Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 5, 1959 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 5, 1959
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

-Junior Editors Qui* on— FLIGHT QUESTION: Who was first to fly over the Pacific Ocean? ANSWER: One gray, cloudy day in the year 1912, Glenn L. Martin, one of the first pioneers of aviation, took off in his homemade plane from Newport Bay, near Los Angeles. He headed for Catalina Island, 38 miles away. This flight, although short, was directly over the water and can be called the first recorded flight over part of the Pacific. But Martin, did not fly across the Pacific Ocean. Charles E. Kingsford-Smith and Charles T. P. Ulm, both Australians, were the first to accomplish this historic feat. Their ship was a Fokker monoplane, powered with three engines and named the "Southern Cross." The start was from Oakland, Calif., May 31, 1928. Kingsford-Smith and Ulm had prepared for this flight with the greatest of care. Everything worked perfectly. After 27 hours and 25 minutes, the plane landed in Honolulu. Another hop of 3144 miles took the "Southern Cross" to the Fiji Islands, and then after another 1780 miles the ship settled down at Brisbane, Australia. It was June 9; they had flown 7,400 miles and blazed a trail which led to regular mail and passenger service across the vast Pacific. ' FOR YOU TO DO: Kingsford-Smith said he felt like Columbus as he saw the coast of Australia rise above the sea. Learn more about historic air flights, so you can answer these questions. Who was Amelia Earhart? Why did America go wild over Charles Lindberg? (For this question, Rick Hilsabeck of Portsmouth, N. H. wins $10. Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of the newspaper. Mrs. Higgins will select the winner if duplicate questions are received.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "By golly, Ed, I actually don't KNOW how many cylinders it has! Junior has been working on it all week!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith "I know a bride should share her husband's interests, honey, but why don't you just brush the upholstery?" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS "We needed the practice!" TIZZY By Kate Osann (J) Hilly NEA S .r »'c«. Ins. 7.M. R.j. U.S. P»t Off. "Poor Mom! With school reopening you'll have to face those long, lonely days again!" Turkish Harem Answer to Previous Puzzl« m ACROSS 1 Capital of Turkey 7 It's partly in and partly in Asia 13 Pared 14 Hangs in folds 15 lissome 16 Interpolate 17 Evening (poet.) 18 Chum 20 Maiden name 21 Asylum 25 Tremulous 28 Lock of hair 32 Inclination 33 Dull in color 34 Motley (comb, form) 35 Artist's frame 36 Control 37 It produces some—— 38 Leaves 42 Mariner's direction 45 Uncompahgrc Indian 46 Around (prefix) 49 is one of its seaports 52 Sucking insect 55 Ecclcsiast 56 Conceive 57 Paraguay tea (pi.) 58 Approached DOWN 1 Church part 2 Granular snow 3 Sharp 4 Exceedingly 5 Soak flax 6 Expert 7 Roman magistrate 8 Grave 9 Short-napped fabric 10 Unclosed 11 Father (Fr.) 12 Royal Italian family name 19 Measure of area 21 Leased 22 Perfect 23 Certify 24 Plays the role of host 25 Vipers 26 Lath 27 Reduce 20 Gaelic 30 Dirk > 31 Betray 39 Football kicks 40 Near 41 Plant exudate 42 Discover 43 Nostril 44 Turkish dignitary 46 Three-banded armadillo 47 Apportion 48 Brought up 50 Egyptian god (var.) 51 Free nation (ab.) 53 Sufllx 54 Coal size 1 I H 5 7 8 9 », \\ It 3 i 11 P \L r • •18 19 • • 20 21 IP 15 U> n 28 V) 31 n o 31 35,57 J* HO HP I 1 m HI 44 • • • • \% 48 49 50 51 51 53 51 Br 57 58 5 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Davey Returns BY EDGAR MARTIN I "WA^Vs BOOT'S <3>T \U. ® 19*3 b/ hU Stmet, Inc. T.M, Rig. U S, p al . p», OH MAN.' PIP YOU NOTICE WHETHER THAT NEW KIP WAS BORROWIN' MONEY FROM GOLPIE OR LEklPIM' IT TO HlA/\ T .HE LOOKS' LIKE HE MIGHT BE A SMART OPERATOR—MAYBE A MATCH FOROL' MONEYBAGS.' I'VE BEEN WAITlW FOR THE PAY WHEN SOMEBODY'P COME ALONG WHO COULD BEST COLDIE . INAFIWAWCIAL PEAL..' WELL, 1 HAIL. TO BE A KILLJOY, CHUM, BUT IF THAT CUV CAN OUTMAWEUVER 60LDIE, WE'LL HAVE TWO SHYLO^ke TO TAKE US TO THE CLEANERS OUR BOARDING HOUSB , . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLI •-'...1 it. THINKING AHEAP m m »n i [THE OLD WAFFLS* \ZBD2U^ [AND PANTIN6.a^ HAE SX . tSET HOME*** "WIS ONE'S CHEAT- Id IT' IHB'S KEPTloNEOh-lHB&fi; |WE'V6 GOTTA 6SV,f ?A «^TE^^5 /NgJ 1 |M6 SOME 60\T ( g&ACH Mvs) OUT OF A -SQUARE)} FOR! A ' L-to£Al.!j- DlNMER FOR60T IT AMD THISJIS • i PICKED IT UP •SL0W5R WoiSJ OF THE KlN/0 THAlNl TME -f-i NESS OF AAV r' -UA30R IS U HEART/0N6\ HIS BROTHER) MORE INSULT V ' JAK.'& S/AMD tl _L DROP 1 RIGHT HERE l 3 ft? ' : m r r r I55EVVAR& r A IAOOPLE- BUGS BUNNY Thorough Trial HEY", WHY ARE YA MOVIN' TH'PISPLAY RACKS, PORKY 5 PRISCILLA'S POP IT Hard to Believe BY AL VERMEER ALLEY OOP Oop and His Shadow BY V. T HAMLIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS TTJ, Worth Looking Into BY MERRILL BLOSSER THE STORY OF MARTHA WEYNE Laying It on the Line BY WILSON SCRUGGS Oie BM? IS CLOfk ^V DOESN'T UIV HAKk'l , 4 IF VOU'UE IUSINUA1IW6JYI6 Ltloll/VOk'K HLCL •' THAT BY LESLIE TURNER V

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