Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 9, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1927
Page 6
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SECOND^ARE DEFEiEDIN Game at Humboldt Fas With Home Tkm Hold^ ing Lead in First Quarter; of : Contest. Mum Hi )oUIt. - Feb. 1 9. (Sppciali-I- Ir Riiiool baKkfteers Inva hight and dd <•(!. Hiihiboldt last j'iiri««l with a 26 to-M'victory ov»^ Jliitiibb fit high .«ell(J^I. It WHS no pasy-'ylctory for th heavier and larger, tola squad, an}l iKiiiiixildl lifla u itlm-e point Icuft iit ilu- Close of tlie! first fiifartc witii,t!n* scoif statKljnfj ai S to •''>. In till' sftfond fjtiijrler, howovfil Tola pt'ppcd up anil Wan IcadUjR 1 ]i> I'J iti. thv h:il(:. jtloIdiiiK llnnj! Ixiltlt (0 one jKiint, 161a had it 2U i:t lr;id! ui Uif third '(initrifi. , III a iirt'llnilnury Kame.; Jlpmlioldji L'tficil ivli.-ioiy whi'ii|:.ilii' l^da HCI OIIIIH wiM-<< <lif<.-»t<-|l til 1-1-liy til lliiiiiljoidt HccondW. Il.irvi-y WaodH jiu« IIIKII Hcon fur llilinholdl high; with i -iKJijI j.oltitH, I wlilli- K. K'.iiik <-oiilrlhiil" -(»l.vl('«'li! poiiilH loj<IH'. loia Ifilal. The box Hoori Hiiii »lM>!dt (li) lly. WOO(IM . f - llii. Woods. I . Kronk. V 1 KcUt-y, K WUIianl.s. K --- ,Jiiiiki.ii.| K --• TofalK Inlii (i2U) V. Kiink, f ilassey, 1 K. Funk, <• - j;!:irber. K .MiUuiro, K . Dunald.soii. t - •_ Ki-mp. i" 1 itound. iK -- ' Ft; v,r 1 n „..;>^ ....1- 8 0 . —.1- 2 0 1 0 II 0 ] FT 1 0 o' 1 II 0 u II Toliils J-12 Hox score, second team KamP; Huiiiliiildt lI.'O ; i Ft; FT. i AVilllams. f . Martin, I f ..- Kiuclair, f . Higgins^ t- . I-ewip. :g Foster, |g — I'liverda'le.! g .J_ 0 I— 0 ... 0 11 0 o :5 •> * 1: (I. Totals , ; --- ;! lolii (II) Hall, f I —^- Hchllck.l { - -.MvCiiircj, I- miillpih- g : Wagoneh g . 1 - 0 HWearei s. K lluhbard, g .4 — -. Tola Is BAKER GIRLS FT II I) II :t 0 ' I) ; 1, t BA.SKKTBALI^ KKSl'liTS. ! Coffeyvilld J. C. 26; Inde- jiendence J. C. 19. Chanute High :!!;, Independence High 15. ' Fort ScoU J. C. 32; Far..sons J. C: 41. . i Phillips University 27; St. Jehns ,\r>. Winfield High.Seconds 31: Ark. CHy'High Seconds 17. QUINTET TO INVADEIOLA FUNK LEADS SCORERS IN H.S. LEAGUE lola Forward Has Total Forty-two Points Dur-;, i ing Season —Todd Of Chanute Is Second. loia lilgli aclioors liaski.'lliali team ranks way down the lino when It I'oint'H to percentages in the lilg Seven confiirgnri'. liul It's a dlffi'reiit lliliig wlieii It comes lo iliilividital sliitldiligs!^.^; : ' i 1). " Funk, iola forward,^Js llie higll s. <> Ill the leiigiie iiic'Oiil Ing to percentages compiled to j ilatc •FuiiK is cieditud with a tu- jtal ol I' points, while 'l'o>iil of Chanute, the nu.vt in line, is ere<lited j Willi I'l.iii, IS I 'leiiittd witii .0 I field goals and two free tlirows in i i"ag«e gaiiies.-. Uyan of Parsons; is fonrtli with .'{C points, and iiis teaininale, (ial- lea. is trailing him wirh 29 points. Otlier higli scorers in the league and their tolaii points follow: Hene- fieid,,Coffeyvil'le. 2f<; bonaldsun, lola. 2J<; .lone.s. l'"ort Scot I. 21: Featherngill. lndei)endein-e. 21: Hriggs. Piltshiirg. 2U: Wogan, Fort Scott. 20; Ikehorii. C'lianiite. IS; Finkj; Par.sons. 17; Bagley, ("ha- nntel 17; Barber, lola, 16; Alcltey- nolds, ("tiffeyville. l.'i. Junior College Squad Is Bookel for Game Here Thursilay—Is On ^ Undefeated Team. The lola Kansiis C will the probii Junior college five ty.; Kans., Junior I here Thurwdiiy evening.' Th Junior bly be close thro entfrel tip-.e of play, i Kansas ; City is (he only college le.lm :that has not h< en'de­ feated, but the other conlierence teams ar<^ hoping that th |si|uad wh|i-h clowned the fo iincle^eateii Parsons crew, the same io Kuns)i,s (Miy. meets •ollege ' game ..'The jiame of "lola" has lietjn attached to! three trophies wliich will be playeti.for by goffftrs in ffir away Scotland|next Cliarlie Fai pi^bfessiona this tinje or ighout This issue .ianuary " Ida hierly :in do liiiHsell GEO. MARR SELLS * .BUICR AGENCY ALlJ ATHLETES NOW Baldwin. KHIIS. Fell. !l. (API — (in Ihe iiheory thai i lay and dlf- lerent iiirms ' of gl^l" uihleilcs " nr sjiort and ; hllii^ild tie luindlicttid l1 not for iiln- niiinher cjf irophies a i;niup IIIIKIII win, Whlllen.l Hiiker niilv of K<i'l^,ii">leil>« and! lalloii, Ijas' ItiliTesreif Hiikir Rlrls in some I itiiiral <ti| Inlerclass K'I; .^esllie.ljc (lidlclnit, 1] Haker: girls are ihi-eli siijiplanieil j>y' ;••. liMckeV vollev linll ketball nnd flwlmmlngi I..inns ii|i.' most onlKn iiasm. Cirls xllio liuve "nni le" an inter- chis.« nr jiororlty team, or who have earned,' 111" points,' at» eligible to llie;sclfo6l women's at ilefic associ- ARE ^IIHH lierthii iJHlty illreclor liyslcal edii- ihoMl of I ho '^rni of Intra oris. s far a? I lie «((l^erne.d. ' liaV ijlitirtH siu'li Hoecer. Iins- Basketball Johnson Smiles tt /^NE less tpuglv bajhy fo fool." Vwasjthe smilinp fcomment of AValter Johnsoiiii 'vlijen notified that Wkshingtou had ^signed Tris Speaker. ; ••Now !lt, some club| <ional .'LJ?ague will tobb, it iwill he a lot easier for hie to boat Cleveland fJind! Detroit Ifcexf Burajmer. "BattersJike Cojib ind. Speaker only comie once Injabc ut every 2.'> Sears, 'i 'hey're not < nly natural liitters. |but favorecj ^linds. tliey. mix the the pitcher Is always •S»heii pitching to then "While I neveir wdu^d pick nutli iftsj a battler easy to p I "would nvuch ptcfe XcJiol him titan..ihatchliig •wits and iiorves w th Cobb gr ppeaker." feobb's WeaknesJ? - ^Ur /'AI-Tfjll iOHXSO^J Is happy j" because WaslriilBJlon, rather than some other cliili has signed; Speaker. I Wlille liot wisliing Ty sny bad luck, lie w^uli'piefer lliUt Leagi^e iilldiers he pro lem as to! JHiiy 'the .National •iworry bW'r i "What t'olili can't h(l.'iiKsing tlie gifij ill* la>i ill years with day laht kunimer.I dbljed hint he piltlijcl to Cobb. "There is n'o set wa .' lo pilch to Colili he'aUKC ho tiAs I't n weakness. I liavc Irii'd n ;sortmeiit| against him that con(|liislon." he leplled. .U'ashin -• ' Well ad "Some days whe.n Very fa»tl. i round;that my gjeed.tppogU Jn the \a- tist kidnap by keen r style, so in trouble A contract has been ente^^cid into by the terms of which .A. EJ Wells, of Kast Jordan, .Mich., will take over tlie .Marr .\uto SupplyCom- pany. Ill Fast .Madison .March 1. Ceorge .Marr .sold to .Mr. Wells his entire sloc;k of supplies, .all his rights in the Huick sales agency, 'aiiil leased him the biiilcMng in which the.bisluess is conducted. Mr. Wells |is a brother-in-law of .Mr. C. L. Hciyt and for the past liiitr years \iu.i befii a 'eacher of auto rae^hnnics in tlie Ka.^:l .lordaii high school. He has a wife and c:hiid and is coming to lola with the expectation of making this ids permaneni residence. I Mr. .Marr has made a srcat success 'of the Huick agency anil of bis uuto supply biiHiness and is dlsposlngof his Interests iiciw, not with the expectution of leaving lola. but for the reason tliut .Mri. .Marr's health is iioi good and ihi-y wish to spend sonic? lime I raveling to.see wliellK-r u cliiinge of CIIIUHIII may not prove heileflclill. The illl- niMiliceinenl ihiil fir. Miirr leliiliis iiwiietshlp of Ills liiisIneH-c liiillclliii^ anil expects to reiiialii a i-lll:'.en o' lola will he noted Willi HallHtacllolt li.v those who kiiow^ltlm as. II public spirited iiitd ttsc-rtil nicinber .of 'he c (itnmunlty7 and all the friends of himself uiid of Mrs, .Marr will nope that with her-Health fully restored they may soon enter again int" active liusiiiess iiere. .Mr. Wells is spoken of as a yoting man of eiieri;y.;ind ability who will ca'iry forwtirii satisfactorily a business" alicuily well established and will he an asset to the c-iim- niiinity. , of Kansas City probably wllll hi iine of the ihc^t men that wljl play against iolji this year.' il appea'iteil last we<-k when lola iilefeatiil liirMins that llie Jitnlc.r college wiU smiting lis winning streak btit'the defeat at Fl {.Stoil cllil not iuiiU so good.' Til lola siinad licipii's to show Th ir.vclay night that strong IeaI It can defeat ainillier Number 1 (Contiiiued from Page lax of $:! a year was proposjed by Solan of Sheridan cimnty. Voting cif "a siraiglit parljj et" Iiy marking only one on the general election, wonid lie jip.ssihle hnder a l;i ferecl by Towiiseml cif- conniy, a Uepiiblican. , A ; liill by Heeks of Oiinglas co'uiity . called forspec-ial classes in public scliools for mental tarded diildren. Audit of county reconh? hy the stale budget director was prdjiosed by Stajileton of Bourbon colinty. Far A te ofloici Attached Three Od year, acccirding to Jn format ion ihrcuifh the riiediuni of a verjy Monti-ose Stahdard and Angii Montrose, Scotland. .Members of the lola Country CInb will r< member, of corirse. that .Montrose i; the "home town*' r»-eather. tlie lola giiU . who is in Scotland at a visit to his olil home, if the .Monirii.-e 'jiaper. gives an uccoiint of a meeting which was licfid t'.illowing tlie annual .\'ew •i'ear coniix'titicin of tile .Moijtnise .Mercaiiti .e ("liili. which includes the lollciwin;: inltr- iesting itaralgraplLS: ".Vt the close of the pre.senialion. .Mr. Chaile^ Fairweaiher. a well- known local golf( r. Willi li :is liei -n professional )o tin- iola Ciiiii, Kansas, i;. S. A:..'and is U: iiri-seni on liollday luj .Montrii .';e. pi i'...ented various Irojiliii-s to Ihe ililteiiiil c -lulis. ".Mr. Faiijweailiir in lianiliiig over llie lr>iphii 'S s :iicl that roiiipi-' lilion was the llli; 111' golf>, and he, along wilh 'l le oihiT Scuiii.-li .\iii .{vrican profetsionals. soiiiciinie felt tliat tlie .Anr'rii-an gcilfer •.had liad it toil niiic'h Ills own way lately, in fact, all that Ihc-y in America conld say cif Sc-otl.ind in a golfiii'^ sense xyas that ^cntiivncl )iroviileil the game, perfec ed it. t|ic -n li:iiiili >ci it over to the'-.Miierican. VVilh llii- hope that loi-jal golfers woiild stii-k in and assist i Scot land in re.uiiininc ; its laurels, hii was presinting tliese lick- cross ballot w of- hllbette IV re- Low tide In the sea of liills in tlie hotise;today, wheii on were introduced. came y ten Kansas will not .copy Ilu . .Nebraska bank gtiaraniy law. Tlie bill by I'dtter of Linii count.-, for 1/utting the; insolvent Kansas bank guaranty !fiind. .ui|on a statiitory foundation like that of the ii lioring states was killed b honse banking committee. The house passed and se the senate eigh- the tit to lie Conkling . bill for renlacing void bonds in the school fund with $1.12,7.'iii rec: by Kansas as ;a bonus for oil es. Anrongj the bonds to be tt . Ifstl ri'tic stale elved Icas- aken out '|or the s hool fund Is :i |ll)ii.Ouil • floajte I by' the city of miiret \ than half a ce ago' to subsidize the I'liiv of .Kansas, i Law- ilury irsity The house taxation committee killed a bin by .Scoit of Cra^'ford cwinniy to frant ^JriO tax ejfeinji- iloii III till 'home 'owners. Hcolt made nil ttimnccc>si<ful atiem li to •fevlve I llli 1)^1 on Ihe floor oy the* house. ICstahlishtiieiil cif a state hi of crlmlnnr ideniificatlon rei the- approval of the lionse and means I committee. Tin- was suggested In a bill by Cocfk of Scott coiiJiiy, a former sher bolhered him to a certain e|cten{. frhat is. I might make him miss wo fas; iballs. \)\xt invariably he Would murder one ot them lieiTore : qianaged t<> slip over the thirtj itrike. "I have always made it a point o carefully study Cobb's stance ^nd pitch accordingly. Itowever, never had better thab fair Remits." ! *»'•••• sensational Work T stijikes nie Washington fans • ^ .• are j going to he treated to ome sensational uork in the out- If Id this year. To niy Svay pf tUlnking the it A ,1 111 ivashjiigtou ball park is the only ich to. still IJ^U jjgj^j j„ jijg ._ ...A" .JjI?»aJors| playing territory cqnsid- 4 red. It laj II the major league ,baU. l^arks -^-ere patterned after ; the iVashiiVRlon [ilaying field. bas<?ball 'iould be a much mbro iuterestiiiB ( ame. Inciden'ially pitching would 1 e an easier task^ , A pi lyer Mho i«iiocks llieball ver til • Ijjgh Vail in riglit lield at •Viishiiwtcin or drops it into the y entiiu as- biid reached ft lici Id bleachers.' deserves a lonie rlin.; » f IiaMers ofjl; TJie hva.OiiiiKion field ehahle.-t ilohnson one (he gaildoners to cover ;ill iciml.t of. him how I jBioutidj anil oifeis jilenty of op- j |ioi;titnliy lor sc•ll.'^:llinnal running •atches r.lill one nf live grifatesl ^ilays il baseball. S|i(!a (er, Itice and Coslin .should ;>lovii|e plenty ot :brills li>r thu Rton fans'tills summer aa mciiy Jieartaches tor th« ion. 7 : renii (ivays plan ff. SllR- ilng ntal O. Organized • labor offered a gi.s-iion ahoht legislation affe the jiersoniiel of the Kansas d ho.nird. A lelegram from A Whliiton of i Washington, intc rna- \onal president ot the Associilion of Machinists, was received Sjiehker H;^milton and r^ad, tcj hous,v. It stated; that' •Jiinists ["strongly protest ion of lioiise bill ;!2:">," w introduced hy Parkhur.s' conn'tyj proposing that] llli Imac I ins apv standing of ioihted to the; state by tire the the ihich of all Iden- al hoard l}oi"members in go^iil the Kansas State I)en- al Associal;ioii." Parkhurst. a ist. has c?xplained that such a :Woiild disqualify .for reappointi lent fir. C. V. Hope of Topeka. iV«|w a member of the hoard. Dr. has "flunged'f numerous d.Ttes who were examined fo^ censes lo practic-e dentistry. i -The precUatry bill was passeil liy t|lie ficnate aiid sent hack to the niiilse lor ' its! approval of sev TUI minor ameiidnients. It prov des fur licensing of chiropodists. . • • i i^—— Additional relief for taxpa who paid for eonstructedi u trict liiw was len- law Ifope c^n dill- IfTfvphi^ ijpay I^latid wliich reached hei^e tptfey nteresting isstie of f'The and Mtarn-s ith a mc-dal for w }i> .-1 w w tl a -i>i! 11 iiijguni/ation. t| hJil .''pi imp lip itj litjlleved they lia -i.ason without ill c-i-|iteil. he woij gil-e Ihetll as till gold medal. He the winner, woiild liij wished to prcjseift to the K^ club; and while he wiis i eliji ing, tindi'r wli sli'iiiilil 111-; playi-d eriiiKiiaiii gavi III niakihg it a I ilies' I liatii|iionsh iije'ii III all ladies lli'e same as the Shield was playfcl Kegister.t' -of Clip jOlllll won- lii c-onclitio'i[s it for Captain Koth- lijni a happy idea opliy for tli^ La|) eif .Montrose — jin till' town iimich footliby-caiiipbcll for by thej men gidteis. lie liopeei the variou^ tro- yide infercjstlhg ,d he wished all til*". pitie's would prcj gaiiie.s'fiir the trophies to l^i» known as leila tiDiihieSi •'Bailie (touk. ;ic of Ihe trophy for Clllll. e\[iressc>d 11 tiK- ladies cif .Mon' |iii|'t lii.< dull in trophies.' A |igar coniainer. alon;; j .Mr. I-'airweather's cepting cu the South I le hope lhajt all rose wouldjsup- jrying to niake idea a succless." ptody .inks .eir jtcl if.T luid basketiiall teams taken from K.iiisas .iiiifeireni e. By and ^1- the- basketball play of this ani/alioti is as igooii it iiot ,bel- tliaii that iif iliiy. similar [con- i-nri I I The best spurt 'ecimmeJil (Iiiesirt'uh^iiy^ come iriim peo- j>|p nho lire paid for brcindr esi^illttir Uii-ir Ihonghls. Vnr thai reiisoii, readers cit' this < MI|. iiiiin, iind othei's uhei haitpeii In see this notice are hnited to mail III iiny coninieiil flie; deem printable. Probably Ihe liiKge-.t upset of thih week's liaskerluill phiy i-.-nnc .Monday night wiieii ilie I'ittshur;; Tt»ac-liers, one ut ilie hithint" n'"defeat^.d teams of the Kansas inn fe -'renc-<', went ilown to defeat before Wic-hila , university a teatn the CJliintet e|e?fe-aleil easily li-.-s tinin two weeks ago. present, Knipuria Ti-aiher-; is the: only uihlel 'ealiMl i|Uililet in the loop, and ,lohn .Scoti. cnaili nt lola high scheiol's basket si|iia<l. |u> - ilii'ts. that'Ihe Kniporla team will tall li''fcire C<dli '/e ut l':iiip(iria. 0/ roitrse .lohii ought »•» kninv. lie iilleiMied Ccilleife nl Kniporlii, iiiid In Hint ww} hud n fliiiiK-e to look oter iiolh srhiMil«, Leslie Filtnonds In Ihe Tnpi'lia Capital pays trilnili! In liaMkeiiiall I ^11 Kansas c(illi-;;i's with llie ful 'J lowing:' "This miirnlng I am iireseiitiin; Ihe fli-xl (if a series of all-fiiii>' all 111 .So. Ohio ... that is. a ijonfereiue of the isiijaller ili-niiinlnat|ionar and Ktute lO'iis. Confereiice ii'ams |have le stiailily. tc> the National' .SI ;A.i \. v.. tiiiirnailient at Kansas City aii'l as steadiiy plac-ed higlu" I Kdniciiids siiy»| coiisiiieralile \\ fiicire siliout it. Iilit tiierr's line ;i tlhlnv he doesn't ^iienlloii. Triiteh j^eiiild jniakp his liaskrlliull ler- fiiire coiMplete. and itluitils' » liienHein oi" the fart that Khnsas li!::li school hiiskplhaHiW iibove Ihe ai4'ni::e plated niijwhere. [ATTENDANCE IS GOOD AT MEET Feb. 0.—Forty- presented ati the lome Week Isfs- s at the Kansas State Agricul- iil Ciillejie. whiej-h openi'd (lere ,\. C. Despite r conditions, the ^jitteniiaiice is nearly XM\ today. '$;|(ei i .il farm inli'r'sis are e'mphu- il/ed III. each day's program. I)alr (yinj; was lli^' principul lopici lo- i!a\, I.IVMsliiyirk wiljl beteat nr '-d to- riM.iJrow aiid e-rops JFrlday. 3 .Manhattan. Klin. \\:->\ riniiiti.-s ai e ri! iiiiiiiial Farm and i-iojih iiiri yisteriiay at K. S. iinfavoralile weathi' A flrPE. FtJR & WOOL (COMPANY C;el our |iijlre» on ] IMUi.TKV m* K <1 «S \Yi' Mill ronip lifter poallnr. I I{.A.JONF:S I'bnnp ino; owners m the savings ot oy j-ers ads Iclis- hard surfaced n ider the benefit proposed by (rab^iel- bill to i|oii of Montroke. He offered a whie-|i-would ; change "may" shall" in thf stanite permifiing oiinty commiifsioners to apply the !at".ald roadl fund of their cicun- ier- ed ty for reimbitrsemehts tor Tjianent imirroVements eonstrui; since March ll l!l|!». GRfiNI^AN'S MARKpj ! V 'p |iny-the: fnilawinR' prirpS: Hens !^prliii :s '"«" • ^ id Corks l|iipoli >i J . ; . •Silii"*' L. , ; iltftts :. .1 1 - Itlreen If des .j ! linrsf Hides, piirh ... 'i'loiiiilSr a hiive been, .1. F. Grenn^n Produce Kast 3funr6p uhd £lm Fhone lola, KaoB, In purchase price and ckily use, Buick Owners profit by. the savings of leadership. The price of a Buick is moderate, but it buys a car built to the very finest c[uality .idelals -— one that would cost yoi . considerably more, if it jvejre not for! Buick voliune. For years, the savings j p^vided bj^ great volume have been devbted to the Enrich- mentx>f Buick value. | 'And for years^ Buick JDi ^ners hkve mdre dependable motor car—one in high qiiality lessens upkeep expense. Buy a Buick! It is an onnr and satisfaction. had a which myestment m eccm- THE 111-13 GREATEST BUICK EVER BSTTSn. AUTO BUICK WIX.X. BU BUILT PBIX.B9 ASkB BUILVk X-O. THSKJL i • MARR AUTO SUPPLY CO. E. Madison Phone 252 Vet^an to Ihe .Vercaitile and h4 was re his friend, ".lock" nijrgpHs mill provide a nedal for thii 1928 nner. A gold : nedal 'fc-ould igo to Caledonia" CI lb" with which he ho n.sed to he i onnected. to " be lyed fur as tlsey thought best, understood tnat a new golfing j Church League. -Montrose af>d he jl played all! last trophy. If they Id be pleased to ir fir.<t trophy, a had tl silve iPIa 1 h lndpr |il lia, F I nlib tti|iii} m; Ull antiki iiireujplit ofli^st nighl that hp I'hBWdplphlH son UIIC Tyn .s wear adeli The ^iiild b f. a nipnilipr oi lijr sti^iJIng.a jronlrarl ; ear. ' ' adelphia, Feb. 9, .(AP NOW OPERTY OF ball Star to onnl^ Mack at Salary Of $60,000' • Year! i "pi 9, nAiP good 'Ills hp .tthleUrs this •or wi 'hi HCRSE BETSTAflOO Rayi nond i Cobb, he uniform:of the ill At hleticH thi.s yea j-. K-fpterar .s of i twenty- two Amei'ican ^eague pennant campqign.s .Ijias accepted the term!. rumo e^t si playe^^, of Co inie Maclt's of fe Hed at $60,000, the lari- ary ever paid any ball ani prislbably will i.s baseball career a.s b latoijs Shun Lbgalize Bettinjer ^n places by Adverse Report From CdmmittceJ -Top iKansaH legislaieirs sliunhi^di today !;a bill i ^etting oil .horse races. memMr of Mack'.<? team. ate li portc-i WESTERN CIRCUIT St.. nbseph. iMo., F<ib. ». (APi-fr Dale Weste Topek ing;th^ socrat: a nii;s Bla'h!4 the iei Smith, have a| definit reniaiii detune Presid viction! Corn] sylvan two b{i fo'r th ccjntesi'^ tlrtis fl and Ci I BE ).*ar, president .of the Wes ;iii, i returncMh seciiriiife terri culty -.'jdcuringj SUCOESSFU Kan.s. today dfter express- belief hat the; Western|.A4- 1 ^1 with six teanis.t will l>a\> siicces iful seasoii Harp'r, vicefpHeslden^ of fue. anil ownetf of the Fort Ark., earn last -year, jwill jteam in Topeku, it is about |y deci led. Several details to be worked jout. such as ory rights from It he- South western! league, but [It (iea • ejtprei^sed the c^^oii- there would te no •diffi- these rights. that Penns Iriiiell I.i ^1 and I'niver^^ity of:|Penn- C team.' have • engaged in ketbal games each j in iear past 2R Of thd 46 have wbcen played ylvaniaMias won :!1 promi past r ihe .\ij traine Corbe Bill to ka. Kiins.. I-Vb. !; (APi; which I wiiiild have estockl c'onunitlee adversely a bill legali/.ed The- si'ii- foilay re- to pe-riliit iipi-nmon of para ^iiiiluel inacltiiies 'at ccn iity fairs. The betting hi|I was jadvlocated ion th • tbeor.v that tlie oillil tise the-ir share cif o pre mote, bi-tter livestcie.'k. cclunties he. iiriifits WilLlani Miililoon. who lias .been [leiit in the public ejfe the •wAyears as tiie chliinaan oi w i\'i>rlt Hoxing Cc^inmission. I Sullivan fo'r his fight with r. FOJt YOrit CONVEl^lKXCE WE DELIVER FKEE nie-lj on pro est hy l-prt lolii out of I the ila Tjllil the: anil: Basketball BeOhe of Fastest S«n by Local Fans ^ Thismr. lav hight lola ligh bailketeers l^he powerful F art Scott squad "e local cour .1 ThSf Kam» jja^ily ivill be .one of the hafd- ght and one j % the ^est seen al supporters this-season.' f'w weeks ag il lola Invaded ^cotr. but los Iwhen one of Jwskets was lipposedly lost, score book. ] n lola went-tc j<''ort S<:ott the ^vas inexperienced bur teani- las been impiijved. had a stmak^f bad Uick thn But la icomlng ill tihe Whc! leai^ wi..rj; 101: first.(if the season it, liaving wo i thre^ out of . M foiiir games played. is th^- last gai je atrhome for (gh scjhool teain this sea.son - largfi crowd .l» expecjted. GOES B.4iD K f Elediricand ^* Pliinll)inf(k IPLA-KANXAX Werd year and truthfully a nnoutlce that their sales , I r hadincreased 1009" in a single year. Yet tliey woiild only have sold c 00 mptor cars ih all. In Qtl er w jrds, PERCENTAGE of annual gain is nbi conclusive. Thej NUMBER of cars soldi is the triie (test. That Dbd^e Br4thers sales in 1526 ihowed an increase ofl line oj Three! l )e t>odke Brothers to sell ,100 iJiptpr cars one But that rBodge 00. motor cars the next. hey cotild 27 .69H fact to considerr-rstriking as it is. 1925, and:then it) growih that starids out! lilte a towcir c salep'Tn" t velve .rnonths—ttilU industry. .uxe 21IJ North tV'ashinK(o|i j pon over 1925 is not! thte MAJOR 1 Brothers sold 259,967 cars in 1926 :spld 331.7S4j-a. gain of hiint red and thiirty-one tho JSJ nd buyers i LAS'!* year! Many more yital i uprovements" added Tk] S yeah No increase in pr cc! iThree powciful| argumcjnts fof c-jmestly investigating this snart and s;turdy product btifoit deciding what jto buy:! .Tourinji Car (!ou je p. ---- , Siaidard Sedah —li Special j Fedan Sedar F. O. IL Del roil a story of in the sky- -_$79.''> _-$845 _ .5945 $1075 E|.LI$ MOTOR COMPAI^t I'olcphonc serf Cars MPTOra CARS :ipi

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