Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 12, 1898 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1898
Page 9
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Men: Let thgraph Show What it Can do tring Customers to Your 5tore The Amen' I of marriajre i? • always ;\ irnby I With out it, I wedlock is n I summer fiejd Ithnt never j b 1 o <> m s, n I (1 o w e r I li a t I never bmK a [night without I star", a sermon 1 without a ben- | e el i c t i o n , a prayer without an Aim-n. There never was a husband Worthy of the name, who did not aspire to be the father and the grandfather of health?, capable children to 1mm! down his name and the fortune accumulated by the sweat of hifl brow, from Renemtion to veneration. There never wns a wife fit to Bear that noble title, who did not wish to Wear womanhood's most glorious crown, the sceptre of motherhood. Thousands of wedded couples, otherwise happy, fall •hort of wedlock's greatest happiness because they are childless. In the majority of cases, this Is because the wife, through Ignorance or neglect, suffers from weakness and disease of the organs distinctly feminine. For women who suffer in this way there is one great medicine that does not fail to accomplish its purpose. It is Dr. Plerce's Favorite Prescription. It nets directly on the delicate organs concerned and makes them strong, healthy, vigorous, virile and elastic. It allays Inflammation, heals ulccration, soothes pain and tones the shattered nerves. It fits for wifchood and motherhood. It quickens and vitalizes the distinctly feminine organism. It banishes the maladies of the expectant months and makes baby's introduction to the world easy and almost painless. It insures the little new-comer's health and noiirtKhmeeff> in plenty It is the best supportive tonic for nursing mothers. Mrs. Jennie Porks, of Marshall, Spokane Co., Wash., writes: "I am «la<! «> tell 'if the K"oil results of your great medicine.-- Dr. Pierce'* Favorite Prescription. I wn» benefited by your medicine in confinement. II (jivi-a me »tri:ngth. I have no tlml feeling nml my Imliy i» tlie picture of hcaltli. I feel letter tlinii I have In ten years." In cases of constipation Dr. 1'ierce'n Pleasant Pellets should be used as an adjunct to the "Favorite Prescription," they are extremely simple, perfectly natural and insure prompt and permanent relief. iprMimtlnrf to rir«t-olt»i tntur-! : time Co«pnn1«« HIM muffle JM m I FOR SALE. The Dr. Hardy property corner Cth and Alby It*, Lot 120x120 foet with 2 dwellings. A 1-room dwelling on Easton street bet. 10th and llth »ts. Lot 46x120 foot. Price $700. The residence o! duo. Klraoh on BellB strool; 8 rooms and bath roomj In good rowlr. The 10-room residence- of B. II. Nichols on Langdonst. Lot 70x170 fnot. A One location. A nneS-room dwelling (nearly now) with bath room; heated by furnace; In Mlddlotown. The fine lot of David Doylo on Bluff street with 4-room brlok dwelling- TheJ. M. Tonsor homestead containing about a tdroBj flno in room dweffingjfrult of altklnd. Some flne lot* on Blurt street with brlok paj- Ing and «ewor; no grading, In T. L. Fould* add i A flne 8-roora brlok dwelling, heated with •team. Lot IZOxiaOteoti flne frulti half block dMCf on rospect street with 7 rooms. Heath with furnace. Lot to (eet on Proipeot street. A flno property on thenorth side of Second •dw.w ground. Fine fruit and shade tre From oar line In Upper Alton. " 0 shade trees, a blocks 8e"e?i 0 fl?S lot. on Belle street between Kth A two atory brlok store and dwelling and a two Itory brlok dwelling op same lot corner of tod ana vine its. A good Investment. 4 flnc lots on ith street near Mr. Oaritang '"'he'flne'double dwelling ot Mr. R. Oarstang, neated by steam with modera Improvements.,.. A very desirable 8-room brlok dwelling, 81! Belle street, with all modern ImproTemenfs. Th* Plasa Foundry, everything complete: In- uding 10 lots i switch connection with C. ft A. Alton Novelty Mfg. Co, property on M sweet, TflWtiVnHlghlandP.U'k, each 70 by about fMt A Hi room dwelling on State itreet. Price \ good 8- room dwelling on Second street. Two flne lots on Alby street. T«e double brlok dwelling, corner Third i and tlby itreets, one of the finest locations In Altot A goo* 7-room dwelling) good lot and Hat "new'tt'n roan dwelling In Upper Alton, goat OCfttlOD. A good lot OOxlue feet an Easton street. . A good brick dwelling with aw lot. In Middletown. Convenient to motor Fine location, A of Albjrt Wade on Belle et, with 10 rooms and finished attic, bttb wish rooms. Good collar. Gts and wstnr uud carriage house. Lot 86 teat (rant. For tale or rent, other desirable property nol k dwelling on William stre»t. P AJ?room dwelling with i good lots onFlfth i r*et, east of nidge street. Price, 91. MO. A good 8 room brick dwelling with 9 lota on AgooaVroomdwelllng with flne rlTMTlfiW, heated by hot water. KOR RENT. The two itory brlok dwelling with 8 rooms, on Belleylew avenue now occupied by J. Moulton, A 8-room dwelling on 3rd street with bath room with modern fixtures, Mew store room and two 4-room tonamonts With bath room) and street near Cherry The L. J. Clawson homestead In Upper Alton With 10 rooms, barn and garden, now occupied by Mr. Oeo. Lovls. Posnosalon given by July 1. •;, REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE, and LOAN AGENT ;BOOM is, P. o. FOR 8ALB.1 A One building lot Mxiir, on Liberty strovt between Urove and Franklin, for *MX>. AUOaore farm a inllea noutU of Brighton, one-naif In cultivation, ono-lmir good jiantura, (or 12,000., A bargain. A now two story brlok modern dwolllngnoar the corner of Third aud Ouorgu utreolu. A JS-room dwelling boiwu with largo lot on Langdon street south of Twelfth atreut. The one atory frame dwelling No. 021 east Ninth atreet, lor $1200. Lot 00x120. Good street and sidewalk. A double frame dwelling bouso and another dwelling uouie, all on one lot In good location InHunturatown. Rentu for t-W por month: A new 8-room realdonoa on Slat* utreet on •ood tBnn.0. ^ Sit loW 247^x166 on Oak street between the C i A. and Big Pour H. li. traoka, aultable for wtrenouje or manufacturing purposes, E»t 80x180 on eaat side of Alton street, bet. tianilith, tor 1800. A 185-aore Itrm In Jersey oonnty, half mile fraffliblpplng alallou by euJl or river. Very desirable bu»lii«.s property, oorner and •ni WMnlngton «u., oa easy terma. A large double trameniloenoe, new and al •odern ImproTeniiwU, tltuated ou Fourth •*., •SwHtory. A M,»ffMi tv* wfUineowiwry bulldlngi neat i tureet, oooupled by hrobui brlok realileLCi, i * ooayenlaut .— , on ea»y terma. ...,; the Juootlon of Bo»a and «M renting property, ' bulidlng lots In HunteHtowo ;.r%r cSw " ti • roof residence, No. t -fini< . „• prooeu to a InbiblUnM, iLand go tor one-half the pur- buUdlng aultable foriWreor ig nouiTe &»rth« newbrloi 319L.WW WMM*I How to Find Out. SIX B.' jniTs? iifinm AluUl They Held Up a Train on the Great Northern Road. USED IH'XAMITK <» T1IK SAFES. Tim .Ini-kirl on Ilin Tlirnnuli .Snfn Wn» I>«- liioll»lii'(l hut Ilin ltiil)lii*r»l:olllil Not (Set Into Ilin IniiliU Sufi! -After TnklllK Ilin Content* of I lit* I.nrnl Nnfn mid llolililnc tlin KliKlliiM-r They K<wipi'il, bill Six »' Thrill Worn (lupliil-i-il l.iili'r. Moorhead, Minn.. Nov. 12. Six of the men eiitfaxed In the hold-up of the (irent Northern coast train near Fergus Kails were eiiplnri'il here by Chief of 1'olice Murphy. Fer«iiH Falls, Minn., Nov. 12.—Const train No. I! nn the (ireiil Northern, (.'ondnctor Harry Smith, was held up wllhln HlKht of Carlisle, the first sla- tlon west of thin pnlnl, nine miles from here, n few mimitcH hefore 8 o'clock In the evening. When the train wax three miles from Ou'llsle two of the rolihers boarded the train and ordered the engineer to Htop the train. When the other trainmen went forward they were driven buck hy shntB and thivatM of Instunt death. No attempt WIIH made to inolest pasHenxer.H except when they tried to go outside, when they wen' Hternly orden-d buck. One mnn Blood at the rear of the train all the time. Threw DyiiiimUo nl th« Car. The roldierM threw dynamite at the combination mull nnd express car, Inn-HltiiK open the dool-H and break InR the glass In all the windows. Two of the bandltH got In the reKiilar express cur nnd used dynamite nn the local Bilfe, from which nil the pnekuseH were taken. Tho amount of money secured l« not known. Another charge of dynamite demolished the Jacket of the through Htifo, but the men could not break the limlde mife and so secured nothlriR thei-o. After UiotlUK the local Hafe tin.- robbers departed, making their \vuy south ncroiiH the pralrlu to a point when- It Is supposed ihey had horses eoricenk'd. licfore they left tho two men who Imd RUurded ICnulneer Bruce relieved him'of $!!0. The rear brakemnn WIIH permitted to KO buck on the truck'to fins possible trains behind, and up to this time, 1ms not been Been. Fount) i'i I'urimU. As soon no the robbers disappeared the train wus tul«.-n into Carlisle nnd telegraphic communication opened In all directions. Sheriff Bllllnes was aroused by wire, nnd in half nn hour had organized a strong posse and started In pursuit. The escape of the men seems Impossible. The trainmen •lay there were at least eight of the bandits, all of whom wore handkerchiefs over the lower part of their faces. They called.each other by numbers. Tho electric light power house In this city wns found to he so budly damaged In the evening that the city was In darkness until nearly midnight. It Is believe the bandits came back through Fergus Falls rind left the city dark to hinder pursuit. Fill A bottle or common Klftnfl with your water and let It stand 21 hourc ; a nediment or Bettllng Indicates an unhealthy condition of tho feidnays, if tfltBlns your linen It is evldenco of :ldney trouble; too frequent desire to jfisB It or pains In the back IB nlno eon- vlnclng proof that the kidneys and ladder are out of order. WHAT TO DO. There IB comfort in the knowledge o often expressed that Dr. Kilmer's ! Root, the great kidney rome- y fulfills every wlah In curing rheumatism, pain In the back, kidneys, Ivor, bUdder and every part of the irtnary passngeB. It corrects inablli- y to hold water nnd scalding pain in musing It, or bad effects following the ise of liquor, wine or beer, and uvor- omes that unpleasant necessity of being compelled to go often during he uay, and to get up many times luring tho night. The mild and the extraordinary effect of Swamp Hoot B soon realized. It stands tho hlgn- est for Its wonderful cures of the most distressing cases. If you need n nedicine you Bhouid have tho best At, druggists GO? or $1. You may have a sample bottle and a book that tells more about it, both ent absolutely free by mall, if you end your addreiH to Dr. Kilmer & Oo., Blnghntnton, N. Y. Whan writ- n£ be euro and mention that you rond his generous offer iu the TKLKOUAPH. EXPOIITS IMPORTS. Inoroii-io In Ilin JTormar and Reduction I Xjitter Itoin. Washington, Nov. 12.—The details of the reduction of $113,000,000 In our Imports and of the Increase of $123,000,000 In our exports of the nine nionlhs ending Sept. 30, 1898, are shown by the monthly summary of commerce nnd finance Just issued by the treasury bureau of statistics. To every grand dl- vlalon of the world we have Increased our sales, while at the name time we have decreased our purchases from every Brand division except Asia and Oceanlca. To Kurope we Increased our sales from JBfl8,805,159 ti>'$G60,ll8fi,639, while our purchases were cut down fi-om $332,394,- 94S to $240,803,714. To North America our sales increased from $94,842,800 to $108,921,837, while our purchases fell from $84,611,460 to $78,048,619. To South America our exports Increased from $24,871,545 to $25^123,942, while our Imports from that part of the world fell from $78,656,W2 to $03,513,873. To Asia and Oceuniea our exports increased from $45,784,340 to $54,4115,383; our Imports also increased from $85i004,867 to $88,259,960, this being mostly due to an Increase In Imports of raw silk for usu In the factories of the United States. To Africa our sales Increased from $11,934,338 to $13,655.077, while our Imports decreased from $8,188,980 to^ $0,074,827. Aged Couple Tortured. Mlllorsburg, O., Nov. 12.—Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Miller, aged respectively 82 and 78 yeiirs, were bound In their bod, tortured nnd robbwl by four men who entered the house through a window. The Imrslars tied the couple tt the bed and demanded to know when their money WHS kept. Mr. Miller told them the hiding place of a small sum about $12, and also where they could find a watch. The robbers tortured the aged couple for some time, trying t( gut them to give up more money, but Mr, Miller naid all his money wus In the bunk. IS. <1, Hi-own, living In the village, wus urrenti»l and IduntllluU by Airs. Miller us one of the men who tied her to the bud, _ Kvemutrlo Utliuu Murdoruil Columbia, Mo., Nov. 12. — Thomas lluh'eiiu, DO years old, a well-known am ucc.fiilrio uharacter who lived about seven mllifH wast uf here alone. Ill small cottage. WIIH found dead yeatar- duy by I-ufiiyette Itlppe, who called tt th« house tn Hi-ti him on luminous. Aflei repeated knocking I*; entered nml fount IluKenu Hcatml lit a table, dead, with f bullet wuuiid In the liack of the head. II Iu Hiippoen-'d he WIIH murdered. No clew IIUB yet been founti. To Ntiltlu III" Til-dun Hlrlkx. VlriU'n, Ills.. N*iv. 12----Indications strongly point to u Butll.muut betwuei the striking mlm-m ami the Vlrd C'oal company. Eilwiml C'ahlll, prei dent of the miners' union, has left foi Chicago In ruBUom>i.«to a telegram 'ron T. C. I.,ouekB, iireHldunt of tho coa company. Uruyfm To Ua Drought to I'url*. London, Nov. 13.—'111 e 1'urln corre- Hpondunt of Tlw Murnlng l'unt says: IIUB IJIHIU dectdeditu bring JJreyfua ' to I'ui-lB." Robbed thetirave, A startling incident of which Mr John Oliver, of Philidelpbia, woatlie wibjeot. ia narrated by biro aa followa- "I was in a moat dreadful condition My akin WBB almost yellow, eyes sunken, tongue coated, pain continually in back and aldea, no appetite— gradually growing weaker day by day Three pbyaloiane bad given me up Fortunately, a friend advised trying "Electric Blttere," and to my great Joy aud aurprive, the first bottle tundi a decided Improvement. I coutltme< their rue for three weekvfaud am now a well man. I know tuny aaved my life, and robbed the grave of another victim." No one should fall to tr, them. Only W per bottle at G Mayan'* drug atore. I THE MA UK I) IS. Chlcii^it Grnln nml 1'rodiioH. Chicago, Nov. 11. Following were the quotations on the lloord of Trade today: Wheat— Upen. High. .$ " " December May Corn- December May Oats- December May Pork— December January . .GSVi .:u% .3:1% .2::% .2416 7.82M: H.Sfi Ijiw. Close. .(M',<! $ .liriVi .Gfj'4 M .31% .33'/• .24% 8.1I2M. .31% 7.82% 8.1)0 December ..• 4.S2 1 /*; 4.871/.. 4.X2M, January 4.1)0 4,'J2Mi 4.HO I'rodlice: liutter — Kxtra creanu-i- les 2lV4c per Iti; extra dairies. IS® 19c; fresh packing stock, HCi'lSc. KgK» —Fresh stock, IS^'lS'/jC per do/.. Live. Poultry—Turkeys. 7&8c per ITi; chickens, r,'/.«Ji7c; duckn, «({C6V4e; geese. $4.00' C.OO per doz. Potatoes—Good to choir 4.92Vi Iff? 3lc per ' liu. Sweet Potatoes—Jerseys $1.90(ff'2.10 per'bbl. Apples—Common to fancy. $1.CO«H3.50 per bhl. Cranberries—Wisconsin Bell and Busle, $0.50 ©0.76 per bhl. ChlullRO Llvo Sloolc. Chicago, Nov. 11. —Estimated receipts for the day, 28000; sales ranged at $2.40«;3.30 for pies, $3.16«j-».r,2% f»r MBl't. $3.10i&'!UO for roufih iiackhiK. $3.25(ii-3.05 for mixed, and $3.:i5i<13.(10 for heavy packlnp and shlpplriK lots. Cattle—Estimated receipts for the day, 2,500; quotations ransed at J5.2r,i»r,.(iO choice to extra steers, $4.flO«K,.2fi B»od to choice do $4.C04D4.90 for fair to good. W-Wf'J.iB common to medium do., $4.00(i«4.45 butchers' steers. $4.00«BB.30 fed western steers. $2.90(fi)4.00 sloekcrs, *4.00fJ 4 BO feeders. $1.7r.fii4.00 cows, $2.CO(fi)4.i)0 heifers $2.50S'4.25 bulls, oxen and stags, $280iW4.15 Texas steers, $3.60©4.B5 grass western steers, $2.75©4.00 western cows and heifers, and $4.00(S'7.25 veal calves. Sheen and Lambs—Estimated receipts for the day, 7,000; quotations ranged at $3.25<R> westerns, $2.75©4.GO natives, and $3.75iTfC.CO lamhs. Knit nnlB»ln l,lve Slonfc. East Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 10. Dunning & Stevens, Live Stock Commission Merchants, East Uuffalo, N. Y-, quote as follows: Cuttle—None; feel- In «r linn- veals and calves, 50 head of pHme veals higher, $8.25@8.40; fair to choice $8.r,0lff8.00. Sheep Receipts 15 cars; prime dry lambs stronger, $5.46, good to choice. $5.25®5.3B; culls and common, $4.00©B.OO; sheep only steady, $3 BOW4.25 for fair to be«t mixed. Hogs —Receipts, 50 cars; market opened active and strong and 5c higher; opening Bales, $3.6B<8>3.80 for good weight Yorkers mixed and mediums; few prime heavy, $3.62Vi«i>3.«B, closed easy; $3.60 genenUly all weights, Including pigs- roughs, $3.15<0>3.25; stags, $2.75. St. Louis Griilu. St. Louis, Nov. 11. Wheat—IIIgher: No. 2 red cash elevator l>8V,c- track, GS%c: December, «?%c asked; May, 68™@68%p bid; No. 2 hard C4«i)OCc. Corn-Higher; No. lord 84(fj!«6c. Corn-Higher; No 2 cash. 81'Ac- December, 30%c asked; January, 3lWfflM2n bid. Oats-Higher; No. 2 cash •'Be- track 27c- Derernher, 28c bid; May SGc'bld; No. 2 white, 28e. Rye—Strong 5°c Mllwiuikoo Ornln. Milwaukee. Nov. 11. Wheat—Higher; No. 1 northern, 67® C7V&1" No. 2 northern. eBVjffBOc. Oats —Firm, 205(127'Ac. Rye—Steady; No. 1, BHiW'Sc. Barley—Firmer; No, 2, 4"!,£,e; sample, 40i8'47V!iC. Million I)ulli>r Cnrgi San Francisco, Nov. 12.—The Russian barkentlne Herlng bus arrived In port from Pelropaulovsky with a cargo of sealskins ami furs, one of the largest that has ever come from the Bering coast. It Is estimated that the value of the cargo Is $1,000,000. She has 110 packages of bearskins, 273 packages ol assorted furs, till) dry sealskins, and !>,491 salted sealskins. The cargo represents the results of the year's catch olt the Cupper Islands and comes to the Russian Sealing company. Wounded by u Culillll Alub. Santiago de Cuba. Nov. 12.—Lieutenant Oruhiun, of the Fifth United Stales Infantry, is suffering from a llehh wound caused by u stray bullel tired from a Cuban mob surrounding un alleged Spanish guerrilla who wus rescued by some American soldiers and placed In jail for safety, the enraged Cubans threatening his life. Remarkable Rescue. Mrs. Mlohaol Ourtain, Dalnllel'!, III. makes the statement that she caught cold, which settled on her lungs; she WBB treated for a month by her fiimi- )y physician, but crew worse. He told her she was a helpless victim ol ooiiNiimptlon and no medicine could cure her. Her druggist suggested Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption; she bought a bottle aud to her delight found herself benefited from the ilratdose. She continued lit tine and after taking six bottlus, found herself sound and well, now does her own IK uaework ami is as well as *he ever was. Free trial bottles of thin Great Discovery at E. Marsh's drug store, large bottles COc and $1. When You Take Cold nothing comes In so useful as a bottle of Dr. Bell's Pino-Tar-Houey. Uood for children, good for everybody. A remedy you cau always rely upon to cure a cough, an attack of croup 01 oilier bronchial trouble. 26c at up- tu-dato drug stores. Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It Is a oure for the whole world of stomach weakness aud Indigestion. Tbe cure begins with the first dose. The relief It brings is marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No mat TIII; M-:\VS IN IIHTEF. Tlif :rov.>ri<ii! ,,f the rnllcrl StntM of (Vnlral An,eil :i i. i<>m"vln>; Its capital fnitu Aiiiuli-.i'M. Il'indiiraP, W riilnnndcgn, Niraiiii'.iiu, which will be the pi.nnMi.eiit F'al «( unvernment. M. Z;iInK whosi- cabliir-t recently re- Flpned find wlvi «;is> entrusted by Kins (Ji'i.rgp uf ilre'-ce with Us rrcunstnic- tlun, hn« ci,mpleied bin task. l'lltKlu.ii-15 has b.-.-n .-.-ilii-d the city of brlilKi'fi. Nn fewer than fniir!<"-n bridges span the .Mnnnng.'ilii-la ami Allei;hnny i-lvn-s within the rlly Ilinlls. Japavi">--e wnrknn-u lire obliged to went- (in thi-lr CUPS aril bucks an In- serlpthm statin); tlulr buslm'SK and their employer's nri'.ne. The nillHiiy and puita! ofllclals of rtelKlunrhuve mlnpteil the twenty-f.nir- hiiur system fin 1 r.i'.lwuy. telegraph anil jHistnl work. Frederick Kn,.ll. n iiloiv cr i Itlx.en and furniture inaniiriu tnrer of Nll^s. Mich., WHS struck iiini instantly killed by a Michigan Cerlrul [nissi'iiger train. F. VIIII'M-s, the war eonc-pon lent, has been iindiT lire over Ino tbnes. nnd bus WlllieBHl-ll II Millie 01- S(l of llrst-cluss hiltlles. In some jiarls of Merlin thnre are special iiubllc lionsen for women. Sig. Marconi, whore name is i;o intimately iissi.elnted with wire], sin telegraphy, Is only L':! yearn old. Colonel Josei'li lli-i;i-y of Vanrelinrg. Ky., IH the- great-i;i-aiiilsoii of Patrick Henry, ami In snld to lie Hit; only llvlns direct desci'iidiinl of the palrint. One of Hie must t re:islllvtl possessions (if the Dllke of I'-lf.. IK tin- litl'e plloto- Briiph frame maib- by the lionlsi' out of u piece of her lirst court train. Will I.'uve In Serve Five Yi<nr.<i. Toronto, (Int.. Nov. 12.--PrlV!ite Oc- tectlve Sydney A. Sloeiim, a unlive of Peoria, Ills., was fonvlcleil here of subornation of perjury and si-nlenved to live 5 ears' p.-n.-il rervltmJe. Sloi-um, who hfi« lived In ('anihlit live years, laid a criminal charge, since proven tn be absolutely false, against a doctor and offered several pei:«mn lurgi- Hinns of money to support the char,;,'. The 1.1'lHiiner was exlradlleil from llainll- ton, out.. In October, is:i"i. taken to Peoria. Ills., nrd tried and acquitted on a charge of alii-inpteil murder, owing to his record lie '.v:ts given llftecn days to leave the atales and he rc- turneil here. . ••The worst cold I ever hrul in my life wan cured by Chamberlain's Cough Remedy," saya W. H Norton, of Sutler Oroek, Oul. "This cold loft me with a cough and 1 was expector- atigg all tho time. Tho remedy cured me, and I want nil my friends when troubled with n cough or cold to use it, tor It will do them good." Hold hy E. Marsh and S. II. Wyss.__ Delays are Dangerous. Many of your friends, or ppoplo Whom you know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fatal diseases by neglect of a simple cold or cough. Foley's Honey and Tar, a safe sure and pleasant cough medicine, would have saved them. It is guaranteed. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wysa. _ t nits the Spot. When Buffering from a aevfro cold and your throat and lunga feel Bore, take a dose of iFoley's Honey tho soreness LEAN PEOPLE smiurpj MW»W* M^vi-f***"•••"•• • j ~-~ ter how long you Tiave suffered, your oure Is certain under the use of this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Bold by 8. li. Wysa. Cleanliness goes with health. If we have catarrh any* •where we cannot tc wholly clean. Mtilte systematic efforts to be free from this disgusting dlseaso. Mrs. L. A. Johnston, 1"3 Pilham and Kiplo.v Hts., Montgomery, Ala., tolls her experience with catarrh of tho stomach and how she was cured: "I will state to you thnt I have taken ciRliti. bottles of your 1'e-ru-na aud twoof Man-a-llu andrejoloo to say, ' Hod bless Dr. Ilartmuu and Pe-rit-na.' And I earnestly assure you that it has done mo more (food thttu any medicine I have ever laltcn iu my life. I prescribe it to every one I meet who is suffering, as the best medicine in the world, and have, made many eon- verts who are now rejoicing in tlio great good which they have, derived from the, same. I can tell you that I uin almost entirely relieved of indigestion, that great foe which lias tortured me so ninny years, and can now eat anything I desire without it is fruits or something acid." To understand tho scientific action of I'e-ru-ua it is best to have Dr. llart- matfs special boolc for women or his book on chronic catarrh. 'J'lieso books are mailed free by the 1'e-ru-im Medicine Company, Columbus, O. All druggists sell I'e-ru-na. Ask any druggist lor a free Pe-ru-na Almanac for the year 1899. and Tar, when will be at once warm, grateful healing of the purls relieved, a fee ling and affected will be "It experienced and you will say: feela so good. It hits the spot." It Is guaranteed. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. Rheumatism uurca in a Day "Mystic Cure for rheumatism and Neuralgia, radically cures in from 1 to 8 days Its action upon the system is remarkable and mysterious. It removes at once the cause and disease Immediately disappears. The first dose greatly benefits, 76 cts. Sold by H W. Chamberlain. Druggist, AJtou 111 lloadaeuo had? OobDr. Mllos' 1'itln Fills. $100. Dr. E. Deletion's Ami-Diuretic May be worth to you more than $100 if you have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water during sleep. Cures old and young alike. It arrests the trouble at once. 81. Sold by 8. H. Wj ss. Druggist, 652 Second et.'oet, Alton, 111. It has been fully demonstrated that Ely's Oresm Bnlui IB a specific for nasal natarrh and cold In the head. This distinction has boen achieved only as the result of continued successful use. A morbid condition of the membrane in the nasal passages can be cured by this purifying and healifig treatment. Sold by druggists or it will be mailed for 50 cents by Ely Brothers, 50 Warren street, New York. It spreads over the membrane, Is absorbed and relief is immediate. You Can't Afford to Chance It. A heavy cold may lead to pneumonia or consumption. Foley'a Honey and Tar taken iu time affords perfect security from serious results. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. How to Prevents Cold. After exposure, or when yon fool a cold coming on, take udoso of Koloy's Honey and Tar. It never fails. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. CASTORIA For Infants and Children, The Kind You Have Always Bought &HU* tho X^ 7 vVjTJV-JzT Blgnaturoof <-AaJ e 7X7-&&&AS U. S. NIXON, Architect, and Supennwndeni Plans; and Spoclttc^tlonp for Work Accurately Furnished. OFFICBJOVBI VtTJ-J 4VVCO* DANE MADE ME A MAN ' ^oa*. W\*V vulelilu atM tvrviu feetoro to«t VltilltV Iu offl or >outu, ,ul It n man for rtua>, liiwlUjiM or nuri luu> 'niviiiit liuubity Una (loji**iuU' t .' jU '' , Ttiilr aw thaoi luiamaliit* l>M|"u*> U* OOjSl wbiiy «iro?bjirii tfll. In lug th» ««»uVnci Ajiuc TabUu. lliu ) U ..ud..i.J will «ur» roo. ,«• «'«i> • Fora ale by B. Virtb «o« 8. M Iprrlhli; lioiiH'Hllr Trajji'ily. SciittHliiii'K, liul.. Nov. 12.-A ti-li'cr.'iin rwulvt-il by V. Mt-rU'lliiii of thin clly from niasguw, Ky., Bluti'S tiKit his hrothc'i'-ln-liiw, KnliiM-t P.nnvn. shut uiul kllli-il lil» fntlii-r, T.oiiis Mci'li'llim. 111? niotliiM- »ml sister, Mi-rliiii. uiul ilimnor- oiisly wiiunili-il Ills lirutlirr. Tln> triii:- i-rty was tin.' rusnlt of family Irntililrn. Tlioy MVP In tin- i-ountry fniir iiiilrs from (ilnsRnw. Hrnwn nuulo lil« i-s- ciipi-. Tim family . furinerly I'l-sii'oil in this uounty. Nut Imiul W. <'. T. I'. Kt. Paul, Nnv. lU.— Thc nponinp; ECH- slim of the Nationnl \V. C. T. V. <'<m- vi'iitlun wns (levotoil to rout Ino. up- pnliitnu-nt of ijiiinnilUi-i-s ami t" tin- annual int>min-inl sorvicon fur ilorcasi-.l meinlH'i-s. It wns ni-tirly II ii'i-loi-k lio- fure flu- convention WHS formally c-alli-il to order by Mrs. SU-vi-ns, uctlni; rrn?Kl- il^nt, whose opening remai-ks were nn eliK|iu*iit ami tearful tribute to tho deceased leader, Miss Francos Wlllard. Unary lliiult Kiililiery. Kansas City, Nov. 12.—A spec-till from Muc-on, Mo., says the Klrkcville Hav- ings Ijank was entered by burRlnrs early in the morning and robbed of $14.000 In Kovcrnment bonds belonging to FarmiPl Heed, presidi nt, and something In the neighborhood of $18,W)0 In gold and greei,backs. Two thousand or $:!,000 iii silver was left, evidently being too heavy and $3,400 In the vault was overlooked by the robbers. AliBlo-Amorlcllh CoiumlHitlnil. Washington, Nov. 12.—The Anglo- American Joint high commission began Its sessions here yesterday, having adjourned its early sessions at Quebec to meet at Washington after the elections. It wan the first gathering of the commissioners, collectively, in Washington. The meeting yesterday was mainly for the purpose of adopting the general plan of business to be followed here. i<> f ...ilt HIT llnliy. | Ten,nt". "nt.. Nov. 12. When WI11- Inni Creeii. n (iirpenler of Ilullniid Lnniilmr. went hniM' «' flipper he wn? just In tlni" to ffive hlH little Rill, nged 1S inontl'fi. from lielim ronsled nllve In. the m-i-n. <!re;'ii':- wife hud trussed Hie child like ;i chicken, sprinkled her plcn- | tlfully with snli mid pepper and placed, her in a pan with n]iples all around nnd . ,,„( It In the oven. The Infant's Hinleks Ri-eeted the father ns he entered ^ thi- hi.Ufe. HP speedily rescued the, child, cut the cords tylnK its hands j lind feet nnd rushed to a doctor, who found the little one uninjured except for j n sliRht hum on the shoulder. The vll- | higo coristalile lind the woman taken tn n physician, who advised her removal ^ to nn nsyliini, where she Is now detained. Mli'liltcnll Wlirnt Crop. T-nnsInt,', Mich.. Nov. 12. Secretary of Btnte Cnrdner reports thnt the area of growliu; wheat In Michigan Is .1 per cenl. Rrenler Ihnn was sowed In 1S97, which Inehkied the largest crop ever crown In the ctnte. The nveriiKe condition of the crop Iti 101! In the state, the wenther since wheat was sowed hnvlnir been remarkably favorable for I continuous growth. The presence of Insects IK noted by many correspond- I entP, but there seems to be no fear of e\tensive or severe injury. Corn will yield fifty-seven bushels of curs per iicre, I'otntoes nre estimated three- fourths of the nvernse cnm. l.lve stock is In i;nod condition. MlnMur Shiiiil" 1i> Kill. Tnylorvllln. IHs.. Nov. 12.—Kev. Enoch I'lirk's, a Free Metliodisl minister, shot nnd killed Jasper White, a day laborer nl !':'.!<! o'cloi k lit nlRht. A short time ano ''arks found White nt hla home. It Is said, and bent him severely • wilh a dub nml warned him that If lit! did nut cense his attentions to Mrs. I 1'iii-kp he would kill him. White knocked at the door of Parks' home nnd the hitter opened the door. With- | out wnnilni? he put three bullets Into the culler's body and the latter expired Irstnully. 1'urks nave himself up to (lie sheriff. While leaves u widow und four small children.^ Nnilillpiix In Oliln. Toledo. <i-. Nov. 1!!.—Dr. Probst of the state board of health hus returned from l.ove'.and.wheiv seventy cases uf smallpox have just been discovered. The epidemic Is in mild form and lias been i-iiBinS f»r trit'iilhsi. He says there is no excuse for mlstak!iiK the disease for chicken pox, which was done. The disease is on the increase at Sandusky. It Is learned that a clerk In a store has been nl work after helm; exposed and that he tins come In contact with scores of persona. SORE LUNGS Soro lungs, pain in tho chest and painful breathing are quickly relieved and cured by the old reliable specific, Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup. This remarkable remedy breaks up a cold in one night and is, without doubt, the very beat medicine for all affections of the throat and lungs. Itliascured thousands and will cure you. It never disappoints. Try it at once. Dr.BulIs Cough Syrup Will quickly heal Sore Lungs. Doses nre siniill and plenRnnt to tnke. Doctors recoiumeud it. Trice 25 cts. At all druggists. KtY'S cnEAM BALM Is » positive cure. Apply Into the nostrils. It Is qrifcUy absorbed. 80 cents st Dniiriditi or by mall; samples lOo. by mall. Kl.Y BltOTllKKS. 6d Wuruo 8U>New York Cltj, £)rs. Q. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURQEON3. OKKICE m M'Pike UuiMing. Cor. and and Eastern sin. Prjonea 138 •nd 171. [^ P. SCHUSSLBR.M.D HOMEOPATH1ST and SURQBON nfPlCWAHDRBB'DKNCB, HOTEL MADIHOf. TelePkoqo 100 £)rs. E. C. & H, R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURS: 7 to 9 a.mi 11 to 1,8 to 8 p.rr, TELEPHONE 87. £)/?. C. B. ROttLAND, DENTIST, OffleeHourii «a.», nd I to P.BM U W. THIRD RBHT DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCY In Short Time. Yager <& Yager, Attorneys 300 B*U« Htrott. cure cause Sold by nil dnitfpTlsta or sent upon receipt of price— 2i»e., 50c. uitd *)l per bottle by T12£ K. £. UI'inEUI.ANn MKDJCINE CO., PADUOA1I, KY- Urlfln:-.! /till Duly Gunulnc. Br.FC, Hiwars rninLU,, LAUICSJifk r'L'MtMEterr fc-iiolu ' [i iu lied and (ioU I _ __ci. avftlfld wltb blttn rlliltou. Tnko | ^^ ^^Sno otlier. Ittivaedn ' In t**nip« 1«t r-orllculBn, "tullmoDikb knd ••Kelltr for radi**.** (i? Wlw. br r«UF» Mill. l«I.IIO«T ? llliuioUH. - I»UII.» I HENRY J. KLUNK, Qealcir tu eof|t/u», metallic ta»B»,m»tal- Hi aitb ctoth ca»liele. tfwrlul cob** bent*, iftou M. MAHONEY, NSUkANCH AND RGAL ESTATE FOR SALE. Two u'.or> double brick dwelling 10 roomi jprlnft st. B-rooui I'rnrno dwelling on Fountain St. 14-rootn brlok dwelling on &nllo at. 9-room frame dwelling ou Btslost. S-rooni (r&rao Jwolllni; irltn elots I.'nnor AUoi. One-»orr b room (rsiae dwelling, 608 William I reut. («7il6Uft woul line of Main street. Big money this. Two-story C-room frame dwelling on BluK 26-nore tract near Edwsrdsrllle Groaning. One story s-room brlok dwelling, cor lib »oJ VlDCBlO. 40-aorefarm, 8 mlleo southwest of Brighton Two-story brick etore, Mo. (11 Belle st. Blxtr-aoro farm, good brlok dwelling toil (rarnn barn, Joruey county. Two-ulory brick «tor«, No. 618 BolloU. Two-story t-room frame, sidle roof dwelling lots ami aft sores of laud. Booania for pur chaser. One-«ti>ry 4-room frame dwelling, cor. Alby and Twelfth ato. Two flne lots on Htste atrcet Jnonh of Blvff »l Two lots on Dry struct. Two-story 8-rooro frame dwelling, large ban, and six aoros of land, llorth Alton. l*> acre farm throe miles north of Upper Altar. 2 lota on Rsston strest, WilJO each. 7-room frame dwelling, Highland Park. a-utyry brlcx bullillng k.w. oar. Hh «aa Pl»>n hotel and boarding nouie, B ro OBI frsma 4w«llln» or Tth it ,n«*r Hernv OTPARTMKNT AvfceetoblePreparationfbr Assimilating thcToodandRcguIa ling tlie Stomachs nndBowels of IMAMS, Promotes'Di^estion.Chccrrul ticss andRest.Contalns ncllho- Opium.Morphine nor Mineral NOT NAHC OTIC. to Your Bank Account. CASTORIA I For Infanta and Children. I The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of ApRffcci Remedy forConslipa lion. Sour Stoniach.DiaiThoe \Vorms .Convulsions .Fcvcri sh ness and Lessor StEEK Tac Simile Signature of (£&?&&. NEW VORK. Atb mbiitjrti olu J5 DOSES -J5CENTS EXACT COPy OF WRAPPEH. The Kind You Have [Always Bought. CASTORIA THt CCNT*UH COMPANY, NEW YORK OITV. BEST TRAINS 070 Three Hues or 1m under tblibftidlng: OB* time, U oonl«i three dtj«, IS oenUi on* week (Qooatil iddltloBil tlroei »merit«, o»ih down. FOR SALE. POB-flALB.— OU p«Bori, nooyquiulty, At i thA TkLHOKApn offioo. POK «\LK- All U need of klpdlln* wood ptn • be tuppllM br telophoDlufr No. H, lUlooln BuifaotoiY. M c«i lofJ-B. L«Tl». Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer vi deslor la Preih and Sslt Meslt mi Ltrd, lid Bins Isctsnr «l Ssuatie. 559 EAST SECOND • • ALTON ILL ALTON TIME CARD PANd SUE, LAUNDRY. jiundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Mio bsst at Teas and Chinese Novelties or. band, 624 East Second st. 306 State st Edmund H. Blair. Real Estate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Notary Public. WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer In Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster Prices to meet competition. Goods de- liter ed. elephone 109, Office 107 Wegl Second Street Veterinary Surgeoii DR. D. M. MAKER. .iradnate Ontario Veternlary College. Offlr' over The Model store. COR .THIRD AND PIA8A NTS . ALTON IL1 T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Maps Profiles and Estimate Furnished. 309 Belle Street, Up Stain. Granitoid Paving Co. W. & H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 East Sixth Street. - Alton, III. All kinds of Granitoid Work: Sidewalks, Bteps, Flooring, oto,, done and the bestquall- tyof material and work guaranteed. Order, bv nail will »«pnivi» p»-nm ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, 30S BBLLB STKBET. Money to Lo*n on Improved Property RBNT8 COLLECTED. Chas A. Strittmatter Merchant Tailor. 704 BAST SBCONU 5THKHT. Qentlemea who appreotite orit-olaai, ti| TAILOR MADE CLOTHES. - At MODERATE PRICES, You are Invited to call and esamlnr mi NKW STOCK OF GOODS F OH HAI.1-: -A Farm four miles northweat o( Utobfleld,l(iOMirei. IWanaoro. Forpjr-, tloulara addresa G. A. Brown, or U. S. Grown, Urlghton or T. n. Brown, Alton, IU. ttt( H^t • B IBnDr. WlllluiiiH'IutlluuPllo •^^•j • I L JkOliiUiiontwIllcuru Ulliul Ul I I IKPI'HVS, U ubHurlmiliu tuinorK. •Rr • I lilluj'H the Iteuiiib'iUuiKiMioli • • ••IIHU iwultli-n, /.'ivi- 1 :! iMfcluiii re • • Ik'f. Dr. Wlllluiiii'lnilliinl'ilcOiat • * iiioiit iKpreptri'il (or I'llivuiiiil lli'h • Ing of tlio privato I'urm. Kvory b»x 1* ^ warranidil. ily Uruiful^tH, by mull on rii- ulpt of mice. 60 ouuta uud fl.UU. WILLIAMS CltlUFAin'URINi GO. i'roya., ClDVelauA, Wei Chicago & Alton. On and after noon Aug. li, 1888, trains will eave Union Depot, Alton, as follows: For Chloago,North and East—'12:83 i m, *8:10 a m, *8:47 a m, "10:05 p m. ForSprlngfleld-»12:33 am, "8:10 am, ««:47 a m, *0:20 p m,( *10:06 p m For Peoria—-*8:47 am, *10:05nm. For Kansas City and the West—*8:47 am, 6:20 pm, '9:60 p m. •Dally. (Eicopt Sunday. [Soo joint C. & A. and Big Four time table for trains between Alton aud St. Loula. 1 ....C&A, dally... ^our, ex-Sun y.flndBiQFourJoiTiiiieTQDieoiTrolns Between Alton & St. LouU. Lv. Alton For St. Loula. • Ar. St. I,. 6 13am C& A dally 720am 6 20 am Big Four, dally " "" — 6 60am... " *- ' *-"-' 700am... 830am... 810am... 915am... 12 40 pm. 3 201. in... 4 15pm... C43pm... 627pm .. 003pm... 820pm... Lv 8t L U 8 708am... 744am... 748am... 1040am.. \ ii/I P^ 1 *y<f *_if"• f w »* wu*jr e, w UUI 420pm BleFour, ex-Sun 338pm 606pm Cds A, dally OlSpm S46pm BlePour, dally «40pm apapm..... BlgPourSun only 7»pm 825pm Slg Pour, dally.. 988pm 840pm C&A, dally 948pm 8'iOpm C&A, dally. .. .....lOOBprn 11 Jlpm...... ....C& A,dally laSJam T .**"C<tA and Big Four tickets, Alton aud Uppor Alton to East St Leuls and St LouU vloe versa, are good on any C tt A and Big Four trains rerularly stopping at tboie stations. Mileage tlokeU ezoepted. O G NdRRlS, C A A Agent. G H HAMILTON, Big Four Agent , " " Sun, only. ...C4A, dally. .:.. ....Big Four, dally .Dig Four, Sat only • ? " ex-Snn. " " dally C. &A. dally ....C&A, dally ....C*A,dally. For Alton ....C&A, dally ..BIg_Four ex-Sun. C&A, dally... 7 SO am . 8 00 air .. 800am . 1000am .. 024am . 1025am .. 1 40 pm .. 420pm .. 044 pm .. 8 66 pm ...082pm .. 7 06 pm .. V24pm Ar Alton .810pm .. 910am 8 47 am .Bli Big Four, dally '.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 11 40am mr, Sat only 2 CO pm C. C. C. ft St. L,— Big Four. nA '' f pot, Alton, aa (ollhws: Going East-fa 80 am. 1610 pm.JO 56 pm trains between Alton and St Louis . J table (01 Leave Alton BSOam g HIM am 12 30 pm 245 In" ' n, 9 ' Leavo Ht. L. 7 41 am 1020am 1150am ilOOpm 609pm 6 lit pm 7(Klpm De Burlington Route. (Suburban service) Dally Dally ex-Sun " < « " Sunday only Ually ox-Sun . D»"y ex-Sun Dally Dally er-Suu Dally rx-Bun Ually ex-SuD Arrive St. L 840am 704am M M am 11 00 am 125pm I40pra MflSS Arrive Alton 8 >e am Q t IS iir. 1115am IZ 45 pm 866pm 669|>m 085pn Q ) 8 40 pm St. L. K. & M. W. Through service. For Burlington, Cedtr Rapids, St. Pi points north, dally, u 15 pm and 8 06 pro For Kaniiui City, Lincoln, Denver iuS •»eut, dally 8 am and 8 Ofl pi. C. B. &. Q. (Ridge st. Station) Paul and point! uU Alton for P*orla-«»:H am. Alton for <Ier«eyrUlo and Oprlnirrleld- fralghtaad Aoo., *8T64am,t!iS9 pm, Alton for arahon-17:W> am, *U;M IB, Bt, L.OUII-Peoria Line I8t. L. 0. A Bt, P. Rr.j On and after Sopt. 18,1808, tralue will loaye Alton «u follow* i Learo Alton for I Le*T« Alton ' I6:8o am FroL Leave Alton 1 16:06 pm. Luave Alton. For Bt. LouU. 10:ie am B«o»yt Byadir 0 26 pm TOallr iu 44 pm s»t only Leara Bt. LouU For Alton 8:06 am Sunday ooly TiMam Dull 4:Mpui EioaptSun •Dally. IBi-Suu (Sun only; B t WP*' • *' Arrive Bt. L. 11:10 MB U wpm Arrive Alton

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