Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 11, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1927
Page 1
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Ri5 ^ro acALf »q^»' VOLUME jXXX. TO No. 94. SAS COMTIJTION Stnatclr Apt lid Others Have Resolt lion' to Put Malteif Election. Topfki, KJUH., Fel proposinjg rpsohilio^ii Ilio vott'is j.roposal: lo loiivpiiiipn I Kajisas fit ill tli«' -SI" luCiou wja.s Maker of lolu, S«-inuto SpJiatdr jSp<»^t't'r of tor Ualfon o lor rarUor' Ti-riiiing ll aiiliqual<'<l of lh« rest •xliat j!^ riej vision aiHl not: moitfj Uiiki-r said It lie pr as niaiiV as! tlirel loiild l><} ofljph'd a|l. Iiad not alt . 1)1 II il -ojutiUuioti •ijiaie to(l pfferisji il4ka. SKED Before 1928 Til" I "la UitUy Rpglntii 'r. Ei«tablUtu«l 189). 'UMJAV l> TOI'FKA (Cci'oluiliiii for iiillliiK <<>li- Hlfliitloiial coiivoiflloti Is lii- irofliK'i'il Jii >t"i)ul<^ ' - ||«uiH<' pHhfx-ii 1)111 ••xlcnil- IllK Hollti<M'H llOlllIM npplx'iiikiii p.-iiofl iititll .»ri|> 1.. ms. : 9 0 y • * t » » * * 11. (AI')—A to'siilimit iff '2S flo(-tloii a constitiuional vision of the was prpsiMU- y. Tlie r«\so- liy Sciialdr •nainr Apt of Tlior^c of OlaiiH'. .Sedan, Sena-} rKe and Sena- ria. s consliiutionj Haki^r, autlior! declared that complete re- p-ateh work." i)<-ess by which .St. (;<•< if Eniliol Jje Kiar< Senaniii jlutioiJ, '(led is "Our cons time wl; .siiierably pr(iv«in aDi)ile. len titiitioii conditfc di'foreiil today," Bak must oiitsta tiie ]e{;i dati written Into ih« m<'tnl<'-r.' partfiit'iit Wl I'ompwitjatio piiblir^;s :iir<*j,.— - lallvt>^d"fpai'<rnviil rfsaltj. idiiiR (|i di'pjii tire cl) ft'' t<( ill' 1. .1 tlM 'rf 'S |totisi!lil ing tin- ; am their p.i|y.' Chiiiijics ' pjirtmeiit the jiulii'ial (luted iiy to lf<' n that than a hing ihi' pr Ixidies |>e i^iiltstliiiii; •tnberK i-ordin^ irJelH. and work! <lf t he Ht : lament jr al to .was izamlii was parun< ed that far bettler 'in ppiH have thi' im tioiiait'ly lu "f th.'ir dh proper :Miin4 lion for th Kllniiti:iti<|ii numberj o (liojr a|)poi /(tvprnq Gogn ju<li <:iary » Hftnat'i 'r sla RAIL LEADER JUMPS FROiH WINDOW, DIES Santa Fc Vice-President, Edward Chambers, in Hospital, Fights Nurse to Kill Himself. : San Fianfiso.. Keb. 11. (AI^V- Kdward ("hailibers. of Chicago, vic! president of the Atchison. Topeka ami S'anta Fc railroad, it'Jiing^'d four st(trtes to his death from a liosjij- (al window here .'early today, after having lici'ii .«iei/ed . with what ap-i BODY OF RICH TEACHERNOV IS IDENTIFIED )r. Hiliegas, Heir to Big Fortune, Was Buri^ In Pauper's Grave Mbve Body to California. Utlra, .N. Y., Feb. II. (AP) liody of Or. (leorRe HUlcgaBJ ner inember of the~Univers The for-1 ty of 'allfornla: faculty Ulul heir li two irorf.itie.s totaling $4,100,000 w is on tK way to the Pacific coaX for ijiirhil today after biding exhumed , rom a paii |>er« grave and i n-d. ... 5 He was from Kerkeley, ("a Idenlificalioii of the body :ic< (Hnplislied by ))hotograi >hs the body had been placed! jvanll. Me died in the (iencra lOLA, KAN., FRIDAY.EVENING, Repeal of Intangible Tax Law ti Be Asked Of Legislature Soon Ftenton .said today he expetted to introduce a bill next week fo wipe out the 2-year-old| ainendineiilsi aiiy oneatime idlce lior th iidme In _ .the ven ( ilepari T.oi 'ce.'i4 «ry. .and •sent su^rc'm(• cnkirt juijtBces." THE WEATHER ^•as made at a ns were eon- han they are "One of llu fferences is in inieiit. 'It waj lislltutinn tliat legi-slative' (le- •eive |;! a day ,ik the genera^ jiinst the legisj ight have _beer< voters .de 'feal to iiiTrcast pa rent ly \v:i.s insanity. Dt^tails of her sirli supposedly (leniented ecutive were f;iv<'n fit of temporary Kgle with the r.iilroad exult fiy .Miss Vales, iiis Jnrse, tot Ic'gislalivi* 'll >• aiKl aliov nts" Were lit' [kii law: make ker NijgKeHte smallii'r body ko lijgislatlv lie WOlll •b'cied projior to population' nd "ullot th ill coiiipeiisa election ^lf office;-s an Insleud " "'> uiggesn ven m t, the Topeki "mor' studeat^ Iftv mat ffr*^ lit at lea.sf th FOR KANSi.V- night nnd ehant;e| In ^4. at; 21 at tu .turdi |pni])<>nl K(»B I 10 -A " A Prol».iblj filr 4 (111 day; n^i de^^drd c ainre. Teniiferaijiire—HWhe.'^t yeslerda{y in.; 1 iv 32: deficieitcy yes since .lanu this (late lowest 20. Precipita eiiiiingi at for this year < to Cieney i'.<' Keiaiive tcnlayi 72 perl cen si-a level. est last niglft m.: miirlmal for toda ury 1st ^ast y ion 'f (i !r .a. ni.j siurt- .Janiis . Sun p. ni.. Itiutnidit n-r cent : baroiii t-in.i;! inc riscjs T:17 Koafl«j )th(l All (jlear leyvillj-, P ^ 'rojieki.' ri FI:Obli the 24 hon oday. .'U tot ijate. l.:!!l; dcii- 1st, tl .na incii- ll,»>!it|ll{ : r-oads tl.<ihiirg iigh, Oti l,a\vren( Dean 1', I of l':n|;ine< KallNar.' Ii qONFROL ^EEtllNG SOQN KiinHii flood ( t -iii () herreliirlcH (if- CI • nicfee In I' ferclice oti| the iinlVfM .AiiKing Arihnr ft worked oil iftni dlslrrj Colonido. fessor of the Cnivc Professt the .Amer went to to stiKly Yanistse v^illey' (!ow trip olKibl.r fair ii ; no' (JeeidHd iro. VKIMTY lit and .Sat 11^- iigp In tenippc- [nlay S; e.vce 17"! degree r^i^htghest 4 At 12 noon ye. 'a: m. toda er reduced (es. ill.; sets ".: r KlvpHtiiTi-.l |ood except C( .i\|rkaiisas C wa, fifir. .N'aniiie Hoyh day. * "The paliejit w-as sleeping pvace- fnlly." she said, "I; had .no inkling of what wa >4 to lappen. Siiil- dehly lit- leapt^il trnn thi- lieii and wKhoiit a w(;rd sciztij a big; flower pot and hurled it at lie. I|(ioiiged it and it mts.sed m.v inch. If it had hit me il would ha-ve killed me.^ " "Tlieil ly- swung »i me with Ills lists, sonA' lit his blows latiiliiiK with teiiilie lone against the wall a.^jl retreali'd from iiJm. ()nt,> blow lahght inc on the back of Ihe Jiead and Miothei . on the ii(ce. Me grabbi'd me. I<n<>cl;cil| me dotvn and dragged me iilioiil the room. I inaiiagcil to slip frim his xiasp and tried to reach a liiitioii wliicn would flash a red dang'cr signal out in the ball. Pitt I could not make it. At last I niadi.-' my way to II. e door and flung it open. "lie grabbed nie anil, sliovcd me ii'io the hall with grt^al fori <•.'Then ' '.mped back Into the room and ; ..i ..iin'-l and locked the door." Chambers wreck* d hi« room while. Dr. J. H. •W «8t, r<!aMeftt vhy-. sleiiin, TiitcTa uifnffiei- (JTtnale eu- trants were Ibrcing an entraiice to it. He brought a heito metal stocrt dovin on all of th" breakable furniture with heavy, ci -ashing jblows. jlentl- If. was alter in a Hos- Ipital early in ^^-^ and was 1 uried lin a public cemetery after t ffort.s |to locate friends (ir relative' had Ifc .iled. He disappea^e'l; from Call ornla 12 years ago and "inherited $ 1,000,- 'onn from his parents and $1 1 )0,000 (from the estate of a brother who died recimtlyj . | Or. lllllcgajj was picked tip by Hollce lu the N'ew York Ceiitrul station in February, 19ir,, iiwl held .11 a charge of vagrancy. After a monrli's treatment at the luispitul lie was discharged and went to St. .((dinsville whet'; he visited ; l)uc- Uir U'aguer. I'jion Ills returi here, he iiecame 111 again and illc( soon bead' by an ijafterward in a liospitul. Leiicrs fioui California prj Dvldcd a clue upon which the 'jmdi' was cxliuiiied last Ueveiiiber 'anil held In a vault ready tor shlpn^nt If Ideiillflcallon wis eslubllsh'(I: A western Uttorne)-' whose nannj could not be U'ariied. ;nlde(l the nuthori- ies in hl»n(iricutlou-'or th(t body which began its Journey ba(rk to ('alif(n'nia today. He was a graduate df the Od- ;ege (ll .\Iedicinc of (li.- I'nl e/sily oi Culifornia and n graduutejor the I'nlversily of I'-arls. BABY BANDITS- SENT TO HOME .Kan.<a.s city, Feb.-l.'i. lAP tyuby bandits. WIMie Uuster.. 0>mn Butler, j 2. wltp,.pre4 itself to seek repeal of the In- anJKible tax law, wliile the Repiib- icn 'or ri and ci^edits subject to an annuil la.\ of only 2.5 mills. He Haid he would not attack the ihortgage registration law, whi^h places an eyen lower tax br( liens given as security for debts. I The inortgage taxj Fenton • de-* clared. encourages Kansas capital to remain Iii.Kansa.s and; lowers the Interest rate the; farmer paya. But the intangible tax, he added, places an addrtlonal burden on the farmers rear estate and personal property. . , • A recent federal court decision, Fenton pointed out. giVes national banks the advantages of the Intangible law. hut leaves state bunk.s subject to the general I property tax. Thus the present intangible law, he said, discriminates against bankens as well as farmer^. The Democratk' party hjci pledg- —Two tl4 and etl-,on finallv.hittinsrthe (Ucii; lock a heavyijalgalnst them. Ruth. Learn " . ' • . L, . . . h t..fl.^.. v,..t.i blow that pi evented, khe Use (if a pasvs key. Ais btnl wjaf< d'-molished. TRIBUTES PAID TO EDWARD CSL\MBERS (API—Tribute rs, vice jiresi- f- iiiy Cbicaso. Feb. 11. to Kdward Chambe dent of the Atchisoii,: Topeka and Santa Fe ra-lntad, who was killed in a full from a iibspital window in San Frainisco today was paidj byW. 0. Storey, pj-esidenl of the road. I • ".Mr. Chambers was one of the best.|if not (he iiesti traffic men in Ihe rnited Stales." jjaid .Mr. StoreyJ "During the war. lui held the most diffivlilt post ol d:ii'ctor of trafl'itj of the I'liited States railroaJs i .'lud |>erl>)riiU'(l lii^; diiti'-s with hoilor." other jouiigsfers, today wer s sentenced to two years each . n th.e McCune home by Judge K. if. Porterfield in juvenile court. . Four .small witnesses testified led, 10, p and two .N'orma them, ic. girls Han ford boys and Klleii .Mills, were held robbed "of ."{n cents by th^ l<oys and later the .same day l.ackey, li;, lost IG. cents t(( Tile boys ihr 'uletied the litt with knives, 'jliey said. Hoper, 11, I 'jhl of tlit) two! stopping him land asking iiim for moii(_y. I When he was unable to supply it they" "beat hini uii," he declared. ; 1 • DIVORCE IS SEEN FOR McCORMICKS Klin. Fell. 11. (A Walk !• of the Sell rllJK of he I 'tllvelHlly day Hei oiiji li 'iiiTM inlii-r« <»( C' aifsus iiljinoii 'iicInK a c flood cniitr(i.| Hll^' Fe |(l -iiary 21. hi' j<pi Morgan iters will be of Ohio. W |i>ntrol in Ihe io and iilso ind l ).ti !ii.'l W. .Mead, pro- Ill yd rani ( engineering al sify of Wisconsin, r .Mead was a meijibet of (•ah 'Ciirlimission • wl icli 'hiiia s 'Veral years igo lood conditions in Uie DOW IN SUIT AGIAINST RJ ... ..} 1- it fo^' fism li Paiiifiii rail .SI so nil ((istJ-lct c^mrt who from ^*at4H- Cehter- (irdiiui .t<i ed ptiin knii s Cet back List .•^ei't sai({ rer arrist. filed suit Ace cau whe,^ th«{ Yat ridel alle; ?4.' 1 ag;ii BLACK- SEEN R. ; gainst the ilis- >ad was fllei in odli'•• by Nancy esl negligeiKie o : a ,cni|i to her horn • in T lis is the tjiird jist the road by p»( lions, she mental angi train parried her i ast ter and | ^he was fori^e I on' u handcar. ROBED MAN BY SEVERAL of to [III. I 'll- at I )r. ho li- in Chicago, Feb. ^1. (.\Pi—The Herald and Kvamllicr l«»rtay fSaiJ rumors of anMmjiemlinK r ^M -oiicilta<- tloii bl'l ween Haroltl F. .McCoriulcIt and hrs.divorced wife, Kilitli Uockef tVller"^.\lcCof.'iii<-k. lindli leil on ic- poriM Ihiii III' and K.innaj Walska, had parted and th :il a' illviircl! wiiiild follow Were I itrrept iim<>fif, (rIendH lit (IKJ Ib-i '"rmic;. I .imll.**. MAN USES HORSE I TO KILL HIMSELF YouiiKnlown. M , Feb. II. lAPi • I'^lwiird Winner, 'i.j, prosperoiiH fartiier iK -ar here today anchored bis body to Ills ,barii with a chain, { bilcl.ed a horse lo anothi'r chain ji lied about his iick and shoulders 1 and then ursed the horse aheuj. As the aiiiuial ^iimpriK Wenner's neclf and bacly^ were (broken, lie wa.s (lead wli(-n relatives I'ouhil hitp. TROLLEY WIRE i ENDANGERS MANY Independence,. Kans., Fi (AP)—I..ives Qf passengers wi-'sibound Pnifln Traction! urban car between Cberryv, Independence, were endangi 7::iO this morning when the b. 11. on the Inter- ile and red at , -.v ...........E, ....^^ ...^,tro|Iey wir^ broke, t-angliog arotrnd |the car and breaking window! glass. Pas.sengers got on the flooi or be- 'tween the seats and were not injured. Traffic is'delayed on account of the break. RESLER RETURNS BACK TO TOPEKA (API I) ttttor: J':ir(<oiis. Kans., Feb, IV, I,.? .M.Kehler, asKlKtant slai^. n<y general, who lias .bo|<n con- iliictiiiK an Invt'MtlKiitloti- jnlo a( falls of iihe {.abettu cuiiul mlsNloiicrs, left today for .Mr. Itesler refused to HU^ I|H to the it ll was 'ommis result of hlii probe but Hal at II'slandstltt until Kx- sloiiers H. }j. Mulllns uiiil K. ,M.!. ri'poHed to be in OKluhoina, v^-eif brotiglit hack to tes ler. |ivas sh to •Several! reriorts : were rece .night by p(j|lre Irom var; ions bf 'tfiwnj, by persons they Thei saw) th police, black-robed did not makil ved ous A-hb ter- an CANTONESE PARTY SPLIT NOW SEEN Washington, Feb. 11. (AP)— In­ dicationsof an impending .split in ilie Cantouesi'• Nationalist party,| with the-conservative and >radieall wings'ilraWing farther and farthurj apart, arc contained in official ad-j vices received from China botlijby the government and inlerusiell diplomatic circle.s. ^ COWBOY AND TWO INDIANS KILLED •Albuquerque, N. M.. Feb. 11. (AP) A cowboy and two Navajo Ihdjans were killed" in a battle' last night on the Indian reservation near Pueblo Alto, a message to the AI- buqiterqup Journal .said.. Sheriff's officers from Sandoval and .Mc- Kiiiley counties -are on their way to the scene. of the . batllei Fe\ details are known exi'ept it; wa said that trouble arose over eomtj range cattle. PONZI WILL GO BACK TO BOiSTON y coin^ Tojn'kai ify. Hdus4on, Tex., Feb. 11. (AP)— Charles Ponzi, held In th^ Harris •ouniy jail and wanted lir Massachusetts to answer to charges of being a '"common and ^otorlous thief" will: be returned t6 Boston next week, according toj present indications. Sheriff T. A. Binford ^aid that Poiui would be ready for the return to Boston when ofljcer.s arrived for him. nice, FARM AND HOM WEEK TO CLOSE .Manhattan. Kan., Feb. 1;. f.AP) — Farm and Home Week at khe Kansas State Agricultural College will close tonight with the ant ual banquet iit Which theKansiB Wheat Cbampiim will be announced and prizes awarded. The sta e' chcfm- pion will be .selected from a group of ;!4 county champions. . Interests in today's ses dons are centered on crops, with special emphasis given to wheat. H M. Balner. director of the Sou hwe.stern Wheat Improvenient Aiisoclation, will speak at this afternipon'a session, i IN K.C. BANKS Grand .Jury to Open Feb. 21 — Two Banks JHad Made Heavy I>oans To P6terspn, Is Report. Kansas Cii.v, Feb. .11. lAP)-A grand jury Investigation of.the ftiil- iire of three banks in tbellast few weeks of last year In ivhlijh an in- lerlocklhs bullish of noi,es was discovered, will l,-< gin February 21, it was anmuu'cil tiula.v. TIIM three banks aie ttiu Federal Triist coni- pany; the'Kansas City Terminal Trust company anij the Waldo State Bank. ] • InVesiiguiiim (-f (he affairs fif the banks, which closed .November 12, l:{ and l .'i respectively, has showji that Carl .). Peterson, former Kansas uaitk-': comral.ssiouer, had. givej) notes to two of the banks. The Federal Tru-^t company, headed by P. E. Liaugbiin, was the first to close. Peter.son's holes to that bank totalled $iJ9,()00. .1. S. .Mc.Mahon, president of the Kansas .<:ity Terminal Trjust company. w;j.s ai' endrirser (in" $2!>,l)00 of Peterson's noies and a of $3,200. When the Kansas City Trust company closed mlore notes: of Peterson. Laughlln a4d iMc.Ma- hon Were found. In th State Bank, $50,000 of no haugblin family were foi Two Kansas Inktitutijons, ihej Peoples State Bank of Tiipeka and' the .American T^itle and Trust com-j pany, of Kansas City, Kans., felj in the crash. Losses of ilepositorii in the Kansas City, .Mo., banks have not' been determined. It was learned the grand jury wa? to be interested in the bank's alifairs after a conference betweeit Jame.s R..Page, county prosecutor.' and Judge Thomas J. Seehorn. Topeka, Kan,, Feb. 11. CAl tax law probably will be propoajed publican—Fenton, of Doniphan —Repeal of the intangible to the legislature by a Re-, cdunty. statute which makes inoneys I] It a I I n party has adopted a plat- n promising. t(» make-'•all prop, bear a just share of - the! far tiuiden;" lind persons rwould receive a e pension of 11.2,1 a day under w proposed by. Scott of Craw- I county. '- I hanges In the statff control of |bu Riding and loan assoeiutioiis e suggested )>y two represjfntar ((hintinued on Page 7, .Number 2)j VICTORY FOR DEFENSE IN NTORHA! CHAlfGE HIS THEORI Thoius A. Edison at Age Of Beieves in \ni tti 01 talit: % Butj TJe Word God Ls Meaningle$s.^ We.s, A .sni^fll knowi tality, ard of questitin changfd morta '•Thfe to mi. there pervailinig the borrower Terminal! . Waldo es of the nd. .MAIL WILL BK GIVK.V OIT iX lOLA TO.HORROWi Government Fails in Try Tjo Show King Destroyed Records Which Might I Have Linked Him ; In Case. times dies highly live ill go oui enter ai are imn I a range, jpercen !jout n: Thomas Menlo I .N. J., F(?b. 11. ( age of all tiie f| ture taVors iniii ^. Kdis'lii, tjie ark, .said todaji his eightieth bi^rtliday. iin repl on whetlu-v he his vii'WS regarding AP) i ^ICIS iior-i iviz- (jn toi hadj iin-i r <M Ay IN !igr(?ss ^iieets at noon use debates Mc.N'a !co, ii( iiti)^en bill M A.HHIMiTOiS doii's; Kvtiati! ttnd airefment to V(»te. i. y- er Thk! Senate sub-commli leli* imiujry into Oref^on lib 'r conihicfs. i I onl C )d meaningil he Slid, "bdt I beiaev»\'' a SI preme irilelligence: universe^ and atj ibelieve! that wlK-n a. naii| sivarjms of ; billion^^ of* Organized entities which' Jie cells, desej-t -tly. Ijiody.i' into spWe and keep. (^ •I. on imnit \S'e; 11 Fc'eral Court, .New York, jFel). i.\Pl—Th(i governnieiit | inei with failure today in Ihe HaiiKh- y-.MIIIer case when It frifid to rodiioe evidence to show ' that JoiSii T. King, one-time Republl- cati national comnilileeman. 'from Cdniiectllut. destroyed record.s Dial might have linked him In an alleged conspiracy. (Repeated objections fjoni; de- fehsc counsel hatted thi.s ir.-m't 'i>{ te|dlmony when they were sus- tiiined by Judge Knox. lkcREAs¥lUDGET I FgR KANSAS FAIR JTopeka, Kans.. Febl 11. (.\P»— R^ady to admit defeat In Iiis fight for an increased appropriation for thie Kansas Free Fair, Spi'aker H)imilton today fined Uimselt a barrel ' of apples,' and the house sijrprised him by passing his bill. Kjeprts^Dtaiive 'Coffman of t'.sage county whom Hamilton had defeated for the .speakership, and Plum- m'jer of Jefferson county, who "tad managed CoffmanV campaign, led the attack again!>t Haniiltou'ij proposal for an appropriation of 150.000 Instead of $:tO.OOO. / The Wgys and means eominlitee Insisted on retainlnr the biennial allowance ol $30,0i00. j oife 10 a uw pr Kdtsofi [jlant a ly be Ford' 1922. I,as this (J honori .Mr. H :ind .'Til' want ed thf 11 the scranibl ing ((1 ••n pc' other lorlal." e not rtality bud last cycle BimWAYIS LOSING sop OF TROUBLE Injunction I Prevents jLiw F^om Touching Shojvrs In, NeW York at I.«ast for a While. changeil iny ' he a(|'led. Titig a 1 ewly-cleani'd ijlite-' W (irs4 |d suit, A -ith a ired rosti on: his ci |at (he v Izard, accotupajnied bv hi.s old fiend Henry Ford, who f 'O'ked or hijii in Fast Oranp^^ [-ears i^go, drove lip toi' the (i labdhiiory sliort- m.. in one ofj Mr. and and: iimnieij .Mr. Kdison named ••C .iisi the Sv| 'orjii wjirtj jjjiirplo need Ido diffi ticliesl viizjird, !d ben pbse tin islflon.s. THIRD TBRM JFOR^ GqOLIDGE4-EDISON FARM itELIEF BILL AMENDMENTS VOTE Offices in the court house will close tomorrowf but Dank -s. ciiy offices and the postoffice will re-j main open. Mail jservlce will bij inaiMtaiiied tomorrow. Washington, Feb. 11.— (AP 'i— Promptly at 4 p. m.. today senate debate on Ihe McN'ary-Haui;<"n farm rl-lief., bill was brought lo a halt and voting on ••amendments began. The amendment of Senato^ iMo- s's. Republican, New Ilaniphire, l|) designate ho ^s, apples, potatoes and'all dairy products a.s,'basic commodities,'on which an eqijializa- flon fee would be levied wjiu rejected on an oral vote. Interesting Thlks Are Features 6^ Dinner of Rotary ' ~ The program following jthi; Rotary dinner last evening was urtder the direction of the rural acquaintance committee alantial farmers of Allen cojinjy. In responding to the IntrodiK}-* —: •—— ~ , tjon. hoth^ gentlemen made phortiof the peoprle of lola. why siiouiu speeches, along entirely dlffereijt lines, but each equally luteri^sting. ."ilr.-Sawyer addressed himself specially to the question of the relations that exist between lola and its business men and the people: ^f the rural comiftunities of the cou|i- ty. He gave it-as his opinion that there, never w^s a time when the people of his own township; of Ca 'r- lyle had so friendly a feeliing lb- ward lola as at the present tinie. "And why should they not haver" he inquired. "Two or three years ago the people in the eastern pairt of the township w^ere trying to. ,?f't a gravel roail built but were unable to raise the necessary money. They sent a coihniltte^: to lola and received such 'cordial cooperation we riot entertain, a feeling (»f good will on our own-part?" .Mr. Sawyer spoke of thb good roads that had been built throughout the county as another factor in what he believed to be tht! building up of good will between the town and the rura.l coniin'unities. Still another factor, and one whlth I believe to be of great importance, has been the Dollar Day sales which the merchants of. lola have been putting on. These sales have offered iVal bargains in merchandise and have created a grkut (leal of favorable comment throughout thp country;" , In closing. jMr. Sawyer emphasized the common Interests ot the business men in the town and of the farmers In the count ry^ point- from the Chamber of Commerce „ that the several hundred dolla|-s ijing out the fact that a thriving neede<l to complete the road was ijand prosperoos town increased the quickly subscribe>d. And then- a' " ' ' ' —..».!year or so ago when our church burned down just as It was being completed, again it was -lola that came to our relief with contributions amounting to at least |6,000. giving us an even better church than we had lost. With such proofs as this ot tho. genuine frieudsl^lp value-of every farm' within its trade territory and makes it easier for any farmer to earn a living: while on the other hand a prosperous farming community is essential to the prosperity i of the city. There Is 'every reason, therefore, why the best of relations (Continued on Page 2, Numbet 1} W. Moth Ford irrcal of -M vor t TIJ w for- an4her tetm as; presidenU idem .said "H ed.Mr. ced. cars nuidj-' >i» iJiosiig Rro: least NiHV ijuntitioiis ; prchibitiug interii w-Iilil the jvue.^ SmtriiKli Actl hat dwuy lost its worries tod f<ir a lime. Tempora York,; Feb. 11. I th^ee playj-^first objitct official "hpusetleaning i|if the Ivere ill; effect, dity or partial nudity and niglit clubs i.s |ih jtt<; objective of thf^ live Ajilolj/hiis" in edish frown prSnce.* a nalty dark sail, nd piiik lie. |i nianJgei-. ilieyall rent tilings'." sftout- iian iiii tile world to .hen ^hotogranliers lil'^j" and ijhere alteliniit- ' ' celebrities ,in ;iid<iz: draij tain proll "Sei," Viriiin mat per.-)' )rang( onias ho is I i/.ard Kdisonj electicb of (falvin Coplidge "I w(Juld cef doolidgd an ton: lught tij Fdison over ing the /and the night wiitcli- r luncli when both of the larbe bartis on the farm burst rianicM. sUUd.enly mtoj deslri^} ed: C'oniplete nJysterylsu 1 ca-se.^ unusual mornl: broke! I into morning, look! housOj where they s4w the flame si royi » again. GARlY SAYS ilE IS ^ NOT TO RESIGN .New H. C.'a Slatek e(| l()(l H'SlgWlJ I'lissitd rest jpiji eli f(i .Ml], to fit' .V J.i Feb. 11. TAP) [\. Kdt.'ion and Henry le giKtst of tlieielec- odily iin 'colebrj^tlon s SOth birthday fa- tainly endorse;jPre.<|- for il third term." ' be rt>-elected ,'1 add- ^f >» (rl lis,I Sid K -y rest] poll agi periori; Iilaiiit higl 111 er .Majjor be pre pre ne "It is staie "ti..! .Mayor ; -McKee has| ohlered arl-iests b^ made if the police libf.^ii evidence of indetencj i'lodiicers (if revues.j howei-er. b.siieht Audity on the/Stage ha^ been iavor for sonife lime ai ed ^AP)a .v. at y iii- rence vesin fn re- nexl bolice. d that the ob- figiires have bee (vogiie. Si pr^nie court Injunctionj* last evening tumporarily : poIt('<.' interfereiioei with •The Captive," aiidj -The .Man," Thuir proilucers, rt) and casts totalling 40 are under liond j awaiting nlexl week, Tlie.v ,wi»re arWednepday: niglit [ and the had planned to arrest ihem {at every repetition of thf* nances till trial ,<).f| (.om- CJovemments And; England It, j While Friince Ii i Considermg Proposal Paris, Feb. 11. (Aj Coolidge's pi-oposiil naval limitation is rj'ceiving carer fill study, it was said at; the French, fo'reign office this lii mining, i Official comment is rese vj-d until the whole: bearing of tliej suggestion upon (the present ac i\5ities of the Ltagiie of Nations -Ap aiKlthe eventual CO isjequencjes of a new^ naval'disarrainjent conference are weighed. It is remarked thaj Jlr. C6t)lidge addressed his - mem( randum [ only ,t(i thbse powers who jwere ijepre- :3cntejl at the W'ashiugton C(>nfer-] ence. I and the a" iWheiifier the league tak(» joffense at a i: Woiihi seem to ta_ke t disarmament oi s suggested 'iii however, tbal can; lie ibridged' over ingtoji government is e jthe league in e.} ; linfavorabbf commlei: Presiilejit (Joolidge limitation propo.sal w in ithe jParisi mornii naval • It ters-. >ocia ter(?n i • i . jpj—President ^)r. further liears: clear. f.'.'^lion arises i ii likely to r(gram j that, let question ot ,)f its bands, official jquar- his difficulty if the Wash- ' Willing to as- die new con- t regarding armament Ihich appeared papers are (1 in the atleenpon publi- coijiinu catioiis.j iLa MlxTte Ideclare^ Francejmade eni ^uglij con (ressi <>ns int^ton «oiir<!rence an cornel when -^lo avoi shirt ion o ^e's backT •no.'i ; : : Lei Temps |thinks I>ropos:il "without i exi-elleiit electoral •Id for!, Acting MYSTERIOUS FIRES -. ^N mNSAS FARM Sal^ii, K-an four giards, Haymojiil fan west io ous fir chickH burstj i scarcel ers e^i Feb; 11. (API—As tationed at tlie-'Oill 11. nini.' miles n'orth- Wilsdn, l)e(?ause of jirevi- j-s, watuhed the _pla(-e,! tlie house last inigb't suddenly hlo flanies. jThis fire I vrus e (lefendtinti? are j h court Ufxl iveekl , .-o .McKee says, "the iloljce will Idirlected to-, make arreslls and eni the rt -occurrences Ijir sini- pijrformahces." j: issuing ; the injunijlioos Sn-J Court i ilustice L4yy|! said: necessary to prdtedit. , the. jfrom piersecutiou.'ij li Virgiii Man" was juresented last) nJgUt \<i one ol the. Ilargesli es in ! its history of four '••Sex'* (|id a big business, A. Myers, counsel tot- the laid- • I ! not otily sold out ))ut we have sold a thousand more if theicapacity of (the house en larger." th<! Republican pah)-," but "we; feiir thm. itj (loesu'i ticUltate the solution of k probUii^ as cojmplex as! disarmiiment, frtnt which it is impdsslble to detac i j certain ele- mfnti- jwithout riskli gj others " ^ , pi a cou had^ tick et.<^ IMPEAGHMENT OF COOPER GOES ON They were 1 .! -rounds the I Tuesday farm house Wednesday ,ng frtjjm i. neighbor's tht.'y quarterccl, r honie [burst : into This time il was de'- At :2::i the ijine larg^i> riame.«j..- • York. F<l'- Jlf lAl')— Kiberl V, chuirinan lof Steel • liy thalj Hie qtic iiion lijad iieyer the Vlniied orporaiioji, anntninc- lion ,(ff Iiis been : dls- seltiiig at >r cu isldered. bllc ri mors (hat lo- iniend-i ctlre I lix year. • -. , ' •ury i 1 rcadlpg n siaiemiiiilj tN' -new paper imeii called t(» his |il(lce. Hi id thai slicli riiimirH • given cre(len(,'<» iin -1 re verified:. He ex- de(dsl(msion niatlvrs )i Inipoj-tance would rest with associal '^K on t'"' I 'diitrolling rear ould tvi'tiiinte theni best iliteresl of lli« sboi^li ICMS 11 not I hey, w< plalOell tlui.t of SB lli'«"^( son Willi Kl man with vile, der alien frbm' .M.. t autl^ after fargiei iiirteen and lli^l tht b- th coriibj-alion. ALi EGElD BANK ROBBER HELrt iimmittee authority to issue •na an<i to administer oaths \^as lingtciit, Feb. 11. <AI^)—The houjse today 'directed its judi"ciary con m ttee toj proceed vith i:he in- ves igition of; imjieachmenfjcharg-- es jrcug'bt ag'iiinst Fedejral i j'udge Frank t'ooper of the Northern Ne!w Yori district. : \\ it lont a Irecord vote a resqlu,- tioij liy Chairman Graham, to give the! c subpo was al ed by! Kepuh consp; to en Mons. era ority as a. said mad(! vest IK! lapted.j The judge is Representative La GiuaFdia, |lican; .New York, with red with prohibition rap persons into ,laviri CAI went his c calf. cfrarg- having agents vtoli- lam said his request far auih- n no way could bei coWnied J -etlectiim against Cooier. He frivolohs charges" hiid been and th« committee mjust in- ite tbehi. VES PLENTIFUL IN YOUNGSTpWN VoungHtown, O., Feb. 11. e Seber, a farmer IK onnir,'another stejiped-to Its slile. Seb<.' twin third! the and ner 1 *aso. ='ord, lefraui Kan., ffcder;^ ng mi: a nat was a *-o mot) iritips they a inst .;^t•.^bjlinKt Mis.scuri PJ Tbx.. Fel).;li.(AP)—Ly anted jni connei-tion ing a bank at Cherry-. being ih^ld here un^ 1 cUargcj oir aiding antl apiilicatioii of funds | i^nal Jjank. ]_ ,. •ri 'sted iji <'arr!z(izo, XJ' lbs ago.; aiftirt- Kl Pasij [ liad tra(;e(i him there; lltiged liej had jia.'jseii r unonts. here. He waf r(|ti?ripd to Kl Paso jindcr : exlra,- ditioi signei by Coiiernor Hanuetf. . [ : j_ _ 1 : _ . . 1 ' M SSOURI PACIFIC TO ISSVE BONDS a(ii >ri of 1 Comijiission iiOlil hai 0*0 bon(| 1 entat curitties are! Kujiii. Loebf vtlll ireceiv »92i3S",500, Feb. \li fic railfo; <ie lnter:»t :i today tp issue.- wh m&rke to be, !|6 ate & Co.. aiH for tKtrii . (AP)—•pie ^d asked per- Coinmerce lissue a $;).a.t ch it alreaiiv ed. The) seat avvl to the railroad -'•-1 of lid a tola A. (• juiil awa day his into and pun< Clay slim er. to lilH|)iiit 'n today in iijd foil It I )W proudly guarding i( wobbh tkli (AP) - lir herti' .As h* looked at lleW- eulledillls cliildren to see ihe and left. A cry from Hie chlldp'n brought him back to see a calf that had been hidden In htraw. ] Tli'-n he Investigated oiind a fourth asleep in a cor- br the .-rtall. TRAVELING MAN HARD ON THIEF AMERICAN LEGION OI^POSES PROPOSAL j Rfichesterj, N. Y The: American Le siiiy et.tort to rwiitcc aiid land fighting < ppini insufficient to riation j from aggres s P. Savage, national ( ciar^d.j i Gdminander Sav: dressed American L here list night, ask on: President Coolid further naval liraita! i "We, mi'ist main and I land fighting ficient; to sateguarc from liggression, ni bthcir |toiintries, govjeniment ^oimy or diplomats tjonk may dictate. Legioii will; oppose curtailment" GREAT BRITAIN IS BEHIND PSOPOSAL the Wash- he time has • ceding the ] oiie must say,: b|' presl'dent'B Is' an for jlonbt platform! 11. (JAP)— Legipi^ wilt oppose :d &t» na^al, aifi dqiipment to ffifeguard the liiin, lljoirard. i^imander^ de^ Rh, who ad- Mion members q to coin^ient gje's pleja for |t&)n.' said: naval, air, tpiipmeiit suf-. the , {natioa matter what econ- i foreign na-. the American liny, effort at I London, Feb; 11. (A^)|-The British Igvernnient hea -{il} endorses the :principles of Pies dent/ Cool-; iijgu's I naval disarmaint nt proposals.. This was madtj jknjawn; at the foreign offi |;e today i "Thje generally fajvjoriblej press cpnjmb-nt I on the prasident's note vpice:^ both' the pub Ic . ind jofflcial oplpion'of'Great Brijai:!," an official t()lii the Associaij'd Press. Ill: ufaa afl.serted tli$t Qreiit Britain's support of Al it >rl :an I efforts towur<l dlHurmanieni,|as enunciated hy l,ojr(\ Balfour at lie jiVashlngtoa confeii Oiolii JAI ence, would lU a( corded Mr. ge'H plan at tij-ntva. i AN DECIDED iro ^CCPPT PROPOSAl Tokyo, Feb. 11. the .lapaneSe newsji«geiicy, learnStt (•fflciklly «(>(lay ihijrj thje Japanese t intnent - ' — giovei; ac(.'el t the (ipoliilge sitggestlnj -a iew-'confer- eiiceifor the rwhict oji i>f naval ar- mdmimt. and it is ijxpl lined a reply' t)) tlve president ii n essage will i Rengo. alread.>i jhasj decided to proposi li ojr Flresldent be ftirwarded to W ishington soon. nsas City, Feb. 11. (AP>—R. ay. mnlill*' aged ti-aveling man , wont tolerate prowleri. Clayl jjened at a hotel here ejarly to-' to see someone going |lhrough; trousers pockets, flay went^ action.! won a wrestling niat^-h: delivered two sleep pijoducjng hos. While the intruder dozcdi (|rc.fs<?d. . Putting " tlie .still bering-nian across his should-; ,-i , j'lay ciirrieil him to l le hotel' lobby, dumped him on a ( and" call.:' - •— - I Tl [fl the police, e 'prowler gave his name Harild Foqi. NI^HT SESSIONS FOR SENAT^ NOW WishingbDn, Teh. il. Wit' 1 an even thre« •weeks fore adjournment, the feenl resirt to freqirent ni^ht ^ and its drastic cloture rule it it: is to ift through "even' a small part of dhe leglklaUon witlij wilieh It faced., (APV—; to go be-j ate miist: it sessions FRENCH PRfiSS AGAIP^l PLAN Pa'ri.s. Feb. 11. (.4P)—"The Am-; erican plan, whether y( u like it or'- n^i. is a ver.itable torraedd- launph-~ ffd against the League of Natlong." is) tlie attiiuiie toddy t^kein ot the Vooi I»fop|osals ,;t >y the jYeiJchj press. dge ' naval arms BQJNUS EXTENSI,ON BILL IS fir ilim? that will- b Jiiljf 1. 192S. 1 Passage by the proval by the gc necessary for ren bartler against c Junb 80, 1925, trips : fTiJpeka, Kans., T|ie first of thn this Way far payn ent saJ3 'soldi .ers bonu ;|to vSefansfwho had fall Wi tipie was taker tod^y muse passed a llljd ccjmpensatlon boai d] to almi limitaUon HOUSE 11: <AP)— to open tf the Kan- 'Wo;rld War d^to applr when the ret-ting the consider all ecfelved before enkte land ap- jsOll are lipviijg the legal tUed after-; rnpr

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