Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 10, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1927
Page 5
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r, .- if N«w Yo^ft. FeH. 10. (4P)—Specu- luUvie .opdjattons'for adv'aDcc HbHtcii fi'i'ita the rallB tj> tbe tndus- trlalB In t )jlay*H «lock ii arkct.' WJtli . piiltlfc em l^'uflUfun fon the vuUn temporari y .chilled by ycnterday's ilvmortkUt o'g market in th «8e IH Hiim, o |i«ratorH tor tbe| riite bugan lildtUng u!» jnelecicd IndjiatrialH ami Rpocialtic!. i Baldwin WM a«;niii an outstandii K ftAtore,- touching 17.6. Banlts ^^Uei jabout I tlS .UOU.OOO: in louns, itit Ibf <:all | rate held sioady at 4] per cent, j Other railroad cqnipincni follow- f(l the lealai of Bja4'wli»4 nails were ..lufegish. : i\ ' II. S. St ^l ccnnmon Iwas heavy on the aniponecDienttliat Unfilled orders dM «p «d'«ver: 1(0,000 tonji last montal • • . ' Khnsas iCtty^Closo. -I KansasJiClty, Feb.! 10. (AP) — "i"^ Cloae: m ,eat. May (old) $i.33Vi: May (new^)i»1.32%: July %1.26%. - Corn. May ;77%«:; July 80?4c. Khnsiu €Hy Grain. Kansas I City/ Feb. IjO. (AP)— Wheat, recetpts- "192 6ita:, unchanged tlo] %c liigher:! No. 2 dark hard «1.36ei.3S: ' No. ! 3 J1.34(S; 1.38H:; N»r2 hard.. $l,?4Vi@1.39: •No. 3 $lJ38%©i.38Vi;i No. 2 red $1.32>4©liW%: :.V0; 3 ^1 .31©1.33. Corn, unchanged to i'.^c higher; NQ. 2 Vbttje T4©75c: No. 3 70@ 7.1c: .Vo. 2' iyellow 74@75%c: No., 3 - 7ie;72M:<- [No. 2; njixeil 73@74Hc: No. 3 69«S|7!l>4c. ^ ' ? i Oats, Id lower: No. 2 white 46(5' '49c: .Vo..i k4#47 :Ci j IMllo mjlic. *1.15@lia. Kafir $. .0»<g)l.ia. iiy-. 99 .'im.m/2. Uarley. 7imic.. , ; ' Kaf!iia .H CKf ^Lhawlork.. , - KHHsaa City, Feb. f«. (U. S. Dppl. (If AKrl|ulliirc>.-—Ca lie, 2.001); i :alveH 6U( ;|f (Pd atecra aid yearllngH Murce.. nfoatly • -trteai ly: hotter Ki'udcii uiMJiiuiu w«l|Ebti aud h«H\x KtepM rc(P »Wnu ipoRt-> otio)); Rorfd UK-aiuin ^t^flKht 'Htfc d flo.tOijt ]<);.'; KoW beaVlinH HTr, ttoDiliiK chilli 4' of I (ted; i)pm kllllnn CIUHM- wry «|Hi'r«', 'iifi/binKud: vcu! »ltoi :! Hlockrrii a^id fcidern «ir«d,>"', f ll>;»»: i.tWMi: rjiOMliy 10c IIIRIKT iJiari Woi ilc.Hilay'H nvfJ-aRe; aftout ITic tip (lit ilRht wtilKbid: top )12.2ri on 120 K !l.'iO poiinda; bulk dcHir- nblr 170 Ip 230 pnundia il\M<fi IM.oo; 211 $11.6(&«U.7 pforth ^&pie Grove and, ; Central Avenue (Mrs. Arthur Rtikk) Feb. S.~Mtf and Mn. Collison lent Sunday at Ben CoIUsoaV - .\fr«. H. F. al Wnlf and Halea and \r8. Arthur Ralsh caljedl out Mrs. Jjhn Croisant «nd Orrflle Monday Iternoon. lb the eveniiig AValtcr ajid Willard daUed there. , Mr. and Mrs. John iSraitklln and N. -spent Ttieaday erteins at ihc h|:>mc of Elmer Thoniaai .Mrs. Churchef called on : Mrs. CJoliison one day last week. Wednesday Iwaa little Josephine Clroisant's birthday and after school .\ rs. CroisantI enterUinvd for an h )ur her teacher. -HissTRuth Butts, Panline Lassinan, Bernlce Ralsh. arion Parker, Benlab , Croisant, .5J2.25; nil stock piRs • 12.r)0. Sheep. I lower; bcH .^12.MK5.12|t .(• «•« •vcwe.s IS.73. Chicago, to -DOO. pounds, mostly light weights up to IkiuK HoWs »W,«0(S'll,oo: steady; mojjtiy 111.75© U'no;' lumhii 25 to 3.-.C offered 513.85; others .");-' sheep siieady; top j(|lUca4ro '(iraIn. Feb. 10. (AP)—Close: Wheat: M!a|v $1.41H 'to %; July J1.34 '•^i toh • ««•'»'»• ' .?A%: Sept, $Jv32»i. Com: May 80%- to %c: July S4 ''-i to =ic:j fSept. Sfi^c.l Oats; May 46%c; Julv 47c; Sept. 45«^c.' j ;1 :! Ilyc: .May 51 .07 'i. to Vic; July 11.04%!: Sept. 99%c= i i. 1 (iilrairo Lhesfork.' CIUcagojrFeb, 10.' ('AP)—irniled Slates Department or AgHcuIturo). HoRS 3fi.0Q0; slight advance: top $12.40; biifk desirable 140 to 300 pound averages $12.15(gi2;30: most 210 to 250[pound weight $12!fj'12.15; most , packing .sows' ij $10.7n(8ill; slaughter esco Cation and Arthtir. Orvillc, Cjordella and Josephine Croisant. Mr. and.Mri. mmer Tbomas and cjiiidren spent) Friday ev'ening with A r. and -Mrs. Carl Olsen hud chil- •en. I •. . ; Mrs. Churchill; who has been lite si(k, is able to bd out again. .Mr. afid .Mrs. HUBS spent Tucs- ly evenltig at .Mr.-CoUlson's.. The Busy Bee clu^ met with rs. Michaclr and Leona Thursday afternoon. ! Thursday iifternooo callers at .ijibn CroJsaiit's wert^ flrandpa and t^iandma Croisant, Mrs. Dr. Parker and Htllic, and Mr. and .Mrs. .Meiiry Iloehl called In the evening. , .Mx._i.ind: .Mrs. John Franklin and .11 N. spent Wcdnetdhy evening at liuut Laaxman's. Mrs. .XdoLph ('rolaapt uiul liiiby cMlled Ht John I'rolHiui'a t-'rlday laoriilng. -' I .Mr. iiiid .Mrs. 'VMmuA, and clill- AUCnONS Anettiiis ~ I WILL SI2LLr m •M Public Auction Friday» Feb. It, at 1:30 o'clock at Corr's Transfer Co. on N. Jefferson: dressers, gas range, ice oox, beds complete, rugs,, congolebm rug, kitchen table, round dining table, chairs tol match, rockirs, arm chairs, library table, heating stove, dishes, cooking utensils. Lots of other articles. This funni- ture is almost new. 0. S. Bisbjop, Auctioneer. PUBLIC AUCTIO:*.'—Public Auction every. Saturdiiy at 1:00 o'clock] at Bishop's Sales Ifavilion. (freii spent WediutM^iiy 4rt ftiitNli'K. ' Kayniond 'IVIdy left )r.Aniarlllo. Texaii. i^pent Suiidn.v MisK KiKh li .•Vi'llillK (It kiVodiicMduy .Mrs. KoftetlHielii iindi with Mrs itts calleti clilldrcii Kgiirs. on OrvfUc rolsani Halurduy afternoon. PUBUC AU<3TI0N—I will sell at public auction at Bishop's St les Pavilion;: Saturday, FeU 12, a; 1 p. m.. 9 head ()t horses, CORS, calves, hogA. chickens; farm i aa- chlnery. wagons, | harness, autoi no- biles, and all kinds of good up^ to- date household B*Od.-«. C. S. Bishop, Auctioneer. 'at 14 .1 ty. bugs. ABtomokllM for BARGAINS IN USED CARL, Chryaler "70" roadstei^; 1924 Ford coupe: Maxwell s%<Ian| Ford roadsters and tourinjcs. .Marr Auto Supply Co.. Buick Dealers. i PUBLIC AUCTION—r will sell public auction. Monday. Feb. at 713 .North Walnut, at one-thi furniture of a six room bouse c sisting of beds. dressers, ri ..Mr. and -Mrs. Lawrciice Kalm and c-hilldren spent Wednesday evening \{lth .Mr -y. Henry .N'ordt and Violet a|nd Elmer Nordt. ipigs niostlyll $11.75®)12: heavy wpieht hogs $1175(fiil2: medium Jllir Ojf 12.30; light »11.90@ 12.40. . j : : 1 Cattio MOO; fed .steers steady to 15o higher ^hc stock strong tolBc up; bulls Islow; best weighty steers $12.85: t6|p yearlings $12.15; most fat steers l$9(?fl0.75: rftockcrs and ! feeders n^i^stly $7.25#8.2B: vealcrs .>?12.50e43.S0 lo packers; outsiders ^•$i4®i5. j ; • 1 : Sheep 22.000, alow; fat lambs to .-shippers liuid small killers at 15 to 25c liijwer; l^ulk qarly $13.15; big packcji^s btdcfiTtg $12 downward; Bbeeji steady; bulk fat ewes $7.50 i,«j^S,25. • ' ' HEMIMGTON AMLL COJJiSOLjpAfTE NO^ New Ynrk, V<ib.. 0. (AIM-Crca- iliin (if lt('mlpgton^Uand. Inc., a ; htildink ||impnny 'to cottsolldaie Ui>niingt(in Typcmrltcil ('o., Kami .Kardex Kurcau,-iBcI'Daltoo Adding Machine Co.- of ClaHnaatt, the Uiikni- Vrtjvter L («»o«cleif i/.,«»ger Co. of B«ntoHl Harbor. Mich., and One or. more jpthpr i cpmpajples. - was approved ujanlnionsly jby directors of Hie Ilbmlogtfn Xjrp<>wrUer Co. today. ' .Mr. and .Mrs. John Franklin an .V. spent Sunday evening at Ar-| <uir Raish's. SimTlay dinner gue.sts at John! C^rolsaufs were: .Mr. • and .Mrs >^etzke. Mafic and Grandma Wiil-j gi-ube." and in the aftcrnooiii .Mr aiul Mrs. .McMillen, Cicorge and 'red Brin knian and Homer Bauer ulletf. Mr. aud , Mm. Klmer Thomas (jailed Saturday evening at John raiikjjn'.s. ..Mrs.'Henry Xordt called al John] (^roisant's Monday afternoon. Delbert. Wilfred and Berton 1 lues spent Tuesday evening wiiW Vayne Churches. j J Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hauser an(j (ikah spent Wediieaduy at .Mr. Lie- lenknight's. ! I (Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, spent .'londav evening with .Mr. and Mrs; (larencc Foose of Chanute. '. .Mrs. Arthur spent Mbniray^ a week ago with Mrs. Paul Lass-i I lan. i .Mr. Liiwrcncc 'Kaliii and John 5 'ranklin sawed wood the first of he week. stoves, tables, chairs, disbes, cooking utensils, canned fruit. Also. 5U0 brick, wire,;' plows, sprSiig wagou. chickens, lota of garden and other tools I aud many other articles too numerous to mentjou. f. S. Bisliop, .\U(ttioneer. _ j! ' "PHBLIC SALBST DATES — Cm- muulty Sale, Moi-uu, Fob. 12; l-kiru.; Bred Hog Bali^; Blue .Mound, Ifeb. .11; .Mr. M(!Hrutney, Hclma, Kiuis., Feb. 15; Pure j Bred Hog Shle: {)(eltree, KauM.,! Fell, 16; Mred llyHiin, (.'i -iiiervilk, KnnK.. ij'eb. 17; Kincald Coininunliy Hale, b'eli. 19; Carl Hrcltenjlablc, Mofan, Feb. 23, If InibVeiitcd In an>f of iTicHd Miiles. Write K. K. Hall. Bayard. ICjins., Ifol* hlllH. If Vou lire Interested or an; expeclini tii cmpld.v ail aiiciioncer. write me at Ifaiyard; Kaii.s.. or teleplijone My Rliles. e !ell anything, i anjjwhere, • anyltme. l*borie at iour I expense. .Motan phone 1605: LaHarpc phone fe45. FORD FORDOR—1924 sedan, balloon tires, foot feed, heater b<>th front; and rear, .goo< clean up- holstjerlng, lock whe ?1. 1927 11- iccnse, good mechani .'ally, guar- .intwjd. McCarthy M(to/ Cq..i212 South WashingtoU. Phone 893. 1925 FORD TOURING her. good paint, motor in good -Good rub- shape.' Boyer Motor Jefferson. Phone 23. 192S- CHEVROLET CqACH — New balloon, tires, car In te)yer .Motor Co., 212| ferffott. Phone .2.3. Anto Aecessorie)!^ Tires, Parts IS STROMBERG CARBURUTORS—At less than cost. • II. Vif. -McCarty'*^ .stock of Strombcrgs. for land light four. Oakland, Cleveland, and two Oldsmdbile. Take a this oppnrlunity. Alijo one Ford generator and starter. Ijkd new: lola Aulo.WreckinK C^i., 307 South .Street. Phohe 7S2. BUSINESS SERVICE RuHln -KH Serrlres Offered 18 KODAK FILM.S-Si'iid its your ko­ dak fjIniH. We develop six expo- Hiii 'e: riill and print i in- of eai'h. 25c; j extra prints, c Kncldne reiiulnul aniiiunt. 11 nine Kiiidin. :120 .Siiiiih Kentucky sL lola. K»M. WoTlny. Trnchlng. Monnt 25 CORR TRAN'sFETr "c &-^''«cl<'nK. storng;^, lon^ distunlco hauling. Reasonable rales. Pbone 140. AUTOMOTIVE Antomobile Agencies ProfesKlonal Sert SURGERY — Medicine, F. Lcnskl. Phones: residence. 1126W. Co., 212 S. Al shape. South Jef- Ovcr-I Flint, typos for Ivanlage of Poultry Md Sapyltea. 49 n.^jBY CHICKS — DlscQUnt on orders placed before Feb. 15. Delivery when I desired. Ten pounds chick starter given free with eat^b IlpO chicksi sold locally. We hate tar sale thje Newtown Coal Brooder and the Sol Hot Oil Brooder, guaranteed to give satisfaction or nJonty back. Come In and see ^s before'you buy your brooders. For Skfirday. the 12th only, all eggs bj-ought in to be custom. hatched wjlll be 3VSc per egg, other times. 4i: Sturdy Chick Hatchery, ZiO Ayest street HljGHEST MARKET—Prlcea paid for cream, eggs and poiiltry. Oiar truck;and chicken coops aire at your service to pick np poultry. Barker Produce Co. Pho. 658. N6XE BETTER—^Start your baby chicks on Thos. Southard Starting ajid • Growing Butterniilk Chick Pliddin, for sale at your grocery o^ R. C. .McKinney Feed Store. : Ices 28 X-ray. Dr. office. 886; EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted—.Vnle j «l A USED CAR—Is as dependabla as the dealer who sells it — Dodge •Sales and Service. -The best pl^ce to buy good, dependable used cars. At present we have a comiiiete line of both open and closed models, priced to. sell. Ellis M <Jtor Co.. 214 North AVasbingtori. j Antoneblles for Sale 11 ; OAKLAND — Dealers— PONTIAC '23 Overland four sedau, good; '24 Ford roadster; '24 Ford cojipc, balloon tires; '23 Ford coupe; Hudson sedan, good' shape; Studebakei* 4-pa8s. coupe shape. Sijveral other very cheap cars. Cash, t^rms or trade. bart-Steele Motor Co. '09 '21 fine Ho- It- —For ijprompt restJlts use Classified C^oluiiins. ^ the lOLA mM f tj» * wooi; i awiPANY l^et onW priieM on POVLTM AXUiEOVS We Will coniei tOUfe popMry. ! A. aONES^ • lirSo. Oihio ' ' ]• FhOBc IS«7 GREl^NAN^S feRkEl We pay the folleirinff lirlHrs: Hens -J. -J— ..-lft©lS« .Springs! -H@17 Stags J- —-.-^Ufc Old Cocks ——— i • Papons : i— I6@i'( • Slips ^„_.. .^..1. & iides • i "ANismjNeEMENT^— Horse Hides, enrh -..-i. *S.0» J. F. Grennain Produce C< . lola^ Kaiis, - CARLYLE (Fern Roney) i Feb. 7.—The Mothers Club held li niecling at the school hoiise Thursday afternoon. .Mrs. Shad- vlck was elected president. A' •onimittcu was appointed to take •hargc of the programs. .Mrs. Williinson and Mr. and .Mrs. VcHton Wilkinson and baby moored to Richmond, Kaiis.. and jipent Kiinduy with Mr. and Mrs. hil: Graham. ! .Mr. and .Mrs. Itoljerl Gregory jiiid daughter, of Colony, spent 8iin-| Jay withJdrs. (Jrcgory's sister, .Mrs.' iLoomls. .MIS. J. II. Walton of Borger.j Texas, is ill at the' home of her pjirenix, Mr," and Mrs. J. C. Ollk-;- (Kon. . I .Mesdanie.s, Russell, WlRgiiis aii.t' Sawyci- accopipanicd .Mrs. Sibblttii to (!as City -where she held a meet ' Ing Sunday. V Florence Graf visited Fern Uoiiey Sunday afternoon. ^ Mr. and '.Mrs. Carl Readcl an(l Dale Gene were guestsi*t the F..W Cook home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Zink and bab> were callers at the F. L. Rone> home Sunday afternoon. The members of the Christiai Endeavor enjoyed a goo(I "meeiinij Sunday-evening Under the leader ship of Mildred Higginbotham. Th leader for next Sunday will: be Helen Carter. ! .Mr.s. Sibbitis of Wichita. Ji stat lecturer and organizer of the W. C. T. U.. Iwill hold a .short institnte a Carljle in tlie near future. TheiComnninity String Band nn an lola quartette will" furv.irli niuJ- 1 sic al the pla.v. "Deacon Ouhbs,' to be given at (he schoolhouse i"iu'sday evcining. February 15. BUD WHITE .MOTOR CO. HUDSON-ESSEX DEALER- CHEVROLET, 1924 COUPE. •CHEVnoiyET. 1924 Roadster, balloon tires. : DODGE. 1926 Roadster, like new. DODGE, 1925 Roadster, duco fi ilsh DODGE, 1926 Sedan, best of slijapc. DODGE, 1921 TOURING. ESSEX; 2 1925 SIX COACIIfciS. ESSEX, 1921 SIX COACH. ESSEX, 1923 COUPE. FORD, 1925 TUDOR SEDAN. FORD. 1923 COUPE. FORD. 3 1935 TtJURlNGS. FORD, 1926 TOURING, FORD, 1924 ROADSTER. NASH. 1924 Touring!, wlntei} enclosure. ; We Trade. Or Sell Tcrm.s. On ; 219 S. WASH.) PHONE 180 .MAX HOOKKEEPEIJi pcriencf and'salary i Posiofficc Bo.\ 104. Situations Wantedh-MiUe »7 YOUNG .MAN—Kxper ill wholesale apU wa ness. Also liad ex clerk ill drug 'store stdre. Could fill uiix- lion. Address '31an. FINANCIAL Money to Loan— .Httrtgnges 40 -Stall' c.x- i first; letter. T\Vo SOWS—And fifteen pigs for silo. 'k. Ij Drydcn, Colony, Kaus.. phone 678. ^ ^ CHOICE! Kaoaasi Harpe. Phone LaHsf] KfNOTA I oats. KansasL SEEE^Tbsted, grown ("lover. Priced Hum! KANOT.|V Keovttk K^ns.: L\lVa Shbdwick, Ka npta o; 'tiiiothy ! ti' sell. TIMOTHY kins. Ha of Moran wimted— ro JBny Wanted—Llrestock 60 WANTED TO BUY—AH kinds cat- tljo; an(l_hogs. J. C. Butchen_ MERCHANDISE Articles for Sale 61 CHU.NK W()()I>—For sale; $2..50 in ;t(inb''r (ir $".25 delivered. A. ! J. rfwtiifoid. vPhone 518. SlS'VUtS.Mi CEOtJUAPHIC .MAGA- zjlics . Ciiuipleti. fnilii 1915 to <ur- rciii; IMKU", III! Ill condition to biiid. liniuire Portland Hotel. -I'lio. 107, 2.SI)ill.\.\I) IIEATI.NG STOVES— :cz|iors and furniture, good us Kullcy Hotel; !ettj^(jl(^iip. limlness and Office Kiinlpment fi4 I 'l'MVltlTEnS FOR SALK.—Riiiit rir trade. Adding machines, any take. Public stonogiaplier, no- ttiry and liniiltigraph vi'ork done. Room 30-11. over (ilohe Clothiers. KNGATE LI.MK SOWER—Also liiir- ented clerk ifehoiise busi- lerieiK.e as 'and grocery lerical posi- Kegister. FARM LOANS—Qulckj reasonable rates, thorne. 213 S. Wash ser^'Ice and A. D. Haw- Dgton. PABM AND CITY LOANS—Ba»e rate on farms, 5%, c ty 6%. Loijg or short time. R. M. Cunningham. MONEY— To loan on A property. Jacksoii rm and cifiy iRealty C6,. over Brown's Drug Stju-e. MONEY TO LOAN—Private dnd eastern money to loan on farms and *- city "properly. Low rate. Terms and | payment to suit borrower. Stewart & Funk. IIP Farm -£()nlpment seeder now on display. Come j|nil sec tlieni. Allen County ement Co. '. \ WAJ^TEfQ lon^ 'ta 25c ea 1st. "Hi wmf ELECT! m second hsjnd G. S. ^oUiffl Mlibre SEED OATSf- 1' mile of Lla- llaglund.Jl^ Roit. rpe or 48 loIaJ OATS4-Tested ecleaned, Kanslas oits. alfaifaj sw(«et ind Alslkeiclov SEED—Chas. S;; f mile Kans. Kandta Carlyie. (5r. C. W. Works. sou^h, threej >laW- w<ist MOT(IR-4Wanted,l g (W >d mo or, |l horseirjower, voltage A- C. cjii-reit. (j. Kans; TO BUhr— 1,000 live c6t- ugb,t rabbits, at buy until;March is trap -C £(i h. Will C Frisctennicycr, iFran Pi iua. K^a. REAL FOR BENT AHtmentdantI Flats APART bath; dry. ^htfnc 102 •IE NT—T ireq rooms! ; ajnd ery nice, over lolaj Laun- S^TTAOB—509 S. CottonwJaoS, 5 —^ms, liirtly modern, small fam- h- i270. it W. Fryer, Phoni FI^R.VISHED HOUSE—Six j -itoom odern, blao gairage. close in. i lu- luire 314 North Walnut. ] WEST STREET, ei.-)—Fivej room cottage, electric lights, cityjwa- it |gr. garige. Ji C. Butcher, i Offietts and Desk Room i plTlCE SUITE4-0vor Palace Shoe \^ tore, tneiuirei at Palace | Shoe :8tore.. i; ' • ' REAL ESTATE FOR SALE IF YOU WANT-^To buy or rent or get an FVRM—Sp acres! for sale or rent: PEOW—John Deere sulky, good as '.v.-| .U I. Case 1.^-27 tractor, good liapc; Fairbaiiks-.Morso w;igon •ales. .".Vj tons, good as neW. niiles we.s* and lialf mile south (ilf lk)la. G. W. I'jirccll. ' {Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers BALE ind I It bi •Zli ALFALFA—Prairie hay straw ill ton or half ton Ipts barn or delivered, lola La,hd (Toiupany. _gye. ckR^AN MILLET — S<;ed. ideal feetl for baby chicks. Krupp Iron .•i Metal Co.. .•;i0-24 .\orth Bubk- Phone 351. . ' Household poods S9 LIVE STOCK Horses,! Cattle. Vehicles 48 BULL — Registered | Shorthorns. George Lord, five miles west and 2 south KinCiiid, Kans. Lone Elm phone. COW—Fine young Jersey for sah chehp. 410 South CheMnut. Phono 1264W. r.o EWES—Few with side. Chan. Hawkin soulhi three wcsi;of lambs 7iy half niile .^loran. Kans. Ponltry and Snpblles ] 49 BABY CllICKS—Buf( for sale ij'eb. 12. 505 ELECTRIC HATCHED CHICKENS —.\ll leading varieUesi; lowest possible prices; disd cu.stom hatching. Quality Electric Hatch- er.v. Gas. Kan3. FRECKLEfSi AND |HS FRIENDS Orpingtpn LVorth Thif-d. FURNITURE — Bijautftul walnut (fining and bedrooitf suites: new ovcs less than ha\f price: 1 liea,trola heater.; SojVcn truck l))ails of furniture' jdst arrived oih Kansas- Cit.v. at kindling o()d prices. Curtis Bargiiiu ^lo£e, LaHarpo. GUSI RANGES — Pcnliisular Beacon gas ranges. Good and new ia.s range for $22.50. Henninger's. l^K.^jTER —l4-inrh O^k heating 1 toVe, nearly new, wfiod or coal.' •all Self Service -Market. ;]\Lb OF STORAGE F mNI'TUI^E. 1 ncluding _JL ' used dining room mite, massive oak' construction;' i'i-i'nch ixiit^t: 48-lnc^ extcifslon tall e; 6 clialrs. gem ine leather 1 ea s; "^fnmjpl'efe suite. $68. U»cd t-uch extension wal lut table, 6 hairs to mutch, igenijiine leather eats, the 7 pieces. $37.50. i;»ed liK folds, all i;i good condition, iri ;ed from $15' [o $27..'>0. Used ivh te enariiel kitchen,' cabinet; In pi -ndid condiiiou. $27.50. A.; H. •^Iciiper Furniture Coj Broilers In JReal Estate; j R insurance see us. I Ar- uckle Real Estate. Farrak and Land for Sale i S3 ihiprovcd. Alsi . 1 arness:! some il edy. loia R.' 1. loot of I'iiiua Hill. wagon, tciiml and feed. W. f]. ken- Four imllcs west. 4i ACRES — Birgain. ; nefl ' im- liroved. lear lola. possessltiu: iJ-"^" argaiii in modern henie, c|o>e in, I! mall pjiyineut. Ilaniillon { iteaity .'ompun >'. " ilFIED JDrePI^ r)! 3. 1927) KTTLE. ' (First pilbllshed P^bruir .NOTIt Of FINAL J 1 The ijti e of Kansas; Vjiou Ciouir- ty. -ss. i i In the I'robale Court in and for Said t'ouj \y. • In tiie M.atter of th s Estate of T. S. BWrkenvidge, de( i .sed.';' 'rediioMs and all otnv pci|soii>! interestecl inUlt(> afore; aid Estajtc ail' herew Jiotified that ^ shall ap- pl' to ih!o ProhiUe Coi rlj in ' and. fo • sail! N.'ounty, sittiig! lUi the. Court ^Iwise in lola, tiounty of Allen, State of Kansas (^n the 5th . day of .Mdrch. A. D; 19: 7.] for u full and final ^ttlement of said Estate, , arid for bn order find n^ and ad-, judgingj Mrho are the heirs, idevi- sees and li^gatees of siiirt ileceased. MYRTLE BREQf EVRIIJGB: Adniinistrator of tiiel Estate of T. ife.ipreckenridgel ifec^aaed. (21-3-10-11^-24. (First Piii)lished in Tl e jlola Daily Register .faiiuarv ; ".ll.OST).' NOTKK OF FINAL SITTLt>IE>T State of Kansas. Allei^ Count.v, ss. In the jProbatc Court jn anjd for said C(ji!nt.v. In tlic i lalter <>t the Estate jnfilc.eo. G. Fcx. deceased. Crcditai^ anl all o h^r persons interested in the afor:!siiid Estate are hereby notified i hit I ishair apply ithe Probate Coiirt in'and for .said (toiinfy, ..^ittiiig at the Court House jirij lola. Couhtjf 'of Allen, State (if j of Fcbniili. and finiililsettK'ineiit olj siiid Estate,; and for an order fim iifi; anil ad- jiirF^ing who arcr the Iiiijt. devisees and legalfcs o[ .said de •(•{IS(M1. ' - i I , N. Ailmini.^trator rf the F (;. CoxJ deceased.. Janiiarv 25, A. I). 1<>2 (li 27 1(2) :M0-17. !Kaus.i3. on Hid ;rtay ry. A. P.. 1927.i for ji full EVSJRY- BPDY DRIVISS I A USE]> CAR EVEiRY- B0l!)Y DRIVES stiite of Geo. ,. E ARE MAKI.VG—The. lowest IprUes on ne^- fuiiiiitufe. beds and mattresses. Bryslin's JFunr. Store. Saturday, I^bi^J^iy l:^h SaUirda^,JFebruaryl9it^ As usual.f(r thus time bf thcvyear jur file's sYow.ihc iiaiine.s oi hun ;Jredsiof people iilyihi.s|ccmmunity ^|fho are plajining to "buy a Used iFord Car lin the Sprin ^.'f As usiia] th(!.v^ u'jIJ do it. A.s u.sua;) jthe: price of Used Ford Cars wil bei-strengtihened; by the h<iaVy buying.! M •' • 1 i .!•:•(. . \ 'Take he Ijlimp o^ the ipther fellpw in both .s^ilc^c Lion artd pricj; by puyini^ during "Used Fo^d Week." DROP IN ANr| us will show s complete lin^ of ijjscd Ford ( our! dL^pay |fl!oor aiid in front of our building ars (HI Iduring "^HE HAS TO HAVE A- Per.<ional!i HOME WA.N'TED—For * sm :i, •K4rl«». 7 ond * .venrs. S«^ .ludffH Smith at Court House. In YitrA nuuH .1 .MILLION iOKEiJ LACE. TOO.i yob AA)'P&f 60rA3<S •7b L v;s \Mi \SA> r 6Er ^ABI lED? OLA-KAlNSt und-siild in thij VUMH SlalTs uluije KH thun nil} other niduui'arlurt'r.; m BY Bilia <ViV .R I !

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