Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 19, 1972 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 19, 1972
Page 2
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'A'2 Alton Evening Telegraph Saturday, Aiipusl 10, 1972 GOP platform welcomes Denis MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) — The Republican platform being readied for nexl week's * OOP National Convention Invites Democrats to votv for Richard Nixon and forsake what it says is "tlic radical clique'' controlling the Democratic party. The draft of a first platform section, endorsing a strong defense and standing pat on Nixon's pefice-with-honor terms for a Vietnam settlement, was issued late Friday. Two sections on domestic issues are soon In follow. The draft platform predicts that the Nixon bandwagon will be joined by "millions of discerning Democrats and concerned independents who will not, and cannot, lake part In the convulsive leftward lurch of the national Democratic party." Asserting that the choice for voters is between "strength and weakness for our country in the years to come," the platform extends its open- arms welcome to Democrats Library (Continued from Page 1) Godfrey and Fostcrburg residents would have the continued use of all facilities "of the largest library in this area" if they joined the district. If the referendum fails, though, on Oct. 1 all Hayner service to Godfrey and Fosterburg would be cut off. On that date, a one-year demonstration grant of $94,600 to expand Hayner service awarded through the state as an incentive for forming a 'district, will end. If, however, •'Tuesday's referendum passes, •'Hayner will receive an additional $94,600 grant from the state, Stimson said. Stimson said Godfrey and Fosterburg people have made "heavy use" of the main library in downtown Alton as .well as the branch library opened in the Godfrey town hall and bookmobile service provided Godfrey and Fosterburg in the past 10 months. Godfrey people have also made big use of the mail order book service, he said. Hayner is the only public library in Illinois providing the mail-order books and "I would think rural Godfrey residents would want to continue this," Stimson said. Stimson said that Godfrey and Fosterburg residents increased the number of books they borrowed from Hayner from 2,000 last October up to 10,000 in July, or ; 38 per cent of the total borrowed The leaflet written by Kennedy also states that the ''15 cent levy for Godfrey and Fosterburg residents would mean an extra $15 in taxes for each $10,000 in assessed valuation. Based on Godfrey's 1971 valuation of $55,373,382, Godfrey would contribute $83,060.07 in taxes to Hayner if the referendum passes, Kennedy said. Kennedy also pointed out that with additional referendums, the library tax rate can be increased up to 40 cents, which would mean $221,493.53 in Godfrey taxes based on the 1971 valuation. Stimson responded that Tuesday's election would only establish a 15 cent levy for Godfrey and Fosterburg if the referendum passed and no higher levy was being considered. If you fail to receive your Telegraph by 5:80 p.m. phone 465-G&41 before 6 p.m. and your copy will be delivered. 'to live in political their own Alton Evening Telegraph Published Daily by Alton Telegrapn Priming Company PAUL S^ COUSLEV President. General Manager. STEPHKN A COUSLEY Editor & AsMitant tc the Publisher RlrHARD A COUSLfY Vice President and Clasrlfled Mgr HENRY H. McADAMS Secretary and Assistant General Manager MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (The Associated Pres» is exclusively entitled to the u»e of publication of all news dispatches credited in this paper and to the local new» pub Uthed herein ) Subscription price: By carrier, bUi weekly S2 bu per calendar monih. by mall $17 DO a year. S" 00 six months in Illinois and Missouri $2800 a year. 1)350 six months tn all other states Mall subscriptions not accepted in towns where carrier delivery Is available Second Class Postage paid a> Alton, Illinois 62002 in a five-p;ij, r o preamble: "\\> invilo our troubled friends of other political affiliations to join with us in a now coalition for progress. "Together let us rejoct the New I,eft prescription for folly and build surely on tlu» solid achievements of President Nixon's first term." The dr.ifi will reach the convention Tuesday. Its adoption is considered certain, though flour skirmishes on women's rights and school busing arc possible. The platform language suggested that Hepublican emphasis on alleged leftward leanings of the Dnnocratic presidential nominee, Sen. George Mcdovern, will be a running theme of the OOP's campaign. The OOP platform draft pledged a continuing quest for a Vietnam settlement pcr- m i I ( i n g (he people of Southeast. Asia peace under arrangements of choosing." It endorsee! Nixon's "refusal to accept terms which would dishonor his country" by yielding to Hanoi's demand that the United States scuttle the Saigon government In favor of a fommunisl- dominatcd regime. The plank endorsed Nixon's offer to withdraw remaining American forces four months after an internationally super-. vised cease-lire has gone into effect and prisoners of war have been returned. In addition to calling for the return of prisoners and an accounting of the missing in action, the plank declared: "Here and now we reject all proposals to grant amnesty to those who have broken the law by evading military service." The platform took a swipe at McGovcrn's proposal to cut defense spending by $32 billion in 1975, reduce U.S. uniformed strength to the lowest level since before the Korean War, and halt some weapons system development. The defense plank denounced what it termed "the meat-ax slashes with which some Americans are now beguiled by the political opposition." Shriver says office bugged WASHINGTON (AP) Democratic vice presidential nominee Sargent Shriver claims his law offices were bugged, but. the supposed victim of the bugging says it's not so. v Shriver departed from his prepared speech text to tell i'. Philadelphia audience Friday night, "The FBI came in to screen my office ... to sweep it." That was done, he said, because eavesdroppers "had been in there bugging the line." Later, Shriver's press secretary, Donald McClure, said Shriver refered to an eavesdopping device found in the office telephone of his law partner, Patricia Roberts Harris, also prominent in party affairs and chairman of t li e Democratic National Convention's Credentials Committee. H c said FBI agents removed the device from her telephone. Questioned about the report early today, Mrs. Harris said, "I don't think thai is accurate." She confirmed that the investigation took place, but said no bugging equipment was found in her office. "1 was not informed that any bug was found in my oflicc." she added. Shriver raised the subject in discussing the June break- in at Democratic National (' o in m i 11 e e headquarters which, then, was located in the Watergate complex. MEMBER THt AUUH BUKtAU OF CIRCULATION Local Advertising Rates and Coo- tract information or application at toe Telegraph business office HI East Broadway. Alton, 111 62002 Na tlonai Advertising Representatives: Branham.Molouey, loc . New York. Chicago. Detroit and St. Louu Opi-n Sunday 8 a.m. to ft p.m. For Your Shupplnu Convenience "BROADWAY & MAIN PRODUCE MAKKUT 2530 K. Broadway, Alton CALIF/ORANGES 30 , , 1.00 POTATOES 20 1" *1.50 ^^ U»I>J ^^^ FfCbh Picked SWEET CORN u u , 6^^ Lurjje Siii— Ki-inly lur I JIIIIK CANTALOUPES 3 1U1 ! 1 We Accept I u>:U fuupuiik Says chief of board staff . . • SIU internal audit secret He just observes Bob Burke, director of religious education at St. Timothy's Catholic Church in Miami Itaacjh, mingles ui(h campers at (he non-rlclcgate Plan^ingo Park campsite. He wears the "Religions Observer" armband, as one of a group of some 350 clerriy who say (hey arc; acting as a third purty force to keep tempers cool between protesters and police at the Republican Convention. (AP \V5rephoto) Autopsy scheduled in baby's death An autopsy will bo hold today in connection with the death of a 0-wcck-old Alton baby who was found dead early today in the living room of her home. LaWanda Ewing of 804 Silver St., was found by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ewing, bleeding slightly from her nose and mouth, on a Road boss (Continued from Page 1) no funds in the permanent or general road and bridge funds to pay road and bridge em- ployes. Sparks said Estes had enough money in tlie equipment fund to pay the machinery, but said the excessive expenses would cause him trouble in the general and other funds. "He is going to find himself short when trying to maintain operations and paying em- ployes," Sparks told the Telegraph. Sparks said that the board had no authority to halt the road commissioner from buying equipment as long as the expenses were legal, as there was adequate money in the equipment fund to pay the bills. living room sofa, 'police said. Mrs. Ewing told police she moved the baby from her bedroom to the living room sofa sometime last night because she was afraid the air conditioning would give the child a cold. When she got up at shortly after 6 a.m. to4ay she found the child dead. Following the autopsy, an inquest will be h^ld. LOW INTEREST AND LOW, LOW CLOSING COSTS! 7 Of INTEREST ON 80% OR IO LESS OF APPRAISED VALUATION 81 to 89% 904, tn 00% 7i % ^- 3 0 ^ I'lnanclnc "j* <*/ n f: 4 /O •'Inanclni; AbxH{ Oiwfo. F.H.A. and Cnnvcntluutil, Insured Loans! • PHONE 46S-44((3 620 EAST THIRD ST. • ALTON AH LANS FAMOUS FOR LOW EVERYDAY PRICES! OPEN SUNDAY 11:00 A.M. to 6 P.M. W. ST. LOUIS AVE. near EAST BROADWAY Big & Tall Men's Clothes Department Sizes Up to 60 ^^^^7^^"^ TRUCK TIRE • REPAIR • CALL 462-8623 UADER'C TOWING nftrcn o SERVICE 601 Pearl St., Alton, III. IB •••••••••••••••• Alton's Newest & Finest VOTE YES t TTs •brary IMPROVEMENT FOR EVERYONE W AUGUST 22 Vieth Inside Dining Drive-Up Window PJIOIIP Order Service 466-5995 NORTH DRIVE 413 W. Delmar 5 ., FREE PRIZES Adults 18 & Over Only No Purchase Necessary 466-5995 1st $25.00 Savings Bond 2nd Blender 3rd Toaster Sunday & Moiulny Only 1 Pint of Cole Slaw or Baked Beans With any BOX-Q-CHICKEN 10 PC. 5 Box 2 10 PC. or More 49 A 99 16 $A 99 PC. 0 }l>|99 liny I - (;<>< 2ntt One Sun. A Mon. Onl) Chicken Dinner 3 Pieces Chicken C «f 9R Fries-Slaw 1 Roll * Snmltiy & Moinfuy Hamburger 1 Fries & Soda By DOtJG THOMPSON Telegraph Staff Writer CAHBONDALE - Illinois law does not give reporters Ihe right to see internal system audits of Southern Illinois University and they will "most likely" be withheld from the public for that reason, the univerity chief of board staff said here Friday. James M. Brown, SIU chief of board staff, told reporters in a breakfast meeting that the audits are operation il material and the law does not say the university has to release operational mateiial. • "They have not been made available in the past," Brow.-i said. "These audits are internal operating material for use by the university and do not concern the press and public." SIU trustees are considering changes in the university auditing procedure providing for a system of internal checks and audits by the Office of the System Auditor. That office presently makes regular audits of all university offices and departments. At present, only audits made by an outside firm under contract with the state arc available for public inspection. SIU, however, does not release those audits either. The state does. Brown said he is "fascinated" by media claims that reporters are entitled to see records of state universities. "I find the approach taken by the press to be extemcly fascinating," Brown said. "Their method of logic is often astounding." Brown is often at odds with reporters who cover SIU because of his constant Old rules for aviators DALLAS (AP) — Airline pilots flying in and out of Love Field may not be aware of all the rules that the have to contend with. Among these U.S. Air Service rules, laid down in 1920 and still on the books, arc: Don't turn sharply while taxiing. Instead, have someone lift (he tail around. Pilots should carry handkerchiefs to wipe off their goggles. Hedge-hopping won't be tolerated. Pilots will not wear spurs while flying. Don't trust altitude instruments. Don't leave the ground with your motor leaking. And, last, but not, least, if an emergency occurs while flying, land as soon as you can. refusal to release documents pertaining to university business. In the past few months, he has refused to let reporters see copies of board staff comments and recommendations that, trustees use (o make their decisions in open meeting. Brown said internal system audits help the university improve itself and can correct problems without them ever becoming formal reports. Often, he said, the auditor will find a problem, discuss it with the department head and correct the situation without having to make a report. He challenged the reporters to find a state law that requires him or the board to release copies of the audits. "Read the law," he said, "T believe you will find it does not back you." A Telegraph ivestigation earlier this year revealed that board staff comments are covered not by the public records act, but the open meeting law. Rep. Anthony Scariano, who co-authored the law, i told the Telegraph that board staff comments have to be public record because they are considered by the trustees in open meeting. Brown and the board, however, refuse to accept that position and continue to conceal the comments and many other univerity records. West Alton baby killed, parents hurt in crash A ninc-month-nld West Alton baby was killed and her parents seriously injured Friday afternoon after their car crashed into the rear of a semi trailer truck, which was attempting to make a left turn off ntc. 100 in Jersey County two miles south of lite. 109. Dead on arrival at Alton St. Joseph's Hospital was An'gelia Lovell. Her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lovell, both 21, arc in .serious condition this morning at St. Joseph's Hospital. The truck was driven by David Kuyle, 40, of Eldred. State police said he was attempting to make a left turn when the accident occurred near Ficldon. Huyle, wasn't injured. Hospital officials said the Loveils' conditions were improving this morning. ^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P™ Scissors FREE STORE-SIDE PARKING! NO METERS!! MONDAY, AUG. 21st, 6 PM TO 9 PM ONLY!! Sale! 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