Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 10, 1927 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1927
Page 9
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Address III lettets hold Department, in anil care jlir-olir art^ci^ about tl e enierg- eacy sbtil we menlione 1 caDueU meat. The nousewi^t^, wl o is con- ceineii about tbb mJatcriil fur an cibuoraic raeinu for her fnuUy 'will try fa prepare .somei' hoc e canned meat. Esp «i :iaUy the -\^oman on tlie farm. " The first thing to cons der wben -eparing tli^ meat for < anning is Inquiries to of ttie lola Da properly <eft long must I be t<j be sure ^he me^t is c <iO ]ed and ijtiU not i eiough to g^t "old.f Itl piirfecily Treib, sweet * eat. Cut itj pieces smitll enough 10 go into your'jar liicely witiiout crowding. (This is to p event ^he j leat ^rom bbing lorn to pieces ^iwhei it is 'tak- eti^nom the J tr to use.) Pack the jar just as ull-a^ijyou can and add one tca£|>oon ipif-si It to the qtiart. It yO\ use hftlt 1 allon Jars ujse one tabltfspoon >'6f n It. I I'lacc your inibber: and lid on the ' jir aud screw the lid il own until il^ ronimencpp to tlghlten and then Ii'^ofieu Jt isllghtly. inut ydur jars inio your l)jr)llpr and p lur. warm il iJicm iintil the wali-r the iiwrk .0 the Jurii. •our firu aiit) bring to wairr aroun c ^inicK up U\ IMace over MhoM as q Aunt ly :ancy. of the House- riegister. lola, .K ansas. ^ iiu.t qjilckly as iW) Hlblc mid I ^ ill Ihrrc hours, for the luarl Jars a ifl five liojirs for he h ilt gallon. - Hav«> a tj'nkclllp of biiltng wa-- for handy, a|'nd as UxHt as tho water bdilH away I add hciillug water tu tak<- ilM pI|ico.- Trfy tn keep the; waivr up tri the necks if the jars •Mil through,'the bol|lng iroccss. A ROnd hbniu malle r ick i-o usr In the botlbni-of ybur boiler tu keep the j[»rs froiff.'W aklng can ho' made' from two laH cs or any Ihin l)oard| Just mos jaiiyttiing to keep the jars froifi leSting flat on the boijoni of ^h'e toiler. When the Tljrcej Jiou •s are',up use cai-c ii| reniov'|n^ tie Jfars as it s easy to get a vexj^ painful bum at tl is .stage. Ti^ten the li( and. pit the Jars^ in va warm plaice on a <-loth o)" pJperjaiid rov^ er' hem ovfer.wilh somethfHg heavy so they will cool slow. jl i canii ng meat In this wa.\' noi e ' of the strength- of the mea boi s away and the liquid tha for: lis uroi nd tJic; meat mal;es the ver • best irown .<iuce and gravy. Port or bfef can lie uf-d. 1 have, can led spare rib^ and beefsteak this way. For the beefsteak first fry qujckl • until it is slightly bro vn am proceed as yo|u would for the_ot icr. • : It you use Ibis mrtbod ^^foryour lipai eribs and backbones they shoi Id be ised before hpt {weather. If y lu w^ii h to can the ribs wlt^h- out the bo les proceed In this manner jPlnc • the ribs, in q roas'ter and put in the oven until the meat dra vsi aw rani then the/ meal Y'lH'ii y nuKt It c; Jail, brow w.\ rnied th* jar. yn ir own wifong. Pri^e }f{finer 1 I lip light brown jsuf ar 1 cup granulated sugi r 1. cup butter, cup 1; rd •1 eggs, I'A leaspdon ^alt 1 toasf/opn clnnalraon 1 teaspoon soda I. 1, teaspoon baking povjder 1 cup bl •I '.v cup patties. 1 Slice and lack waldut n}eats rloar. [Mix ,el stand o ibake slcjw.— double boiler.- Uud iiilk gradually; cook 2 , miiiute !,J —' cjieese. St}r until It nu nd serve! on craijkers oysters; tvai uplul: jiork. g ters fine with one-half mp of ami-2, eggs, salt, pepper and in hot fai.—H. S. iind roil in Icr night. *i. a. ^) KLSH RAREBIT. 2 table.spbpnsful biitt 2 lablespooustul 1 cup milk iiounil.-* cbecj U teasiiuonful salt 'i teaspjnonlur iiiuhtaid _ Cayeunej iieuner ' " t:onk c4nisiaii >l cornstarch aved .in and add llin. Season or toast.^ SAl" tihou j-ounil scissors i-dle butter in half pint Cut oys- add -about crarker crumbs Keasjoh t|> taste with salt. Kry ly from tjie bone; they be easily removed arid iireparod like the rest. Ill are rr.-idy to use the n be removed from the ncil In a skillet er just . vrr like It' cort^fs from 1 11 fai t you tan use It In way and you can't go B.\KE ||» STIKFil) I'col and "remove tl 1; apples.' Place in 1 add a; table.>'l >ODn ot cij each j apple and buije are donel Chop Eng allow:lng a teaspooufn pie. and fill the cavlti( whi4jped < ream and 6 Instead of whipped cr4am luallovr ijiay be placid each apiilc'and allo^' and toast in the oven, cinnamoi^- candies m toeach ^ppie. mixed thereby. idding mtich appearaijce.—C. R. Aj'ri.K.s. e' core from lidding dish, rn .syru)) for until _al>l »lc3 ish walnuts, to each ap- fs. Top with Tve .at once. __ a niarsh- ion ;fpp of cd to. melt Several red ly be added n with nuts, |o flavor and Al'NT NANCY;. SELF-SERVICE MARKET Pl^ne 193 These arc not Special Prices, but are our ,Evfiry Day F^rices to Everv Customer. We, try to please .everyone. The foIIoHins olTeringsr are of thje very .'best merchandise that money jean buy. Smoked Meats Calf Shankless Picnic Hams. lb. ---L.,._u24c Bacdit Squares, Sugar' Cured, lb. .i_20c Matchless .side Bacon • Sugar Cured, 3 lbs. of more, lb. _i -_.10c Armour's Star Bacon sliced, lb. ;_.._45c Nugget Bacon. Premier cure, lb: __:_29c 100 per cent Pure'Pork Uaf Ijird. iOJbs. Sl.7.5 5 lbs. for ___.-__-90c VanCoi Shortening, 100 • per ctnt vegetable, 5 lbs. for :___70c Fresh Meat Pork Ribs, fresh and \ Meaty, lb. .-.i-_-20c Pork Neck Bones, 3 lbs. for. ^ j-__25c 100 per cent Pure; Pork f^usage, borne made per lb. LL-..20C Baby Beef Steak.'?, r . Round, Loin and Tr ," Bone, per lb. _U--30c Babv- Beef Roasts! ; extra fine __.^17c -29c Lunch Meats, Cheese, Pickles, Ground.-Bief, liCfi of.Lamb, Peanut Butter. W. J.. HARPER, Prop. lis-''"'--. CASH 120 E. iMadison flpwer, Celer, GASH Cfur Frpl Fru% and Vegetable^ Are ^or Friday and SatUF^a}^ F Bananas Oranges, Apples,. Texas Grap'i Fruit, - (rrapes, Leiii^ns, Heiad l[ettuce. Leaf Lcttuccj, Cauli r. Carrots, Beets, Fresh Tomatoes, i 'Green Onion*, Fresh Spinach, Spanish Onions; Parsnips, Turnipi and Sweet Potatoes. Old Putcli; Ma^^ei Blend Coffiee, lb. 45c Gypsy y Co *ee. Special iper lb. .. 46c $^2 lbs. Pure BucHLyvheat Flour, 1 Special ..; V— 25c 2 lbs. Lai'ge Prunes .. .......25c 5 ibs. Raisins, (11 lbs. for $1.00) .. .50c 1 Quart Mazola Oil .^iQe ijb. Fluffy Marsh] pallows 25c ! 7 lbs. Nai icy Hall 5 i^veet Potatoes ... 25c bur Cjistdffier^ Mujst Be Sati^d ! It^E BOX »)OKLES. 2 tuns browii sugar > % ^ilp shortening ' 2 ppBS . ' 6 ablespoons sour milk 1 [:up inut meats 1 ::up jraisins 1 teaspoon soda 1 teaspoon baking poTvdOr •IVJ <ups flour i Form into a roll and put in roi 1 plai^fover night. Slice teal ihi i u-itl sharp knife and bake in a hot oven.— R. B. ' UE BOX PIE. 1 pound vaailla wafers 1 cup ; sugar 'J^ cup- butler 'M. cup nut meats X small can shredded pineapple Mix sugar and butter, add pinC' apple and nutsf alternate the mix- turii and waffrs.. Let stand 2 houk-s and serve, with whippe . creim.— R. B. >i5EAI'PLE (iELATIX Pit/ 3 (jups grated pineapple 2 tablespoons gelatine Ml -cup cold water ' I! cup sugar ' - • 2 tablespoons lemon Juice ifciip whipping croani Ihivc a pie shell baked. Koai gellitine 5 minutes. Heat pincaiy- |ilc and sugar; add the lemoji Juij-fl. Stir all togotirer. When j^t, begins to set whip in the creatliT thijl has been whipped.— R. B. | r«JI«Jfi,^ • \ ... ,. J^. , . I '>iiC ^p cooked, chopped bam i 2 eggs • 2 tablespoons butter i M cup thick tomato soup i % teaspoon salt U'teaspoon paprika. I j Beat eggs, add melted butler, tomato sbup, salt and paprika. Cook together aud add bam. Use hot.— R. B. OKA\(.-E AXI» LEMOX J^AKJiALADK. 11^ oranges. 2'lemons. Slice thin. S pints of water. Put; in granite pan. or : Ometbing that isn't Ha Soak .Itk lours; boil % hour; add 12 pouna sugar. Boil il hour or until it je Is. JTbis makes 21 glasses.—R. BJ THOrSAMI ISLAND 1)RES.S1XG. To mayonnaise dressing add.: ><i cup salad oil ' ' 1 tablelpooD ylnegar ; \ '.2 teaspoon paprika 1 tablespoon' olives or onion 1 tablespoon chopped parsley 1 tablespoon chopped green pepper. . . 1-3 cup chili sauce.— R. B. Dip an onion for a moment in boiling water, begin at root and peel upward and you will not weep while peeling It. f • A small spoonful of cornstarch will greatly add to the flavor and Icxlure of your fudge. VM ReciBter''Wanu for reaulta. him to Re^d Mr. A'wtryfs testimonial as ttl •what ALL-BftAN^ does' in^ stamping out constipatioii. "I[in i m*-> C6 ynn a< aBJcj have hi d chronic-' coBatipation for.'SS preara. ~ I have takinc all ki mis br. punr i- tivM. iear««lT—'If e»»r^lia»e|a natiir >l novrmfAit. Bave spent i emit deal if monrjr Janil no permaiu at ijrlicf. . . . When t had Died one p^cktnF at Toilr ALIi-BHAN. I found I cdnM %card n^y pillslan^ tabteU. I baven't felt as got d in 20 ylearii. I 1 Jos. W. Awnr. Atianu, Gs. Ypn 'ican get permanent! natuntl relief from constipation hy eatinjgr Kellog^'s ALL-BRAM. Two tabl^ spoomf ols daily—in <^ronic {Sasep, ALI;-]H:AN My good-l(yf to ijills! enabled •with ^vetjH meal Doctors ^ ' is 10Oy<^ cream-rapq Use in cereals, where; Kellogg h on pacKsk' Guaraiiteed. ]|e^nmen i it because it -.RAN with milk or add iruits ot Qoney; Mix with fother ^nd sold vrtpcy- eat. Blade by {Creek, Bpipe: Atri-B c K) cing. Ssrved Uady tol Battle Bel MMtt^MtfU Bir4's Eyi 'Poable Tl|^ Biatcnes I2>»^49« Caiiipbell*«frwiffi Pork • No. Cans iSanta Clara— (60-70 to the ii>.) 4 lbs.; 49* r Contains {i i lib. TNi CRIAT ation Package 1 caa C^atniibeirs Beans / Ketchup i iKOnsia Full Cream Chcete •I TIA C0. You May Need Our Service Some Day Why Not Use It It's a pleasure tojeall 292 and get Service to Your Door, also Quality 6|days every w^eji. Fresh Ffuits and Vegetables—Pork, B.^ef, Veal, Li imb and Poultry. Try Our Fresh Col tare Cheese, per lb. : 2«c Bulk Dates, ,pe • lb. _ 15c Fresh Pure F'ork SUu^agc. our make, per lb. 23c Just Kecviye I Some Brown Rice, Also Hon lura.s Head Kice ;1. • - I • ? j A. W. Aiifi^r^on Grocery 6? Market Iphone 292-291 Corner 2nd and Lincoln We Deliver >ye Have Parkins Room for Your Cur You r order-i^just the (hii fi:^ you,/yourself,! would dhoo8e|--wiII soon be on il s waj. You neve* be diiappolnted 'woe 1 yoa shop at 'FRYIIR'S by Pl/one. ^cials for f ridax j Sak Bje*ef Boil, perib Better Beef Bloil, ier lb. . Ejeef Roasti p^r lb Short Cut Steak, ber lb. .: r I ^ • II-. •' Fjresh SaWonland Sable at ' AttraatvePritj^s. Rice, Choice pounds .. Gloves, leather fade, 2 piaiij Gloves, canvas, 2 pair .;.. Dates, per lb. ilixed Nuts, per lb. tkeSime Very J. 25c ......45c ..,.:.2Sc ......I5c ....9720c jbur qual^yjof merchahdise, bur prices pnd our fairness in dealii i 'ar< daily creating a large vohime of 1 usiness for u& |[t is only human nature :o wa|nt to biij your daily needs j^vhere yp^ ge The Most of Expfflnsloiu (iMBhest <estini; Honr rfe ^ln Iota) 48.1h,^big — i'pprlp.'is (Best lloar iold at the TirWe) 48.1b. bag: --J. r m ue Lea$t (crackers, 3-1^. lio\ I^oose-Wijes krispy.s iSugar, 2.5-16. |RaR. Pure C. & H.Cine L $k,8J Rfce, fancy Blue Rose]is lbs. .__i.J_ ......LzSi-. Bcan.s. fancy|ldaho», 7 Ibss __U Corn, No. 2 ^izej good quality i , -_f____|:10 Peas, No.' 2 ^izc :Red Arrow Brand L-=.-. Il0|; Tomatoes, No. 3isizc, 2 cans ____ I»umpkfh, No. 2Vz, \im. Camp's, i Pineapple, No. iVz, sliced or arratddj, 4 fo^ —l95j: Apricots, gallon, Bakei] brand ' Peaches, gal.. Georgia White slicle^ Blackberries, gallon. Baker brand Oysters,-Pun [;h brand,! Ismail 15c; I Salmon, fancy pink^ t^U can 18c; Potatoes, Rus.set|Burhank, (gobd Sweet Potatdes, jNanev; Halls, t p i inds Red Onions, 5 pounds :_Bunch Carrot.s, 2 bunches ^ ^ Grape Fruit, 5c Wht ^6 for Oranges, per ddzen 2ne; 2 dozen G'mttet Snapf;, fresh sHipmentj pdij Crysjal While, 1^ Soap ,P.'& G.or hundreds. ol| We are not quote them. The abovi prices i to other bs rgiiins pricW open kshWdJof ;OUr prices ._._._..i45y for _J '_ L2Ji|; J___L25 lb. - .79 peele^ (Special]! 59 ___-___J.79 llpirge i cans i_95|: ^^ersf) peck ..^.45^ 1 _25 .i.25t i.isf J— _-4.45c ;_10|c- for 50c; 27 for $1.00 By th^ Basket;, i^iced righ| ire 6- week lay in the ^verylfody. Wej ha^ e ly in ourjstore. bh'l hesitkte io and d Compleie line DfJKresh Frui s and Vefeetablep. Oil tie^qiii? # E)ast Side Squiare - Yoii don't have to wakk through} our low cash nricesJ jIustM'hona lj»hore thd slush to bi-ofit 17_we'll jfefiver •___i_L25cii hf our low cash prices, ofders (if 83.00 or mofcJ A Fcjw of Oijr Every Djiy [Prices 4 Pounds of Sugar 4—-|- ito. 2 can Corn, Peas or Green Qeans a lb. Sick Buckwheat —— .^.'..L^lbs. I runes .__ 1- Raisins, per lb. !' Boxes Matches ) lbs. (leo ^ Black I yed Peas, per lb. !NO . 10 an Electric Bran^ Peaclies .l-l- l^rape I'ruit, per dozen rangi 417 _j_,:i$uoo: 4-10c _40d •! i {Oraiige^, per dozen __— 1. i. 4-; : : ._„-i20c;

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