Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 9, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1927
Page 5
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ASRAILSIDROP Wheeling & Lake Erie Comnion Drops From Yesterday's High Record; Please j-cturn or noti (•ompany two IlS) IJUiS—St|-ayo(l. from ]Citrr Kiiiney tann, n«jrihwest of lolii. Plioiip 9SCIF2. New York. Fcb^ D. (Al'J~A Wide opcD break in tJic railroad ssiiarcs, following ' ah early period ; of siicnfjth tn which about a dozen, is- .sik's Jifld been elevated lo new high rcj-ords. unsettled today'-s slock niarkpt. Trading-was {in trenien-i dous volume. '! WheelinR and •I.^ke Krio cdni- mon.'which established, a new high record ai 130 yesterday, broke from 105 to 66%; when it became apparent the recent .tension in .that issue had be^n lijftcd. The preferred droppcrf iillioHt 10 iNSints. Western Maryland cotiimtin; l)roke over 1-1 points. Industrials yielded with the rails \n:t the IjieakK wore not as'large. The day's trade hews largely wds favorable. Kansas City. Feb. 9. XV. S. Dept. of Agriculture)—Hay unchanged. KanNHN City Grain. Kansas City. j'eb. 9. fAl')— Wheat: receipts 97 cur^s; uncharig- rd to Ic. lower;;No. ^^ dark hard $1.31V2^1.M»s: No. $1.:W%«P 1.3R: No. 2. hard .?1.34®1.3SV«: No. ;i.ll-.13(&1.38: NQ. 2 red $1.31Vii&' 1.33i.i: No. $l.-30ei.3?. Corn, unchanged to 'Ac lower: No. 2 white 74«7Br; NoJ 3. 70(ji.72<; No. 2 yellow IWl&Mtc; No: 3. Udt ; 72^,0; .Vo. 2 mixed 73(?i7»«-Jc: No. 3. 6«'fi:71M!e. - . Oats: ui^chan^eil to' '-jc lower: No. 2 white <74i'50i'; No. 3. iiVjOf ^ 48c. I . ; .Mllo raa(«p Jt.lC»i?l.a2: Kafir- »1.0S4iil.l9. .nye. 99cff?»i.w».; • ^ Blirlcy 71(ff73c.: W KaniiaH City VAniw: Wheal: .•Vlay (old) »1.33; May incw) $1.32«4: July $1.26. Corn: May 77V4c: July 80Vic. Kansas [CKy I.hextock. Kan.'«aH Cliy. Feb. 9.i(L'. S. Dept.] of ^Krlculturo—Cattle n.WO: calves 1 r.mi; desiraU'j grade.*); weighty filorrs i veij'aging 1:;00 lbs. or iibovo Jola oriiou 'lold-Huml oldt roa«i. AUCTIONS AUCtiuHit Ij WILL jSELL—At Pulillc Auction jFriduy. [Feb. 11. at 1:3 I o'clock at fcorr's Transfer Co. oi N. Jefferson: drtssers. gas fan ;e. ice box. jbeds cojiupletc. rugs, congoleuni t ug, kitchen table, rcuud dining able, chairs to matih, rockers, jarni chairs, .library ta lie, heating stove; dishesj cookinf utensils. |Lots of iother articles. This furniture is almost new. c|. S. Bishop, .\uctionfecr. y City ion lUA UBLIC UVUCTION—PuiUc Auqtion tvcry Saturday, at 1:00 o'clocjc at iRishop'S Sales Pavilion. ^UBLia i AL'CTION—I will sell at public auction Thursday. Feb 10, |at l:00io'clock at my resident e. 9 Wei<tX'ilhoun, my entire outfit of househiild goods, also lOO (iiiarts fruit; G. W. O'DeM. A. C. Ol ver. Auctioneer. ^ ' E-L-BLlCi AU(;Tlt)N--l will. sc«l at public aQction at; Bishop's Sales Pavilion. Saturday. Feb. 12. at 1 p. Jn.. 9; head of horses, tows, calves. jlTogs. chickens, farm nia- chineryi wagons, harness, automobiles, uiid all kinds of good up-to- )flate hoijsehold good.s. C. S. Bishop. Auctioneer. Iprofesslonid Serrleea JKokRY — SUKO F. Medicine, X-rajr. residence, 1126W._ .MAN ilip Phones: office. 886; 88 Ur. NATIONAL ({".BOCRAPMIC MA(iA- zlnes—Complete from 191.'> to.cur­ rent issue, ail in condition to bind, inquire Por(land Hotel. Pho. 107. EMPLOYMENT- r Help Wanted—Male t iR BOY-pWaiited at onco at la Laiindrv. f Call In person. .MAN j BOOKKICKPKR—State perieticc and galarV in first letjter. Postt ffiio Box 104= ^ :> BO'V'S—Wanted to pass ;h n»l bills. Inquire Thursday at flflles Famijly Shoe Storfc. west side of stjuare. ' " .Situations .Wanted-Mule 37 BOY. ! IS—Attending Junior High. wants housework or odd jobs a ter school and on Saturdays. Phone 1431W after 3:30 p. m. VOU.Nn .^L\N—Kxperienced cl,ork in wliolesale and warehouse b isi- nessJ. Also had experience as tierk' in drug store and grcioery store. Could flU any llerleal position.! Address ".Man." Registc' FINANCIAL! Money to Loan—Mortgages | 40 FARM LOANS^nlclc aenrlcojand reasbnable rates. .A^ D. I»tr- tborne. 2}S ^ Washington. i^lTBLICi SALKS DATKS — Community iSale, .Moran, Feb. I-»: Pure Bred Hog Sale. Blue Mound; Feb. 14; Mr] McBratney. Selmii. Kans.. Feb. 15; Pure Bred Hog Sale. Oceltreb. Knns.. Feb. Ifi; Frril Hyson. Cehlervllle. Kans.. .Feb. iJ: KIncftltl l^ommunlty Sale, Fob. 10: Carl Hockenliablo, Moran, Fob. 23. If IntereHted In any of these Ha\cs. write K. K. Hall. Bfty«rd| Knns., for bills. If you are Interestcil or arc expecting, to cmplo.v: an auctioneer, write nie Ht Bayard. Kan.s., or toloplione n32, Kiincaid. at my expense. JMy refdrcnco is my work In the siflcs. lalrly active, •wnights i-ti?atli IMS 111. hcavif jlully sloady. Lighter to weak; choice of ,K * 12.25; the good to' choice meiliuni ^\-^:iKhts $11.50 and several loadsjhea>y steers $H».40(& j lO.T.'i; she{ sti)t:k s^teady to strong; good light wHght "heifers $9.40; biilk fed IO\V^H $5.25(Tj6.50: bulls .and vralers and*^ weighty calves' sli'ady: stockers 'and : feeders are slo'.v: t 'ajtly to weak. | i Hogs ll.OOD: sjow; steady to i loc lower! than yesterday's aver-; age-; top tm 140 to 151) lbs. I, Bnik ilt'sir-alilo 17n tti 2.".0 poimtis 1 ^ vK'l WiV $ll.70f. ilisr>: 24o pounds up i ^'J^^^ $ll.r.0Tiil.G5; light liglits up to$12.10: packing sows $10.6p(fi-n.(.0; hltxk pifi.s steady $il.73 <a> 12.60. — t Chicago (Jrain. jd Chicaco. Feb. It— Wheat:) ^day $1.40Vifil.4O-'>i; ; July $1.:!3"« (1(1.34: Knpt.'$l.r.l=«. r . 1 I'orn: May SiUi,(ii8();Sc;" July; Me: SeplL SGViffiSeUti. Oats: May 4Gt:; July 46"ic; Seijt. - l": . [ i Ifvff May $l.ij6Ti'5107; July $i.«!i: Sept. yyc. J I'hJcjiffo Lliejtocic , Chlcugtli.'Foil. S. (li; K. Dept. Of ' Agrlciiliure)—Hogs li.tjol); sicat'iy lo luc lower than Ti (!Hd «y's average; (up $12 .25: hulk 140 \lo 200 lb. uvoragcM ;$12 .l0Cf(.l :':2n-; bulk 210 lo 300 pound ' butcl t)rs - $11 .85 (2/ I'J.lo; bulk packing IOWA %mM<U' 11.00; strong wclghi' i laughter pigs upwaril |o $13-.U>: I onvy weight liogH $M.75t>I2.VO: idedluin tll.itri (ii; light $il.K5^ 12.25; pack lug HOWS $10'.riOiti . staughk-i |UB» $H;50(}i 12.15. 1 V . fattlr-10.000; wrlgM) fed stwrs Kirimg lo 15c'highcrf ('hers an sieady: bulla lOc to 15c lower; tht vealer* hleady; early lop I d slp^r^j $12.50; numerous It ads ll.OOfil j 11.75: hpiit yrlarlings $11 .71. bull^ I fed Fleers $9loO(fi 11. 15; f^. ' mod 1 iuni buljia abiivc $6.5); veai- B ai ' $12.00(8 13.50 jlo pack era: oi lder4 IH.OOt 5.00./ Sheep 16.000; BIOV : few' ''arlj sales wooled/ Iambs : 6r to 20< ow- i?r: desirable kinds §12.75^; l.t.oo;] gffholcc lambs ^eld protajd $i:".35J '/icavy lambs $l2i60^ 12.9>): tac -x-J tremc wieight $11.50|g)11.85: ciills . $io .00#l0.75: sheep! stekdy: fat ewes mi^s'tly $7.50@8.50: holdingl best arojund $S.7S; asking around $11.75 for <:hoice handy w-eigbt yearling wethers; feeding lambs steady: ucsiraliie fo'eders $12.50'ii 13.00: ro idium .&iiidsj $12.25. f ICK BROS.'—Atielioneers. We sell anythitig. anywhere. anytime. Phono'at our expense. Moran phone 16n.">; Lallarpe pbonc^j.'i. AUTOMOTIVE Antombblle Agencies . 1UDS(5N-ESSEX—Sales and Service. Bud •\Miitc Motor Co.. 219 South Washington. Phone 1801 Aotomobiles for Sale II BARGAINS IN USED CARS^1926 Chrysler "70" roadster: 1924 Ford coupe: Maxwell sedan; Foril roadsters sind tourings. .Marr Auto Supply: Co.. Buiik Dealer.-?." FARM: AND CITY • LOANS —laae rate on farma. 5%. city 6%. I Dng or short time. R. M. CunntngHatn. MONpy—To loan on farm and tlty proDorty. .fackson Realty " ovei| Brown's :Drug Store. MONEY TO LOAN—Private eastern money to loan on fairms ' andl city property. Low ijate. Tcr^ns. and paynient to ault por- rowor. Stewart A Funic. LIVESTOCK ^ lH«f»e». Cattle. TeWeleg 48 BI;L|/ — Registered Shnrtho|rn8. fieorgtij l.,t)rd.|five mllos west land 2 stiutii Kintald, Kans. Lone Elm phono. STO^K HOGS-Weighing 100 lbs. t?ach. Ralph.Jones, Geneva. Kans. 50 EWES—Fe|w with lambs by sid^. Cha.s. Hawkins, half mile south, three west-of Moran. Kiin.''. Ponltrjr land Snpplles 49 BABY CHICKS — Discount on| or- dei;s placed before Feb. 15. D ^li*-cry when . desired. Ten jiounds chick starter Igiven free with ^ach iOD chicks sold locally. We nave •"or s.ile the Newtown Coal Brbod- er I and f he Sol Hot Oil Brodder. , guaranteed to give satisfaction or nitiney b .ick. Come i^ and sei- us hetore you buy your Hrooders. For •Sa,t'jrday. tht; I2th only, all •gg.'? Iirought into lie custom hali -hed will be 3l''C per egg. other ti nes. If, Sturdy Chick Hatchery. 220 W'^'^t street. \ Dealers—PONTIAC erland four sedan, good; '24 ,—; 1 , Ford roadster; '22 Hudson sedan. |ELIECTR1C HATCHED CHICKENb good shape; '21 Studebaker 4-pass. coupe, fine shape; 2 '23 Chevrolet coupes, good; '23 Ford coupe. Several other very cheap cars. Cash; terms or trade. Hobart-Steele .Motor Co. USED CARS—1926'Ford coui)c: 1926 Ford touring; . 192.'; Ford to'ipe; 192.1 Ford touring; 192."> FortI rpadsti'r; 192.'i Ford touring; 1921 Overlanil touring. i:ood as new; lone S-cylinder Oltlsmobilo sedan ;i 1923 5-pusHenge|- Chevrolet; 1923 Dort touring; 191*6 Ford truck;! 2 ^witle tiro wugouB: set harnesK; one sadillu. Will sell on time or will trade for 'livestock. J..C. Butcher. = ; PerBonaft i -. HOAfE WANTED-f'or- girls. 7 and 9 rPilf"- f 1924 y\0\i\i COUPE—Five gooti cord (fr;'H." feiidtir braces and biimprrs cnmhiiied. front anti roar, gotnl finl.di antl iipholKterlnK. mechani- lal contilMtMi AI. (iuaranteed. McCarthy Miilor Co.. 212 South WashiuRton. Phone H93. 1925 STAR TOl'KINtJ- Good coiitlillou: 1924 'Ch<'vrolol louring; a good buy. iJ. T. Barber Garagd. 211 West slreet. Phoiie 515. 1926 CIIEVIKIl.KT COACH - .Now ballnon tires, ear In AI shape; Boyer .Motor Co., -212 South Jefferson. Phone 23. Antd Accessories, Tirem Parts 18 Siiiithat Court Hoiiso. % sma I See Judg> STROMBERG. CARBURETORS—At less than cost. H. W. McCarly'A slock of Slrombergs. for Overland light four. Oakland, Flint, Cleveland, apd two typos for Oldsmohilc. Take advantage of this ^'opportunity. Also one Ford generator and starter, like new. . lola Auto Wrecking Co:. 307 South Street. Phone 782. BUSINESS SERVICE Basln^ss SerrlcM Offered -4A11 leading varieties;. loWest possibl" prices; also • cuitom hatching. Qiiality Electric HUtch- eij.vv Gas, Kah3. HIGHEST MARKET—Prices fcjr cream, eggs and Our truck and chicken cbbp^ your service to pick up try. Barker iProduce Co. Pho. paid pot^ltry, are poul- 658. NONE BETTER—Start yoUr baby chicks on Thos. Southartl Starting a Id Growing Buttermilk (ilhlck Puddin. for Hale at your gricery oi- It. C. .McKlnney Vet<i Slot Ranted— LiTcstock WANTED TO' aUY— All klnd!^ lie and hogs] J. C. Butchcl nd ho^ J. C. MteRGHANDISE Ar(lc|es for Sole cat- 2ND HAND HEATING STOVESf- Reznors and Ifnrnlture, good as new.; cheap. I Kelley Hotel. Barter and Exclibngo SIA Tnd Ex SEWING SINGER SfcWI.NG MACHL-JE— New, for sale or trade tor Ford car, huiutrp 9 West_Calhoutt. Bnslness and Office Eqnipmeht M TYPEWRITERS FOR SALE.—Rent or trade. Atldiug mRchlnes. any make. Pubiic stenographer, notary and m'ultigraph work done. Room 10-11.1 tiver Globe Clothiers. Farm Eqnipment 6SA ENGATE LIME,SOWER—Also har; row] seeder bow on display. Come In and seel them. Allen County implement Co. PLOW—John! Deere sulky, gootl as now; J. I. Cise 15-27 tractor. gt)od shape; Fairbanks-Mrirse wagon scales. .">>~ tons, good as now. 9 miles weH and half mile south of lola; G. W. Purccll. Fuel, Feed, FerUlixers 66 BALED AL'FALFA—Prairie hay and straw i|n ton or half ton hits at barn or jilellvcreil. lola Land Company. } GERMAN MILLET — Seed. itItNil feed for »)ahy thicks. Krupp Irt.n &: Metal Co.. 310-21 North Btn U- Phon(^ 351'. eye. ji;\Y—Prairin or alfalfa. $10 ttm; also good Kantita seed oats. Phtuie 95&F3. I • Honvebold Goods S9 FURNITURB — Beautiful walnut dining and j,bedroom suites; now stoves less than half prict<; 1 Hentrola jjeatcr. Seven ti'iitk loads of fii(rnlln'rn Jusi jirrivetl from Kansas City, i at kindling wooil prlc'ps. Curtis Batgaiii Store. LaHirpe, •' . Houses for Kent. »r Be»t^_ [77 FURNISHED HOUSE-j^Six room inotlern. also garage, close in. In' i5«JH4 jNorth Walnut. tint WlEsrr STREET. Gl.^,-iFlvc rotjm ctoil ige. electric lights, city wa- fJBT. garjige. J._C.. Bntclier. ,. Oflii-es and DesT^oom 'IS OFF! CE SUITE—Over p-alace Shoe Stoi'c. Intiuirc at Pitacc Shoe Store. • ' REAL ESTATE FOR -SALE : ' Bnikers In Real t^latf ^ IF YOi? WANT—To b^|r or rent or get an Insurance si buckle Real Estate. us. Ar- Farms and Land fo|r. SUe SEE LOCALS^For clos« in 40 acres. bargain jin 160 ACRES—Fairly welt improved, qlosc to good town. $40 per acre; ttrms. M. A. SchBck, L Houses for Sa^ 84 H JUSE—Five room liodern, dou- ijle garage, good locktion. John Rent Iter. {__, [ LEGALS Legal Notices GAS • RA.Vf^BS — Pcniusular antl Beacon. ga» ranges; . Gootl new gas range fjur ;$22.50: Hennlngcr'a. SLM.MONS riEDS -JusM received a new shlpmtjnt, all finishes, priced to sell. Bnyson's Fuijn._Store. Machi ^err and ijools .SUTK'K OF AIMMIII \T.MENT Kxrrufrlx. Slaii> of Kansas. lion ' Countf. ss. , , , . 'InMho mailer tif llie I 'Htnte of R. W. See. lale of Allen County. Kansas. • . MiTKi: OF APniXT .MK\T NtUice is hereby gifen. That on Hie fourth day of February. A. D., 1927.! the undrrHigued was; by the I'robiatc Court of Allen ; County. Kansas, duly appointqd and qualified as oxwutrix or jhe estate rof it. W. See, lale of Allen County, ileo-'-aseil. All parties (interested; In, saifl estate will lakt.^ notice and govern themselves accordingly. .MA RTIlA SEE. Executrix. .121-9-16-23 I , .NOTICE OF AI'POINTJIENT. Kxeeafon State of Kansas, i^llcn County, H3. 61! In Hie matter, of .Mary A. Drake, la . i County, Kansas. ENGlNE-2.1! horsepower one cylin-| I .NOTICE OF API'OjIXT.MEST. -der I. H. tj. engine. Anyont; dc-1 i.N'tillcc is hereby; given, that ;on he estate of e of Allen gasoline. Also a good .ap new I fiod as Executor of the estate of four-gang trafctor disc plow. H. K.!.Mary A. Drake. Wle of Allen Couii- Llvingstou. 2>.i miles northeast!'v., <leceascd. All nai-tics mterest- of Colonv I I'IL I"i said estate will take notice =-l:.nd govern themselves accofdlng- 63 : ly. ' — ' J F. E. DRAKE. Executor. CHOICE KA.NOTA SEED OATS— 1'I Seeds, plants. Flowers Kan.«as grMvn. 1 mile of J-a- Harpe. Ka is. Haglund & Root. Phone 179 LuHarpe or 4S lola. ' In thtii said In th^ Oarwln Creditbiis interest* d arc. hCrc|b:{ ply to for ijaid House' State of February, and fintO and for judging and' blatter Met, dedeased Icqunty, s lola, C Kjansas, A. D. teltlem|» orde; ho are of J legit^es Admiqistrator Darwin (li-2t XOTIt'lj The County, In th said cointy. In thj John H Credi interesti are hen ply to for said House State'.ol] 2) and in i\\ notifi Prob! IIS ai |all Other pers'o aforesaid cstalte d that I shall a|p- ^tc Court] lu a tting at the CoiJrt ouniy ofj Allqn, ^n the 26th day'pf 1927.' for a filll nt of^ saiii esfaie, ' finding land ajd- he heirs, jJevlsees laid deceased. T. TREDWAY of the estate Ltet. detleased h2-9-16 (UJF yiN^L SETTliEJIEVr Kansas^. Allien State Probata hnatter .Marvin, loijs and In th notifi Ithb Prob ccjnnty. s n K]ahsas, A. D. February, and finil and foil ak orde fudging w ^o are and legjat es of A. A.! Adinihi.'Jtrator John li. ilarvln (l)-26 2 )1 -2-9-16 _ 1927, for a ftall hetUedeht of said estate. tFlrsl lublish Daily Jleiistor, of the [Ci<y of I of the estate I of Court in I and l !or ;of the estate {of deceased.' h all other' perscins aforesaiH. e^iate d that I shall'ap- htc Court- in a!nd .. ttlng. at the Coiirt lola; qounty of Allen, bn the 26th day of • finding the heirs, mid deceased. HOLDESFAN, . of the estate deceased. '• and ad- devisees of I d in the t he officlkl paiier la. Alleii Coui ty. Fcbruai Y 9. 1927.) ilia XANCE ?iO. \m relating to ' he ntcnance: and isc the. Cityi of Ma. land ajncnding j Sectli nsi Kansati! OEXEf AlL OHO An. )rt inancel constru :tl}n. ma{ of 3lde^vajlks In KansaL^. 423 an I 27 of he Revised Ordl- nance3 ol said Mty of lola, K^n- s:iH. puillihed J ine 30; 1926. BE 1 r )RDAI ^ED by |i:hc Bokrd of Con m ssionc s of tho City! of lola. Kaiiias: i ! SectDn 1. TI at Section 423] of the Re Is id Ordinances of the City of lola Kansas, published June 30. 1926.' i I icrcby famendeii to read as follow I of KANOT.A <!»ATS—TesteM Kanota oats. Alvii Shatiwick. Carlyl^, Kansas. i| SEEDS—Tetited, reclcaned. Kansa.^ grown Kaijota oats, alfalfa, sweiit clover. tini(ithy and Alsike clover. Priced toji sell. C. W. AVorks. Humboldt. irsi, puoiisneu lui mo luiu j->.w»j iter February j'. 1927.) HE OF HKAKIXG OF PET! XJTO SELL KHAL EST,VTE. TI.MOTHY SEED-Chas. S. Havf- klnc. Halt mile south, three wcjit 4 o(j Moran. Kans. • Waited—.To Buy 66 KLEt.'TRIC |MOTOa— Wanted, gotid secontl' hand motor. 1 horsoiiovvor, for 110 jvoltage A. C. current- Mildretl. Kans. laii' lit' dn lal ilio Ivo fi, S; Join CHUNK WOOD—For sale. 12, limber or $?.25 delivered, jswlnfonl. Ij'honu 51K 61 50 In A. J. (TASH REISISTER—$215 rsi^'anky. •will sell foi^ $75. W. V. Hlshcr. for] Bronson. Kans.. . WANTED TO lU'Y -l.OOO Ion (all irap-cHught rabbits. 2.-.C eilrh. Will buy until March I.'!. II. C. jFrliichenmeyur, Francis Wlllo. •f'''l"^'^^M«- . . : (First published in) the lola Daily liegisler XOTIC TU»X •fii Allj Parties Concjprned: , Notice is hereby ;iven that the u'nderslgnetl,, as atl nintstratrixj' of t|iej estate (jf F. y. Russell. :de- foa.'jed. has filed a petition in the l?ro|)ate Court of Allen County, Kansas, asking for :.,n Order to sell t <>rli-ate or publi ;'i .sale, the fol- ng real, estate belonging;.to estate, for payment, of ili?bts from said estaio and costij of lnis.tration. to-ult: The south of the.'Southea !t Quarter, and Southeast Quart -r of the Soiith- ji t}uiirt!i>r. all it Stjctlon 11. in oWnship ^>4. Raiifje 2<h. lying in "11 Couilty, kan as,: antl that 1 c heard In | the a e Judge of AI- ..|..,„...ty. Kansat. In the Court- bouse at the City Of Itila. Kansas, on (he 12th ilay of Febniary, A. D.. !927. at the htiur of 1" rfclt»ek A; .M. 1. proval •2. rtin4 sist of] from 1 I'gravel gradetl, pass J] cent "ilia mesh current, vil^ii County, Kan >«__ •M petltliin will 1 „..,, -ffi'o of the Proba .1^..^'^ ... ("ul County. Kansa^ REAL fiSTATE FOR RENT Apartjnents and Fiats 71 can APAIITMB.-^ b^^th. vcryi dry. - Phoii'c 102. KODAK,FILMS—Send us your ko­ dak films. We develop aU exposure roll and jpriht one of each. 25c: extra prints, 4c. Enclo.'«e renulrod' amount. Home Studio. 320 South Kentucky St., lola. Kas. T—Three rooms ami nice, over lolu I^aun- [ir as sotm iliefcaf or as same JO heard by the Crurt.; lola, Kansas. January 24th. A. D. 'i9:i7.' . J EFFIE BABCOCK, { .(Administratrix 6f the estal.e of F.i.M. Russell, deceased. (2i-2-n gravel Must 1 ed. Aill pass cent sHalJ screen 4. All file aggrtigate shalt inch screen ind 95 j per I be retained itiB a 100- Crfcen. (Joa rse A ;gregato—may be b-okon fstone. ! ojr cl att. Wilier—slJall be clean. long, as fillii fi. or sto usoti oj Idly h stakes 7. lj>l 'i. Inc of the .width may b S. • s 'oi: d nins -inch be re .moldctl bre or thick. the siieivalk aind at Ipast 2 Seiildn 423. Cement Sltl^- walki. That- ill sucM sidti- walki tonstru'ted oficcmetjt shall liL« cons fructed . iaccorti ing t ) t le spec ificalion.f of this sccti in to- the line and gratfc shown ly the line and'gr^ti st.aki s if the City Engbiee whic i 1 ne am grade | stakcjs ^ must n )t be removed or dt»- stro} ed in the con.'rtruction ot saltl sdewaH.s. Eithtfr. one- cour le or t^ :o-cbur6^ sidewalk^ ] nay be constructed. lOiip-Coor e .Sldeifalk S|»ecif cations:; (tenjent—s lall have the the City Engineer. Agg egate—<ihall tural and or jscreen li. toug 1. crushi-d rocH be clean and well j hard; d irable arM unc lat- coarse aggrepite s lall icreen anrf 95 ained oh a H inch It Fll er—shall be rips of bltiimen fllletl{ liegal Sotlces 4- ac- drkined and. compacted to a firm Surface with <^ uniform lieamg power. 9. On^na—wbere necessary, In^h drains of jconcrete or yj'trl^ hod tile shall be laid to protect h^ walk I from damage by frost <l. Stib-basc-f-On poorly j drliln- Soil. V here drains are" impr:(cti- , a 5-snch siib-base. of cjintl|ers, grkvel 01 other porous mate|rial f^hiU Jie constrqcjted. It shall{| be ;thj>rough y tamjied and drained p the street gutter, it. THeknes.v and I'ropor The walk shall never be ies.^ ihlin 4 i iches thick. In business districts it shall' he 5 inciie.4 thick. jConcretc shall be mixed In the pro- I.-o^tions of one] part cement. Jtwo pajrts fii: e aggregate and I (Iirce patrts to; rse agigregate. ; |l2. M Xing—Concrete sliall| be mixed until cacjh particio of fine agkregati is coated with cement and each particle of coarse {ag|;re- gaite is CI ated with moi-tar. • M. PI icing ' land ; Piuishiij Cclncrete to^ the sit course s ritphs 11 'I - r 'I LE^ALS PAGE rt ons shall' be placed imm|cdi- be ht dy aftfr mixfng. ' It shall ianpcd ahd strjxck off with |a dem-, pi ite antl shall | be floated witjh a , ^-^od flobt uititll the .•'Urfnce a true contour. Care shall be jlak- eii to nol bring to the surljatt> excess of water: and fine sunt; overflnishing. ! | 14. Jointing-rThe walk s^ialj be cut into separate rectangular .slabs net greater than C feet on alnyjone si le. Tlie surface edges qf ^ach si lb shali be rouiided to a p,*- raklius. Markings shall be exa XEG^LS Ijesal Notices shall be cause ftjr re. leiction condeidnation' of; jtha ^ork: lAny rejected Or t^ndemned stone j or flag shall be' removed md repiaC- c(t by a new stoi e at once. jThe contratitor shall jrotec: the work duriiig j trie constr letioi and until the suffaco Is rfeadj fpV ^use. againsij the elemt.nts tir daiitagc from ^ny cause/ Any failure in. any of: llie foregb ng rMuirentent^ shall bb ^officleiit for tjife Cityi Engineer; aid CoinnUttee in 'Streets antl Alleys to refuse to qccept isaid work and tlic Ciiy Ei ^iueer; and Committcie on Streets : nd Alleys; may cohtlcmn the same or any! part thereof^ a^nd order; the idmoval and reconstruction ofj part > icon- denined vrliich shall lie ;lbne Withiii_ such time as raai be $i}ecitied, by the said Engineeii or Clominittcc." Section .2. Tjiiit Sec tjon 4 :57 of the Rcyirfetl Oriiiriance.s of the City of lola! Kansas, p^blisl oil .lune 30.; 1926. i'<f. hereby amended tci read' as follows: ; | -Section 4-*7. 91 Width, j TlKit all Sid whatL 'vi 'r material c <i or hQreaftercon.itruc City bf atl cuts 1 etween: slabs. 15. E.vpansioii Joints—shall extend froiii the siirface to tlic 5ub- gijade an I shallibc at right|ai!gleit ewalk surface. A ?/-i-lnch erpansion joint; shall be | na atross tile walk at approxini. tie 50 -foot intervals. At all I places where t^e walk!, inter.socts a url^ line or another; walk; a one-^nch expansio^ joint; shall be mailt. i !l6. Cijring—Finished cj>nt}rcte shall be, kept wot while curi^ig. Two-Course Sidewalk S|>ecii1iratiflns: 1 17. Specifications for i Jwo- lewalk! construction shall be the spme specifications ono-coiirije sidewalk, except riara- and 13 for lonefcdurse construction shall not apply, i 18. I TljicknesH and Proi^or an by nch ictly for ions —[Twol-ccjurse walks shkll ncvi|r be less tha I r. liichcH thick; They shall coisist'of a base 4i/4 inches tliick. CO nposetl of i-ontireto iii the proportitns one part cement.Hvo parts, file aggregate am four parts CO, aggregate, anil a li>p coat - %- nch thick, composetl; of njortar i I the proportions onel.par.t cement : nd two parts finelaggre- gate.. li business . distriii.s I the tiicknes!) of the base shall! bo 5% iiichcs. ; 1 19. PI icing and Finishing—The |b|i8e of two-course sidewalks Bhall be thoroi ighly cpmpactetl by tam^- ,ing antl shall be struck off | with !a| template whiiih 'Sh :ilrica|e it ^ h hcloiy tlie .finlshcdjiKu c top (:t)at shall bri p{jac(|d mifuites afl<»r the (base laiif. - U shall bej strutjk o^ an in 'face.' Tl| vrlthin course 1 aft and t <ntll thf| tbur. , , , JAll niMerial shall lie approved - ''itv Engineer before beli ^g liy the C| ilsed. No col i I the splitting liring matter shall ap- ( fjon- I ngs i or t per rilneral aggregate. >.i Inch wide IS the thlckifesil of • Oct lASphalt r for "pp l.| rigid tir tar iijay be i^sed lureil Joi'nts!' 'ofm.i—snail bo i of luniber enough to givi true Mne;. Floj^lble Hti;lp« may} be They ijhall bt» hg- urvos. to llil by; e antl: grade o|r bracfs. ' | Islon PlateK-lshall bii of btcel a k Wide as (he dtiptli, ah nn\ as |o^ the V alk. ofj drop slilini; inishefl with a woibd flo if . surf-tcc has a true co i- be used cmenf.; Any spalllri|R^ 6r ... „ off whatever of ^hif fih- diihed surface of the Waiki tiUhbr Ifjt the Jcints or; in the bodjf of the '.•^tone. or any trarks or man-rtack.s or dtifectjivc work of aiiy cljairacter CLASSIFIED DISPLAY CAR A Used Car Dm \ "e have on lianil at wo h ive ever hatl that li stock cars that are now; -1 lola. Kansas. atcti hy lis ^d Or- oR I(>la, lO.i 19:^6. .1 '4 febt Ihe Cliy of w-jhitjh is,. licit leg 42i> /of the Ri \|i dinahctjs of tjie Clt; Kan.>| ilateil|June shall iiot he Ifss thin widiif provitletl that , _ .. EngilieCr'and |Comri&t(ie ikn Stretjis'and Alleys m i.v require .'.-fotrt width when; I lis fouiid a 4-i:oot .width will 1 rj Insuffl- ticnt! for thej)nrpoe(s thcr)?- of." ! Sectiim 3. Snow-C olining' It shall he the di:ty flfjany occupant 01 iin.v lot or piei eU»r :ground abuttiisg I up'on any s rj-et when; there jts ja sidCiWalk ti Jceep such - sidewiilk clean' anil tb remove thereirbn all-ice anil iiiow wMthin twelve I hjurs after siip ice and snow jfal s thcrflon. iiid in case ynd idewalkB- •Walks ipr Instructed Hil in tht» !the width Off. as.scssme or pic^e for tbij I ost of repair; struct ion or in fro! .grountl of'Siilewalks rhadc a ong i\t of siich lo pr iriecTC lof of Coiiin^lssioners top^jtbei; jivith the, pena Chap. |1l tluty I f amine at) condemn .mLsslone notjicci g strlictetl s rcporteil ti ty of twonty-ifiye per tent onlthe amount thorro 'a. LawH 191:; lot, the de-. there IA no octajpant ot such then it ihall be the ilpty of owner I'to tlo same. An - person seribetl lieTcin who sh; II so -fai^l to coriiply with the;proviii^ns of|;this sectioiL dhjill upon ct njiictionj" he adjutlged Iguilty of a r isdemeanor. Section; 4; Condei inatlon' ot Sidewajlk*. "Xo formfcllty jw^hat-' ever shall be required to authorize the biiprliing of inew '< idewalksi or the renaijring ofj sidev ajks or the rcconsjrwction of such i sidewalks as arcj in the i jutlgr itmt of the Board {of Comniissiouef!i worn out antl unfit for repair apd making Its therefor: and eacli lot of groiind slialjl be liiiblc and rci the Bpanl on- (I'aiit of It is the City Enffittoer to: exit report sid ^d to the B( s, who •sliii w-alks tl? be ijaiM of Com' after idue. k-on. have ucW jviilks and tax the agilnsU tjhc abutting 1 sectioii .1. That Settlors 423 ami 427 fd Oriilinances of J«i of saifl cit.v arc? here Scttloil 0. This or take ikf^c^ and be ih jforce and aitcr ten days a ' age and Daily 9fTsal Pass day oi ••Uti n. thel cjist thereof ipcrty. [' original if,'Ihe RcvJs- ne :jo. 1926. •>yi repealed, i iidaiice ^hall roiii ttir its 'riask- ii) the lo publiC)ition gistcr. the L'ity- and approve Fiobruary. 192' H. TIOBAIRT. Maybr. t: McNIEI.. Ci EXCEPTiONiL US /.'J! as Dep<^i cr Who S( idaplc as the mit: present the be liu^t he moved ' coining in. V .m nOOGE COIPE, » real buy. ]i )-27, IHiniiE SEDAN. jworl^ the nAm'ey, ]9i7, MilHiK TOnillXlli. winter t<i|i. a real Tnlue, 9SI IM^BCE (01 PK. L real servicj*a ICK .SPOKll IiOAI>.<«TEK, fuifs and runs P.MOKILE ^!iEI».VX .ia real liu; ht L-issortincnt o o jnakc room T i>le Bl m E.SSEX (OACH, MIghJIj uscil. Oir, FOItI> KOAO .STEk )i real buk Two lIWi •'Olin CQIPEH, same iifi iiew. two I92.V FOKII T4 )iKiVGS. worlji 'ljhp mubey. iiew FOni> TlirCh, tjiibllMidy nnij rlverythlug. two ItH:, FOHIi C< rPE !!».'must hi|i» en other gootl chcaii Foiyl tinirijigs aiiri rDatlsK muMil move.; i Wf truije or soil'on easy (orms. crJ. (tariv • (IialiiHii Dodge llrodit lirtilhiiH TiU' It MOTOR €0MPAW frtcial ptiper \ ' • 1 . I ihis the Sth y jCIork; ED lisotl cars iriour ntlw ike new .i ihat

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