Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 14, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1898
Page 4
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The wolf ot starvation howls at the doora of tlioti sands of men who ate well to do and mir- rounded by plenty. Ill- health, In the majority of and sinew are improperly or i«l»ttfflcietitly nourished. Improper, insufficient nourishment Is gtarvatmn. When B itian'B head nclies It is because the tissues of the brain do not receive sufficient nourishment from the blood, or receive impure nnd unhealthy nourishment. Wncn a man gets nervous nnd nleepless, It means that the blood is not properly nourishing the nerves. When his skin breaks out with blotches and pimples nnd eruptions, U means that the skin Is being fed tipon the impurities of the blood. Almost every known disease is primarily due to Improper nourishment through the blood, Which is the life-stream. Dr. I'ierce's Golden Medical Discovery Is the greatest of all blood-makers and purifiers. It gives *dge to the appetite, corrects all disorders of tne digestion, makes the assimilation of the life-giving elements-of the food per- .ftct, invigorates the liver, promotes sccre- tiofl and excretion, and vitalizes the whole .bod*.' It makes firm, muscular flesh, but does not make corpulent people more cor- •'- tinlent It cures 98 per cent, of all cases 'of lingering coughs, bronchial, throat and kindred affections, which, if neglected. -lead np to consumption. It is the best of H.;.sJl nerve tonics and restoratives. Kept by all medicine dealers. f " J was taken 1H In Htbmary, i«9», with head' «ch« and pain' In my Imck," writes H. Ciaildla, i' Esq., of 313South J Street, Tacoina, Wash. "I •"called In a doctor ami he came three times. He •„' said I was bilious hut 1 kept (jetting wor»e; I took a cough so Hint I coulil not sleep, only liy '<• helog propped up In lied. My limits liurt me, ' : and I got so poor tlmt I win just skin nnd tone. "'•' I tllOUBllt 1 w«»KOltl(rtodic. I inert two ImtllcB . 'if On riere?! C%1den Medical Discovery ami U .',." made me sound and well. It navcil my life." No remedy relieves conntipation so v : dulckly and effectively as Dr. Pierce's ' Pleasant Pellets. They never gripe. TRADE NOT D1STUI No Element Has Any Effect Upon Business. ALT, OF THE SHINS AUK HKHJHT. In the Votiiino <>f Ilii"!"' 1 " * v "* Greater Tlmn Kvcr lli-rm-o Tlml Month— liirrium- i.f Sil I'rr <>"'• I" I ''" 1 " Cljcn TrndO-Will-Ill MrrMlli"" ''ill KITOV- «n All the l,o»»—llravy Hi purl Dimiamt for trot). Now York, Nov. 14.-K. «• Dun^ft CO.'B wookly rcvli-w nf trade Htiy»: 'I''"' country has safely pasjt.'d the Irlnl «>f "off-year" r-li'dlmm. lU-furc thin I'h-c- tlon cvprythliiB except pollllcnl unc-i-r- talntk's favi.ri'd huslni-ss fiilai-K^mi-nt. Thn vnlumc of tnidi- hns been the Rollout ever known In (n.-lnber, «nd tbe grcatcat ever known In any munlh except December. 1XM. The reuird on November th.iH far plmws <f!Wln|?w in. I per cent. lar K er than lant year nnd 9..1 per cent, larger than In IM*. Tbe railroad earnliiKH In October have been f..2 per cent, larger Hum last year, and S.O larffcr How to Fill A bottle or common Rlnas with your wntor and let it stand '21 hours; ii nodlment or Bottling Indicates an tinhoBlthy condition of tho kidneys, it Rfltnlnnyonrllnon It Is evidence of kldnoy trouble; too frequent desire to tmRH H or lining in tho back Is alflo con- vinrinR proof that the kidney" nnd bladder nre out of order. WHAT TO 00. Thoro Is comfort in the knowledge so often expressed that Dr. Kilmer B Hwnnin Root, the great kidney remedy fulfills every wlsb In curing rhou- mntiam, pain in the back, kidneyfl, liver, bladder and every part of tho urlnnry pannages. It correct* Inability to holil water and scalding pain In pni-Bliig it, or bad effects following the use of liquor, wine or beer, and yver- comes that unpleasant necessity of being compelled to go often during the day, and to get up many Omen during tho night. Tho mild and the extraordinary pffe<t of Swamp ttoot IH BOOH realized. It stands tho blgli- oat for itfl wonderful cures of the most (llBtreflsinu cares. If you need a medicine yon should have the best At, druggists 50," or SI. , . ... . You may have a sample bottle and a book that tells more about it. both sent absolutely free by mall, If you aend your nddresi to Dr. Kilmer <S Co., Ulnghamton, N. Y. When writ- Ing bo sure and mention that you rrad this generous offer In tho TRLKOKAVU • tpr*HnUncMFInt-oli>itnrar>: .'/:• UM CompuKi w .ibi mm im\i w 101100 tluiri In IS!':!- Kori'lBi sllow-K un Ituri'ttso of 20 October In fXpurtH, with 3S per i traMe cent. In cent. In FOR SALE. Hardy property corner 5th and Alby ;«a4musts. Lot s-^na residence of Oeo, Klrsoh on Hello streets 08 rooms and bathroomi in good '« % ohol(I on A flno looatlon. . . e8-room dwelling (nearly now) with bath heated by turnaoe; In Jflddletown. Sfc lot of DaTld Doyle on Blufl stroot ;K,''vwlBi<-roombrlok dwelling. TheJ. M. about SW^J. V'iJiaj. M. TOniWr auiuwoww. vv«--...«"o -"jr- i«*4» lores: fine 10 room dweningjfralt of ailiuna. tefflte^^^mT.^^ad'.Br WitiiS?* 8!&^ftS i %Su?S$£& ritTA^eXrSe'VertSienoe on Prospect street with .gtWolSs. Heath with furosoe. Lot 60 f»et on if*|i?^Won thenorth side of Second oar Una In Upper Alton. Ina lot on 4th street... ____.. botween , Bth and a jiaatedby each 70 by about dwelling on BWte street. Prlo« Jod 8-room dwelling on Second street. 'room dwelling In Upper Alton, goor ueVotnlag* house. Lot W leoi front. "* or rsnt, oth«r desirable property no' Mi room oW dwelling on WlUtam street good lots on Fifth ?roomdweUlng with One rlTerrlrw, yhotw»t«r. ' KOR RENT. Th« two story brlok dwelling with 8 rooms.on ,BeUeTlew avenue now oooupled by J. Moulton. v ^»-room dwelUng on 8rd street with bath lri roSma^ U tw l o > 4-roo» tenament, j b^roomi 2nd street near Cherry . Clawson homestead in Upper Alton srbarn and garden, now oooupled n«i^»^ ,8 8 ,ion Riven by July 1. REAL ESTATE, i and LOAN AQEM ftOOM 15, P. 0. BUILDINO. VORBALBj IID, lor »auu. Saoru1 »"rm 3 mlloo south of Brighton, UMneUltlVatlon, one-half good pasture, "To^AlMurgaJn. ' Mo story brlok modern dwelling near nwrofTUrilMid George streets. "•••--—— bouso with largo lot OD of Twelfth street. ' ifory frame dwelling No. OJ1 east w'.forliaoo. LotSOilSD. Good street una dwelling bouse and another sTall on one lot In good location - Bents tor 138 per month: on Htate street on e farm In'Jersey county, [itation by rail or river. halt mil* . business proiierty, corner 2nd »ts., oo (Ss/terms. , frame if sldeooe, new and al ements, situated on Fourth st,, »rop. n with neoeswy buildings neu ItwlaforaoTrur. ttaS profitabla business m, I street, oooupled by good tnd i residence, t aoonrenleoi JoriBS. i oil Bout am) exportH from New York last week, while ImportH showed a t?aln of only 'i'i per cent. In Octnber. and credits agalnut foreign bankers were piling up at an Inconvenient rale. There was and la absolutely no anxiety about the currency, »nd the treasury l» ""'V too strong. When i^ rmmm exnorta of products, are eonsliu red It seems qulle Impossible for the country to meet with serious monetary I rouble, especially in view of past surplus In ftxvur of this country. Kxporl» oT Wheat. Wheat declined nearly a cent, but recovered all the. loss, with Atlantic cx- portB, Hour Included, 01' 3,33S,DO'J busb- ela, against '1,274.489 last year, and Pacific -exports 1,010,%!, against 1,592,352 last year. Western receipts, 9,924.045 bushels for the week, against 7,2ri5.r,14 last year, continue to render the holding' back of K.tocks manifestly a failure. Corn has but sIlKhlly changed In price, with exports of 2,li(!2,3:il bushels, against 2,474,841 lust year, and an Increase of more than a half In western receipts. Cotton remains at (he lowest prices on record, with heavy receipts and without lanjo milling- demand. Iron production Nov. 1 was 228.9:15 tons weekly, against 215,035 Get. 1, and a decrease la seen of 35,241 tons In stocks unsold outside the holdings of the great steel companies, Indicating nn actual consumption of 1.019,048 tons in October, about 2S3 tuns dally greater than the largest ever shown In uny previous month on record. The export demand Is be.yond all dreams—40,0(10 tons rails fur northern Europe nnd 100,000 tons plates, besides 4,500 tiSns billets frum PitTsburg alone, with great quantities ef bars, rods, wire and other finished products. The works are generally filled \vlth orders, Including many from ocean and lake shipyards, and many ti>r ears, with reasonable demand for <>ther products. Minor Molats Advance. The minor metals still advance, largely with the London demand, tin to 18.30 cents, and copper 12.02 cents bid for lake, with load steady at 3.72'/a In spite of heavy Mexican arrivals. Wool nales for thi.' last week were only 4.735,000 pounds ut the three chief eastern markets, as last week, iiiaklng 1«,2:I4,!H10 pounds, against 10.052,002 fc.r tho same two weeks last year, and 12,2X9,600 pounds for the same weeks In 1892. Many holders are refusing to abate their prices, though large, manufacturers bid below current market prices, because of their uncertainly In regard to the demand for woolen Bonds, which has somc'Whut Improved, and yet not greatly. It Is growing In the inlnds of holders of wool at the east that tho supply of foreign and domestic wool on hand IB much greater than has heretofore been supposed. Cotton goods nro on the whole In belter demand, although denims are sllglily lower, und little can be suld of an encouraging character as to the demand for staple goods of domestic use. Failures for the week were 211 in tho United Htates, ngulnst 291 lust year and twenty-six In Canada, against twenty-four last year. THEIR"ESCAPE CUT OFF. I'hreu PnrsoilH liliriiiul to Ilonth in til* Village of r«rry, Mich. Owosso, Mich., Nov. 14.—The village of Perry, south of this city, was visited Yby a terrible (Ire. Howe & CO.'B large livery burn, with Us contents, was burned to the ground. Chutes Taylor, one of the proprietors, and family lived over the barn. Mrs. Taylor, her daughter, and un old man named Clark were burled beneath the fallen roof und burned to death. The building was so suddenly enveloped In (lames that they could not escape. Mr. Taylor got out, but he was frightfully burned and cut. Dr. A. lj. Compton, a veterinary surgeon, and u boy, who slept In the nlllce, escaped. Tl.'e cause of the fire Is unknown. The bodies when pulled out of the ruins were burned beyond rr-cognl- tlon. Cliivlnimtl Millionaire Killed. Clnclnantl, Nov. 14.—Mrs. John C. lloth, county treasurer and millionaire pork pucker, was found nn the third lloor of his packing houxc ut 1010 (Jest street dead with )il» hei.d crushed between tho lloor of the room and the freight elevator. It Is not ki.own whether he slipped and fell or fell from heart disease, to which he was liable. Mr. lloth vns 66 years uld. lie entered on bis duties as treasurer on the 1st of Bcpteinber. lie was a Democrat. The county commissioners, win. will appoint tilt) BUcceHsor, are Ite.publlcun. Npunliili Win- (1. A. It. Frankfort, Ky., Nov. U,—"Hervlro Men of the Spanish War," a society of tb« late war, was Incorporated hero by filing articles with the secretary of state yeslerduy. The Incorpi.rutors arc Culonul (i. W. (lumiur. One Hundred and Sixtieth Indiana; Colonel T. J. Bmlth, Third Kentucky; Lieutenant Colonel K. I), Ranks, Third JllUrtlBulp- plj Colonel W. M. Caffee, Second Missouri; Colonel It. W. Leonard, Twelfth New York; Colonel Pugh, ElgUth Mo«- BachuBeUs; Colonel W. M. McCorO, Flrut territurlftl. TI1K NEWS IN BKIEF. Tho directors of the ChlcnRo, BurllnB- tori und Qulncy have dccliiri-d the regular (iiKirti-rly dividend of 1V4 per cent. It IH riniirircil at St. Petersburg that the miltnri has ofTcred Crete to UUBslu UK a set-off to the balance of the Huuso- Turkish war Indemnity. The corn yield In Iowa this year Is 2GS.072.0W) Imshels. the largest state yield In the nation. Of the 20,000 olllclals In llerlin as many as 17,000 give their services free. About 4.000 of theoo Huperlntonil the charity nfftilrs, and 2.000 preside over educational interests, etc. The strike which has been threatened In the Scottish steel trade,has been averted, the manufacturers agreeing to advance wages fi_pcr cent. An eminent astr-nomer says that for communication wl'.h the Inhabitants of Mni-H wo should riniulre n Hag as large us Ireland and a pile 500 miles long. William Doan Howells, the novelist, Is snld to be In very poor health, and greatly in need of the ocean voyage be Is contemplating. The only Indian woman lawyer In the country Is said to be Miss Laura Ly- keiiB, a half-breed Shiiwnce graduate of the Carlisle Indian school, who Is practicing In Oklahoma. Since the passing of the first vaccination act In tfngiand, In 1811, the death rate from Binalluox has fallen from G'/C per milijon to twenty per million. Lady Louise Tlghe, who has Just completed her !>5th year, is one of the remarkable women of Queen Victoria's long reign. She is a daughter of the Duke of Ulchmond, who gave the ball ul Brussels before the battle of Waterloo. Among the Chinese newspapers suppressed is the Shili-Wu-Pao, or Chinese Dally 1'rogresB, which the emperor recently made an official organ. The Pasteur Institute in I'arls has as- mimed such dimensions and Importance that a second building has become nec- EXILE WHITES ANI> BLACKS. r« Killers "f Wilmington, N. C., tor prnrct nl Any <**i*t. Wilmington, i-t. C.. Nov. 14.—The city rapidly b.flnj! all citizens whom Its IH-W rulers object to. nnd whltrH nnd blacks by the si-ore- are ordered out of town. Many were put aboard .ruin? nnd others liftve received ntitlee. Holdiers nnd citizens, sworn In as Special pnllr.-emcii. are patrolling the streets with Instructions In prevent further outbreilk. tjulet hns been renlored, and the new illy lulrnlnlKtrall'in I" I" complete control. A well-in ranged plnn for whole- m.le lynching "f the objectlonable persons was opposed by Mayor Waddcl) nnd the miih dl.opi-rwd. II. U. Tolbert, whose father and brother were wounded In the rlnllng nt Phoenix, 8. C., has laid his side of the case before the de- partim nt of justice at Washington nnd demanded a full investigation. Advices from Phoenix, S. C., report everything quiet there. II has been de- cl.ded not to tnke the Tolberts back there, and consequently no further trouble Is anticipated. —"- Knlliinal W. C. T. V. "st. Paul, Nov. 14.—The W. C. T. V. convention was prompt in nsembllng. The morning prayer meeting at the House of Mope church was conducted by Mrs. K. Norlne Law of Michigan, national evangelist. Mrs. Mary Rend Ooodale, president of Louisiana, opened the session with prayer. The department and superintendents' reports were then again taken up. The report of Dr. Mary Wood-Allen of Michigan on "Purity" was read by her daughter. The department of mercy was reviewed by Mrs. Mary V. LoveU of Pennsylvania. Sabbath observance was reported by Mrs. Varllla F. Cox of New Jersey. Invrn'H Trndn In lluttor. Dea Molnrs. In.. Nov. H.—Reports to the state dairy commissioner on butter shipments show there hns been a considerable falling, off In tho production of butter during the last year. Reports for the year ended Oct. 1 show that tho total amount of butter shipped from ah the railway stations In the state was 8'.),947,173 pounds. There is an apparent discrepancy In the report from one station that will Increase this about 1,000,000 pounds, but still It will be far below the amount shipped last year, when 99,547,084 pounds were sent out. Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cared by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonio. Invalids need Buffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It Is a oure for the whole world of atomach weakness and indigestion. Tbe cure begins with the 8rnt dose. The relief it brings Is marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter how long you have suffered, your cure is certain under the use of this great health-giving force, aud always safe A Fleshy Consumptive Did you ever see one ? Did you ever hear of one ? Most certainly not. Consumption Is a disease that Invariably causes loss of flesh. If you are light in weight, even If your cough Is on y a slight one, you should certainly take Scott's Emuslion of cod liver oil -with hypo- phospfiltes. No remedy is such a perfect preventive to consumption. Just the moment your throat begins to weaken and you find you are losing flesh, you should begin to take it. And no other remedy has cured so many cases of consumption. Unless you are far advanced with this disease, Scott's Emulsion will hold every Inducement to you for a perfect cure. All Druggists, 500. and $i. •SCOTT & lioWRE, Chemists, N. Y. Pleasant "Sold"by S. H.Wysa. Another Chance For Cervera. Tho announcement that Admiral Oer- vora has boon mudo a senator for life by the home govomniuut reminds one of the old story of Paul Jones. A British naval commander whom Jones bad whipped in a desperate fight was knighted for his good fight. Hearing of it, Jones wrote him that if he ever met him at sea again be would make an earl of him. BohJey might write to Cervera. —Salt Lake City Tribune. Million! to tony » Mine. Houghton, Mich., Nov. 14.—The Lac La Belle property, as the Delaware mine, in Keweenaw county, is to be boueht by a corporation having a nominal capitalization of $2,500,000 and an actual capital of $1,000.000. Local capital will furnish $750,000 and Boston and New York $260,000. Hai n Pull with the Snltnti. Constantinople, Nov. 14.—After efforts lasting throe years upon the part of the United States'legatlon here the United States minister, Oscar Straus, has succeeded in obtaining an irade authorizing the granting of an exequateur to the United States consul at Keroum, Pri, Arl., Nov. 14.- shootlnR nffrny r-r.'iirml I" "'<• Trl11 "'' nilm> ' ln vlili'h Mip.Mlntcnilont Murphy, n man nniiirrt r.riin.'r. ami tw» nthprn pnrllol- patfil. Murphy wan mofially woundeil. Hrunor was kllln.l, and the two others were Bllxhlly womi.U-tl. Tho trouble was over Ih.undnry linen of t.wo mining Halms, f'vcr twenty shots WPM oxrhnnfioil at H..SI- ranfte. Murphy rep- n'senlcd Costctl... nil wiRt.'rn rnpllnl- 1st. mid Is well Known In mlnliiR fir- Hes In CoUit-Hdu. Montana, ami Idaho Hero Would Not H« Kliwd. Stuart, In.. Nov. U.--Os1.orn IN'lRnnn. one of the men of Mi-iTlmiw fume, arrived here and was mot by fiOO people, who escorted him Home. Eighteen ul twenty club Rlrls Btirrounded him at the depot and attempted to kiss him, but he pushed all back, saying there were handsomer men In the crowd than he The municipal authorltU-s presented Delgnan with a and Governor Shaw and oilier prominent lowans made speeches. Delgnan run away from home here years ago. notllriTnr Flrnt Illinois New York, Nov. 14.-A. Van Duner the Chicago undertaker who left Santiago de Culm Nov. 6 with the bodlei of 'our men of the First regiment II llnols volunteers, tins arrived In New York The bodies In charge of Mr Van Duser are those of 1'rlvate Hermar Qoptz, Company O, Milwaukee: Private James Edgar, company I, 187 Forty-second place, Chicago; Krnt-Bt w. Baltxer, company O; Kugene A. Hu- lesa, company A, 61140 Drexel avenue, Chicago. Successor to Judge 1'lmioy. Madison, WlB., Nov. H.-Oovernor Scoflcld will not make an appointment for some days to (ill the vacancy on the supreme bench caused by the resignation of Justice Plmiey. His successor will be chosen from the Democratic party and the name of Judge Gllson, of Fond du Lao. has been suggested. A report was current that the ludgeshlp was likely to be offered to a Milwaukee attorney, though nobody was men tloned in the report. CASTOR •s sr- All „ , has and has been made under his per- soiiul supervision since it* infancy. Allow no one to deceive you In thin. Imitations nnd Substitute* nro but Ex- What is CASTORIA The Children's Panacco-Tlie Mother's Iriona. . . . GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS Bears the Signature of The Kind You toe Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years.* . TT ..U...V .TIH.T, M.W YOI.K CITY. "The worst cold I ever had in my life was' cured by Chamberlain's Oougb Remedy," says W. H Norton, of Butter Creek, Gal. "This cold Jeft me with a cough and I was expector- atigg all the time. The remedy cured me, and I want all my friends when troubled wltlva cough or cold to use it, for it will do them good." Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. Hntinan Hunt, the F.HKllsh painter, now 70 yt-nrK old, has Just been elected nn hiinuritry inemlu'r of the Ttoyal Society of lli-lllsh nrllHtH. Iliancho Willis Howard, who died In Gurinnny. wrnlu n succesHful story when she was 'M years.."Ill whlth mudo her literary fortune and dolormtned the course of her life. The story was "One Hummer.", A statistician Utah's that half the wealth In the United Htates Is In the hands of some 2. 500 pernuna. Tim Wrcohml Murlu Toreftn. Nassau, N. P., Nov. 14.—The tup Po- tomni.' from Santiago iln Cuba, which has been vlsltlnt; the stranded cruiser Infanta Maria Teresa off Oat Island, has arrived hero In order to obtain a permit to work on the ship. She will return to Cat Island. The cruiser Is ly- Ins one mile off shore and IB In two fathoms of water. The natives have destroyed the temporary deck and have carried away everything moveablo. Troup> Will Leave Vlrdon. Carllnvlllu. His., Nov. 14.—Adjutant General lleesii of Springfield notified Sheriff Davenport that tho remaining troops Kuurdlnt? the Chlcnisu-Vlrden Cotil company's Bhaft at Vlrden would be removed .'it once und asked him to Bend a number of deputies here toguard the plant when the soldiers left. Since the differences between the coal company and the miners have been settled, troops ure no longer needed. Won I|I,1O,OOO on HociHOvelt. New York, Nov. H.—The biggest Individual winner on the election of Colonel Koosovelt Is said to be John W. Gates, recently elerled president of the Illinois Steel company. It IB estimated that he won $5(1,000. Remarkable Rescue. Mrs. Mlohael Ourtalu, PlalnQeia, III., makes the statement that she caught cold, which settled on her lungs; she was treated for a month by her family physician, but grew worse. He toki her she was a helpless victim of consumption and no medicine could cure her. Her druggist suggested Dr. King's New Discovery for Oon- Hiunptlon; she bought a bottle and to hor delight found herself benefited from the llrsc dose. She continued Its u->o and after taking six bottlos, fo»nd howelf sound and well, now does her own hi uwwork and is as well as «he ever was. Free trial bottles of thii" Oreat Discovery at E. Marsh's drag store, large bottles 50o and 91. Ideal Treatment for Rheumatism. The "Mystic Oure" tor Rheumatism removes at once the rheumatic poison from the system and the disease Immediately disappears. Whilst the "Mystic Life Benower" builds up the shattered nervous system. Improves the digestion and restores the general health. It is the greatest oure for all nervous diseases and weaknesses as woll as the most powerful nerve builder kuown. It is sold by H. W. Chamberlain, druggist, Alton. Delays are Dangerous. Many of your friends, or people whom you know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fatal diseases by neeleot of a simple cold or courb. Foley 's Honey and Tar, a safe sure and pleasant cough medicine, would have saved them. It i» guaranteed. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. W)SB. ___ Quit coughing is easy enough, if you take Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Haney. It cuts tho mucus and allays the Inflammation so that there Is no inclination to cough. It soothes the bronchlals, and is strengthening to the throat and lungs. All good druggists sell It. _ ^ Be»r« the Signature of WHOOPING COUGH One of the most distressin to see a child almost cho the dreadful whooping-cong the child Dr. Bull's Cough Sy . lhe Kind You Have Almys Boii£ht Robbed IheOrave A startling Incident ol which Mr. John Oliver, of Phllidelpbia, wue the subject, la narrated by him as follows: "I woe In a moat dreadful oondlUon. My akin wae almost yellow, eye§ Buolcen, tongue coated, pain oontmu- ally lu book and sides, no appetite— gr*4uaUy growtag weaker day by day. Tnree pJiyslolang had given me pp. Fortunately, a friend advised trying "Pleotrlo Blitew," and to my great Joy and eurprlse, the first bottle made a decided improvement. I continued their o»« for three weeks|and am now a welt man. I know they Bared my lite, aud robbed the graye of another viotlra." No one inould fail to try them. Only W per botUe «t I. You Can't Afford to Chance It. A heavy cold may lead to pneumonia or consumption. Foley's Honey and Tar taken iu time affords perfect security from serious results. Sold by E. Marsh and S. II. Wyss. $100. Dr. E. Detcbon's Anti-Diuretic May be worth to you more than $100 if you have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water during sleep. Cures old and young alike. It arrests the trouble at once. i}l. Sold by S. H. Wyss, Druggist, 852 Second st.'oot, Alton, 111. ights, Is ng with h. Give . yrup, the greatest pulmonary remedy, and relief will come at once, the coughing spells will re-occur less frequently, and, in a few days, the sufferer will be entirely cured. No other remedy can boast of so many cures. _ , Dr.Bulls Cough Syrup Cures Whooping- Cough quickly. Doses me small niul plcnsnul to tnke. Doctors recommend It. Price 35 ci». _ At all druggists. M. rtlAHONEY, NSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. Two-story double brlok dwelling 10 roomi 3 £room trune dwelling on Fonntsln st. H-room brlok dwelling on Belle it. B-room trsjne dwelling on BUte st. £?SoE SaSe dwelling wlU. t loU Upper Alton One-story l-room trame dwelling, BM Wlllltn 'li'xiMft west Une ol Main street. Big money riro-story B-»oom «!<«»• <I »fli lln .t??. B , l " tt »-u»e traot near BdwardsTlUe Crossing. OnestSry (i-room briok dwelling, cor <& and In the Toils of n cough—a hacking, racking, rasping cough that irritates the uiigs and leads to dire results. [t is in such cases tliut DR. BELL'S Piiie-Tar- Honey proves its wonderful efficacy. The cause of the trouble is eradicated—the irritation 19 allayed—the lungs are healed and strengthened and cold leaves the system as snow disappears before the sunshine of spring, br. Hi-ll's rinc-Tor-Honey Is an In- f<..mM«! reiuwly lorull lungum! bronchial truuliliw, Blliilit or severe. All drugislsla K..I1 It ul IKc, 50c anil 11.00 a bottle, or It will t>e Kent upon receipt of price. The E. K. Hntberl&nri MtiliclM Co., Pftdiuah, Ef. BEST TRAINS MonlanaJWSounf' «n»w»» HENRY J. KLUNK, Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer lot lute Is Pros at Salt Mssls ss4 Lsrl, ss< ••» Isctanr *l Sasssts. Ml BAST SECOND • ' M.TON ILL PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Also best ot TeM and Chinese Noreltlei ot band. 624 Bast Second at. - 306 State at ALTON TIME CARD mat>c (of fin*, «n»taUi««a***>m»t«l> Itc anb cloth eafUttt. tf utrial robs* Edmund H. Blair, Real Bailie and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Notary Public. Chicago ft Alton. On and after noon Aug. 14, 1808, trains will leave Union Depot, Alton, as follows: „,..-• For Chicago,North and Bast—•12:831 m, *8:10 a m, '8:47 a m, *10:05 p m. For Springfield—"12:33 a m, '8:10 am, *8:47 am, '8:20 p m,t'10:05 p m ForPoorla—*8:47am, »10:OSpm. For Kansas City and the West—'8.17 am, |6:20pm, -9:60pra. •Dally. tEicept Sunday. I Soo Joint C. 4 A. and Big Four time tablo for trains between Alton and St. Louis.) WM ARMSTRONG. B*Mtl«m*n tmt> tljilbwsn. 819 &ial* eitrsst. S»Ut»tt«mt» , B miles southwest of Brighton. Two-story bookstore, No. Ell Belle st. fsrm, good brlok dwelling and «"B.U. .t. It has been fully demonstrated that Ely's Oream Balm is a specific for nasal catarrh and cold in the head. This distinction has been achieved only as the result of continued successful use. A morbid condition of the membrane in the nasal passages can be cured by this purifying and healing treatment. Sold by druggists or It will be mailed for BO cents by Ely Brothers, 60 Warren street, New York. It spreads over the membrane, is absorbed and relief la immediate. ^One-story 4-room frame dwelling, oor. Alby Twoflni ^lou'on State s«reet,|north of BloS <t large b.rt . oor. Ith and Plas» on T«bst,,ns»r Hsrnj Cat I'orminB Oxygen, Dr. Bell's Plne-Tar-Honey cures oonglie and oolds aud soothes the air paeanKes. It heals the bronchial tubes aud strengthens tho weak lunge. It builds up the tissues and enables the blood to receive its proper supply ol oxyiten. _________^ MADR 1VIE AMAN L» OOSJI Fors»l»brlt. HtrtBtudfl, H When You Taite Cold nothing cornea In so useful as a bottle of Dr. Bell's Plne-Tar-Honev. Good for children, good for everybody. A remedy you can always rely upon to cure a cough, an attack of croup or other bronchial trouble. 25c at np- ta-date drag stores. t ItlU the Spot. When suffering from a sevt-re cold and your throat and lungs feel Bore, take a dose off~^ U«IAV>« Hnn«v : ^NS|||f||.4^s benes, 16O8. U. S. 1\1XON, •—js3^rPi> Architect, and Superintendent Flans; and Specifications for Work Accurately Furnished. OFPICB;OVBS ACTON! a\visn BANK Dsaler In Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster PrloMto meet competition, floods de- ttTsre*. elephons IN. OtflM 107 WMt Second Street J fl.onyio Four Joioi lime loiiie ol Irolos Between Alton & Si. Louis. Lv. Alton For St. Louis. 613am C & A dally 20 am Big Four, daily. .j_.;.C_*A, dally 6 60am... 700am.. 830am.. 816am.. 915am _jlly Big Four, ex-Sun .. IT ti' It " " Sun. only" ...C& A, dally ePo"'..'' ' Ar. St. L .. 720am ... 7 80am ... 800air ... 800am .. 1000 an ... »Z4aic lOZCam 1240pm Big Four, dally 140pm 820pm Big Four, Sat only 430pm 416pm '" " ex-Bun 644pm Foley's Honey the soreness relieved, a foe 11 n g and and Tar, when will be at once warm, grateful , _ healing of the parts affected will be experienced and you will say : "It feels so good. Ic hlta the spot » It Is Buaranteed. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. II. Wyss. CASTORIA For lufaEts and Cklldren. Tbi Kind You Have Always Bought ASK YOUR DRUGGIST (or a gonoroutt 10 Cent TRiA/, SIZE. [\n Cfeoni Bonn uontalnsno cooalne, morouryiior any other Injurious drug. lllsnuJo*lys.bsorb ed. aires MM st OSM It opiins tnd cleanses tho inatsl D rs. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE u> M'PUce Building. Cor. and and Eastern sis. Pnones 138 and 171. R SCHUSSLER.M.D HOMEOPATHIST sod SURGEON OFFIOBUJWBWJBKJHC*, HOTBL •IADIBO^ Telephone 100 . E. C. & H.R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFF1CB HOURS: IW 9«.il*U »>, • WI P.B. TBLBPMONB 87. C, B. ROHLAND, DENTIST, oeMaumti i».».t»w»». B *si» »•»• II W. THOU) DISCHAROBS OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCY IB Short Timt. Vftg«r & Vsger, Attorney* y>0 Dtttf ptmi. c- '\ i&k^'V^tl Veterinary Surgeom DR. D. M. MAKER. Graduate Ontario, Veternlary College omw over Tae Model store. COR .THIRD AND PIA8A BTB . ALTON III 416pm gl "' ex-Bun. 644pm 643pm " " dally 666pm 627pm C. & A. dally 6 83pm 603pm C*A, dally.,. 706pm 880pm C&A.dally. ., ».Mpm Lv St L U 8 For Alton Ar Alton 708am ...CtA, dally , 810pm 744am BlgFour ex-Sun......... 810am 748am .C* A, dally 847am 1040am ,...Big Four, dally 1140am 160pin Big Four, Sat only... 260pm 420pm Big Four, ex-Sun Kttpm 606pm T3&A,dally 616pm 648pm ..BigFour, dally 640pm 60apm.... Big Four Sun only 7Mpm 836pm BlKFour, dally 986pm 840pm C 4 A, dally B48pm 800pm C*A. dally. 1006pm 1131 pm C A A, daily »S3tm ,,**-C A A and Big Four tickets. Alton aud Upper Alton to East St Louis tnd St Louis Tloe Tersa, are good on any C 4 A tnd Big Four gains regularly stopping at those stations, Mileage tickets exoepled. T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor JVUpt Profiles and Estimate Furnished. tog Belle Street, Up Stairs. O O NOBR18, C A A Agent. " X, Big Four Agent OH C. C. C. St St. L.— Big Pour. Going Eas .»Spm t trains between Alton and St Louis,] table foi Granitoid Paving Co. W. &.H. BE1SER, Prop's. 813 East Sixth Street • Alton, III. All Mods of Granitoid Work; Bteps, rlooi* trof mtwrli br Bill will .Flooring, etc., doosani the best quail • ; al and work guaranteed. "-'I r<o»l?s prompt attention Sidewalks, x -it quail' Ordon Burlington Route. trains will leave THROUGH SERVICE BETWEEN —— ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND THC—— PRINCIPAL CITIES OF TEXAS. WUNER IWFET SLEEPEH AND —— FREE RECLINING KATY CHAIR CARS •• • DINING STATIONS OPERATED BY THE COMPANY. SUPERIOR MEALS, »»' FIFTY EloepS Bun •Dally. tE»-aun, (Bun only; ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, «M BBLLB STRBBT. Motuy to Loan on Improved Property RIMTB COLLBCTBD. Chas A. Strittmatter Merchant Tailor. 7*4 BAAC VBCUND *TttKB1t. TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, MODERATE PRICES, YOU tre UTW* i» C«JI W* •MBlna •' NEW STOCK OP GOODS On tnd after Oct. 1st, 1808, Alton as follows: Leave Alton 6 Co am V 710 am 800am 1006am 1230pm 1246pm 240pm 446pm 488pm Of 70Spm Leave at. L. 741 am 8 21 am 1020am 1160am 800pm (Suburban serrloe) Dally ni-8un Sunday only Dally ei-faun Daily ex-Sun i« Dally Dally ei-Suu ArrireSt. L 640 am 7 Mam 8Mam 1100am 188pm 140pm 846pm 6 40 nm (80pm 810 pi. Arrlro Altai 8 Warn Q liatm 11 Warn 18461 Through service. urli St. L. K, ft M. W, JK^^^SS^'sgfp^ 1 M4 w^^w&n B s?5 > ir w * n<> *** C. P. A. Q. (Ridge it. flution) .. and West. . L. W. WAKhl ": 'UlS 8t Irfouit-Paorta Line 101. L. 0. *8t. P. By. i On tnd after Nov. U, am, trtlns will letre Alton w follows : Lavra Auw tor Jers»r»lU» tod BprlnrCaU- |$ (0 tin Prslihttad Aoo., •fi~»tjB, lt.67 MB L*m Alton tu artftun-'s.ftetnj, l:67pm, Leave Alton. ForSt. Loal*. Arrlre m u. I0:<0tm K»o«pt Bundtf 11; t m t U p» JOtlfir T it pa Utra at. Louli For Aiwo Arrive A>MB

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