Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 4, 1961 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 4, 1961
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Established In 1914 T ItitObtiton&L, Subscription Rates In Fnycllf nnd Adjoining Counties S3.00 Per Year Outside t-ayettc ;ind Adjoining Counties $3.!50 Per Year The Leader is published weekly in Fayette. Iowa, and distributed on Thursday morning. Entered at the Post Office at Fayette. Iowa as second class matter, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Maurice Stoneman, Owner and Publisher Chattin' With Stone v Creek Bottom Comments Page 2 Fayette Leader Thursday, May 4/1861 young wife resting in bed, 'after her labor. The young father holding a kerosene lamp. "Aunt Jen•Life With Women" Doctor And now a look at the-other nie" bathing and dressing the tells of some experiences side of the score sheet. Doctor newtorn oabe^on herjmple lap. women patients. One nice Peck says that many a good lit— ady quit him because he tie wife goes thru life, from hon- By Reuben In Peck with little icu ed to "prescribe" a trip to eymoon to middle-age, wonder- ('ahf:;rn:a for her health. One of ing 25 days out of every 30, Is ,17 her girl cousins was out there, or AIN'T I? The suspense "The best thing to do with n cross road is to humor it." (She had great scorn for any woman who needed a table for this job). Two little girls, in braided pigtails and long muslin o' f nighties, had gotten up from Little baliv wild rabbits, when living it up, for the winter. Later that little (?) problem alone the j r b< ^ and stood bare-footed, kept in captivitv seldom live he coached a young wife about would make a gibbering idiot out ancl . wlth wide-eyed wonder, as m<;re than a 1 week or so, but we'- having a fake heart attack, in of many a big strong man, with- hcv « azed a i,. the . ,r brand . n f. w ie ju--t n"t that hiekv We've got hope of getting a more under- in six months. Furthermore, men y , lister. lne la m P and the ...i • that |, xsibly might live to standing relationship with her take a girl to be their lawfully U ' 0JC * flre cast 8011 shadows on old iige. ' mother-in-law. She got so good at wedded wife, essentially because tno baro cabin wal1 - of 8"»y- a ripe Editorial Comments - - - Willing Workers to meet Paste A Dollar Bill On Your Wall We arc; now feeling the effects of a generation of extravagance nnd inflation which is politely called a recession. The causes of it are paying for v.: rk not done, paying for - over-production of crops which could not be sold, higher taxes, federal and state debt, skyrocketing peacetime federal spending above defense needs and promotion ,r the welfare state philosophy. It doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to discover that our national policies are penalizing savings, pricing, r ur products out of world markets and constantly increasing the cost of living, as the A little over two weeks ago. it, most any doctor would have she is a she, they sure wouldn't liairccl "Aunt Jennie", with her our daughter (who must be a dis- been fooled, without a cardio- want it otherwise. Then too lncutn ful1 of safety pins. Here tant relative of Huck Finn) graph. A rather naive widojver many of them get all shook up were 8 0od P eo Rle at their God caught the little varmint out in friend of the doctor married a because Mother Nature gave the given best, the yard. Of cruise she had the doll he had recently met. Very girl a female temperament to go advantage, because the bunny shortly after, he came with his along with her female anatomy. was so young it didn't even have tale of woe. She wore a wig, Doctor Peck concludes with The Willing Workers club will it's eyes open. "falsies", took 7 different brands high praise for a certain Utah meet Thursday, May 11, with Thinking that the bunny had of vitamins, and kept house like "mid-wife", known as "Aunt Mrs. Leona Lee. Roll call is a been abandoned by an irrespon- a pack rat. Worst of all, she Jennie". Picture a simple cabin white elephant sale. Mrs. Ellis" sible mother rabbit who wanted greatly enjoyed poor health, and in the bleak, wind-swept West, Thompson is in charge of the pro- purchasing power of the dollar is driven down, to live it up, and didn't want a was always highly fidgety if the in the wee hours of morning. The gram and entertainment. Paste a dollar bill on your wall and mark >:!( baby hanging around. Our dau- old boy tried to love her. Doctor — ' half of it with a red line for purchasing power ghtcr adopted the infant and Peck says, examination revealed already lost. Then as taxes and government debt, brought it into the house. She she had enjoyed so much surgery, local and federal, go higher and higher, mark off put it in a big cardboard box the surgical scars on her tummy more of it with red lines as the dollar value de- and got out her doll bottle with looked like a railroad map of creases Also depreciate the purchasing power of a nipple to feed it. Indiana, with the navel at In- your insurance, your savings account, your pen- And the thitig took to the bot- dianapolis. She had lost all her sion or any other fixed dollar asset as you add He like a fish to water. It's been female organs, gall bladder, red lines to the dollar bill on your wall. eating heartily ever since, and (and three former husbands). The future value of the dollar rests with the growing and becoming more i:i:»n:::!:i:i:::«:imH !iiimi :ili!:i. We Applaud people through the interest they take in politics, healthy every day labor, industry and economic policies. WHO HAS TO HUSTLE? According to rome American spokesmen, we're going to have to hustle mighty hard if we're to prevent the Soviet economy from overtaking and passing ours. And, according to some Kremlin spokesmen, the Soviets are going to do just that in the next ten or fifteen or twenty years or some otlur such period of time. What can be said to that, on the basis of the known facts, is that the hustle will have to be principally provided by the Soviets—and to a miraculous degree. For instance, the American Petroleum Insti­ tute points out that to make our living standards approximate of those of the Soviet Union, we'd have to get rid of four out of five of our homes, nine out of ten telephones, fourteen out of fifteen miles of paved roads, and nineteen out of twenty cars and trucks. We're that far ahead. This is no argument for complacency — or for underestimating Soviet achievements in science, industry or sense to minimize our own achievements—or to ignore the fact that the American system has done more for more people than any other economic svstc*n known to man. If it lives, it will undoubtedly have the distinction of being the only rabbit in existance with a fourth grade education. Besides being treated like one of the family at home, the rabbit has gone to school daily, sits in his cardboard box in the classroom There is never a dull moment jjj in this business of editing and j|j publishing suburban and small jjj town newspapers. We are so jjj close to people that our every ac- 11! tion and every word can and jjj docs come in for criticism if jjj someone does not agree, and it is Iii a foregone conclusion that when jjj three or more people get to- j|j Do You Recall 20 - 30 - 40 Years Ago all day long. ,. .„ . We went along with the gag at eether they will not agree, first, thinking the bunny would Ma - vbe thcrc « » little compen- only live a few davs and things * atlon , ln tbe thought contained my other field. But it makes no would be back to norma l. But it's ln the blt of verse ^ have cll P' beginning to look now as though P ud from a Nebraska paper, as we've got another exemption. follows: Maybe if business gets bad we An editor knocked at the Pear- eould raise a few more rabbits, lv Ga tes, and a few vegetables, and then go out selling meat and groceries. Let's hope we don't have to resort to infringing on someone else's business like that, 20 Years Ago — Nine Upper Iowa University commercial students accompanied by their instructor, Mrs. Grace Burdick, inspected the commercial departments of the His face was scarred and cold: jjj He staid before the man of fate jjj Helen Tuttle to ceries? Le ^7iope'we ''do"n'r have For admission to the fold. Hi Re-join U.I.U. Staff to resort to infringing on some- 'jWhat have you done", St. jjj • J one else s business like that, 1 cler asKeci, »: Miss Helen Tuttle of Redondo though. "To gain admission here," jjj Beach, California, will re-join * -• "I've been an editor, sir", ihe jjj the faculty of Upper Iowa Uni- A clipping entitled "Editor's said, j|j versity this summer, it was an- Compensation", printed in the "For many and many a year." ijj nounced today by Dr. Herschel Winthrop News sometime ago, The Pearly Gates swung open jjj Hendrix, dean of the university, was submitted to us by Mrs. Hod wide, ijj She will serve as dean of women Johnson. We feel that it very St. Peter touched the bell, Ijj and teach several classes in En- well describes the small town "Come in", he said, "and ill DOUG FAY is the 17-year-old ton of Mr. and Mrs. John Fay of Fayette. He has been a member of the baseball, basketball track and football squads during all four of his high school years, and has taken pari in dramatics, chorus, and band during all four years. He has been a member of the annual staff during his sophomore, junior and senior years, and a member of the Pep -club. He was secretary of the sophomore class, and president of the junior class. He plans to attend Upper Iowa university next fall. last week. It has the distinction of being the tallest structurei in g lishj Dr . Hendrix stated, replac- editor, and would like to pass it choose your harp, ing Miss Grace Meyer, who is on to you. You've had your share of hell taking a leave of absence to study in Europe. |ss ISSIl:sssslssssIS!SSSSSSSSSSS!Is:ii:sstilr::s:lil::li::::r=:isIS=II!s:lssISSIl:lsls:ssssssssss " s " ssssssssssssssssaslsst " SBSSSSSSSS " s * sss: Miss Tuttle, who was affiliated with U. I. U. from 1957 until 1960 as an assistant professor of En- the world, being 1,250 feet high. —• 40 Years Ago WELL DONE GRADS! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK IN THE YEARS AHEAD Fayette Agency Insurancce — Real Estate farm south east of Fayette Saturday night, nothing being saved. The farm is occupied by the Isa- a ac Pattison family, and they Colorado Springs papers speak Oeiwcln"High School" arid Sacred highly of the dance pageant, Heart Parochial School, Monday. l Dream } and "' Y h ' c 3 1)) wa ?, wri ^ gltan" resigned "last yeV to teach 111 Those maicrng me trip were: *•>" \ < J < "^"\ m the Redondo Beach high /« Edith Mitchell, Bonnie Lund, ly Nellie Burget of Fayette) school b ijj Hein and Forrest Hanson. totaiect ovei $l,5&b. Hendrix Fire of unknown origin des- Sunday evening vvhile throwmg "'•"^ ^ ijj troyed the residence and all its d ° w " hav ^ fro ™ th | "P stalrs ° £ , Du ™6 M 6 ye„ je aV e of :=: contents on the Herb Pattison *° barn, Kenneth Robinson had absence Mr. Edward G. Bradley j the misfortune when coming assistant professor of English and down, to slide onto the handle of speech, will serve as acting head jjj pitchfork, severely injuring oE the Englsh department, while jii himself. He was immediately Dr. LeGrand .Maxwell, McCosh ijj were in Oelwein at the time. brought to town and given med- professor of music will serve as jjj The leading roles in the Sen- lcal assistance, and over twenty acting chairman of Division 1. »; ior Class play "Where's the Fire" stitches were taken in the wound. Mr. Wendell Bradley, instruct- iii were taken by Maxine Whit- Smoke was discovered coming or in physics and mathematics, jjj cher Vera Schaeffer and Rober- from a room on the third floor has ^en a PP°>nted as acting j:j ta Harvey with a' supporting of colle 6 e hal1 yesterday about head of the physics department, j]j cast of Wesley Welch, Tom Goe- noon - and lhe fire department replacing Phillip J. Lorenz. Pro- jij bel Daren Durey Junior Camp- was cal l ed - The fire was disting- fessor Lorenz recently received a iff bell, Elizabeth Exam, Joe Wright, uished with a few pails of water - special resoarch at lil Lavonne Darland, Ella Marie 11 was thought to have started Syracuse University. jij Moore and Barbara Stansbury. from a sma11 kerosene stove Charles Jones, assistant pro- jjj ' ' which was used to generate fessor of chemistry, has been jii steam for a small engine which named as acting head of the ijj was in use in the Academy Phys- chemistry department. He will ijj ics department. Damage was succeed Dr. Lyman Caswell, who Ijj slight. has resigned to accept a position jjj with a women's college in Den- jij Coyote ton, Texas. ijj You Bet! II Good Luck 30 Years Ago There was considerable indignation about town Sunday morning when it was learned that a part of the new Fayette totem pole located west of town on the Randalia road but a week before, Roger Sheeder of Guthrie Center recently killed a coyote when You've Done It! FAYETTE THEATRE , Thurs., Fri., Sat. May4-5-6 ELIZABETH TAYLOR DANA ANDREWS In ELEPj WALK CAROLE DAHLQUIST is lhe 18-year-old daughter of Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Dahl- quisl. She has been a member of the band.- chorus and ihe girls basketball squad during all four of her high school years. She has been in both the junior and senior plays, and in one-act plays; has been a member of the annual staff, paper staff, small band and chorus ensemble groups, and a member of the Pep club. She plana to attend the University of Iowa, and to major in speech therapy. Sun., Mon. May 7 and 8 AVA^OARDNER DIRK BOOARDE" In IHE ANGEL WORE RED) We Join Your Friends In Saying WELL DONE HERE'S WISHING YOU HAPPY DAYS Fayette Stone Co., Inc. Fayette, Iowa Oldest had been torn off." and the broken J* "ossed the road directly in Traer has one of the oldest- ijj section carried off Other acts of nt of 18 car- Its unusu *l f°* age wise- bowling teams in the «! vandalism were reported includ- coyotes to be seen on or near a state. The team is made up of ijj ing breaking of ten large win- i' 0 f d le j alone a heavil y travel- men who average more than 70 «; dows in the Randalia school led road - y ears old - [jj building and a rock being hurled ajfflllHH!HiHH8Jra^ 'isiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii into the sign over the door of — the Cozy theatre here. Earl Schneider last week sold his Chevrolet garage to S. E. Campbell of Westgate, who took possession Friday. Mr. Schneider will act as salesman for the new proprietor. The Empire State building, New York, was formally opened kAYE CAMPBELL is the 18-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Campbell. She has been a member of the band and the Pep club and vocal chorus all four of her high school years. She was vice president of her freshman class and a homecoming queen candidate during her freshman year. She took part in dramatics during her freshman, sophomore and senior years, and was a member of the all state chorus one year. She plans to attend Gates Business collegia this summer and possibly Upper Iowa uni- •verity next fall. WE ARE HAPPY FOR YOU TODAY AND WISH YOU GREAT SUCCESS Earl Schneider INSURANCE AGENCY Phone Black 241 — Fayette, Iowa |iii!i|iii^:ii:!i:!!:nii ••;;:i;i ;::;;:;:»H :::SmSiiliig:il!;i ;HJtt i:iii:i;i!:i:iiiiiii:::ii!i!i:ii:iiii!:!il!J!iii MICHAEL GEO. SMITH is ihe 18-year-old son of Mr.- and Mrs. Donald A. Smith of Fayette. He was a member of the football, basketball and track squads during all four of his high school yea$rs. and was captain of the football squad during his junior year, and of the basketball squad ihe past two years. He was on ihe baseball squad in his freshman and sophomore years, in chorus during his freshman, sophomore and junior years and dramatics in his freshman and sophomore years. He was a member of the student council in his sophomore NEEDS YOUR IDEAS i"* 1 * 0 * • class officer all four years. AND YOUR YOUTH g» P la fJ» *» J° w ? Stale Teachers College at Cedar Falls. Zbornik Body Shop Fayette, Iowa THE UNIVERSE j ""!i:;iii!i!!!li!ii!!!ii>;ii!!;:>ra iHm!iiaBi!fiHHli!mi :!iliH !i :liii!«Hi !ii We're Proud FRANK R. RANDALL is the 17-year-old son of , Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rand' nil of Fayette. He has taken , part in band and mixed chorus during all four of t his high school years, and. - in dramatics during his freshman, eophomore and junior years. He was on the basketball squad during his sophomore and junior years and worked with the public address system during his Junior and senior years. He plane to attend Upper Iowa university next fall. Much Effort Wa» Needed On Your Part To Earn Your Diploma. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, GRADS! Gene Wm. Singer PLUMBING and HEATING »»^i:iiiii!i::iiiiii!iii>::!!ii!i mHiinht!imiHHi»man« Congratulations ROBERT ALFRED OAGE is the 17-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Levi Gage of Fayette. He has been a member of the Cardinal track squad all four of Ms high school years, was on the football squad during his sophomore. Junior sad senior years, and the basketball squad ditttim nil freshman, sophomore and junior years. H4J was; V member of too blgfe school film' craw ths ,pa4t' m'' years. • He>pl*«^^'^)^^ this mmm^t.^i^vamm$' Iowa unW«sU^^i*,^^| We Are Proud Of Your Claa*.And IU r&^&Sj^f KEEP GOING GRADS YOU'VE DONE WELL, *0 Lucy's Garden of Fayette, Iowa en

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