Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 10, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1927
Page 4
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Ule ESSHOW PENIED E^planktlonl by He^ox ShM Wfiere Eve Pjenny jGoes for ; Lasts'Year. ' dne>of the setJB of figures ^iiich ytuan^ bommisMoBer Hecoz used In Iconn^tfdn w||th' his addre|m at the{ noon luncheon meeting c^. the Chamber of Commerce yesteHay is of Mch ntal awl general interest that tUe Kegistet wishes to rtepro- dude it in toll today- Thlfe ^ of ligiircsllsVa schedule which shows CaVsNei^ landlady 1 ' I' 1 1 I i 1 1 exact~aiTisk>n of the tax dollar wh^ch^'thel people of lola pa^ to canhr on ^he expense of running the city. It is nlot very Ulumjinat- in^ to knojn- that $1.S1 of out tax levy of $4.45 gofes to suppor^ the cityi but i^ doetj mean soniethihg to.know just whlat happens t<f every jpennybf that The toUowing «et of figures resents thc^ annual tax budget iola' for l'926. It shows the ' which yf^i made'to support department of onr municipal rep- of levy ieach . or- igaidzatioiL- and bow much' mmey -thatJ IcvWactualM brought in t( the cityj treasury. The fignres are as follows:/ I Population 8.2!»3.f Viiluation $S.247.2S(>.bn. HATE A.MOtr.NT .OOS fl5;711.84 .0025 ;s.2e .0(102 l,oi!».46 .oooa General Kunil . St. t Alley Fund Par t Fund .1 . Sp. Cemetery] Fd. ' Pay ncnt of Hon<l: an< int. on tavof mont nnd Sewj-r • lax levy jj _ ^pc^lal Ahhohs'Ih, Paf. nhil Sower) Itrfii(n<linK Hond SIhlcinff Fuiul r ItefubdiriK R CI n d IntjrcMt Fund .i Mmi Mbriry Fund j .oooi nunilFund .oiio;j Mtiinltenancc Fund FIrH I)op< 0007 Mainltcnaui^o Fund _ Mcrforlal HalU ^ .0005 ;Sewn ;RC Disposal! Bonjls and Int. .0(^1 .005 .OODX 1 ,5' 2i;.2 1 1 THURiSDAY EJVENING, ©Hag Consider yourself presented to Mrs. Elmer Schlesinger. ow >-n(|r 4.18 <;.io 2 !I .S(8.:tS 4 ,l |;iT.S2 'J .dils .'il i.n- .'!.f!7 2.62: 20.981 .0181 $124,73 IBETHEL ^nd Feli. 7 -Mrs. Certie Smith •family aoved to ntjrth !of Elsttjofci - ThnrW-y. I o' " MrJ and Mr.s. ^os-i Rltter moted in th* bouse vacited by Mrs. Sm ith. MrJ aad Mrs. Arthur Eric ion were in Humbojdt last Wednesray.j ; ' Willis 2Jacon })cl|p'ed his brot|ier| , I>Vank bale hair Monday. - £kl Gibson and Cocwin haule^ load of coal "from El.smore Thii day. .-The Bethel Cliihj nift with'jRlrs. John Zimmerman " ast Thursda ' Mr. and Mrs. Cb; s. Bacon vts^ied his parents. Mr. ai d Mrs. E. S. con. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gibson -w shopping in loia and LaHarpe ^st AVednesday. Misis Lois Bacon spent Thursday night with Evelyn Zimmerman. Mr. and Mrs. E:dj Gibson; Nlla iia- dlne. ind^Virgil visited Clark Wilbur's .Sunday. Mr4. Willis Gibson apd RaynKind a rs- ba- day ^lorning an^ from heiii ;.' , Mr. and Mrs. Ar bought' roost iUiir Ericson r ited ler .'parents,- 1 iMr. and X Ahtth nd,^ Sundajy. i. . Ita}niond Oit^bi^ visited in Cba- nnle Sunday. ; • 'Mr. and Mni.. Ed Gibson small children visited at John B roh's Friday cv«nii]ig. "Rut I, Cora, Margaret, Hurry wjnd Fred Laver visited their xrai^d- tndthrr. Mrj*. MiiHiJgli.-Sunday. !Hh7JrI, Alma IluliV abd Jim JM(|k- HQpf cillcU at "poiil Miirlow's Sii , day. u tornoori. ; | 'IjHil nn Ziniincrniiin Hpcnl 'I'liii day Righii with; Holm Ruits. JEDDO^ Mrs. r. J. J'li Hugo Strnhhiirf iiftcrnoun at M"! il.l8 1.09 I.G4 .12 the Washington residence which President' and Mrs. Coolidgo urc to (c- cupy while the White House is undergoing repairs this slpring. A dauglitcr of the Kite Robert W- Patterson. .Sir.s. Schlesinger, wqs forim r- Ijr the Countess Gizvcka. These Rocky Mountain trophies . of her < x- pertncss with the rifle jjdovn tlie walls of tlie temporary Whitb Housi . • © \92f B/ NEA. SEF^/IC6 ^ING. .1.1 WbHt Unn (lune K^fore Death Hlrlkes GAllltlfiTT KOL- SO.M while swimming with; a imrty of friends at Ocean'Town, N; J. At the J10TEI. MAJlfiSAC.V where tliey all h.-ui been guests?' an inquiry is begun, after a doctor, perfunctorily examining him on the beach, pronounces him dead. . Folsom 's companions hail bec^n ROGER .\KVlLLli,\MRS. HELK.V BARNARY and CARMELITA VALDO.N. It is established that |KoIsom, just before hi.s death, had been standing next to .\ED BARRON, known as the Copper King. FoUom's sister, A.N'ASTASIA. Is sent for iii Ne\y York. Then the startling announcement is made that Folsom had ' been stabbed to death in the water. ROSS, his valet, is questioned, as are Barron and • his wife, but no light Is shed on the mystery. - The eccentric. Anastasia FoN som arrive.s, takes oommaiid of the; situation and orders au inquest. • ; '~ . • • : Sow (•> On With the Story CHAPTER Xin. I A group of people si^t on the deck of the hotel and watt-Iied the kaleidoscopic crowd already as- semiJtjng on tlie boardwalk and tlie beach. One of these was .N'ed Barron, who had .'^lood next to Garrett Kol- soBi at tlie time of l)is sudden.col- laplie. 'Of course 1 must report. Mad- called on Mrs. Jeks Vincent .Mhn-1 dy,'' he was saying to his wife. "I brs n- A. J. MrCai[ley Humlmldt jast J Wiihita. Kans.. IFeb. !». <AP Property bf ^ax Bfernsleiu. forriier - .Arkai sas Clt.f and; Borger, Tex js. jeweler, Who;Js awaiting charges of conceding assets 4vjhile filing tition Of bankrupti^yi will be wild at ArcnnRas -fcttw February IC, it .-wan < nuouiicN ' h ^i-p today py Georg ).-R. BAasett,: trustee. The rte|ms 5that will go si le are: appro ^Kimiife y; :woi Ih of dittiabnidn -.^tf'Wi tcWi recoi^«r *d in the inifieiy depot t box of » looil bank; ibdjftij.OiO:^ rorth: of jewel -y fonml. of IttJWwICi >• onij what i o- eh Feb. 6.—Mr." and and iflr. and; ^fr«. spent' Wednesday J. iSlie.ubharl hc ^mn. .i'a jline Wing who has l )Pcn vi-ry 111 far some tinioMs convalesqing riicelk . .,''fcyfc Wiflg .and • marketed corn in Saturday. 'J. W. ThoniaB attended.the McCabe isale' near Chamitc one 1 lay last >cek. • . , 'Mrs. Henry Hess has been on Ihe sick list for the past ^veek. A. i. -McCarlcy spent Sunday ' with I datives! near Elsmore. Sun lay visitors j^t the J. Strdb- hart 1 olme were [Vlr. and Mrs.sljeo Fegel,| "X>oris and Viola; Gebrige Klotzbach, Evelyn, Marguerite iapd W»yn^. Alfred Bly h^ and Mr.j^id Mrs. hngo Stfrubh^rt. Mr and Mrs. Gale Strunk aind family spent Sufaday' afterndon with Mr. and; Mrs. Lyle Wing sjnd family. Mr.j and Mrs. Car: Olson and ily spent "Sunday it the parjeijtal -Byrnin faome. Willis Pettit and John Th^ihas calle<. on J. Strub^art Monda euing. • I JEWEtEiR'S iSTOCK, , TO BE sk)LD SOON fdm- fev- stodd next to Sir. Folsom. I had been talking wijih him. As 1 bad ilever seen or beard o? the- map before, .my ovidenro van be' of no help, but 1 must offer it." ' "I wish you woulilut." .Madeline Barron sjiid thonKlitfiilTy. ^"l si-e .vour point of view, of course, and it Is Jogical in a way. Hut, as you say, it can be of no help, and it would gel yon a most iiiipleasaiit mitorlefy. Why. tlicy may eVcii tliiiik yoii kiK-w tlieJ^di'jid man. and t.hoy will call (111 you for icHtinipny at the iiKiMcst and—and all sorts of horrid IIiIiiks!" I "IIIcH.s your lifiul, cliild. wlislt a fearsiimc |ili|iiire yon draw: I can't feci. tlioiiRh, lli.ii I shall lie gre'illy incon<<'iili-iicr'd. cxccpl Ihiil it may cut into uiy {inie a tilltc'. Rut duty i.s duly, and i certaihiy was next the nuin—" "1, t<K), advise you lo keep out of It. Ned." ' It. was Croyilon '.Scars wlio jipokc. whij.; Willi lii.-< son, Kotiin, and .\n- ScliJ 'U Fair, coiiiplclcd tlio part|y. "i don't think it is vonr duty," Sears'wTiil on, '•Von know nothing of the man: yon no personal interest in the affair, and sii^c>;. you can, he of no-possible hc)jj. why mix iiiT . "That's all right, dad.'j Robin Scars said. '"llHt these iiotices ask a m^t( lior liusbanil. "I didn't kiiow ^'o even knew there was sudJ as la.. material '• witness ; pij jioeiia.' Wliere did you le|irn. site t"rms?" .Madeline i Barron smiled. ways lovely, .when she sni of I stood next to' this vicUQi pf u tragir; death'/ Even thou ch ,1 wis annoyed at his unconvct tlon illty, my dtily as a good citizen is ilaiii. .\nd. too. If only lo .clear niysijlf from po.xsijdc suspicion "Clear yoiM'self:" his ^ife ei- rhilnied. -^Oii the lOntrary.' yipi will put yoursell' In a pqsltlo be s|l^|lect<•d:" i "Nonsense. Maddy. youlre Ove <xcitri|-ahuiit this tiling. Tell Ihek-, Tile.i that I've no chWe in ttlje matter." \ ^ / "I think Vo," RiK:;s sai<l, sloivl looking at .Madeline with an ai )|>l4- getlc air. i"lt-seems to would be better in every .N'ed to go at once to the meat and make his report "And bo HUbpoenaetl as rial witness-^-" ••Good heavens, Maddy.l me way manage^ fc^ iled I sure voii ought to. fVlL'S'll repi C< If .son of .Miss jAnastasia Fol Tallj. majestic and i ncfed. «he approachcll i and as,' the men rode. any guest of the hotel who know^:! nounced hcr-self. sjw^ing t'ner. j "Barron i doesn't kno \v any-! "lemselves oh .Madeline, sli thing; about the matter. Hello, I to rosard her as tie oi anything about the pnatter—" "Tbpre you are.'! I'eturned hi^ fat thing, here's! Tite Riggs. L'et him advise i ;addressed. ^s. Conie here, Tite. sit down ahd give S«s somtef words of wisdom. Ned, here, thinks he ought to announce to a waiting world that he stood next .Mil Folsom, who- wa^. they say. killed while in bathing." "I saw you talking to him." said Riggs. sitting down near them. "1 assumed from th-^tthat you knew him." . . 'IW'ell. I didn't." "said Barron. and yet, as her quick from- one t<i i - another. t«rday;,i l:havc been told: tk farruUi known. Mr. Bitrtoi the last one to talk to my bi before be collapsed, and so-l-'.' .Immedfately MsdellBc . Barroii was On the defensive. ".Miss Rolsom," she said, ris nr. to ;rmpl>«sise her words, "you Itav^ been mislnfarnKd. ilfr hnab iikI l| spoke io Mr. Pdlsom shortly beior<> Mr. Folsom fell down into the vaj ter . But others spoke to blm a t that. I know, because I stood the other side jot Mr. Barron, '^n I had opportunity of observing." "I am glad, to learn. Mrs. E|ar-; rpn. that you were bbserrant Vour testimony upay be of value As aearly as I cah find out. yoi and j Mr. Barron were on one jidl Of my brother, and two lad es known to me. were at hi.s otiei Fide. Now, will you tell me. plei se who, since you i were uoficing; Wa8 also rieai; ?>inr/| .Not necessarily on the rope, but nearby in the .wa- tcr?- Madeliiie thoiighi. She was niost anxious to remember those j whn Were nearby, als every other possible suspect hlelped to fend' joff thought of her husband. She Hoew that Ned never knew the dead inin. and bad no pc^sible personal interest In him, put she knew.i too, how," in the stories she had read, bn innocent man was frequently put in most unpleasant situations. ".Mr. Sears wiJs not far off," said .Madeline Barroh, at last. "But nearer still;' I remember now, -were .Mr. -and .Mrs. Tracj'. Yes, tney were very close to.Mr. Folsom". and donbt!css can tell xpu something pf the circuinstii nces." | i 'There's not nuch to tell." said .Miss Folsom. he: lips set in a gijimj line, '•Nobody, except the . man who stabbed him, was paying ^ny particular atten:ion to him. Why would they? 11 the ocean, cich individual is lodking out for Jitni- self or for somje one. in his t-airc. Few arc watching their ueighbors. So. as som'ebod)^ certainly did! 1(111 my brother, with a knife or a dagger, that ]ierson|caino into thd, water prepared anjd, of course, centered his whole energy on ac^otii- plishing iii.i fiqudlsh plan u:ndb- served. 4 FEBBUAR AND ITS'CITiZENS h. h? h:»* M tetf hcit "Thal'ji why 1 care little for] the was livautifiil. Her. small, djar|L face lighted, up with a tou^h of giu'i-y, her | expressive dark shone as slie said: •Oh. I read detective sto: now and tlieu. Who doesn't, i iidaysT' i ; ••Yon do!" Croydoji Sears sijem eil surprised. ••I, know most nei: do. bill I didn't thiii]{ tho|e y^rn appealed to women."] | "I love, 'em," Madeline cleclai-ed and-Tite Riggs ^railed h^ s^n patliy. I ' "So do I," be said. Olio, man or woman, cou lot worse :iu a iliteracj- w lo ,rcad detective fiction." "Vc.-i, I know," Barton sa lessly. "priesidents. prinii^ iiTs I know. Hut tj'll md don't you tjiink I oui^ht to do, yiarroji. 0(i Isieillng urioiity " nuked You I and I lie hooiicr, the ((njcko oh, now. I'W go Willi you like. Do. .Vol ! hat I micd .hi lip. lint I kiiow your ijwn in till- urii'. , " liic K'l. Irio, wiljly^n Itoldii Hi -jii'^j "I'm ; ••llij'^^h .wiur ii'iiis'-ii his fatlif-r. |",N'o. yoi go. I don't want yon I hi.s btn»in''SsL too. Ypii've calling yon. liave yon "Si>, .\ngt-t ami I in tlie surf When il jiU iijippeijrd. lint 1 want ilo go; I' how I he thills .works ••Yes. 1. know, Y'o ciinn.'.-ily. your—" An interruption can boru \«:. Ixiy." 4aid anj not, dra;^ed no / y/Krc. far out ippei rd. e lo see r il ordii »li the i^er- om. cye.-i Kten be ••I am .Mi:»s Folsom." s id "nnd I. am the sister of tht who was murdered down ,hi?tic jles- shortly. bim :.riiel ••And I .wasn't talking to was. talking to me." with a differ- "A distinctioi) encer' ' ' ' • : ••Very much of a difference. I ,dete!rt being addre.'ssed by Strang; ers. especially- those who have" :) rppted conviction that oc(>an bathf iiiR fonstitnlo* an intirodnrtion: It's too absuiit! Becanse you stand next to nnot}:er'm:iii at the rop^. or Ininip into liini by reason' of a .buffeting wave, does thai mea^ 'sudden friendship';" ".\o,' .Ma()eline said, decidedly. "And Ned is foolish to give the matter-a thought—" •'Oh,-I J(now my duty, even though ft Is not in line with, tiiV SiicllmitiouHj You agree, don't 'ybii, Tito. that. I lim bound to te|l i\u' ihiiAni^enient—n,fte"r 'iKesb <iotl<^i>s w:e all received this niornlng-that Kelley — Monday evidence or testimony of those |who chanced to be nejar the ii'iifortuuute victim of this i^ragedy.. Yet,! tin there la always a chance that in observer might have seen some suspicious circumstance, some i i- dicalive move on the part of some one else, I am asking those jWno were nearest fo any informalit n they can give." .Miss Folsom's roice was low, h-r nianneri quiet aid on the whoie she niaile a>^avbrable impression on those wh^heard her. Except lor two of them. Tite Riggs, watching closely, sajw a bint of the iroi hand under t)-: velvet glove, and felt sure that tie lady was politely plausible in liir manner because"." he deemed it policy and not bee: use .she was entirely sincere in her stalemp'nts. And Robin Seiirs noted searc!i- ingly the unconscious mqvemen s of Anastasia FoUoni. and ascrib<d her involuntary 1 acial espressloi s or instinctive' ge itures to an unacknowledged susbicipn or doubt of something or somebody uiimet- tloned. (To Be ('Hitinneil) .Mrv .tltreil Tiin«pj^( To Be Hur. led Here Vrlday— 3li<(«lonar}' Society .Weets wHIi % .Mrs .!„ Lacy, i (Mrs. Opal Mitchell) ' LjAHARPE. Feb. a.— Mrs. Alfred VaUdcgrift died Tuesday at Cha- nutk Funeral . services will be held at that place and biirial will be niade in LaHarpe; cenaetery 'at 3 .o'clock Friday afternoon. .Mrs. Vandegrifc was a former:, resident of tbis place and her passing will be received with saducs>> by the many friends here. j The .Missionary Socieily ^vill jiicet Friday afternoou at 2:30j at the home of .Mrs. H. L. I>ac.v.| Mrs. E. E. Gales is planning to have a sale of her household effects the last of next week. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Ledford and daughter of Iola are-vlsitijig ilieir uncle and aunt, .Mr. and. .Mrs. C. F. Harris, this week. Mrs. -V. R. .Montgomery has ;hir- Iv-two dozen eggs lo set in lier incubators. Mrs. Montgomery has quite a business liStchiug kud selling bajby chicks. i Harry Malcy of Broiisou was a business vl.MtOr here Tuesday. . The degree staff of the Rebekahs met at the halL for practice yesterday afternoon. .Mrs. .1 .H. Iculbcrt-" son was the instructor and many improvements were worked mil on a phy.sical culture jllan. | Mr. and ^Irs. Wejiey .Mi:\'ey re- cclvud iKi: sad news of thej death of Mrs.:Wolf of Uniontown, who died sixjl at the Mayo hot>pital. I, Funeral all sck-vices were held Cd m ine at: Icnjontown blr was forp '^rly arri indefinite be] th a in feisi iicey. of Eiiid. OHia.. ed with ihis f ;i|the f ola Bdit-.r>- and Tire C w bu.s noss which will li' Coh l.v md 1'. ad and 0927. |the mother of oK Wii f LaHsyiw- rs. Cyk-51 Stewart of and .V M-ank T Olll ihoma m'i todii{ family eniplo. M r. and lined 4 mr. of ed'hcre Tbursda] visit witri her rs. Miiriilty. Irbxcll, who has si.'^th birtnday. Iv...lie expects to OUlal^ma wihere nieiit. I 't .Mrs. W. t^. Westlakp < few friebdsr' .Mbuday [Mr. Westiak'j's- k'vbu<y- H. Ht bbard. of tola. WasiCa 1- on hisl candy trade he(e wjd- ;lay. li. A\ lodge fiii't iu I regu^ir ion "Ti iirry Kjvans, of Pleasan on, wt.s j his Lallalrpe ci stomij cabling on ( nesdayl )ni SIi hess i R. .Mu iissocia .uhe bui [pany. Munt I eqiiippeil issub of til .\en leads are! br«ii(rht ou\ ni (he benrini;. Read abonf it IH th'c ne.vt chapter. The Delaneys, iack and Jim, ar to mix in a lO-rQiad setto in Ch( cago on St.-Patiiek's Day. Th Iwnt will be for h'e world's ligrit heftvywcight cha npionship, no^' held by Jack Deldney. —For prompt Classified Colnmni .esults use the COX'S Manufactured by an UCTS. Fre«hly ground ^nd freshly mixed. proMJacc the pest results. nor iVed ;t«» -I at tht .MondJy. M B- f^r ill parefa s. he past five wecf s. caiic o niw'c (iser left fTucsdiy on ip td Jopljin, Moj \y Bl"si>K.S.S FIK.M mix iMcX-fv. iS ding at 21)9" South J )n'avcrtue. in the room' t ccupiefl by the Shaub ey will liave a tIiorou3 |i.. sluifp and will «jar-yi t ifrh eq lipmeiit .ipTiiovcc by i i< ?. Bur an of St ;|«dardK Tlv rtisem 'lit of the; lola Tiro (fompany appears t Ke.qisterj anl-ieiit ,Ronie bo ma womtiii marry. over fifty w SWEEt and PRESSED woman fird^ ry C eaning,| Prek- .d Repairing lsei*vice aid'in dressing wsll Let ser\'i(!:t with f or sii first • ! fam Dciiv been in It lOlA II in r, Ite f- forilll Tr m Ti|re! f>mp:ii| ope inatte in' llifi I iov iVinfidil.'Kan-.', Frb. '». (AP)-^ tic (ily ; commission last; night pafi-cd an ordinancb restricting lliug for oil and gas Jinside the poratei limits of WinEield. The linanc<-i provides tnat-*-here lots • uuipnp)-oved one wep lied; ijii blocks :500 fe ere .pijoperty is iJnprbved each se tlock must contaib 300.000 lare foot, en.iiivali-nt 1 to about foijr city |blo*•ks^ | he cicy reserves irs a firsjt at Tnimimuik cost. us l-ender -ja' Hike for you, starting tlhat favorite gowri and putting cjlass shape. PilONE POULTRY and low overhead. ALLEN COUNTY ^'onccri^ from AL Kvcnly .balanrtjd Ii'onipoundi'd lo COX'S BtlTTERMILk CHJJCK ST^jlTE COX'S CHIPK SCRATCH COX'S BUTTERMiLk LAYING iffASIJI COXfS HEN SCRATCH These f*eds afc allisold at a reasonable price on acrqunl f no Mixed w| of bone and .McKinney Feed Slv^e. lola Urangei Supply, iluintmldt jEleclric llatcherr. Gas I*. Ciadlenuiii;'t arnett Quality Tayli^ Jferan ami AT A LOW ith enouRl^ ajdditional S. S. MINERAI^ to stimiil:iilc th eathers thati is not contained in; the natural grai i: >. FOR SALF Bi Vnx Unm f'ompaiiy r & UoKhllnJ Xcrnuitlle po, Moran fox (inin t'om^iiir, .1. T. 'Tfpiile A .Soufs. IU1<^obV Hlore. i-:ism[>rp ffu I'alnn. ^^a^nranr El^mnre j Elsmore .Vbran ^oran frclKhl dtarRcs PRICE l' early jjj-owth! .Sraltli'-^ isdote, SaTUbUnf Ison 3Iercan Olson Merrkhtile f rniontown Grain D. L. ftiUkel. K«kiiield Farraer ^s I'l^ua (train K. Seol MANUFACTURED BY He Co, Com pa L. V. >>kan. Pi nion. nian, < Savonburg : ji., .Stark i |iy, Brunsnn '^tmpniiy. rnluntonu 'olouy anieJt L'onipany. Pi<|iia .\eu>hb Fall iqua K0RA\, Kansas! < . ' . i . i : r ••••\ • 'i • . RlESTftlGTlOl^S ^ toY or PN . :i WELLS '|»Wc aUnafil f^l rhfe noil to e<c {f*--'UioinSaiMl cibi_..., »•"» property lowwsrl H»i«d» • RefiMW I k^t M / railing site ' —"• are brougb | A, •pill-tail du l $ra;wleyf Cali |i|ub-band placet^ njitcd' States -A y|p4rs ago. ] This ilish a ;jie\V . g. life for a t ovcnerjul^t* ~!prf in; killed' reccnil . bocej an; ainirfi »u itsi leg by p_ ^nie' watdea -fa Js believed to/i- orld'sj r.ecori 'uter fOwL Makes a tiru breakfast wbdn it is 'ik. rved wjtq iSHady Bi-idok iButtei which enables both chli derive the meal. There's ly delicious: and njurishi quantity of, . _ adds to much*the.nedessary Vitamine .^A 11 1 11 1-ht -l ! 1' l:lll 1 gieatest N.) Substjl TjllYouriCiroicer |dr^n and Ibenefits f iite for BMtt ^4 =a Butter' adu om its to any J - er That Bytters The Bkd The Last Call-PM|al Reducfiion^ Every Overcbat in the feoliLL must go-ilhe ptfees have bedn cut to fehreds to iWake sure of ' " " now you can sa of th'es^ coats vh le they \M A Bi^ Special EJo keks much as <^ne-half by baying one- t of Men Every Suit ih t .suitable for sprjinfi low price—buy 5 yoiir .si^i^ nojU' [lis lot i.s. iilhew- style a ^H coI6rCt; or inow. I Take advanta(j|e «f !^h^ Get,Youd BOYS| SUITS —with one knee pjint values up to $i: .9ij. want jto close them oiif, so take your chi)ic^ for $2.9^ [ HATS Men's Dress Hat^values up to $6.5d->^'e;nuine velou^ a n d 1 ot^ters-— C'los^! Out price $1.98 Men'.*^ 2:20 Weith( Overalls Boys'JEar Flap Cabs __ _ Men's! Ear Flap Caps 4-fi laire of jl hese Barfcaint'' 1. DUCIfl COi^VT]^ Men oj hjeavy^ duck wit liiiinjr—$3.45 vilues $2.49 bbii^ now PANIjS J ren'isj heav k troBsj^^ ^Kijn or heavy t a veryiloW k )i| Jackets __. The Stit^e That S«I^ide Square fpr I ^ss iloiti of ra. price 1 - •*

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