Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 16, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1898
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' • • * • • * ' >'_ ^:'*i ri-p^ i-jur-^ ^»N^ «»"%, A il""% 'i"!" 1 ALTON E v ENING TELEGRAPH. SIXTY*THIRD YEAR. (Bttssllihed Jwniry 14, I8»ft,)t ALTON, ILL., WEDNESDAY, NOV. 16, 1898. TEN CENTS PER WEBK Give the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph^ Are you awake tc the fact that you can get a paint that U made for Uic partlcttlar jYoa know there ia much more painting done dow-a-days than of old, but did you know &ire is a far better way to do it? Painting la no exception to other things. The nrt has not stood still. You can still buy sonic white lead (are you a judge of it?) and some oil j (are you a judge of that?) aud find a neighborly painter and have some Oen. Brecklnridge Before War In" vestigatlng Committee. VIEWS ON SANTIAGO CAMPAIGN. pur Ikl-Vl vnh workyoij wantdone, of the, best materials combined • In the best proportions, mixed In the best way; and that will .do more than any other paint will do? If this U not true, then The Sherwin-Williams Paint factory with its tons of daily output and its thirty years of wonderful growth, is a pure miracle. "Paint Points" will help you paint right. It's free. THE SHeRWIN-WH.UAM9 CO.. PAIHT AHO Coco* MAKBRU. MMBImrttn.,CU«t>| •l»Cll.rt««4,«iwT«rk «4B«trul, palut made; but as sure ! you are I alive there Is a bet- I ter way. PAINT H. W. CHAMBERLAIN, Agent. Baking Powder T have boon taking PISO'B Cure for Consumption sinro 1888 for Shsandfckjlds I hod an attrok of Ifitew* have had others since. In the winter 01 Feaving a troublesome cough. «»^ l^'"" t Cure, which relieved ine.-Mru. M. ]!, SMAbLtY, Springs, Col"., August 10, lo»». Fire and Water-Proof "ROOFS Gravel «§ Composition us. ROOFING MATERIALS Utnuf aotured br JOHN M. SELLERS, of c . Louis, building. DropaportHtooioatton Corner Shields and Bo*za Streets AQT. After dinner you enjoy a GOOD CIGAR You will find an abundance of good Cigars, at Marsh's Drug Store. HoweH's Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the latest things out, and the prettiest to be had Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths ana all kinds of seasonable household goods we can showT Orders for Carpets should-be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWELL, 117 West Third Street. 1 / Here is one of those who are either so prejudiced against all advertised remedies, or have become discouraged at the failure of other medicines to help them, and who will succumb to the grim destroyer without knowing of the wonderful value of Foley s Honey and Tar for all Throat and Lung troubles. riihikft Ilie ItMmllii Wire "Coii»l«timt wllh tlm l.linlliltloi.B nf Oolieral Shatter"— Fnyii n Trllnilc to <leii«r»l Mllen, Culling Him Ilie ArinyV Unit, ami Buying tin Would Hnvo Ilnrn In llio Front Hunk If llu Hail llenn In Chnriiont HniiUiB". WdBhlngton, Nov. U.—General Hreck- Inridse EOV« hln testimony before the war invoBtlRHtlng commission. He had, he imliJ, gone to Cuba UH Inspector general, arriving nt Tumiia June 5. He had observed cursorily the preparation for the disembarkation of troops before the expedition left, und hud concluded thut they were quite. Inddequale. "I innde no report, however, as Gen- erul Miles was on the ground and could observe for himself." Continuing, he said there was no prennration fur landing In the face of on enemy other than thut which the nnvy might furnish. So far as he had observed there were only two lighter* nnd two scows Bucurod on behalf of the army before the departure from Tumim. It WUR Ills understanding, however, that the urmy und navy were co-op»rattiiB In this expedition. Speaking of the ronlllet of authority on the transports, ho said the masters of the vessels did not respond as promptly us might have been desired. "True," he wild, "there was a little navy cadet on hoard each of the vessels, but he hud no authority. An actual naval officer or an officer of the quartermaster's department on each ves- *.;! would have been better. What was needed wuu piornpt communication between the commanding officer and the vessels, nnd the musters of the transports did not respond very promptly." -iCcrUilii Tlicro Was » Plan. He wos questioned nt some length concerning the conduct of the campaign In front of Santiago, und replied that the result was what he had expected it would'be. Evetrything there, he said, w:is strained to get men on hoard, and consequently there was comparatively little effort to secure equipment. While he knew nothing definitely of the plans of the campaign, he was sure there was a plan. He wus quite certain from a conversation he had had with General Miles that he had a plan, though he did not say that his was the plan carried Into effect. "Of course," suggested ex-Governor Beaver, "Santiago was the goal of »he campaign." "Certainly. The fact was published so extensively in the newspapers that many of the men on board the vessels would not accept this Information as to the destination as correct.' Asked his opinion as to the result of the campaign, he said he thought It was consistent with the character of the men who conducted—what was to be expected from the limitations of General Shatter. "I think It would have been different If General Miles had been In command—that It would have jbcen more satisfactorily conducted. I think he has more of the spark and senlus of command than any man In the army, and I am sure that if he had had charge he Vonld have been In the front rank." Believed It llio lord's War. Ex-Governor. Woodbury suggested thai the buttle In front of San Juan had been fought and the victory won within eight days of landing. General Breck- Inrldge, In reply, said the victory had been won "when General Toral's nerve gave out." This, he continued, had been the war of all others when success had been won in Its earliest stages. He believed that the war was the Lord's war, and that this wonderful success WP.S due to his supervision. The time for the battle was, however, short enough. Yet it must be remembered that the distance between the battlefield and Slboney was less than a day's march, but while he considered the result us marvelously commendable he did not feel that General Shatter was above criticism In the conduct of the campaign. He could not believe the result was a miracle, but he ascribed the outcome to the fact that the army was one which was capable of meeting all calls. "No matter how It was tangled up, he said, "It went to victory." He had at the time quoted Lord.Beresford when he said to his army upon a certain occasion: "I have led you Into a devil of n fix, and it Is now your duty to light like hell to get me out of It." He wa* sure at least thnt all engaged In the war had acted with zeal, and every man had dot;* Che best of which he was capable, nnd he hnd never known a war lii which there was not criticism at the close of It. Wlinro Ho Cuiil.l He of Service. General Breckinridge spoke of the Inspector general's office as having been emasculated by the order requiring thu reports of subordinates In that otllce t,i be made to the adjutant general, and said thut when he discovered this was HO he went Intu the field us offering the only arena In which he could be of real servl.v He lia.1 Intended to say In effort "there is the desk In my olllce, do us you please with It. General Hanger was there; he. too, Is from Michigan. 1 thought he could lake control of the oltlce if It was desired, but lie did not 'continuing his testimony bearing upon th« Inspector generul'H duties, he said that his criticism of the change was bused on the fuel that H deprived the central authority securing Information uiid us u .'onseiiui-iU'C the ollloe was practically useless. "The order had the effect of cutting the Umbilical chord" he Huld, "und the dmilutlon WIIB not good." As u result of the change, when he hud asked for fuels In the otllce to Include in his report he hnd full-'d to find liny there. Iti'suiiiing his remarks of u general haractcr, General llivoklnrldge ex- ressed the opinion that there hud not enough Mghll»B to obHcure other efiiilU common In war. He thought he evils which hud been experienced v.-re Inevitable under our Amerlcuil ystcm He condemned tills system us mmt reprehensible und Kuld the volun- eer soldiers must always suffer the worst of the consequences. "If the regular stands UP under It better than the BuCKieu * Hrt-icr aaivo. T*»e beet salve In the world for emtt, bruises, sores, ulcers, unit rheum, to- >res, totter oliapped hands, chll- .corns, and alf akin eruption., Made from pure cream of tartar. Safeguards the food against alum* Atom baking powdVn are the greatest menaces lo health of the present day. Jl OO.I NEW VORK. Mrs. Stevens Elected President of the W. C. T. U. THE niH'AflO TEMI'I.K DROPPED. Ily n V»ti> of K8B to 7J tlin Women »!•- lilnlm All Clunni-rllnii wllli tl." IlulMlnsj Wltlrlt Wan Inlcmleil To Mo n Memorial to thn«- Fraud* Wlllnrd — Mr«. Cnrmi. However, Siiyii llm toot It Not Ilcnril of llm IMntlcr, St. 1'nul, Nov. ID.—»y a vote ol 286 to 71 Ihu Woman's ChrlsUnn Temperance union ilroppccl tl>'-' ChlcnKii Temple UK un aHIMated Inlcront and clls- elalmod all connection with the build- Ing, which was Intended lo he a memorial to the lull' Frances IS. Willard. The debute, which ended In such a crush- volunteer It Is only because he has had time to iid)ust himself to the unfavorable conditions." He traced all the trouble to the want of preparation and mobilization In time of peace und that, In turn, to the failure of congress to appropriate the necessary money for reforms. Visit to Oonera! Slmfli-r. Replying to a question from Mr. Woodbury he said that "Considering the system he thought the government bad done fur better In KB conduct of the war than anybody had expected mid just about one-fourth u» well us It should have done." General McCook asked General Breckinridge If he hud Visited General Shutter In his tent when the latter was ill at Santiago and General Breckinridge replied that he hud done so. "Hid he then offer the command of the army to you as has been reported In the press?" General Breckinridge replied: "I very much prefer not to answer that question. You should ask General Shutter. Such a conversation as occurred between General Shatter und myself on that occasion is rtot of a character to be spoken of lightly. 1 fall to see how a reply from me would promote the object of your Inquiry. You want to know what General Shatter did, not what he may have thought of doing. If General Shatter hns not repeated the conversation I ought not to do so." "As u matter of fact he did not turn the command over to you?" suggested Governor Beaver, to which General Breckinridge responded "No, he did not. and 1 do not think there Is any Impropriety in my saying that he could not have done so." With this the matter was allowed to drop nnd General Breckinridge was excused. Oor Conat l)ufenBCH. Cleveland, Nov. 16.—Colonel Jared A. Smith, United States government engineer, has just returned here after a month's absence, largely spent In inspecting the Atlantic coast defense and especially the harbor defenses at New York, Boston and Portland, Me. "Our harbor defenses," said Colonel Smith, "while not yet completed, are sufficiently far advanced that It would be suicidal for a warship of any foreign country to enter any of these harbors, if we objected. A great deal of work is yet necessary to be done, but work Is being pushed forward rapidly." DUpntoh from General Otis. Washington, Nov. 16.—The following dispatch has been received at the war department: "Manila, Nov. 15.—Secretary of War, Washington: Health conditions Improving; only six deaths In last eight days. Sick report decreasing; flve female nurses of the Ked Cross are doing excellent work In hospitals here. Twenty competent female nurses who give strict attention '.o work would render beneficial aervlcea. OTIS." Court-Uartlul of Captain Hall. Knoxville, Tcnn., Nov. 16.—The verdict In the court-martial of Captain F. M. Bell, Second Ohio, has been published. On the charge of disobedience of orders he was found guilty and sentenced to one month's suspension, two months on half pay, and to lie reprimanded by the commanding general. On the charge of violating arrest he was found not guilty. I) 0> (JUAM) TRUNK. H Does Your eadftche? Are your nerves weak? Qm't you sleep well? Pain In your back? Lack energy? Appetite poor? Digestion bad? Bolls or pimples? These are sure signs or poisoning. 4M From what poisons? "^ From poisons that are always found in constipated bowels. If the contents of the bowels are not removed from the body each day, as nature Intended, these poisonous substances are sure to be absorbed Into the blood, always causing suffering and frequently causing severe disease. -~ -• There Is » common sense cure We Have an Elegant Line* of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. & 203 West Third Street. OtoON'r SUCCEED," TRY SAPOL10. ilalna. corns, ana au •*»» oruj'wwM-i and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It to guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or mone" «"•»•*»d. Price M oente per box. --- -B. Marab. Alton and Upper Alton How to Prevent a CoW. ' After exposure, or when you'lf' 1 * cold coming on, take a doee of Foley'B Honey and Tar. It never falte. «"''' ly ?W»rabMnd 8. H. Wyw. o. Bold KiprcBs from Montreal to Toronto Striken n Freight Trill 11. Kingston, Ont., Nov. 16.—The Grand Trunk railway express from Montreal for Toronto collided with a freight train near Murray Hill. Bight persons were killed or fatally Injured. The dead are: Brady of Belleville, engineer of express; MacDonald, Belleville, fireman of express; John Casey, engineer, of Brockvllle; George Puulln, cattle dealer, Toronto; A. Neary, Coburg. Three passengers, names unknown, were fatally Injured. Twenty passengers, most of them being In the Pullman cars, were more or less seriously hurt. Nine or ten of the Injured are In thu Belleville hospital under tivntmonl. The accident occurred lit u place called the Diamond Crossing, about two miles f/om Trenton. The express, which wus due at Trenton at 3:8i"> a. m., run Into an open switch and dashed Into the freight train. _ _ (J001) NEWt? FOK UUKYKUS. Will H" Notllleil by T«'l*|fr»iill of Ilie Ho- vlnl.m of III 1 * Cu«e. I'lirls, Nov. 16.—Thi> court of cassation bus Informed the minister of the colonies, M. Gullluln. thut It has decided thut Uivyl'us be informed by tele- gruph Ihut the revision procecdlnga have commenced and that he prepare his ilerense. The ministry of the colonies has re- wived a cable dispatch saying Dreyfus Is In good health. The decision of the court of cassation lo Inform the prisoner that the r.;\ln!on prorredlngB have commenced and notifying him to prepare bin di'lVime, Is very slgnlllcunt. as It him hitherto been generally admitted that no Innovation should lie Introduced In the Dreyfus |>roc eedlngs. CJueHllons Will HOW be drafted and posted to Drey- fua, who will formulate his replica. To M»ko Dlttiiiuiiil'hu" In Cioriuiiuy. Akron, O., Nov. 1C.—Mr. C). (J. Bur- bir i reiOli'i'.t <>f the Diamond Match company, who recently returned from Europe, mi.kes the statement that arrangements have been concluded with thu German Imperial government, by which a mammoth new mutch factory Will lie erected by the Diamond rinii- niiny In U'ut country. The plant will be located at Dresden. Thin makes the fourth factory which the Diamond corn- puny Im* established In Europe In the punt few yearn. Dr.Bull's !!M «Aved many • life] — ' Speedily cure* Croup »w» and w«VWWtnW««. **• WOMAN'S TEMPLE, CHICAGO. Ing defeat for Mrs. Curse and her coworkers, was u very bitter one, beginning at the morning session, lasting through the afternoon and ending shortly before 8 o'clock In the evening. I.ildy Somemcr» letter. The sensation of the morning was the reading of Lady Somerset's letter, taking strong grounds against the retaining of the Temple. After It had been read Mrs. Carse asked that a letter I-ndy .Somerset had written favorable to the Temple in May also be read. This letter was not Immediately forthcoming. During the noon recess the anti-Temple delegates distributed a catechism. In it Mrs. Carse was Indirectly accused of wanting to get the Woman's Christian Temperance union to stand behind the Temple stock In order that she might control the Temple finances and management and It was declared that it would take the Woman's Christian Temperance union 400 years and an expenditure of $10,000,000 to pay for the Temple at Its present rate of progress. Mrs. Cnrso 1> Aggremlve. "The last Is not yet heard of the Temple," said Mrs. Matilda B. Carse. "It will come un again and we will make another effort to save it. The whole scheme Is rank repudiation and nothing else The rejecting of the Temple enterprise -cannot be otherwise construed." "•• . At the opening of next day's session Mr? Carse began her campaign. The resolution offered by Mrs. Dunham of Iowa in behalf of Mrs. Carse was called by President Stevens. Owing to the few Temple supporters present at the opening hour, Mrs. Dunham asked that the resolution be made a special order for 3 o'clock. A special effort is being made by the Temple trustees to rally a strong vote to pay off the Temple trust bonds and many believe this to be the real reason of the withholding of the resolution. The resolution reads: "Resolved, That in view of the hearty indorsement given by the national convention In Boston, 1891. to the Temple trust bonds, that indorsement decided many to purchase the bonds, and that the moral obligation thus Incurred by the national union toward Wic bondholders has been acknowledged again and again. We hereby pledge our cooperation to the board of the Temple trustees in the retirement of the Temple trust bonds." Mono of Contention Now Gone. Mrs Helen Morton Barker, the na- tk,nal treasurer, said: "This Temple has been a bone of contention In every national convention for tenyears. There has never been a convention but some of our strongest women did not oppose tho retention of the building. Year by year more of our women became convinced that the scheme was not practicable. The great sums asked for the debt drained our unions and year by year the opposition grew until today you all see the result." Mrs. Caroline F. Grow, manager of the Temperance Publishing association, said. "1 am rejoiced that the discussion was all In a Christian spirit and I believe It will live as a E|mt object lesson to the world. The VvTC. T. U. now begins a new era of progress." Mm. Stwvclli for PrrHlilenU At the election of ofllcers of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union Mrs Stevens of Maine was elected president, she receiving 317 of the :i5(i voi.'S i'»»v. - PILLS They daily insure an easy and natural movement ol the bowels. •«•-— You will find that the use ol Ager's rsaparina J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embalmers. Second Street. Opposite City Hall. [Alton, III. with the pills will hasten recovery. It cleanses the blood from all impurities and is a great tonic to the nerves. Writ* tha Doctor. Our Morllcul Department h«» olio of tl'e most omlnout phy.lcUns in the United States. Tell the diwtor 1n«t how TOU arc sufferlnie. «">; will receive the best mciUcaUdTlce without cost. Addro.., Lowell, Haas. We desire to call attention to our New FALL AND HOLIDAY GOODS, And invite you to inspect our line of Beautiful Rockers -Parjor Pieces and Desks. Our stock is more complete and our prices lowet than ever before. • For good goods at low prices deal with the reliable and old established furniture house of I 210 W. Third Street. SON Mrs. Stevens then stated she wanted to nominate Miss Anna A. Gordon, who had been Miss Willard's private secretary, and is probably one of the moat beloved of the union leaders, to be vice provident at large. The by-laws were then amended to give the president the authority to make such nomination, and the nomination was immediately made and the election following by a rising unanimous vote. Miss Gordon returned thanks. Other Officers Elected. By a vote of 204 of 353 ballots cast Mrs Susanna M. D. Fry, editor of The Union Signal, was elected national corresponding secretary to succeed Mrs. Katharine Lente Stevenson. Mrs. Clara C. Hoffman of Missouri was ra- elccted recording secretary by a vote of 293 of 350 ballots cast. The other votes were scattering. Mrs. Frances E. Beechham of Kentucky was elected by a unanimous rising to be assistant recording secretary. Mrs. Helen M. Barker was re-elected treasurer, receiving 289 votes. 1'rlnce George Start* for Crete. Trieste, Austria, Nov. 16—Prince George of Greece, the high commls- Bloner of the powers in Crete; has started for that island. Moclety Mun Rills Blinaeir. Denver, Nov. 16.—Arthur Van Inwagen, a member of the Denver Athjgfe club and a prominent society man,lip>c himself in the head, indicting a fatal wound, in a bathroom in the club building. He was 25 years old and came to Denver from Chicago a year ago. No cause for the suicide IB known. Will Contest the Election. Houston, Tex., Nov. 16.-George H. Nooimn. defeated Republican candidate for congress In the Twelfth district, 1ms announced that he will contest the election of James L. Slayden, Democrat. Blayden carried the district by upwards of 0,000 plurality over Noonan. FALL and WINTER 1899. The most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship^ and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, iia West Third st COUGH A hacking cough is a,g»ve : yard Commencing Nov. 18th, until forth - er notice, we will sell at Strictly Cash Price*: All our INGRAIN CARPETS from the cheapest to the Best all Wools at a reduction amounting to 15 per cent. Brussels Carpets and Velvets enough for a room at cost prices. Bring in your measure. Syrup at once. It la a wonderful remedy Cor all throat and lung affections, and will cure a deep-seated cough or cold in a few days. DcBuU's Cough Syrup Will ourea Hacking Cough. Dos,-* art- smi.ll uml |,U-«».int l ° '"ftv.V.r'ElS? rvcoiimifiiil It. Pliccijcts. At all aiuggHU. Electric Power. We are prepared to contract for Electric Power;at Low If'you know of any manufactrer who s seeking location ask him to correspond with us. Electric Motors can be used for running Elevators operating all kinds of machinery; pumping water; mj fact my mechanical application. call on us for _-*tf i • Incandescent Lights, Electric THE EXCEIAENCE OF SYRUP OF FJGS is duo not only to the originality and simplicity of the combination, but also to the oaro and skill with which it is manufactured by scicntillc processes known to the OAUKOIINIA Fio Svitur Co. only, and wo wish to impress upon all the Importance of purchasing the truo and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of l''lgs is manufactured by tho OALIFOUNIA. Fio SYBUP Co. only, a knowledge of that fuet will assUt one iu avoiding Uia worthless ImlUtions manufactured by other parties. Tho high standing of the CAU- FOBNtA Fio HYKW Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Figu has given to millions of families, nwUes the name of the Company a, guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far in advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on the kidneys, liver t.nd bowels without Irritating or lug them, and it docs not gripe tor nauseate. In order to get its beneficial effects, please remember the name of the Company — CALIFORNIA PIG SYRUP CO. SAN MIAHDttW, «*l> TAL-MIDY LA«^MMBh^U»<Ml^BH*BMM»^«MMMH Priiose tiny Capsules arc superb 1 to Balsam of Copaiba,/'~j- CubebsorlniectionsandlnUDl CUKE IN 48 HOURS V_> the tame diseases without Inconvenience. . SalJtf aHifrufgijift, Telephone 93. _ «v rw ^J^• *»«••• «»«•••• ., 11 V • rVoinlimmtwllluunillllial. • I* "iiiefilluK uu'l I Ll'llrf UuusorlMtliutumors. I HlhiyB thu ItoliluK ut onc'r, uclii lift 'iV willliiiiis'Iinll'iiil'lloOliil- J m,nt liI,™Uml for »;!"'»»'»'„ »'',; Inif of llm nrlviitii pnri». V.vcry !>.)« I* ' B •' uy ilriiKKlxt", "V " m " °" r °. Mott's Nerverine Pills The great remedy toi nervou» prost rat ion and all nervoui diiMies of the generative or. .i) ATTEtt USINU. gam of either ^ Nervou. P M *»{fe n ' l 5 aU R* 1 £ toit Manhood, Impotency, NUbtly Erai* doni, Youthful Errors, Mental Worry, «, eewrve us* of Tobacco or Opium, which lead to ConwmpUon and Intanlty. 5».W DU bo* by mail I 6 boxes for $5.00. UOTTS CHEMICAL CO., Prop't, Cleielaud, Ohto For «ale by S. B. Wyau. Henry Watson, Contractor and Builder, McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window etc., etc., Alio.'. D««Ur IB Sills, Alw»y» on Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Parti Sldo Tracki Running Into tb» QuarrlM. lfc ALTON, IL1

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