Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 14, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1898
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laft^'^a j*"V^ *Wj|h Nttt^ _yi|-T--lto T*gjjf t'' *'1||f l ^^y"^'-^li ^^-*^gp-T||» '^y 1 - j»f*«^ ^yi^jyuni^ ,M^.. • i ^ ni«»^ Ji»*-S^ tf "^k A y--ii J -i|r r"||T:. SIXTY-THIRD YEAR, January 14, IM«.)> ALTON, ILL., MONDAY, NOV. 14, 1898. TEN CENTS PER WEEK Qive the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph, Tho Shorwln-Wllllamn Pnlnta aro not pn,tent paint*, nor ohomlonl puintn, but pure whlto loud and r.lno andollnnd drier and color and nothing oleo. Thoeo incilto hono»t piilnta that cover in out and bott, and wear tangent. There U n reason Why tUeeo nro tho beat pnlnta Thin reason Is not a secret nor n myetory. • It IH bedtime by linrd study, hard work and patient Improvement for thirty yours we have) umdo the best pftluU tuatcan bo made— THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Tho prejudice) which many nonBlblo people have agfttnnt ready-mixed paluta Is duo to the number of Inferior mix* tures Bold In CIIIIH. No otiodoubta to-day that paint can b» tnado with tho latest naloutlllc appliances better than can bo mixed from the raw mutorlalg by hand-work and guesswork. Tho moral In plain. Buy roudy-tnlxod paints In which you have absolute confidence. Tho paints with the best roputntlou. ThoHliorwIn-WIHIuniH I'ulnta. Bond for booklet "Point Points." Froo. aGigStiwart Ave., Chicago; also Cleveland, NewYorlc & Montreal H. W. CHAMBERLAIN, Agent. Fire and Water-Proof ROOFS • Gravel a Composition SSL ROOFING MA TBRIALS Manufactured br JOHN M. SELLERS, of •"« Lou/s, Who OAB latoly roofed the tollowlng butldl ..oulhern Hotel, New Planten' Houif, i per*'Tobaooo Warehouse, and Lemp's Brswory. The cheapest «dd boit roofi *T»r pn on build I D(t. Drop a postal to 01 call on E. C. MACK, AQT . Corner Shields *ad BOZM Streets Alien After dinner you enjoy a GOOD CIGAR You will find an abundance of good Oigare,.at Marsh's Drug Store. Howell's Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the 'latest things out, and the prettiest to be had. , Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWELL, 117 West Third Street. I have been taking Plso's Cure for Consumption sine* 1888 for Co^gl^n/ColdH. I had an attackofUtoppo In Iffoo and have had others since. In tlio Winter 01 181)0-7 I had a Bpell of llronchitis, lasting all winter, ami IS I t^ome cough, until Cure, which relieved me.—Mrs. M. B. Springs, Colo., August 10, 1B08. Here is one of those who are either so prejudiced against all advertised remedies, or have become discouraged at the 'failure of other medicines to help them, and who will succumb to the grim destroyer without knowing of the wonderful value of Foley's Honey and Tar for all Throat and Lung troubles. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H. Wy*s. ,,, F AT FIR3T YOU DONT SUCCEED," TRY SAPOL1Q, m COMING Some Suggestions the President Will Make CONCEIINIMJ NUW POSSESSIONS In Thno tlin irtlnml* Mny lie Tnfcrn «« Kx- tcrnnl 1'nrtH ni Thin ('ountry — Hopnrnle riiHlmiifi Tnrin' SyMlnniR for the l>in'f*reiit IiliimlH— Cliiilnmill IMujgley Riiyfl nil !Cx- Irn Hi'HBlon of CIMIKITRK Mny lie Held — (?otiMi!fl Oriipnil Appolntm!. Washington, Nov. 14.- Since President MoKlnley'R return from the went he has been Riving considerable attention to tin 1 preparation of his annual message to congress. Tho principal part of the message will be devoted to a consideration of the future of the Islands which have become HIP properly of the United States as a result of the war. On high authority It can be stated that the president will take the ground that these Islands shall not be a burden, financially or morally, to the United Stales. Ho will recommend the organization of native regiments to garrison the Islands of Cuba, Porto Jllco, the Philippines and Guam, under the command of American ofllcers. He will also recommend that separate tariff RyHtcms shall be provided for these Islands, so as to make them self-support- Ing, He will also strongly favor the building of the Nlcaraguea canal under American auspices. The president will recommend that Porto Rico, the Philippine group, Guam, and Cuba, until an Independent government can be established ihere, shall be treated as colonies, and not as territories, like Alaska. Highly Important Feature. He will suggest that, as the people In these Islands progress In civilization and In their understanding of American Ideas, there may come a time In the future when the United States will be willing cither to annex these territories or establish Independent forms of government therein under the supervision of the American federal government. A highly Important feature of the president's. recommendations will be that sugegst- Ing that separate customs tariff systems be provided for the different Islands. the Philippines being, of course, treated as one group, over 'ill of which the Philippine tat Iff will operate. The president does not believe that It would be wise to establish free trade between the United States and these Islands. He will take the ground that the American producers must not be allowed to suffer as a result of the expansion of American territory, and that they should be protected from the cheaper labor and climatic advantages of these Islands. The president will recommend that the government of these Islands be left, for some years at least, In the hands of military officers. THE I'KACK COMMISSIONS. Itollnf Tlmt tho 8imnlunl» Will Ylolil an Important Step. Washington, Nov. 14.— A special cabinet meeting was held to consider a dlspaleh received from Judge Day at Paris, In which he informed the president that the Spanish commissioners had asked for additional time to prepare their reply to the proposition submitted by tho United States. Although t'.ie iiicsldcnt and his advisors are exceedingly anxious that the negotiations nuld... proceed as rapidly as possible, the request for additional time will be grenled and Ihe Spanish commissioners given until Tuesday to prepare their reply. It Is believed that at the next meet- Ing of the joint commission the Span- lards will yield one Important step, namely, they will at least tacitly, by beginning the argument of the question, recede from their refusal to allow the question of the sovereignty of Spain over the Philippines to be questioned. It this surmise is well founded, then the. two commissions will be brought face. To face with the adjustment of the details of o proposition for the transfer of the Philippines to the United States, sufficiently complex to warrant the expectation that several more sessions of the Joint commission will be required for Its adjustment. Tbo attitude of the Insurgents In the Philippine* has given the administration considerable uneasiness, for It Is feared that If these Insurgents are allowed to continue their hostile activities, there may be protests which we shall be compelled to regard. KXTKA SESSION FOSSIliLK, Chairman IMngloy Tnlk» of tho Work Bo- furo CongruHil. Washington, Nov. 14. — Representative Nelson Dlngley, chairman of the ways and means committee, who Is In the city attending the session of the Anglo- American commission, In an Interview said he believed that It would be necessary to call an extraordinary session of the Fifty-sixth congress to deal with the war lyeues. He thinks that the questions, will he settled satisfactorily. 'I do not believe," he said, "that the remarkable election of a Reubllcan congress in the middle of lleKlnley's administration was won on the question of exi-anslonlsm or Imperialism. Neither party made an Issue of them. The questions resulting from the war with Spain are perplexing «nd difficult, but they will be met and settled In the eame satisfactory manner that all dllll- cult questions are settled by the Republican party. The Fifty-sixth congress will probably bo called to meet soon after the filial adjournment of the present one next March. A great amount of routine work will consume the tlma of the present congress, so It will not have the time to settle those others mutters." _ Schloy I'reiimt* Kopurt. Washington, Nov. 14. — Admiral Schley has presented to the president, the secretary of state and the secretary of war iioples of tho report of the Porto Hlcan evacuation commission. This report contains a recoid of the proceedings of the caiiiml«8lon from day to day, all of the interesting features of which have boen published. In the main, It U nothing more than a transcript of the daily record of proceedings of the commission, noting each proposal made to tho HpanlHh commissioners and tlxelr counter proposals and winding up with an account of the eiTumohleg attending the • Arntcr, oaivo. Ttee beat waive in the world (or onto, bruises, acres, ulcers, salt rheum, fever Boron, tetter chapped hands, ob.ll- blulns, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It la guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 86 oenta per box. For aale B. Marah Alton and TTIWOT Alton How to Prevent a Cold. After exposure, or when you feel u cold coming on, take a doae of Foley >s Honey and Tar. It never falls, Bold by E. Marsh and B. U, Wysi. O -H- 10 V O ft. X - RoVAL Baking Powder Made from pure cream of tartar. Safeguards the food against alum* Alum batting powders are the greatest menacen to neallh of the present day. BOVAt BAKIHQ POWPgB CO., NEW YORK. »N'l of Spanish sovereignty and the as• umptlon of control by the United Stales Torres. ______ h|initlanlH Are <U-ttliiff Out of Cnbn. Washington, Nov. 14. — A cable dispatch h«s been received at the war department from General Wade, chalr- nu'.n of the Cuban military commlfiHlun, which says that everything Is progress- Ing very satisfactorily in Cuba, and that the Spaniards are moving troops out as fast as they can secure trancpor*..?, The department Is quite satisfied with the report, and U Is believed that the Spanish troops arc evacuating as ex- pedltlously as It is possible within the means of the Spanish government. Prominent WaHliliigton Lawyer Dead. Washington, Nov. 14. — Colonel Knoch Totten. a prominent lawyer of this city, Is dead, aged G2. He was born In Ohio, but removed to Wisconsin early In life. He served with distinction In the Fifth Wisconsin during the civil war and for thirty years has figured prominently here In important trials before the courts and has frequently appeared be- 'fore the committees of congress. Discharged from the Army. Washington, Nov. 34. — The secretary of war has approved the discharge of the following members of the Second Illinois volunteers: Privates Maurice O'Conner, Company R, and Frank Gas- tomEkl, Company" F; Sergeant W. F. Grilltn. Company F, and Private Archibald W. Johnson, Company G. C«iii8nl General to Berlin. Washington, Nov. 14.— The president has made the following appointments: Richard uGenther of Wisconsin, to be consul general of the United States at Frankfort, Germany; Frank H. Mason of Ohio, to be consul general of the United States at Berlin, Germany. IN- MEMORY OF MARTYRS. Anniversary OhKorvaiire or Kxecnfiim ot Allen, Ltirkln and O'Brlim. Chicago, Nov. 14.— The thirty-first anniversary of the execution of Allen, Larkln and O'Hrien, otherwise known 'as the Manchester martyrs, will be observed at Central Music hall on Thanksgiving eve, Wednesday, Nov. 22. Usually the event In Chicago attracts a great audience, and It hu.s been the aim to prepare a most Inviting programme. Tills record, it is hoped, will not only be kept up but surpassed this year. The musical numbers, both vocal and Instrumental, are especially interesting. The mayor of Chicago will attend and the orator of the evening will be tho Hev. F. L. IteynoUlH. The reader of the -address will be Mr. J. J. McManaman, a young lawyer. The exercises will be more or less of a reminder of the Irish rebe'.llon 100 years ago, and It is expected that the Central Music hall will be filled to the doors. Ncbriuildi State Olliferg Are Fusion. Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 14. — Election returns lust night served to remove all doubt of the election of the fusion state ticket, with the probable exception of superintendent of public Instruction, by average pluralities of 2,500. The Republicans have the legislature on Joint ballot and probably bdlh bouses. Fu- slonlst state house ofliclals admit loss of legislature. The contest In many districts was exceedingly close, two members each winning by a single vole. IIU Kxporlencc Was Fatal. Belolt, WIs., Nov. 14. — Andrews, the farm hand who was dragged through the streets of Janesvllle Monday afternoon by a runaway team as a result of having the reins tied about his body, passed away at the hospital without gaining consciousness. The cause of the death wa.s concussion of the brain. The deceased leaves five brothers and one elster. A damage suit may be Instituted as the team of horses was frightened by the city steum roller. KickiicHH In the Klglith Illinois. Springfield, Ills., Nov. 1*. — Advices received In this city from members of the Klghth Illinois volunteers, colored, now in Santiago province, Cuba, state that fully 30 per cent, of the regiment are In hospitals. The Twenty-third United States Infantry are encamped across a hill from the Klghth and yellow fever has made Its appearance in the camp of the regulars, and communication between the two cumps has been forbidden. Have Got TaHfott A^ulll. Chicago, Nov. 14.— Detective Sergeants Mooney and Ijurkin arrentod u man on suspicion that he was the famous William B. Tiiscott, who was accused of the murder of Millionaire Albert 3, Pni'll ten yearn ago. The man Is said by tho olllcers to answer in every detail the description of Tascott, and his close resi-mblunre to the long missing suspect was what caused attention to be attracted to him. ItetM- for Manila Soltllortt. San Francisco, Nov. 14.-— The steamer Aztec, which leaves here next week for Japan and China, carries 10,000 barrels of bottled beer for the United States soldlerN and sailors at Manila. Jackles on all the warships receive a bottle of beer every night at supper In lieu of er«K and the shipment Is intended lo satisfy thin demand. The Antee also tukcH onions, potatoes and other vegetables, . (Ivni'i'al I't'f Tiiknu ('oiiiiiiitiul, Savanmih, (la., Nov. 14.— Major General FllJShugh I.IM; has arrived and assumed command of the Seventh army curpfi, now emampt'd here. General was accompanied from Klrhmond by Governor Tyler and a parly of ladles mid Kciillcineii from Virginia's capllal. General Ismicd an tinier naming the Seventh army corpu camp "Camp Onward," ITeBliluiit* Sympathy for u Wltluw. Kokoino, 1ml., Nov. J4. Mi'M. James JoDAH bus received a letter from President MeKlnley. Her hiiKhuml wa» the artilleryman killed by the premature dlBchairfu of u cannon In uulutliiK th^ prusldcntlal train win-is It passed through hure three, weeks ago. Tho president expressed deep Hynipalhy for th« lii'ivfl family and tn-iil u chuck for ' 1'ulu P1IU. M IS DISAPPOINTED American Elections a Surprise to the Dons. 8A<aST,t',S NEXT I'US FOK IIF.T.AY. Tl|0 I'rnnli r Sn.rn tlm Oulilnrt Cannot Atmiiilitn thl» riilllpplhe lalnmlfl Without Autltiirixrttlnu from tlio CorlfiH—Ito- f|m*Nt of MI-K. Dreyfus to Commiinlrtilo «llh II. i IlunliniHl Hi ru«<Ml —Thirteen MlHOonnry Mur<li>rorn I'ut to llpnth. Madrid. Nov. 14.—The re-null of the Untied States elections came as a surprise and dltupiiolntinont to Hagasta, who had conlldi'iilly expected that tho Republicans would at least have lost control of the house of representatives. The Spanish cabinet Is convinced that the elections, upon which It has been counting to obtain bolter terms at Par- Is, have resulted In nothing that can nld HpanlHh diplomacy. The Intended visit of Kmpcror William In honor oC which Admiral Camara's squadron Is under orders to proceed to Cartagena, now furnishes another straw to clutch at. The queen regent, whose health Is visibly Impaired by the strain of the last eight months, thinks the wisest course to be for the cabinet to Instruct the Spanish peace commissioners frankly to cmicede the American demand of the Philippines and to work honestly and expedltlously to frame a treaty. Ono More Gigantic Itlulf. Sagasta, however, who Is still sparring for time, hopes to succeed in one more gigantic bluff. lie now says that the cabinet requires the authorization of the cortcs before it can consent to abandon the Philippines, and he Is reported to have informed the Spanish commislsoners that they have no mandate to discuss such an eventuality. The marked sympathy for Spain expressed almost unanimously by the German newspapers, coupled with the purchases at Berlin and Frankfort of Spanish exterior and Cuban bonds, the German holdings of which have been quadrupled during the last three months, gives an exaggerated significance to the Intended visit of the German emperor and empress. It is not yet known what the emperor's plans may be on his arrival at Cartagena, Nov. 19, but as soon as the Hohenzol- lern reaches that naval station the Im- r.erial pair will be Invited by an autograph letter from the queen regent to visit Madrid. Fear for the Canarlon. Lord Salisbury's reference to tho American republic as a factor In Asiatic and possibly European diplomacy which might not conduce to the Interests of peace is widely commented upon here as strengthening the prevailing Impression that Germany wishes to Intervene In the Philippines. All but the extreme \Veylerites dread the consequences of a resumption of hostilities by the United States, which they are aware would probably Involve the loss of the Canaries, and this, In spite of the present German lining to the cloud, remains the Irresistible motive that must eventually determine the cabinet to reconsider the instructions that it Is now believed to have sent to the Spanish peace commissioners. SimiilHh Kxtorior Honda. The ministry of finance has in hand a project for the conversion of the Spanish exterior bonds and the funded debts of Cuba and the Philippines, the Idea being to maintain the treasury- guarantees of Philippine bonds and Cuban bonds of the (i .and 0 uer cent, denominations, but to reduce the Interest to :!',i and 3 per cent respectively. This partially accounts for the firmness of Cuban bonds in Paris and Berlin, where speculation in them Is unusually active. IIKK ItKOUEST KKl'TTSED, Mrs. l)r<ijTus Not Allowed to Send Word to tier Hiisbiiiiil. Paris, Nov. 14.—Mmo. Dreyfus, It IB said, applied at the olllce of the colonial minister for permission to send her husband warm clothing for his return homo. Her request was refused on the ground that the government would do whatever was necessary. At the same time the authorities read to her a letter from her husband to the effect that, having for flve months addressed appeals for a revision to General de Boisdcffre without getting any reply, and being wearied and exhausted by his useless appeals, he would write no more to his family or anybody. lie described himself as 111 and dying and "bequeathed to the generosity of my country the care of •• •habilitating my memory." Mine. JM vfus then asked permission to telegi.-j.n her husband the decision of the court of cassation. This request was also refused. Then through a friend she appealed to President Faure, but with no better results. Her counsel will bring the matter before the court of cessation. TIIIUTKKN MlTitiuUtKUS IIANGKW. Killing of AmerU-uu MlMKlomtrloM In 8lorru l.eoiu) lit Avenj;«Ml. London, Nov. 14.—The malls from THE EXCBIENCE OF SYBUP OF FIGS is due not only to tho originality and simplicity of tho combination, but ulso to tho euro and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known to tho CAUKOHNIA FIQ SVBUP Co. only, and wo wish to impress upon all the importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figt> is manufactured by tho CAUKOHNIA Flo Svitui- Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist ono in avoiding tho worthless ImlKtions manufactured by other parties. Tho high standing of tho CAM- FOIUITA Fid Hyuui' Co. with the medical profession, anil the satisfaction whlvh tho genuine Syrup of FlgH has given to millions of families, makes the name of tho Company a guaranty of tho excellence of Us remedy. It is far In advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on tho kidneys, liver and bowels without Irritating <>r weakening thorn, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get its beucflulal effects, please remember the mime of tho Company — CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. •AM rUANOI»U«, Out von want .onsumpiion? ^^^^^^^^MMMMMMMMM|^^ ^•^^•"^ We are sure you do not. Nobody wants It. But It comes to many thousands every year. Itcomestothosc who have had coughs and colds until the throat is raw, and the lining membranes of the lungs are Inflamed. Stop your cough when it first appears, and you remove the great danger of future trouble. Ayer:s Cherry pectoral stops coughs of all kinds. It Joes so because it Is a sooth- Ing and healing remedy of great power. This makes it the greatest preventive to consumption. Put one of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Plasters over your lungs A whole Mad/oaf Library Fr»f* For four cents In lUmps to pay poit* age, we will tend you ilxteon medical booSu. Sierra Leone, west Africa, bring news of the hanging at Kwellu of thirteen murderers of American missionaries, members of the United Brotherhood of Christ, In the Slierbroo district of Sierra Leone last May. The massacre of the missionaries referred to In the foregoing dispatch grew out of the dissatisfaction of the natives at the loe-il hut tax. The insurgent's burned the mission luniKes and murdered a number of the missionaries, among them Mr. and Mrs. Coin and the Misses Archer, Hutfleld and Scherk. Several of the missionaries—Mr. aiid Mra. Burtner, Mr. and Mrs. Mlnshall anc! the Misses Muller and Ward—succeeded, lifter terrible experiences. In reaching Freetown, capital of the British colony of Sierra Leone. SallBbnry's Guild Hnll Speech. Horlin, Nov. 14.—The National Zel- tung, returning to the subject of Lord Salisbury's American allusions In his Guild hall speech, says: "It may be assumed that KiiKland persistently alms nt the acquisition of the Philippines or a portion of them. The American attitude toward this British ambition will afford n fairly accurate test of the strength of the Anglo-American friendship." I'n-o Mt'li Siirfocntcd. Wallace, Ida., Nov. 14.—Gus Enz, night dork, and John Moore, waiter, In the New York Kitchen were suffocated in a (ire In the Idaho hotel. They occupied rooms in the hotel. The hotel and livery stable adjoining, owned by Glen McDonald, and John Cameron's saloon and lodging house, Tom Reynold's saloon and lodging house, all two-story buildings, were entirely consumed by lire. Wifu Murderer Convicted. New York, Nov. 14.—In the criminal branch ofMhe supreme court Timothy Collins, a 'longshoreman, was convicted of manslaughter in the second degree and sentenced to the state prison for two years and four months. Collins killed his wife In a drunken quarrel. His 10-yenr-old daughter Kate made a statement In court accusing her father of kllllngjier mother. Complimentary lliiuquct to Mile*. New York, Nov. 14.—The complimentary banquet given to Major General Nelson A. Milan, commanding the United 'States army, lit the Waldorf-Astoria, last night in point of numbers, extensive preparation unit brilliancy, rivnlleil the itreul banquet given last year In honor of 1'ivKldeiit McKlnley by the Merchants' and Manufacturers' of tin" country. IVxnrt Nfiwitpuiicr Mini Killt-tl. Galvi'Kton, Tex., Nov. 14.—W. D. BIythe, a reporter on The levelling Tribune, was shot and killed In the editorial rooms of the paper by Kdwln S. Kailey, ilofi-ated candidate for county Judge. The shouting was the result of an iirlldp published' in The Tribune. £No Furtlutr Trouble ill Wilmington. Washington, Nov. 12.—A special to The Star from Wilmington, N. C., says tho Democrats are III control of the city and that no further serious tvou- fcle Is likely. Dr.Bull's The greatest remedy tor ^%-., tfv l* Incipient Consumption. V/OUgll Cures at once Coughs, M Colds, Hoarseness, Loss of a V I U O • Voice, Bronchitis, Grippe, ^ ' ^*~ Atthn a and Croup. At all druggista. Z5c. m fBMDr. Williams'Imllun I'lle • I ^ointment will cum IIHml I f Wiiiuiuiiuu nml luhihi; I fcH'lU'H. Uutisorl/sihu tumors. • ulUjH tho iu-lilni: al iinii-, ma.', MUH n imultlco. (.'ivi'S luMuiu re• Hut. I)r. A'lllliiiiih'laiHuiil'ili'Olnl- • imuit Upnipurcil for I'lki'iuwl lU'h Ing of tliu iirlvuii) |Kirt». Kvcry hox if wnrrutlUMl. IIy UrilKKlhtN. I'!' "iiill "I' [«. cclpt ot nrli'ci. M) crnu nml fl.UII. WILLIAMS MANUFACTURING r 1 1'ropn. C'luvtilnnd, Olilo JBott's flerverme Pills Tlie great remedy foi nervous prostration and all nervotu diseases of the _ generative on o ATOIl IWlTfo. o 4 ns of either lex, such u Nervous Prostration, Failing 01 (oil Manhood, Impotency, Nightly Ernlg< dlons, Youthful Errors, Mental Worry, ex. cestlve use of Tobacco or Opium, which lead to Consumption and Insanity. $1.00 per box by mail) 6 boxes for $5.00. NOTTS CHEMICAL CO., Prop's, Cleifllaud, Otto For sale by 8. H. Wyes. We Have an Elegant Llne^ of WINTER SUITINGS for you to select. Also a handsome line of Men's Furnishings In Latest Styles. J 203 West 'Third Street. We desire to call attention to our New FALL AND HOLIDAY GOODS, And invite you to inspect our line of Beautiful Rockers, Parlor Pieces and Desks. Our stock is more complete and our prices lowei than ever before. For good goods at low prices deal with the reliable and old established furniture house of J. SUTTER & SON 210 V*. Third Street. FALL and WINTER 1899. The most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, 112 West Third st The styles are unusually beautiful and far ahead of anything we have ever shown. For those who prefer money saving to new patterns then still remain some choice selections from our earlier stock. Carpets, Oil Clothe, Linoleum and Curtains. J. Bauer & .Sons FURNITURE, j Undertakers and Embalmers. Second Street. Opposite City Hall. [Alton, III. Electric Power. / We are prepared to contract for Electric Power^at Low Rates. If you know of any manufacrrer who s seeking location ask him to correspond with us. Electric Motors can be used for' running Elevators; operating all kinds of machinery; pumping water; in) fact any mechanical application. call on us for Electric Incandescent Lights, Power. Telephone 93. Henry Watson, Contractor and Builder. McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window la Sills, etc. Alwuyt on bind. AUo' Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Pari* Side Track! Running Into the QuarrlM. Telephone No. 31. AT HTniVJ If I I Residence 6a8 Alby ft T r , ""^fmtoiHtl i

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