Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 10, 1927 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1927
Page 7
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iCONSERVATION OF GAME NOW IIP TO KANSAS JFJish and. Game Group iji L^islature Asks foir onsolidation of Commissions. jTop ka, Kans., Feb. 10. (AP)|-^ fhli and game Committees >f (tao branches ojt the Kans: s l^gisli ure have .agreed on andi i- ifodii id a joint bill to carry o t ilu' < oii.servation Rieasjires sur- s'»>:stp^i by Governor Paulen in" li s' lAcss! gje to the> legislature. Tie IMM' iDvfdes foi' the conaoIMatio ti i»r Ilu lorestry, fish and game con - iiiisHi >i with the fish and game d<- jiartn eht. [ ' Tilt -governor would be chaii - m:in )f|the new. commis^sion. whic i woult jcoDsi.<jt of three addition: 1 meml e-s appointed by the; chi« f >!xeciitiVe, oiie couitng from eac third Of tliet state; The commi -SioneK'* Avpiild be appointed for three year'^term. -one- appointment being! piade eaeh year. Appoin nu'nisf jwould require'the senate fpnfi -mation. Th| hew commission would ha' all th? right.s.of thb old Vommi.s.sii in uf'qViiring water and lund f6r Ihe-eitJablishment of lakes and tlje Iirolcrtjion and propagation oT fis K-ime; .game birds and fur lii-a ling animals. Authority would be", given tie cnnimission to" make the hunting, ri.shlittgi and trapping laws nfcre ••;i; to fit changing cimditionj^. The Ic.nmmissiou could not e.xteiid .seasOnj. but could : restrict therii. liy t)ii,'i means closed seasons o' A Winged Farewell to China' Leathernecks . tills iiuail? aind prairie chicken could 1 (Irdeilf'd in individual counties. :i the tte»!ds reqiiired. In oth»'r word . the /'ion could zone tli stale aind have open', or <lo .<i season's ill manded. The trapping seap riiiditiiins il m would l! niade riiore uniform. *itli provisit jnade tJiat it may liej lipeiied in N veml)eif but must' Close Februa^v ! 1. Trapping could hVj zone?, jand the comn lissidii won d jliave,power to prote* t fur-bearers. ' UuyerK of fur wouli be requinjd to have licenses. DealtTs in live i nbbits woutd lalso 1)( licensed. TI is license r I ((uiremicnl woiiM not apply to bti ! ers ii< jackrabbit.U, however, jackrapbits are held to be m*nji- biTs of the "hare" fi mily. A ?1; fishing licens ? for ill pe •sons TTjore than IS y arrs of age s l,rovid>}d. The license money woujd lie used in building Ifikes for public fis! ing. A w; rden would b4 the commission, api with the conseT\t and th<> conimis!sio| i/.e a den's t;en fied. i warden : seryine. of offi fe IS N.E. OF H .• {Sin. .1. -vy. son L~eo Spent -Mtjnday with Mrf.. .Mae I>6we. • .Mrs. Brfle Adams spent Thurjj- day with^l -Mrs. Etnma Diinfee lola. Mrs.j V Mrs. Will peis Thuifsday, KutU >lailes w:l school i Frtday oil ness. andj .Mr. i'inifred nrrther."^ Mrs. n< into their! new hoi .Mr.' ,and Mrs. Friday witlj regulated 1: ajipointed 1 the wardeii, )t|4he governc would orgail- The wa not; spec [IMBOLDT] Brkhers B. Allen' ai^d Chaddock aijd were lola slin ^ uUiiinl.scent of 1917 wlis the deiwrturi! of the 1'. S. traii.s 1.200 Inarines alioant. The l.'liauin6iit, bead'il fur linnollu. jmiceJMl-direct t« ('liin;i.. .M:trine;t',<iiiis iiirplrine• Thi.-^ .\.il. n.'lial photo ^ho'its tie C'liauniont putting • • ' • • •'r li.v the planes. tlif MiadoAS i-ast on the wal NEWS FROM LdNE EtM AND VICINITY Woiuiin's lloine .>li^Nilln:l^.^ Sucie (»n:anI/e«-~l»iNtri«l Siiperin. tendeul of .M. K. < iinier- enci- <ii Hold Sen Ice. TVs Striped FroAi titere the force of marineH Chauttiont from San piegb. Calif., witH Feb. l .\Ir.<. T. V. I'(*iilaniii 7. Iliid ynn lii-aid tli;it Mrs. .Miirie' .MooVi'. <Mir niiiM".- I.MVIICI'. was alili- ;l<i'ln' almiH li<r stiinol duties diiij' mill": i.-ic'piiji.-l.s were iiiucli plcasi'il: "ili:ii ihi- ov- erelia will b<- Kivcii' >Mirni .iiiv in the near tuiiiif; Iliai Ldii-' KIiii i:- tV.vins 111 tn:iii:ii;;i'M>!in' .>;<!ii'iiif lo THOMAS A. .. I^'t t-lie .si-liol;i.<iir y.;ir; ilial , - f«c ;i Ii;ill: I. K, I I'll. S. lias a""lj;,i;liall tt;iiii played "two gam^.s and j:<>t walloped each time.' Mr. and .Mrs. -M. A. Irwin attended the twcutieth wcdtiiiig anniversary .--upper lit .Wr. and .Wis. (;. (*. Fan-is of Cidcny .VIi>nifay. |i -nas to be a siiriiri.--!-. mily tli>- rclativis and clo.sefliejids i<) ilu- family wi'rc invited. Tlie wiiiiieii o! I lie .M. K. (hiirrh met at the IniiiK' iif .\li>. Will .\\- tha^-s Tliursilay alii'-niiii.u- and or- ized a Wohiaii's llniiic .Mi.ssiiiii- socifty. Tiny .l.^i i.-I ilie fol- oif'ii-ers: .\lr>.. T. F. I'fii- !.• president: .\lr.v'c,.'(J. UCCM-, •-I>1 esiiicjiU; .Mis. Will .^rlhill-. se Monilay. K-iank .McMill Mr. anil .spent Ti 'iuplit. .Mrs. Winifrcrt Cliaddock calleil Mrs; Casper Monday afternoon .Mrs. .1. S. IJorthers visited Tliurscjay;'afternoon with .Mrs. Kaiifmtin.^ 1. ' ' Belle. Adams, and honiijic Saturday ufteruoon w Mrs. visited .Mrs. WillarJl Kastham. il ller niece. Mrs. Foster aiid Hopkins silent Friday iilg ,.Mifis w'iih fai'nily Mr. family " urday.; , - ' .Mrs.l Floyd ;;Mrown spent, [Sunday> with .\lrs.•'^jaP: Liwe. .Mr. aiitl .Mr.s. .McAdow visit and Mrs. Fred Saviup; and were sftopping in lola SHI- and her children moth TuesiUi pie. .Mr. spent Worksj .\rr. y-Avith -MrT and .Mrs. Tci i- antl Mrs. Ruasell Andru Suiida.v. with -Mrs. Amefia lud Mrs. C.Ien Adams visit .uai ai-y ]()») Ian vice-iufsidijjii; .\lr correspoiiiliii^ se(-ri'lar.%~^l'rs.. Uiirgiss, recording hcriciary • miil treasurer; .\lrs. Fraiil; Newlcui. ^nite bii.x xtndrImal work secretarv: .Mrs. • Flank -\"i wloii. .Mrs. Olive IS 80 are expected td sea. escorteil li> EDISON TOMORROW New York. F<b. in. I.\I'I—Thom­ as .Mva KilisiiU. tiiday stands on the threshliold i>i the realm of the octogenarians. Tiiinoriow is his eightieth birthday. A reiepliiin in bis himie, Mein<-L>jn I'ark. Fast Orange^ .\: Y.. Wllicli llfiiry Fnrd. a ilose frieniLvjlllialteiid, will feature the ilay. i i\ Tin; uW's \tws. After'iiiori' ihaii tnrty yiyirs, of lionnra'ble Jirvicc |ii iiuniy irarls of the, Kear .Vdliiiral K. Slioeniakir. V. ^. .\".. the retired list toil ase. 1 [Iji'cenliy William s on Ko< ly on account oC Adriiiral Shbeinaker| [has been si -rviuf; is chiff of thi ; Iliiieaii-or .Viivigai mi. Me is a na- itive iif,.\i 'w York and was gradu- ; ated from .AnilJilii') is in iss). When ithe Spanish war I roke out ho was a lieutenant, jiiiiio: grade,-and was liVi'ii;,!! of sjir; (irs c.diilis iri.iii .Miain wliiri- UM'iiy : ni-ii'iy li lo -Tilt Uu- <i:isiiu I wanl iiiarih. ilrs. Palmer, wit!- of^iliu f alien property lustodi ing the sport sweater] II. ai-Si. Fla., Ilk lia 11 its [A. rnii in, h Carrier and Airs. UowiUer. inenib.-r- IVJIIITE CLO\K I ship unit leaders. A...-,-, the busi- J,-, ^V*^^^^^ ness me..tii:u refreslini.iiits were SI.'N FLOWER !• .none iiorlli- .Nlitchell C. S. wear- s absent frojn I served. ^Tlie iiexi me. tijy; will be i iiccount i.T Kick- till' first Tliur.-.lay in I .MJirrh :« tli>' ilmirli. al J <M lo.-l;. j Brooks mov^-l \ All .ne invite.!. T.ipek;!. Kans., F.'b:| .Smi OVJER STATE 'fl.'.w. [Don Ciiilivj. the hllnri iiiii ^i .iaii uf: , j,,.,.;. j,,,.!, (•haiiale. |>iit nil a i'iie-r.ini al Kin cai.l 'WiMliiesiluy .•\eniim: j.V IjiIKe irn'wil jiltiMide.l tlie .luliii .Sliniie sal.' Tbursdiiv. !.\lrs. .\. WiN.iM 'i.-i.-; been <ili Ilie sick lisi thi.-- W.MU. . .Mrs. ("lauile .•>triekl"i- was t;il>>ii J(i ."^l, .Iiilin's iKciiii.-il li,)r ii'.;il- nient. II is fi'ar.-fl vw (iiiiratlini w"lll lie n.-rissiiiy, .Veil ItoKs Slifllt Sil!li|;i.v :il l''H- laud's, returiiinj: t<i l.nvn in lliue f^r l-IJHViiWii l,ea;Aiie Siind:iy eve- II lilanU.'i thii:k .•:isi(-ni Kansas., In w 1 !.•<.', wb. rei ninlslure for the. donnaiitr wlie: siinw was K"itefnlly a inc As 111- snow ni.'ll[s Inillliat III.' stale, tlie f,i.>Ids ! will illfici.-iit water t i kei p t]ii .•ilive, but iiiit eiiiiUKii for yefvi' of nioistii|-e ill jlie sti /.eni Weather iMlowl'd tli lo nort.liwcsleni l\aiir<^s, t;i| reporting a temperatn're lleKree.^ IK-IOW at 7 ^iVloc wliise was pa steril coun- was t en 1 iiAw r. Moiidak- evening with .,Mrs. Bejle Ailams and Lo'jinie. Mr. and |Mrs. Fred Hiiber ajid .=ons i peiit Sunday with .Mr. and Mrs. I allard west of Humboldt. .Mr' mil Airs. Harry .Myiiatf vis t- ed Suiidapf afternoon with Mr. a{id .Mrs. lemplei , . .Mr. ind .Mi-.?. Ka,rl (^erken visitl>d .Mrs, leissler; Aiina and Aniel a. Sundae afterr.oon.j . .Mrs Mary Peak ,of Humboldt and son Ernest, of lias V«gas, N'4w .Mexicii, spent Frt'dily uight w ih Mrs. Belle Adams tuid Lonnie. .Mr; and .Mrs. Russell Andniss arid .Vr.s. Winlfretl Chiddock iil- — tended a Sunday school class party at the home of .Mr. anil- .Mrs. Hoiv- er Thursday nigh KAjest i Colffy, w at th«^ brick- plant! misfoitune (& gel ting some dust • wient foreign particles rfcmbved. Piile at his w< n Ihis eye. to I a physlcj Anftrew Charltp i, the ' youthfiil sw liniklng wohdei) ex pec eMl to lie a teudet ihthel-Olyijipic competitio|is at Amsterdam next year> —A ntanlwitlj a lane tale frpquejit- ly haliB jln llie tilling. iFriday. had, the j caVpet raps. , J * ; • v..... ........ He immedii^t ian to have of Australia, formidable cc( rk Klven conimnnil of] Tallmti He tofik jiressicin of the I reel ion and assist of the! Waller pa iyiars he has liel portant coniiiiands; biitli on seii and lanil. Admiral Shoemaker is one of the noted elecrrical e.-riierts of the Navy and took a special course in electricity at .lobns Hopkins] I'niversity. be torpedo boat ^lart In the; sup- 'bilippine insiir- d in the rt'Stue t^', In recent I niiniei-oiiil iin- APl— • state 300,000jCARS WITHOUT TAGS All liyrivere Are Sul^ect To Arrest ^M3ificerjS5 Have Been Notified. i Topeka, Kans.. Feb. 10.—-More than :'.iiO,000 automobile own4rs'or Kansas today are violating a. state law and are liable to. arrest and fines for failure lo have displayed oi their motor cars a lft27 tag. . Frank J. Ryan, secretary of ."iate., has sent letters to the ji-onn- tj sheriffs, police officers and si eciiil license inspectors to Vcheik u 1" on the delinquent.motorists. With an estimated total of more tl an ;5/)0.noo molor cars and trucks in tlie state, the total!of new license plates mailed by the sjecre- tsryiof state had only surpas.sed 11 e':2(10.1100 mark today. ThH tags aie'sent to the motorists promptly oil receipt of th* applicjitions from tl e county treasurers. Forty stenograjjhers. working ii the -motor car registration de- p irtment of the isecretary of fitate's o flee, are engageil in the annual t!-sk of addre.ssing. typing . and cie<rking the in.llOO applications t lat.iiuiir into the office each day. J A sub-postofflce hdd Ueert establish(|d ill the state house liqsei^ient tp liandle the tags. ; .More than a carload of the pjlates are distributed each week. • • •> • - 3 FHEDER Pt es. Col EK WORSHiP BY I " !• CK W.j LEWIS ege of Emporia :i ' i :• •:• * ••• e know t tile}^ tlie grea shipj ai d donij •f-NTo hen- li than t trtjiied povartj faitl tbat.rig freight c:ar i.'iOO tags. shipment contains in toat diK>l *'Hav out Jgu manly ily Presiidcnt Lin 01J Cpd of grat^fu that history centlirjt pf v|itr Jnfcolii. llleSenaht oii ,V1I. |iat ann>ng «h( tlei ones {(xereisf liiri inion. | U ^b: 11 n^ be 6p a nong j ou. If any niani wou be i^rcjt amoi g you. let him se/\H The gieatest of all is the siyvaji of all.' faith •ing are; luore .to lose wh<f toil up froii Ueiieniber.; lei us ha'|' It makers might: ai et us diire to do ou ng chdsen our course with^ le and with pure. piiriMise; let lis enew iur tru.St in Coil, anil go tijr4'ard wftlioii: fear and witjh — 0 Iterances ojn. lieartj includ] anil jesses .skieS Which w j.-uaj-rd men flie Bo^k of I allies Th< ijncpli who. I'ete)-. we tie N. Y. THEATER DRIVE OPENS New York, Feb. 10. (AIM—Forty -tresses, actors, producers and managers, arrested in three Hroad- W.ayi theajres on charge.s of jiarti- ciir.ition in immoral prodiii.-tions, were under btind today pending further hearings. "The Captive" and the 'Virgin Man" were the plays affected by last night's a|-rests. Hara i( • wood«(fiil wyecUat mothgi toaU , When the Little One arrives, 700 c«ri have that moment moKi free ftom (ufferinr tlum yon > have perhap* im- ln«id. An eminent ,.nicUn. expert in thb aeience; bam ahown thelmr. Itwaihevho fi(«ti prodoeed tbecreat ind.'' Mia. C, J. iton^a.. uSeianI , ^ ilh my fint-two ch!IAr«ri I had a doctor and I a nurae and then lH «y |j had to use ia-_ •tniinents. but with mr I «.<i«d •Mothei'a Primd' and had oaly u nahw: we hqd no time to cet a £etar because I wasn't very sick—only aboat ten o^.nftei-n minutes." Use "Hother'c PHeod" «^ourinothersanditrandmothersdid .i Don't wiiit.! start today, and meanwhile write to ntbiMlrld KctcuUtor Co.. BA 46, lAtlanta. GSl, for a frre illustrated Ixmlc coiitaininir injformation every expecUnt mother ahoidd • ive. "Bother's Friend" ia sold by all drag •here. t-s of tncrtied p. the deep, lart of eeeive wheat a re- i-soil. SIllW iidland four this Heal Eczema/S)[in Diseases With Powerful, Penetrating Antisepti^ Oil >Iiisl Civp KosilKs in 7 Davs or Money Back, Say.s Cook'.s, Who Will (iladly Refund th^ Purchase Price lo Any • Dissatisfied lilser. I over north- n;;. • We wei c privib'iieil to lisli-n'i nuirning. ml till- League bssiiii. 'I"!ny aie 'Cliree inches of .siic iisiiiH I'nr ilifir .>-iiidy iicnk. •(iiir niuht at To]*eka. Kxiiipf Templed'Hills." a viry f.lii- leM. wistern Kans;i.s tcm,perari|ro. re- Clairr Iriviii .is-. li'.pi''r li." .iCLltiim , niaiiied above zero. '1 much out <if it. ; ^ Five youni; men fronr'.lni' i ivent to Colony .Saturday ivi-iiiiig lo aiu-iid the shmv.^ 'I'he roads si) roHKh they rodi-: aboiil a-j far up and down a.s they did ea .st and west and became confused iiiid lost their way. Lone KIiii well represented ill lola £-?atifrday. Mrs. T. A. Church has orpaiii/ed a Heri-an :llll>le t-lub, wlii^i promises to nieinori/.u a Hihle v»rse a week for .'a year. She starifil mit with hi-r iniiid niai'.e up to secun.' tweuty-fivi-. In"a*r(iy slmrt time •she had • fluty sii;iU'rs. Tlii.s- is a world-wide n:o\i'iiif'ii iinil si eiiis tn be. taking well' I'vvrywtnii-u il is presented. Mere is linping mur:! for its succi'ss. • • The .south siciinu of ihe Ladies' .\id met with .Mrs. .1. W. ;:itout Tliur'sday afternoon for Jl;e purpose of electing officer.'-. Kefresli- menjs con.sistina of srape fruit, cake, pumpkin iiie and inffre wi-ro serv«l." The ne.\t liiei ling will bo with .Mrs. K. I'.'. and all the menilier.s are re'iiie^lfed t'> bring j ck ly the .\exl S.f.iiiiav ;iflernoou iiit three o'clocji the Kov. .Mr. .Cairlier. district superiiitendejii of tV^'- M.' K cliureh, will hold th" fourth quarterly conference at the .cHiirch. A large crowd is reqiiesiedV^ The • niissioiiary proui-aiu for Febriiar.v. was <-arrii'd out Sunday morning for ibc beiii-fit nf tlie j.ri- iiiary dep:iftnii>nt. Spari Wile, the kiss and spoil the Persistent coughsi and colds lead to serious trouble ;You can step theni now with Creomnlsion, an er ulsificd creosote that is pleasant to tak Creo- mulsion is a new medical d scw/ery- with two-bild action; it soothes and heals thc/inflamed membranes and inhibits germ growth. Of ^1 known drugs creosot* is recognized by Iiigh medical auiho ities as one of' the grMtcSt healing agoi cies for persistent coughs and culils aid other forms 'of throat troubles.| Crco nulsion contains, in addition to creoso e. other healing elements-which soothe i nd heal the inTcclcd membranes'and Mop the irritation and jnilammation, w lilc tlic crcoHilc gi>cs'on to thestomaci, i.s absorbed into the blood, attacks the scat of the rtreubtle and checks the growth of the geiins. . ; ^ Creomulsion is'guaranteed aii»fac-' tory in the treatment of pit'isteot coughs and colds, broncliial isibma, bronchitis and other forms of rspira- lory diseases, am is excellent fc r building up the system after colds or flu. Money refunded if anyjcough o cold is liot relieved after taking accoi ling to ; dircctiona. 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Wf w of t cred p| 11- Son isterctj iVe tliii iiitta hi ijfur Katiliers. we aife iltliou^'h our n.-ition^l •s but ;il i«eriod of ja lial.f. jet ilitr "cloud is gatiieiinn • in tlie 11;iii»i|iii-.- u-i even,as faint. i';iiioni/.ed in |ebri-ws, li-il I'aill aiid and Jiibn. tlli; ' tod.-iy for .Alirahani of al_p our patribt; -tiio.sf n(>arlv io fillip M tjie life of th« wonjler^ lunv of;^n {e ))in(f knots Ifubied iiKc'wlif-re it is wril- of .M;in c:inle not to unto i but to n'linis- ik Tbl-e that he be­ lieved be the Kingdi nienibt' in.vol bad al ble (iei his c ate idi-i fii-e. to ins^i and iii Jesus' Ithe, seh-ice of liu ultimate moral reajitjv- in the m of <!od. Help ii inanity to I . , to re.- \r thafibefore he nude the iry sacrifice of his fife, he j-eady i^s.-<ed throucU veirita- hseiiTane.s and t'alva!i-ys. for iintry. |evincing liis Ideliber- [losoiihy of service ail day hiH: memory nijv' lire like-iiiindedncsjs the future ;.'enera,( = XanieviAinen. Id sacri - <-r;ise in us tins. In PRISONER ME^ FROM INJURIES Leali-enworth. Kan.. Feb. !). f.AP) —Tiiu Kojjers. Ari-zon;il'receiv­ ed at the state prison. liii^sirig. on Septeiiber 2d ISftjI. to servje cne to hipt- unty, five yk'irs fo^ as.sault and att ed roliliery. in .McPhersiin' is. deriil from: injuries re< fall fr mine. DISTURBED stfeEP Kelle^led • Wii —M Wis., any o| siinpl luulal up ni was : hosjiii prove, well, biiclnl taken .\ni si Kel luirg.. Local ^s. Kllen .lolinsoh. says siie will tell I" h<AV shi- was r lorn falling slate'at ii-e^ last coal For Wisc«ui«Jin il^r to Tell (Mher-. J{ Irrlt.-itlon the l':ii|xiJ, U^lli^boro. or I write dicved iiy lilliiated biichu I Keller For- Slie says: "l I bts so!much. Till! I) bad. I bad to il for eleven weeks. iiot 'Goitre Gon^ jjilnlnient jKemn{ Over Iu Ye •;iiii |tei| ill' [W. l):l s, yu\ aWfii wri W". imethiiig i eadaches lyit sl^eep i2d- , 1- wfis '1 gjit |i-elief {Qi)adriipli,^ the i 6 weaii/glas to tell iiiy f"! aile bv Sorbol chahi.! Stclfe. Lady, ladjier sonio bill was 1 began to take; 1 fefl fine toiia niedirlne for tw6 ill well. Gained :M> I'r Laboratory. Ohio. Sold by all ^ y M t:(iok's Drugk ad to get irriiatijan S (i to ti»e I, im- at all ithiated Ilaveh't Imonths. pounds, lianii s- ilijuKgists. oiv. Mo y.j29itS .Marcus .;.4ay8:; i'l suf- . i from sraoth- id j dizziness. I jl. -ilyj eyes Impletflly .run " er using.^r- day. Il don't now. \ I'will hienence to any- Kjooi Cl !afj e>: isburg, isfs. LI Ohio, ically Rlhettmati^m :\jll'enrhii" Must K^in ;n -Ji to KS H i Clieeirfullr 1 Was the naiijs ElltSTlj iii;-' .•' le >.4 -c vvnilkiii Yoi •nil hoi Forjin giving distias ^"f'fi hasldci to knio leant. hie io Suffer Itching? I Colniin fnbeiarable njie fif unfnrtu-' aijo giiinc Ihroufh lire a skill disease, mak-i I Uiiccikiforlable, tuaking you liiitcrleriiig with your hour . ruining your slceii? |ia>- ha e tried ninny things I rcfief Why not try S.S.S.? ire (bai loo years it has been relief 11 many forms tjf skin Th( u'sands; of letters of Je pro^e its worth, el so i lappy ior-«hat .S S.S. te for hie .that 1 want others! / abonf it. 1 suffered twenty, :ars from eczema. At itimes > the ft that witholat After was ( 1 reel ferins not p done dlcrs S S extrailed medicj gives building thesi Spel . [Jelkniiiigs Ssiysj ^T?aiilac dabiiDt Be Praisi^d Enough^ Win I to ihadow hy Stomcuh Troubles and Vomiting hing was llnbearalilf-, (During time, I lised all kinu^ of salves Jt receiving any real ibenellt. taking si.x bo;tlcs S.S.S., I ured of this i :readfiil iiisease". mmend S.S.S to anyotie suf- fro'm eczema, because I can- aise it enougtk for what U has for me." Cleojphas Foi|te. Holland Sailors II ime, Ouincy, III. S. is purely r?gctable. It Is led from th( fresli rools of inal, plants and herbs and to Nature wnal shel needs in j-ouiup s6 that your sys- t irou's off tbaicanseJ -J S.ES. is sold at all goda drug stores in two sizes. .The larger sizo is mut-u ecuuomical. I i Hknh.and oniaeh.W stontach that you iat you cad slave to pain ai .Icninn^s, 12'2 tion Citly, Kan Korlii long in Filcli bad .sli kcci>dim-n the Jenninds._ "No Bcleijteij Tooil • hours I BKotiy. Dayljy I Witsli It n slid •i felt that I]; I J ing.Th'n I Ix 'g my fat I [er, \V. it so of en. I i life jthab I do tonic p It my s made it |)o.«:silj' thing V ithout froin ii digest! strengt landa I.bcigar takingj and n't I wo I?%'f|rythin^ |iud ga k for I ad b:i LiPd loj Jca hel I gai VOU.'J. slee 1. AdUri moi^h San . rjiH actd orb. ter liav lile. sionial indi Te .spo< Jlfl . AJn best sly< er otbi eler veils k^Wi/e of U. P.! Fireiitan Has SurpriS' : ing^^overy. Qains ifren^fh depend upon | thout.-vstrimg,}it;t<lcliy i js^imilates^tbc foodi I c.vpecti-lobeforevcra • biain am I suffering. Mrs. MauJ "• "JV. 14th SKret, Jiiric- thewifoof a U. I*, cmployj- hail a i amazing experience. Let lier|till it. cars my stomach ijie thit. I could "not ooil I ale," s.-iy.-! JIr.-5. '• nal ter how i-:in-fiilly I J it so^irijd ami cnii.-^d | f Vomiting .'-'JM-lls ami untold ' day I lost weight, until low of iiiy {'iTjjit'ryi.-H. i _ would jievcr get well, • that; I 4'a.s di«)i ned to ii life «>f sulTer- in taki^igTanlai! after , l{. Clark,.had praised ; en. I never felt lictter in my now. "tliis wonderful omach jiii go^d .shape, ixi.'isilj' B for mp to cat every- ithout vomiting or suffering froro^ i^digcstii >n. It jgavc. mc new '. lew love for life, Since | J Tanlad I have gained! 42 pouijds. I ca loot praise it cifoiigh.''! ISbe •» one ojt thousands of happy i k2 Pounds. -men ind women who now|ciiioy good liealt 1 and the priceless iipiefits that are it s gifts, thankstoTanhic, thesafe, effec ive remedy made from roots, bark i and herlis according to the famou: Tanlac formula. 1 i' Lc imfrom tlicirexperichoe. Never suffe -heedless pai'n, when |;ofxllieallh and itrcngthi can be yours. jTlie lirst bottis of TiUllac sho\ys aimazing results Ask your druggist for Tanlac. Oveij 40 million bottles sold. If I a full pint rh'uj the sure foe dde.' liot show the reilii't-e swf: hilp to do; away sligjitilst twin.^'e of ("jjolv'.-j Drill; Sior. drufeKJst wiiM fjlaii liKiiiev wilbiimi-or JAlle'nrhii ha:^ liee cd foi^ year^. ;!^ii'l r ri|snlt 1 have lnei ottoii in the most ttjliilre the siifteriiig intqn!',; and! piteous Kiiffeter wa's a ,jl nl^ss Alienrhu rljisj worst of. all lip-ug Kii)i-e and all liH,v(- been instruct. It?.as abovi- in. eviT,- alinojit \y. Cbiorliessl Troablie , i !Ag«i i ^- • ; Company, Me- Hold , by all jBiown's.Dnig -M j; Helpful Re. Hfs or .Honey _ piundeil. - l^ojtle ofjiVIIen- or:. rheumatism, kv:iy to ease the Iili|n'joints and K'ijh even the rlji-uinatic pain, j.i- any other yi return your iiiiMit. {rit-d and test- •a'lly marvelous I accomiplished p'verej cases i^nd agony, was lind where the i helpless. rv,es relief front iSeases. j Cook's giiod druggists \il i to -guarantee instance. i Sjtdnnach I Misery I Quickly f lidei I Read To II 'More lUstress Viiiir Kaith in I'epsin. ASK (tMIR-S AIM) MONKV IIAI llLSl ijay's Offer iwiien YoH Put l»iire's| Metttha [—;l)i;<n't \vorry ai tijiit s. •ess after i.'atiiii| .siuir stoniaiii fo! ;i|oi)nl|iil of i Hart 's <leliKhtfui i-lixir and iiiakt «d'fllie-aiid fit. TJioiwands - will hjofthls St; ntls imore' wfll ' i.-i- stiibiM^rii cas this wonderful . . iatj stoiitaciis halii^u i^i ifroni !pverwo (IJ-.-speptic; conditi fited. • i; IT^V line bottle. l|r fjook's i'ljirug ;gil<t will gladly lia.^e .jiirice.l n(< tl til HpS' a I "Ml •s <;KNEROUS OFKKK. - ' ' . y! longer about . heaviness, gas. jiist one table-T ^ Mf'nthai Pepsin, {vill Gtiop'the your 'Stomach I'olich for the atein«nt;and thou- ' idll ybii that-the; rapidly yield . medicine and' lilly weak and kl or abuse, or 11^ are (fiiickly i^ doesn't help tpre or any-" j rdturn the pur-'.. eases quickly when Sold rale&to iterole. Itipenet afeentleltingle.... ^ddrawsout the{ _f —(won't blister like mustard plasjter. < Musbroleisa clean, made \iithoil of must urd, apply !a little thesorespbc Idospns the cong»soreness aijd pmn- th^ old-fashioned, irtliiaf from s()re tiiroa s Uitis, croup, stiff r ralgia, headache, co. rheiimatism, limaba ^c oil ^her back| or joir inuscles, bruises, chilb colds cin the chest. Throit i, white pintment .. Brings quick . _ . bro4chJtis,lon- " m cli asthma, neu-^^, ingestion, pleurisy,' I ^(j. pains and aches <': tsJ sprams, sors i laihs,firostedCeet,^ ; 1 nteiVould fermek so bad that I,|co\ild d ke mojjt ineiTicines, .Vdleriki lowe bow KE c;d Ihoiigli if U .wj surnri led ]\<llerika icen < iTIl u|iper and ^ tbe_ intestines ng a'i><l bringinlg on n >'<2^.if system.i Kvin .prac- v-e daiij. you will b|- e.xcel wo years. Was nor -ramps, cpnldn' \tUed lik.; !•. skllctonL li ni«»' so that in :| led 13 'pounds!" — F pnn B( Kivin cleans s.bnoii^ matter . you- i aevi t was lels mi ii(t\\- mucJi more old mat irinKs'^ut whiih ma lusing 'all your trouP ^ slighL disorders, likt occa consti lation.'l Gas bljatin.i; tion oij sick ijeadachej OX' il alw lys brings relief, rika is a compound of tli line initestinai cleanscjr wi| ne. bu ga.s-ex It 1 ktliorn. «-as«-arii jielling i and detjergen la excellent fori Intes tinal Kiasis. a disease doe'to modt Dr. lei-ik: suits.' Dr. t 1 .1. leriki ty ye em V ays of: living and i which is often the true cause of iiotir stoin-- ach. J bloiifing. nervous'ilysiiep- sia-aid ri'.-itless slee|). | : Jjictfirv I'raNe Adierlka. Dr. 11, L. .Ilioub. .\<-w York: ".AdleriU: . in addition to it^|. ihtifitinat /i»an ;inj;. checks the growth of intestinal ba'cli-ria." A. ('. i'url: "1 prnscribe Aii- witli liiKhly satisfactory re- .1. Weaver: "In my 50 yfar.s' •i; 1. liave found nothing to Adlerika." ' " : i Pucketl: ".-Vfter using Ad- I feel better than for twfen- lirs. Awful impurities ..-were eliminated from my .system." Dr. F. -.M. ip. (name withheld by request): "I use Adlerika in all bowel cases.-: Some require' only one dnse.", • : -: -Vo matter what you jhave tried for y iiir stoniach and bowels. Ad- l*-rik! Will siurprise you! At leading druggists. That CSome # yeafs. ' Ajeonghingchild Ingirelief I of Chan Kerjiedy. For54yei relied apoii it. Let to-night. Aak your i J^others—%rfte < dn 'ICare oif the Sii Uedicine Go., 603 Cham >erlain' !^ tha sootb- irlain 's; Coo^ 4 Mothers havai ifelp year child ; Iri ^giat. i >ri free booklet -'* Chamb^rlaia - .Deallbiaea. « ; jfo atcqhOl'' LOOSENS TH£ COUGH ' i

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