Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 27, 1961 · Page 8
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 8

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1961
Page 8
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Wei 111.. .What Did I Tell You Twenty Years Ago? * I i a • i • " • agreed Upon an amount to be deducted each week or month. Within no time at M they had a bond. And they had never missed the money. They did not have to moke a weekly decision in the lower half of the-stftte will way «uj UYVUCI siw»'u na*^ foon be bursting into activity as his dog vaccinated against rab- hnilhead and craDDie spawning ies," the IVMA said. "It will pn> bullhead and crappie spawning ies, r operations get underway. The tect the dog and the family." one walleye concentration in southern Iowa should not b« over- 49 Years Walleyes on Green Val- Miss Ella Ramsey, chief op "Every dog owner should have Page 8 Fayette Leader Thursday, April VI, 1981 to putsome oMhc ca"h on hand looked. Walleyes on Green Val- Miss Ella Ramsey, chief op BWBV So alwavs i" a lot of ley-Lake number about 10 to the erator for Northwestern Bell Tel competition for money in hand, acre and average four pounds or ephone Co. at Decorah retired competition for money in But there was magic in having bonds delivered on schedule which had been paid for with or missed. more. The best time for them is recently after 49 years, 9 months roul before the first of May. Crappie and 10 days. When she first day braid operator, Decorah had around 600 subscribers. Today, it has over 3800 patrons. The number of local calls in 1916 was around 2000. An average day to- first day means from 17,000 to ..18,000 also do well at that started back in 1914 ns a switch- calls money never seen — So, the average American has continued to take the "E" bond to his heart — and to his deposit tox. The "E" bond quite TO/ jprik 20^^ has become the way to make dreams come true for those who stay with the payroll or regular purchase plan. They will send children to cnllege. They will provide a down-payment, or even half or full payment, on a home. They will help out with retirement. They will assist in purchasing something planned vpt . rm -_ for in the years ahead. Or, they vetermar i Will be available for some un- sam toaay designated or unknown need in the unknown future which, for all of us, rich or poor, is revealed one day at a time. Some $75 billion dollars in Savings Bonds have already been invested in all these things — education, homes, retirement, and so on. Yet a record $43 billion still remain in the possession of thrifty Americans. It is estimated that E Bond sales will fisherman lake. To the river fisherman this is the time of year to be testing feeder streams where they join major rivers for catfish. This peril terally iod generally lasts through April and May. Rabies season occurs During early months Spring is the rabies season in Iowa, contrary to the popular belief that this serious disease of dogs is a threat only during the "dog days" of August, the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Although rabies occurs during every month of the year in Iowa, more cases are reported in the spring than in any other season, the IVMA said. This apparently is becaujse animals travel around more during the mating season, resulting in a greater spread of the disease. The IVMA pointed out that since dogs live in such close association with man and are cap- ANNIVERSARY J _ 1961 Twentieth anniversary for Government savings bonds There are anniversaries which serve to date one. That is, for example, the "E" savings bond. In May . f l.WJ it will bo 20 years old. The first one was sold to Franklin D. Roosevelt on May 1, I!M1, and Mr. Roosevelt explained in his always understandable semantics that they were savings bonds which permitted every American to help in's country prepare against possible aggression. The smallest bond was S25 at maturity. It could be purchased for $18.75. There were $50 and S100 bonds. After that they climbed. There were bonds at $200, $500, §1000 and $10,000. But by and large, it was the first three which the average American took to his frugal heart. Jfst as Mr. Roosevelt had said, it was possible for every citizen to buy savings bonds and help himself and h i s country. There was not then much lb-tight they would help pay for a war. Thai was the last year of innocence Until Dec. 7, 1941, a number of persons insisted the most powerful nation in the world could remain out of the vast world conflict between two basic ideologies. There were others who knew that no matter how much such a nation sought to remain neutral, it could not. Its very size and power made it necessary for it to be engaged, SV> long as the major force was uncommitted the German-Japanese allies could not win a total victory. So, in December a desperate Japanese attack, skillfully and diabolically prepared and executed, brought us precipitately into the war with most of our Pacific sea power sunk or burning in Pearl Harbor. The "E" Bonds became even more important. Every American omld help his country win a war. Sales were a billion dollars in the eight months after May 1941, when we were helping to pay for possible aggression. In the first war year, Americans bought almost six billion dollars worth. By 1944 the buyers of small bonds put more than 12 billion dollars into them. Financial experts thought that when war ended demand for the bonds alro would stop. But Americans had learned something. The "E" Bond was the easiest way to thrift ever devised. Business and banking had cooperated. The payroll savings plan was painless. Those who joined this sensible program pass the $100 billion dollar total able of inflicting severe bite by the middle of this year. They wounds and thus transmit rab- remain the best way for the ies, all dogs should be vaccinated, average wage-earning American Vaccination by a veterinarian, to save. They pay three and the group said, is not a matter three-fourths per cent interest only for dogs living in cities- when held to maturity. (The Reports from the State Depart"H" Bond, which pays interest ment of Health indicate that most by check each six months, is also dogs with rabies are infected by a good buy, but the "E" holds rabid wild animals. Thus, the it until you need it). farm dog is just as likely to be- Anyhow, this is the 20th anni- come infected as the city dog. versary year of what is still a Elimination of rabies in dogs great plan — you save for your- through vaccination wou lid self and also help your country, greatly reduce the number of Where else can one find a deal persons who must undergo the painful anti-rabies preventative treatment each year. like that? NOTICE BEGINNING MAY 1, 1961, THE TOWN OF FAYETTE GARBAGE TRUCK WILL START PICKING UP GARBAGEJTWICE A WEEK. THE SCHEDULE WILL BE: EAST SIDE — MONDAY AND THURSDAY WEST SIDE — TUESDAY AND FRIDAY NORTH OF RIVER — WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY J. M. DURFEY Clerk Early spring fishing Reported successful With the Ides of March barely passed, Iowa's early anglers have been catching bullheads in southern ponds and lakes. In the north where winter ice is fast leaving the quiet water areas, activity has been confined mainly, to walleye fishing on the Mississippi and on some trout streams. In recent days both walleyes and sauger were hitting well at Lansing and Guttenberg and brown trofit measuring 14 to 16 inches were taken from Trout Run Creek. Good results with trout were also reported from North and South Bear Creeks and Waterloo Creek. Many of the impoundments BIG GAIN Economy Corner FREE! SET OF COW HOBBLES! _ Get a FREE tat of Master Kicker, the most effective cow hobble ever built, with each HALF-TOM CASH PURCHASE OF BIG GAIN DAIRY FEEDS1 Hurry . . . offer good only while supply lastsl People's Natural Gas INVITES YOU - - To Bring Your Questions To Our Office ANY TIME WE KNOW YOU HAVE QUESTIONS - About Natural Gas Because It Is So New In This Area. WE WANT TO HELP YOU ANSWER THEM And Will Be Happy To Visit With You Anytime You Wish To Stop In At Our Office. WE ARE AT YOUR SERVICE Our New Office Is Located Between The Fayette Leader and the Fay rtte Theater LIVE MODERN FOR LESS WITH NATURAL GAS You can always feel "at home" at Big Gain Products. We'll be glad to talk over your feed problems with you . . . and help you remedy them with expert advice and reliable, up-to-date-products. ENTER OUR $25.00 CASH DRAWING FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL We urge each and every one of the farmers in this area to come in and register now for our big $25.00 Cash Drawing to be held the last day of March. Enter at Big Gain in West Union or Fayette. Remember, the more you enter, the better your chances to winl March winners were James Schmelxer. West Union, and Lawrence Ishman, Elgin. HOG FEEDS 35 % Brood Sow Supplement 41% Hog Supplement POULTRY 36% Poultry Supplement wjNF-180 Cwt. 5.65 5.85 5.40 - 5.40 6.05 6.30 4.00 6.45 No Additional Charge For Above Feeds In Pellet Form. 32% Mineral Stock Food 17% Pig Starter and Grower 16% Pig Pre-Starter Rid-Ezy Hog Wormer 32% Poultry Supplement .. 26% Cafeteria w|NF-180 20% Cafeteria Egg Maker 17% Miracle All-Mash Chick Starter w|NF-180 _. Chick Pre-starter w|NF-180 (1 lb. per bird) 13% Hog Pellets (w|3 Nitro)" Pig Booster (w|NF-180) 17% Developing Chick Grower w|NF-180 Poultry Booster (w|NF-180) MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS For Sileage Preservative, We Have Cwt. 6.15 5.55 5.40 4.80 4.60 5.15 6.00 4.80 5.95 All Purpose Mineral Lactone (Mineralized Yeaat) Trimix Mineral People's Natural Gas CLIFFORD HAYES, Mgr. MRS. LOIS SAMEK, Clerk Fayette, Iowa with Phenothiazine B. G. Supreme Mineral Earth Iron (5 lb. can) Earth Iron (25 lb. pail) BEEF & DAIRY 40% Beef Supplement 33% Beef Balancer —•. 32% Beef Builder (w|Rumen factor) 34% Beef (A) Supplement (No Urea) 3.90 6.10 4.85 5.30 5.85 2.75 10.95 Pure Cane Sugar Sil-O-Las 5.30 5.00 Soybean Meal Expeller Soybean Meal Solvent _ Linseed Meal Expeller _ Linseed Meal Solvent _ Cottonseed Meal Tankage (60%) Meat Scraps (50%) Steamed Bone Meal Bran Wheat Mixed.Feed Red Dog Rolled Oats A OR Hy-Grade Pulverized Oats ~ 5.70 — 4.55 — 5.45 5.40 ..... 5.20 4.80 3.35 The above Beef Feeds available with Sfll- bestrol at extra cost. 23% Mor-Las Pellets 34% Dairy Supreme (no Urea) 18% Calf Creep (Sweet) 32% Calf Pellets Alfalfa Meal 17% 100,000 (A) Salt _ . Oyster Shells Stonemo Grit Molasses (Pure Blackstrap) Dried Molasses 32% Spring Pasture (w|Rumen factor) 14% Bulky Sweet Dairy White Barn Lime — Liquid Wormer — pt. 1.50; Qt. 2.00; 0*1. PA-12 Peptonized Iron w|B12 (30cc) 62% Whey Blocks Grade A Tri, Super Calf Kit ECHO VALLEY FEEDS Hog Supplement, 40% Protein, 6% Fibre _ Hog Supplement, 34%, Protein, 12% Fibre Brood Sow Supplement, > 35% Protein, 8.5% Fibre Beef Supplement, 32% Protein, 6% Fibre _ Beef Supplement, 40% Protein, 6.5% Fibre Poultry Cafeteria, 27% Protein, 5.2% Fibre Poultry Concentrate, 85% Protein, 6% Fibre P.O.B. West Union, Iowa 14.80 4.40 4.3*5 4.16 4*5 4.80 4.08 Mycin Mix, 3% lb. Can White Salt Blocks Iodized Salt Blocks 60 lbs. ~ 25 lb. pail 25 lb. pack Trace Mineral Salt Blocks Sulferized Salt Blocks Darling's Mineral Blocks __I Feedsol (Dried Fish Solubles on Soybean Meal)—. Scour Scare . Pi-Val Rat Poison 1 lb. 5 lbs. 7.78 3.16 .. 4.85 4.75 3.95 3.65 4.00 5.20 5.20 6.00 260 2.70 2.85 4.00 2.40 3.15 140 1.75 1.60 2.40 4.80 1.00 6.60 4.50 3.40 445 405 6.50 .88 1.10 1.85 1.80 2.76 8.10 1.29 8.85 Ask us about other Hem* that interest y*u We have everything. Blddick-s Hybrid SEED CORN Medium FlaU Medium Rounds _. $950 $700 WEST UNION Feeds FAYETTE 119

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