Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 15, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1898
Page 2
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tj»f Relief. BY THB TBLBORAPH PHINTINO COPIPANY. TUESDAY EVE., NOV. V>. NOTICE TO AnVKRIlBKRS. for the »e»r IBM we «h»ll charge the follow- ujm«ifortr«n.lentnotlce« In our local col- ars ago I suffered se- from neuralgia and pat- tfttttan of the heart. I was tmable to do light housework. /Nothing brought relief until I tools Dr. Mile? Heart Cure. 3 , bottles removed all trace of my and I now feel like a MB UHZ. Slatielntertlon.. ..................... 'SSSt!' Three to flre mwrUocs ............... ' «nt«. BUtotw»lT«<niertlon« ................ » cents. RATIO 0» »DT*RTtBIHO. TRAN»nurr.-» cents per Inch first ">»<"•"»": and at tents per Inch tor each subsequent Inaor- "jS'perlochflrit month, II. M per Inch e«oh month thereafter. LXOAL ADTIKTlllIKa II per Inch for tne Brtt Insertion, «n4 W ceou per filch for each subsequent insertion. 'flW WOman. Mr». J. O. Houston. 169 8. Water St., Exeter, N. H. " ; OR. MILES' Bart Cure to Mtd by all drnKKlBtfl jfrit botile bencffw OP Book on heart and ner IT. MIlM Medical Company, all drnKKlBtfl o money . ves wmtfrce. Elkhart, Ind. BOOKS. Richard Mansfield's Great Success tANO DE BERQERAC. five acts translated Wmond Rosjini. from the Paper, by ISC x the On by Hall Calne. This Is edition of Hall Caine's TIIK Peace Commission now in nee - «lon In Paris is Ilkoly to close Its work before the end of the month. The Spanish Commissioners will make a show of opposition mid will finally agree to America's conditions, giving as a reason that Mpaln is powerless. A sympathetic appeal will bs issued to other nations, and there tho matter will end. ON Tuesday, November 8, the most eweeplng Republican victory over registered In what is called an off year occurred. On Saturday following tho largest clearances in the history of banking was transacted in Now York City. Those two results are naturally allied. There is eyjry reason to suppose that the business Improvement which has set in during the year in tho great commercial centres, will soon extend to all parts of tho country. Tne money issue is practically settled for years to come. The sound money majority In tho Senate cannot bo overcome in less than five to ten years, and ;it Is hoped long before that time that the 1(1 to 1 craze will have passed away as the greenback craze did, and that good times will be In the high tide at the close of President MoKlnley's first term. HONOIUIU. A Idler from America's New Possession by torn. Arthur Prciiltt. KtlHor TeU'iirttph: HONOU-U-, H. I., f. S. A., Oct. 28, 'I'S. After a protracted stay of two months in Camp Morrltt, San Francisco, which had been made tbe ro- cruitlng station for the Philippine expeditionary forces, the sixth expedition under Brig.-Uen. Olias. King, embarked on the U. 8. transport Arizona and on August 22 began their long voyage to the antipodes. The number of soldiers on board was 1200, Including one battalion Istb U. 8. infantry and one battalion of recruits from Colorado, Nebraska nnd Pennsylvania respectively, besides officers, Ked Cross nurses and a few privileged passengers, making a grand totnl of 1,800. Tbe voynge from Han Krancleco to Honolulu was devoid of Incidents worthy of note, the only accident being a break in the machinery, necessitating a delay of live hours In mid-ocean. This was taken advantage of by the boys who, through the kindness of tho ship's crew secured a few rope ladders and enjoyed plunge In the briny deep, 1,000 f&enklewicz (Hcnryk) Works. •ted from the Polish by Jeremiah Curtln By mall ........... aB' I' «« ......... 2OI .MlebMl. Vadu. Fire and Sword. Paper. By mall... joe Opie Read's Select Works. f (rotten up and sold In complete volumes, printed on Hue laid pain Holliston cloth, gold tons, uncut 9«Sd WtWm edges, stamped In gold and Ink him original and artistic cover design. i «|t«un«r. The Jtickllns, y Young Muter, A Kentucky Colonel, itlwSiiwwwe Rim. A TenntMte Judge. i Tolnmes In a box Reduced from SO to$4.s° ' TOUB j£eJ tra . singlevolumefl by mall.Sse George Eliot's Works. 1 Tplames, 12 mo. Cloth, marble edges .. *». oo •i .Bxpressage extra Macauley's Works. ne*, 12mo. Cloth, marble edges. . .$a.oo ';jjxpre»»8ge extra. Teacher In Literature; « portrayed iM writing of English, French, Gorman fcw ' F BOrto«n authors. With a blograph- cetoh and characterization of each -.and an introduction by B. A.Hlnn- ,^. L. D. 12mo, oloth, mar- ymall .................... *' "» The Life of Jesus, Renan. «» top. 75C m»ny valuable illustrations. crowns TO, oloth, gilt Ples, > Bymall. SHEET MUSIC. rMMIo, per copy, by mall ............ 7c f the latest Bongs and Muslo, by mall ..... ijc Catalogue on Application. OCBEBB Frederic Dahlstrom, ISVanBurenSt, Chicago, III. MASTER'S SALE. tot Illinois, City ot Alton, 88. Court ot Alton, September term, A. ._ H. Boals TO. Michael 8. Bartlett, iBartlott, Ada Arnleln, Thomns Fletob- !>?Hetoher. Caroline ^leton-jr, Kate B. i Fletcher, Caroline William F. Fletohr "Biggs, Mamie Ballou and Una "(eon of Samuel Bartlott deceased.) Bill to foreclose mortgage. Fietoner, uaronno rietuu-jr, &»™ ^. William F. Fletohpr. Mary II. FJetoh- » Biro. Mamie Ballou and Charles In notice Is hereby given. that7ln puruu- Ywr^ r^andentar'ed by .al{ 0 ourt ve entitled oanae on tho 21th day of •r. i. D., 1808. I, Lovl D. Yager, mauler Inoery of said City Court of Alton, will on DAV, THB SIXTEENTH DAY OF NOVEMBER, A. D., 1898, ihour of 10 o'clock In the forenoon, at the t door ot the City liallbulIdrnK.ln the Iton.loountyof Mndlsonancl mate of public auction •MIU a't'ipubilo"auclTon7 to" tho highest it bidder, for oa»h, all and singular, the • described promises and real estate In mentioned, eltuated In the city of i ot Madison and Slate ot Illinois, hereof aa shall bo auntulent to aat- aoven' (7) and eight (8), In r"flfty-sU (66), In Uodfroy and Oil- moiuBn, to Alton i situated In said city B, county ot Madison and Blato of 1111- oompllanco with all the terms of aalo L Tttl«> approval of auoh aale by the court, J»te of. purohaao will be given the purr entitling him to. leed from the Master- now o?iaW court at i he e . ) S>" ra , tlonn d monttui, provided redemption be otm ' • to that time. ffjftei In Chanoery of the City Court ot Alton, « JUVJ8, Comp'ta Solicitor. M. MAHONEY, JRANCE AND REAL ESTATL POR SALB. «r» «0ttbl« briok dw«Ulni 10 room. i (run* dw m brick The Philippine Treaty In the New Senate. The alleged fear that the Semite will refuse to ratify a treaty transferring the Philippines to American control has never been felt by the amiulstra- tlon, and any such Idea is now cleur- ly dissipated by the election returns. It is not probable that a treaty will be ready for ratification by the Senate bofore March 4. The Preaident will call an extra session of Iho Senate to consider the treaty. After March 4 there will be fifty-tour Republicans, with not more than three or four men, like Hale of Maine, and Morrill of Vermont, and Sewoll of Now Jersey, who would oppose such a treaty. There will be a do/en silver men, Populists and Democrats, from the west and south, who will vote for a treaty keeping the Philippines. Stewart and Jones of Nevada, Teller of Colorado, Kyle of South Dakota, Turner of Washington, Gannon and Rawlins of Utah, Heitfeld of Idaho, and Morgan andPettueof Alabama, havo already declared themselves favorable to the acquisition of tbe Philippines. There will be no question about the neces- siry two-thirds vote for ratification by the Senate after March 4. UPPER ALTON. Miss Maggie Rapp, of Mitchell, is visiting friends here. Mrs. T. G. Emerson .returned home today from Gillespie. Mrs. F. Green is visiting in St. Louis. Mrs. Mary Murphy and Miss Murphy, are home after a week's visit in St. Louis. D. W. Oollet is reported very low today. His brother In Arkansas boa been wired for, and Is expected here this evening. Mr. Frank Mitchell a Shurtleff student of the "70's, Is here euterlnghis two children lu the college. Miss Lauretta Murphy, teacher of languages and science In the Female College, Fulton, Mo., la home on a short visit. Dr. A. K. deBloia goes to BloomiiiR- Ington, Thanksgiving week, to deliver a course of live lectures on "The Fundamental Truths of ChrlRtlanlty." The managers of the SlinrtK-ff foot ball team are trying to arrange a ro turn game with the Christian Brothers College, to bo played hero next Saturday. .l public exuiblllim of Iho 8o>.'••':H»e cl»8s of Shurtleff Oolliige "old Friday evening, Nov. 18, apel. Tuero are 22 mom'iora o claeu, this being thu largest iiomore claes over enrolled In the 'istory of the college. Prof. Wnjto is coaching the Sophs, and there is every indication that .the exhibition will be a grand suoeees. Mr. Horace Dudley, who has been at (home on sick leave for several weeks, leaves this evening for M.icon, Ga., to rejoin his regiment. Air. Dudley holds the office of Quartermaster Sergeant, M Engineer Regiment, U. S. Volunteera, and expects toon to be ordered to Trinidad, Cuba. The Woman's Club meets Thursday afternoon with Mrs. H. 0. First. OD Fountain it. on Belle it. on Bute it. up er AHo, 0ft VMl Un« ot Main it reel. Big monei ae dwaulcg on DluO ard " d' itbwett of Brighton lo. 511 Belle at. brtok dwelling aui (.room nwrBd ant No. 611 Belle tt. it. il»te roof dwelling, 1. EODUII tor pur. frame dwelling, oor. Alb) Bt»t»«tre»t,morUi ot Bluff m i< dwelling, large bin "HAlton. north ot Upper AJto. eg' on 1U> it ,MW Htm) Dnwie Qlven Up by Kt»»r Poctpw. , 0.—My daughter, at- by (our doctors dud a neighbor reoom- KWney Cure. Too walk several mile* Ueelw* would bare t lor your u>e4i- rt.J.M. Bailey. 6.H,Wyw, mllos from land. . Tlie name Pacific was certaiuly appropriate, for never a mill pond lay more peaceful than did the vast watery expanse during our voyage, the much dreaded maldu-mor manifesting Itself only in afew Blightcases. The task of feeding and bunking 1,300 men on one vessel is neither a small nor envious one. From early morn- Ing till late in the evening hard tack, corn beef and coffee commanded "gang way" on all sides of the ship, much to the chagrin of many recruits who longed for mother's hot cattes and syrup which were commonplace at home, but failed to gain recognition at the culinary department of tho Arizona. Tho sleeping compartments of the Arizona are comparatively the best furnished of any transport in the government's service. Each man has a separate bunk made of woven wire and constructed three in a tier with a space three feet apart, thus giving sufficient room for each man to put his baggage and accoutrements of war, ana thus with its huge size, 484 feet in length by 37 feat breadth, makes the Arizona not only the largest, but most desirable transport on the Pacific. The evenings were the most enjoyable, for all on board. The tedious duties of the day over, the cool breezes bring all on deck to spend a few hours as suited their pleasure, and it was here the personnel of the troops manifested itself. Some were inclined to literature, and spend their time reading and writing; some wore musical, as attested tho many impromptu orchestras and choruses, some of which demonstrated talent far above the average. Some reveled in stories of romance or adventure, while others could find solace only in the "grand old army games" and betook themselves to the aft deck which waa converted into a floating Monte Carlo. The Ore alarm from the ship's siren often terminated abruptly the evening's sports, as this signal of danger compelled all on deck to tumble bead- long in their respective apartments, only the company designated to man tho life boats being allowed on board while the officers of the ship inspected the alleged danger, when the doors and hatchways were thrown open much to the delight of those who sought refuge in the dimly lighted part of the ship. The series of delays and disappointments which asserted itself Immediately upon our arrival In Camp Merritt, were not at an end, for harjly had we anchored in the beautiful harbor of Honolulu than the order was given to go ashore and pilch camp until further orders were given. On September I the troops were landed and marched to the government building—formerly the king's palace—and here amid the inspiring strains of the famous Hawaiian baud, and tho delicate perfumes of tropical plants, over 1200 tired and hungry soldiers sat down beneath the shade of the royal palms and cypress to partake of a delicious lunch prepared by the thoughtful and hospitable ladles of Honolulu. The feast over, the troops spent the remainder of the day making the acquaintance of their dusky looking sisters, who vied with each other in making the occasion agreeable to the boys in blue, or perhaps stretched their tired bodies on the cool campus with the hope of dispelling that tired feeling which generally accompanies a long sea voyage. In the cool of the evening tho march was resumed to the new camp, which in honor of the commander of the Philippine forces, was styled Camp Oils. The new oauip 1« situated lu tho beautiful Kapk-laui Park, alongside the famous drive and bathing resort Walkiki, four miles from tho heart of tho city tn:l half way to ihti famous Dianv n Head orator, where tho nlgn»l station is Bit- united. The curved shore linn of this bench is occupied by love y villas of the wealthy classes, mostly from the Stutes, and pn tho reef-protect ml beach tho most excellent bathing can be enjoyed in water with on unilorm temperature of 70 degrees the year round. Camp life hero is ideal, save for the mosquitoes, which Bt times become too fumi'iar. Tho soldiers vnry tho monotony of the camp by exctir°ions on foot or horseback through the numerous vultaya on the inlands some uf which are closed in by lofty niouir talus down which waterfalls tumble in graceful linen, catching the glints of the nun's my* and forming exquisite rainbows. Thoao nrtifttically Inclined find Holds over which he will linger and be loath to lunvo, ai he views a panorama of color not to bo equalled In any purl of tne world. The trip most interesiing to the average soldier is a vi-'-it to the Nuuana valley and over the precipice or"pali,"some six miles from tho executive building, where moro than 100 years ago some 400 native warriorn with their wives and children preferred instant death by jumping headlong over this precipice of 1,000 feat, raiher than submit themselves captives to Kami/bameha I, who had conquered tho adjoining hlamlB and sought to establish his reign over this (Oahu) Island, than uniting the eight icleinda under his leadorehip. Tno vlo\v from this eminence is ludeod inspiring. From here one can see the entire island of Oahu, which is thirty miles long by eleven wide, while tho surrounding Islands are visible at distances ranging from 30 to 100 miles. Tho natives are by no moans revengeful or envious toward tho American foldierorcitizen, if one may judge from their conduct and daily intercourse In and around tho camp and city. The kindest feeling seems to prevail among all classes from the royalty down to the humble citizen. Upon fieverai occasions havo tho ex Queen Mluioknhni and tho Princess Kniulanl visited tho camp to witness the troops on dress parade, whilo the natives suaro nolthor time nor labor to make tho Btay of tho troops hot i agreeable and Instructive. Whatever may bo tho feeling of tho higher classes tho average Kanaka takes a philosophic view of tho situation and seems to ronlize tho fact that sooner or later their beautiful island kiugdom must become a part of a larger and stronger power, and with this convic tion no power presents itself as more able and willing to measure out full justice and equity than the United States, which publicly assumed this trust when tho stars and stripes were floated over the executive building at Honolulu on August 12, thus marking the beginning of a now policy of the great American Republic. To say that the United States will be greatly benefited by this step in advance would but reiterate the sentiment of every unbiased man who has ever visited or investigated the merits of the islands. By the acquisition of these islands the Uoited States not only secures tho stronghold of the Pa cific, thus giving her dominant power over the entire ocean but opens up an area of commercial prosperity for her home industries which is bound to exceed the most sanguine expectation. /is to those who may contemplate coming here to engage in business I will say that a stay of two months here has convinced me that this is no poor man's country. The sugar capitalists have foreseen the possibilities of the islands and have long since bought up a greater portion of the desirable land especially on the islands of Oahu, Hawaii and Mani. On 8ome|ot;'he smaller islands, land is still awaiting ^development and to the man of small capital, industry and patience tbe cultivation of tobacco, pine appl j p, bananas and especially cotfeo, oilers every opportunity. To those in search of health and pleasure Hawaii is indeed a fnvoreJ opot Its beautiful flowers, luxuriant verdure and delicious fruits, together with its semi-tropical climate make it a country of everlasting spring, well deserving the name of the "Paradise of the Paciiio." Respectfully, WM. Aimiuu PKEUITT TWO STOWS. Daring tho past yearn we have been ao crowded in our store on Third street that we have been compollud to spread out. For the aceomtnoda. tlon of onr patrons and to show oar large stock of goods wo havo opened A New Store At 317 Belle St. All our Toys and Fancy Goods will be found there and onr China, Glass, Granlta and Tinware, Lamps und House Furnishing Goods will bo found at our Third street store. Our ambition ia to have the prettiest and completes! store in Southern Illinois and we think we now have it. Gome and eoo us in our old nncl our new home. ItOPPE. Tbe three-year-old boy of J. A. Johnson, of Lynn Center, III., la subject to attacks of croup. Mr. Johnson says he Is satisfied that tho timely use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, during a severe attack, saved Ms little boy's life. He Is in the drug business, a member of tho ilrm of Johnson Bros, of that place; and they handle a great many patent modlolaca for throat and lung dlueasos. Ho had all these to chose from, and skilled ph v- slolans ready to respond to his cull, bat selected this remedy for use In bis own family at a time when his child's life was in danger, because he knew li to be superior to any other, and famous the country over for Its cures of croup. Mr. Johnson says this U the beat selling cough medicine they handle, and that It gives splendid satisfaction in all cases. Sold by K. Muroh and 8. H. Wyns.^ . _. . How to Cure Hiliout Colic. I suffered for weeks with collo and palne in my stomach caused by biliousness and bad to take medicine all tbe while until I used Chamberlain's Oolio, Cholera and DUirrhuu Remedy, which cured me. 1 have since recommended it to a good many poo- ple.—Mrs. F. Butler, Palrhaveu, Conn Persons who are subject to bilious colic can ward of tbe attack by taking this remedy as soon as the first symptom* appear. Bold by B. Mwshaud 8. H. Wysf. Pr, B«»'B Pme-T»r-Honey acts BB ft b»l» to the lung?,, cutting the naooui, »«»y»»|t »«* TuflftfflBmTion, Sealing w* efwgtbenlng. It wll ™"* Of a cold in one night luugs agalust the 860 At good drug 5 ioo Reward fioo. Tbe readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at leas! one dreaded diseane that scien^o haf been able to cure in all its stages, anc that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure ia tbe only poaitive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon tho blood und mucous surfaces of the system, thjreby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution ana assisting nature in doing its work. Tho proprietors havo BO much faith in its curative powers thatthdy offer 8100 reward for any case that it fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists 75l». Kat Forming Oxygen. Dr. Bell's Plne-Tnr-Houey cures coughs and colds and soothes the air paBBagea. It heala the bronchial tubes and strengthens the weak lung-i. alt builds up the tissues and enables the blood to receive its proper supply o* oxygen R. R. EXCURSION RATES. T he Burlington to Pu to Colorado, California and Vet "Sound Points. [-Icincscokors Excursions.—Novelet and 15th 1 and Deo. Oth and 2Mh, via the Burlington. n EDUCED Rates to Northern and Western •* resorts now In effect via tho C. & A. B. R resoi and connections. T ho Burlington Route boutllno to all northern norteern and western summer resorts Cheap rates now In affect. For Information ap ply toJ. B. Thomas, Agent. Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 2«h— * Special excursion rates via Big Four. Tloketi will bo sold only for tialns of Nov. 21th an within a radius ot 150 in leu of starling point Rcuirnlnggood unt 1 Nov. 25 h Inclusive.—& II. Hamilton. T he nurHngton'B Through Car Service—Pal ace Slooperfl and Chair Cars (seats treo) t Kanuus City, St. Joe, Omaha, Denver, Billings Rock Island, Dubuquo, Cedar Rapids, St. Pau nnd Minneapolis. Tourist Sleepers to Ban r ran Cisco and I..OB Angeles, Ca Ifornla, Portland Oregon via Denver and Salt Lako City, ever Wednesday. For rates, routes, etc., call o address J B. Thomas, Agent. F or California Tourist s—The Burlington Rout hns weekly tourist sleeper excursions, por Honallv conducted (by a Burl ngton Route Agon ovcrv'Wedoesday f om St. Louis, and Tlmrs OS por i - _ your Ticket Agent, J. B. Thomas, ITS for particu Excursion H omeseokers via Big Four, to specified points Colorado? Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian To via Big Fou o? Flo, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky at very low rate points fu AlabaTna ritcry, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mlchlean, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Da Louisiana i, Mlssour , , akota, OUr homa- Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota Tenm-sseo, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin an Wyoming. Tickets will bo on oala Nov. l&tn Dec. 0 20, Jan. 3-10; Fob. 7-21, March, 7-1 For full Information apply to G. H. Hamlltoi Ticket Agent. _______ H otneseokors' Excursions. — Upon certa: dates of October, November and Decembe tbo C. & A. wll sell excursion tickets at groat reduced rates to points in Alabama, Arizont Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idah- Indlan Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky Louisiana, Nortnern Michigan, Minnesota, MI slaslppl, Missouri, Nebraska, Now Mexico North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Tex as, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyomlnf The reductions In rates are of BUlllclent Impor anco to merit tho attention of prospectlv travelers; For particulars call onO.G. Norrl Ticket Agont. __ What do the Children Drink? Don't ulve them tea or coffey. Have ou tried the m w food drink culled BAIN-O? It is delicious and nour- ihlng and taken tho slace of coffee, he more Grain O you give the child- en tho more health you dlrt'lb"" iirough their systems. Orain-O is lado of pure grains, and when pro- erly prepared taeteft like the choice radon of coffee but costs about one- alfasmuch. All grocers soil It. IGo nd 2oc 'fry Grain-01 Try Oraln-01 Ask your grocer to show you a iBckage of GttAIN-0, the new food rink that takes tbe place of coffee, •he children may drink It without in- tirynsweli as the adult. All who ry It like it. GBA1N-O has that rich enl brown of Mocha or Java, but it Is make from pure gralna, and the most ellcate stomach receives it without .istress. One-half the price of coffee. 5c and 26c per package. Sold by an iruggists. A Lady is not gowned well unless her Rheumatism Cured in 14 Hours. T. J. Blackmore, of Mailer & Blackmore, Pittsburgh, Pa., says: "A short ime since I procured a bottle 01 'Mystic Cure." It got me out of the house in 24 hours. I took to my bed vith rheumatism nine months ago and the "Mystic Cure" is tho only medicine that did me any good-.. 1 had live of the best physicians in the city, but I received very little relief from them. I know the "Mystic•Jure" to be what it is represented and nke pleasure in recommending It to other poor sufferers." Sold by H. W Jhamberlain, druggist, Alton. A Queer (?) Meulcme. There is a medicine whose proprietors do not claim to have discovere*. some hitherto unknown ingredient, or that it is a cure-all. This honest medicine only claims to cure certain dlaoii8«B, and that its Ingredients are recognized by tho most skilled physicians ns being the best for K'dney and Bladder diseases. It is Foley's Kidney Cure. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. PATHFINDER DEPARTMENT. Three lltes or less under this heading: One time, II oent«! three days, IK cents; one week (Ooentu additional times same rate, cash down. fits well. We have all the new styles in these celebrated makes. P. D. 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B als, partners under the name o£ M. H. Boats & Son, vs Henry Meile, Emma Pauline Mcdo and Hatt o Mode. Petition for Mechanic's lien. Pub'lc mtlce la hereby glvon that by virtue or a decree of the Circuit Court of Madison county made and entered at tho October term, A. D 1S08, thereof, In the above entitled cause, the undersigned, Master In Chanoery of said court, \vll soil at public auction to the highest and best bidder, on SATURDAY, THE THIRD DAY OF DECEMBER, A. D., 1898, at the hour of ton o'clock, In the forenoon of said day. at the north door of this City Hall building lu the city of Alton. In the county of Madison. In the State of Illinois, the following described real estate, to-wit. Ninety-two (92) feet fronting on North street and ona hundrol and fifty-four and one-halt (I5|M») feet deep off the north end of the east half of the south end of block »No. five (6), In Hunter's North Liberty addition to the city of Alton, sltuited In the cltyof Alton, In the county of Madison, and S ate of Illinois. Said lot, or piece of land, lying next to and south of lot No. (1) (fronting on North street) In said block Terms' of sale—All cash on day of sal . Upon compliance with he terms of sale and tho approval of the report of the said master by tho court, a certlfloa e of purchase will be given the purchaser or purchasers which will entitle him or them to a deed for the | remises at the expiration of fifteen months from the day of sale, unless redeemed according to law. JOHN F. MoGINNIS, • Master In Chancery. LF.VI DAVIS, Sol. for Complainants. T. W. BURGESS, Cor. SiithandAlbysU Best Brands Staple and Fancy Gioceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Buckwheat, Pancake Flour, Maple Sap, Fresl Oysters, Celery, Fresh Bread, Fancy Butter, Flour, Pure Spices, Fine Teas and Coffees, e!c. Telephone 69. any One Large Scar Is All That Remains of Scrofula Sores Great Neighbors Could Not Bear to Look Upon Her-A Grand, Complete Cure by Hood's Sarsaparllla After Others Failed. "I was taken with neuralgia I" my lieiiil and eyiiu. Nut lull); aftnr this, a HC'.rufulu noro appeared on my loft check, extending Ironi my uppur lip to my vyo. Utliur sureu catnu on my iivck und on my rltfht arm und ono uf my limbs. They were very truubleuumo and painful and BOOU iH'cumo great running HuruH. My face looked HO had that bomo of my miighburu could not bear to look at me and advised mo to wear a bandaici', but I ftmrud this would irrituto Ihu bore and muko if woruu. Ho 1 Could Not Hide the Soroa. My nluc'u, who watt familiar with a cauo blmllur to mine, which had boon cured by Hood's Bareupui'llla, urged mo to try it. Finally I wan persuaded to do no, and lu a short tlmo I saw it was helping mu. The uorett bugun to heal und tho ntm- ruljjla In my head was butter. lit a few months thu »urus ou my arms and limbs all healed; thouu on my nttk gradually disappeared und now they uro all gone. 1 huvo never hud any symptom of scrofula since, Unu largo scar on uiy right arm la all the bltfii that remains of my terrible alUlctlou. Thu neuralgia lu also cured." Mus. J. M. HATCH, Ktmi, New Hampshire. Sarsa- parllla 1» the I'uut—In luut Uio Ou« True Ulood 1'ui'lllur. Hood's Next to Your Wife Your Undershirt is your nearest friend. It may be tomorrow or next day yr ur Htile, ihin un dershirt and drawers must give wa; to heavier weights. Where will I buy? you say to youiseif. I don't like to shop and look in stores without buying, but how else will I know? Do you know us? We believe we have the best values in Alton. Will you help us p ove it? Take our underwear home, compare it with what you get from other stores. If i'is not the best, bring it back and get your money. This jhows the confidence we have in our. underwear. H .A.WUTZLEE- .^^^•L W W ••••••••••••••i •» 4iHK ^mm ^» ^^ The Outfitter. 633 East Second Street *>H UNCLE SAM'S RATIONS AT OAVITft, Faoi, HARPER'S WEEKLY THIS WEEK. SHOES SHOES! New JShoes, Stylish Shoes, up to date Shoes, food Shoes: Shoes for men, Shoes for women, Shoes for girls, Shoes for boys; Baby Shoes, Grandma Shoes, Grandpa Shoes, Shoes that have ' soles under them. Good shoes to tie to—impossible to get on your uppers if you buy c ur shoes. Shoe Hung Dp Prices Out Down. Our Show Windows are a a tody lu Shoe economy. We have hung these up so that he who runs may read a lot ot shoer enough bargains which are best samples of hundreds of others within. There is only one way to beat our low prices and that is to go bare foot. Look at tbeso for Ladles' and Misses: For Ladles tbe celebrated Plngree and Smith, J. J. Latteman & Oo., and Wright & Peters Go's 82. $2.50, «3 up to 95 going at 98c, 1.29,1.79, 2.4ft Pingree & Smith composite Shoe in turns and welts going at 1.79 and 2.09 Misses' and Uhildren'd School Shoes in haavy Dang.. Viol Kid and Box Oalf. How is this going at. 59c. 69c, 77c, 99, $1.29 Men's Cordovan Oalf, Kangaroo Oalf, Titan Ualf, Jona Oalf, French Oalf, King Oalf, Box Calf, Willow Oalf, values 94, 85, 80, 87; go at $2.98 Boys' in same, g ilng at 98c, $1 29, $1 SO PFEIFFER & BAILEY, STAR SHOE STORE Harry Zimmerman, Manager. DON'T MISS THE MODELS Sacrifice Sale <2or. 3d and Piasa sts. Licensed ARCHITECT 8up«rlDte<i4*al «nd Mocnunlc*! i^x^^^;^^^^",;;^^'^' It* W. THIRD ATRBBT, TMrf Floor.

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