The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 9, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1927
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR .Vntcred at th« Sccona Cl^y Ifattler. Official Paper, CI Official Paper. Ci. . Official P^per Afen -Count)'. Telephone .... (Erivate Branch E: All Depd SUBSCRIPT By Cnrrlcr In. lola. and liluiiiett^ Olio Week ....... Om Monlh One Tour ......7 ay WAIL Out4k(de' Al in County One T<;ar Six Mcinthn .. Three Monlliit In Allan County Orio Tear V Sfk UoDtlW ...... Three Months Ono. Month ... :ola Po«tofrH yoflo)*. :y of B^^aett. ,..18 ichauKQ Conne^UnK rtments) ON RATES. ^ iCMClly. tulferpo 16 denta ^......Tt7.80 Member of— National ^Editorial Association. Kansas Press As|ociatlon. . The Kansas DallV' League; Audit Bureau of ICirculation. Press Congress of the World. Inland Daily Pre« Association. MEMBER ASSOi lATED PRES i. Thfl RoKLster canSies thp AssocI; ted Pr»-ss rciwrt by ecial Ica«>d vflre. The Associated Pre? % Is exclusively titled to the use ftF ^republicatlot) 'nil news dispatcbeH credited to M not other^vise ci ;ed In this pabcr. and also the locnl n^ws published h In. All riRlil.s or i:c mlilication of ! cial dispatches herclli are also reserji Bible Thouij}^ for Today teach (Jo ye thcrelore nations.—.MUtt..28: and 19. THK .MKXKAN TKOIBLE. UK If vvj! must ha Mexico; let's go Krai) oil lands ano not cook u > a liOEUs crusade af ^iinst Moscov • Kniporia Gazette. Of codrse we riii st not have ' >*ar with .Mexico, hut t is hardly air to say or linpiy \\At if we dp It will be to f'grab oil land.s." .Nobody has bee 1 grabbinR ahy- thiag in .Mexico. Vlany .\nicric ins from tinin to time (hese past forty yeans liavp gone oto Mexico i ud have invested moi ey there, seme in iiiiiics. .some In cattle rand CB, :4onie in iropicul ilantatlonH : nd Hoine 'ln oil landi. Along wHU tlicse: .\iiioricHnH ili<!re came, or wcnt,^ liivcKlorH; fi )ni olhnr pii ,rtH .of thf world, IJrIt man, , Frch<!li. All •TH liivoKlpd Ihidi: li:o jp Rood faltllj (•iinietil Invltiition goV-rrhinont. u govjornincnt. wh . realized I hat only capita] could Uic .Mexic<i liq develop hcrsellT had no na d Of (ill iiiese ini liaps tile bncs that for the ca'intalist t*|cre those whi resulticd jn the development oil. and j)rcayi>e tiey turned out well ili?r*nien who put rup 'tic nionny have |becn made the sub-: jects (if attack, I)Otl in Mexico « id outside of it, and t ley are accus id of having "grabbed!' oir lands and of trying to get tbe|r countiT o go to wqr ifj protect their righis, But what are the f: eta? In tiie first plac. until 1!I17. it in Mexico fjr e a war in a*^owedly HII, Dutch, G 'r tlicHc forel(;n- mnn<;y In M and iq)nn of the Mcxli X ho Ian jch through forcfcn rosmircca H for al. estnients Mexico pir- tjurncd out best •h of 5.00 US 4.00 2.00 1.28 60c en- of or fUM8 ''£rouBd^ T ^plco jbave. been shyt down with"aisMtrbus results IP .the whole coontry, ih(i)sand8 of men bclnj; tbrowu out D(,employment, and the goVern'mett ot Mexico suffering for loss of the export (ax which was paid upt 1^ the oil.. It vould'te absurd, of course, (u allow a dispute of tii.s kJ^nd to liring on a whr. But because we ihin'l want and will Aoi li'Sve war is no reason- why we Bhbuld d^- Qoujico our citttcns for tolng what they had a parfcct righl to do, ot Jifii^p oqto ou^ admiAlat 'atloi^ be- cmusq. it dami^da that ibo legally aqd honestly pcqujred property of American citizens shall ^ot bo con- riRtijitcd. If the protection, of the rights of AiIierlcaB ciliajijis abroad Is not a fimctldn of the Federal govfriiment \i(bat function ,|ia8 it? EVteJNINq, FEBRUiRY 9. B927. INCOME TAX loss is >rovld One )een in inven last ii o-der to r !ctl>'. i ig and: e ueiebsary iki every casei in irroducl mcHhandis actor, i^de raw: Hand tl ire- POf- !e<l. all ith to l'AK*EB 'S AMENDMENT. Senator Parker' of Ljon county tried to iudkc a most sensible amendment to the cigdr^t bill.jThe amendment failed. In presenting it Senator Parker sbowiid courage and i intelligence. The ameadaient to Section 21 of the bill made it unlawful for any minorj under 16 years of age to nae or have iii bis possessioiji any cigarets, cigaret papers or other tobacco op- any materials connected with smoking tob.tcco.' If this aniendbient had been put into the law, it would have been a bettor law. Senator Parkcr de.scrves the thanks of his constituent's* for hiii honest en- dqavpr.—ETmporia GazettJe. ' The writer of this asktd a member ..of the Legislature In Topeka the other day why suchj^ a provision was not pu^ in the. bill, and hc;{ said It was because so njany members of that body have fioys,—and th?y didn't want to ; pay ' their fines! which is vfsted in. th of was entirely iawfu any foreigner to when lie bought i him ah a)).<!ohitc jiuy land, arid the law ga' e Kht to any cil or mineral he mig^t find on it |)r iind 'T. it. All the American .oil <;oinpahies in MCXILO. at least ill \\w inipontaut ones have been opera: ing iijton land to which tl^'ey had .-IS good a rig it. under Mexican law and under the law of 4a- tJoiis. as 'any Kan 'as farmer 1 to his farm. Thoy wore not de- vi'loijiiig. i "conces.-ions" which niiKht ,Iiav» iieen ol talned by hrib- <iy from a corru it governinenit: • tlii 'V Were dovelo] wliicli ; they bought owners. nm now eomrs a ra(li(;al .Mexican k'gime which KtlT frames a cim tltiition und which the .Mexlian governmoAt chiiiu's a right to ill mineral and oil fdiinil under any land: and ing properti from piiva ^pon the Kce>|c n underiake.s to niaki • * roacliVe. ' In orde sliow' of justice• th ernineht offers to •siuns Tor fifty ycass upon certain hold oil lands. that 4hey eimi- of Mexico, pr cent of thdir citizens, and Ir right to cill tcrnis to who| hut upon x-ondition er hctiomi} citizens sell at least 51 ^ pe holdings to Mexica4 • forever renounce th upon their o\vn government to pr|o- tctt tljeir rights! Wlich that conjiti iition -was pri- mulgatcd =ln 1017 ^jie Wilson a |l- ininisti*aii^n promptly made test against it as rights '!of American bached! up that prilest by rcfui- ing to irecognize Gt neral Obrego|i, recentiy ejected PrqsWent of Me; ico. until he l^ad w -ritten engagement the retroactive secti constitution. That ^-as the answhr ot the rDemocratic pdrt'y to Mexici *s attempt io rob American citizeis and violate intcrnat|D(ial law. Upon the electjonjof the preselnt If you can force your heart and ,• nerve and sinew To sjarve your turn long after they • are gone. .\nd !so hold on when there is nothing In you Kxccpt the Will which says to them Hold on!" That Is wh^t .Mrs. .M >rlle Hud- dldston, the woman wlio. swam Gatallna channel last week was able to do. AH she apprciiched the shore at the end of twenty /lOurs of Inrrlbic effort llic papeis rorport that Hhe w |i8 "sobbing hysterically and In delirium," that sh; uctualty was in a state of conm when her foel finally touched the ^cacii and li^r l?ft side was paralyz ;d. And yet shic had so schooled herself, had so dipcipined her cou -age, that long" after her "Heart a id nerve and sinew" were gbnc, tli c imperious ^ylll, hot to be. den ed. kept saying to th^m "Hold on," and so Uy .wAat must have been sheer subi conscious reaction her ^orn out mu.scles mechanically kept the body afloat until th6 feat the will had been set to do was acccmplished. It was a wonderful cxhi Htion of the truth underlying the Kipling lines. i.\ rriiK i).\Y'.s .\EJv»i .ludge Stephen U. Davis,! jr., who may become the first radilo commissioner of the United States under the law rcccnt"ly enabled by Congress, is at present Solicitor of the Department of Commence. He b» known as Secretary {Hoover's right bund man and is uhi^uestion-. ably one of the forcmoHt legal aulhoritlcK on radio. Jiidne Oavis Is a native of Conhccllcut. but tho greater part of his careei before going to Wasliiiniston was llontlfied with tho Territory and Jtato of I MOW Mexico. After receivJng -his l>. \.. n. from Yale in 1897 he went to the Southwest and I)c;g!an the practice of law in New Mexico. For five years he served as a district attorney and in course of limfe be- CHO^ CURRENTS (A. C. Q^ came an associate jusjticc ofl prcmc, court of NeW Mexico, retiring from the bench in 192:i to accept his present position inj Washington. We h;^te to say It for;feai it will hurt somebody's feelings. But fidelity "to truth compels us to remark thUt girls \n the citli s have been buttoning their golos ics all the way up for si)me time. the claim ret- to present a Mexican gov- give concqs- Apropos of the much praised conduct of Senator Coiizens in remaining in Washington and attending to his diities as Senator .while in Detroit the Government was pressing a lawsuit against him for $10.000,000. it now appears that the S>?nalor is i)y no means Tallowing his'personal interests to go by default. He is paying John W. Davis, fcrnierly candidate for ij'residcnt, $1,000 a day to represen^ him in roiirt. in addition to having ^giyen him a rx'tainer fee of $100,000 to start with. Which shows incidentally that it pays'to have been a candidate for President ' «jven though defeated. i ' the sij- EAST UNION J (Gladys, Boler) Feb. 7.—.Mr. and Mrs. Mairk PsJr- rott were. Sunday callers at tie Otto Boler' home. Mrs. Bradford ; returned ( home from Texas wheie she has been visiting her daughter, Edith, who came home with her. J .Mi.>;s iCaroline Ashby failed to get home from Bronson [Friday liight oil account of the bad toads. Kd) BeaniaHj bougl\t threjo i nice horses of Robert Beaman. Mr;, and Mrs. Delmen Ddnlelson were' Sunda|y i callers at tnei Otto Boler home. Miss Glad si Boler called I'lVbton- Wliitaker Saturday The spirit of adventure t gasoline. \>K -Mrs. bday is Chici|fi6 dentist says wo shou d cat alfalfa. Do we have to cat it and smoke It. too? — Th'c Flint Joiirna . Chlct go dentist says wu shou d cat alfalfa. Do we Ij'ivi; lo eat it and snioke It, too'?—The Ilutchlo- son Herald.. Chicago dunllst says we should cut airnlfu. Do we have to cat It and sm^kc it, too?—Tom aims. Well,', well, well! : j * a V * We had a! wart cut off our hi toe the other day. Next thing yoji know we'll be studyfng up on bridge. * « * • .lust n passing we paiidu to re mark that vfe have lost our LAST nialtod milk oh Young Stribling! ' ' • o » », 'we have lost at least ,some tiling o: tho'overwhelming attack of Spriag Fever which'we suffer-ed from last Simday! _ • • o • • .\n oli^story in The Outlook: Tin psychology of propaganda was explained in this way by an-advertising expert at a recent dinner: "Ai boy boar<led an excursion steamer." he said.! "Every bench and camp chair was occupied. The boy devised a I trick. 'Seen the whale?j he bcgai^ to ask the excursioaisti near him. 'Tied to the pier .on tin other side.' His whale story wai laughed at. But he Jcept on repeat ing it. (iradually. One by one, ihr passengers got up ;|nd crossed ov er. Tho boy got a seat. Soon h< could have bad a 'hundred seats For the whale story had at lasi got in its work. Everylwdy hail hurried off iio as not to miss tlni whale.: He ftat alone fur sume-. time. Finally he' hopped up and; rushed to the other! side of boat, muttering^ 'Maybe thdre is a iwhiile there, after all'." j Mrs. Gullett'^ Items tra* cen visd the pro For a f wlji The $1-'. eve A m.>ii| pic Ibe Feb. v.— AVt'll wciiwondcr if tin- Imaii has beeai fouled out. S >me •think he i.s an udvei]ti.sinK iScluime. but wo don't. .\fl .<.-.f . tlie siartj in ^og:insport a tiumhitr got dogs hnd ! ed Ihem. .Mrs. WUIiidii gotj a ; iif..xi| arge collie and had him with lirrj Yon to chinch und ishe lhad the wl)i>l>! | iii,„ pldcivalk comiiig, jhome- tm- iKy: liuclicl am! i walk^-ci hcliiiiil .her and could not passj Ida Sliissb.-r's I'ii' lmu;;ht h-• .ilgreiijt jovely I'lip. wluii ihe laiii'? fH>n)jl*'nl llHrllesville. Dogs are very fitsh-. aiiiihle uow. Ilie First Woman of' the land likes them. She ha4 a .Ituildcd harni'ss for him. i Dorlba Gullett called on- .Mrs. Snthigrass a Sunday aflcriioou.i Sunda.v was surt a lovely da.y. Walter Cook, who. is ;i taveUng Hailsman was dowui in .\riiaus ;as and says the early peaches acj-- killed. Well we always get siicli rieports in ih'i spring. : | I .\ woman in our commuiiily! is nearly blindo ai ;il lives alone and is nearly 70 years o |tl. .\ man in tiie upper part ; of j I.iillarpe 'is bjinde. he heloiips fi -fsn ho is well carc> Mrs. Minervie Ha yi! scribe a Satirnlay .Mr.; Akc-rmnu's on iilgtou ai-e haviiig site measles. S, •l;ncliell Sam for. • \ ri,s i-alled bn afternoon. • South Wasb- IJoliowins; the ; Iti ToAvn ! a on Walt'i-r lult Chicken po.x easlesl E. T. Stewart wal littuniay. He livcs Wood's farm in Indip bbrhooii. .^Irs. .lohn 4\VaU'.'r.»--. and .Margaret, wei- in Lillarpf a Sunday.. .Mar.qarct'has been :•. jiiiffeir- Ipg with an ahses ii) her nostrell. " -thik Your- -yso. 20. lile oniinarily the binsi^ ofrd inliig i^axablo gain pr Ideduck- optfo^s act [ certain jexi| I by thcj revcjnu is that if the piroper iluded in lhe'taj|payer] 'ry, the basiij s veiitory valijo- r<tflect the net venlorics atithH lid of each-; year iaife [on, purchase! is ain inc'oiiie- The inventpi-y at^ have bee ^ale. consumption jor ctive lirOfesses, toifelh • ' or partl.v 1 y merchandise. after December Zl; 19 tic hand 3 of the doi^or. ( wner by whom •I l)y gift. Ftjr e.> idnl in l!t21 bought istocjk in at .$100 a [ry. li>22. ami tiien who. i^i liuva it ock then! being L'. If in VriG 11 the stijck at $2IH) a .-••h is not ^."lO hut bain over the receding owner, who ([ Ire tile operty fei- in r :;i: or inl l|air- ma rtS- at xam'pl in Itil!) a gi marl] he SI riginul (|0. T! [is J .-I .IM litem along gtimcs is to h g Stai[ uiv iin .Men' Many materials and slipplid ucluded in the perty was acqu Hall t hcrco incon e begi whidh sale 4 ^rodui shduljd quire I t luse' i •r wit 1 nishe I itlQ tp xpaye inveij [red pl>, th[ same as it] wduldi M (ir lasji it.wa amplij sli<ire. wlien gai-e id t iept t wa to hi to hi wort ; wifb re th[ ?:oo jOSt: t id 11 ok stock by gift, comjuiling the gain ilr .los the sale or btlier disp )sitio^ acquired by g ft rust on or befo -e I'Jej-, 920. orMiy bL'qucjst, de ernaiice.- thltv b rket value' Of he time of aciiu sis i sucl .sition a taxpay(«r rt|cei'vei t of reai estate et value of ifO.OUO id in 192.". S\tr $l.'.,0O(i cost to the jlom taxalile' gain, III. iiionaf sporjs ti lie lines of [Jlie iie coiiiliic ium i in Cfipeiij ler tlieaiisiiioes fMirisriait AsJ countries are e r wa how m-na )lyni ed in iiagen )f the soda kpectH .•meneijHi- '9I«fli£ nr.'oitiiio aojarj JQ eW nietje, | i'3^d pinb^ pr^- vlelating tl^e citizens anjd Entered into a not to cnfon c bns of the new I Mexican president, i uoiinccd tliat he j boiiud Uy'' . the Calles, he ua- not )c iVilHoii-ObregAu agreemeni:,liut bc^ibnlug (Irft of January, 1 folTc the iirovlHlon rouHiiiiilinn^ As^iiti itnuouiicf^iiint the wlih lie P27, wmld ph­ ot I lb now • romili of ihill Amorknn oil Icli.-iols have been j hard hi winter, ore the ciiildreii. w< know which. I Mr. A. E. iCarson, !l<?ld agoiU for tapper's Wiiekly, wiis callilil!; on l^is renewals. Wc never th nisht to Kit lore loo earlv for lis as At- liad beenijrirlng'ft)* a r,-stles.< ,i :iil witii t![e flu fot/aiwc -ek aui! we wor hot up yet. j 0 ask him is'he aiy relaiivo- to >it. in fact he kiilickfi! our Holy (.'ross ciill« gi^ ILIVP graduated niore |)!;a.vers into the hig[ any dozen'ollier colli ges in; tlijr? riiited States put together. .claim?' liO star liaselui leagues tha , Use Zemo, the Cteah^^ Healing Liq^d • ,. , There is one safe depehtiab|B treatment for itching torture] tliat cleartsra apd soothes the skin. After; the first application of Zemb, yotixfillfind that I^mples, Blackheads, B otches, Ringri vmm and similar skin irritations begin todisappear. |,i ' I ZemO Danishes most ^in irritations^ makes the ^kin soft, clear and healthy. Easy to appb' at any titne. At all drug- glst&-60cand$I.0p. ' -puat I! looaj a OJ i (I .\ODsia -moo; X put: tnoaq uj JO. ic^il put! -A03S pooj UlBltW Iri Fprciall Preis The! Rimless Frame o ((YhiteiGoW is aljways in gow Correct dresf means th4 right lihin^ at tlje.right time biir'SdjTices at X^H'' Disposai^ «1 No one prize^ in(Iepen(^_....„ .. oi*foiight moi-e against ^reat odds that all [men may Today indepepdcnce i.s iiijgely a matt ' linancial secuj-ity— of a ^Savings Fund a.ssiii-es protection agamHt) the bufffetingi ; of. li.fe and prqvide.s a ca«h reserv Seize life's: o\ Y{>at wm be free and (^{ual. r of iportiinitie.':., Oxen Sann'f/s Fund Be Welchn'lc Hnv hat; 13 to M.\TI.\EES 2:00; |i. ni. i )ully U6mc of Bcttc L.\STTIME 7:(M).!: Pictures Elite Orch ^THE WONDER SHO\i Maiiion Ddvies in ''the Red ^ Yoiifll thrill at her e.'icapade.s roar at i\h rinrth-. .qufike tl^at surroundt4 her, and rejjoice when her mad^ ""ladylike pursuit of pov^ is succe-ssful at lasti j j ifl^ ^Ht^rbert Waw linson in "The Phantom nsa uoiC 'sjaiqta jo _ •iCJO.^Joasia IBDiPfiK n; pioQ lap joa saop jsi33n4Pi anoJ ji; (•< Aoqe -.Moj B ajjnb oi \i pa XB^ I JOE; uil:.{p(qiCuB s.90J3!d -ia I nam lU-tt. puu-UB3 I irmaliajis pauiBg OAEq I poo3 le am aaop dAcq Xoq^ IBOFpa bUB qsag IS pil9d Jp^sBBid, aqi putj X4a \ U3p(0£) s.MJaii "JQ • --- T ^aaX: Ax\ uSoA I jpnoq} i' -ifBaAx jsoi I *jsa3ip ;ob pip,[(I 'qufan HI n.uop liiaAi o3to INI SPpILIHG mm UFE7 hi Jtfire Ha^ Provttted MAKE MORE Healthy, vigorous's best prizes; Buoy^t step, bright eyes, clear cdmplexion and exuboant vitality denote a systmfreefromii ipuiitiesi, Cbn; tKe^epv^M^ energy. < les^^^confidence and cuts down theieaming power. Rid your sj'stem of constipation and its poisons. Dr. Edwardi'OUveTabteU tve them gently, tope up the sj-s- dear the eyes and cbmpfesibh and bade iKRinal vigoifi. Acoinpound prescrioed' to color, J^, 30c, 60d iy on l^els Of v^ietabliii: _ forZOy^arsin leyactessily.andq] udiiviBr. J., rake Dr. Sdwards'OliyeTaWctsand ^ for :he .daily gr ^d. Thoutands n)en and wo iten use than an aidto liiccess initheir iytd«k«. Know th|m bylthetr fw! ; overt i tightn tht Mr. Rii.,\ "Tl ing a 1 kll av •ooscn deep a 'eehug making Skea: sgain, aevcr ivork I And luice, mg y< JuiC0( correct leaVjBS Don! Quick Rklitif EXyon feci uncomforlable after paL*— n den y6u fe«I hcav\ and at n ght-^hea ybu j et a I acrass your chest-;- | 1 prutlia )lv indigestion. ,". H. i.hnso'n of 53 Rockford Imingt'- n, Del., rays': j past tw ) .vcars I've bepn si iffer- .'with i: idigcstion; myi apf etiie - to nc thing, and ga4 ii ;^<l to bloatct Sfi bad I wdtil^ ha -c to ly ^lotlics. I vasn't^'abc to ![ woul I come home frrom vork 1 fagge 1 ou|. Then I sl^ rtod I ant Jui«, and right niow?! fe^ iv man. I'm lirjmfiil of enei id havb 60 much strenjg il fagged but aftpr my ! I usee ia." ou ne d Diiiiogham'e . J. It j Nature's way of helpi- . stonj: cfa do its job. !l hiul itains dotUng but f hje liea mg, E proffcrt iea of her|»s,' > lAs-, d D (osM >m& ; fe 8top laklng it just^becluse ling I eiter after the ifirsl few ,_^t thii good old pleisant ;ast- =4ng *etttedy da a real job wrth yo i; it i^ll;-cIf^so yoit 8 }-s(em, pjirify ^oiir Wood, Jnd rest tiro your oM-time v |bK of ralorael. Hf'"''''' 'H^lS »P suPP ^y >"i'- As cfrfr for 4T(|rjihirty y ^rs a foo to ihdigc^ioi| i Aesoip's )Fa|>lcs—Topics of the Day l'oliceman "-T -5^ TJ»e| World's f reate^tMystic Mkrvel 'stt:erslyqur questioji.-.HThis lady d(recL from ili " ' uit. S|ie posftivel.v.c: lisi you by liaiie. For pil,v;i t Ciriu 'yoiJ will lihd a letter hosi iif fioiil of tlvc Eliti 'questions ivill not. bo rea 1 from the state. • • • It IT Positively l^st Ifme, Children 10c; Adu t o o <• h} prplifcum<^ dues .tionsyW ;c. tlieseX 7. !» I', n. Till K^JlAY FKID.JY A lale that fas^s of daugor a id high romaiH; Tom Mix ill "Ton}[ Runs Wild" The slot} ui a ciininiy who con(]u«rfd a Avild' h«r|.e by hiiid-^ > :iuil therobj woil a' bride. . 'ollceniaii" htx" il'iimedj^ TpNiqHT—LAST TI.MES 3Hii((;hard Dix and Esther Jlalsfcn —in— st an'( Don'\ miss this One—the list anU best footballicol- legifjjte pictiirfoJ the year] i . i . f j. " [| Added—Coxnedv'a'nrl TMP.W-« ' \ m 'Add^d—Comedy and News. TlILKSDAl A>I»jiilIDAY I I I aris,; \f^^^t\ Corinne Qriftiih . . , as fftje ^ttle lady of |ds/i- joyp ickose bea^iiti rockai f}'<^T^^ - . v sets ^ alie^me . • . di^d with ifie \v^rld at her . ai/ain!" \ 1 1 AI,S^» <^MK»»1^ AM) Hiitur4ayrfif H( k Hoxi? Ii Hidden T'tKtk its, • ^

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