The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 10, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1927
Page 8
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cJHAs. F. scohr a£ the iola ^ostofflce Bedond Class Mdtter. BSSSCtta Ofnolal ifa»er Allen Colinty, .THMMM ....L...; IS CnivHte Branch Excbane ConnecUoK • . All rxpartftoent») By Cftrrier'^ .... - loUi a &s city, LaHarpe arid Bassett '....15 Cents ....70 C*n«s ...17.80 Week', 1 BY MAIL , - Oubtae Allen Cointy One iTear ^ BfOhliuf Vbste Mon Oail Tear . Thne Mom oiS Month JNEMMR UUM to th all news di not otherwi HM^also th hs Allip.Coun^ ABSOC'IATEb PRESS. Ill* ^TES. •...»r..oo »2.6P «.M .H .OO .»2.00 11.26 BOc ^ Anociated 1 neasod -wire. Mclusjvely en iter! uarricR hy cpeclj icd'Press '* , I use for r«p ublloation nt ipatcbiff crcd ted to It or He ci*«)itpd It this paper, li>car<iew.^in Wlxhed hprc- Uu All rlBbls or rtspubJic itlon of spc- olalHlspalcneR herein arc hUo reserved The Japanese are great hands ait t e game of Slay Mk^" Tradttlon quires that a great mound ji of «arth be heajied over the vault In rKicb the body of a dead Emperor B to lie. No bumaa feet may,t6uch he earth which is'to lie above: the omb, and soja ceremony is held ivhereby it is .pretended that.fworli- J^ible lihoughtfoi 1 ani Alpha ami Omfca; the beginning anjd the end, tljc first aud I the last.—hev. 22:13. TH^^HELPFl'L UEJi. Accorditg to tfiet Vn. led ,Slates 1" Cenevis tii«i^ wore 21,581.965 chickens in. Kansas Jn 1925,- -that nuni- iMT being exceeded in snly three other Stands. It Js faii to assume that 19,000,000 of-these w<>re hens, suppose e£ch of those hcnis could be induced to lay ont more ecg than she did ta^t yeaij.—figure it out for yourself; BUT the'avera^fj^gnnijal egg pro- hen is Ipsa diictipn for the tt -ansas than 60 egps, while nioj-d than 7«0 farm fioclijs to wlii( li : onic attention' has been given breeding a^d managem( average piicldur!lion 1 ast eggs per hen, 'and. jigh] j_ Alien cou:|ty there pro|rIuced - Jai) J5 cggs^ G. nays which 1926 of 17*, by Mrs. R Valley neighborhood Suppose inow. tbe«efoh 19,000,000,1 ensin K educated 6i' persuud|cd \)r flattered Into p?odu(ilng| even yQitr,—90 more; than( Mtjitiply 9(1 byiin i| vide by' 12 26 cents and like tss.t after, Isn't - Here in soibbthing pose each and tni itr you IS ;i -fl |)n. [the wa^ of-|^ nt gave an [year of l.^T here in one floclt verage in ocli owned of the Star e, that the bnsLs ir Ih lilM Itip iRet Woi In Allt-n count)! (wu have llkC| 300,000 i^ns. Sup! of Ihon: coiild bp made-to pfoilucc viren- 50: wore eggs this year that sh > did last. That would . add over .lOO.OOO' to tbft annual; inconi^ lof t ic chicken raisers of ithe couii'ty, and that TTOtild help some;' ' '. So the ahnounce4ent "T'arni Burciau of Allen planning lliis year to riut a good deal of emiihasis on poultry breed- i|)Lg is one tliat sh0 ;Uld nOt be. passed-by as un mportanL.. ijhere prob- atly are nr static tics showing the average projduction of oggs in tMs counts' bud it prob^ | bej biy is lielojv 100. Lot that average^ be brought up t|> 125I 6 T 150 as it might caiily be.Jnd tliink what a difference .it would malcc bustiesB of the.cotii^ty i|nd prosperity pf liidiv{d}iial crs. There oigap zatlqn in Kansas known as the Association, of members lijp pn his h^ns how many One of Is that the beniher itiusK in U ;:ertl the Todky. 0 eggs a y do now. ^11 and di- y that by [imcthlng going TS if robed In white are transform- id Into birds which fly with earth ind sand and'complete the huge 1 lill. Thus it j is that for weeks 1 undreds of 'iconsecrated" .work- I len, in whlte| flowing robes.' have Jean worklngr^IghL.and day to luitd up the great^ ihound of earth lencath iwblch= is to lie the' body 0 r the Ehiperor who has been dead 8 ncc Ctiristmas day and I upon V hose funeral; which occurred last A onday night, $2,000,000 has be '.n c cpended. All this money and all t lis ceremony for a poor tnortal iw ho fori years has been a wretk it body and an idiot in jnind. But h; was the direct descendant of o le who, 1?,3 gencrallonr'ago, was b)rn of the Sun goddess, so sJO.OOO.- 0 10 of people pay the money; and |i :rform tlic ceremony and doiSbt- Itss mourn him in all sincerity: HE WHENHMHAB* ariiiceYckjpipi AlliETMel OP THS BOXE/?/ 4 ,or A .s a general rule, | according to tjie view of tills papcjr, the Demo- rats in the 'senate Ihic up op ilie wrong side of public questions. But o enter an jcxception in Jhclr fain the case of the Lausanne treaty with Turkey. That;; tVeaty dad ^ot desexve to be ratified for a least three reasons:. Because it fa(^ed to provide for fiilfilmehl of tie award to Armenia written; into I o Treaty of Peace; !. because it r mlained no guaranties for the p otectionii of Christians and other n jn-MosIem n (|ldents of Turkej-, a id hecaysc it failed to provide for --cognUion" byj Turkey of the Afn- ejrioan .nationality of former sub- 'cts of Turkey who had l)ecomc American citizens. The ibemocrats In the Senate and the Ipsurgent Republicans rendered tjie cquntry and humanity a | ser- icc when they beat a treaty wliich ro well informed Ainericain legislator wij;h proper alidoniinil itives- tltiire would ever have agreed to Id 4 ofllce at t u close Soiiool Di^iricts \ Ko. S..-&, <t:«i. ~ il^ because the first place. Just I the great powers of Europe lay d^wn and let Turkey tramj) tip and d<;iwn over them Is no reason |why inerlca should submit to that;sort indignity. If the Turk Wants 0 company of- Uncle Sam let him behave like a gentleman. | that the County i .s in the in the flock own- idd Flock iconditions at Association keep tab so ps 56 know e.xactly ^?acli lijBn lays. • UiKht • now there arc -i'iybi- moj - Alln couniy,| wliifjh; great majority of th> flo^ In thi}| county, Orolidhly per cent of Lthejni.'rfcally leiii, 4' iieanli that lh<! k owners t least !H» do not knpw how nian;^. egg ual hen in liioi'r rin< a year. If (lie jwoi-! tffhftii In ll|e muni aceompllsbea nothing to awaken vlilclir a any. indiviil- k pi of (xluceii in ;the poul- llil i siiiniii'T >re IJiaii ni rn growf rs (n (lie Jhiportancc (if finding 01 t which .oticn ofibeirlhons ar<i bpa 'ders and I-.which- oneii. ari; niiitjny nakers ii >U1 have done a nruij-h w irthwhllc •work. In proposing'to Ihej Wiii lords of China that the City of and the terr Bhanghai jbcent be agreed upon as area ih which there" tory ininiedijitcly ad- will : fighting, the Aninricah go has made a |itatiesma!nlik(| al the acceptance of enormously simplify "The reception posal will bb cation on the they giy part Of the militarists of; (heir real moi purposes: e to a pretty cltar indi- -tfas any man a-mbril live-in a co^munityt and right to hot take positive and helptul in ejest in the welfare of that Ho* would it do to take thai que: lion as the s ibject Dpt d Bonte of the Ctianiher! ;Iuncheons or 4tt sOnici 'study clubk? of C .hi of U nbcrs in fo Debate on the McNaryj-Hougen II for farm rclIcT in the Senate hjia dcv ^oped the fact that a num- r of-Senators' who voted agalnsj tile measure last year are rcadj^ >w: to support it. not because they jh ive changed their minds as to it* unwisdom but betfause (as they y) they are willing to give it a ial. What they reallylnean is flat the lobby behind this leglsla- ^'e atrocity has got' them scared, s convinced them that "the faSmiers" are for the bill and there- Jo -e it would be political suicide • them to vote against it. A bill lich was unwise last year is un- w sc this year, 1 and a man fit to Senator will not vote for a bill judgment disapproves. Fur- brmore the lobbyists who assume toj speak for the farmers hold no siich brief. Most of thb fa|;mers wc hijve talked with don 't know what the McNary-Haugen bill is; and llih; few wlib do know what it is arl ^i against it. (A. C. S.I A new dance lias liccn itiven in Chicago which-is i-LlIed ; ihf T.V—the initials staAdiuK n<'il|i for "Delicate Tripjiin Tedpsichore" nor Temperate." , Hits at Hankow nor "D "DcliKhtfi Wonder how jnuch' it co.sis Chicago to Ket into th^ proper <•( ditlon to e.veciite the "p. T.'s" jirtj erly? i 1 .Most pi'0|ili' havi- (|uit in the groundhog as a prophet but ilhi- barbers to do a good business iii Htorers- - pro^ much on the believ weal contin hair itig that faiili Isn't wane as some prca|fli von in so great a city as Ijjn- do I iiifn slick up for (heir town an I boost it. although" it would s 'ei m as if the greatest clly in the wrrld hardly needs boosting. But rei d this, by Rlchanl Jefferies and sp( what ii Londoner 4hinks of Loidon: Iiondim is the only i-eal place-in nil world. The rllles turn loward.s I.Otidiin M yonuK pairJrlilgps run to Ihrlr iiiolher. Tlie cities know that, tliry are not real. They are only boiisrs aMd_ wharves, j and brh^ks and slii(-(-o;' only niilHlde. The iiilijilH of; all men In llhrm. arll.ils. nil a neutVal be no [ernmcnt propos- whl<)h would jthe It ual ion. Ithis pro- ers woulil have, us Iu'lii}ve. '•*•*' The I Topeka Journal in a rh:l plate engraving shows Gov. Tauten giving tiie Boy Scout handclasp 6cout lloliert (iro'ntner and want Dutch Scliultz, who is u gojrid Bby Scout, to tidl us sime wli the B. S.'s have started giving tli^lr grip left handed! Arch Jarrel. altey a recent tnp across Osage; County, has discoveii- ed where the gasoline tax money goes.—into the purijhase of ru't- niaking machines. Although it is not .generally known, he understands that the plan is to; csiablisli well defined ruts on all the Kansis roads, and then remove the .sled ing wheels from the cars. Tlicnc forth they would find their oWn track.s. Just as a railroad trajn does. The plan is lirobahly being pro- mbted by the Kansas Chaufriliir-I less .\cckris Union. IlildOMETAX Ded ictions for nepreciaiion fo.rm an iin^ortaiil litem in the returns c|f many taxpayers, and arc th0|Siib- jet -r of freqneiit Inquiries, j The wot-jd '[depreciation" is not used by he revenue act of 1926, which provides ior a "rea.sonable allowance for th(| exliaustion, wear, and! tear of i)r'obert.y used in the iraoc o^ busineis. Including a reasonab^ allowance for obsolescense." - For convcn enco. such jillowancc in ^-j ublly i i referred to jhy refiulationa rc'lutlu ; to jthe income lax as den preoiat oil. In c aiming a deduction for depreciation' j several fundamental pifiicipUs must be observed. Thii deduct on must be confined to properly actually used in the trade, imsiiiec-i. profession, or- vocation. In general, 'it applies to the taxpayer's capital assets—blilldings, machinery, «»!,c.--the cost of which can deducted as a j business expen.^e. A building or rmaqhine gradually becomes old and worn out. On account of this depreciation the value of such assets is dei creased. Ai loss is thereby susp tained,! for which Um taxpayer is entitled to recognition in; makini; . Mit ^Vti, mM-— showi jTr^asurert of business Jan- [-_ -^.Dr. Ci! • -t Ho. iftfao ij s; ^ < k, - Rejiai Mis. m—- Int. No. i^r-Ofii. --" s, & 04. Ml^f* -----No, 3. 4 pd Mt«:J«5 — No. l»-^«M his ret Depr urn of income, elation may be claimed on II business! property, which in;eludes chinbry .Marslial \Vu I'ei-fu i.« reported leading a counter-offensive against the in Chin:i whi(-li may .save Shanghai from (-apliire.. jWu ! mine Turiiitu doctor. wholly l-'R.a libriiry I''.'i-fii is an ally of .Marshal Chang ; preciat 'fso-Iiu.-ruler of .Vorlh China, lie opes by an attai-k on Hankow, life of not only buildings and map of sC permanent character. but i automobiles, farm tractprdj and mill equipment,- office (re, and books . AI lawyeiji or other iirofesaion^t ataql way nbt charge off as aj current e.vpdns^ the cost of a library usedf in his profession, jthis be-- apitat expenditure and the a Ciipital asset. [But he ; may! deduct an allowance! for der a.;-:::;' 70.84, im 1932 47.60 15.86 1,44»:36 •^.25 64|.79 'Hi 25.)H> 442:4§ 16.80 ISi 11.1 585.8: 26.H . 5.01 645.7' 35,7( 3.2! 1,020.50 S. & Cc Mtg. P«e ; No. 14— Gh. j 1 S< & ^ Mtg. I 'e ! No. 16—iG« s. & C( Mtg. Tee —-4 No. 16 -^W S- & B H Mtg.'rK—4 Bond- No. n-rQ^i S. Si '; Mt«. fedc -.-4 LIbraW Int. - e on, based upon the useful he library. . ! " W_ the C:.nton,•.>..• capital, to split i "it ^l^*" icenturj; ' ! iif the i Kentucky Derby only two owners' ' twice. iIk! .SrMit.'i China forces liiiiving on K^aimhiU. have; won the famous,race chants. lilt Loii as I,oil am wn alirhad. but lini mil don. ' TJillber lljey. nn as soon San Francisco thinks does PctiogrHd. .Men selves.In I'arln;J lliey bey can lion:. sol ise then k in L(jndon. Oold Is made London has ii hook and on evc ^y napoleon and <lolIar. ing "the round ^llscs A lipdse is no a dwelling if a maW 's hea -t be els where. ' Now the heart of the worfi is in London, and the citi's with he simulacrum of man in tfiem are iempty.,. Chinese Ives and . community hbate at merc^ ei ladies ty b] the com nittee did,it^ duty in standing by t le unbti k4n policy of the Gov- trnt lent, wl Ich is to speiid mbney only on stre ims that are bavlgable, or alt east supposed to, be naviea- "ble. -, I but plaii^eld. japprojJrJatidn, and the Senate J . . . ! - cpmtti^rce 1 Ihlnkers. arc bent The §ena<e appropriations committee on Saturday rejected the protesal of Senator Curtis for the Govbrnment to undertake the flood conljrof of t' le Neosho River. — as the (Reglsiei months ago, said it would. Sen Uor Curtis did his du- .•4iiB c<? istituents in asking for M(ist of trie "ivory" now used In made out- of cotton; the eleihant has nev rer coni- y t .-| NO. 18-rCiqi -—-1 .No 19r-Cje4 MtK. .\Q. 20—0 ^4 i * SqVil—Ohn a &:<:o Mtg; let' 9oiid So. 22- hO < n S. it Ob .Mtg. Ffe 1 .Vo. 23-a ill .No. 24—G.! S. & (0. Mtg.I'e^ ^No. 25-^«ig »i f (0. MXg. ]'< No. 2«-4<Wi]. s;*eo[ Mtg. Set .So. 27—€( n S. & (0 .Mtg. P» I .No. 28-^(n S. & (Ol -.Mtg. Fed .No. 29^ ni S.&C). Mtg: F e4 tibirar' .No. 3ft—dcB s: & do. Mtg; Fs^ No. 31^<a ± 4 Co, No. 32 -^eB a- & Co irftg: V So. 33—flep S. «p C9 .No. 34-HGe 1, S. & Mtg. F( No. 35^GCJi a & C>, Mtg. ¥ «l .No. 36— aei.[ No. 3T-«c 1. 8. ii C K- mt, F «| No. 38—Ce I. s.-«rci. .NO; 39—Ge (. S. & C >. .No; 40—Qei; 8. & ci. No. 41—QeL S..&:C I. Mtg.l Ftsel .No. 42-Gcii. S. &: C(. MtgjF^o Jt. 43—Gen ..S. &iC<. No.'4 *-eei. S. ^ Ci. Mlg.*^ NO. 4 ^-004. S. i^CSd Mtg. T ..Vo. 46—deij. Skg.:-. No, 47—<}«n B. HI 3 Mtg-Fes Boo* - Ko. 48—«lei]; 8. ft Co Ko. 4»r-Gen ! S. ft^Co Mtg.'F*! No. SO—Oea i S. & iCo Mtg. F«e No. 61—Gen .. Skg.-;.- Ne. 52—0«0 S. * iCo * Mtc. Fe4 4 No. SS^-Gen 8. * Co; Mtg.>e« No. 54—Gen 8. * to .No. 56—Gleq S. * Co - Bond. No. 5«-rG;eB S. & Co. .Mtc. Fad--j 4 No. &7-<Ie9 is «c Co. No. 58—Getf. 28,207.3( 1 1,752.80 I 979.0^ 10,301.3S 3.190.5! 360JJ( 6^26.6t i 82l.5i 17.5< I 26.21 • 9:1 i 9ft6..4 ! 36.0() I s.oo ' 440.»i 11.24 70X53 25.9(1 I.IJ j 651.35 21.0( !l3.395!42 j 5S1.0C ! 5,617.82 72.SJ .! .•j,566.9: i 1,599.0( 22.4( vL 3.6( ^ 3.3^ 96.56 h—r.^ 8.26 664.2 25.2( 786.2 ; i4.7( 3.9i 606.0! 16.8() 2.ld 639.7fl •^z 2.001 408.96 41.94! 23.80 4.00 ! 832.75 I 661.18 28.70 ; 3.12 ! 568.83 M 25.20 ! 6.75 ' 562w65| ; 17.50 4.87 ^876166 41.83 r: 16.37 ; 560.95 i 35.00 ! 5.13 j 726.48 i 30.10 6.25 .63 1365.05 • 60.78 .74 i 503.50 ; 25.90 i 7.00 11 ,011.55 ; 46.77 ; 5.62 iS12.78 I 31.50 503.39 M7.50 i t.75 351.90 : 18.30 ! 3.12 i274.44 i417.60 i 16.80 ' 3.46 1,121-3G I 39.39 1.06248 i 17.a(f 438.71 i 18-20 l .ti20.67 25.90 I .25 523.81 j 9.80 ! r .57.54 ; 11.70 1.606.41 ; 9.80 !l;!.16 450.19 I 9.80 I 3.83 629.87 s. c (ow L-_;l-_::--- MtgvF se _.:-L B. n, 3. —— Bond ; ! — No. e«— Gm. —; j 3. i la. Utg. Fm 1 Ko. SO^<n i •-— \ J. ft (o. ..^ Lfltrar r \ — ; H. I L „„-•—-— ; atgj .Fie-. 1 loaa —> ; No. il-r^a. -——^:• Co: ........ No. tJf^^J. ——f--!-— No. i3—G« 'i • ^ i. ttCt: . —1 , rttg: F a ...i...—NO. 54—«le I. —.4-.:—. • • i:'AC>, No i^beif -—4-——3. ft tli. i Mtg; Fie.-^:^— No. 6t-«ei; s. •& a I.,. —-i Mtg, F«ej.--4- No. 67—Get u ; " s. ft No. 68 t-G«i u; ; No. 69—Ge L : ' S.- ft C ». ... ' B. H. '*. .. «tg.. F le'— jLibrar ' — i Blond .'. Kp. 70— G «n. — 3. ft ( o., Mtg. Fee a. H, J..— Librai f— Hp. 71—q« nu, S. ft (o.' - M£g. Fee- No. 172— G :n, S. ft ( 0. — Mtg," Fee. No. |73-4;e I. .. S, ft t). - Mtg. F ^. - Nb. 74- -Ge 1. S. & to. — Nb- 75—Gep. — S. ft ( o. .. .Mtg. led No. 76—G«n. S. & C o. - Mtg; yce No. .Vp. Jt. No. 177—G^n. k & (o. LMtg. Fee — 78—G(n. — is. ft < o. — Mtg. Kce — 9—Ge I. S. ft Co. —L4— 80—Gen. — -S. ft Co. 1 Mtg. I^ce —— Bond R. W Jt. Jti Jt;4 Jt, Jt; 1 Jti i Gen. |.Mfg. Pi 1 Gen. 6 Gen |8 Gen. Gen. Geniva Twb.—Gen. •T Deer Osag Road •. .\. lem. fie T»f-p.—Gen. {load . A. CreeH Road 1,727.52 2.326.64 ^6.00 il4 .06 449.08 27.30 ilO.25 &44.36 •18.20 i 7.62 633.96. 1.1)47.92 4,3«6.22 157.50 j 7.12 680.46 ^1.50 17.73 ^.H 21.00 543.99 14X10 2^3.30 -499.35 ^ iS.90 5.18 38S .95 7;4:!5.38 • ! Lib^pHr , . , Sewjer] Jj.—- tPari. 4 : iP »Tv •Main Memo Hall— MemaHall Bel ft.lnt jRef B< ft.Skg iRef. BJH ttit -^r„„ Ban< Ceu., iPOlli-Tax; i 1 iPat-fftrSewer Bd int iSewg. 3i8p Bd! ft Int Hiiihbbldt; fJltyi-r' |S< «I|'A< ...L ;; i.Boni' jW. |iydt. ... : I Bam iPoflJIftilc ...... "^^y-TTGen. J»arlt ^ ;so lig^it — t..-.— c S. 1-fGen. —. Gen. i067i90 18194 719'i60 42l70 3137 86146 e . Twp.-—Gen.-_ .—Gen. e Tw* toad >oll T^x —^ lem.. . .Marfcaton Twp.—G6n.— {load - l^'eln. -'. A. •oil Tix i — lola iTwp.tfGen. -; — :ioad A. Elm Twp.-kJen. -—.... Koad - r. A. Elsmsre TWp.—Gen. — ^oad -I A. Humlboldt 756 116 179 i;62 19ill 79.86 30.61 5.33 361.74 1,957.57 r05.90 160.48 il7.68 3.l5Z .n 1.917.98 1,^92.70 45.23 3,827.96^ 15.01) j 06,27. 30 .22 475.62 1 2,973.77 16.70 2,2j65.^1 »>5.00 1,467 -24 5,8^0.21 2,171.39 '596.64 1=,774.'22 2,163.81 Fl w. !si IW. ftftL-Skg iBonift Int; Savbnljn 'gi City—Gen. . i 3. i ^ -L , p.:4 r .— Mildred City—Gem S.. & A. St. Ught —-i- Basitett 3^y-M3en.; .:•— , S. S A. r . Pav. Bid. ft mt. ' sped 'Paving U - Parto^ i — Laltarpl qity—Gen ••IS. i :a.. ——'-.— !\Vat r. Ret. Bond — W. Sir. imp — JFIrri ::— Eleb Light Int. — S. ft A. Imp-.EiQild,— K' I. Bonds i—:— • !Cetii!t^^y^ x^^-E. I. jSHg. ^n- Ele^ St. Light Gasfcity—Gen. s. &" AI. Flr«^ -11 -»41.1. iW. W. Imp. Bd. Sk!. ."Water. Bond Int. Eled. Light, • r-.-'A. int. F. A. Skg. —- , ^V. fr.iRef. Bd. lnt...i !W. W.Jlef.'Bd. Skg.-.| Motbr (Bus _J.— rnheritai|cq Tax '•0' 292181 $.075;»1 73ft99. 335I2O l.IgSSS. 5«4l59. m:h . 4^WT 1.032;7S libiioo. 7.4<9l5G 5,576176 935:12 1^79:^1 5,246-77 2M ;b 2,989.30 2,739.23 22iS.69 22.^.69 5,545.27 438 .00 847.tto ' 7814 8 83.^8 288.60 iiiiio 53:79 ' 87ap7 1.673.76 1,9$().W 309lil7 233.04 2S3;11 27S.6G 381.60 246.49 ' 813.66 408192 437i46: 265J57 ie2J23 573 .17 497:73 239 .03 252 .16 504.29 239.b3 .32i78 126.07, 478.03 153 .64 . l9J88 224 143 223194 182;64 82150 149129 1,20877 1.20817G 223191 298 59 122116 8S2.|51 Statfe -Ji-i ...128,8.19.92 Bionils . i 7.89«.!lO iJegicfes! J. j 381156 State &;^o.i School i 1.539.60 Co. Genijra) ...$33,958.33 • ' ^ ' Co. Rb'atl - -Sj Road Bontf .— .State'ft Co. Roa., , State HIghhvay Co. b. &< C .Mortgage fees y\. V. FijeliTax Co. Poorf Cfo. 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CLWRK. rk, Allen |Coun s ill.318.84 |25,«3Si.1r2 20 .947',90 30I43 !21 ,417 '.47 loeiro > ,17;i84 l.»72,&8'" 1 ,583167 125.40. 110,245:65 I 956.29 i 336.91 110 ,356.19 I 5,249.95 1 3,364;91 • 2.78 1,288.37' ; 3,062.28 ' • ! ' • 1.061.90 118,810.43 14,83:4.01 803.26 22,128.75 ! 1 Yeim —ielecte^ for its brigh^ess of color thcrougHy dried Before |grin<Jingi ancl^ sil!: clotl to reinove all but criara pi Fe -ndell Yelldw Com MdalJ 5-lb. &acld Bu :kwhc at' Ploiir, 4-lb. bags 1, ^ _ i _ _ _[ SeU Rlsi ig Buckwheat, 5|-lbl bag Saner Keaut Jiice, can .,__L_^:_i___ Ch ise an 3 Sanborn Seal Brind Coffee, Ch ar d Sanborn ImnerM; Tea, y>-Ifc Ch ise apJ Sanborn Seal Brand Jap Tea, Cncked Pearl j^ominy, B Hbs. _-J__lJ F. ?. 0. p. Corn, snaall cijiiJ 2 foi __j Welch's Grape^de, bottle {•eindell Kidney Beans, CML___J 1 Ch^se Hlipg, ^kg. ui|.L___4 __j Tbe bnd quality, it is " tjhen bolted ^liru- the griain: __—_L ___L80c {.25c •lb. can L$fc jtean __: L___ 1-lb. pkg. _|;75c I.-

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