The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 9, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, February 9, 1927
Page 3
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li-ollment ;aX the state i college at Pittsburg ior thSe sec. Beinester totals 1.S91. acc ^rdiii^ to l ).:r. Mitchell.: registrar. i ! —^^Men's Overcoats, sali -I ?8.65. -Barcjay-Shielfls. hirs- r4 was Ifusihess. i •; Mr. and Mrs. George DuRan, i Miss Thelniai Wilheltn a itl Mrs. ' jRdlph Lee drive "to Fort iioott la.«t V erening to a{ten(i the' m eting of yule Modern Brotherhood )f Anuer- ica Lodge. : —Car of petroleum^ cok< just un- i loaded. Also a oar of di pendable .liimp toal on trark. IS.r.U per ton. lola Junk & Coal Co., f rsi door , inbrth Katy depot. Phone 317. i Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Sfckiy and .<:bn, Clyde Sickly, of Kai sas CKv. are expected oniorrpw l'< r a visit with .Mr. and: kirs. jj Dun jnt Sickly of .Moran. Dumont Si kly is a soil of Mr. and Mrsl .M. F. Sickly. —See "Deaicon Diihbs" ; t Carlyli> ' Fel). n. an((,aL Geneva Feb. 18. I .Arin )is8ion, IjSc and !!0c. • Dr. G. R. I Pendarvis 4 price. iUis evening on the Sunfli wer Spe- tr .'al for St..Li>uis wh<'re h • will begin his duties Willi th I'uhlii- Ueallb Service in the M:^rine hon- xdn (ior- unlil the . Gordon ola hii;l: pital. .Mrs. I'endarvis and! don will remain inilola- close of the Ischool iyearj is a senior this yeai" at school. ' " Diavolo genuine Cari ul Reed- of 217 in Burlington South Oak S vislerday o Iplate lynch ThujrsUav noon V. Ik. Church. I'-.c. Special evangelisti; swvices wi begi^ at the Free .Metliodist churcl at :>JU7 North Thinl firepi Sunda' Febfuary IX The' Hev. .Mr. .Milh of \j'infield. Kan.. wiJl iliave cliarg|f of the meetings. Si eci'al music is to-ljfj a feature of thle nieeiing. '.Men, biiv-a popfj heavy Ovei*- co;i^ for $S .6". ai ton -Tne Clarence Hol^e family mo \Jed fi'om liH Snnili S<-<(|i to -liiS South Second .St. Old Ht-n Pill it V nact cojil . .\lso a ablf lump coal on ij (lofJr north Katy dei}oi. I'iioue :'V r. and Mrs. .\rclii mpyed from (iarnett liviliK at 710.North ill leave 4 'yon City lupant) wa Coal Co. .first doiir n©rth Katy of for i;ra (ind .V. lola .lunk K- .stove lillil flli- •ar of ilcriiLiii rack. i'>.T,i) iM Coal Co.. firit h :^s ml s: ie Cujipy lia\j to lola and » Second St.^ Doii'i overlook iiliat :!-ll). sai of Airy Fairy pas( ry t'loiir Pn wit 1 tile purchase I'l" oiii- smal sac i of l.araltefV Uest fl.nir. A. V Am erson Cnie. .Vr ,M nK-i. j'hu. 2!< Iqoy; Uohinson 'amjl s<i(i, Koy .it [vapsas <'ity arr a visit with the Veil J.-isr iiikI, r iimilier ' aiil bed iiut at jola .lunk i will hilt pot. Phon<i .'!17. I at to i . 'J .Mrs. O. L. Thisler. of (Chapman. • Kan., arrived; today (o !)»} with'her ; • , , mother. .\Ir.«. C. H. McCbire. who i Sta|udley m. body, i has been ill from the «|ffects ' of influenza. Mrs. McChir^ is not entirely bedfast and her triends hope for her speedy Irecdyery. . lidmoth'T. .Mrs. S. ivl.i Iiobiri>i<)jn: with .Miss l''Ierl';i; Itdliill.^ou. .Mr. Kiibinsfi'n WashinKton .\v remain here loii iihout a we< IfJoy jr. will .••ini;(in-iiiilefinitel 'Hciidcr.-ou CinJ^- 7neiii))er.s me' Ilall - Ji. iii, Tlnnsdy Miss Miriam Howell. :of the en department I at lUim.says. Is able to be at thei store on a<?coiint of illnes.s. * ' —Try jt onc«—vou vlll bar* other. Van Itoozer's Bread. . Mr.«. Walter M'oods.ide of WichH ita i.s visiting her parent, .•Vfrs. J. K. J'owell of street. -.lust receive*; n^w sHipment oi t.vpewrit?r ribbons, 7iJc, ister. Mr. and '1!) Kast lola Reg a va en4 ••The I'iggs" will give tini' dame iu \Voiidman:I|IaIl Ties- day iiighr. February 15, iu httnot of their Ua.skiilbiill teaii . —Ilrooder •coal; also- b^se-hurneii coal at lola .lunk Coal ('o., (irn door mirth,Katy depot, ^'hone i^IH — Maloiiey's f;roce;-y Tor ^ale Call at 7iil .-^oiHh Washington Stj. .Mis.'^ Ilaiiie .<'iapel of Kansarj Ciiy , anie mi tiu- iiomi train l<idai li>r a visit witiiiier hrotiier. Freij Sliapel and I'aiiiily a id with >Iis» Dora Triiwliriiise. (and otlier •friends. E lOL^ DAILY REGISTER. WEDNj rr mire's the Ji doAY EVENlkdl FEBRUARY 9. ^ution F, L. B. LEATEIiL, M. D. Special attention given DIs- ea.'-ej< of Colon and Hectum. Fleet ro-Tberapy and PhysiiilJi^rapy. Offii.e 161a .-ilai.eAJalik BIdg. Phones—147 .and 705. (j Mr-.: Mary Cjin- of Kansas City il I who lijis l)een riere-iaring for he I* HE -HiiE:;'j©B:ffi;.a:o::a \^ B::^^ ana -; OJi ^nEifl a (anQgiia: ^QIEIS [snv^[siiii3[ia:'.{s^ i@0aQGif ERKTO STMTMONMY Enduraric^ DriW Will Be Made To B Starting I p. ni.. Dar^ start on! days and jhandcuftfd of his Star) i lice arid: t ijbe used ac4 j-sho\v, wind I The watch .formed as •yet to be play there. Warner. LAHARPE AND ITS aTlZENS ll-arents. .M*!-. and Mrs. I. 4- W>lh iaiiil sister, .Miss'ror:' WiMet of 30^ Simtli Keiitueky .street during thei jlj i I'-ceiit jlliH-ss with the mumps, re '''luriied tliis afteriiooh; to Kansii."! Ilan - ji. iii, l:nnsd; illeixl fiiijeral iii .Vlr-. \iiKir i " ; Leil Yoii'Forffej We have the solution to * your cleansing problems— • no mattier what they are. • jPhone tis." I * Ablesnn Clfianm . ' I Phone 10.5 j * Judge G.-l^. Lairib of Yates Center motored over to take the 4:28 Santa Fe for Tdpeka »yesterday. :where he goes to tr>T a case in the iSupreme Cmirt. .IiiUge | Lamb, at lone time was State iSendtor of the juth district, emhracingr Allen and - Wopdson! counties. .City, .\rter Jier parents andsis Mr<. .Mjittle Loos J .\rriTes Home iniiii-.MItrhWI. .\>Jir.—(axp of Bhick I .I Itepnrtril , .liiioii; Cuttle.- ier w'-re over the mumps. Mrsi i'mouihs. Cape took the • measles and was (Iiiitf, sick I'ir: several' days. ' (Opal LAHARPE, F. Loos ;irriveil .Mitchell. .\>br.. visiting her da Mr. Williams, 'rfhe Royal ,Neisli1ior« met la«t recular .se,tsioii al tlieir i hai 1.-There was a i;ood aiiemlani! 'an I lu'ncJi Wii>! .•iervd-d. IM;ins we^ nude for the .'emer aiiinieiit of tl' Cb mute lodge at. tl e next meetin Fe iruary 22. ; '---Linoleums a i\ il Coimoleii Rugs, alljsizes. Siiiiii! '.t\ll Itui foi $.'> II]).' Heuninsier's Stori'. ' ^jTwo new -.stiideiit.-;. Claik .\lleu i I-''tI'' 'Cli>-> UumboWt: aiid Liicien p, rle ''j^'s !»• jPtrry. .Moran. from .Allen county have registered at the' ruiversity [ of Kansas, for the seeond semef^-; te; —Dr. A. B. Twadell, Osteopath. Sew Globe BIdg. Phone 191. j- —Dr. .Montgomery, Chiropractor, fola Laundry Bldg. • Fbone 138. | F. F. Siolt of Gnrnett has, ar- P eepteii ;( rbair at the.barber in the Temple building. . —Just like .\ne«>l Fond Cakle. Van Hoozer's Bread, 2 for IBc. Mr. and Mrs. family spent S' .lones's parents; liam SiKHlgrasS. .Miss Kalher Howard .lone.s t panied .Mr. ant tor a wi.sit wi .Mitchell) b. :S.—Mrs. iMattie oirie today j from [vhiire she has been iglfter for -Several of northeast of town, has lost three lieati oi' stock with itbe blavk ijeg recently. Charlie Jones and [inday with Airs. Mr. and .Mrs. Wll- ever. that ably move edrepeatei; for so loi^. any exact j that a go^a nerves ha NEWS NOTES FROM COLONY than anytl^ng else. Woodni n. I.odite Tillies Many Yftnng .Men Into Mm iiii \>^I>1> tola ijutlce to InltlHte. (.Mrs. W. E. Pavton) COLONY. Feb. 9— M s.: Frank Speece visite<l .Monday with .Mrs. .Monroe .Murphy in . lola .Mri and .Mrs. Clarence! Collon ie- .turn^d Sunday to Kiirefia: after a few ila.ys visit with Ihtiiri parents,,! .Mr. an . , Mr. and Mrs. Henry We IH. sa>'-'' ^' Ar\ <'hatterton and sjon Uufusjl T'"* •'r Irove |o Osawatomie Sunday iJ'Sleepers bpr<ihi|> of milk anji and takes Sugar- and to his diet] ant stinihl Asked abc|ut that' if h fe Handcuff^. Star Sedans i^xt .Moiday at 12:.10 Devil- Warner will long drive of five night 1. He Will be td the teering! wheel S^dan by the city po- handc iffs that will t<ow on display! In the of J. V. Merchant, jw^ich yi 1 keep him in- the nil mber ot hours j 4nflured is also 6n dis- |iAU4IU 'E VOME.VS CLl'B JIA^ ALt.|»AY XEETmi !was a ,w len se ^n today, said he Was fe«liog fine and was anxious to stafrt He idmitted. how-' woul 1 be consider- xious Dis until Mrsl all id Farm the htme of jFlon nee, Syverud had ty meeting of the wonien': Bureau in La>Iarpe today a clothijng meeting. |D1S,T HIT tDIRT NOW j S ADJ OIRXEU FOR TER.M are • cpncernid. that time daiile. Hd has been ask- tcipe. stoma more feoffee wouldn't ijiapte the] Those '\\\ the Dare 1 ing arranrfeijients room of Birher's gi he glad tc as long.aji who are a by Mr. B during an; ney to set does actujill •olton iUm" and drive how I I but He doesn't give He only sa.vs •h and, good to do with it He drinks lots jrliirjng the trip np solil food Sat all. [visit .Mr.s. Chatterton. iii the'stat^! ^^'arner wtu —Good sn. improved, •east of Clin- ni te. for rent. Phone riS-'tW. —tSCTT huys a gciod l\^aTy Overcoat at Barclay-Shieldsi i .Mrs. Georgia .Veal of .Cherry v.;i3e j wtis expected here toiiay lor a visit ; .5, I with her daughter. .Mrs. Hazel .Mei-| CONSERVATIVE WIN rll. • • i%'T|he Anna and Tllaiide Francis of f'olony were lola husi- . visitors yesterlay.; ^ I —Car of dependable lump coal i on track. $5.50 per ton. _ -Mso other ' good grades. lola Juiik & Coal Co.. .first door north ^aly depot. Phone ni7. r . Grover Menzie has feturiial to : work nt tlii- M. & .M. G^rcory;afti'r ; a slight Illness. .Sli'-cjal for vVedoemht 'y ; i| ; Tbursdjiy:' extra I'amy head lit tiiee. ;ier heail. ^j. .Anderson -! Gi'0(i-rv A; Market. I'h /ine 'l'fii i " , : . i IJevinald; T.'iylor.: wh<i lias been I aliseiii frojiir selionl sel'eial days with toiisllitis. was, able to return ; to school today. • ^* » t * * Rn\ Supper and naiiee . Given by The Meal Entertainers Thursday (evening. Feb. Irt, ill hall over; Foster's Grocery. lola. i Dam ing starts at S p. m.lGoiid music. for ! w( iiephrit e is of -Mr. near. K .Mi.«s Fayette .Snioot. wferf 1 11 at St. Johns ' ho.spitp'l j fromi the ,Texas] weeks for treatment of .. .. «. is reported as improving, he four year old daughtf.'r and .Mrs. Harry Smoot sniore. —Tr?at your Piaiit) as a musi Instrument. al ne .Mitchell and f Pitisbnrg'accom- Mrs. Steile here h relatives and friends Sijnday.j .Mr. and .Mrs. Stelle visited their daughter^ Miss Betty j Stelle. who is the domestic sciemre teaciier ill the jichool here. .•\lfreil .N'ewnjan arrived home oil fields today 'for a visit with his father. L. S. .>ew-. man. and with his .brothers. .Mrs. W. S. Ford "is on the isick list toda.v. Her inany friemis hope for a Jjuick rec ()Very. B. C. Curtis 'has received a car load'of all kinils of furniture and Have it tuned evdryl '"act or all Ktntis 6 months. Call T. O. Canatsey.] ; stoves for his f ^tore. It is all iip- —See bills for .Anderson's? big losing out .sale, one-half mile uth of Mildred,:Feliruaiy 11. IN NICARAGUA NOW Managua. XicJ,. Feb. ft.'MP ! Cliinanilega. a; key position between l-Coriiiio and .Maiiagita and the sc .Miss Kli^abr-th Weber w^u* j" i nmch haiirt to hand fighting irlyle today to; sjk.ikI |s<'veral itweeii the Liberals' and Conser lys' \{ith her mother, Mrs.. Anna I five forces, is again reported re- 'eber. ' ' . ! iiailied Ijy Conservatives. THE Dear Pumt Cotulo: "How u4u dfuir creryoDo .lu tbo room irx- fclaiioed, irhen iiijr'mljtU 'eM t^iok the t fan out of the box that Pro- fewor Clark wnt from Bermudaj "Cbb you Imagine how .beautiful 1^ bottom of. th» ioco«n niuac look.' ssy SEA, FAN depositii of tire little polyps or cojal forming anlmalH. .SomB day I W It lell you liow coral islflndii art formed and all about my trip It them. The sea fans grow on cofal reefs or rocifg on the bottoui ol the oiean. They take rselriX a&i • * * • 4: * A • 9 Hoy M<'llaley, on'-Xoitih Kentiicky stri-et. who has been in ,St. Louis r with his brother. (Jeor^e .Mclhjley.,.' has returned home, lie reports ; his brother recovering nicely Irom . the operation: which h • unilerwent ' al the hospital there. Frank Snliiefelbine. fwho under- ' went .a major operaji JoJ: n's hospital fitteerf -liays ago. iet|irned to his libme noon. f See the new Haag iri<- Washer at the K and Plunibing Co. I ^ from fouri to seven ni . E. K. Watson of t Mortgage Co. of Topek er at the office offhej perintendeiit yesterday :m at : St. I this after- For Finance fomnflssloner. —I hereby announce' candidate ' for the offlcre of Coni- I mij^iioner jof Finance of the City of { lolk' and 'shall UTeaUf the support of the vote] proaciiing primaries. J. li. .'ortex Klec- ' C. Klectric | washes ill j nutes. i j He Bankers ! was a (all- '. Count.v,' Su- I on business. that. I am a ! appre<date j K at thf» ap- AR.VRTT. Mrs. R. K. Miegius <| street Went to M t^ upend the da.v with Manning. —O. L. Oox, M. D Rt«. Ear, Nosra and Throat Mr,M. Agnes Altman rnihe. Mo., returned after a visit of sever.-j Mrs. C. K. Pennlngt<m street. Mrs.' Altman f .'lo;* South ^^ran= today ' .Mrs. Albert ! Spcclallat Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Bl .TSiie and Mr.s. .1. S. Blaine of Joplin dav. H. E. Blaine is Mrs. |»ennlngton. He perlntendent of the school lor the past tilteeu years. of ObllM- [liome todiiy I days with ' of 7"1 KaM I fu*enmnTt'»'»ii ' iere Satuir- broihqr of >ias heeti su- .loplin high to-date furniture, and price.s of the ver.v best. ! .Mr. and Mrs. Fran^ .Vrindd and daughter. Joaui of lola spent Sunday afternoon 'v^'itlti the former's mother, .Mrs. II. E. Arnold. .Albert Hdleman took Siinday dinner fith .VIr. and .Mr.s. M. K. K. Millej- and j fainilyl .Mr. and .Mrs. Ira l|laniintir and family were afternoon caller§. The . reijori<»r received a fractured rightj wrist this evening and will he kept frpm duty for several weeks., j • Mr. Taniier and mother, Mrs. Faust and '.\Ir>.Va!e of Hiimbiddl Kpeiit Sumliiy ifleruooti with .Mrs. Rebecca -Arnojfl. ' .Vllss Emmallue .Miller is working at the Hcnder.soii ; .Mitchell home. , hospiiajl health Keith Princ. night Mrsl C: Quit hatlerton'.^ window si l^hat thise who lir* inH terested ih 'how I< hei-e. -Mrs. t remains much the same. I Lawrence came froni. •''''•ep at on and stayed oyi-r .Monda.v i '""'hal m: Mr I Ihenise ve -"""I The finH of »4is make the Warner hh.s drivi?- Willi 7th oil the.kirid llia Iwith his parents R. Lawrence. a number of I'liember.s of the AVbodmaii lodge hertt. includ- , , , ingjthe ilr-ll team. ,wenti 10 lo^i t <f 1 . „ i >U a fvf\ take iiart in an initiation at ih4 j i^Kllli |tAlLlflOAD TO liere I skep rlijer to ptirt or to quit when e keeps la wake j BiJrglars five nlaces two filling; •iindy ire alsoj added vik then is an iniport,- I |jg eff -ct in ; sugar, smok ng. lie replied couldH't smoke he drive. I j amoii hd wish to drive with | ev w e}u mav-j do so by mak- at the; sales Standard al rage. He will and ^ake otjhers w-ith him and s room; .Any and ii-al are' nrged cnte oUow Warner Mill Cod urdii -Mrs. Fred Wood. Thi rict Ciutr stands. adjoUrned March so faif jas jury case| thf? most efficient,: most ERN?ST PUTS S«>UGHT FOR t DNTE.HPT OF C()l|R'? . , I T' I II Led Dunfe?. special deputy sherjr iff went to 1 lirard today to return. Ernieijt Pitts to lola. Pitts' i| charged wit i indirect contempt oif di.«t:ri]ct <;ouit. ' " ' ' P^GE THpiEE; Dehl promlptly with a dold. Use ' ^ - • tdmplete is HILL'S, jli is so paid >1.0u0.q90sfor itl '4 hours, t iboweld. iliUioni My. tielp. Thiit tn|4il thatjwe HILL'S stbps the cold in chW: :s Ihd f^ver, opens th tohe! the eijtirc system, no V, enjoj i^. Start it to TY OlfFKESJ WILL BE I < LO.S(:i» .SATIRI) with I jnQX 'SCaKm-fifaande-lQtnwM •U druxsUtf nty offices wijl he closed ,^a!|^ on iiay. hccountj of Lincoln }> Co (APi this both trial the II iirt Ho" ise. Canton, 0.. Feb. 9. |—Twelve jurors were select(|d fteriio the si of Be lurder ton (iditor. [in to the satisfaction tjif te and defense in' tlije |i Rudi er, indicted' f(ir if Don R. Mellett. Caii- fifr themselves Hhat he stay at the! wheel a|l the five da.vs thati ill. .etwill rind in front off MarlaiK 'entral ed wcr and E f ill of his jour-! Farmers' Uiion Elevator compa^v selves Hhat he j and 1 the Qufinlan 'store at 2931 1 Ffiirnitu go to e store and| hed in the show made. ng a man can iiile timej after such an y (easily find otit for I .Ma;i>. ;The ' small a moil Stiiijdai|d burglars overlooked!'a i [nt of money at I the | Ojil ciimiiany's office. | > I I lodge tl will g(j' ilay e' lodge zalicn tak(-ii cently ere. Tuesday evening the^ j . Jgg (I Humboldt anil on Thursi- j iiiiiig. members if the lol i j ill visit theloij-al or.gani- ere. The Colony lodge has i'fi many new mi-mbers n'^ ^ nearly all' youiig nun <)f |.j the cqmmuuity. (). IT.; Owens is working at N«i vada, .\jo. ..Mr. and .Mrs. Lesteti B. .Milhi AVashiifet Wheeling asked tie Commissi ni amj Eioroihy Frances front vi.sifiii I-. C. lives. Lawrence over th»| week end; j : g her parents, .Mr. and .Mrjs.-;. .Holzapfel aud either rela-' NEWSEVENTS OF HUMBOLDT Teswi Hepreseiit«tl.«es Attend I))- ers were in town a fe|v' days agi) ] rwlors .>lr«itfnK joi' .Monarrh r. hitiig a pretty good story. \.\ Cctiient <'«m|tanj—.Soflal <erii u .seed li.mse which broail- .were (low lissue 222 ' mon stocl ; age whii^ i j turbance ^•change. iin. Fe amd La UE MORE STOCK ). 9. fApi—Th ;e Erie railroa Intei-itate Commerc today Mis? Carolyn Moreland returned | to h( r school work !at Otlaifai .Mond ly, after having bifen at home; a it'ik, ill... , j j; •' Mr. and .Mrs. Georget Jones arid! Boiinie Carol were up jfroin lluin- liojdl Sunday vinitiiig jiis parentis. .Mi^. and .Mrs. Chas. \VJ Jones, aiid Mr are 1 her li Moot .Mi.: :. Bruce Bower.s aiid baby son ere Irom , Liiwrei cc. visiting arents. Air. au'l Airs. - Riv Ott and, for authority t 6 shai^es of new cpni o relieve a stock short- has okasionedi a dis^- oh the |Xew York ex;- ;i»d .Mrs. Georgle .Marvin Ou were lureijfrom Alaiji-i s .ni .Spinday. KUesis ol .Vi'- aildl.MiS.: C, W Mr hild Kellv and Aliss Fave. and Ml.s. R ilpb! Lewis ail-l en were here from (Iridll-y • ;injl ipade a week end \isil with h»r j piikeiits, Mr. and Mr-". IRiifus .Ma|i - j till. Olio oil .Seed Iliiu«e. Tli;|yer News: .V niuide of tarih- I «»ni|)unj anil Personal .\e«>.. (Francis Culver) HKMBOLDT.: Feb. }>. -Twentieth Century club was entertained this afternoon .at the home' of Airs. Frank .Miller, 'I'he program was eliminated and lust a plea.sant so- .lial :;iltetrnooii was spent. .A two cast"! over the radio ipiite extensively sold one of these larniers>a hall bushel of first clas|<»seed corn a'..'0^ course, a fancy jpriie. l^is neighbor took .a few ouiices of tljis saiiicl corn, mailed it li^ck to the sahie seed house' telliltg them |ie I plant was iindecided whether| he shoi^lil People At ; Learrling the Value j Qccasi (4al Use. \ ONri Imows that a laX' a|ive stin iUates the bowels. '"^retic p^orins a |sinular on to t te kidneys. Under rain of bur modern life, rgans a « ai>t to become shand eqtiire atststance. and I tore people are igtous fDoan'sPtV^.oc- aUy. ti^tnsure good elim- 1 whic I Is- 80 essentia] d heait 1. More.ttian 50.- -ateful uscTf have given 9 signed recominenda- Scarcely a communit) hbsits re iresentatioinJ Aak \neiihipr! this or not. would ithey pleaJ^e; coijrse luncheon was served 'atjtej;i ji out ami advise. Soon tiiej came back that 'this wastai jioor test and shiMild not be! for seed at I'll. .As the saying ! there are ••tricks iii all trades quartette tables at the ilose of the j ^,.'l)l^• .•|flernoon. j verv .M^. and Mrs. J. J. .Amos left this ^n^jed afiertioon. Utt Chicago on a com- t»oes bin"d business :^nd pleasure trip, Thty , were acconijianied liy Airs. I Julia iS. Taylifr. who has been a .giiesfiat the Amos home for the past rwo weekii. .Mrs. Taylor is a sister of .Mr. .\iiios and spends her time between Chicago aud Spring- lifld. jjl. \\ ' i Oti.<^ Ellis oflXew York City is h^-re. the guest jof his father. Clint Ellis aiid his .brother. .Altis Ellis. 1 A directors^ iiiieeting of the .Moh- jarch Cement^ ,<iompany was hHd , here today. .\J kreitzer and AValter i Wolfe came fijdm Texas to attend this meeting. I i KELLEY m HAVE VAUDtJVILLE ACTS Through changes in the manage- •aiamt lac than. Xhlarte plait vbeA l^lfa krowlsfi nenjara adiiM that tha moat brlUlfnt otaoKC, wblle othara ara a daap eonl pink. Tqara la tha oatrlcfa pliuse aaa ihfi, which la noat baaiotiful whan-allra. When Ar7 It looka rattaar stiff. Ona jtaiii aaa tbaaa ium gioiiing la tha oooan by looikiof down thru - tha i^asa bottoms of tb« f >ost« that they liara In Barmuda. The water la as clear as crystal and you can aea the btants In tha water pirden ^t tba bottom of the ocaan. It 'Is a sight that no one will ever forKot." I "What makes it so atUf," aaked turn tamtbi lihai dapodu ojt ^a Uttl* polyps 0^ eonl aslmala. Th4 ftna aral sot hard tirhiin the anlsiaK an aUva. wUb tbeir soft taaU<|iai wtich wara 1 la {tha water. 0^\t tha ISQ framework la left wbaq the aninala! dla and tba fianj la dried." i|ald my mlstreaa. •' ! X ramembar that my mlatreaa iad an oatrlich pituna aea fan In bel atodlo. {I osad to wonder what 1| i , . .: • "I abaH write the professor and USa. hlmi what bappineas bU t ft< hare givva ns all. This waa soielJl U boK of aurpriseflk" aald av ala| I traaa.>~fiood nl|bi; and Independence Hyning. manhger lieater. has been high class acts of formerly were jo towns. The five acts.} together. with ai feature film. MajlemoiselKi Aloilisle j. will be at the[K.IIey Thursday \ifu\ i Friday nightH. iThe vaudeville is i'xee|>rionaJly ; Eiiod, Van Hyning said. J meat of Parson theaters. E. Vai^ of the Kelleyj t able to book fjvi vaudeville, which billed for the itw' ;Oes biil iurs. ely andquickly Talievtd--- tiw cxclasiy«Ludenin«ntbal bUnd is soothing—healing —and does not Qpset; tfa|» stomach. Children lov* then. ,f atncTHOi. 'ScoooH,iwo >p .\ -stolen kiss ;has cost many*a man fift^- years'!matrimony. m Ffiir Colds, Brixa The Safe and Froven I^medy The First and (h^pnei Gold and Grip Tablet. Price SOjcl Tb* box bears thiii nruitar* Since m9 'S PILLS isdc Cb ..Ul tChcsii.BiifC;ia.'N.Yj LEt'THD l.> , , >'ro> .HiiRHER CASk Sunday night entered in Pai -sons. incliijdii|.g Istationji. two elevatotjs and il grocery, and) took loot t <i tlie -nt of aiO.i in cash. The nioti- ;is taken from [Re oilN'ompaijy stations, wiyich^were those of. tlei Seventeenth and. Md n Oil ciimpany at Claik the farmer losing | 0" he, latter S12.5. Other places -'1 those' of the ParsoiJs evator'.jrompany. | tie sutt\ Qamd V bur wo ohly k nd. to cic 0n men. n^w isf ance to Ibiiv ani j 0VGr<}6dit cheap. C bat.^ are AI iderfiil Aalue inje antl two! 20 of j.'^e them out ]i,|u"ck- T|a]|re your choit-'e for bull .of a khem, $8.65 Bare iaySlrieldsC|oiCoj THE SAW And Hmnmer are doing doublej theA. Wi Beck Companyi'sl store! irig: the entire bv ildiiig apd during tliat timej suites aijidodd furniture tirill be prices very, miicl i regular selling irjclBS and sdme at wholes? lej i !ost to move thcj^ quicklj|. These goods that we oflfer it such tame in Furniture , ifemodel- alj broken l>ieces of offered at ow the farthest, convinced l)nces pi^w es are nclude Sewing ridiiculoulslj^ low perfect goods ajid liugs, E>rtileries, Machines, fete. No\i' is the time to make yoiir dol'ar go rome in and be by g|etiijig our A. W. yoii* ha tha: it i e. you f.^el that t than without dda just tj your hat er than yovi exp6qt— ire ts quality you it4: Beck Fur. Co. 1 1! look better in when you know le' proper touch—thatl •ettiins 1;Hat'k 3 :yle and Quality a sori hats bettei? tl^anj in ar its smart s^yle hen you aKyay.s Btetson. e coimbiiied in Stc^t- y hats we have Other New ppijihg Vi ats, Prices 00 GloM Cli>thihik Co.

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