Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 10, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1927
Page 2
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•Twas stra^iJge—in.youth all action anri averse all Ilfct fuming tai pleasure, 'not fr^ip strif©; I field^tlie i ocean—all gave Woman— th' • . •• th^ Promise ot gr la turn ini 1 be <\iv. Anil found or ; No ume trU inj|i In that itu Wi( .Tlic teiriiiv hud Un (bat th^ gladness, peril ot tried, he ra^Hauked all I'w, •' ' his rccoi)i|i<iise in joy woe, I ' le medium; lor h|is fecl- 'u Bougiit • 5 ; (•nsoncHMiun iisuaito from uBht: . . ^ t ia hJii hvarl in Hcorn Kiizod / 'I feel)|p.' clcinintR had rai u'd", The raiitur ;• of hlsJic.iii had looked on hiKh. 1 •And aiikM f Krcatcr dwell hoyond Ihc Hky: ^ ; Cbain'd lo -xeeiis. the Hlarc bf Much ' •• . <'xirMnc, «•• i ' ' Ho>^ Woko he from"the wfldnosH of ' i . ...Uiijl drrahi'-. , i Alan! he t ild not—hut; he did • ;i\vl ike To curae l le withrr'd heart that woljild not hrpulf. Byron. V. B. Specjiil ;ClasN . , ValeHtWe iWty The liion hly so<ial of the 1'. H. Special icla IS of tlii; Unitcfl Urothr . ren chiirch I was iii'the ! orm of a vai«atfde pany yesterday afternoon In the honip- of Mrs. .1; (i. Fisher, "Wheelet, HbiBhls. with fMrs; BJ F. iTo^ asBisUng. | I Mrs. RutH Uavl}!, class prcsidput. presided oy^r the meeting Dad Mrs. 0. tionalB. Th of the choir reported a. 19 in thi!^, shower wi:.s member ja Valcnlm B and valen in An claborkti •was se Miss Thej The (HaHs •were: Mrs. J. F. Kndc S. Bishop led the dcvo- class is taking care expenses this year and ood sale for February J. A. Mor and-Mrs.! ren were' pr onnectinni planned A , .. fruit fhr a sick he chuj-ci.'. Idecoraltoi si wore used o' games were playe<l. : two-ci)urrae luncheon Mr.-!. A. C.iKplcy and [i4 Roberts were guCsts. members at! the parly E. W. Maniinp. Mrs?. Mr.-s. Cecil Oliver,: Mrs. THE IdLA miLY REGISTER. TmJRgl AY EVEklt Sam Dale, Mrs. W. R. Ayling;. Mrs. ion,. yUst. C.iS. Bishop, I th iDavis. Four lihilil- sseht. • [ •> •> Monthly L^e^tiiiR «f WoRianVs! ms.slouarj- .Soriely The m6n|hly meeting of tlu- Woman's; Missionary society of the First Chrilslijan <:hurch wasi held last night Tin the "church social room. . . : I ' Mrs.- l."urri M. Thomatf presided over the; bujiineHs ftiecllng. Mrs. C. E. Wlllibh M'gav[> a talk and out- .lin«d the;\i'ork of u Sunflowct; caui- palgn coijiklHi whUJi.lheiHoclety ha!n laun<^hcdi (Tie lesspb ^'as "India" and ivairiln cliargcpf tlje hbnoraryi members! bIJthe sotJIcty, whb ard the, men. |Mi. .J, A.! Fri'er hid th<« devollonals and talked pn "Amerir cunlam" anil! "Chur^.hcrf of India." Mr. Fran<jls Atulcrson iread a paper, "Najivfl Teachefsj of India." Dr. ijarolfl Koviit -ialkied about "Two. Orp laHage. Pr.bdi^iits." J TJie ReT: J. E, keyiibldjs jtave a talk cm "Moh^rim^.d or Chrinfian India." The MisMs Celeste^ Oriffith! and Neva Mad lux sang - "Come ; Holy Spirit" wi^h MisK H^fe^ iColby ac•. companylng.nn the piano. Readings ' Jwerc give: I W Mrs.-J. W. Hudson atfdMiss i'raikie Qriggj?. These hpnorary members served refreshments during the [social rk. Faris Frasi^r, [Klmer I anc. iR. Hi Coblcntz, N't glc. Tblrt .4 -nve nicm- hirty gue.sts jvfere pres- hopr: Mes Rose. Lafi and Frafik] bers and cat., £nt«rtii)ns Mrs. F,.J. . street, ent her bridgfj Xtoc^ all Mrs. Kcnne aad'TeceUnd Iteliplon!> The ladi . • • • " ' um^f. (iui.: Horton, lua South Klin rtained iho members of club yesterday aftor- [I'cIpcK lunch<^on. h Poust was a guesi ho high score favor. '> ' ! 5i%bt HcMol}>t' - I Insirnrtioii i i's df the Second nirision;] of the Oeieraj AVorkIng society of -the First FroHhylerian diiirch scrv-. 'efl supper last night in-, he church' dining' roo n ijrecedfng the session •of the ni*;l 8t¥itctionl nesday jtigfl" the rhjirch. Sixt .v- flve people mission Ktil HOHtf!«l l« Mrs. (•, I ington nSf HH li 'rld«t< cjiilt yi her hoHH'. Mrs. Ii;. Lynn, wifn luBCh waM The mbu ,V, ll •• Mr. and 417 Bast tained Dr. and son. Her last later on St. lx>niii. will joini lilm side. DIAMOND Salina.| Han., |Peh. -10. 'j200 reward offpred; by Mr<Jo« Hutefttns. jthi .recover}' of a-, diamond content* t sihool of nellgiourf in- hirfh is lipid revery Wivl- .iti|'nd<»d llie:Hii|(per and dv I'laHHes. - llrldire Tlnh ' CliuU, .'120 .Voilh \V »Hh- W!IH llOhli'HS Id IMT tcrday iiflvrnoon In i lany ami Mm. K. IC. KiicMiH.. . Aitvr card{i Horded. bcrjt pr<!!<fMt ;\verc; .MrM. ii. n. 8l^>d|?hll|, MrK .I.M. I'owi.ll. MrM, B. |. tian. Mr(<. b. Dalgajinb. J •. H.lfol -H.. MrK. a: O. iMirItt K. ll (•p <^ii and .Mrs.^C. >lni er jiisextH i Mrs. H. M. I<almer.; of ncki (m avdQue. ' ehter- thd nikht. iHe Si Mo., Mrs, G. ^. PcBdarvis Gbrdtjn Petidajjvis. at din- Or..Pendaivis left nflower jSpecial for where pU family n th^ *si*riti_g to re- REW^AM) NOT OPEN TODAY ring Which af^er being plaqed in dlsappegrei a jrtass'ip tfie pjintry^by Ind, was; J • • ; Mr. Hjitchjns >n recall ikmred milk arid brok^ into a gla^s a id swal Mr. Hntch- Uhd^wn- to^ay. • ed yiat he ' crackers owed the He ^urrifd tjo a physic- j last night Ian, and an,|X-rdy- pictiirL „... •ishttwed thBi rini'comfAr|ably parked in Mr. liutcllin's's- Slqraach. (API—The Mr. cityl 'a,nd for DWEDTaGO TO CONVENTION Charles Beebe Is First Newspaper Man to Take Advantage of New Legion Rule. Topekii, Kans., Feb. jto. (AIM — Krncst A. Ryan, France ;coiiveulion offlci-r for the Kansasi legion, in charge ot rcscrvjiiitina lor I lie American Legion cunvontiuii to he held in Paris next Scpiiiiibfr, to•lay announced that •'liglbiliiy for ihe trip had been broadcneil to In• luilc authorized prcs.s reiircuciiia- ivoK. .Mr. Ryan stated- the national France tiavt' ipirrovi'il granfing II |in'«s' ri 'prc3 <'iit(«ilve.s wliose ap- piliatiiUH are acc| letitr frcmi the edl ('omntlitfi- had of reservations inipankd by a or or jiulillsher Mrs. Oaii Moody, wife of. Texas"; new and youngost govcrunr. ha ^ast one thing in common with .MrH. CoiiliiiKc a colli"- Uecei Irs. .Moody lex pressed a wish for a-uhiU' i ollic. :iii<l «ho puluro sU< ^hat the desire was gianleil. • .', NEWS NOTES OF GAS cin Edward Jtn«sell Completes H;itch> er>" and Has It In Operafhni— Hev, IWry SIbhelf Speaks on; 1Vni|»era !H 'e. , ' (Mr.s. A. F. Holtcn) CAS CITY.,Feb. 8.—Uev. Mary $ibbett, stato speaker j for the iV.i C. T. U.i'gave an ,in.>jpiratiiiii,il <alk at the .M. K. chiirch Siiuclay flernoon. -Mrs. S. K. Russell, CDUII- presidont, gave ait interesiliig alk and direcli'il the dcvollonals. .Irs. Sovverliy led In pra.ver. after is'hich the speaker for the atteriioon 'vas-Introduced. .Mrs. Slbbell wave he niotto of "the W. C. T. U.. the our planks of the W. C. T. U. plat- orm; also many other Inleresling hings and jthle splend/d work the .V. C. T. U. Is doing. At tl'ie close f the Hpeedh seven lie* members |verc added; to the local chapter. "The next mebling of the W. C. T. V. jvill" be .held at the home of Mrs. •Jdward Ru&sell, Friday, Feb. IS. The E ^wprlh. League sorvio^vs- ^unday Aight were well attended. The theme pt the lesson topic, -Mls .ston Study—thi- Local Church." Ivas brought! out in the references, pissio'iiary lieading.s and talks. The eaders werb- Flovd - Hnlten aiid at ily Ws i I'r ami llirce rhililn'u are kept] in will! I in- nieasli'.'i. ; I'nii. I.. .\. Ucfdiug was lalled tu L'arkiT \ii)iiil;iy t-vfiilns;. because of the illness i>f his Inollur. Arthur Beodiiig, I .Mr. aiiiK .MIS. family Ihave mov bon farm e;ist O. .S'oi-iiiaii ivt 'd i<) I he Blue Ilib-j ofCas..* ii .; —Telephone yijur Classifieds to 18. I ! • "i . • i hids [The League will pro.cram Frida.v the fJas s<'hool )reii McDaiiiel. • lohi a supper anc light. Feb. ill. alj lOuse ; Chili. i>ie .ind coffee will be ! erved. beginning -at fi o 'clock and he program! will follow. Little Maitgaret Wright vLsitml iver Sunday in lola with her 5irotlur, Oral Lamb. .Mrs. Scromins aiwl IIIIIP ilaiigh'- ler, Helen Pauline, ol Ottawa spent he week c id with the forim-r 's isler, .Mrs. Claiiile .Marple and finiily, of Kist Mr. and ?Irs. (Men Harvey' ami ynn, Lyle, aijriveil home from ]r>\v;t >'here they jvere called 911 account rf the illne$s of the former's fat ler. .Mr. Hn'rvev. Kilward {[usKell ' iiiis completed I I is hatchery! and now has il in oii- crati,9n. He will hatch aii'i sell iinly .baby chicks from his .^^lc ^•tl •^l single, comb whil<,> leghorns and V 111 not. handle all breeds. . MIsH Liicllc Fliul aiiiLAIIsK .\iiiia I IggH iiiodired 1.0 llitiiiiinldl .Siiji- itiy lo take dinner with .Mr. and ,^ rs. n-.ty Kard. Pi.'tyirr liieetiiig 'riiurNihiy iiiglil aji the St. K. ilhunh at 7:.'!o. Tlif I imiiiChH liteel 'llie lllal 'WMH In li<' I eld : liiMi Tlnirsilay 4'VCIIIIIK was I rmlpmied IIJI IIIIN week ' bi 'iiiiiHi' tot CIIOIIKII iiD 'iiiber^ iit ITK- •irfJclKl board 'weri' prcscMt.. 'Ilic I aKli.-r WIHIICM III liavc all llic liii'.in- l ers preKciit '4'JiiirMiluy ••vi'iiliig-rn I le work may hi- .IIIIIMIICII b .v Ihi- <• 1(1 of the colifcrcilccvcar, .MI .sH BkmcUo .Mcdww inotori'il lu I roiisoii Tuesday afternoon. .Miss Ixiis Steele left Saturday f »r Col irado to spend the re |St of I le winter and next summer with her slsjer. ; - There are ,>ieveral new cases of n easles iir Ihia community. jThe Inree small" children of .Mr. and rs. John Gumfory and Mr. Butch- 11(1 of a publication, .'tatiiif that Ihe apidicaiit is the -rcdiled reprc- seiitalive of the jiu ilicatiou for Iho I'ari.s conveniioii t -ip. The appll- <aat must comply however, with the nirmliership neiiuiremiiits In ca.s<? of nienibersbin in ciitier tho legion or its auxiliary. ' .The first applicant to t^ke ad- vaiilageof this ruling was I'harles HITIIC, president of the Kansas Press association and secretary to Cioveriior Paiileii, Mr. Ryan said. • The Fraii(>e coiiveiitiou officer predicted iit.iiny Kansas newspaper .men woiilil'-ileslre to take advaiit- a.^e of this riiling and the special ralis for the legion trip. MAUDE LEE MUDD APPEARS AGAIN Viliila. Okla.. Feb. Hi. lAI'l — ^Sacrificing luxuries offered by 'a fortune esiinutti-d Jit from (iiic It) five million dollars, for the thrills and freedom of the open highway, Maude Lee .Mudd. IX year old Oklahoma Indian, today resumed her wa,i;i(lerings with fears for her safe­ ty'greatly allayed. She appeared liere yesterday, her (ild home, pur- cfiased a new i -ar and left with friends, on an' aiinoiiiued :.'.IHIII iiiile tour. She jiad been iiiissiug for several months when she left her liusband at Los Angeles. Shiweiiort. La., is compleljnu ai nia^iiificciit new piililii- ' biiililiiig which;will jiicludo a <oiirt-hoitse and jail. The unusual feature Is tliat the jail is. iitop' the courthouse. DresseS' Sii^ciaUy Priced ;$EOi ^ A very tipccial pui(|^ase enables us to offer you Smai'.t NtKv Dressfeil at this ycry lovr'price, tojnior- row'and Saturday. W''; iii'C al.'^o sliowipjr a larj^e selection • of i ^ther Dresses priced .$9.95 to ; $15.00. • Newest ThliiRs in S| Cmits and Milfineny. :)rintr M.UINtPY - LAO'CS n rUONlOHIHOS mat Shall We Have for Dessert? —-\nswer this question today^hy j ifying Sunlite-Jeill, the improved •latiue dessert. Its rich, luscious lire fruit flavors, its spqrklijig cblors, its tender, yet, firm' body, iljs pare cane sugar sweetening and Teeable tartness, combine to f(irm the most dainty, delicious and paiitiful dessert you ever tasted, nd it is healthful, and ea.sily digested. A revelation in g>elatine deserts. ^ Give children all the imllte they waiit, they love it and 's good for them. Lemon, orange, cherry, raspberry, strawberry, mint. Yjur grocer has Sunlite or can gf t Jt. ! 1 V . - fl SOUTH S H J E SQUARfe Splendid At Our lOLA, KANSAS (pluting Flann^el Savings Nati<^ii-Wide Our Oiitinfj Ijlannel is a fa-, nous item with hou.sewives vlro hayc uscfl it and know just how satisfactory it proves. I We are showing light anf* jfilark grounds. Buy; yom, now! Heavy, Warm and Soft The quality is especially; good, and onr price particularly low. Just a Kation-Wide Yalue, thai'? alll 'A.-t ^ Vard Wide the Vard 26 y FJSBRUARY 10 ears 1027. The Genuine Gol^ S^al P|llow (yflRuecessfui m M^lMciied She^tinsL Soi Starok39^yj mm m Fimsh, Mb Every $12.75 Value, L'Ls. \Vu have .?! l.O.'j Full \V€ finest. Blanket Beautiful plai S19.50 Amaha Beautiful plai Blanket in the the famouk ,"Be4coii ,'s'^ j ill pure'wool: Amank Blaij these iii gray plaic only a! ifeht, full size Am8i |a all made in America. Is at -I all pure wool, ext \ar& Is, Said price $13.95 Kenwobds Farnous all i.'jool wonderful the nguUir price. A super A'aluo at .?10.00 value, .Kenwoo^ Beautiful Came in Pastel Coloij.s, on sale now at Wher^ K.xtra large pi $5.50 Value, $2.50 Cotton ^ouseisRadibM ild Annana All is the Housewife Who is Not Bu^ Theni Nok $4140 aifi^while Beacon Bjlanke^s. lieduced jto ndian Robes ; $8,50 Beacon Reduced to _ $5.50 Indian llobesi iReduced to _J $4.48 Part Wojol iAustralian Blankets, Reduced toi J Blstnkets Reduced to, pa^ij- - —L k- : It — $9.9S j >urc wool. Thp $11.9 $1516 Ijlanket Robe; $11.14 s Hajir, an .all lyi Reduced during i^odl Bmhkcits. thisSaleJ Values Reduced to _J ^ — woo BLAiNKETS $5.5: $4.4 $3.5 $1.98 This includes Robi Proud at Bi Beacon $6.95| Beautiful Silk Bounid Robes Reduced to i -—-L Sali incluiesjp'edai Reductions in-— sum 8|x90 WaWotf Shie^ts : 4kx?e Fo|xcrof^ ^stitched— Plain h Fokci-oft Sheets ..$1. Pillow! Sli ijjm— 45c 9c a Tomom w in tjie Whiw Go(|ds Dept. 25c Value, 36- rich Pajania Checl' n While, Pink, Peach and Orchid'-I POSITIVl : LY /no tekphone ^ders (loimtnci^cinK .... $8. oChf^ a Beacon Rob^ or Blbnkjet? r Savings."-" Raid I Blankets, $6.95 valutj. Reduced to L-_^_.—-- __._i___._..$i55 $^.75 (Jotton I Blankets ^ Reduced to, pair .$^.-50 Aalue, ifull size, iull weight (tonforts imad0 of ire inhite Cotton, lined ^iht Silkaline I^iicqd to each _i__L_J . _y- 59 81x90 Periperel Sheets . $139 42x36iTituth DO $7.|6: $2.19 $5.56 Henistitghed— PiUoW, m $1 Silips, plain h im— Tomqrrpw in the Ihc Va he Va Tomdrrow luni 3:^-inch La Fr4ncc Ginghams and lie. 36-lnch Gold S^il PercaWw, Renkarkablje of B^u Crepi Brejss^s ver h ilA in Allen couniy All new Spring tnodejbi ATlUliEli FOB THE WEEK-ENii $5.95 49b Wbh Goods Dep yard-l.j m Week end sale oc— wiU takeii/tn On sale S4turda|%.9a |^.faiij to Ciwt.anfer: ues j^r i.00 I

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