Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 4, 1961 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1961
Page 4
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Fayette School News Fourth Grade Pro^idont. iiu-.-i- p <>pJ<.' oil. bv Marjoric Jones • We hiivc In-; n ii,.v!iiu film strips about li.w.tii, Daniel ' Booni\ Rohoit E. Leu, State J Park-: and forming. We all en- ~~ ~ joyed them. Seventh Grade We also liad a movie on Monday It showed how to read maps and what the signs on them meant. — by Diane Alber The last four weeks in Iowa History wo have been studying We had an unexpected visitor K.,rly Forts of Iowa. Indian Wednesday morning. Marjoric tribes of Iowa, Half-breeds. . Henry brought her dog, Cindy. Black Hawk and Keokuk. Spirit been completely planned She behaved very well. Lake Massacre. Tama Indians, Peter Vermazen: ing the evening. Donald is now i.t, lionnic Yearous: finishing his practice piece of Maty (.'lark; and weaving. Richard Lotz. We We are working to finish our v.'l! do their Supermarket Heading iviirk- bi.iks before the end of the — school year. We find many interesting subjects for discussion in these books. The date for our class trip, with the other Special Education rooms in the county, has been set for Saturday, May 13. The places we will visit have not We are rearranging our room the fur- every few days, using room arithmetic soon after we moved Wednisdav afternoon we went Squatters in Iowa and ine uir- •-••-• J >•".•••. * ........ to the Lender office. Janice trade. We plan to have a test pla™_made by the students m Stoneman's father showed us Monday on all these stories the machine., and how to run John" Mohlis had a birthday into our room them. The printing press was and treated each pupil to a pack especially interesting. We thou- of gum. gilt it would come in handy if Cheryl and Carol Chase are wo had a lot of homework to do. back in school after being home We never realized all the work with the measles, that went into making a paper Student Council A special thanks to Mr. Stone- Eighth Grade man for letting us come ' ^ (JlL'St-'lUl'll iUCtlS 14)1 |Jlll> LU IJL: Cans Bnterman won the written by Susan Evans and presented to the cheerleaders. spelldown by spelling "relate" Charlotte Duwe Student Council president, an- Teacher's Sketch The second to the last meeting of the Student Council was held on April 18. Ron Webb and Ric Miller presented ideas for pins to be Durnermuth, Dennis Heth, L.'ir- ary Keig, Judy Langermun, Maurice McBride, JoAnn Quandt. John Tripp, Judy Tripp. Sophomores Diane Ashby, Mary Austin. T. m Borchert. Ken Buttcis. Harleyn Cue, Carol Clark. Renee Jellings, Heli n Kauten, Kathy K:ig. 7 .i e A.nna Martin. Freshmen Annette Baker, Kick Milkr. Andrea Nadeau, Duanc Oolben:. Winnie Mae Zbornik. Hot Lunch Monday — Macaroni and cheese, green beans, milk. • ;;g salad sandwiches. cake. fnut .viuce. Tuesday — Beef burgers on bun. potato salad, brownie, milk, fruit cup. Wednesday — Chili and crackers, fresh vegetables. r< !>>h tray, apple sauce, fruit bar-, milk, dried beef sandwiclie.-.. Thursday —• Baked bean.-, milk, weiner in bun, fruit jello, cookie, cheese sticks, bread and butter. Friday — Fish sticks, - tartar sauce, peas, vegetable jello. juice, apple crisp, milk, bread and butter. nt Fn-ctto, ClycH ui 4th grade, a nd Elaine, who is in second grade. She did in hei part-time office work , T senior year of high school .,„d all the way through college Shi' has taught two years in Blakesburg, one year at Wapello five correctlv Mary Jane Wcdemeier brou- a)j , )llt |, :n . i> l; ,phs. We are going ;,;t six tiny baby bunnies to ,,, ,, r . lW s< _. vt ial of them, sciiool. Janice Stoneman won honorable mention in the Oehvein Junior Art Contest. Dalyn Nefzger and Pam Curtis showed us manv unusual s . iu .j|, ; " Cedar Falls this coming summer. We are studying about elastic j t wiis decided to have the new I.,,,.. v,or- ,.r „.t^i «J > '->• In arithmetic we are studying nllal editor and paper editor under the new honor award system. This new system will be in We are getting more interest- m lhf ' 1901-1962 school ed in Civics. We are writing a- ye ^'' .. , , bout the early life in Fayette. , A motl °" was made :mc ] nass Also we are" working in our % d l ° scn * the new president to l )o0 j. s Student Council Workshop in Ti — 1 —" l ^•"••"»- it W as decided to have the new —Mrs. Downing cIl,us - bills of attainder and lob- Slut j en t Council members come f. :irth gr..de has done b:st A feu ' ()f ,he «' rIs and bo - vs to the final meeting. . :nte:e>t:n.4 things during al ' c l<'«k"»g up lobbists. Winnie Mae Zbornik and : .'• eks. April 27 we had our talent Judy Miller are to write out a '•"<• :...d t.:;r talent show with show. We want to thank the peo- questionaire for the teachers on u.^.ic last week. We plv who came. what they'd like to see done by ••y u»in^ something for our We are planning on having a next year's student council. The ..: . class trip to West Union. We teachers are to return these to F: ;.:„>• tiiunig our sci- have not set the date yet. either Winnie Mae or Judy by i v;;.. we walked one In language we are studying April 28. •- v.,,• : : . L . <(. ;lcKj ; house ;ibout recognizing phrases con- Judy Miller is to talk to Mrs. jj . , taining verbals, infinitives, par- Stirk about having an eighth •..„, ' '' ° nlen ticiples, participle phrases, ger- grade representative on the Stu- now road - We unds. and gerund phrases. dent Council next year. This '\'/ ce now ' » n, ch i n reading we are reading the representative would have no '.; .'. nt ' ols Power scoup three Golden Apples. Three Kid- vote until his Freshman year a -t one time The bull- n;i pp 0 cl Daughters, and now we when he would automatically be. ~c :i. t u to be able to push are doing chapter check up. t . ome a one-year member. vp.,.. mou.s amount of rocks l n science we are studying a- Vice President. Judy Millet bout water. — The teacher in the limelight this week is our commercial teacher, Mrs. Margaret Pickett Mrs. Pickett was born at Ottumwa, Iowa and attended rural schools and high school at Freemont, Iowa. She received a Bachelor of Science degree fiom Parsons College with majors in science and mathematics. She also attended or has done correspondence work with Iowa Success Business School, Upper Iowa University, University of Arkansas, University of Illinois, and Iowa Stale Teachers College. Mrs. Pickett is married and has four children, Frank, in college, Louise, who is in the 7th grade mc and a half years at Morning Sun, and four years at Fayette. Her hobbies are flower growing and arranging, knitting and crocheting, coin collecting, playing bridge, and also bowling and gardening. We want to wish Mrs. Pickett the best of luck in the future and we also want to thank her for the very nice job she is doing with the paper staff. 0 points. It has been listed over radio and in the newspapers that West Union won 59 Vi points to Fayette's 58 points. Apparently Fayette's second place win in the medley relay was' given to some other school. A summary of the events are as follows: 100-yard dash — 1. Dni-fey (F). 2. Johnson (Elkadei), .'). Brims (Monona), 4. Wigen (Elkadcr), 5. Ernst (Edgewood). Time 10.7 220 yard dash — I. Anderegg (Edgewood), 2. Smith (Fayette), 3. Handgartner (Postville), 4. Lichenberg (Lawler). 5. Johnri.n (Elkader). Time 24.9 440 — 1. Handgartner (Postville), 2. Whitford (West Union), 3. Pattison (Fayette), 4. Meese (Edgewood), 5. Anderson (Waukon). Time: 57.2. 880 — 1. Van Bogart (Fayette), 2. McGarrith (West Union), 3. O'Brien (Strawberry Point), 4. McNaliy (Postville), . 5. Pleggen- nahl (West Union). Time 2:10.6 Mile —- 1. Koester (West Union), 2. O'Brien (Strawberry Point), 3. Paus (Waukon), Koth (Postville), 5. Phillips (Delhi). Page 4 Fayette Leader Thursday, May 4, 1961 ~ Time 5:01.2 , . 120 • lows -^r'.v Sttftth \ fPostv- ille), 5. Nagel (Elkader), 3. Hannigan (West Union), 4. Bruns (Mom.na), 5. Nichols (Elgin). Time 22.2 120 highs — 1. Nagel (Elkader), 2. Hannigan (West Union), 3. Ashby (Fayette), 4. Wilson (Edgewood), 5. Pape (West Union). Time : 15.4 ( New record.). Old mark : 15.5 set by Nagel of Elkader in I960. Medley relay — 1. West Union, 2. Strawberry Point, 3. Waukon, 4. Postville, 5. Calmar. Time 4:00 Football throw — 1. Saeug- ling (Monona), 2. Nolting (Waukon), 3. Dixon (Arlington), 4. Hassis, (Strawberry Point), 5. Tann (Fayette). 179-9. (New record. Old mark 178 by Saeugling of Monona in 1960.) ' . Shot — 1. Hassis (Strawberry Point), 2. Crowe (West Union), (Continued on page 5) i :i:i:::iii!iHi Keep Going Boys Sports Fayette claims they won the Monona Relays for the fourth year in a row with 64 points with West Union second with 5.0points. Other schools participating were Postville 46>4 points, Strawberry Point 36'^ (joints, Elkader 32 points, Monona 27'/i points, Waukon 19% points, Edgewood 17 points, Calmar 6 points, Arlington 4 points, Lawler 2 pbints, Bgin 1% points. Coggon, Winthrop, Delhi each one point and Maynard cur:. "H my Kurd" has been the "- ' ° !,r d ' scussion ln So " Special Education Honor Roll ci.d Studies. The old "Model T" Seniors lo ,ks almost like a joke beside _ Mrs< Swartz Kaye Campbell, Carole Dalil- our modern cars. We wcre j,) a d to have the quist, Dwight Durfey, Dennis \.e have memorized the poem rQQm L . xhibit for the Aprn P Ullk , Vi Peg Eiseh eid, Doug Fay, lne Chickens in language T A mcc ting. Donald and Loel Alan Finger, Lavonne Johnson, class. We have also been review- came and exhibited the floor Judy MiUe r, Mike Smith, Steve ing friendly and business letters. loom {o those who visited us . vermazen, Barry Zbornik. Ue enjoyed having Mrs. John- Loel was ab]e t0 woave a good Juniors son teach us when Mrs. Downing sh of hi practice piece dur . Ann Austin, Lee Burns, Dayna had to go to a funeral. _— — In spelling we are learning to spell the names of the states tm extra wxyrds. We had only nine 100's last week. Several of us missed only one word. This means that some of us arc going to- have to study a little more each day so that we can have more perfect papers. ARMOUR AND RATH FERTILIZER AND RATH FEEDS Durnermuth Sk Fay Phone 207 — Fayette, Iowa GARY NADING is the 17-year-old ton of Mr. and Mrs. Waller Nading of Fayette. He was a member of the basketball team during his freshman sophomore and junior years, the track squad during his freshman and sophomore years, and the football squad during his freshman year. He has been a member of the Pep club, band and chorus all four of his high school years, and a class officer during his freshman, sophomore and senior years. He plans to attend Upper Iowa university and major in Business Administration. THERE IS A FINE FUTURE AHEAD OF YOU. GOOD LUCK Pattison & Sons Complete Fertilizer Service IP Fifth Grade Our room has been very busy this week. The work in each subject has been new and interesting. In language we learned about Mii 'jects and predicates. We have J'u reviewed capital letters, punctuation, abbreviations, and business letters. Nearly everyone has completed a business letter and sent it in the mail. We wrote to places in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Panama Canal Zone and the Virgin Islands. In arithmetic, group 1 is ready to start a new chapter. Everyone passed the Progress Test on Thursday. Group II are working hard on the final steps of long division. Reading class was especially interesting when we drew a copy of an Audubon bird picture to go with one of our stories. We are learning about the five food families in Health. Everyone is busy assembling food pictures. We learned about carbohydrates and fats this week. Douglas Martin treated us to candy bars on his birthday, April 17, thank you, Doug. when Hall ruins your crops It pays to insure and be safe. And for extra safety and service, be sure to insure with Farmers Mutual Hail. FMH includes fire and lightning protection on crops in the field at no extra coil — 30 trained fieldmen and 100 adjusters assure prompt settlement. Ask your agent or write today. ;; ,, lC fe a , w EARL SCHNEIDER INSURANCE AGENCY Big Future STEVE VERMiAZEN is the 18-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Ver- mazen of Fayette. He has been a member of the football, baseball and basketball squads all four years high school years. He also took part in band and chorus all four years, dramatics in his freshman and sophomore years, and was a member of the track squad during his freshman, sophomore and junior years. He was a class officer during his junior year. Steve plans to take a Liberal Arts course at the University of ' Iowa. Sixth Grade — Mrs. Bullerfield The sixth grade arithmetic ' class has been hard at work mastering the multiplication and division of decimals. We also know how to change fractions to complete and incomplete decimals. Several pupils have turned in perfect papers during the past week. In language we are studying co-ordinate conjunctions, and how they are used to join related words, phrases, or sentences. By the use of a conjunction we can write smooth sentences. •.'•'• Africa is the country we are reading about in our Social Studies text. The current events found in the daily paper and reports from members of the class have made it more interesting. We also enjoy film strips. There were 28 pupils from our class of 38 that received 100 per cent in spelling this week. " Boy King, John Duwe, and Bob Wright celebrated their birthday during the- month of April. They all treated the class •with candy. Happy birthday a- grin, boys. ^ ' Our new club officers were ^ elected. They are as follows; p KMii !i !!!»!!!im!iin !Ii !!lii^ Good Work !::! Hi HI ii! We Join Family And Friends In WISHING YOU THE BEST FOR EACH OF THE GRADS OF 1961 Ott 's Drive-In Otto and Margaret Finger, Proprietors SllllMf!! • i! I I :::::::::is:::s::::::i:i:'.: We're Proud RONALD CHAS. WEBB is the 18-year-old son of Mi. and Mrs. Charles Webb, of Fayette. He has been a member of the football and track squads during all-four of his high school years, and the baseball and basketball squads during his freshman, sophomore and junior years. He look part in vocal music during his freshman end senior years, and was a member of the student council, during his junior and senior years. He plans to attend Upper.. Iowa.. University next fall, and then study fish and wildlife management at Iowa Siaie university the next three years. BILL LEWIS is the 17-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Lewis of Fayette. He has been a member of the football squad during all four of his high school years, and the baseball squad and track squad during his freshman and junior years. He took part in the school chorus during his freshman, junior and senior years, was in the madrigal choir this past year, and was in the class plays during both the junior and senior years. He was an officer of his class during his junior and senior year. We congratulate you for all your achievements in the past and add our prayer that the future holds joy and success. Harry Brown, Proprietor HAPPINESS — SUCCESS — GOOD FORTUNE All these things we wish for this fine Graduating Class. Fayette Theatre Vic Dahl — Phone 195 ili!ISI " ni!iiii " iiiiiiniHiiiii!OTiiiiiiiii » «"'"»'«« liniiiHiiHiiiimmimiH iSi ijrali» Well Done There KAY VAN SICKLE is the 19-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Van Sickle of Fayette. She has been a member of the mixed chorus all four of her high school years and the Pep club during her freshman and senior years. Sho has been a member of the paper staff and the annual rtaff during her junior and senior years. Kay plans to take nurses training after graduating this spring^ Is A Wonderful Time Ahead Accept Our Sincere BEST WISHES United Window Co. Phone 31 Fayette, Iowa iiiiimmiiiHiiiimin ^iMiSMiMiiiuij Congratulations LOIS BENNINGTON is the 17-year.old diUSfhier of Mr. and Mrs.-QUm Bennington of Fayette, gne has been a member pf ^e concert band, marching band, pep bandti brass tis^t and the Pep club all four: of her h^ f^polawsa^ member of the o ^i 'tcnorus during^ herl "'MU^m .an* 'bail, nnmfm ^'mmmb» high school _8h» Pl|n»';: W^alMffiJfym- The diploma you're t^cii!^v%^^# magic wand, but U the first achiev on the road to a successful future., Itale Phone 4

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