Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 8, 1959 · Page 1
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
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Tuesday, September 8, 1959
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Carroll Daily Times Herald Vol. 90—No. 211 Carroll, Iowa, Tuesday, September 8,1959 —Twelve Pages Delivered by Carrier Boy Each my ^ StngU Evening for 39 Cents Par Weok Experts See a Real Boom on the Way But It May Have a Stinger, Trend Spotters Warn (Is this it lnnmi (lir U. S. Is IIIMIIIIIIK inter.' Anil IT II Is, Imw lonu will it Inst'.' \\\\\ II lie followed h,v ii rcrcsslun'.' Itu.v <'rninli\\, 11 vi-trrun repnrti'r of IMISIMI'SS IH'IVS, IIIIS UOMC tn I'.i rxpprl I ri 'iiil-sixiltcrs, specialists in Minii\ fields, fur tin* answers, lie lias evaluated llielr replies Willi judgment sliarpened as a stuff tifflei'r In Army InlHIl- Ht* 11 . They spi>ll nut In clrciiin- slmillal d/'lall alia I the I. S. ImsliifHH mini mill i'liiisiniipr can Innk I'nr in the slv In nine months alie.ul. Tills ri 'pnl't. eni- liodleil in f 11111- iiiteresliiic ills- liiilelies. euiiies exclilshely to the readers nl I'lie Duilv Times Herald. I At Little Rock- Indignation Over Bombings Mounts LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Gov. Orval E. Faubus today deplored three bombings over school integration. Public indignation mounted. Hold Man in Shooting Of Carroll Youth A $100,000 reward fund was proposed for capture of the persons who tossed the bombs Monday night. The Chamber of Commerce announced it would underwrite a $25,000 reward for information leading to arrest of the bombers. Officials Targets One bomb damaged the school board building. One hit the mayor's business office. The third damaged a station wagon of Fire Chief Gann Nalley. No one was injured. Police patrolcd streets and set barricades around the four Copy U. N. Drafts Plans For Laos Probe 4-Nation Committee to Check Into Fighting After Record 21 Die on Highways- Statton Calls Emergency Meeting of Patrol Chiefs By RAY CROMLEY \EA SJHIT CoriTspotidiMit WASHINGTON - 'NKA' -Thi.s Ail insanity commission hearing was scheduled here Tuesday afternoon for Harry Gangstad, GO, in up connection with the shooting of a'; public high schools. Two of the, Carroll boy Monday. County At-, schools were integrated by five ?; m ; u . i7 le . s :?. Ul S n 12 . inoil "' s , aft lorney Robert S. Bnmer said Gang- Negroes Aug. 12. slad is being held in the city jail | Two men reportedly were seen without bond. | fleeing from the bombed struc- David Wilburn. 14, son of Mr. tures after hurling objects at and Mrs. James Wilburn, Carroll, j them. No arrests have been made, was struck in the right arm above DKS MOINKS 'AP'—The stag-; 2. Ho scheduled a conference on said that for the rest of this month goring total of 21 lives taken on | the subject with Gov. Herschel only court summonses will be is- lowa streets and highways over 1 Loveless. | sued. the Labor Day weekend led State' 3. He cancelled all public np- fi. He Issued a stinging state- Bv MAX HARRELSON ! ^'^V Commissioner Dan Statton pearances of patrolman for safety ment, in which he said in part: UNITED NATIONS NY 'APi f ues d«' ,v 10 ta ^ e a six-point course. talks for the rest of this month,) "The record leaves us no room —The UN's new fact-finding °* ac ' ,ion - i t0 s:ivc *' mo for enforcement, (in which to give drivers a second group began drafting plans today i »• Station ca»pd an Immediate : 4. lie discontinued faulty equip- j chance. _ iwm vi wiia WCBMI1I1 for an urgent on-the-spot inquiry ^'Wy meeting of State High- ment inspections of motor vc-| More people were killed and; leaves the safely departme nt no into the situation in troubled v, ' ay a,ro ' supervisors and de- hides, also for the rest of the disabled in this short time than .,„,,„,.„ t „ coi„... M Laos. of the dead and injured are the innocent victims of another driver's choice. "The only possible thing to be gained is to recognize it as a measure of how much we have failed in self-discipline. The" lesson of this weekend The four nation subcommittee called a private meeting for 11 a.m. EST—less than 12 he er the Security Council brushed aside an attempted Soviet veto and decided to arrange a U.N. investigation. Early Departure Representatives of the tour sub- Faubus told a news conference ! committee members were sunv thc elbow by a ,22-caliber rifle he thought the bombings were j moned to the office of the coun- is a boom the U.S. is heading into | )U u L ,t allegedly fired by Gangstad. j "sickening and deplorable." —a real boom. But it may have The Wilburn youth was taken to j a stinger in its tail. St. Anthony hospital by Lester Ko- made every effort t0 p| . event sucn f or a n early departure. That's the combined view ol 23 konge. who had been enroute to the , incit j ents . S uch acts are wrong, by j Italy is one of the countries on whomever employed, and I hope' the fact-finding group. The others they will not be repeated," he • are Argentina. Japan and Tunisia. . said. ! The council's resolution, creat- cause of bone and tissue damage, | Failbus c]osed lne puD |j c high ! ing the subcommittee was spon- partmcnt heads to consider the month to concentrate on moving during the summer-long polio epi traffic death toll, the worst in the | traffic violations. 'domic, history of Iowa for a three-day; 5. He banned issuance of warn- holiday weekend. 'ing tickets to traffic violators and Innocent Victims "The tragic thing is that many ' cil president, Ambassador Egidio "I have fervently hoped and i Ortona of Italy, to work out plans Extensive Surgery Following extensive surgery, be- progress is satisfactory, the attend ing physician said. top government, private industry , ( | ump and research organization ocono-; mi.sts interviewed by this writer as business moves into fall and winter The summary ol their thinking tells what U.S. businessmen and consumers can look forward to in the six to nine months ahead. Production is mo\ ing up rapidly. Most Washington economists see a half trillion dollar a year the rule lire. He was accompani economy by early next year. by his brother, Robert. 13. and by That's a three and a half per , Raymond Cale, Hi, and Glenn Cale, cent increase in the nation's out- |3. sons of Mr. and Mrs. Loren put rate ol goods and services in Cale. Carroll, a shade less than six months. But some of the most conservative government and private business economists foresee the be- been bothered by boys throwing winnings of another recession by ; rocks at his house. the youth was reported in good con-' »« ' ,u " '"*« 1 «»* "» »» h l )0 »- dition. He will be hospitalized for * chools agamst '"^ration last sored by the United States. Bri several days for observation. His > C *'„ A , A ' am and * ra " ce - J 1 "?* are . a " late 1%1 Business profits are going up. Trend Spotters for This Report The !.? experts wliu contributed to these findings are top j n their direction The reward fund was proposed members of the Southeast Asia by Ben. W. Dees, a consulting i Treaty Organization 'SEATOi, ... „ ,. . engineer. He said he would try to which has declared Laos in its de- \oung JVilburn was the only one j movement to set up , fense area, ol a party of four youths hit by h fumj | RussijJ D|MC|1(> nfle fire. He was accompanied I Church mi | The p , an WflS adopted by fl votfi Dees said he belonged to a of 10 to 1, with the Soviet Union Presbyterian church near the casting the lone dissent, bombed school building. Some of j The vote came five minutes aft- •jV" ... the church's windows were shat- er midnight toward the end of an; l.angstatl. who was arrested b> t d . lh b , t He id his ; emergency seS sion that began on; Policemen Remain Boos and Mer- d , Labor Day afternoon and! Itn Lphrkamiv told nnliro ho hnrl . . A . . . ° , . , . , ' , . . , . , ices at the church. ! stretched through eight hours of | The bombings did not delay to- talk and a dinner break. i days opening of junior high and Delegates expressed hope the elementary schools nor affect the subcommittee would go quickly to Laos and bring back the facts as a basis for possible further ac-. tion. Koto Matsudaira of Japan expressed belief it would serve as , a "United Nations presence" in i the area and would ease tension. Aggression Not Doubted { Henry Cabot Lodge of the Unit- i i Several Shots Fired The youths told their parents i they had been threatened by Gangstad as they walked along the Chicago and Great Western railroad tracks. They said they ran after Gangstad threatened to shoot them operation of the four high schools. After the bombings, police threw a shield around the homes of school board members. The bombed station wagon was Fight Communist Rebels- and that they were running when P a J!; k f. d al Nalley's home, six or seven rifle shots were fired Pollce checked cars and homes of virtually all public officials and specialists in many fields. They t '"The'wiiburn vouth was struck in olners who hi,ve been prominent ed States, introducing the resolu- i the arm and said it felt' like he in th f integration squabble. Lights tion. said it was the least the <*«»•• had been stung. When he saw blood 1,1 a11 sch ° o1 l^'ldrngs were turned council could do for Laos. In gushing from his right arm he ran on - „ , '•^'^ d - , referencc , l ° ,H *, Mbe to the road leading to the citv There wo, ' e lc P 0lls that two SLA TO intervention, he said al- dump and flagged down Kokenge » ien } vere . slcc » runmn 8 a \ va >' ternative actions, if they became who took him to the hospital trom the bombed structures after necessary, might be 'much more The other boys ran to a spot tossing objects at them. But no dangerous." He said "The United where thev had left their bicvcles arrest s had been made hours aft- 1 States believes there is no doubt •tnd went home " . er the explosions. at all that aggression is being' ' Gangstad was arrested at 3:30' Nalley's firemen helped police committed." p m turn back some 200 segregation- ; But lhe resolution did not men- Police said Gangstad is a bache- ists in a marcn on Central n[ * h mcliKk Raymond J Saulniei man ot the President's Council ot Kcoi\omic Advisors; Louis ,1. Paradiso, assistant director and chief statistician ol the Commerce Department's Office of Business Kconomies: Allen Wal- hs. execviliNe vice chairman ot \ ice President Nixon's Cabinet Committee on Price Stability for Kconomic lirowth; George Ter- l.aotion reinlorcements arrive at Sam Xeua, Laos, to liKiit coinniuuist-inspircd rebels. Laos claims that Chinese communists have actuul\y entered into the fighting and have asked for United Nations troops to repel the invaders. Meanwhile, (he United Nations Security Council met In New York in an extraordinary Labor Day session to discuss the tense situation In Laos. (NEA Telephoto) Meeting on Livestock to Metal-Lined Clothes Forecast New College Testing Plan 'Draw Crowd as Future Fashion p 0 r Seniors YORK. England <AP» - Metal-1 " WB horgh. research director of the ] or w ho has lived around Carroll School on the opening of school Machinery and Allied Products mos t of his life. Institute: Ralph Watkins, director of economic studies at Brookings Institution: Carl F. Blackwell, director of the Commerce Departments Kconomic Analysis Division, Gerhard Colm, economist ol the National Planning Association: Fred V. Waugh. director of lhe Agriculture Kconomies Division of the Department of Agriculture Since this is a composite, none ol these men would agree with , all details. But a synthesis of ernoon in a tracloi accident at his J their views indicates that the re- last month. Irwin Youth Dies; Pinned By a Tractor I I 'iiiii's lli'Mild Ni 'H.s Si'rvlri") MANNING - Russell Lavern Larson. 15, was killed Sunday aft Bob Lamb Takes Engineer's Post Robert Lamb of Solon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don A. Lamb of Carroll, has taken a position as electrical engineer with the Consumer Power tion Laos' accusations that Communist North Viet Nam is guilty of aggression and is providing troops, supplies and artillery support to Laotian rebels. Nor did it mention Laos' request for U. N. emergency force. It simply instructed the subcommittee "to examine the statements made before the Security Council concerning Laos, to receive further statements and documents and to conduct such in- Company of Jackson, Mich., and ] quines as it may determine nec- IOWA CITY (AP)-A new test- igl High-priced feeder cattle and elothes for men and women lower hog prices are expected to vv <- >re forecast here as future fash- bring a "packed house" at the live- '°n »>' textile expert Howard Rees '"8 program for .college-bound stock outlook, feeding and man- w "o unrolled a shimmering length high school seniors was announced agemenl conference here Scptem- of newly developed aluminum foil Tuesday by the University of ber 10. County Kxtension Director clotl > before the British Assn. for, i owa . | t mar k s the first real chal- W H. Brown said Tuesday. , the Advancement of Science. j, h long-established but The conference will begin at 8 lhe foil one-quarter of one-' h * o'clock at the Farm Bureau Buil- i thousandth of an inch thick, is oftt '» "''timed College Entrance ding here. The farm economist who -coaled on one side of the cloth. Kxamination Board, will speak at the conference will "With the metal side inward you should keep warm." Rees said. "Reversed you would keep cool." cession of l'.isa is now a thing of the past They probably will set a record this winter hit 2 ."i billion dollars after taxes lor die year That would top the lii."iii all-time record. But operating cosls — materials, machinery and labor — are also moving up The margin between profit and loss is being squeezed. A small error and a businessman is in trouble. Firms are expected to he absorbed or go out of business at the rate ol almost :10 thousand a month this tail and winter, despite the prosperity Employment will continue to run two million or a shade more above a year ago. Unemployment will decline to a low of Iti million or Economy See Page 11 home 3 miles west of Shelby County. The boy. son of Mr and Mrs. Lester Larsen, was pinned under the tractor. Funeral services will be Wednesday at 2 p.m. in St. Paul Lutheran Church at Irwin, of which he was a member. The Rev. Leif Monson will officiate; and burial will be in Danway Cemetery. Irwin. The body is at the Ohde Funeral Home in Manning. Russell was born Oct. 3. 1943 at Harlan. His mother is the former Marie Jacobsen. He had lived aL his present home all his life, and jl had attended school at Kirkman, and Irwin. At the present time, he was helping his father with farm , work. Surviving with his parents are one sister. Mary Alice Larsen, and his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs, Will Jacobsen, Harlan will assume his new duties within the next two weeks. . . , He and Mrs. Lamb arrived Mon- Irwin. in (iay nignt t0 vjsit at tne Don Lam[j home until Thursday when they will leave for a few days' visit with Mrs. Lamb's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Robinson, at Perry. Mr. Lamb was graduated last j February from the Slate Univer-. essary and to report as soon as possible." Dutch Student Enrolls at CHS Marianne van Schaik of Zeis!, Holland, reported at Carroll High sity of Iowa, Iowa City. From Feb- 1 School Tuesday morning for her ruary until June, he was a gradu- j first day as an exchange student ate student of electrical engineer- on an American Field Service ing at the university and this sum- scholarship. mer took part in an SUI cosmic Because Iowa Tests ol Kduca- ray expedition to the north polar tional Development are being be E. G. Stoneberg of Iowa State University. The animal husbandman will be Tom Wickersham. Iowa State University farm economists, Mr. Brown said, point out that many farmers throughout Iowa are relatively uncertain whether or not they should be in cattle feeding on a large scale this year Prices of feeders are higher than last year. The fat cattle market next year probably will be lower — because ol an expected increase in slaughter. The economists and animal husbandmen hope to present information that will help Carroll County livestock men decide what their po sition will be in the feedin Fire Prevention Committee Is Named A three-member committee for Fire Prevention Week to be held Oct. 4 through Oct. 10 was announced here Tuesday by Harold H. Grundmeier, fire chief. Bob Frank, Iowa's American College Testing program will get under way in November with between 200 and 300 participating colleges and universities. Like the older program, it will help the colleges determine in advance which students are qualified for admission. course to follow other than stern enforcement." Statton said he has called for a study of all fatal traffic accidents during the weekend, and for a detailed enforcement report from the patrol covering the weekend. He said he was convinced that the patrol was doing everything possible, but that he wants to determine whether there are any changes which could be made in. the enforcement pattern. Record Number Patrol Chief David Herrick said there were more patrolmen on the highways last weekend than at any other time in the state's his* tory. He said also that early report* indicate that there may have been more tickets written during the weekend than on any other Labor Day holiday. By The Associated Press Iowa Tuesday counted 21 traffic deaths for the Labor Day week* end — the grimmest toll in the state's history for a three-day holiday. The casualty list for the period that started at 6 p.m. Friday and ended at midnight Monday included six persons who died as the result of one two-car crash near Winthrop Saturday. Fifth Worst in V. S. The toll on Iowa's car-packed streets, roads and highways was the fifth worst in the nation, surpassed only by the populous states of California, New York, Ohio and Texas. By comparison, only one person was killed in Nebraska, traffic during the "holiday. Don Statton, state public safety commissioner, said he was surprised by the high number of fatalities. "I had expected a better record in Iowa. We had such a good month in August," he said. Statton said he hoped to have more airplanes for highway patrol use in the future. He explained: "We're going to have to take some extreme measures somewhere, and aircraft spotting may be a good way to begin." Four planes patrolled state highways over the weekend. Blames Drivers David Herrick, chief of the Highway Patrol who had 300 patrolmen covering the state, put the blame on motorists. "The people are going to have to start helping themselves," he said. "These deaths are so unnecessary if people would just use better judgment." Deaths reported Monday included: Timmy Allan Fisher, 16-months- old son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Fisher. Timmy was killed when ran behind a truck backing out The CEEB tests, popularly I ^ known as the "College Boards." • o[ tte" driveway of Tis larm home Dale Sease and are administered for about 200 col- ' 5'a miles northeast of Montezuma Larry Berning will head the ob- ) eJ , es w j tn | ess t j lan 2 o t )er cent Monday. The boy died a few hours servance by the Carroll volunteer. *' H , , • ,, , later at University Hospitals in fire department, Grundmeier said. | ot t,ie nat,on 8 totdl collcfce en i 0 wa City. Distribution of preventive fire: I'villment. CEEB was established j Dorothy Johnson, 23-month-old literature and appearances at lo-; in l'JOl. primarily for Ivy League j daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harlan region. The Weather marketing area this year. Practically all are facing a dillicult question in deciding what kind of feeders they should buy — calves, light ing faculty members and working ^ °'' ^ lW ^ .. .—u„,i..i~ ..f fi :u iceoing. given at the high school Tuesday and Wednesday, she will not begin classes until Thursday. Meanwhile her time will be spent meet- and cal schoo!s w 'tl highlight the local, schools, and has had the field to Johnson of Council Bluffs, who observance, Grundmeier said. i itself ever since. j died when she was backed over out a schedule of courses. She will be classified as a senior student. Miss van Schaik is making her home with the Dr. Paul D. Anneberg family. She was accompanied to school Tuesday morning IOWA FORECAST Mostly fair Tuesday night becoming partly cloudy Wednesday with chance of scattered showers by Mrs. Anneberg and thunderstorms northwest portion Wednesday afternoon or eve- i ning. Continued unseasona b 1 y I warm and quite humid. Highs Wednesday 87 to 95. Lows Tuesday night Gli to 73. Outlook for Thursday— Scattered showers little temperature change. 2 Lohrville Women Injured in Crash Here Two persons were injured here Saturday in a collision at the intersection of Grant Road and , Highway 30. A small foreign car CARROLL FORECAST ' driven by Sarah ,1. Gemberling, Mostly fair Tuesday night be- l7 Lohrville, was in collision with coming partly cloudy Wednesday tne rear of a pickll p driu . n h y with chance of occasional showers Lawrence E. Leiting The effects of the reported increase in the hog farrowings will also be discussed. The question causing most concern in thi.s area is whether this increase is enough to put hogs down lo distress-levels this fall. Will it pay to increase, decrease, or "hold steady" in the size of the pig .-nterprise next year on Carroll County farms will be discussed. Livestock problems to be present ed and discussed will include starting cattle on feed, feeding methods, the most profitable use of Top Entertainers For Juergens Plant Opening by a vehicle driven by her father near the Johnson home. Darla Howard, 9, of Marshalltown, who died Monday of Injures | suffered in the crash near Win, throp which killed five persons Saturday, including her father, Lloyd and her aunt, Mrs. Bernice I Peters of Grundy Center. Sac City Youths I Shirley Dettman, 19, and her brother Darrell, 17 of Sac City, Carroll will be host to celebri-' Ralston Purina company are ex- ties of TV and radio fame as well peeled to be here in full force lor a, corporation executives from the opening of the plant, one of whose bodies were found Monday one of the world's largest Iced the largest feed mixing operations i a pickup truck in which they manufacturing firms Thursday at in the middle west. j were hauling home some hogs the grand opening of the new The program also includes a which they had exhibited at the ihck -R-Mix plant recently put tour of the plant, and prizes and Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, into operation by Juergens Pro- \ contests with refreshments in the Authorities said their truck struck duce and Feed Co. afternoon. ! a bridge abutment on Highway 20 roughage, grub control and other sonahty. wi ieuding problems. Johnny Puleo, famed TV per- 2ND 3RD QUARTERS — 1959 and thunderstorms Wednesday aft- i ernoon or evening. Continued unseasonably warm and quite humid, Low Tuesday night around 70. High Wednesday 88 lo 1 *2. •I960- Gross National Product— The experts peer ahead and here's how they project the gross national product into lUfiO. Jump in fourth quarter of 19S9 is predicted on end ol steel strike. Figures here are in billions of dollars, The Weather in Carroll (Dally 'lYiniH'rutiin's < uiirlm.v lima riilillp service Yesterday's high Yesterday's low 48, Maple River, after Leiting had stopped for a traffic signal, Harry Hagge, Highway patrolman, said. Miss Gemberling suffered knee and head injuries and her mother, Mrs. Sarah A. Gemberling, suffered knee and arm bruises. They ! were treated at a local physician's Registration dates will be .iniioun 87 office, Patrolman Hagge said. 1 ced in the near future. 72 I Home furnishings have headline the entertainment of the lull day's program prepared lor the people ol thi.s area to celebrate the opening of the big plant at the southwest corner of Carroll just off Highway 71 Dates for adult humemnking das- The midget TV comedian, with sos at Carroll High School have hi.s gang of six harmonica enter- Adult Homemaking Classes Oct. 5-Dec. 7 Vernis Juergens, owner of the Sunday night about three miles company, has made preparations west of Duncombe. The truck was for parking facilities and refresh-; flipped into a deep drainage ditch, meats lo accommodate one of the An intensive search was underway largest crowds ever drawn to this community. LITTLE L.IX been set for October 5 to Decern ber 7 Classes will meet Monday evenings for 10 consecutive weeks. taiiiers, has appeared in several movies, as well as on the Ed Sullivan and Perry Como shows,; This will be his first personnal ap- i pearance in the western half of i been Iowa I At 7 a.m. today 70 ACTRESS DIES chosen as the subject of this year's Furnishing the music for the re- '. At 10 a.m. today 80, LONDON <AI»> -- Actress Kay course Members ol the adult coun- inaindor of lhe lull day program' Kendall, who died Sunday of Leu- cil are Mrs. W. H. Brown, Mrs. will be Lambert Bartak and his j kemia atfer a long illness, will Charles M. Clark, and Mrs. Ken- 1 accordion, anothei top entertain- 1 It.was clear a year ago today, i have a private funeral, her agent , neth Wheeldon. Mrs. Lowell Larson er, who has played some of the' with temperatures ranging from a announced today. The agent de- of the Carroll High School faculty ; nation's top shows, high of 82 to a low of 59, [dined to give the date. (will be the instructor in charge, j In addition, executives of the Weather A Year Ago— A cocktail party is a place where you meet all those old friends you never saw before. when the bodies were found. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob S. Dettman, following them in another truck, did not see the accident and reported them missing. Conrad Smith of Parkersburg, who was killed Monday night when his truck went out of control and crashed on a blacktop road about five miles south of Dike, in Grundy County. Mrs. Susan Fees, 57, of Des Moines, who was killed in a two- car crash al an intersection about one mile north of Des Moines. Alvin Belt, 15, of Council Bluffs, who died in a one-car crash on a rural road south of Council Bluffs. i

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