Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 10, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1927
Page 3
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Bon avenue ik reported i • Her daughte^-in-ll»w. M Moore, is caring fijir hefr -^Have yoij not^led all paganda lately aB 'put th facturer anil [in car sal^s. swer to ii." Sirs, Moore .of S^O Xortf Jeffer- aite ill. 9. Pred the pro- !that b^e pasifjiB ford e's a JAt. and Mi^s. Clem Fisk morning for Tulsa, Okla. instrumeot. 6 months. Oall T. -Mrs. J. N. The a --Treat voir Piaiio as'; Have McDonald torge H. McDonald of :e spending b few fPendarvis and son —Eastern ith Mrs. Ui (fke J-1rid:iy dayn V good an- trip to • imiiiiciii it turfed eVery O. Canatsey. Star nd I Mr. Clmnute, ilh Mrs. Cordon. iriub •ill ifteft' ru-rnooii. ulton and tfii towMl sliowt-r. Mrs. C'. TliomaB; Sim I Mrs. C. K. aitt night (tot lift tiad bcttJi /{k<kH at thf Ijltal for nn «m Im Klad , et<ovcVinK »»: r:iiil y. jrTf ?nr{y .-irrlVJ^d home 1 KMjiiHiis ciiy wh<ri' for! till- iiJNt llircf- Trinity Ijlihlran In'"- ii|«T;ilili>ii. lIHr fncnil.s' III kiiiiw Ih —Tii (i 'lvi- (A».i IpJcndId l:ini| on •lose to lola; fri'i' lly ;n 1. oil) M I .«o froii market, where they have been (Ipii Home from Market. s. Daisy Ed^-ards arid Mrs: a dkrk have just returned K. till? spring buying •• for the Edv ards Millinery, with InteresL- (jig new-S of niiladys headgear. The sm; 11 hats ar^e being favored for spr ng with- black and white In gool favor, ^ipe of the favorite coll rs for spring are: meadow pin :. French biege.' albenia. goose- ben y f^^en, monkey skin, hydrangea tiger lilji. mother goose, ^gull and taniTO pink.' Do ydu want to kno* the facts abo It what :i :utoniobiIe is leading h ^ales? If jso. read the answer ,at 1 be bottoni of tlie large ad on he Want Ad i)age today. • [Dr.' A. BJ Twadell, Osteopath. Globe^Blclg. Phone 191. .M fink lOLA DAILY BEGISTBR. THUB3PJAY EVENING, Sarprisc Mrk sLepwJL On Tuesday eveijlpg! at S. o'clock I very interesting Surprise parity was, given at the homt of Mrs. .Vary Shejiard. Si6 Xprtb Colbo^n street by her daughter. Miss !^o>-a Galbraith complimentary to her birthday. The eveniirg was spent in playing games I and a surprise Irrogram. . At 11:.10 o'clock a very delicious lunch was served by 'he liosteis. assisted by Mr.s. William Rucker Mrs. A. Lo.wis Parker, and tliej Misses VJola and .Mary Smith. Mr.* Shepard received inany beaiitifu and lasting gifts. . ' • i The following guest-i; were pres ent: The Rev. C. A: Jackson, y r ^nd Mrs. Tom Simpson. Mr. a i< Mrs. R. Varker. Mr. and Mrs. .A I.«wis Parker, Mesdames W., y,' FieiHs. lA la Smith. J. S. Bass, f^r William lucker. Louise .Tohnson S. H. Haidley. Williim Crowder Kd Smith Lnla Colenian., Johrj Bas.s. Jr.. IdaUWa/Is. Eureka I..aiej Mr. D. K Avent of Paducali; Ken lucky, an 1 the .Misses. BIanc,h»| llohuion, Viola and Mary Smitl: iind the Sio.stess, .Miss Nora G|il braith.—f ontributed. IND about a week ugo atid brokf :i bone I lirown' aii s. fa rri(» Kinney, who fell . f.h. 7. In b-r left hip, i,s ii -poited lielli-r toilu '•. nVvvH tliai will be oi inten-w: to hi r nntny fHend"*. i • —Juit like' Angel Food Cake, main I hJKliwiiy i>r I'liarK'-. utiy }1P biilldinK.H/at le.-U tbiiiifiJi'U. ;inil hf' i««t a deed for t|>n.' liiiiil; .1. II.' limlHon Koilty ci. ' Van tola M IJDDI, .Nl 'l Ciinl iCncloiing a chec Ironson substrilii-i |uJi)RCrlp^tion expire Igo and^ I ai i froi fre certainly do m lid papei-." Thai i •rhich every leeply apprejciales. writts: 1 a (I'W il.-iys I , o tell-' you that i ss your spli-n- 1 ' a ii|ij)iilini"nl I bodv liii .tbri Hi'jji .-tei;! • ; -ifit t lot! liai III Box Slipper .nha Hincp f U ' Given by| The (deal Ent deal Enter- Hainers fThursdiiy ifenins. ; J ^eb. 10. ih hall «l I : Grocery, '.starts at < • * • • r» * East lola. liancing p..,ni. Mr."?. Leon Kansas, cam^ toda>j • funeral of ^ rs. n. •which was jheld a brethren church Mrs. Vulgamore is i sister of Johir Burns. ' ' to loan —Money iasy terms, lola BuCIdi Organ i2ed ^uthwest (fijrner < pees, Sec'y. rhanute on tend the fuitral of! Cole, whicl^ ; afternoon. V —We haj-e just market wit I |a full /ehowing all the ne • materials a id, styl possible pr{ "Vou are In Edwards M Blve changd ii-r \Moi|ni 3PENDENCE — .Mr. and .Mrs. O .sijat <l Him K>-ron and (laui;h- a railed on .Mr. and Mrs. Will. CiuiiiilM-lI and iiimlly Siinii|ay I 'Vi -ninK, . .Mr. an I \\rt>: ('has. Funk fniiilly, n|'711 .Sunday nfti-rnoon till' llOIIUj .Mth. 1,1 It CiTillil ml Ioiiiiit's (ilxier Hoozer'a i Bread. 2 for 16c. f »r. Mnnli(omerr, Chiropractor. LauDdrri Bldg. Phone 134. ,, . I — • . I 111'* lirolji •4. V. M. .lirowii li-fi liil'j ii (ii .r-!""""•. Iiir lii -r liiiiiii' ill I'Viirliuiy.' .Mis. Koxiiri Fiiiik wi-iit to Kiin, , , iifl 'T ;i vl <ll Willi \ll..x Kali-^ftas Ctly i ^ittiM 'day lii spi^nd ii ffW ' ilii-ll 111 7i).',_ Noitli Wiiliiiii •diiy.s Willi liiT iliMiKbter liiTtha. of 111! y ,\yiM'H. (':iniplM-ll HiiliHiiliiti'il r llanild Tin-siliiy afiVrJ NEWSTORESTO OPENSATURDAY The Biies Shoe Stbre and McLaii^^s to Start Business Then. 4* SEA]. ESTATE TRi^ * Intied Oailr from |0 •(> ' i lola Abstract Ic^. + i + + + • +1 R. A. February .s. l4d Edsar and wi Wingler and :{6-2:j-lS. : leK^ rifbt-iif-ivay. containing; Also t,M acres in SWH Jame^ of S\\\ Two new retail stores will open their doors inllola Saturday of this|i36-2:{iis| week. February 12: The Biles | Jariie«j R. Wingler aiid| Family Shoe*Store ancl .McLain's, ji women's ready-to-wear aird f«r- nis/iings store. Tlie Biles Family Shoe Store, a* has already been announced ijV these columns, is being established j by .Mr. \V. C. Biles of Atchi.son. Kausa.s. This will make Mr. Biles's twelfth store and he is expecting to'start two mure in central and , northern Kaiisus just as, soon aii he can do .so after leaving here. I ° The permanent local manager of ' the store will be .Mr. F. W. Arnett. who comes here with his wife and : daughter from Topeka where he I has been'in'the shoe business for the pafit several year.i. The sH)re will handle the Endii oit-Johiisou line of shoes exilusivfly anil, as ; the store name would' imply, will i feature slioes for every me.tiiber of |l, the family rather, than any particp- ,i lar Mpeclulijted line. cy A 4. 9. .lAdtl t6 .Maud Edear. Ivpts 10 .1 n and 12. Blo< o ("arlyle. jl.OO. \ aili-oad adres. if XW'i. of Their slogan is "better slioeH for less money." .Mr. nileri expects iii reniuin In Georaf, J. Marr and wife 'Bess to William'i J)el'oniier and ivife. five acreii ini SW corner of N' ->0f XE'i 25-24-lS Ji.nri. Grace Spearman and I Itnshand. Thomas A., to Jianiel .McKillip, BIk 42 Over,street's 4lh Aiid| (o Gas City. $;i "0 1)1). fe Sta- 1. 2. 3. Davis'; FOR MDiaESIK>N 25« and75|t;Pk^s.S|)ld Everyjwhere Sarah W. Railey and* husband. E. B. to .Metta Bailey, pir of N'WVi 4-26-1.S.lcom. 2.<;.!) ft. \j' land 2.'>0 ^;t J; lola llirouish thf opi-iiliiB of Ihi'i ""^ Hinri' and until about tin- .'.'.th of (liiy.s Willi liiT ilaiiKbter lii -rtha. I • locau-d In the building .Mr. licit .Sbuiiwhni'ssy acconi|iiiiJ' | (.|,p|(.(| by the J. C. Pi ii.ii -hls fiitlii-r and nioihi-r-in -liivf. i jhf west side of the i for ri'Hi 'wal a pri : an ,My i fnin four t« svvvn minutes. ."«rs, Mary Faiilktier of Ka (lOod ver lioster'.s niu.'fic. hi!^ isigl j tht' .'^i-e ihe new llaag Vorti-x Eire-i .Mr. and .Mrs. \V. H. Mab-y. To Kail Washer,111 lllu K..('.'ic PhinibiaK Co. It washes in sas City Thursday, where .Mrs. Md- I open its doors Satui;day. Unlike ley is faking in-atmenis for hi r i (he Biles store. .If does not repre-j i-yes.. ; 1 sent a link In any chain, but Is be, ' Fi'aniis .Veilan. who lias bei n ^ iiip established enlirelv a.s an in^ Maloiiev's i;roi;.ry for sale. •.„j,i(i„B his home with .Mr. lind .Mi dependent iiJ.Milution. The mana-1 I at 701 .South WashiURton St. i n,.r; Wilhit.-for ihe past month !r-; ger will be .Miss E. .Mcl.ain of Hig-| tills nioiiili. Then h«' will return i to jXtcbl.'.on where he liialtes his ' lieadi/iiurii'i'.H." 'Ihi- Mill's Family .Shot" Store is liM iili'il in the biiildiiig formerly oc- 'I'liUHV Co. on square. -1 .McLain's store also exppcts to iwj from Hiimlioldi -wht-re bi' see her son. i turned to Kansas City. The I. ..\. S.Club met Thur.>;d.n|>- , wais in lola todav onrout^ to.! af,,.rn<,n„ February .!. with Mrji. of children's ready-to-\Vear. ladies': -; ready-to-wear.'millinery, all kinds ; - ! of women's furnishing." and acres- j " , .sories and some hoyelti''s. Their j - I spei-ialty will be in ladies' and chil- j dreri's :ready-»o-wear. Ikntr. who met with.a serious - \ hcijiileut Tuesday. The. lad was (•hipping wood in the yard at his JE. W. Hashind in I^Harpe. A K,a^ ^- j sas Day projiram was given as fo ows: "Brief Uislory of Kansas .Mrs. E. R. Stewart: "Call of Kad sas." Mr.s. Foster Funk; " i giusville. Mo." This store, will carry a full line hojiie .whin a splinter flew lntop.^jp^ Win. Campbell: ".-V New Soijg I. Mi I-iin's is located in the .Sifers eye. causing him to lose '••''Jof" Mrsi.'Fred PiercJ Vulgamore 'jOf Caney. [ to :ittend the D. \ Standley. the I'nited his afternoon. tit of the eve. tliounht that j ..^..^^j,;,.. ^j^^' ^..^j.,,. .-KaA ball of the ran be savpd.. J^^,^ p^^^^.. ^^^^ Villard LyiM r» T rn-r M n i R„.,,.ii,t.i'"^''-"i"''ial of .lohn Brown." Mrs: rt. F-vdEa^'Nose'a^'Throat. i^^'- Haglund: "Land Marks of Ka.f Bye), Ear. Nose and Throat. .. ^ Nicholas. Daint : i building in rooms formerly oc- ; icupied'by the .lackman .>tore. Varii'ty on real-estate, no commissions. The g & Ltjan ...Aksoriatioii. -' •"""' ' Ne-i- location If Sini'are. C. E. 'a ISS.-.. the noi ; sas. Un Pugh. Of Kansas City, Mo..! -hn^s wim^ ^--d at Jhi ' —Telephone your Classified Ads • to IS. =! of SE c4r| of Bl Add to Hu^iljioldt. t thence E 1 9 to beginnir g. J. J. .Micl a 4k am to Ralph w. Lots 4. 3 irid 6, boJdt. $2.5 m Shsriff t I of SWU aod 23-18. $2.«0| : 7 of Girdy's lence S 3.=i3 ft. Hi ft, w! 1S9 ft A New S solicits Your Patron wife'Helen F. Canadlay an^l; wife, lock 9S.i H«m- rrhos. 11. Bowliis. EVa SWV4 fif SWU of .34- Oiieninp: ()ii or A! SATURDAY E -j ' Our stock will x-nnsisljof a*Kon(ii'4 Jiiitl Childrcrr.'; ri-ady to wc|ir and fur mil 11 M Ea.«:( .Madi.son Miss. Carlbita Halv-vvook" went to in train to at- .Miss Kspanola liield there this Ua a 111 • Itied ti l^inery. rotuhied from iiie I }K sp s at I fo see f Millinery iiigji'olors. the' lowest all ages, our Ktork. h. H. Wibhard Ijas n .ide'oxten- • second, floor of his buillllnK on the soufh side Madisim aveiniie, liow lieiiig i pled bythji Shoppe. —Several ! peoplij miinity will savi ferrlng to tjhe larsd Ad page tdday. nut street • L;, Maffitt '^di^ing her s in Ihf int f Ihe s^uari rior of the mission, l.^c and .'Joe. John W. Brown is in Topeka toy on siiprime coiirt business. -Try It once—you will have no otier. Van Hobzer 's Bread. P"-. T. VanHoozer, who has been V lal 17 W.'Sl e- Powder V 'ilff. iHiaui.v in [this ; coni- . moljcy iiy read (tti the Want Mrs. Cljfjford Barber 111 at her libnie at -107 .Si Her ^lotH is taking I illnesa. I : Don't liui^ Ki with-vjour fine} overwraps and oth«r thing?? yoti value. Send them here-^for .scientific c leaiiing '-rOf course I ( » Ss reported I | Mith Chost- r. Mr.-. J. [ire of her • _ , lYear.' , j , -See "DMi-on nulib.'." at Carl.vle! -F"-«"<i''= N>ilon-spent Wedne.sday b. l.-.. and at Geneva Feb. IS." his teacher. Haro|ld nicht with Campbell. Kathryn Shaughnessy has I>e absent from r^aHarpe high sch<j the past week on account of f measles. • | Grandma .\yers of LaHarpo | spending a few days at the. hijiijie of her .son. f.eroy Aye^rs. , Alberta Brown speijit the. Week is back afiwork a«aiii at the;end with Myrtle CampbnII. I j nlloozer Bakery. j Mr. Foster Funis ^ took Sutidhy i - ' dinnor with Mr. and Mrs. Leri ^ • • • •••«•••••••••; ,\yers. •'; .\xel Wikland spent Sunday • • Par.sons. visiting frieinds. •i .Mr., and .Mis. Will Kalm sprfnt the wrek rnjl at' Ifie parental N son lioine. F. L. B. LEATELL, M. D. Special attention given Diseases of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Therapy and Physiotherapy. Office lola State Bank Bldg. Phones—147 and 705. 4» OLD ELSMpRE Mrs. I ippers Saturd in the neit;lib iiiK measles ^ is : !in' 1- Feb. S.- .Mr. an Pag" were lola h]v Several rhildren hood hisvi- been ha ELM CREEK il 'lrkenpox but are all on the rt ,, , , , ,,, ,. , ... to rnovprv and t!n> si-hool V'- "^"^f'"'"! soon be running full fore- aKalri, ,1 t.-mi .l .v have n ,ov.:,I fn„„ .Mound .' ^„„, „r..Vre.,, sranl.-v vj' .y. .\Io to till, iodm-s pace.^ ],,,, S .anleV 's Sunday, j Mr.-i. (iuy has beni s.-nousl.^ ill • ^.-,,,^.,.„ 1*"'.' j the Verne Col well home S:ituri ' I"-": evi 'uing. .Mr. and Mrs. John Holmes sp i-rnoon. Sunday with .Mis. i Burns and Mr. Ray craimr IS .si-now-ly iM ^ Eng,e„a,rit. ,t<i^ measles. Me has ..u. h ., deep ^tha Ford ! called on .Mrs. .Id. pneumonia is leaiml. ,5ng„tlv Mondav afternoon. III uii'aitack of flu. She is r .nl the time of tiiis writinHj" S. 'ReeTi c:iileil Ihei'i' .Moiii • « 4> * • . i Ajileson ( Phone, 'leailfrs 10.=; Mr.. andlMrs. S: W'. ^tewart and C J. Stew^art drove toj rrtlontown ' yesterday to! atiehd thrt funeral of . Mrs. Liydia Wolf.i who [died at j the ';Mayo' hospital at Rocljester. Mrs. ;.Wolf is a sister Of S. W. and C. J. -Stewart. : ^ ^ ^ For Finance I'omm 1. —I hereiby announce f andidate i for the offi iissioner )ala, arid {of Finance oi shall greatly the.suppo^t of thq proachingi primaries. U. D. Mri5.!c.| Flsk. |larry Fisk. Mrs. Sigg ol Gas and A. J Hardin of Euk-^ka. visited in thi • home of th*tr sister. Mrs] Johji Harris in i i:Jni,dred Tuesday. I Sotlr*" Tb Purtllr. —^Thc fqllowing pollci ha id: E. HlHeary. form [Kansas, tirbilc aci f the Minn bsota V f. St. lost-: Insiirancej Compkny !Mlnnesota. have been Mercantile Fii e Policies .'.I70S :io. 3177.1 Inclttsl e. Coitubined DWelliiig policies 111886 to lil9()l>lncl; Tb <8 Is {to notify the^ pubUc that none'Of ^hesc. policied ha »**'*een ' isataed asj contra :t8 of insurance. ~, and said cpmpan .--Jiasj secured no '.)))remiiun fbr -ariy of sbid twlicles. and therMore the saiie are con' sldereil v< Id and « f no effect "by the compaAy.-J. F. Snider, State Agent.'; Olnnesota Underwriters [.j!lre Insurance: po. i tssloner. [that I am a e of Com- the'Cily of appreciate voteilsat the ap- AR.VETT. 's furnished •rl.v of lola. ing i s agent for uderv riters Fir^ Paul. Heirry ^lubiiar.l and Cei il Hani, jilton were! Siiiiilay a'flt-rnoon rriller.s » ii| the Joliu Cramer bom >. -Mr. and .Mrs. .lolni LamI) called oiidaV (.'Vciiiiii: at th'- John Siior- II liqine. Johti' Lanl) called Tuesday at tie John Ciaiiier home. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sherrill lent the pvi'iiing Tuesday in the pfirental John Sherriil hoii.6. Laura. .Mar !;iiret and J. il. C.ray- it-- nt jm,' Jr.. are Wut of schcol rek with tiiei measles. I Tlie .Misse.-i Ill.-iiuhc and- Rl ^th Colw.ell were lob: vijjitnrs Sat(ir- 1 day, _ • ; j S. >I. Stanley, who has 'beett JU. is reporffd ln-tter at present. When hit by a ballet a tiiper riars until dead, but a tigress 'ilSes I silMitly. ' I ' Praitically the ! whole of | jhe world's supply oflfineralds coiiies ! from thi' f ral' Mountains. Dmsis .Shoe.s!; Street Shoes! School SW)e.<! All kind .s of Shoes—hut all. Sample Shoes—jail, fashionable Shoes—all. reliable Shoe .sl No wonder folk.s are coming from far and near—fo^ Bargt -iin Time i.s surely here—Friday and Saturtjlay at SPOT CASH SHOE STORE E. E. Harrison ^•Onyx Poinlex Hosiery" DRYGOODSrWOMENS line >hingk Si 12 of Ladie.s' fer's nidff. "Humming WEAR-MILLINERV' iHosiery-?; •OUk - 4- - - KANSAS ' .\orthnip nidi;., lormerlj-'orcnpleil lij- .TamesiKlrhnrdson lOLA'S POPULAR STORE Bird , MAKE THLS A , LINGERIE VALENTINE DAY, AND SHE'LL NEVER FORGET YOU LE FRIDAY lAND IMODELS. VSSI3T IN YOUR d^HOIlCE. Gorgeously Trimm^ Teddies Of pastel colored Crepr. de Chine these erqvis' itelif trimmed and tailor-, ed Teddies are made, to give excellent .terrice— former ralue-f to $5.9.5. Silk Step-in Sets • On'f group of Crepe dr, I Chtne and Radium Sfe.p- I in Sets—rest and tttep-in i ; fo mdtch. • Excellent for .^printj ivcnr. Values to $^.95. Bfeautiful Silk V 'eddies An i\ that fuijcl^ charn\ and 1. nek ti. All $ilk Underthink^ Step 10% SENEKER' k included in j this sale — Gow^i^ lihs, Slips, and Bloomers at xteptio ml f/i'OHp •(\presetts deliffht- ce aiiong manil ifj st ilrs. Crfrpe iums, former rdl- $3.98. Tfeddies, SEE OUR SOUTH WISDOW SENEKER'S N PAGE THREE We are nb.W open for business ah«^ have;some Hing new to oflFer >^ou in ba((erj[ char^ring and tire repa^|rjng|. X6w b'ljlock in the iiiorning and(H.' Fi lly ChjirKed a'nd Full of Pi p Ourpiew Otje-Day .Batd'ry ;b>j the leading battery man ifa Bi reau of Stani^ards. Mak^s. :j y< II a peppier. longer-lived ch; --ind onjly costs you one-thin charging and tire repa||nng. [ninei you can bring you!r cbr or radio ;b.^ue^y in befon V hone l|97 VK It b.\(!k Charging n Hirers- and our battery rge— et THE S-A.ME HT^Y-^ lod is recdmmanded approved by the last longer and in rentals jwlfat you're iifeed to Mvihg 4th the old slow cliiirfjing method. TO GIVE YOL^ IJET- fTER. QIICKER SERVICE .AT ()I"R SHOP, that's why we jpjit in i Ilms modern. Constant Potenii:«. One-Day Charging' Equipniant. L>. 3. lives We Call For .ind Deliver Exclusive A.ijenfs for I.*c Tires Viilcani/ing a^d Tire Retiring lolal Battery and Tire iCompaji^ 2U9 .Sou .M.\ri.\KK.s, •J:(M)| p. ni.' llallr h Jeffersori 'ome (if Brttrr Pictnrrs — Elit i /.Stifnrdiiy I M(;iIT.«| ;:i)0-a:0 <r p m. -Orchestra 4= Tonight Vaudeville! ard Pictures, JAgain Frids liess iiiii tOMfJMIX Rfins sliiry 01 a' cowboy I nlio c«n(|«ere« ^ ., thereby won :i bridej % ilerheri Raw^in.son in 'fThe PhantoAi Policeman' nett horned V, "TlJe Flirt v Four Flusher" iii Wil# > 0 Avild horse ly |klnd< 'USen A mpertjoriat VAWpEVILLIE Western iVaudeville A^t Lsts Robinson aiid Dijirinal < little bit of everjyt iiing. .singi ig, talking, daiicingi thations. Vaud^ev lie at the InJitinees and nlghtsl Matiriees 10c ard 20c: Nights 10c and 1 il .Miniiee«i--Plctiii Picture 1 1.5 lit 10:60 .'au leville 9:00 •iH-Plctiire^ Onii nni! ViiiidhiHr 'onight s i(id FRIDAY J Mirhls IMrtiA-'4s Klc \\. Oriiririal My.«|tic Review NIGHT IN INDIA DAVIS AND DAVIDSON -in- Music—Dancing:—Singing Sle«l (.iiitiir, Bluik Koftora.Ctt IliiWiiihin Ilanciil EWorld's C hi GRO ON THE 1" with Priiic^sKani a| "Dances Of The Ifai and / Americats Noted Psychic Fraiik Spencer arleston and pibn Wli ipcrackers" AN & IlEE scree: i I 1 i Cfirin'ne Griff it ion i(\hose beau aflame .. ... and I • II I • I l>e(fs her \^oldie\'Tlr)rrer "a S '.s'.s' I I i . as. the y l-^ockii^F rai hrith the\.u-0) it ie lady of fa kh- ^iC'.. .. seta Paris ayaini \d at her Aic, kiss me ALSO r<WKI»Y llMJ NKWS jChildren J Adujts __i i? [lease >'ole—11% sp bul oh tliis'>hon ne ' {know you 'iti hi mote than plf{i<(Mi.i i !:-E.,VAN|HY;aNGJ eet I

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