Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 4, 1961 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, May 4, 1961
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Oopl. of Hist &.W*hir«« Oi\: MoitKS, If), IoW» lie Heart Of Northeast Iowa's Scenic Wonderland Thursday, May 4, 1961, Fayette, Iowa The champion of ihe Fayetie Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, Laverne Thyer. is pictured above wjih his race*, and his champion's plaque. At the left in the picture is Scott Linge, who placed second, and at the right is third place winner, Chris Bitterman. Roger Bowen. Cub Master, is standing behind the winners. Lavern Thyer crowned .Pinewood Derby chomp The highlight cf the final The Derby consisted of races ALLISON WONG of Hong, Pack meeting of the season for with model wooden cars, whittl- the Fayette Cub Scouts, Sunday ed, sanded and painted by the night, was the Pinewood Derby, Cub Scouts. The winner will lhe Don Rainer home *»»* week held in the high school gym. take part in the Pinewood Der- ent *- * s pictrred above with the There will be no Pack meetings by of the Scout-O-Rama, to be group of friends who gathered to during the summer months, and held in Waterloo this Sunday. the meetings will resume again During the meeting, awards in. the fall. were presented by Committee Lavern Thyer was awarded Chairman, Dr. Scott Linge, for the plaque for the fastest racer achievements of the Cubs. The in the Derby. Scott Linge plac- awards were as follows: ed second and Chris Bitterman Bobcat pins — David Beck, Eight Pages This Issue Raid on Rex hotel closes Tap room Wednesday A surprise raid by county and tics of liquor were confiscated state official 1 ; Wednesday night from the tap icom. dosed the tap room of the Rex Ac-cording to county officials hotel in VVivt Un'i-n. The owner, this is the third such action in r. M. McDonoiiRh, has been re- the past 30 days, and could de- leasecl on $1,000 bond, pending velop into a major crack-down :ti''>'••!•> in the district court. • n selling liquor over the bar. The raid on the hrtel was con- Within the past month an estab- durted by Sheriff Fred House lishmcht at St. Lucas was raided .;)• i r.-Mn'y HlVrni-y Walter Saur, and the license to sell beer was with the help of other county .suspended, and Duffy's Tavern law enforcement officers and in Oelwein had their license re- the V\v;i Bureau of Criminal In- voked due to the illegal sale .^f vest if* jl i<m. liquor. In the raid the officers caught the operators ,-f the establish- Services held for inent in the process of selling liquor by UK drink. Twelve bot- Kong, China who was a visitor in learn more of her native land. Seated, left io rqht in the pic- lure are: Mrs. Robert Chase, Mrs. Den Rainer, Don Hainer, Miss Wong, Mrs. Galen Griffon, Mrs. Charles Schlumbohm, Lucy Schlumbohm is seated in the; Standing, left to right, are: Mrs. Maurice Sioneman, Mrs. Rodney Drewes, Mrs. E. P. Vermazen, Mrs. John Ingcls, John Her sic Schneider, Ernie zen, Robert Chase, Charles Claxlon honored At savings bond wide lower center of the picture. 1 Schlumbohm, and Galen Griffen. third. Girl Scouts to plant 4 rose bushes Thursday W ° Il P Max Grimm, Larry Jamieson, Bob Nefzger, Billy Orr, Bruce Orr, Marshall Richards, Lavern Thyer, David Swehla, Bobby Miller. Wolf badge — Scott Bowen. Chinese student describes life in her Native land; tells impressions of U. S. Fred R. Engler, 56 Funeral services for Fred R. Engler 56, of Randalia were held Friday, April 28 at 1:30 p.m. at Grace Lutheran Church in Fayette. Mr. Engler died April 24, in a Cedar Rapids hospital. Rev. Norman Betke officiated and the burial was in the Ceres cemetery near Garnavillo. A statewide dinner and pro- *><-'d Engler was born March |.'i-;:in rek'hniting thc 20th anni- 26 - 1905 on a tarm near Clay- versary of the United States ton - Tne son of Mr - ani Mrs - savinj. 1 ,-; bond program, and hon- i'-nis Engler. orini; \i hinteei- workers asso- On September 30, 1933 he was ciated with the program, was united in marriage to Caroline held at the Hotel Savory in Des liandke of Guttenberg. Miiines Monday, May 1. • He is survived by 'his wife, Among th.-sc attending and Caroline and four children, Mrs. horrred were: V. B. Claxton of Clyde (Marian) Roeder, of Solon; Admiration and awe for these parents, who are educated peo- In speaking of the education Fayelle and Carl B. Shori of Mrs. Lowell (Joyce) Miller of United States were expressed in pie, fled to Free China before system, she said that Hong Kong Wcsl Union. Fayette; Duane and Lloyd En- wtu-i. 01 a nauon wme oro /-, , l k e words of Allison Wong Sat- the Communists moved in. Her youngsters fro to school 12 years, Activities m DCS Moincs not gier at home. Nine grandchildren 1 in Community service the ,9 arr ° W p ° mts ~ ** m ™y urday n i ght> as she visited with grandparents were not so for- as United States youngsters do. onl y marked the anniversary, but nephews, nieces, cousins and two Girl Scout and Brownie troons Alderson ' Kelth Himmel and a group o£ f r i en ds at the Don tunate, however, and rather than She added, however, that only a also frcuscd attention on the uncles. He was preceded in of Fayette have ourchascd from ^ iBowen. Rainer home in Fayette. submit to the Communist tor- select group are allowed to at- Koa\ <)f a 10 P ei- c ent increase death by his parents one brother -, « y^iaow* ««!.» One year pm _ David Year- Miss Wong, of Hong Kong, ture, committed suicide. tend thc Hong Kong university. (1VC1 " 1!)6 ° ln savings bonds pur- and two sisters and a aon who China was, one of 72 foreign stu- She said that the Communists Since coming to Dubuque, her chases in Iowa during 1961. cued in infancy. Iowa is already well on the past week-end in the homes of at once. Beibre moving in they has changed considerably. She wa y toward its goal. Gov. Nor- Ray Potters injured n.r Amprioa — Farm Bureau fieldmen through- -had promised the Chinese people said that Chinese people get-the man Ei-be announced that Iowa .. 01 America. —. out th<j etate Sho ^ ai ^ a ^i ni[ Un^t .u**i~. .**,«.* ——» —j -u. ...~.. 0 ;..., ,/~.. ,** «.~ ~,...^ " ''-~'' ? «i— «..<;«„ ...;*K <n . in ^-*-j»* j»<wiAn» ... These bushes will not go on Annual breakfast for Clark college in Dubuque on a er things would not change, but States thiough the movies on ' ent '•'' "- s Quota for the first Mr. and Mrs. Ray Potter were sale io the public until 1962, but , scholarship, and is majoring in there would be many changes crime and juvenile delinquency, three months, compared with a injured in an auto accident Thurs- they have arrived in Fayette for rederated Women S ClUD chemistry. for the better. But, as soon as and the metropolitan daily paper national average of 28 per cent. ctay afternoon near Bethany, the troops as of now. The girls The annual May breakfast of A freshman at the Dubuque they had moved in and taken stories on the sordid and mi- r Directly or indirectly, at least Missouri while on their way to will plant two bushes at the the Federated Women's Club college, Miss Wong is gradually over these promises were for- pleasant things that happen in ^ 000 lowans were honored at the ui-ovo, UlUa. A PICK up truck city library and two on the cam- w m ^ e n eld Saturday, May 6, at becoming accustomed to her new gotten. Now, the Chinese under this country. ceremonies, Slate Direclor Ingle puaeu into the rouit in u-cnt of pus of Upper Iowa university. 8:30 a.m. in the Colgrove-Walker life in Iowa. She does, however, Communist rule live in constant g] le ^as found that crime. :aicl ' pointing out that is the lncm . iV a- s . Potter received se- The planting ceremony will Auditorium. have an outstanding command fear, and the majority of them =,,..__:,„ Hnlinmir>nrv and oponlo ml , mbcn ' of P ersor ? acWng as ve ,. L . sc . a | p wounds, a broken take place Thursday, May 4, and This meeting will culminate a of the English language, even to in near poverty. juvcnne uennqueriLy ,iu j volunteer workers in promotion wnst and mternal injuries. Mr. the public is invited to attend. busy year for Miss Grace Meyer, the American slang. She. reminded the group that wno create tne unpleasant slor- of United States savings bonds. 1 - OU01 . was bruised and received They will be at the library at wno has been this year's pres- During the evening, Miss Hong Kong and Free China is ies are in the minority, however. But at the banquet Monday sorne Broken ribs. They are in 4:15 p.m., and at the University jd en t Wong told the group of her life under British rule, and that the A very nice ambassador of n 'K nt - attention was focused on tne Woel Memorial hospital at " "' .B'S visit was t! . le 2lf ™'^"™P ai ?? le ? d ; B <-'"' a »y. Mo. Tne driver of the ind ° US ' their own trooos are nlantin«r thpnpwrir I <3«»i , , rose bushes which have boon de Followln S the awards and the dents who were entertained the seemed to take over everything impression of the United States for thTcirt D y • refreshments were serv ' at 4:45 p.m. All parents of the B New officers will be installed in Hong Kong, and of her re- pact still has 30 years to go. She d win Mjss w , s visit was the 21 volunteer camp i _ , mn'r pxnprienre with crmmun- said, however, that the Chinese , ,, . , , ,. ,. "> <>' woitrt Wai 11 . at the breakfast Saturday, they ££' ^^ oi tnc dinerenc e are very uncertain about the thoroughly enjoyed by all th.so stin activc in lhc sav i are as follows: President, Mrs. in thc cla5SC3 ot china people, future, because as she put it who met her. She returned to program. ,1 v. A Rillinus! Vipp President. .,«j «^;«tn^ '^>i.f tVmi Vir»- fnm- "Rt-it.nin Ipnns ouite a bit toward Duhnoue Sundav. with the orom- Airong persons in ifct.wnies and Scouts are given a special invitation. 'Representa lives ot the Fayette library board „, ^^ ^.^^. J .,. _ „ ,—,_.-, , . and Upper Iowa university will E. A. Billings; Vice President, an( j pointed 'out that her fam- "Britain leans quite a bit toward Dubuque Sunday, with the prom- Airrng persons be present to accept these gifts Mrs . George Richards; Treasur- ily had always had servants. She Communism 71 . j, 2 that she would visit in Fay- ^'"'^ thoso Deceiving ,,.jiii.i;__ __4.1..™^..» _..-.—.. t -m r • - . T1» •»•••» _ n rt an Ul year old man, was ^JiV. JVW*^| Ull W J, Jf 1»UA \/AU **i(414f W WO savings bond ki j lea . Mrs. Potters condition is sun ratner serious. in behalf of their respective organizations. er Mrs Carlton Knirfif since said that Chinese young people Miss Wong compared Hong I, P ,\ ^ ° n K! ™L,^ * in 'h^ class do not know how to Kon ^ with thc large cities in the Mrs. Richards will be moving to ,.,„„,, ,,„„„„_ Q cm .,, nnt is al . United statcs . she said that very again in the near future. Escape serious injury In Minnesota crash Merlin and Eddie Roberts, both ^__^ o£ Winona, Minn., and sons of f _ t ... _ on ,:l t : n e , 3 f Carole Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roberts of tei !_.. w ™*™ e r£L:^!2 Fayette narrowly escaped serious injury Friday night when the Qar %£,££ of'Mrs'^Gary "wYttlioh in which they were riding collid- „ nt seyeral selections . ed almost head on with another Mrg Harold Boulton is break . car, on Highway 43 near Wilson, fmt chairman . others on ^g Minn. committee include Mrs. Dorothy The two Roberta boys and Bill Richards and Mrs _ Janice Bol . Spencer, a friend from La Crosse, of the Kinderlein De p t .; Wise., were on their;way home Mrg Norma Goug}as and Miss to spend the week-end with their Dorfl Car t er of the Book Review gervant Estherville, another vice-presi- ways on hand to wait on them, few people own cars, because dent will be elected and installed During her stay in the Rainer there is no place to put thc cars along with the others. home Miss Wong insisted on or park them. Hong Kong is so The high school mixed this cate- States Treasui'y Secretary medal- Elected President lions included: Edward Bradley, assistant pio- , j. County chairmen: Francis A. fessor of English and speech, was Roy Goodrich dies Turner, Cornin;;, Adams county; elected president of the Faculty Funeral services for Roy Holgor Lindholm, Auduton cou- Professional club this week at Gcodrich, 74, were conducted "t.v: Robert A. Wright, Carroll, Upper Iowa university. He sue- ILUI11C "1.1GD "r V^lit 4.«A^JAki bbkA «** ».* i j^*-«» «t ,..„.... .— — ->c> r3 — ^* *"•« •-••" »>-•-» --» f* it j -n ' A T^ i r-\ T i \ t A „ helping with the housework, crowded that people do not live Monday, April 24. Rev. Richard Carroll county; Ernie A. Raun, ceeds Dr. James bparkman, pro- tea quar- ^ ^^ ^ supervision ,af in homes with spacious yards, Jamieson officiated and buriul De.nisnn, Crawford county; C. fessor of education, ole Dahl- M ^ R a j ner baked her first but live in apartment 'houses or was in the Grandview cemetery. E - Kenna, Manchester, Delaware Other officers elected were abh, Doug cake _ in apav tments above store build- George LeRoy Goodrich was L ' (UlU - v ' F«"'' - i-'st B. Clayton, Fay- j onn Paul Dunn, instructor in under the •»»/„„ «r__« ^ tn i n j »v, n t 'h^i' ina« i. /-.„< n icon *u« „„!,, ,.^« ^r ctte, Fayette county; John S. business education, vice oresi- Miss Wong stated that No quorum/ council Meeting is postponed George LeRoy Goodrich Lorn Oct. 6, 1886, the only son of Charles and Hanna poodrich. He died suddenly Friday night, April 21 at tne Fayette county hospital home. Forrest li. Clayton, b'ay- j onn Paul Dunn, instructor in •'ayette county; John S. business education, vice presi- H-iiTirmn llL ' dtl - sulslt; y' F>' u »«>nt county; dt , nt; an d Miss Ruth Partlo, in- E. A. Hayes, Mount ^Pleasant, sll . uctor j n English, secretai-y. The annual faculty spring picnic will be held on Monday, Philathea society meets Twenty one members of Phil- ing Sun, Louisa county; P. H. county; Arnold Peters, R k fa] d Newton, Jasper county; Ben S. * ^ h H - ^ ^ Summerwill Iowa City Johnson , olessor ( , f chemistryi will serve c-ounty; M. II. McDonald, Morn- £, chairman - for tn / event . - turn in front of the Spencer car. Merlin was hospitalized with a chipped ankle hone, shock and torn .ligaments. Eddie suffered shock. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roberts went to Winona Sunday to see their sons, and while there visited with their daughter, Mary Arane, of Winona. Improvement club meets The Rural Improvement club will meet May 11 with Mrs. Ruth Toutsch with Mrs. Dale Blaker, co-hostess. It will be guest day. Mrs. Scott Ostrander and Mrs. William Bumgardner will be in charge of entertainment. fbr Saturday night, due to the lack of a quorum Monday night. Only the mayor and two councilmen, Virgil Borchert and Harry Brown, were present for the meeting. In order to take any action at least three council members must be present. It was reported at the meeting that Councilman C, R. Lew- the resignation. They will do so at the meeting Saturday night, and name another person to fill the vacancy. The mayor and two councilmen held discussions with Lysle Wooldridge, Arnold Heth, Frank Miller, and Dean Roberts an Allis Chalmers representative, but no actions were taken. in and U ^^ on " ali:u: ' tduil1 . c ^ 0uj ^ j '- w A curding to insurance statistics the ... ,, c ^ ° n , u ^» D« t .«i,iii»'T u 1 Qin ' chances are one in 50 of entertainment which was en- Knueland of Postville, L. E. Sm- joyed by all. The next meeting is ner, Greenfield and Charles w a umd lo nave slx with Mrs. Walter Turner. Watts of E. m0 ' World War I Vets and Auxiliary will meet The Fayette county Barracks and Auxiliary of the Veterans of W. W. I. will hold their regular meeting at the city hall in West Union, on Wednesday May 10, at 7:30 p.m. All members please notice the date and time of the regular meetings have been changed to the 2nd Wednesday of the month and' the time has been changed to 7:30 p.m. All veterans, their wives and Widows, are welcome to attend. PAYETTE CttB SCOUTS, who received awards at th» monthly Sunday night a*« pic- abort with CommUttwnwv Dr. Scott Lht(?e. L«ii to light they ares David Ywrdui, Scott Bowen, Jimmy Aldwvon. Billy Orr. Keith Himmtf, MWfthaU Richwdi, David Swthla* Lft- Ladies Aid met Friday Six members of the Ladies Aid met Friday with Mrs. Otto Popenhagen. MPs. Robert 'Gilbert had a contest for program. veww Thyor, David Beck. Bruco Guests were Mrs. John Solo- ABOUT 25 YOUNGSTERS. Orr, Bobby Nefiger and Max mon, Mrs. Sam Shepard, Mrs. members of MM. Lavexne Heine- Grimm. The meeting was held in Walker Briggs, Mrs. Mildred man'i fourth grade class ioured ium. F«ye«e high school gymnai- Timm and Mrs. Jesse Buckmas- ihe Fayette Leader plant last , ter. wodn»id»y, After w»lng *«• pages being made up for the press, and watching ihe pre»se* in operation, the youngsters watched the linotype, operated by Bill Bumgwdner, let type (or the front page. Each of 2he students wu fascinated by the amount of work that goe« into publishing » new*p«pe.r.

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