Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 4, 1961 · Page 8
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 8

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1961
Page 8
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A Used Machinery 15 in. Sears KocLuck hammer mill Model L J.D. spreader H J.D. spreader J. D. 730 deisel tractor 1937 A J.D. tractor 1956 J. D. 60 tractor F20 IHC tractor MM-Z tractor J. D. 490 planter 290 J. D. planter 15 ft. J.D. disc 10 ft. David Bradley tandem disc 1958 Internationa! truck with dump box "Warranty good ONLY on ihe used machinery in our tiore carrying iho Value Checked sticker. DeHAVEN & KR0EGER John Deere and New Holland — Sales & Service — Pnone 115 Sumner, Iowa fisttJIaneourforSale VOti SALL — Houso and large metal building, suitable for business establishment. Contact Jack Beck, Fayette. 10-tf FOR SALE — Universal gas rantfe. Like new. Contact Leader office. l~-:f FOR SALE — 88 Oldtmobiic. in Kixxl condition. Tin 'iK- BU;e 1 1^>. MO South Main. iS--* FOR SALE — Real eiiale contract. Reliable party, payments current, with a g>x>d interest rate, listed with our agency. Fayette Insurance Agency. Call 88. 10-1 FOR-RENT FOR RENT — During suntn** school sessions or for .''..r.ft. July, August. furnnhtsi i-.r*\- floor apartment w.'.h . enrage. Evenings Pho .-.tr FUvl *. c . \" N \ V. ' ••. :-':.\ <V'v. r ... « J, * WAXTS.? .-iff ' >. \> • > \>AXT5U> ~ .v. k. .- >>.,1S Miotic FOR SALE — Singer Sewing Machine. Late model used in this locality. Small balance or payments of $5 23 per month, also I960 Zig Zag Automatic, over half paid. Small payments on either machine. Write Credit Manager, P. O. 1664 Cedar Rapids. Iowa. 16-3 FOR SALE — Anyone in need of Pioneer seed corn cr Nursery .stock contact Israel Shaffer, Favette. Phone White 225. 16-6-x FOR RENT — Fumiihfc ment take pc*.s«s:.-r. ." ..r>t Contact Mrs Wisf: :r. Shop. SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS FOR SALE — 16 ft. boat made by the Shell Boat Co. Your choice of 35 or 40 h.p. Johnson motor, and factory made trailer Phone 2806 or 10. 14-tf. FOR SALE — Hereford and Angus young springer cows and cows with calves. George Stever. Phone 620R Fairfield Iowa. 17-2-x SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS We Have A Large Selection Of Men's and Young Men's Light Weight Jackets Just Right For This Spring Weather $5.00 & $5.95 For That Lubrication Job Bring Your Car To HARRY'S CITIES SERVICE Where Service Is Tops NOW HEAR THIS . . . If the automatic nosil shuts off at $3.33 on a tank fill of gvs, that purchase will be free this week. Harry's Cities Service Quality Service Instead of Stamps The Luckless Legion by Irwin Caplan *AND JUST WHAT MATES YOU THINK HAP TQQ MUCH TO MNK ALREADY?" In m\> motpr vehltle occieUntt killed 36,700 and injured 2,825,000. Fayette Insurance Agency . _ Phone 88 - F*y«tte miscellaneous tltenta) HELP WANTED — J im >r tm opening for or.< >i'.-£:s Tutprtwttti tative in each •..•-wr.f.h.r. m TV ette County. Gixo C;..-T..:U'J la: par: Urr.c- wo: A: 5,--,;... mer.t. CorMc; ?..;.•.-.£.~ Cl"ia\:Uiii. >;: i.-i '.i,: i'lih.'f'i on ...r. >/.<> V|*>/; '"in l ./v "• ,->:•.'• .'fi /.wi %Tn<i! ).i ••; i" ;•),:, U;i . - v t«|^< .. ;• •>*,•<••> •> .•.',il.">.;f!(i;.'( >»* • Ifi*.;. Si.iv .-v n/>; IMV»»>*«I< • •>.> )-r:t'i, ...-.-/mi. ;'.ii.'i,'!f</i i;- JVI Miiim iii*;!"- V.—i'f- VftnVl'U'UtUtH: I" \l\ flll/lMf IMIMlhli'. 1( i, f, s Si")\, iX'fii A !l. f '•<•••* DllllllS. 'IV-VBs. MM »h»»4a.v Saturday .• A .iwi>li*.\ in th*> ... •... i .ft»it.v fu>m ^ IK S . . . •; i *\«-nt \\ ill t<<« \, , v.t IS'ttuci IMh, ... < '• ,s>'. -.t'.ult-nU <(l»t , A '..w»S u-u\ I 'lllh S.-. v >'..t .KvJllUiMl, Kd.V . . •. , •;su.l Pi Kit . , • ... '.' A 'Al.llMll >'t Pppi 'l • ,, % 'in •.!«•«! tv< ittteml . • >'N -.i *'^{>'.»•.> (•«• n. • /.• ,'. »•,'•'*> •» >l I'lhci' ... . . >. .»'"ii'tfi tlli'U" it Mll« \ w.v(w vn Kwttfm home h ••' :.xt-. iU'.ivtt, cttainnnn A--,-* of Nili^inK !••• si S,\ i st' 1 unlvvr- • » i..,v,v N Y. visited hvc V. MA.IJV r >oi\tv>i\. »»vir •.-.vi. ,-•V.-A* t^inrtt, an • ••• '• ,",vv Iowa itnivtM-- .'it <!io Midwest, • •• • ..v-.• •.* ;\£ iwo months visit•vv • Now K.njjl.in.t, pi - t<p- •' i -.r\ -.S»\K l\or h .X )k V,j.-.^-o«wnt and Tcarh- ,( . us<\t as a text in .-. V.M/of hospital head h. ;<> ':\f,vi-c-'i is the daughter of >-. . (i f V.rs Kva Barrett and .- Mrs. Mary Clyde, •fsMrnis of Fayette. Sheila Rae Paulsen It queen candidate MAYNAKl) Sheila Hue I'aulsen, a .senior at West Central t'onnnunil v school, hnn hecn lioiillnalfil ii.H tpieen i andidutc lor the Kastei n Iowa hand f<'!i- tival li> he held in Cedar Itapids Saturday, May i!7. Sheila will i ^iiupele Willi appnixiniidely Til) oilier Kills for the I illy ||[-Mi 'w Kaileni Iowa* JtTTt*'1;i'"ihe (lnil|{h- ter of Mr. and Mi*. Hoyiin 'iui I'iiulsen, Kandaha, Some of Sheila's activities include playint! first IIOHIIMHH' in the mnrohln/j, concert, pep, Q«r- nwui and dance bands at West Oiitrul. She al.io is the hand's president and student oenductor. She has earned n division one inline in hoth solo and ensemble i 'iimpclilion. Other netiviticA of Miss Paulsen, 17, are in the F. H, A. and . Ill work. She is a metobCikof 1 the Methodist church, Randalia, and of its choir and M. Y. F..'Afler graduation she plans to attend L.wa State Teachers' college, Cedar Falls, where she will, major in music. REAL ESTATE Why Pay Rent Wlber. Vnu Can Own Yocr Ov-n'' LOOK THESE CVEK 3 BEDROOM — Au»c. tmai. Full bath, crsraerfc. «:vir »i lot. Only S4HO0. But: buy in Jotm Sc« ii tadny. 2 BEDROOM — I r.lnr?' borne. Aufr- aiu html, lull bath, RetJ pocid buy. DUPLEX — Asita. hnni, ID- suiatt-d. rerMaelsd. 2 bpd- xoomt ia each e.pl. Life in one, real the other. 13 will pay for itself. 4 BEDROOM — Modern, stoker heal. Hardwood floors. Built-in kitchen cupboards. New roof. Garage. 2 BEDROOM — 1 story. Auto, gas heal. All modern. Nice location. 4 BEDROOM — Auto, oil heal. Newly remodeled, large double garage. Extra lot. CARD OP 7WAW» V/i voiilii \i, Tliiiiil '.. the f."i»nds and o .-»i >'hivi ><•• •<rw eiud-; In 1 'rvi. Kun'>' v >• III V'H: il! tht hf>j!>\lMi \lUl '"'».•• • ; ;r KoflroY vi>si} liin. .sm.-i »n Ih.ink !• .>li v .Ou curd-, imi! sharf- ii. •seiwlnii. flMVcr. r .- %T t i"iwli> '• 'of crii. We can r>.\ <• ;n".^ il. \"ii -ri- wlia; all I tu ;,-ini ilc -.'lv nieim; u> lis Sn-'.'ia: thnnl;- i.' . r 'a:!tnv ftetkt. flu .'hai: nttr v.'lir fir.'itifthpd en.-- t.- llu ;•(••:>(•Z!'"'. ClnH hlrS; yni. ni, TV!-, f'.-sni firmer 'Mrs. I'^iiiriJ.:; 'fi;<(•::(7 Mrs .'i.-i.e.-f W:.;er i"i.i(.rif tin.-; lA.-y,\ Is-.-.cier c\itkx>k club met '?>t Aiil.vk Club met Tues•••>.• '•>•<• "uij:. May 2. in the in the Methodist .1 \Y ,V '.":-.:> the annual guest night ''.-i.-'.-.: .;-».c wmconc's mother. T'/I;s> Helen Monserud showed s.'.-.c> of hex trip to Norway. T!K:e was a hat and style par;>ac, insisting of twelve mem- representing the 12 months of : no year. Hostesses were Mrs. Lee Sheel- iy. Mrs. Robert Lewis and Mrs. .loe Wright. Heating & Plumbing ARE SPECIALISTS IN • Gas and Oil Heating • Boilers • Conversions • Air Conditioning NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL — FREE ESTIMATES GLADLY GIVEN — CALL US COLLECT — Oelwein 381 Your York Heating & Air Conditioning Dealer 133 So. Frederick — Oelwein, Iowa FARMS 40-A. Good bldgs. Good fences. All tiled. All tillable; Modern home. Priced righi. 2 FARMS — adjoining. 1S3 A and 255 A. Sold separately or alL Plenty work land. Good pasture. Terms. Contact VICTOR E. DAHL Phone 195 Fayette. la. SUMNER REALTY CO. CARD OF THANKS Trunks :o Ac fco*y./.Al suii at Palmer Memorial r.nd to Dr. Freed. aia> Scv. Jamieson for his calls and pra,vers. Thanks also to friends and relatives for cards, letters, flowers and gifts that I received, at the hospital and my home. Mrs. Harley Moore 18-1-x $TMNGTHfN AMtniCA'S PCACf fOWMI .U.S. SAVINGS ONDS YOU* SNAU IN AMI0CA PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY FARMERS — SAVE MONEY Inquire atout our farm-dealer plan. Savings on your needs plus advantages of selling friends and neighbors. Old established manufacturer of PRE-MIXES and SUPER- CONCENTRATES high in vitamins- minerals-live-cell yeast-anti-bio- tics, etc. plus wormers, medicin- als, feeders, . and" cattle dusters. Write Box 1230, Cedar Rapids, Iowa listing directions from nearest town. - 18-1 BELLES • WRIGHT Fayette DELSING - WRIGHT Maynard FUNERAL HOMES Prompt, Courteous Service Phone 199 — Fayette SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS WATKINS PRODUCTS R. R. ERION Dealer Phone Black 142 407 King St. Fayette. Iowa Friday Night Special From 5 P. M. Till Closing Time BEEF BURGERS MALTS Egg Salad Sandwich 15c each DRIVE IN Otto Finger, Proprietor HEY YOU BOWLERS Inquire About Our SUMMER BOWLING Free Instructions All Teams & Individual Bowlers Welcome WE STILL HAVE OPENINGS IN THE SUMMER LEAGUES Monday, Bp, tn, — 3 Man Team for men. Tuesday, 8 p.m. — Mixed league (2 men 2 women) Wednesday, 8 p. m. — Women's league. Thursday, 8 p.m. — Young Men's league. Friday. 8 p. m. — Junior league. Bowl Where You See The Magic Triangle _ ^ ^ v" - "H " & A i .i ^pi ^y^ • 1 i\ v_> Automatic LANES PinMttm West Union, Iowa FAYETTE'S NEWEST AND COMPLETE Featuring tfgpb: P !«JJIUlii,,|iJ|i.ll, ' YOU'LL SEE YOUR DOLLARS GROW IF YOU USE OUR AGRICULTURAL LIME ON YOUR FIELD BEFORE PLANTING Order Your Crushed Rock Today For Those Soft Spots In Your Drive Or Your Parking Area. I fine produoM lor lawn A gard»n V ^ jV ^ M NOW IS THE TIME TO PLAN FOR THIS SUMMER'S LAWN MILLER'S 10-6-4 SPECIAL LAWN FOOD 1 BAG COVERS UP TO 4,000 SO, FT. $3.85 " MILLER'S 2-4-D LAWN WEED KILLER In CONCENTRATED LIQUID 8PRAY m . HANDY SHAKER CANS BULK GRASSSEED MIXED TO UNIVERSITY SPECIFICATIONS 100% Perennial Lawn Grasses MILLER'S PREMERGENCE CRABGRASS KILLER 10% CHLORDANE GRANULAR 73% ARSENATE'POWDER MILLER'S LAWN INSECT KILLERS S%' CHLORDANE DUST 45% CHLORDANE SPRAY Complete Selection OF FAVORITE FLOWER and VEGETABLE SEEDS Packets and Boxes GARDEN TOOLS, SPREADERS, SEEDERS, and ACCESSORIES JTUTRI-PAK COMPANY MECHANIC and SEVENTH STREET FAYETTE, IOWA

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