. and 7:tH) p. m. by the liistor. .1. E. Reynolds. Morn iig subject: "The Chiirch ! a Fami y." Evening topic: "TJic Miracle al Lydda." Special music by the choir directed by .Mr. Frc<l Steek. , Bib e especially: invited to attend tho ! jiVfiieir sawwood. meetings at 6:30 Sunday evening. ' '- ' I'hnrch of theirnlleU Brethren In thrlst. ! (K. N. .Montgomery. Pastor.< The revival campaign', is gaining in interest and .ijttendance, from night to night. T<i(>re will be no service Saturday night, hut Ihe caini)aign will contiiiuej all next week. ; ; The Sunilay services j will he evangejiistic and the Sunday evening service will be a special for Christian Endcavorers. Rev. Mr. Free will charge of the isong service each evening and these services will consist of congregational singing, ! choruses, ducts and solos. I >iunday school, !i:4r> I Preao'hing, 11 a. in. j Junior C. E., 2:30 p. nj. Senior C. V... G::{0 |i. ni. Preuohinp, 7:30 p. ni. We' extenil you a i-onlial invita- ii>ii to attend these services. [Scott Friday. irie Haugh and Will Ellison Sunday dinner with' Glenn, tl. T:ivIor visited Tuesday after! ioo|u with Mrs. Gus Wolfe and Neva. and Mrs. Will Tasche and childijcn and .Mr. and Mrs; Garrcitt Tabclijo spent Tuesday wRh Mr. and eorge W'ilkerson. - TJle men •i I 'I school meets at !t:30 'a. m. conducted hy, Francis AndeV- son. . . Senior and intermediate Endea or SoL'ieties meet at 6:30 p. m. Bo>-' Scouts meet Monday wi Clifford Barber; in charge. Prat.'pr meeting Wednesday 7:4.'; p. in. . Teai:hcr Tfai'iinK Class mp< Wednesday al 7 p. ni. j The public is invited to attend all .si-hices held at thi.-i chui • - I - • . • h. First .'UelhodW (hureli. Sunijay school !):4.'> a. ni. \\\\ have ii fine .s<'hool. If you do;not ntleiid elsewhere we. invite you i' help:us make It. lietleij. At'ilie morning hour 'he pa.stoj will s|)eak on the sithjecl. "Tli NeeeH.sjIty for Iteligion!" 'Tlio Jiiiiio;'' and liilernieiHat Leagues will' meet at ."i p. in. The li:,3il p On lithe ch Irlct Firsl .\. M. K. ( hii^cli. (Lincoln and Buckeye 1 Sunrlay S<-hooI !i:3tl a. ii. Class: meeting 1(1:10 a. ii. Preaching at 11 a.'in. j A. C. K. League «:30 p.! in. Preaching at 7: l.'e p. nr. .Mc)nday-ni;;ht Class Leadfr".-; port. j Tuei^day nitlit. Lili-raiyj soc-iely. Wednch^ilay 2:.SO. Sti-waidis.-; Hoard meets al the Iimtn! of .Mr.-:. ! Sheplieril. Wednesday night pra.ver; ini'e^ing. ThuK.-'day niKliI Clniir 'iirilijlic -i'. Friday night social by tiie S^Jeward's tioanl. , • C. A. JACKSO.N. I'astor. .Miscellaneous .Shimer fo^ Ziiiks. Frie,n(lK and neighbors tatlierrd al the home of Mr. and .Mj-s. W. L. /.ink, on Wi -dlie.s<l;ly ev-ning. Keli- rnary !t. the orc-.-isinn being a lui.^'cellniii.'ous sliower in jionor of Senior-League will meet jik M,. ami Mrs. William /. nk. lit.., !. enjoyable evening was .M>ent for |in church afternbon Shaffer, and mitk Itfg articles^ for the EastjJ-r bazalar (sixteen member.s and thl ee guests Were present. . i I. ; '> •>•; I Annoiiiirenient Partj- i i Rriends will be interes cd in t.he ^following paragraph froi i the Arkansas City Daily Travel; r of Fcb- Mao' S. as the hride-tj i -he is a grand daughter of Mrs. i . F. Varner.-414 East .Monroe,. ; *nd has many friends in lola. 'he announcement: ; ' One of the loveliest larlies of the season was the s««v« n o'clock dinner bridge Insl eveniiig at (he home _of .Mr.-and .MrsrC. Vurner <>r 417'South 'A street, to anrtouni!e the crigageini>nt ami approaching inarriage of tjieir daughli r Lois to W.r.T.vler Marsh. Mr. Marsh" Is the ^on of Mr., atjd .Mrs. Itnliis .Mnrih pt~114 South Keconil stre'i. The home iva:i decorajed wi|h pffflC'ivoly arfanged vasefi of pltik and while swivei peas. KUadP'l ci |l- ored llgiiti! added a soft..glow jlo the rooms. , j A three (lourse dinner was seVy- cd at quartet tables, ea-h taitrlo daintily appointed in Ih- previjl- Ing color schrmci'. Pink iind whi e tissue rovers,' white whip candles Inlpink holders were used, ^.Mlnl i- trire kcwpic dolls dresse^ in pit tulle, bows, ehch doll hohling licart in her arms. The front M the card Avasja place caijd and on the back was the annonncenierit. IXilH and Tyler. March 2». Following the dinner, seven ti- bles of bridge- were playad. Mr|s. |Ed Reid received the high . score prize and Miss Ber>-1 Rlchmonjl, aeeond prize. ' Miss Varner has! lir- ed in Arkansas Citj-. for the-laist eleven year.s and'is one of [the most poi^rilar and <|harmlng. girls of the |younfer set. 'Mrs. Varner as hostess was .assisted by. Mis. Rufris Marsli and Mrs. W. R.j ifendleloh of Wliifield. of lar nuihber of,chicken raachesihe saw anc the fact that very: few of them we e for sale,! While the owners, of nost of them spolEe with great ent lusiasm- of the success! with wh ch they had met; and another thing was the neat, attractive and wclll kept appearance of the hous- .es ^nd grounds, on the farms as well as in the towns.. "What Allen con ity needs more than anything else just now" Air. Hamm saW, is paint. We have been so busy wit I our farm operations that we hav > neglected |to make our | homes the atjtractive ]j)laces they ought to be: The really: important work a fan ler and his! wife do is to bring up I family oq ichildren who shall be (Jean and -Moncst and good citizen A greatl'ihelp in doing this 1« a 1 attractivi^5home,-a home that is atMicsave onrthe outside as well as '(h, the inside. Nobody can have mu( h; pride in )a housS which never has heei^ painted and abontj which theie ar^ no flowers or, ti;ees or law 1^ oi other evidences of jVefin- mer t an^.good taste. These things do lot iost much, for' the j work necfssary can be donp by the! |_fari ler jiimself,' and if he his time; tnethodlcally, he plans will harjMy niias the hours or days that he will ispond In this Way. And eyei y hour and dollar thus spwit wilL multiply itself In -valuf> ten lim >s. not onlyi in satlsfacti ^oii to Ihe farmtjr and bis family in hairing :i 1 omc ;in which they can: lake p'rit e. but In tlie actual value of the property In case it ovjer is plai ed on tlM» market. Tho jieople of California understand this, I thin*, bolter Ihari the people nt any other pliiee 1 ever havi> vlslteil, and tliet » ciin. be no; doubt thai -tlie lieni ly n( tho lioiigeH and 6f their snrinundlngs. :which one sees on every hand from the time he (inters thojstate. has a great-deal lo do with luring people- to - locate theije. I really believe IJiat if eve«y~ farm house In Allen .cbunLv shoi Id be painted this spTirig anil son e ^lods of flowers set/out in the front y.ird. It would add, dollars to the value of every acrej in the county and attract new people moi 0 than any other one thing we con d do. And what we want there in Ulen county is more jpcople. We want smaller farms, better cult vated, mpre dairying, imoro poul [ry raising, more fruit ra sing, for- ifl these mean more prosj erity botl for the people in the rural com riuriitles and the ueople in the towi s." Bi th ; speakers expressed their app eclation of the Inritatlori to at- tent ber.« lain >r tlie ileliglllfiil services o| ireli Ts lliat held by. the dis >iiiperinteiideiit. Dr. Galthe will III) witli MsjSuiidiiy night an will pi'eaeh fur 'u.s. Kollnwing th servii-el the fourth f|uarterly nm fereiic'} will bif held. Hear Di Gaithe^ Sundavj night. C.jl. COLDS.MITH. .Pastor. St. Timothy Episcopal Chnrcli. <2dit'Block S. Walnut SH ciiui*ch Kc-liool. 10 a. m. • Th.ore will be no service in tin eveiiiiig as the rector.: the Rev Thomas Geiz Hill, will be im al tendanji-c upo.ii the annual dioce.'; an convention ! at Christ Churclj Cathedral. Topeka. ThftjWoman^s Society will mot Thursilay afternonn , with Mrs. C| Lulz. 17113 North Second. Free MeThodlst Chnrch. (3t(7. North Third Street.) Sundjiy school at 10 a. m., Mrs C. C. (iray, superintendent. 55pec^ar meetings will begin wiiH evening service. Rev. .MilJ I Winfleld. will be ' ou'i^ ist. iServiees every nightl .for two weeks or mora lite you to come and enjoM Sunday ler frojn evange at 7:3( We_in\ the services with us. We bplieve] iri the old tinuj religion, iwiiich changes hearts and lives. ' MRS, ALBERTA W. BONHAM, • Pastor. Clas the Rotary club and the mem- of the Club on their part! cer- enjoyed hearing the views FOR VIM R (MiNVK.MKNCE IIKMVKK FRKE all anil the honored ciiestl* ren-iv- edmany valuable present late lH>ni-_ refreshments c of sandwiches, coffee and i-ak< were served. Those pi-ese ,AIr. anil .Mrs. T. W. Lytli At a [•nsistiiig tit were: :inil son. Mr. and .Mrs. Bltliel Loraue, .Mr. laaii. .Mr. .Mr. am nd -Mrs. i Mr. anil iiiil .Mrs. uiiil .Airs, (ieorge Stj-awile iinil .Mr.-<. H. E. Lorance, .Mrs. Iver Johnson, Mr. Bert K'uk and daughter. .Mrs. F. L. Lorance. .Mr. John Fontaine. Mr. ami Mrs. John Johnson and family. Mr. i Ed Os- borii. '.Misses, Reiilah Lonineo and Lucy Bliss.' Messrs. deorgci Harris, .iim SJrawderman; John ^liss and Joe, Adanis. I | y expiessed by their guesis. — ='or prompt results u.-se ified Columns. Ihe FRY'S SATlJR- DAY SPECIAL ' Valentine Candy Lowneys Assorted Chocolates &BonBons K^frular Price per lb 75c jOn Sale Saturday Only 59c lar sloj^k ciiidy. Make a jik'o Valentine.Kift. An oxception.'U bargain. I«i(i Silk Cartilina i~ Iklow Wc List Several SPECJAL FEATURES For Our 6pc|iing Saturday 98c e.s" Silk to the top z ; Noi-mandie Silk I m-g r7fi With.Free Mending Service i.tpl; lil 114 JEast Madison . Sifers Building .

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