Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 4, 1961 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1961
Page 5
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fitfefttf Letafer Pagt 5 **""""* May 4 ' 19S1 Our Future Citizens •'Boys Sports — (Continued from Page 4) 3. Nolting (Waukon), 4. Johnson (Monona), 5. Adams (Coggon), 45-6%. (New record. Old mark 42-9 by Wolfe of Elkader in I960) Discus — 1. Meyer (Monona), 2. Hassis (Strawberry Point), ,'i. Ponel (Elkader), 4. Johnson (Monona), 5. Springer (Arlington). 114-0 Pole vault — I. Bruns (Monona), 2. Grimes (West Union), 3. Fliehler (Strawberry Point) 4. Timmerman (Fayetite), 5. McNelly (Postville). 9-7 High Jump — 1. Nagel (Elkader), 2. Wenthe (West Union), 3. Fliehler (Strawberry Point), 4. Tie among Englhardt (Postville), Nichols (Elgin) and Nolting (Waukon) 5-9>4 Broad, jump — 1. Handgartner (Postville), 2. Hannigan (West Scouts hold field meet In pcrrfc' df Haz/eton Scouts from th Instrumental music Bossz on the alto saxaphone. o »i i L j i j Ballou will perform selections Kecital scheduled taken from Szalowski, Weber, and An instrumental music recital Hindemitn on the clarinet. will bc> presented by two Upper Accompaniment will be pro- 0iuj;a. Unux-usit.v senior students vided by Gary Wittlich, instruct- at 3:00 p.m. Sunday, May 7, in or in music, and Kea Brummond, the Zinita B. Graf lounge. freshmen student from Kanawha. Tno i'«--ital, one of the require- The public is invited to attend '"<--nts - f »'' " bachelor of arts de- the recital. in "Hisic, will be given by M(.nlega dis- ground, relurned to tag another trict of the \V.ip.si|>in 1( .,>n Area patrol member who then ran up CVuncil parlic;|,,ite t | m the first :m ; | kn eked all the pegs down annual Field M. et m the Ila/le- and started over again.' Patrol Sanford Sill an-.l Lowell Ballou. 65th ton City park ihis past weekend number 2 and patrol number 1 ^''1' ' s tnc son "' ' v ^ r - anc ' Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Conrad of The first Hirer place winners are of Troop 09, Stanley took first 'K° Sill of Lamont wliilc Bal- Lowden recently celebrated their new eligible tu compete in the and second place, and the Eagle lou ' s t!le - son °f M''- anc ' Mrs. ti: ' 1 ' 1 wedding anniversary. It was council field meet to lie conduct- patrol rf Troop 1:2!), Oelwein won ' 1;l11 ' Ballou of Independence. also Mr. Conrad's 93rd birth- will play several compo- day. They had five children and ed in conjunct!: n with the- Scout- third place. Thc winning time was O-Rama on Saturday May fi. at 2:43. cription of th( and the winne F trol sitions hy Bach, Handel, and 31 great-grandchildren. M. • mine. ,v <1CS- Tl .. |m Knot TyinR Meld Day events ,, V( , n| t , at . h patrol mcmbcr wns re _ „, p , p '"''' 1 ' St(1 ' i hl ' Unv - 'luired to knot a knot flashed lo Flag Pole R;u,mg _ had, pa- thcm , the judge. It was a race lashed four poles together. ... . i , , against the clock, and seconds with a patrol IL,, lashed «,„ top wm , ;idd( , d fm . inCl , n . cct knol or and hen raised the flag pole us- knots that wcrc not ticd Tho R . |t . ing three guy 1,,,,-s to secure the tlesnake patrol of Troop 49, Del- wein won first place with a time of 2:50. The Flaming Ar. rows cf Troop 129, Oelwein were Take A Bow securi pole. The Flaming Arrow patrol Six more of ihe future citiizons of Faycltc are pictured above. of Troop 49, Oeiwein was first. Left lo right they are: Top row —Larry Riley, Jr., four year old son Second was the Rattlesnake pa- Y 11 ,^',£• Sm '\ h K(F ^ yeUe) ^ 4 ' Of Mn and Mrs> La "y Rile y of Fayette: Randy, 20 months, and trol Tni-op 4!>. Oelwein. and socond and tno FlaminB Arrows Ashby (Fayette), 5. Tope (West Micky, six months, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Galen Mack of Fayeite. tmrd was P''" 1 " 1 number 3 of ()f Tn)op 49 O elwein were third Union) 18-4 Bottom row — Jacque, four year old daughter, and Steven, five Troop 99, Stanley. Compass Relay — Each patrol Mile relay — 1. West Union, months old son of Mr. and Mrs. James Swenka of Fayette; Lorri, 20 Signalling - In this event let- 2. Postville, 3. Faj Me, 4. Cal- month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Weisert of Fayette. mar, 5. Strawberry Point. 3:56.5 ' Two mile relay — 1. Fayette, Roll call was anS wered by four- The club voted to send three „ _ ... „,,-,, i-,, • ••"-> " 2 c i 6 ', W ^i kon ' 4 ' Edge ' teen members. wood, 5. Calmar. 9:08 A lhank you member was given a segment tor groups were tranmsitted by t . onta ining one cf the sixteen Morse Code. Ihe "B 1 patrol of ints of Ulc compass and thcv Troop 54 in W.-st Union took first had to t H in the ]oca . dollars '>' the International Farm 880 relav — 1 Favette 2 El f " "a P n" "^ Wa . S ""'^ Y ', Jl ' th E3 "' han « c - Thoy <? lso adcU Troop 99 Stanley was third. , "r o ,., ,r' " avt - U( -' z - *•' firjm Rev. Follrner for tiie gilt ed two more names to the mem- , ' n ', kader 3. West Union, 4. Calmar, scnt him for his help at the hol . ship ,.„„_ Jo:innie Trotter in ^ ° ut A S( '" : "' 1 £«, meeting of the "World Day of the junior and -Patricia Carlsen palml ; h - v , US( ' " r °" 440 relay- 1 Fayette, 2. Prayer ». ' in thc senicr group. Edgewood, 3. Postville, 4. Straw- Mrs Winiam P| . obcrt r<jad Q Thore werc two visitors prcs . thank you letter from National fnt, JaNella Palmer and Mrs. Missions, thanking the group for Raymond L u n d r y. Hostesses C- T~J i~ clothing sent, also for one dol- were Mrs. Lundry, her daughters, former Student here i ar for curtains. Mrs. James Pro- Bessie and Patty and Linda Outstanding educator bert "-'Ported en the gifts sent Lockard. Joyce Arthur led the ~ « HS «•"«»«« to thc Gcod Samarilan Home at girls in singing 4-H songs. Walter L. Hetzel, Ames super- West Uniorlj wherc 39 Eastcr - intendent of schools, was named Baskets W ere sent filled with Honors convocation place The Hawk patrol of Troop ti()M <m ., , argc Cl?mpass board . 31, I'ayetto w.-.fc, second, .and Outstanding Educator of the year home mado candyi ' coo kies and Scheduled for Mav 11 and was presented with a certi- Mme fruit . Also ay , cttcr shc rc . Scheduled tor May 11 ficate and award by the Iowa ceivod that the duffle bag had State University chapter of Phi been re ceived. The Rattlesnake patrol of Troop 4!), Oelwein won first place with — Each a time of 2:15 with no errors. Sec>ass and end was patrol number ?. of pace, layed cut a 75 foot square. Troop 99, Stanley and third was The winners were determined by "B" patrol of Troop 54, West which patrol ended closest to Union. their original starting point. At ,j ud{ , inf , _ Eac . h patm i had to the end of the Field Meet three d( , k , mi j no thc height of , w; ob patrols were tied for first place j e( . ts ;md lho width ()f two items and to break the tie each patrol The dist ., m . OSi measured before paced u.ff 200 heel to see who ,, he evcnV bogan| totaled 170 came closest to that figure. First ft , et 7 inchcs . Thc Eaglc patro i o f place was awarded to thc Flam- Troop m in W aucoma won first ing Arrow patrol of Troop 129, pl . R , ( , with a total scoro of 170 Oelwein, with a pace of 203 feet. f( , ( , t 6 inchos Second was the "A" The annual Honors convoca- Second place was the Apache patrol ot Troop 74, Maynard, --- ' of Troop -17. Independence, and thi| . cj was lhc Apacllc patrol ALAN FINGER is the 17-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Finger. He has participated in football, baseball, basketball, mixed chorus and band all of his high school years, and took part in track during his freshman and sophomore years. He was a member of the student council during his freshman and sophomore years, and a member of the Pep Club all four years. He plans to attend Upper Iowa university next fall. Delta Kappa professional education fraternity. Mj . s M ., O O]dfathcr rcad a j , christian Educ:l . tion will be held at Upper Iowa University on Thursday, May 11. ; ' P a <-'e of 1915 and ^™--=s ^i^olrsj^ss the alumni board. special crnvocation is thinl was tlle Rattlesnake patrol held each year to give recogni- t)f Troop 49, Oelwein, with a tion to honor students who have P acL ' "' 19 ° fetlt shown outstanding achievement Individual knot tieing — Each picsenled and leadership in the various patrol entered one ooy, us their high school at lu U1L ' iuu """ ""*»•"• event will be held at 9:00 a.m. in best knot lying prospect, and he Arlington, received the bachelor The meeting adjourned and academic fields on campus. The was required to tie 9 different of arts degree from Upper Ibwa Mrs. James Probert presented the Chauncey P. Colegrove audi- knots against a stop watch The university, the master of arts the program—"From Heart to torium. first and second place winners degree from the State Universi- Heart", assisted by—Mrs. James i n addition to the usual a- were from the Flaming Arrow ty of Iowa, in Iowa City, and the Gilchrist, Mm. Harold Poptfn- wards presented at that time, and Eagle patrols of Troop 129, LL.B. degree from Blackstone hagen, Mrs. Mabel Johnson, Mrs. the Veterans club on campus will Oelwein. Third place went to the College of Law, Chicago, 111. He Arthur Herrling, Mrs. Oldfather, inaugurate a new award of a Rattlesnake patrol of Troop 49, is a member o'f the Iowa Bar. Mrs. Will Frey and Mrs. Francis 25 dollar savings bond to be giv- Oelwein. Robert Gardner, the He has taken post graduate Laughren. en to a'non-veteran male or fe- winner of the event, turned in a work at the University of Wis- The meeting closed and a de- male student for outstanding time of 2:17 with no errors in consin, George Washington Uni- licious lunch was served by the campus leadership. This award any of the nine knots. versity and 'Columbia Univer- hostesses. will also be based on achieve- Tent Peg Relay — Each patrol sity. During the last week in July ment and academic standards. member tapped 8 tent pegs n the this summer, he will attend a Harlan girls meet; clinic for school superintendents Kt .. at Sanford University in Califor- Name representatives lg nia. MAYNARD — The Harlan jjj His career includes one year of NRG girls' 4-H club held a Bet- |u rural school teaching, one year ter Grooming contest at their li- as high school teacher and coach April meeting held in the Com- jjj at Central City, five years as munity hall. The senior girls will jjj prinicipal at Sumner, superinten- be represented in the county con- jjj dent at Sumner for nine years, test Rally Day program in May- jjj Cresco for seven years, Decorah nard May 6 by Judy Simpson jjj for four years and Ames for six an d the juntor girls by Karen jjj years Fish. Judging the event was jjj — Mrs. Harvey Palmer, a former jjj Wadena Women's guild 4-H leader, and Mrs. John Ingels, jj! home of Troop 134 Waucoma. TRY LEADER WANT ADS IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE YOU HAVE OUR MOST SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS FOR WORK WELL DONE Heineman Texaco SERVICE STATION BIG GAIN Economy Corner A Bright Future FREE! SET OF COW HOBBLES! Get a FREE set of Master Kicker, thc most effective cow hobble ever built, with each HALF-TON CASH PURCHASE OF BIG GAIN DAIRY FEEDS1 Hurry . . . offer good only while supply lasts! instructor at Central Community Met in church parlor the West WADENA, — The Women's school. jjj Guild of the Presbyterian church For the program the seven sen- ;;; were entertained Thursday after- ior girls decorated cakes and the jjj noon in the church parlors, with ten juniors brought quick breads jjj hostesses, "Mrs. Earl Livingston- for judging. Ann Gilmer was :, and Mrs. Lyle Patterson. elected to represent the club at % The president, Mrs. Lindy the state convention this summer Frey, opened the meeting with and Joann Harrington will be a a Braver and by reading an candidate for county office at article from the "To Day Book", the Rally Day. WE HAVE PARTS & SERVICE For All Kinds Of VACUUM CLEANERS Kirby Home Renovation Phone 118 — Fayette Phone 364 — West Union LESLIE DONALD NIMS is the 18-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Nims of Fayeiie. He has been a member of ihe football and basketball squads all four of his high school years, and was co-captain of the football squad during his junior and senior years. He was a member of the track sqacd during his his freshman and sophomore years, and was vice- president of ihe Pep club This past year. His plans for the future are indefinite. You can always feel "at home" at Big Gain Products. We'll be glad to talk over your feed problems with you . . . and help you remedy them with expert advice and reliable, up-to-date products. ENTER OUR $25.00 CASH DRAWING FOR THE MONTH OF MAY We urge each ana every one of the farmers in this area to come in and register now for our big $25.00 Cash Drawing io be held the last day of May. Enter at Big Gain in West Union or Fay- oile. Remember, ihe more you enter, the belter your chances lo win! March winners were Charles Homewood, Hawkeye, and Virgil Torson, Elgin. HOG FEEDS 35% Brood Sow Supplement 41% Ifog Supplement .. 32% Mineral Stock Food 17% Pig Starter and Grower 16% Pig Pre-Starter Rid-Ezy Hog Wormer . 13% Hi2g Pellets (w|3 Nitro) Pig Booster (w|NF-180) No Additional Charge For Above Feeds In Pellet Form. Cwt. 5.65 5.85 5.40 5.40 6.05 6.30 4.00 6.45 ... is waiting for each member of your class. May each day be a stride forward TOWARD THAT FUTURE. Bill's Super Valu All Purpose Mineral Lactone (Mineralized Yeast) Trimix Mineral with Phenothiazine B. G. Supreme Mineral 3.SIO 6.10 4.85 5.3U 5.35 Fayette, Iowa Success To You 11 Good Luck PAUL WEGNER is ihe 18-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Wegner of Fayette. He has b«en stag* manager for school productions all of his high school years, was a member of the film crew during his junior year, and was in charge of the public address system during his sophomore and Junior year*. He took part in track during his freshman, sophomore and Junior year*. Ho plans to attend Wartburg college at Waverly after graduating. • 4ec«de ahead there will be opportunities for ,ucce»*. We hope these opportunities way and that the results will be happy Vundersee PEGGY EISCHEID is ihe 18-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Eischeid. She has been a member cf the annual staff and ihe Pep club all four of her high school years. She has served on ihe paper staff during her freshman, sophomore and Junior years, and was on the basketball team and student, council during her freshman and sophomore years. During her rophomore year she was a member of the cheerleaders, and was treasurer of her class. She plans to attend summer school at Upper Iowa university. Earth Iron (5 Ib. can) 2.75 Earth Iron (25 Ib. pail) ..- 10.95 BEEF & DAIRY 40% Beef Supplement —~ 5-30 33% Beef Balancer - 5.00 32% Beef Builder (w|Rumen factor) 4.85 34% Beef (A) Supplement (No Urea) 5.70 23% Mor-Las Pellets 4.55 34% Dairy Supreme (no Urea) 5.45 18% Calf Creep (Sweet) 5.40 32% Calf Pellets - 5.20 32% Spring Pasture (w|Rumen factor) — 4.80 14% Bulky Sweet 3.35 The above Beef Feeds available with Stil- bestrol at extra cost. POULTRY Cwt. 36% Poultry Supplement »/|NF-180 6.15 32% Poultry Supplement 5.55 26 % Cafeteria w|NF-180 5.40 20% Cafeteria Egg Maker _ 4.80 17% Miracle All-Mash 4.60 Chick Starter w|NF-180 5.15 Chick Pre-starter w|NF-18,0 (1 Ib. per bird) _ _ _ 5.60 17% Developing Chick Grower w|NF-180 _.. 4.80 Poultry Booster (w|NF-180) .._ 5.95 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS For Sileage Preservative. We Have Pure Cane Sugar _ 7.70 Sil-O-Las - 3.15 Soybean Meal Expeller . ... 5.00 Soybea nMeal Solvent 4.90 Linseed Meal Expcljer 4.00 Linseed Meal Solvent 3.75 Cottonseed Meal 4.00 Tankage (60%) 5.30 Meat Scraps (50%) 5.30 Steamed Bone Meal 6.00 Bran 2.85 Wheat Mixed Feed 2.85 Red Dog - 2.95 Rolled Oats - 4.00 Hy-Grade Pulverized Oats 2.40 Alfalfa Meal 17% 100,000 (A) 3.15 1.60 1.75 1.60 2.40 4.6Q 1.00 jjj ill It is with a deep sense of pride we extend our CONGRATULATIONS to all members of the class of 1961. Zabriskie Garage George Zabriskie, Proprietor and HEATING lllltlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillillfl Fayette; Iowa iiiiiiiiiiiiip ECHO VALLEY FEEDS Hog Supplement, 40% Protein, 6% Fibre 5.35 Hog Supplement, 34% Protein, 12% Fibre 5.00 Brood Sow Supplement, 35% Protein, 8.5% Fibre 5.10 Beef Supplement, 32% Protein, 6% Fibre 4.60 Beef Supplement, 40% Protein, 6.5% Fibre 4.90 Poultry Cafeteria, 27% Protein, 5.2% Fibre 4.75 Poultry Concentrate, 35% Protein, 6% Fibre 5.25 F.O.B. West Union. Iowa Oyster Shells Stonemo Grit Molasses (Pure Blackstrap) Dried Molasses Dairy White Barn Lime ___ Liquid Wormer .... pt. 1.50; Qt. 2.00; Gal. PA-12 Peptonized Iron w|B12 (30cc) _ 62% Whey Blocks 50 Ibs. Grade A Tri - 25 Ib. pail Super Calf Kit _ 25 Ib. pack Mycin Mix, 3Va Ib. Can White Salt Blocks Iodized Salt Blocks _ _.. Trace Mineral Salt Blocks 6.60 4.50 3.40 4.95 4.05 6.50 1.10 1.35 1.00 2.75 Sulferized Salt Blocks — Darling's Mineral Blocks —__ Feedsol (Dried Fisft Solubles on Soybean Meal) 8.10 Scour Scare - 1 Ib. 1.25 Pi-Val Rat Poison ~_ 5 Ibs. 3.85 Ask us about other Items that interMt you . . . We have everything. Biddlck's Hybrid SEED CORN Medium Flats ._. $950 BIG GAIN Feeds !. ' i. > ^ : . *>**¥ K- d.^1' I , i *'? f

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