Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 10, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1927
Page 6
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ola Is QUINTET HAS Russ in, K. C. leader. Big; •^ng Threat; Coach S^ockebrand May Shift Line-up In Game. !tonight is host to!thd !idini( team in the Kapasj College conferente I'lola le Jiinior' Kinsai) City—^and! the eyes ol all junior college jfan.s, players an 3 coaches ar^ 'turned toward Allen • cbuntyj. waiting and wphingfor an 'lola victory, which would send Kansas City tumbling from first pilsitioii, far down in the con- f (irenc^ ratings. ' n ]<iii|<H<-ll. iwo year forwanl linil ca^iluih.ji lolu will fu<;)* unc of (lit! I lloiir nirii in llii- ronren-nci' ii <if Coach Ira Slockc opidinii METHODISTS PLAY PRESBIES TQNIGH T\\c- •. cliatnpiousbip Methodists and tjie Presbyterians again meet in a ciiurch league game tonight on the high' schottl court playing !a I)relim:uary ii) the lola junior <-oI- lege-Kansas City. Kans.. Junior college game. Thi-re will be no games at the Junior high Hehool ;gym tii- nlgh't. " GRIFFIN FIGURED OUT ALL WINNERS Baseball Is an bpen Boo To Jack in a Talk With Butcher Over Flag Races.! ''I Knew Youd Wim Mother! Saying Here to Wioman KANSAS Mantittan. Kan.. Feb. 10. (AP)-r That's What Son's Smile Is LO Swam Catdlina Cljiannel i Kansa: ' feaietl •'lOI.'li am! Hiirgpr Mill lie Htart- IllllgCOI tu uakiH-.. prohalily will lo pa i'<lial (o:wtir<lH for lolui with .Mann ci-nlf r ".inil .Menzii^ and .Mellon Kuaids.. Thai, however. ilocMn 't ni*an iliiii this will be the line-up whi< h will iilay mo.Mt of the panic. Kl<Mk<ijii'an(l is out-to find a win- lijbi prodii'ce lalion, and if;.Mann fail.s coiiiilers <!ai-jly in th< bi; .jerked. wijt'h "Kul'i Croff taking a Iprward po^liionJ i i : Vgainji if. .Mann'.s floor work isp't wl at it ifhould be. he hiay be diop- pe I back^lo a guard position, with Fronk jiiinping c'entei'. jkansaji City's only . victtiry in : CO if<'reii(e competition can^e with as t.lie victim. iiad isi out lor revenge.. me wi|[h .Kansas lliird fori tlie local and tUle lola lola's CMt.v. was th<! in three nights. I wMi.'^euuenily they were not at th<iir hesti ' Assiiralnce of good officiating nt that niversily. 1 iiamile the game. liavis is an ico; il-e iwi Hies wSlh,the announcemer sier i4 Uavis. I'liiv 11 t .•ll . .1... TV.^.. coiisiderjed one of the best officials the ..stale sciiool. (My .laik Criffini The iiiiurniation khi in the buul er shop Who slIpH me llu" pig liver for the •'shoe' leather' a.skeil me ihl.s morning "who i llkeii t i winMln* .'peniiuf race in the major leagues this year." For his information.ami a!sii fn'r your kind readers I have !-lippi-|l I the names of the winners in eaiit i leagtK* under my liat band. I'C.aujt ! set^ anyone in the AiiK'riran b^n j old ('(innie .Mack and bis i^olli<-k:ng Athletics at the wire with Wasli- iiigtoii, Cleveland. Detroit, and .\ew York foIlowiUR in the (jider nanuij. Ill the .National League my, (d 1 frieiidVuil namesake, John .l.:.\I<t-' draw, is going to stage ii conu back. With the uci|uisitinn! i Kddie lloiish of the Ueds.'in a tradi for Kelly, the (Jianl leader-can jirc- sent ah array of hitters that will strike terror to the pitchinr.; heaii of any .tosser' in the old lea;;ui. With ferry oii first, "itog" llornslt)- at second. Travis .lacksoii ing around short and the I.iiidstroiii on the hoi corner h has a. •fair" infield, lloiish, IJev > Lebourveau, former 1>.'C'. Hlue, an I \theti tied 1: hawks long [J. TRIMS AGGIE QUINTET Aggie [hiere l ^sj basketeer^i were iHe half night in a spedtac- nlai*ic( rttst. The Jayhawkers lere first t< (core, 1 ut were qtlickly led. The .1 ij hawke s rallied,! lea ling der closed. The •score 4 nt 30R50. Then I the Uay- f}uttere4 throiigh ,with 3.5-34 score. the HERE Locals Will Drop Pown g Severe" Unless E^ourbon iCpunty Quintet Is I Defeated. I Tombtro'w night lola nigh scboorli baskctlliall team" meets Ft. .Syott ii the lical court.! fbli is tl)e la: t game at homo this jieur f(ir the ligh sc lool squad; and (a a lilg .S( v^n league game. Klioiild lola go i\o\\ ing.HJ v* ma ill I Uvof tf mat(-h<i be go(i But ill ed sin 1 cavort- ju-erles < j Mrs. .Myrtle lluddlestonVj phenomenal victory over ili^' Catalir.a cliai sniiles on the fa<es pictured here. They're Hie faces of .\lfs. Ihulillesnm. her gruelling lio-honr swim, ajnd the ll-year-old:son for whose sakv >lie Ross sweet 1 • Willi fl^iB If>aders1ii|) nf luo jiljth «iVh««l iMiok ^tliuil ifiiiriirx ill stake, all followers of lilitli i |.rhoo(>v|Hin<« in thK sertlon till iiii\iotisl}' nnvit word I'roni 'It(shj|ru:, wliipre Parsons and 'IH.sblir!; ihlu 'li sriiiiols rliish Olllgll^. / •• i; ' — At pr<7<eiil, rittsbiirg is leading tin Higi|Se'ven conference as itlie on V undefeated .sijiiiiil. Parsons, wi h onf' defeat, c.ifi nmke tilings ml icrable for littsbtirg If the team haj; the'piini'h ri;i|ujrcd to: win.. . Young in tlie gardens form , orchard crew jaiid with ani" kind I of pitching the' '.Ucl! raw clah, will idrive. 4l .n,der the. wire an/easl-' winner. Yon know' they finish the wire. j "Oh. you're hig|i. on McGraw hcv he's an Irishman," warbletl the butcher. •Well, thai may bf- true. 1 do like my friends." 1 rt4- -pliecl. •bill when il crimes to flaying my dough against your calf'.s live 1 wen't K-t.any nenTimeiit get awa with my juilgmenl." So I slippe him these oifds-1 waii;ered my terest in an' unpaid coupon liook against three sets pf pigs fei't ihajt tliei next ••World's 'Serions"; wouljl | be'.between the elongated f'onnii-1 -Mack's gang and. tlip pudgy .folin .1. j McUraws rejuvenated pigmies. Kevoir, or Olive Oil. Winning time. i"l wanted to ii ake a lot of money .so 1 cim mother explaiiieil. ••(dine oil. m.iiniiia:- Doirt give up! (ug boat as this iihoio was taken. .Mrs. Iluildlesion. i« In ;|lie? SoulliFiist Kiuisas l|«>airiie; ot'/tviilclt! lolu is iiol n Memli<>r, Ifursiins and I'ltlslinnr «aeli IH Hnilefenled. A \ Irft»ry |i «r ellfierjitirolmblj will mean ti I h)ini|iijinshi |i.; I'p tn thejires. r ent, Ij^llsliiin; higli srhn'ol Is ndel'mled.'jiihlle I'nrsons hits ily lois to Its vredil. TAX REDUCTION i BILL IS COMING I ml ml "lie" llig Seve veji gamp here .tomorrow jiight between'Fort Scott aiijl lolaishould be a: battle. Fort Sc6tt won by a.'^Aiugle point and Join Scjitl'.s squad is out for re- vei^ge. i^ccording to reports, the' lolia scolder >vas responsible for the Foi-i .Sc<>tt victory, because he failed to cblint an lola basket.. One -thiug is i:ertaiu. Scott will see that scor<>; keeper makes no niis- tal^es tomorrow night. , Washington. Feb. lO. (.M')'-.^lly linahlnious agreetiienl the ' Mouse wayx and tiieans coiiimiliee deciil- e<l today •(u begin drafting a neW- ta.v reduction bill during the recess of congress. C'lniirmanCrern was Insirui'^fd to offer an amendmenl to the second deficiency bill when il coim'lf liefore the house lo provide funds for the cnmmiltee to hold hearing!^. 1( was decided lo ask authority i|for a sub-committee headed by Uepresentafive Uacharah; llepnbli- i-an. New .lersey, to conduct an in- (|uiry into the administration of the customs service during the sTinir mer months. . ' , "fhe Pljiladelphia .MJiIetics should dr: w a big gate during the coming 1la^|ehall I [season. 'Connif' .Mack at las: seeiis to have another team •vvit dii h peniiaiit possibilities.. In ad- ion lo'ia siioup ofIjgood yoiing- siets. .Ma en< e of E —Telephone yourtClasaUied Ads to • I Babe J^uth Says He Craves Ca^i, OrBusinessNow Los AngHes, Feb. 10. (All) ~ Hiibe kiilh ''sitting pretly,' li- nnnrinlly and pliysicsilly. lei It be kiHi>vii here tiiday lhal his statement th^it he would re ire fioni Iniseball iiMhe New Ijork Vankeesdo ijot meel his sabiry ternis. was it serious outline ol' his plans and no Idle thrt^at I Ills prognjm. if the Ya'i^kees 'do not i-otnc to (lie serttteh, briefly Is (his: » { To Ihron iit\ay his bat iiiid go. Into Ibusiness uilh Arllinr A. .Melioteni of \« w York, m a nulhiiiruiile string of ginjiia- sliinis. c-ombliiJng uilh this thKj eorrehpondeiire e<iitr[<e<> on hitn to keep in good phisU eal Windltlun and liow to li^ny liaseball. THIRD TERM UNWISE SAYS RESOLUTION Wasliinglon.i F.ii. lo. (AP resolution which would placi house on record as declaring presidential tliinl terms "unwise iinpatroitii-" WHS iiitrodiii'ed li by Ilepresenlative Berk, Insurjijeilt HepublicaiL of Wiscoii'siii. .luggeriiaut floril (if (Iii- wo was the Hiiniu iilol ;iiiuler wl chariot wheels the people llii'mselve.-. —Phone your Want- Ada to il8 ;.k now boaiis the pres- idie. Collins iind Ty Colib. Cobln; Is reiinrteil to hnvef signed I for ^(UI.IHHI u yrar. the/ largest!amount pyer iiiiid a' li|:ise)ia)l player. Possibly he Is utPltim^jthal niiirlL. and if s». I e's MJinlU it. tolil and Tris Siieaker nlll rank |ul(/i Babe Hiith tjjjis'year «heh it, comes t^ drat^ng rcrnrd (srow 'ds. Numbkr 1 Si pari K:I I^ wil (Coniinned from [Page 1) • here by flight, in! ditii)nal speech nato •, Heed. Deiijiocrat. Missouri, sa (1 .Mr. Coolldge's plan ap- •iitl.v. was iutendt.|l as a slop and added, "1 do- not think it be fffective." { ft'epie'sit'ntative Tilsijn of Con- neclicut. the Republican floor le.-ider. yVho sponsored the three i-rulser pToitosal inthe house, saiil he kvas III accord w{t|i the' desire for arms 1 reduction, Ijui felt, that "a prope • proportion | of eruisers wotfld b'i helpful, rather, than harmful at a conference." — While (he presidennal message Etilj was lying on thefclferk's desk unrjead, Itepre.sentativfe Tllson ob- taiiied uilanimous consent to arint in the records a speech delivered Speaker Ijoigworth last which he reaffirmed his supbort of the plan for three qd- ruisers. Meptioii.of this .Is applauded trom both sides otllie chamber.! Dissatisfied Fans V£^R'i' major league club owner has deigns on the pennant in bis leagu^. Y'et, the'winning; ot a| :bampionship, the world series In! particular; is baseball's greatest troublemaker. f j The' first reaction is felt atnong! the. talis, after the magnate' has vainly tried to satisfy ;2 (M),pool wJio have applied for-' tickets, when his ball |park will seat, say, July 40.000. — : There never was a world series played that didn't leave a trail of discontent land I dissatisfaction among the fans of| the city winning the pliiy in the b.ase- ball classic. Already echoes of last season are proving.that the experience of President Samuel Breadon of the Bt. Louis Cardinals is no. exception to the tule. • • • Salary. Grievances fjPlIE sccoiid cause for grievan(:e" [•'•i centers among .the players.' When it contes to signipg -uii after playing on a team tliat has won a world championship, the athletes, in soii|e cases, get an exaggerated opinion of their worth. Either that condition exists or else the magnate is inclined to be tight with the tash on hand. ^Ball players, no matter how much they are getting, will always refer: to the magnates aS'misers. , j : It is only naturaj,-that,a~ player after he has helped win a peWnant and a world series, should^eiof the opinion] thiat bis services ure wof^th more money. He thjen proceeds to Jar loose from tlie mag­ nate as much' as he possibly can before signing.. ! .: • • •> i Big Money Series; i nPHE firdt series In.which real iiig mdney was taken in at i tlhe gate wasthe 11912 clash betwejen the New Yorjv Giants and the^Boston ned Sox. i j In that eeries, 230,000 people paid $500,000 to see the two cliibs battle for eight games, the Red Sos finally winning bn_the now famous Snodgrass muff of a fly bill. Jimmy McAloer. the man who gave me my start in. baseball, was president of the Boston Red Sox that Reason.: As I recall it, the a|a- nual payroll 61 the club that yeiir was $90,000, mighty big in those days, but a mere nothing now. I Jimn^ once (old me that aftjer winning the.]1912 scries it cost him close to $200,000 lo sign tho boys up for'litlS. - i f Woe of Cardinals ' j CINCEj that time Iho^receipts ^ the World series have coftsta^ ly increased and also Jho salaries. With the'training season abi ut a montti away the St. Louis Car Us nals have only, signed about hill of the regular players. In a year that has been fiee from holdout talk, it is leariiled that live of tlie Cards, Alexander, ilhem. Hatnes, Bell and Theveubjw, are far from signed. i These live stars are the batik- bone of the iclub and must be sd isfied in some manner if the Cardl- iKils are to repeat. I Amen! says Sam Breadon. Cardinal president, to the belief th|it winning a .world 'series maltl trouble for tliei mazData.' i iiel was the reason for the radiant i .-liiig 111 l .iis Angeles liolii from iricklcil the (Iiaiinel a ser-ondiand larger need a ter shs The pep in prepar^ tomorn Lake! I give my hoy f' ••',*.•»" ei|iii:iiioi!." t Ills reiiiarkaiile | If'; l .i.ij 1! ;.i ri'iiii I III- rieck iii an accompanying j,^. iiin '.iiil tci .~.«iiJi l<'.^s ihaii ;i yiar. ag.o. Ijn a notch in league stiind- ile ttie standings will re- saiiie if lola wins. The i jns seem to b^ evtjnly Scott odw has in [lose the locals Will and the game pi^misf^sto l^^l jenms hi their I .EAGUELEA1) TO ARK CITY AT PRESENT Squad Is Credited With SeVen Victories and One Defeat iii Arkansas Valley. I ST.VIMUM; «»K THE TEAMS. W. L. Il 'ot. .Arkansas Ciiy Ti " lion S ^I(a B:^ r>r »!. t Klnglnian 0 El llonido Winfleld Hnl«*inson 2 5 Well ave greatly iraprov- last game. Coach a much betteij and " subs in .case " grpup 1 1 ills tdam ia in mlich bet- Hi gh scqool will have a big tjting afid .is Imaktng oUier meet thej^ invaders tlons to| .Moratj, in_ Switzerland, its til t to a deep -red n yeai s. ITliis J .s' canned iveplint which).is found tie^ wa ;er. i t^he chtimpionsliip, all oh fcjiiei .^n (•a^ies (his week: Krillay, Wellington iit Wichita, liiitch- a(»«(«n, Arkiinsus rily Ilonido: .Sudirdiiy, Wieh. (. KintrnMin; Welllngloil a( leld. El flonidik at liuieh- insoil ot E II II H Wini Insoii chool lins i aa Va even has wo .Arka lianies jourts. Winfiel Fowl Iborado reachei In SI hargei fh. Illv- to niiton .s .T.-.0 ••1* .IS.-. .(NH) WidJila, Kaiis. Feb. •HI. (AIN .^llhoilfc*! the Arkaiis.-s City! high basketball team -was deCeal- id by ."^frwton !l:isi w<.<'!:,.it still re<.' leadership ofi ilie- .'\rkaii- ley. T:ie tean>'s yec6nl is gaine.x iwoii and one losl. place, il eight land los-t ;w;o ^ames. iisfis City has three hard ahead lliefcre it can claim 1 WItlEN' YOim L GHTS GO OliiP OR YOt'K =4^UMBING (JOES BAp KOlR YtUR ("OXtENIENCE iwE DELIVER IFREE ' Kl Uorado, Wicl|itai and i ktiii jremain on ihe;Arks laying] .schedule. fr, star forward on.tln^ Kl team, will be iiiejigible to play in fiii-tli<?r games .1.5 he the age Jiniit. ake.-^peare's time tin- prices for admittance lo the j Ki:g-.| jalers ranged from <iiif| | H-II |Weiity-Jive cents. j | IT DEPENDS bri what you feed it. Put it on a regular ijation of Prince Albert Ml •!« tas:e of tobacco tlKt. Thetj tile lip and light uj Men, prime favojrite of veteran smokers. you pleasiire, without 'Never," you will say, tasted so good/' Thete a doubt about |it. Just the tidy red tin, close | smoke art ma. You <aii hardfy w?^t to get the ; pacfty joy ani it will yield stint or limit. *'has the old pijpej isn't the gliost pfj try it! As you open. your eyes and (|rink-in thait rich, rare ? give 5bur pipe a chance to C o< )I as a ma^^t^te fi xing a fine. Sweet as tl e news that ybu won't h ive to pay it Mil(! iis a wifely rebuke for having spent too 1 n jch o ti her birthd ly pi esent Mild, yet 'vith thit fullitobacro bxly ,t^at satisfied vour smoke-taste to 't|ie limit. B|UJ • yom self a tidy re d tin of P. A. and ret ca- that smells' as good f apppp Ito big moment: You loatJ That's Prince Albert, No Imattei hoy settled you be ott| a sm jke-progrs m, try Prii^o Albfert. MUliot^s b^ pipe-happy < edare that no otl^er tobacc(^,i$ like yfou'U jsay sol V--the national C f:?, R. J. Rrrnoll* Cuoil'-uiy, Vi ll,sluli->a.^ui. 'obocco .N. C. P; A. >'< told link pound aiid ti^tl-pound tin hum!- dcift and pouridcnttal^gWiM humidort \wtlbtfonge-moiUinfTlop, jind'aiwayg " • 'I tile, and pnch F#. incr AlbtTt pToe*s$.' rtiere In tidy rtd

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