Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 15, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1898
Page 4
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b Business Men : Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account Thon winds of sick mid suffering people arc like the poof cripple in the Bible, who had no one to help him down to the life-giving pop) before some on* else • lipped la aliesa of him. So tnnny !-uf- ferers feel that if they could ocly get a little help to overcome their cx- tretnc weakness they would then be •Ale to regain their Coveted health and •trenjrth. * • it li just these people that Dr. Plcrce'g Golden Medical Discovery is dcsiRiiefl to mid. It Is the strong, helping hand for those Who are in the extreme of bodily weakness and nervous exhaustion. It promptly tones, nourishes and builds up the entire system. It Rives keen appc- tUe. good digestion, pure blood, nmtcnlar itrength, nerve-force and renewed activity. " When I firat wrote you 1 was completely dl»- eoar««d," nays Mrs. W. M. Snttcrly, living at KtetifSrd, Tloga Co., N. V. (P, o. Box 40), in a letttt to for. Pierce, " 1 wns in pnin all the time, could not He in becl on account of severe, sharp cutting pain* In ray back and right hip. Hiul pain all throuffh the lower part of my body nnd my elbows hurt me «o much I could scarcely lift my baby. My skin wns dry, harfeh and »caly and hung like sacks on my nrms. My htuband called the doctor, and he said it wni •Weakness, and my aec. His medicine did me BO good. I kept Retting worse nnd weaker. It , vi .'feemed 1 should go eraiy. O»e tiny I wrote Iron and received advice. I hnve taken Dr. s>* tierce's Golden Medical Dincovery, his • J'a- Write prescription ' and ' riensant 1'elletn,' nnd HOW I can lie in bed with some comfort and con do a good day's work." The most valuable book for both men and women is Dr. Piercc's Common Sense Medical Adviser. A splendid loefi-page volume, with engravings and colored plates. A copy, paper-covered, will be sent to anyone sending twenty-one cents in one-cent stamps, to pay the cost of mailing only, to Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y Cloth-bound, 31 stamps. FOR SALE. >e Dr. Hardy property corner Bth and Alby i, Lot 120x120 Feet with 2 dwellings. d 4-room dwelling on Easton street bet. 10th •ud llth »ts. Lot«xl20feot. Price»700. r'rhe residence of Geo. Klrech on B«lle Btroot I rooms »nd bath roomi In good re air. -*•» ID-room residence of 8. H. Nichols 01 ,donst. Lot 70x170 feet. A flno location ? AlneS-room dwelling (nearly new) with bath greomf beated by turnaoe; In Mlddletown, E-1'TliaflneJo* of David Doylo on Bluff street Prith 4-room brlok dwelling. ; ; TneJ, M. Tonaor homestead containing about MjWresj fine 10 room dweniugifrult of alt kind. eTrSome flne lots on Bluff street with brlok pay•,«»• and sewerj no grading, In T. L. Foulds add LAflae S-room brlolc dwelling, heated wlti Lot 120x320 Jeet; flna fruit; half block 5A~"deslrable residence on Prospect street with Jrooms, Heath with furnace. Lot W teet on • t (treat. ran thenorth side ot Second ; flne Hiiefrultand shade trees. 9 block, er Alton. l. .treet between «th "o storr brloi store and dwelling sod a I brick dwelling on same lot corner of i Vine its- A good IHTestment. 5 loU on «h street near Mr. Qarsting SS'aouble dwelling ot Mr. R. Oarstang, W suram with modern improvements. ?"<SB3>1« 8-room brick dwelling, 6U ttrtet.with all modern improTemenW. WaS'Foundry, everything complete] In« 10 lota; swllcn connection with C. A A. elty Mfg. Co. property on 2d street, to Highland Parli, each 70 by .bout dweiung on State street. Prtc. dwolllng on Second atreet. inhrlak dwelllnff. oorner Third ftntf i'owof Altot ,vj» •<»• l-Voom dwelilngi good lot and nm |.3TnJwt»n room dwelling In Upper Alton, good :'ti*2ood' lot Wxloc feet on Easton street. «K* I??J httok dwelling with M lots In Middle- l -^«"»™to motor Fin* looatlot. A •VwrwUenM ot AJbjrt Wade on BeU. S. with 10 rocmi and finished attlo, bait. ' "rooms. Ctood cellar. QM and water d carriage house. Lot W foot front. sorrsnt, other desirable propsrtj not "roombrUk dwelling on William street; A. ofoom dwelling with 2 good lots on Fifth 'Mat. east ot Ridge street. Price, fl.wn. >P?> "room brlok dwelling with » lota OB ,Jl7 room dwelling with One rlvervtfw, 1 by hot water. FOR RBNT. B two itory brlok dwelling with 8 rooma.on Tlow avenue now oooupled by 3. Mou.ton. r-room dwelling on 8rd street with bath B with modern fixtures. •W (tore room and two 4-room tenamenta bath room) 2nd street near Cherry at L. J. Clawson homestead In Upper Alton 110rooms, barn and garden, now oooupled Mr."060. Levls. Possession Rlren by July 1. REAL, ESTATE, DURANCE, 'atid LOAN AGENT |KOOM 15, P. 0. BUILDING. bui > Gr building lot MilfB.on TJberty street rove «nd Franklin, for $500. n farm 8 mllea south of Brighton, (In cultivation, one-half good pasture, ». A bargain. i.MW two *torr brlok modem dwolllng near irperot Third and George streets. urooin dwelling house' with large lot on k«»tr«et >outh ot Twelfth street. tone story frame dwelling No. 621 eaat " rlUOO. LotepjJM. Oood street rame dwelling house and another >. all on one lot In good location n. RenU tor $88 per month: fib-room reajdanoe on State street on nlMonOak street between the Ig Four R. R. traoka, suitable for manufacturing purposes. east sl4e of Alton street, bet. I* A000 1 In Jersey county, halt mil* ' •---•- river. otsY situated on Fourth it., »farm with neoesssry buildings neai n, tulUible tor a dltiy. '- • 1» and profltsbl* business prov t street, occupied by good and a brlok resident*, i t oonr«ol»nl •--•-• >n »a»y terms. k» junction ot Bonn wul i'JtfB'W-^^ffJtt^tow. MM. oor. 4th ud cnterry it*. Title perfect, , •law roof residence, No. p»ndea*T terms, ^jaUJ. rotter prqpM* JB 4,oJo jnhiblfe j iitlUbla for store e toM norths newt 1( |Q WAN. ' TAKE THEIR OWN LIVES Several People Shu'fle Off This Mortal Coil. Sl'K'IDE 01' A NAVV LIKIITE.VIXT. Herman G. J>re«el ( Wlm Horv*Ml on Ilimn' the 1'nrllBn During thn \Viir with Sjmli Kills IlliiiKolf Itntlicr Tlmn Cl«> to Mn nlla-SillcldR of Anollior Mvtnlirr nf din UnllBtftln Fnmlly nt rillnlmrg—Mm- derc'i'Mnnimmii Kill* Illinscir. Baltimore, Nuv. 1C.—Lieutenant llcr- tnnn O. Dresel or tin' United Stales navy cnmmitli'd suicide In the Carroil- ton hotel by shooting himself In the liend. From papers found an Ills body It IB surmised Unit In; killed himself because he liaii bci'n ordered to Manila to Join the United Hlat<'B steamer '/M- flro. Drescl was IIS or 10 yearn of age He entered the navy mi Sept. 2-, 1H<1, at AnnnpollM, having \n-en appointed from Ohio. On May 4. IMfi. he was mode it lieutenant. During the Hpnn- fsh-Amerlcnn wur he served on board the I'urltnn. Hli Fnllior Ciilniiilttcd Hulelile. Columbus. <>., Nov. ir>.—Lieutenant Herman O. Drcnel, (!. K. N., waft born nnd raised In Columbus, being 40 years of nee. He graduated from the Co lumbus high school in 1HH and WH.M np- jiOinted to Annapolis as a cadet from this district. He was married to Miss Alice Jones, by whom he had two children, a boy nnd a girl, now 7 and 4 years of age re.Hpoellvoly. Ills wife lit the present time IB living In IJoHton With Mr. TJresel's mother and sisters. The Uresel family was among the muwt prominent In Columbus social affairs during their resident e, but some year* ago removed to Jloston. Mr. Dresel's frithor committed unleldo in this city In 1831 by shoollng lilmselt. ALI, WIK IIV VIOLKNCM. Still Anntlicr Member of Ilin llnllstnln Fnmlly CoininltH Hulchltt. I'ittsburg, Nov. lfi.--15dwi.ird Dellateln, brulhur of Bertha Bell.steln, who killed her mother and attempted to kill herself Hlx weeks ago, added another chapter to the tragedy which surrounds the family by killing himself on the grave of his mother. The lifeless body was found nt 7 o'clock In the morning. IJe- slde It was u note which Indicated the caufle of the suicide. There were m marks of violence on the remains nnd the Inference Is that HellHteln look pol- eon and then lay down to file on I In; BrttVe of his mother. The Beilsteln family WOB quite wealthy and occupied a prominent position In German social circles on the north side. A little over a year ago J. F. Bell- stein, the; father of the family, died after an Illness of a few hours. Six weeks ago Bertha shot her mother to death and Indicted four wounds wltn a revolver on herself. She is still living, but cannot recover, her physicians Bay. Within twenty-four hours after her attempt to kill herself David llelcih, an old man who lived with tho family, luy down on the Fort Wayne trucks in lower All(jgbeny In front of an ap- proaclilriK tniln and was killed. Now Bertha's brother has added to the lint of tragedies by taking his own life. Womiti Killed Huninir In Jull. Springfield,Ills., Nov. IB.—Dlsappolnt- ment over her failure to effect an escape from the Christian county jail and chagrin over being locked In a solitary cell, led Ida Delia Ileynolds to end her life at Taylorvllle. The body of the woman was found In the evening swinging In her cell, where ehe had hanged herself with a piece of blanket. The woman and her husband, Joe Reynolds, were In Jail awaiting trial on a charge of horse stealing. Killed l'l« Fiidim-nnu Iiliiimiir. Heading, Pa,., Nov. 15.—Harvey Lutz aged 17 years, came home at 3 o'clock In the morning Intoxicated nnd his father, Morris Lulu, upbraided him. The sen drew a revolver and llred two shots Into his father's head. The father ran out of the building and fainted. A po- liceinun fount] him, and going t« tin house found the son dying. He had cut his throat. He died on thu way If the hospital. The father cannot recover. Huloldo nf u Mnrdrrm*. Mnnitowoc, WIs., Nov. 15.—Ernesl Meusmun, who on Nov. (1 murdered Mr. and Mrs. John Hahls, a wealthy and agi;l couple at Mlchlcott, twelve miles from here, committed suicide at the Jull by bunging himself In his cell. He made a full confession before taking his life. Bobbery was the motive for the crime. 51yitturlou» Mttrtitir lu Nulirnnkm Omaha, Neb., Nov. 15.—A dispatch from Dlller, Neb., gives details of one of the most mysterious murders ever committed in Nebraska. Charles Orcen- wood, aged 19, attended u party In the country, lie left early for homo with a young woman companion, lie left her at her home. In the morning young Greenwood's brother fc^d him sitting upright In the buggy sciS' a bullet hole In his forehead. No attempt hud been made to ''°^_W"^__ Home for I>l»i-liurguil Convict*. New York, Nov. 15,—MI-H. Maud It, Booth of the American Volunteers and the wife of Commander Ilalllngton Bootli, left hero for Chicago with the object of establishing u home for discharged prisoners In Illinois. In her efforts In this direction. Men. lloulh wli! b.e aided by Governor Tunner nnd the warden of the state penitentiary at Jollet. __ Anuthiir Vliahn of Christian Kuli'lu'o. 'I'aconm, Wash., Nov. 10.— 'Thomas Greenwood Kernhuw, louder of thu •ChrlBltun Bi'U'iieo church of Tacomn, died of acute imeumonla, UH a result of his refusal to receive medlcul treatment. H« was under the care of a woman Chrlutluii science heuler of Savannah, Ills., who he claimed was ablu to relieve him regardless of distance, Cliurg«d with ll Tori Ibln Crime. Princeton. Ind., Nov. 15.—Mrs. Ite- becca A. ItoKenbnrgcr was urrcHlrcl here on the clmi'Ku of poisoning her H- yuur-old HUH. Three weeks ago Mrs. Itoucnburger took out u life-Insurance policy for $2,00u on the boy'u life, paya- blo to herself. The wonuin has be«u quite prominent lu church circle*. Mobbed theUrave A itartliog Inoldeut of which Mr. John Oliver, of Pbllldelpbia, wan the subject, IB narrated by blip as follows: "I wan m a inoat dreadful oondltlou. My skin was almost yellow, eyet sunken, tongue coated, pain continually Jn back and aides, no appetite— gradually growing weaker day by day. three physicians had given me up. PortanateJy. a friend advised trying 'Bleotrlo Buters," and to my great toy and surprise, the first bottle made 11 decided Improvement. I coutiuued for three weeks|aqd am now «j. I know they saved my _ tolitjed Uie grave of another " No one should fall to try Only W per bottle at 8. Women Should Know It. Many women Buffer untold agony ftnd missry bccauno tho iinture of their disease Is not correctly understood. They have been led to believe tlmt womb trouble or female weakness of some aort !H responsible for thn many Ills that beaut womankind. Neuralgia, nervousness, headache, puffy or dark circles under tho C.VOB, rheumatism, a dragging pain or dull ache in tho back, weakness or bear- Ing down sensation, profuse or scaaty supply of urine with strong odor, frequent desire to pass it with scalding or burning sensation, sediment in It after standing in bottle or common glass for twenty-four hours, are signs of kidney and blnddor trouble. Tt e above symptoms aro often at- trlott :d by the patient herself or by her physician to female weakness or womb trouble. Hence, so many fail to obtain relief, because they are treating, not the disease Itself, but a rclleclion of tho primary cause, which Is kidney trouble. In fact, women as well as men aro made miserable with klduoy and bladder trouble and both need the same remedy. Dr. Kilmer's 8w«mp Hoot Is the groat discovery of the eminent kidney and bladder specialists, and Is oacy to get at any drug store for 60? or«l. To prove Its wonderful merits you may have a sample bottle and book telling all about it, both sent absolutely free by mall. Kindly mention the TEI.KUKAPII and send your address to Dr. Kilmer & (Jo., Blngham- ton, N. Y. BAIIJt-EL-GHAZAL. ENGLAND AMO FRANCE MAY FIGHT OVER IT. It In Trlunuulur In Slmpo and I» AVolldorfilllj- I'Vrtllc, IlflnK Trav- prMcil l»y Iiiinimc'ruMe Stream*—I* Hciilly n I'art of Kio't>t. Westward the scene of Interest in Africa, like tho oour«o of empire, takes its way. Faehodn IH to bo abandoned. So much hua been confidently expected from the beginning of tho present com- plioutiona, nnd somtis now HHBm'ed. SOIUB nay tli« Babr-el-Ohuznl will likewise, bo relinquished, ov, more properly, all claims upon it will bo relinquished, by tho French. Of thut wo aro by no menus.BO two. On tbo contrary, it appears far mare likely that there will be aomo protracted and pretty vigorous diplomatic negotiations before tho final ownership of thut territory and tho ox- not limits of it uro detunuiuod to tho Butinfuoticm of all coucotuod. Tho IJahr-cl-Clhazu) is both a country and a river. Tho rivnr of thut uuuio is the chief tributary of tho Nile, from tho west and H.iutli of tho Bnhr-ol-Azrek, or liluo Nile, it is in itself a large ptreuiii, morn than fiOO miles long, and rrooivas tlio waters of tlio liithr-el-Ariib, Bnur Dombo and other Rtrenms. Tho country of tho HUUIO unmo is tlic region druinod fcy tlint rivor and its tiihuta- ries. It lies in tho heart of the continent, nt tho southern edgoof (JioSndnD, west of tliu Nile imd immediately north of thu Kongo Free Stuto. It is in form n triangle, with one fildo extending iiloug tho Nile from Mokron-ol-Bobur to Lndo, iiuotuor from Mokriiu-el-Bohur along tho Bubr-ol-Ohazal and Biihr-el- Aiub to tho confines of tho independent Htiltamito of Wadai, and tho third from Wndai to Lndo, along tho water- shod between tho valleys of the Bohr ol-Ohazul and the Ubunghi. Of theso sides tho 11 rut is about ,'100, tho second COO and the third nearly tiOO milos long. This region is traversed by in numerable streams, is wonderfully for tile an;l productive aud is densely popu luted, it was one of tho most valued parts of the Kgyptinu empire iu the days when Gordon wns governor geu onil of tlio Sudan, and the title of Egypt to it today BOUUIS indisputable. The gallant Major Marchaml truvoised it with hif) uxpoditiriu ou hie way to Fu Bbuiln, and established posts at half u dozen plaoos. But ho was unable to leave at thorn uffootivo garrisons, and did not, of oourso, talto such actual pos session of the country as would givo Fratu.10 a title to it, even if it had been open to such acquisition by auy power. Tho dispute will bo, then, over the boundaries of tho province, aud especially over the boundary between it and tlu> Kronen Kongo. That boundary hau uover yet bnuii delimited. It is true thut iu MHO, when the, Gorman colony of Kj imcirmi was rudely regarded as extending up to thu Egyptiau borders, Groat Britain, acting on boluilf of Kgypt, mudu a convention with Germany, by which tho bomiilnry botwoou Kamernu and tho Buhr-ol-Ghai'.ul was llxod at thu wutorshod botwcou the two |/roat valleys, us already described. Tho validity of that settlement waa recogni/ed by Italy uud tho Kongo State, though Franco has mivor uccuptcd it, but linn, ou tho contrary, denounced it. Moreover, uud this is most to tho point, Franco bus siuuo that time pushed tho borders of hor Kongo Stiito up tho north Bhoro of thu Ubaughi to Wadai, seizing a vast tract of what was informally enppoticd to tio Gorman, territory, aud making Kumoruu u more coast prov- inoo, cut off tit tho back by French possessions. Tho lino formorly truood between Kgypt uud Ooriunny proves, thoroforo, to bo biitwciiu ISgypt and Franco, und will have, to bo traced II11UW. It is over that liuo that tl:,o contro vorsy will bo. That thoro will bo •> war over it JH suiircoly to bu thought of. Tho matter iu eminently <>nu to bo settled by (liplomatN and engineers. Not tho least intorotiting factor in tho problem is tho formal Klntnmunt miido u few years ago by M. lliuiolnux, then foroign minister of Franco, Unit all tho territories formerly under thu dominion of tho sultau und tho kliodivo iiiunt still bo (loomed Kgypliim. If that priuciplo bo main- tuinud, all thu liulir-ol-Ulm/ul, to its wideut limits, bulougH toKgypt. And it iu nut oiihy to KUU how M. Ilunotaux's Buudiwfior OHM full toiiiuiiitiiiu thutpriii- oiplo.—Now Vork Tribuiio. Remarkable Keicue. Mrs. Michael Ourtaln, Vlulutleld, III., makes the statement that she caught cold, whloh settled ou hat iungs; sho was treated for a month by her family nhyaloian, but grew worse. lie told hor she was a helpless victim of consumption aud no medicine could oure her. Her druggist suggested Dr. King's New Discovery for Oon- mmptton; she bought a bottle and to her delight found herself benefited from the first doae. She continued Its aw and after taking six bottlos, found herself sound aud well, now does her owu housework aud is as well as tho ever was. Free trial bottles of thic Great Discovery at B. Marsh's drug •tore, large bottles 60o and ft. Poiu haa uo »how with Dr. Milan' 1'nlu I'llta. TIIK MARKKTN. ChlcnBO Of-uln unit f'rndii Cblcngo, N Fiilliixvlim ttf-rf tin 1 qiintntlui Hoard nf Trait'.' tudny: Wheat--- Open. I Hid), I«ow. Close May ......".. .C«k> • «''% • ««$* • SB '^ Corn-- ov. H. s on the ( latp -- Dccerjibe May ... 1'ork.-— 3% .23% IVirh-— Decr-mber ... ",^'4 7,R7',4 7.77'A Janti.'iry SM 8.U7V4 8.S5 .S2 .S3H .24 .24% 7.77V4 8.87V* 4.C-1 1.92V' 4.SO 4 or, . 1»0 4.90 rrodiioe: liutte'r—Kxtra creameries, 2l'/-.c fier Ib: extra dairies, IS® lUc'; Fn-sb pni-kliiK slock, 11®l2c. - Kri'Kli Kln,-h, )!)'<(IU'l-i- ppr doz. I'oiiltrv -Turkeys TftKVi per Ib; chick- i 1 ; ducks, ; Koese, $4.00® , , . iliisi. I'utut'ios— Oood to choice, t-ns fino pe . — , 27i!i3U- per bu. Hwe.'t Potatoes— Jer- (ievi< K (lOtif'l.K per bbl. Apples-— Com- innn' to fancy, tl.Wii S.r.n per bill. C(an),,.|.,-|,, B _\Vl!)coHslii Hell and liugle, 16.60 <f!C.7r> per bbl. Chic-UK" I'lvn Stodlt. riilcatto, Nov. 14. lines— Kstlmatcil rece-lplB for the day, •WHiiin- nnl"« riiiiKi-'l at J2.405M.35 far Iilf-K 'tS •>0<fi?..V> ("i- llfrht, »3.20(Bi3.30 for roi'ilth pariiliiB. *:!.2r,ffi;i!.f,7'A fur mixed, nn4 $S :!.C(i fur heavy packing nml HhitiiiliiK I"! 15 - Cattle— KHtimiited receipts for Ihe (lay. M.niH); quotatlonfl ranged at S"i.!!5riir>.i;o clmlcc td extra Bti-erH $'l- fiO(fi R. 2" W"" l l tn <-holee do., }1 fiOUfi '.m for fair to good, $4.10<7t-4.7G i oiimion to in, 'ilium do., JI.OOifM.lfi bulchors' steers, $l.f'nfrr P .P,0 fed western Bt.'cra *"'tnW4.flO stuckoi-s. $4.00«f4.BO feeder's JI.7riTM.00 cows. $2.«0<Tf4.60 helf- ,.rs j-'V.O'ii'l.sri litills, oxen and stairs, fi'Sftifii I'' Tcx.'is stcors, J.IGOfi l.r.S israsB western steers, J2.7.W4.00 western cows and heifers, and ?4.00fi,7.2G veal calves. Sheep uii'l T>!imlw — I'XImated receipts for the (lay. 17,(iOll; nuolallons ranKed nt $o "r/i/'l.'irt westerns. J2.7riffM.GO na- tivcn.'aml 4 HO lambs. Kutt DHlVnlo l.lve Sti.rk. Knst Huffnlo, N. Y.. Nov. 14. Dunnlns * Klevens, TJve Stm-k Commission Merchants. Kast Mullalo. N. \., •niiole ns follows: Cattle-Uecelpls, HO curs: market Rfnerully lower for all but liest handy fat steer and butchers stock, which runs steady; best ulcers, J4 7Bifcfi Id; no very fancy heve; MKht to Kood.' $a.90W4.(!5; helfei-3. $SAO&4A<I; old to Rood cows, $2.00ifi'S.'JO: bulls rtrm, $8.40 15390: stork rln - K^'f'"^-'- Btockers (lull, *3.«. i ii!73.40; fancy, $4.16^4.25; feeders M 6r.(T/3.2r.-, fresh cows and forward sprinBcrP strong to higher: no sales for lite sprlnsers. HnKS-Recelpts 180 cars; market dull and lower for yorkers: others steady; sale Yorkers $345 «M47'.V Bnocl welRhts, $3.f.O; llsht, 3.45: rilRS V'i «r>«v:u,0: mixed. $3.r.or !f ; mediums' M.r,niri3.r.r,; Kood to prime heavy, tSROW-a.BO; roughs, *n.iri«f3.2r.j stags. J" noiifS 00 Phcep und l,ambs— -Receipts. oc" cni-s; market fairly active and stronser for lunilis: sheep quiet and uncl-.iinpcd: top Inmho. $r..r,r,T/n.70; few, $ri75; cullf tn pood. $2.riO(Fi:4.2i>; wethers nnd 'yearlings, SUiQifM.'O. Distressing Stomach D.sease Permanently cured by the masterly power of. South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need Buffer no longer because this great remedy can cure tbem all. It i« n oure for tine whole world of stomach weakness and indigestion. The cure begins with the first dose. The relief it brings is marvelous and surprising. Tt makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter how long you have suffered, your cure is certaJn under the . use of this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Sold by 8. H. Wyss. "The worst cold I ever had in my life wns cured by Chamberlain's Oongh Remedy," says W. H Norton, of Butter Greek, Oal. "This cold left me with a cough and I was expector- atlgg all the time. The remedy cured me, and I want all my friends when troubled with a cough or cold to use it, for it will do them good." Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. Delays are Dangerous. Many of your friends, or people whom you know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fatal diseases by neglect of a simple cold or cough. Foley's Honey and Tar, a safe suite and pleasant cough medicine, would have saved them. It IB guaranteed. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. W} ss. Quit uoughlng is easy enough, if you take Dr. Bell's Plne-Tar-Heney. It cuts the mucus and allays the Inflammation so that there Is no inclination to cough. It soothes thebronoblala, and is strengthening to the throat and lungs. AH good druggists sell it. You Can't Afford to Chance It. A heavy cold may lead to pneumonia or consumption. Foloy's Honey and Tar taken in time affords perfect security from serious results. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. $100. Dr. E. Deletion's Anli-Dmretlc May be worth to you more than 8100 if you have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water during sleep. Cures old and young alike. It arrests the trouble at ouce. *!• Sold by 8. H. Wj SB, Druggist, 8S2 Second st.'eet, Alton, 111. It has been fully demonstrator! that Bly'8 Oream Bnlm Is a apeciflc for rm- Bfll nntarrh and cold In the head. This distinction has been achieved only as tho result of continued successful use. A morbid condition of tho membrane in the nasal passages can be cured by this purifying and healing treatment. Sold by druggists or it will be malkd for 50 cents by Kly Brothers, 00 Warren street, New York, ft spreads over tbo membrane, is absorbed and relief is immediate. When You Taae Cold nothing comes in so useful ae a bottle of Dr. Bt-lPs P.iue-Tar-Houey. Good for children, good for everybody. A remedy you can always rely upon to oure a cough, an attiiok of croup or other bronchial trouble. 25c at up- ca-date drugstores. t Hits the Spot. When suffering from a sevi ro cold and your throat juid__lunes feel sore, take a dose off " "iFo^ey's Honey and Tar, wbon m the soreness will be at once w relieved, a warm, grateful' fee 1 i n g and healing of the parts affected will be experienced and you will say: "It feels so good. It bits tbo spot " It is guaranteed. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. Inflammation KheuniatiBm Cured In 3 Days. Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon, Ind., BRya: "My wife had iiitt iinmntory rheumatism in every muscle aud joint, her suffering was terrible and her uody and face were swollen almost beyond, recognition; bad been lu bed for six weeks and Imd eight physicians, but received no beneftf until she tried the Mystlo Oure for rheumatism. It gave Immediate relief and she was able to walk about iu throe days. I am sure It saved her'ife.' 1 Sold by II. We Oliamberlain, Druggist, Alton. CASTORIA For lafauti aad Children, Tbe Kind You Have Always Boygbt BMTtUui I.rnvrf" Her llnclii-lor rtitli. Nllcn, Mlrh.. Nov. ir,.—Tli<> fnnious Uncholor (ilrls' rluli of KiIwardslmrR Icist a MK'iMlifi' StinUny wlicn MlPH Cliarliitte Stianafelt wari-lccl Jlwlplil Itovoland of Syracuse, X. Y. Thr ymmK woman Is the (list mcmbor of the unlijup dull since Its organization to mtor tbo matrimonial sliiti 1 . and h^r cnmimnlonB made tlu 1 wi-iWInR an atis- pli-'lous affair. The MaL-liclor Olrls' club Is an association formed to prevent parly nuirrlngpH. No member in allowed to mnrry until sh<; Is LTi j-rani old. It Is the only club of its klml In the United Slates, and Us promoters are er.KRRpd ln eatahllshlriB branch societies In the country. Dentil of An-litilnltop <lni«». Baltimore, Nov. ir,.—William HlcUley Gross, archbishop of Oreson, llomnn Catholic church, died at St. Joseph's hospital, this city, of heart disease. Archbishop Oross came to this city to attend a celebration nt St. Charles college, Billot City, M<1., and was taken sick on Nov. G, since which time he has been confined to his bed in St. Joseph's hospital. It was thought that Ills condition wns Improving and that he would recover, hut a sudden change for the Worse resulted in his death. Twenty TlmituHiitl Slt-I'oiiml .SlielU. Norfolk, Va., Nob. 15.—Twenty thousand Blx-potiiul shells will be shipped to the Mare Island navy yard. Three freight cars will be required to convey the ammunition across the continent. Orders were received at the yard to work night mil day on the gunboat Princeton In order that she may soon as possible join the squadron which Is to nsHcmble In Hnmnloii roads, ol which the cruiser New York Is the llag- sliip. llfmth Dun to Ilytlr<>|i1iohln. Sedalla, Mo., Nov. 15.—Thomas Moore, aged 7 years, died of hydrophobia, after having suffered for nearly a week. He was bitten by a dog a month ago, but rot until last Sunday did symptoms of hydrophobia manifest themselves. He had convulsion after convulsion, during which he barked like a flog and frothed at the mouth, It requiring the efforts of two men to hold him. TnrUlnb Solillnm Out of Crete. Canea, Island of Crete, Nov. 15.—Chakir Pacha and the last Turkish soldiers have left here. The C5ermah Imperial yacht Hohenzollern passed Cretan waters at 4 o'clock in the morning. The dispatch boat Herta entered Suda bay In order to fetch dispatches for Emperor William. , LUNG Trouble Lung troubles, such as pleurisy or acute inflammation of the lung;s. should bo carefully treated to avoid serious consequences. These affections are quickly overcome by the prompt use of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, a wonderful remedy, which always gives relief, eases coughing, allays all inflammation, and by its healing influence soon effects a thorough cure. Dr.Bull's Cough Syrup Cures all Lung and Throat Trouble. Coses nre srtiall and pltn.saut to take. Doctors recommend it. Price 25 c!3. At nil druggists. MADE ME A MAN 'AJAX TABLETS POSITIVELY COM A LL itfervou* /Maeoae*— Failing Mem- or»,Impotonor.81fleull!Mn»w, >to.,cna;ad hj Abase and other EiceMeii and Indlt OCDtloiu. They au<<>Mu am tmtore Lout Vitality In ora or toantt, «o3 Bt a man (or tludr,baiiaeaii or niarrtilmi O^fla> Fraronc InionlW Bad Qonimniptlan V m In time. Their ti§e showe Immodiftto hupfov.* men?aid ettMts a OUW! wberoaUothers laU.Ii, ilit upon linilna th« Benutne Ala*. Tttblgts. lli»i ite oared thoinmudu and will oaro yon. We rim l i wiritUn marantoe to effect s oare In —- x - hot Forsale by B Marsh aids. H Wysa. ASK YOUR DRUGGIST for a generous 10 Cent TRIAL SIZE. i\n cream Bonn contains no cocaine, mercury nor any other Injurious drug. It 19 quickly abuorb ed. Olrea relief at OHCA It opens and cleanses the masal passages. Allays pain and InBarnmatlor. Heals and protects the membrane. Restores the senses of taste and smell. Fnll size 60 otf; Tr... size 1001 at druggist orby »J«. THER dwiv W Warran HtrBKt. N.Y COLD'N HEAD «)asfp>mT m*r. m »mwm • ••v*n« • HQSUrtE-MOSKlPMRS. NO 801)11 MEAT. Box.anawb, tot500lln.|*)»t-p»ld,onrec« InlolMo. ntnIlM Co.. U Oed»t tit.. N. K Original and Dnlr Bwiuhio. DruffKilt tor Ckfchvurr ffnyil.* "la-/, putHdVranil lu Itrd uid Gobi m£UllJ0\ d wild Una riliboo. ib nkiacftlaf 7«ittftul«t.~V«UswaUU v3k "ItoUeV for r»dle«," 1* liutr. b; retim lfJS?\<>jh»lJlB**lt>M. HimjFp**. lck*>trrCbMil4i»lG>*lU4l«« rlkcn f)rs. Q, and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OKFIUE m M'Plke Building. Cor. and and Beaton stfl. Pbones 138 and 171. F. SCHUSSLER.M.D HOMEOPATHIST ind SURGEON 'DBNCB, HOTEL UADIBOh TtUphone 100 firs, B. C. & H. /?. Lemon UPPER ALTON, ILL, orFICHHOURBittott.miUtoMtotp.n. TBLBPHONB 87. QR. L. B. ROttLAND. DENTIST, OffioaHourii li.m, teUlB, o* t to P.D-, IIW THIRD DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCY In 8bort Tune. Yager & Yager, Attorneys JQ0 B*U* Work for 10,000 I'omonK. Vlttsbiirg, Nov. Ui.—AVInrtovr glass factories, with n capacity (if about 1,)()() pnls, Fliirlcil work In tlie morning p.nd nearly lii.dCfl men and boys are enrnliTR tlielr llrst money In over six months. OS Die total number of about 1.9CO pots controlled by tbe American GInsH coiiipnny, only nb"Ut SOO were Operated before tbe ngreement was reaebed. Tl;e n nnilnlnpt Idle pots will be in complete working order early In tbe week. ll!» Ittill Wont tip In Smoke. KlrUwood. Ills., Nov. 15.—J. II. Laird, ft merchant of this city, hud money to burn. He placed Jii.flOO of It, which He Intended In lake to St. Louis, In a roll of paper, nnd it went up In smoke when his dnuKbter put It In the stove nnJ started n nre. .nipnii now tmiKi'S its own electric machinery. Tho women siiffriipe amendment was carried at the election In South Dakota. KILLED BY SHOOTIM1 STAHS. TIKI Clillilrcn In UUhilicinm Aro Slruck by tl MetcnrU' Stone. Perry, O. T., Nov. 15,—During a heavy but brilliant meteoric shower here two children by the mime of Henderson were killed by the falling metal. The Henderson family had been (iivnlcennil by screams nf neighbors, who had become frightened by the lurid pky and dnz/.HnK elements. They ran Into the yard, the little ones cloHpIng each other around tbe neck In childish fear, when a meteor struck them, mashing the bodies almost Into an unrecognizable mass. The meteor wns almost red with heat, nnd of remarkable size. The showers made many think the end of the world WHS nt band and hundreds spent the night In prayer. Indians also thought the shooting stars Indicated the coming of the Oreat Father and they were bnppy. The sky has been gorgeous In beauty for the past three nights. I.nng streaming lights fly through the <lurkness above, cross- Ing others of blue and red and white, until tile pmlrles have been lit up as though by rolle.ctel forest (Ires. x^ssF^w\^^xmx^ww^ -*•••••-, ,.., CASfORlA The Kind You Havo Always Bought, and which has been In use for over »O years, lias borno tlio signature of and 1ms bocti niftdo under his per- Hcmnl supervision slnco Hainftincy. .. Allow no one to deceive you In this. All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes are but^^Experiments that trillo with and endanger the 1™*™* <* Innvnts and Children-Experience against Experiment. What is CASTORIA Castorln Is a substitute for Castor OH, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Harmless and Pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its ago Is Its guarantee. It destroys Worms and allays Feverlshness. It cures Dlarrhcoa and Wind Colic. It relieves Toothing Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea-Tho Mother's Frientl. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS 1 Bears the Signature of The Kind You Have Always In Use For Over 30 Years. Upon Every ami \vruppor of tbegoniiino T>r. I'iiU'-'riir- Honey Is prtnlril thu R l.s both trHilo-mniU jjtmnntK't.'— a \\:irrant Mint tl-t- MM chit! fun bit ned In Hie bottle \\ i 1 : nnd nil I'inir, j;.i and chest (rod hies irutrt.- tptlr^ly t Umu any other DR. BELL'S Is BOM hv nil JniRslntn or sent upon receipt j <ir iirlce— !5f., Me. nnd |1 per bottle by S T!»- l:. K. Sutherlaud MaiUcIn* Co., hilacAb. K?. ? i Burlington! BEST TRAINS TO HENRY J. KLUNK, mat» eotflnc, tnctattic ea«»«, »t»tal- (ic anb cloth cashed), tfttvtal tobtt for »nb u. s. NIXON, A / :httect, and Superintendent Plans and SpecillcatlonB (or Work Accurately Furnished. OFFICE.OVE* ^trOV 3VVl>»H BANK THROUGH SERVICE • BETWEEN —— ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND THK _ PRSNC1PAL CITIES OF TEXAS. WIGhER BUFFErSLEEPERS FREE RECLINING KftTY GHflIB CAR? DININQ STATIONS OPERATED BY THt COMPANY SUPERIOR MEAU9, ^^*-FIFTY CENTS. James Parker, "xtt^Mqg phraska.Hontana^ugBtSounii s... i mi i. .1 !.'» i i •' • i • •-"- —•—' ., : "..- -• . •*T?'"?f?T!"t 0u*ttt»** Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer \ti aaslar la Prsts nf Salt Mtau ml UrJ, aid ems ladsrw si S«MU|«. 5S» BAST SECOND • • AtTON IU ALTON TIME CARD PANQ SUE, LAUNDRY. Laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Also best ot Teas and Chinese Noreltles or bind. 624 B«8t Second st. . 306 State Edmund H. Blair, Red Estate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Puhlle OFFICE MC Market st PUDIIC. InnMtmRj , 4 m> K cc WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer Ic Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster Prices to meet competition. Goods de Urered. elepbone in. Office 107 Weit Second Streei Veterinary Surgeo/i DR. D. M. MAHBR. induite Ontario Vetemlary Collets OOlo orer The Model store COR .THIRD AND PIABA flTR . A1TOK |I J T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Map* Profiles and Estimate Furnished. 305 Bell* Street, Up Stair*. Granitoid Paving Co. W. & H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 East Sixth Street. • Alton, III. All kinds ot Granitoid Work: Bldawalks, Steps, Floor lot, etc., done and the ben quail- l'»Laf l «r.W« n *-«Al»!":M»?»« °**" ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, tU BBLLB STKB&T. Monty to Lo*a on Improved Property RKNT8 COLLBCTKD Chas A.StrittmatkT Mer«b«fit Tailor 7*4 BAST 8BCOND dTKhBl Q*nU»m«n wio appr*olst* 0rrt-oin> n TAILOR MADE CLOTHES -At MODERATE PRICES, You are InvIM to call and titnlo* ot NKW STOCK OP GOODS Chicago & Alton. On and after noon Aug. 14, 1608, trains will leave Union Depot, Alton, as follows: For Chicago,North and East—"13:83 am, •8:10 a'm, *8:17 a m, *10:05 p m. For Springfield—*12:83 am, *8:10 am, *8:«7 a m, *6:20 p m,( «IO:05 p m For Peorla—*8:47 a m, *10:OS p m. For Kansas City and the west—*8:47 am, t6:SOpm, •fl:60pni. •Dally. tEicopt Sunday. [See Joint C. & A. and Big Four time table for trains between Alton and 8t, Louis.) GJA.On(IBlQFOUrtt!TllTGD!eO!Tni|D$ Between Alton & St. Louis. Lv. Alton For St. Lon.«. Ar. 8t. L 6 18am C4 A dally. 720am 31™ C*n.1H J..l» H ;d ^^ 6 20am u e 60am C 700am. -• ' 830am. 816am. 915 am. 12 40 pm 820>m. ^ 15pm. 043 pin. C 27 pm — 803pm 820pm Lv St L U S 708 am 744am 748am 10 40 am 150 pm. 420pm. 5 05 pm, 545pm. Ig Four, dally. 4A, dally.. Big Pour, ex-Sun .. , " " Sun. only". ...C&A, dally . .?.. ....Ble Four, dally.... .Big Four, Sat only.... ' T " ex-Sun " " dally C.&A. dally £*A, dally. C&A,dally. • Alton 800am 1000am . 924tm 10 25 am 140pm 4 20pm 644pm . 656 pm •8 Sit pm 8.24pS Ar Alton „ „,. Mlua •-,-C*A, dally ........ 810pm • BlgFour ex .gun ......... 910am ...C4A, dally ........... .47 _g , ........... . _ Four, dally ........ lljoim ur, Satonfy ........ 260 pS Four, ex-Sun ....... 6S6pm &A, dally ........... BIB pi II C. C. c. & St. L..— Big Pour, t.? 1 -"™ '"•• Burlington Route. Leave Alton 550am O 710am 800am l()05am 1280pm 1245ptn 246pm 445pm 428pm Q I 706pm Leave Bt. L. 741am 8 21 am 1020am U BO am 3 00 urn 6Wpm 5 01 pin 750pm „ ITralns oonn Dally Daily ex-Sun M Sunday only Daily ex-6un Dally ei'Sun Dally Dally ex-Suu Dally ex-Sun Arrive Bt. L 640am 7 Mara 8«*m tiQOun 140pm swpm 540pm 020 pa, 810 pi, Arrive Altai Q 818*01 U 15 am ID 48 pm 856pm 658pm ; i 6 88 pa Q| 840pm !J.'»l Lan«don street for UnK St. L. K. A N, W. Through sorrloe. ;. Paul toA and' point*' C. B. &. Q. (R|d(r« it. Station) !^>^^J^gg5 ll lfJ Bt. u>ui«.p«oil» IBt. L. 0. A St. P. Ky.i On and aftor Nor. la, 18Q8, tr«|n« wlU ICBTO Alton an follow* ; Leave Alton for Peortt-»g:i o an . I,«»ve Alton, 0:.0» 1:Hun l;B8pm . M am, iot7p£. , Uiulf. Arrlra at, L. ton Dally ExoepfBun *Pilly, tEx-8un, |8un only? tf 11 ?^! Bt. UJUli. R<

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