Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 10, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1927
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lyiroKiCAi: IITATE 1 as IN SHAN6HA Two Battalion^ of Troop Fr^m Englana Expect€*l There Tomokow; No phanges }n the Situation. lnTfj today. Hriiislil moi'row London;. Fell.'!«.. (AIN—TIic ai; nivJl of .100 AmeriiSn nuirincs ii a.iiplui is; rejforit-il in lUn K.\- IVlegrapli disitairh rocciv Tw ). battalions i> (roops arf (-.\pt>ctfd to k{ the disjiatch ailtls; Ttiej general situa(lii)ii at Sliang liai !iKir |'i >ortt 'il uuclianRfdj liui cir -<-uiiistaxice« -add to a l)cli»'f lli:^ HanKi-lurm- will hpi nftie UHtenabl lor jili*-; Nort'licrn tfoops jind tlui will lion lidi. (ipij-ii llU' way I'hr a loiic-nlpi of jtllP .\ation;d!i.>Jls al SIi;ing] is believfdfiliaj iliis is it I 'tfOJllr <-.xpiau^lion for tli* dis^iritcli o Sliangliiii| to reliiirn t . dt'siring f Uankovi .liav»> bi-i>ii i)ffiiiiilly ad visfit ••'•""^'n Sliangliai. tlif dispiiti-tl ailds. HEAL WAR AMON(; , ClHlNESE'OPfeNEI) a Ram TOII.W l.\ WASIHiNJillON C^onRfoHs nifet.s at yoon. Kami • ri'licf d<^I)a both liotisi'N. Kl»-cfi<i/i.-< roniwUi^ rniH-is on Smith i-as«'. fJousf. jtidicfary r^jininiMw rontintios Cooper iinpeafh- Tax ap'pfuls Imarii hears • fiirthwi icsiimoiiy ,iii Konl fax rt'covvry suit. • » » » > FEDERALMAN ON ST AND IN FRAUD TRIAL Bailey Tells Relations of Harry Daugherty and Jess W. Smith Tells About ] Inaugutal. ENDS MANYKIUlED Revolutionaries in Lisbon Surrendered Lasjt Night—City Is I Quiet and Orderly. I.islton. Portugal. Feb. Ft'iloiiil f'ouit. .N 'l'w Yorlt. F>'1>. Iticliafd SU-r- liii). (;«-nMaii metal magnaie and ihit-f witiicss 'for the gov- vriinieni. tooli tJic stand this I'.ililn'g. Feb. I'l; f^AI't- .Mar.sliall Chatig Tso-Lin. hea^l of tlij- lilti-gi aiiftj of \orlheru qwar l)itd.s. an lioiince^ today Uiall its great eaini "ad begun in;the war of tli paigii li North Against the South. A.- prov men long nan alist i/i.'ni < iipi tent Tli haJt iui<-s or Chihlil anti ^ha^tiin of, tlie I'eking goven hiKt faiKJ lo Ouubn . siiid Chang, Jjate l)pgijn fJi|t ex[ieeted advance to recaptur l.ov from the invadingl A'ai^oti t( antonoKei Vttrte-?. ami drivi ^iiiilhward fr^m ih*>ir ne^- al, (in the Yaiii;t.*e river al China. j ; e S'orthern arniie.s. will ndi at llie Vangt .se,, .sijid C^ang pioiijoiiticonient. but] will purstie tlije | through Rinnan jirOviDi juubn in ICyrangtung lirovinci , wheljeej ihf StmlhiirneTs 'eriiptt-l I'ederali Court. N<'W Yot^k. Feb. . ! 10. (AIMHTestinionv i" the Daiigll- ,!iir trial imned t.idav tolB't'is and machine guns. To add l.ithc r.-laiioi)s).)p i.f llarrv' M. ! "> the discomfort of the revolu- Daugherly. loiin.-r attoriifv ''j""-""''- a" airplane dropped spring in puign that gave half of China.; In te egranis to leaders i of thj Ndrihetu armies, ('hang Tso-Lii^ liingj (ii -tator of .Mimchuriii and . i;i rnci-nt hionths director of' thel'f • iiisly d enounced hometities styled ; "ihoChristiali'(the Cniied States of their best ser- preventing news from leavEiig the g<'ne,ra g»'ne ' and Chang Kai-Shek, tlf lovers, norl All Tso- r.-«|ii] foi lion ^i^l. ral-in-chief of( the Ciintone .'je who are allied apjainst iV^i lerjn War lord;^. ,.. incinc his < ampaign. Chant Lin Haid he ha^li received jniaaK- ' frohi Hufian ami Flupe|i 1.-st H el ..I ief from Ca anil was tims I I 1 itorioso domin: anxious to CH SI Hhal I ral .Chatig lTso-f.(n. oi a vol vices in connection with the trans- | capital. 1 fer of STiOiin.uiiii assets of the . .\meTicaiv Metal was seized during enemy-owned property. The government alleges Smith [and .fohn T. King, one time na• tiotial Republican committeeman Company, which j HULL 'TO SPEAK g the. war as; ^^gHINGTON ., from] IXA WAR LORD JMAKES anjjhal. Feb. |1<I. . (AI')--Mar- Wli f'ei-Fu. once lord of Cen China, has reduesied .Marsha the .Vortlier war I lords alliancil' to Atate th tiiim|lier of. tfoopsj he Is tiemlin^ Ititii II. ar it^viio'rthern l^ordi-r, say .lai| aiies.' If th > troops- of ai <• lai gteli. added ly. 1 ' ;in I uiiderstaudiiigt between Hunan province and to refrat advancing. b<'Vond ChangteJi it-iviio'rthern ifordi-r ill-ipjit.che.s fijom I'eking. e Ht'oiild endf'ivor to arrang troops and the .Ni|rtherners, ling possible donflict. (II AM) KM; I{F.\( II A I-oliidpn. Feb. in ;?a)itonese fore CAS Ojie negotiations bet w e t> ib-Affaire ' sutu» d , Chaj-gti the llaniow. have re.=u ment^ rfgai^ding the sion' lliere. Sir A«s told thj- House' of EXPLOSI FATA ville. ,Pa.. "Feb. 10; knan is known others jentombeci a,iA two .serion; ly burned in an explosion of ga-ii al I ;irk Colliery c I'hoeni.\ jhe ^hjladelphia ai^d KS^dding Coij body ersv; Iifbni Company today. Thj lit Stinney. .^edlick jof Mir |lle. was recovered; and re.scitle gangb jvere workinK in an effort tb J t^nlay. 72 per cent; 7 a. m. today. reac how <i of AL Chang stopp Wu Hignificantj- hi thii|< axil , (API— The rd .. , .lohn T. Allen, lola dairymati, I,, ua.s released on $loii apjieal bond last night. .-Mien was confined ii» ; • the county jail yesterday when he : n'fiis.'d to Jiay ;i $I<i fine on:a; I iliarg." of sellinjj; milk without a ! and falling .to have hi.s j . |n)ws giveu the proper tuberculin j test. Allcti was arrested a weei ! jjago on complaint of' Dr. C. E. ted in an agree British cotice? en' Chamberlaiji L'ommons todaj! IS to be dead, tw hose ciitonroed: It is sail v^r. there is iilUp Iikeliho«)kl eir being resiued alive. ;N COUNTY Connecticut- (-oii s pired i na'ral king) gdvernment's: policie.s. vigoi*-,?len former alien property custod-i insurgents had seized the • • 1 'Feng Yu-Hsi.-uig. i ian are charged with defrauding arsenal .ind the general posstbffice. a \fictorlou.s cam them control ov< all'*rno.^ii in th M. I )ai|ghi'riy. trial of Harry former attorney geiieral and Thomas W. .\Iill.r. jlorm .T . aJien property ctLstodhin, charged with' de- tiaiidlii^ the I'uile.l SlatfS of (heir h<>iiesi and .iiiiblasfil services, i (Al'l -4 Atiout three huildred p|r.-<ons'wt^re killed in Jh'in- stirreciion in Lislwn. Th • revolt endeo last night, after fifty six hours of Jigliiing when government aiitillery swept tlw in- .snrgents from their siron» hold tn the naval arsenal. Many were wouiided. One of i liose killed >yas Colonel Men()e: Ties, the rtivplutionary letfder. London. Feb. l6. (API—.'^i rrend- j'er of tlio revolutionaries in Kis! hon at Irti.lO o'clock last nigSit was ! reported in a Reiiter dispatc i from {the Porliige.sp cairital todaj. The (di responilent said the city was quiet and that order had btfen restored throughout the country. A large niiiiibrr of persons, Ini^luiliog noii-combiittuitts. he udd(>'d| Wern killed or wounded in Lislion dnr- iiig jhe fighting between' the Insurrectionists and Ihe-loyal tones, aiid ihf proi)erly damage is extensive. I •: ; i The in.surfeflnts, whO| Iiad on- trencheil themselves i;i an ursenal; surrendered after H hours;of Intense bomhaa-dniPnt from field 10. Cities Could Pipe Lines Given Under se hy Bill Jonks Tbpeka, Kan.. Feb. 10. {Af)\~A\\ citie.s in Kansa.-? wfould be empoWered to acquire, own and operate pipelines for the transportiation of natural or artifical 8»s under a- law proposed by I Representative Jonas of Reno courity. The dities could issiie bonds to buy "or bujild pipelines.-. fiwo or mor^ cit­ ie.s could tinite in kuch an enteri ' I . onth pension fo'r Private .joe H. .^|c.MilIan ,a KujciiinRon national Control \\ ot «public swimniin. pools wouiil be vested In the state! board of health under a iaw offer by Conkliog of Kite county. (leviHion|Of state senatorial ap- 'portlonmeiit to give western Kansas more senators was proposed by Broiidie of! Edwards. •Jones also proposed an approprI -1 atlonjOf Sl.SOO to provide $7.5 a' Rlmrdsman. who!was injured!while RJrving at Pittsbiirg In during the cljal strike. ] - Overruling tht| ways and nioans Ciimmittee, the j house Iiicrrcased li^om .J.10,000 to $50,000 the bii'nnial sppropriation for the Kansas free fajlr at Topeka. FARM REU A <1oi .Va' it bu imhi4 Mcllsii^y $augen BilP^ J^st Thouifhts of Agi icultural M nds. He Asserts. WiBhingtm. Feb, JO. (AD jpi edictio I that I'resiqent dge w mid-sign the llaugtu farm' reli.f hi -----r t cojirtl hcAis tiv eral and Frida.v.- Udiis first wit less \Y. Smith, hi.-. ".Mali Hailey of Atlanta, the ess of the day. told of finding sinith in chiirge of Daiigh- ertvV iiiliiigiiral rt -remonies in March. I'.ril. NEW WORKMEN'S #MPENSATION LAW IS OFFERED LEGISLATUR BY HOUSE JUiciARY BODY NOW anu ,ag MeaHure Offered Today Would or .More Workmen Under Benefits Topeka, Kan.. Feb. 10. (A Shortly!after Daugherty wa.s stalled. Sniilh came to. JJalley"s fiee." Bailey was then chief of bureau of! investigalioii oil flrt* parrnientJof justlf-f. Smith Uold the n^. in- o(the de- him to station guards about department of justice build ;• i Hailey said, because a sticidlisit {leader. tlifJi a prisoni-r in Atlahtd, | cruisers whose crews werfe . iwas to bf btoiigbt in and it lva.s lp,jefe,j of favoring the revol ,i feared hif^ fidlow.-rs might stai;t: ,,/o„,,,tly ih'sarmed. Thiis. I a disturbance. j i i lieved, f.i.sbon was spared tl^U hor- . Haughehy and Thomas'W. Mil- j rors of a naval liomhardmeDi. The three 'torpedoes into the arsenal, doing much damage. 1 The revolution broke out! in the capital at noon .Monday, supported by naval riien. a portion of ijhe Re- inib'lc.'Ul guard, police and .a large! number of iivllians. The' Insurg- i eiit.« erected barri<'ades in 'arloiis ' ports of the city and the i overn- meiu look energMic meaaiires lo crush the.; movement, ordering obt all jl(?ya] iletacl^ment.s 6f the Lts< bon' garrison, .who directed an intense machine gun fire on the_ln- surrectionists^ By orders «tt thegovernmfnt the SU9- wer© is be- i .Medical iattenllon for, laliorer would have to an injure<l |be paid fori Pfece All lute. With Ii By I,aw. Emplbver-s With five a(al Injury! pen.sation law was offered toJtHe legislature! today byj the house judiciary committee. act would l)e administered by a conimis-sioner of workmen's compensation. Employers having five oij rr ore workmer for more Ithan a monthiwould come under the law. However,.all mine;^ and building jprojects would be siibj set to its provisions, regardless of the number of employes antj the perjiod of employment. Amount of compensation In event of /ataJ Injury woiihl be ' three tinnja the average yearly cjrnlngs of the workman. Hut the minimum {would bu $1,400 ami thi: maximum $4,000. i by the employer jup to $100. Totar permanent dlsabitity woult^ entitle tbes worker to six «y Per cenU of his average-weekly earningH 6e-j fore injury, but in no case lo b« less than six doIlar.-< nor more than eighteen dollars a week. WA^klNiSoN ONCE j TRIED PAINTING ')—A new workmen's com- j as \r W |isl|ington -Haugi Ills th agi lo/ily the d Mc.\ reprj coiiil i.s t mee_ farnjer h n. CHILD IS KILLED IN AN EXPLOSION Han ••lari ing lalK •I doi-A oin-ij as of f pro all Jeu ear t'Ut H neaijly hou< cuU(ir ti lifts bee h.- s [ati|ve„ ma as by Iters. ^esMonals ioiis o iwe t( these blitisV" he asked, ^u^pn. wi iterhaiied veteran 6^ !25 ye irs seifvice' ir tie and c lairmaii of its agi;i- com nittee, ' declare! the Kmporia. Kan. .Ajn explosion of n orning caused Jjir. burned Fred Feb. 10. (API — |coaI oil early t4iis he death of a ba- [Rossnian so badly !*J »R not expected lo aurvivf', iiixd seriously Injurei) •rite child was t diughter of .Mr. and Mrs. Koftsman wlho live on a fail Mr. Hossman With oil when Itj fire to the liou nf'ighbor's home |m near llichnioud. as starting a fii-e exploded, smelting ^e. He ran; to a after failing to extinguish the tlinies by .rolling in ajsnowdrift. Thi mother" and baby Topeka. Kan.. Feb. 10.; ZAP)— (•ord«n Hull.-Tehnetisee cajigress- with i nian !and'former chairman of- the] Milwaukee."AVis.. Feb. 10. (API—; (leorge Washington and the .Mar-^ quls de I«afayette once assumed, the role.i! of painters, decorator.-s' . „-and wall-paper liangers, delegates, !l/A I ( attending; the- International Asso-i elation of Painters and Decorators, here wer*- told. This was called to the attention,! were burned in cape from the hojuse. Kichmond is .5<) miles east of JEm porta. GOOLIDGE Daiith'-rly ami .Miller to pass the i peniocraiic national committee, is | '••'-^ for the (laiisfer of the as-', to de^iv.^r th,.- principal address at i to the Soci.t.' Suisse Pour; the Wasliingion Hay celebrx^tiion of iirs De M»la»x. Of j Kansas i)ct(iocraf.s, r {epre.'<<^fatl*-e in.rits of the claim., Ridiard | Kdgar . IJ Bennett, president [of the Dinner cliih. ciaii^ sets DEMANDS !<™' .Mi-rloii. ageiii for the .'^ocieie .Sui(<- sr. is iilli'ged to have paid King Mtl.tioi) for his aid and Inriuonco in hiiviiig the claim passed, I'r.H'loi'ls witnesses gave, testimony to show that tHO.niUliof the mi .'i't'l. w.nt to Datiglterly and $10. » to Mill.'r. DAIRYMAN OUT OJN APPEAL BOND NOW WashinKton- Uay nouni-ed iioday. CEN^R DRIVE IN NEW YORK TONteHT I i New V.orlt. Fel). 10. lAP)—-Broad-, way will be the scene tonlKJit of a spconil big censorship raid by the police and civic official.s, ij; was annoiinced today Ity Acting Mayor ,M<'Kee, Hi- said musical coniedles. reviles and night clulw wojiild be the next objects of attack In drive toj "clean up" aUegijd niorol pnldic performance.s. the im- GOODiWELL HIT IN ELK COnlNTY O'.Mallev an,. , ign mini.ster iJt I ^""nf ^^n- milk inspector. THE WEATHER FOR K.i \.S .A .S -FiiIr tonlffhf and Friday: rNIng lempenittirf. FOK KILA AM> |>'ICI.MTT^ Fair fonlght and Friday; rising 1U Ui> Ip j teni|>enihirp. ' Tempwatt^ve Indepentience. Kan.s.. Feb. 10. (API— THeiJonea, ^Fowler aria Frazier .VumblT 3. Friink \\'fhh In section 2 :{..|^ljc county. Kapsih, was drilled in yesterday afternoon and is good for :!.i0 barrels production. Sand was toppled at i.Ktl and drilled to feet, when tip hole I filled with oil. : This well |opens a mile ofjnew acreage in th)? field of this city. fAP)+i.4..a. r. p. m ..^^::^^r^S 2^'""-^-^ 14 at T a. m.: normal for today. - year highest 35: lowest 22. Precip&atioii for the 24 hours ending at " a. m. today. T.; total for this year to date; L.tP;, defi- )e jciettcy since .lanuary 1st, o.l';; inch- i OS. • ;' llelative humidity at 12 noon yes- il it'.T percent: barometer reduced to sea level, 30.4!) inches. MAN IHONORE lattan, Kani, Feb. 10. (ABI Six 6 ganizations aCfiitiited wiijh agri (U ture elected officers ihe^e last p ght. The bieetings ajre !a' part bjf the Farm-jHome week ah tivltl '5 at Kansa.-^ State Agri< u^- •ttital College. or iters for Ihfj Sheqp a<i.sorl: tion follow! .M. Knok, Ilunilxldt. presldejit; A. H. Dielil, Knte rise ,t >vic«j nroi'itlcnt: 11. 8;. K.-ed. .Mauliattiln, | at'cretary-tfea^- urer, Sun rises T :1S a. -m.: sets ri:r>.'( p. m. Roads and WeatlHT ElsenhneJ AW clear, roads good except Coffeyville, Pittsburg,' snow covered: Wichita, Ottawa, fair: Arkansas City, icy: .Topeka, rough. POSTAL RATE BILL UP MONDAY HflGHT Washington, for modificatloji iiiid reorganita bition unit will agreement reac PITTSBURG BOY i STILL AT LAjRGE Pittsburg. Kan.. Feb. 10. ifAP)— It has been esfabli.she<l bj* relatives here that] a young, man picxed up by; a farmer neai^ Arkansf; ji City Monday ik not Harry Wpi»dbury, wh'q disappeared seveVaJ wWk.s ago from the state hospital at. JTopeka. T^ie Fvar<ih for'Woodbury.! whose parejils live her^. lias h^tn redoubled. LARGE GIFT TO WICHITA SCHOOL ^|AP)Bos- bf 112.- Vh. 10. (API— BiUs of postal, rates | ion oT the prohl- be taken up Monday night by the senate under an bed today. ' Wichita| Kans., Feb. 10. Miss Stistin -Minns- wealth ton woniB^. ha."* md^e a gift onit In cash and a hand macit^ book containlnif: the history, rif the Minns family to Frjends linlvers was annoiinced hereltoday. At one time one of Miss : tinns's brothers Was a heavy fnveitor in Santa Fe railroad »tock8. , r olvl, n Z c •Cv Co IS 'i'V-nt Coolidge tiday asked Con- per Manufacturers' Association. of .$10,000 (too to combat the There were .such things „s\lf^Topean corn bl^rnr. Th^ I'^rm^ll St rike.s. among iralnters and deco-; rators i?ven in Washington's time.; Cou.sens pointed out and one oc-^ curred on the eve of a huge ball Martha Washington had planned at Wt. Vernon. With a large'ex-; panso of woodwork to be painted, ond a va,»l area of bare wall to bej papered. ! Washington and l..afay-| bill to authorize his already been gress. 'The funds will sive fan: corn vtalks and ordinary <^°«>«11- etle were: said to ha,ve rlnen to thejiuons, the director of the budget (Ncasion by doing the Job them-ijsjtid in tran8nilt|ing thcj reaucst, si'lves.' ! • i ! NO BRIDGE FOR THOMAS EDISON prej* farri proijju >n .Mrs. Uos.sman. le six montiis olil itH nati fl lem onl.i( tionl tite tod: airljig l>er> S i biext. few bave o jof: the oyer lb*' rer tlielr 'tim.- livers views o bill. na attempting to es- Uak|ota|, wer •or .\'>'*'. Kepublican, be ri 'it dec-l tjnacteil en to the bill red that unless he farmers Irastic action, is revolutionij GOV. PAIJLEN SAYS HE'S DISAPPOINTED Nortli «s it- \ Toileka. Kans.. Feb. lO.i (API— wouljl Icoverjnor Paulen declaj-ed today. I ! he-w:is "much disappoinlte^d in the ry in i failurj., ot thft road amendment to acter." >ye said, "let its not j pass, ibut still confident| the pres- foreet jthat -we are (•liargod! wiih|ent legislature will adopt some cha ASKS FOR CORN BORER FIGHT Washington, F4b. 10 (API—Pres- tlie npproprliation approved by i-on- he.used In exten- 1 treatment of the stubbies in the corn belt area, ohd for special machinery which farmers would not piirchase under WAL8KA "yo SEEK I DIVORCE—PAPER leqiializali 'gop \nli Wjhat th lipnking rijig the ntative ' .,-;who i^ainst 'es«iit<-d sli tsaa New York. !aX 10. fAP)—The d F. McCormlck West Orange. X. J.. Feb.^lffr (APt:i romance of Ha Having failed to don loud hirvefeter machinery magnate and coats with fancy bultohaand gaiter obnna Walska. ."finger, is at ah eind tops at the age of 75. Thomas AJjahd a Paris divorce is Impending. Edisoii did npt surprise his asso-'j tile .\ew York ^American says to- ciutes today «-hen he began the eve!; day. of his eightieth birthday without; ' HAROLD MCCORMICK SAYS LS ALL WRONR. 10. (AP)—Harold of the Harvester having learned to play bridge and "talk foolishly lo the ladies." RKPORIl Years ago. his associates recall ;Chicago. Feb. the. wizard said he would' work tin- Pf .McCormick. til he was "a. At 75, he added, ac-! family of millionaires, denied to- cording to their quotation, "I ex-idiy that his wife, Canna Walska. pect to wear loud waistcoats with I beautiful Pblfsh' singer, is to di- fancy buttons, also gaiter tops. .\t j vorce him. He |i8 her tourtlv bus- 80 I will learn to play bridge, and j band. ' . talk fooJJ.shly to the ladies. At 8'. • ; • I will wear a full dress i^uH ever >-|LAST MONjTH BIG ' thai! ored Ii cat plat pre; den nielli n secrtetaj Peek Peet cjal s<! wro of the ets. T Thel sas ers niorj-ov : diet evening for dinner, and at 90. well. I never plan more than thirty years ahead. PROMISE BREACH IFOR FEDERAL BANK iWichita, Kans.. feh. 10. fAP)— .V total ot 21.1 .jloans : tor $704,700 _..„w,_^ I *'^ro closed bv the! Federal [Land SUIT IS ENDED Hunk 'Hving January, it was an. ; nounced here folay.p' ; . : Pittsburgh, Pa.. Feb. 10. f AP)-r ' JT'"' """>l'er <f io.itis and | their The Hubhard-Caldwell breach «^f I'7 'vaiisOs. 62 promise was settled today ^^"s '"r $2:.,.Sf»0: ! Dklahoma, '.9 1 Icians fop $,15,70h. promise vanv was seiiitru lounj ,i • ,„„, .i ,. , , r When counsel for John W. Hub-: Ha"'' /or 1220 l^-O; | CoM.rad^ t, bard, wealthy manufacturer, hand- j f""" ^^H'i^C^ .New Mexilo, 2 ed a check |or $50,000 to attor-! "j^"'* for $.'ta..op. nevs;representing Miss Anne Cald- ! _i_ , _ _ well. New York musical comedy! DIAZ OFFJ^RS TO actress. The sum represented the i damages awarded .Miss Caldwell by a jury. NO REPORTS ON SMITH HEARING FOl The south turd 11 STV Tiipe ChaOK- QUIT NICARAGUA Washington. F?b. 10. (AP)—The expressed wIlIIrii :nes9 .of ^Pr^ideiit riiaz of Nlcarag should the I-nltk States consider that course best Washington.; Feb. 10. (API—Th.! PMceful seUlemj-nt of Internal po- senate electioijs committee refused I Htital troubles"today to-make a preliminary report recommending the temporary seat-j Ing of Frank L. Smith, as aenator-J designate from Illlnoia. brightened hope piirtment today \ iia, ;to step 1 aside in the intei^est of in that country at the Btate de- for an pmlcable adjustment of life NIcaraguan dlf- nculttes. prison Stat vote meri lablld for ^sweli afikin ii-fiilfure .^iReni>>s marrfage naily for debate hi sehatf'. 1 ouse. after spendiiig pvo days deba.ting electiojH [and, hig iway legislation, tt^rnfi to .roil iiie mitter.s. s.-ied » iiate land ho ise. thrt wii hut it would l»' diatelj iiito^fhe .supV+me to rerwin uhtil after the i-lectioi s wasiinade in th todaS- by • Uepreseiita- Feb. ;10. (AP) ^•n farm relied thought jiciiltural mind nfleasiire wliich iiaiid fi^r easiii com iiioii. Jteprescj; l{.-| iibli<s'iii. Io\v ;4- pn l!i<- loiisf today, in M.fW ight for. r«-liii' id. •liy^rarm |-k.-tiiig a.-soii the iiiJiiy tlioi] hi'-rcliUiits. ba and 'iiCf'ficials the l'iiiIt-<! SCI longer turn fciarnest' and ptTsistH situa^! tioii confrontiitg thd erti OUH of tlid most ml • leg slative; problen^s thci has 1- er seen. (icXaileti at lejigth the y .-auses and C (jntende4 riovernnlc 'nt aid\ Ts tba a finafl vote in sight days by both branchl- tongreis. SontitJ* and ulptiblicin. Indiana. Jdt^clared i nected sys,teni ot roads. dea' ing with 4 lutliinaVy in E{)drlrsing \\\\ son the Hat turt Is t{) fndil D; res< Kai figMt rep grojiin: JB distr ct 111 the coiinff-y but ; niend fanners in tli.'distri .M<-.Nlary-H.f!i){eh m bill as a cturet measure, iiell to r.| iiddnt. .M( ry of <r seer. Y ii fa»m organlzatioil offi or Ml he bill Oijegon's ex lensi- KANSAS WARi Silid mg tlon itt t cap be <1 enw wav annfcuiiced. hrt ppeka. Kr| C(J tot th .staf th Democrat. I;o IVemfjirat on -onuni^ec. Mc- 1 it ref 1 fin Ka IJobacco! sales tax jbi^l is ee. ll>ill is rred tii senate comimitt Jisurance committj-e shing i touches ttj (isas insurance coilje. put jiiew HpUSEVOfES DOWNKANSAS I ! :i isi- the! billl |)f th anti Jiniply thti tat i VI) dc-J open-) I Representatives Ri e j e <j t Amendmeitt Res6Iution ' fibr Vote Whicii Is FFar Short Those NiBcessai*yi. ov .M -S-h.IniiiJly ill Topi •ka,, Kuns.. Feb. Kansas . will > continue roads 10. ' tc on the; county unit plan jior j lay! at leaisl four years more. ._, . The! house of repre.s<-tiial[ives re- It-gisj I jectedi yestei^day a resolution for id CI) lions sand.^i iiker.s -tronil fes .V dfii ! waiji changed so that it Wot j submitting to the voters tiitioniil amendment to ........ . .; the control of state higliwbys. Bt-,'^^..^^^ fore Uie final vote, tho [reiiolution Co( enc proj) thfet solui I within housl;, to th • in.'ni- forbid<l.-u the levy of a kt;l tax or the issuance of ktite road l)ondsl llettuiriug 84 votes—a iwb thirds iiiajiirlty—tlie araendnienl. mustered only lii. ,S.!venty-Heven, riembers , of lb,' house, voted -against the i ""^f! proposition. 1 Parjty lines were noi; drawn iir the f gilt, the ilivislon apparently being territorial and y«iational. Wesujrn Kan.-ais nu'mber.s; whose constituents ; eiijoy all-yeai? roails because ot light rainfall.!were joined lit the opposition hy | eastern Kansas farmjerS, who'feiired ah increase In agriculture's 'tja.* burden shonlil thfe ; people a<j-ci^pt the anienoment at the general election in 19t8. ' ,,| I W4shington. Keb. 10. ,On^e more the has t ndertaken wo: "It toward a of laval armamt til a note told France, Italy ^APl — build President Coolia^ has gesied that trea .ie.s to enti Tne projiosal woiJul;extend down- wail !lim Id te road waH !t!:e : fail bu sh-4 am oth: 1 V,fj\ condition most revi>-: method by which the sjta.te high- {•haracter." : ;' , way commission can be given pow- i bilK S.'naiot- Wat;- er and funds to provide; a con- j ceeil iie;<!ot So |Viessage to Qwers, my Prpsident, in the World I 5uggestior| jFor ^ New Mo-^jfoii Disarma lient. Inlted d : leatj 5Caling veat Britain^ (AP). jStafes the down hdd be negotiated jwithc ut de- at the Genev a i conference. to smaller ioiis inipds*' confereiic. craft. Tlie .made by tin- \VashiiJKtoii djof acceptaiK a spei-ial IOCS; I anrijoitiK ing what ll>-piad d(j jliilne •Jeclaicd pri^cijples laid dow Ijere in 1!»21. ' laid down faij diiiS pro.nraiiJs low of another [mKlnatJons to <! T. ;; I'.: silggt'sted;' ev^ di.scn.ssion.';, gise of -N'atiotis sug- that \*arsbip<s, I tfio iit tile Waah-^ Dii first ,' Ktitne proposal', 'iiiteii States !at itifereme biut age to c )n'gress hilt desmte the 1 iit the •ijrtahr^owers'' ; naval ng the "••] fleachin suggest jvvprld w lit build one an-' I ! 1 " 1 , |a|:o th'at the-, iiiitlated by thei , are thrjeatened vitji Ijeadlo. k if powersi pro- ireseni- lines ;'ot- jalong thfir ation. far as lauil ;aiid ait] afma- meiitfj are concert^ dj the p esldent: < yi^eiicei! a willin jnfss t6 l«*t. fjor- .•igli powers worV put an agree- hieit of their owni \ l^bej land I auil Sir/forces of the I'niited States, hi! shid. are atj a nite mil iiiiiim aiid to no one." i '! ii.»: message f£-jljl wit lout warning, a controversy oveif' of ;three new cruiit the president's ii i-OiisLitute; upon c tlte cons ri- Ovel (tomm'enjlations. the skiate has voted to atithorlze ; the construction andjihe house, al- • >n f.M' in tlie'McNarj-;- "A (nould iiH to agricul!- kind • fed.-ral' reserve act said and tli^' tariff is house debate incher.; Uepu| last year 1.- the bill, decia tjlie greatest thi- wliosir pas.sagp was suit in^"I.owdi LVary for vice llickinfjon. CKepro.seAtativ.} on. Republican' Iowa war aitid OeoHge Nf fary of agrko Ic.Nary.iJhe to increase tli»| macaroni wh f hard wheat tbiis [connected system i df some [is inevitable-," thej governor n- a public statement. "It bound toj come, andj ilinless a met hii Repj-'jsion. lican. ! ' th^ (states eil lie pTOsp wheit i <5ov } fav asun politif id is worked out | this ses- it only means thoti Kansas e behind Its nbl^hbdring in tlie' general progress and rity of the couBtry.'j 'rnor Paulen had recom- .........jd to the legislature ifhe sub- missiijn of an amendment to the con.stJiution lo give the stite more liowet* over highway conniruction. n toi preslr ) fo^ lure.' ajrgued prici •at a farm I'itt charg Davis j love al Mayb* prelini TO GET , I TOMORROW CHARGE MAYBERRY IN LOVE AFFAIR iiliurg. Kan., Feb. 10 (AP) — .VrraiUned this inorninglon a the of transporting M m. "Mary bis sweetheart in an illicit Iffair. out.of the cduiity. Earl rry pleaded, not guilty, inary I hearing wag next .Monday morning anirt ns., Feb. 10. [Id wavjp modi-rated in ay. TBie snow, whic 1 AP)4 Kan eov will I disappear to • ' pre weather biii'ea BELOW AT S\U>'A r EAKLY JIUS .nO*\I\rt ja. KanjS. Ti^ *'"' '•'"^ ' inimu m temp toddy *as four b^'low"?c^o. p beforp suhr^ise. EH EATiNG PLANTS (pHAN ka. K S! Will nts of » pern [state ^ ritv of t n.. Ffib. 10. le macie in tin several state lit use I of coal nitentiary. arjd tie priHon inim ioiSiled. aunatori Snyder. it. chai rman of the mined 2 .=iO.OO<J WjasjiingtonL dt 12 th com mi aessx i;(lO. ( er'iture iAP)-f, early |\ stif! Wind Started! the teiipera AP) heat iVlstituI minei th - wil Keav Isenat tod a lise o\ coal, will .sa\-p th annuitlly, he nd intfens copimittee,| rrho extended ;ED COJAL LEGISLATIO TABLED EN HO IFeb. lo. (AP) 7 tllf' Ilous. said. USE -By i conn te.' today formall all colli control legi datioi His .set for his bond fixed tit $2,500 which h<^ gave. Ma}jberry walked outioif liie court room jfree and will attend thf- funeral o}f his children. Florence iMar-! ||"^, dcll and Earl Ilcibert.latl ( heroki-e.' this aifternoon. He hiis b^.-n 'helil since .soon after the bla.'i xvhich killed the. children Sttnda;: night for iijyestigation andi the county atlqri^ey has announced! ihe vfill . ^ .that inay'lJf agre'jd| to at file Jiiuider charges against himl Geri^ra not only iafti been given Both Mrs. ;i)j>vis and i Maybeirry full; power to ci acjudej tireaties. I admit i their I sumin i ed on tht- stand | y!estert(ay ^leejting at Vinita. Okla., r. • r i j • • FIR i Con Fire jthe <i \ ^The i ' hOursj save : fir, tholigh it- ouce 1 prjpokal, appears po^d' as rejec to accept tliej aenatt pollit.j in coiifereui Sijnle of the I leaieijs of the pre? ly. ijicluding. Spe: ha\le ithrdwu their the! building plan. -Sjio'uld .Mr. <:U)ol be iatjcepted by t|Ue oit id^nt'slown par- l-ongworth. . support reaties neKot eft'(!ct( cruise tho atedj djjes suf gestion l/owe •.T, .-and 1-s -HjOIl d cl!?sses of .s'liipji i|irectly ed.jliyj iltiy llmitatijjnj agrtcjl upon; K 'III to tho capiti the special me!?Hai seiiiiti! and house li metjaenger, ie- wa.s reatl lit Warly in today's s(!,s<:oti. but Ihi.- p,is.tible effect on the tlirei* <-miser \ mediately appareii reat secrecy li^ in |)rtlparatloji and Anierlcun not. KE. DESTROYS I i CONCORDIA OFFICE wdia.'Kari,^ Feb. loj fAP >{ urikhown origin tlestr.oij Kan today. is.s' is esliniated alj feO.Oixi ni.-n fought, the ,fir.» for :fi)ur fice building of. tin.' Company here early emoatt wit meH seuatora oj*, had ahy inkling o the message reac and[ spme member sed surprise Arraiigenui however, fo tlte Ihrougho sies abroad [delivery ot sa:ge to congre tLinited States during the previot iQsf daily confeifenjce at the state in an |ulvsuccessfiJl t-ffort he buijJing, AltlioWgh - *'as in [till' iitisine$.-< distr the flUine.s did not spre^id as adjwi ing building had b^eti liiiri^ed a nio ith ago. DARWINTliEORY \i 0.K: |IN ARKANSAS utile Rock,- Ark., Fel). io. (AP) —By an oivfrwhelniing ' viva voce vote, the Arkansas senate; tojlay table, the ai>ti-cvoliitioD| bju wliich passe 1 the jiou^e hy a |nuirgin |of three votes jyejteniay. \ Tjhe jiill was I esigned to prohibit |teaching the tl eory at evolution ' Itj at^te- auppt^tetl Bcpoola. i •i iei^rtment and tli isj expei't.'il t(jj to 1 Voiik 'alioHt March c6nference. ai'i hit capacity. < ountry for si;v jivill recouve ol^the first tde race ne Mr. confer- threat bngresa uMhe! nlidst ot ructioTi Priding ed • the somewhat- dis- ; e view- infjueiitial behind ttj carry) be IT Into one of affect- laii was, not im- _ - i 1 heen - observed ^ tijansmiijsion of tb the. powers.; arently but a vei^' small hand- rt-prese^tative* the tnowe until i led the capital, ^if the cabinet klien thei- heard ^ ntji hadj been t jiublicatioa ot t ithe American aimul'iaiieously-; thj- [ preMidenf*, s.' yhe'l men whowoiiW 4??^^ la' ahw negotla- ithey approach ly well informt s.ot the presiiielit and' Secrer the task unus- ng Jh»: lari Kellogg. ugh S. f ;i !;sr|n.i ambassador-? gnate to Ilelg rican delegatl Hiii, ht^atied, the] ioii at Geneva"; s iliscusaions ,of will dontinue ha.4 been in- fral wieeks in. e (White I House. ikiiX tTdm New li The confer- e j .\Iarch 21. lit Ithe leaders in gress to exprtftis approval, oE "president's intijs^ge was Chair- 1 jBorah of th.^ f enate forelgir; tibns omniittee, ilongia'n advo-/" (fi arms limititiun. ;^ m thorougl^ly] in Bjfmpathy What the jilrtpident [ woUUl ie -e,'.' he said. ![-.:'(. • i htirman: Hale of iJhe senate nav- •0 nmittfe who inference com riing the tlicc. i«m, iudicatetl He ilid t today's developments pei^l Tthfi' chances ihe^ • building plan.; , i Continued on ijage C, No. I.) i .4 a mebber. of; I n^ittee' naw. con- • ctuiseiT luildlns not ex- to Im- jofj enactment of

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