Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 27, 1961 · Page 7
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 7

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1961
Page 7
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Wh Is The Mystery Farm? Free copy oFmystery Farm picture to owner For making identification The picture above was taken •" Ir 1 / i V~ormers urged to study * ' corn land program Swine industry leaders seek "way out" as hog cholera raises a barrier to Iowa swine progress. Left to right, top. Dr. Maynard Spear, Marion Steddom and Dr. Grant Blake. The pigs pictured above show: ' No. 1, a pig coming down with ! cholera, showing the hunched-up allitudo characteristic of the disease; No. 2, pig in advanced stage of cholera, unable to stand; No. 3. pig in final stage, with his oycj c'jnsed by hardening! excretion characteristic of the f.'nal stage. interest of its 1961 Agricultural Con.' "We must r, :t waste this valuable topsoil by over production. ... j , .„ — «-...» fn- iiugium uii reurcu corn land We nood in af-SiffwSf^i-^ c^vatn^rurge; s -'" r 5 - r """'- wh ° n - - -- °u f ATJ 5 ^ 7 gloss y P rint °f "Through the Agricultural Con- "Ocassionally I hear a to serration payment vou can ,-,-tire er say", They are justific ,'e using up or wasting their s in order to pay taxes, build H, ter- sc-h(.:ls. mat Hog cholera cases double; New program proposed prohibit the feeding of raw garbage to swine; compulsory re- P'lrting of known suspected cases of cholera; strict quarantine and supervision of infected premises; greater use of vaccination; con- tn.l tin; movement of swine; intensify HOK cholera researcn; (lean ,mrl disinfect all facilities mod in handling hogs infected with or exposed !•:• cholera; start a 1 on n-range educational pro. .!', <r,i ;;l.;;ut hog cholera. Most slate's, including L.vva, have already acted to enforce the fir.-.t two steps. Alabama, i;.-'i.i",'hi, Florida, South Carolina and Oh!;) nave started an area ii -.'-rholci-;; eradication program. Members of the state committee, besides Stcddom and Blake, a.-e Dave Noller of Sigourney, swine pn.ducer; Bob Lepper of Nevada, feeder pig dealer; Dr. A. L. Sundberg, state veterinarian with the I. wa department of Agriculture; Dr. H. P. Sandburg of Bione and Dr. V. D. Ladwig nf Sac City, practicing veterinarians; Bernard Ebbing of Rath racking Company, Waterloo, anc} J;u'k SiinpMin. T i wa Packing C'. mpany, Des Moines. This slate crtnmittce has set up sub-committees which are working out details of the program. First activity will be the educat : onal phase, Spear says. This program will inform lowans of the present cholera problem, alternative solutions and what has to be c'. :ne if the disease is to be wiped out of Iowa. Sub-committees are: Practicing veterinarians, Dr. V. D. Ladwig, Sac City, and Dr. II. P. Sandberg. Icwa Department of Agriculture Animal Industry, Dr. A. L. Sundberg, State House, Des Fayetto Leader Page 7 1 ; Thurtd&y, April 27. 1961 Moines. Animal Disease Eradication, USDA in Iowa, Dr. Grant E Blake. Iowa Experiment Station. Ames, H. L. Self. College of Veterinary Medicine, ISU, Dr, P. C. Bennett and Dr. R. H. Packer. Iowa Veterinary Medical as- Fcciat : ,:n, Dr. F. D. Wertman, Carlisle, and Dr. F. E. Brutsman Tracr. Iowa Agricultural Extension Service, Dr. M. L. Spear and Maurice Soults, Ames. Department of Animal Husbandry, Iowa State University, Leslie Jchnson and Wm. Zmolek. '• wa State University exten- 'Jii information service, Dale Williams and Dwight M. Bannister. Farm Press, Neal Black, National Hog Farmer, Grundy Center. Vocational Agriculture Education, Hampton Hall, State Office Building, Des Moines; Clarence Bundy, Ames. Farm Organizations, Farmers Union, Kenneth Schuman, Des Moines; NFO, Earl Rigters, Hinton and Farm Bureau, Stan Nicol, Des Moines. Truck A semi-trailer truck loaded with 24 head of cattle left the load recently near Kensett and plunged into a ditch filled with water. Two of the cattle were killed, one drowned in the truck, the other was hit by a car. The remaining 20 head were rounded up in a farm yard nearby. week. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hulbert attended the funeral services Saturday of Mrs. Hulbert's brother- in-law, Henry Behn of Elkader. Mrs. Hulbert has spent tne past week with her sister, Mrs. Behn, assisting in the care of Mr. Behn. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bixeman, also a sister, came from Lewistown, Montana, and Mr. and Mrs. Verdell Hulbert, Clermont, attended the services. Mrs. Jennie Carpenter entertained the "Little Eight" card club in her home Tuesday nignt. Prizes were won by — Mrs. John Erickson, Mils. Wilfrfcd Bond, Mrs. William O'Laughlin and Mrs. Roy Klingman. Byron Murray who has been home on leave with his mother, Mrs. Madge Murray left Tuesday to return to his base at Norfolk, Virginia. West Central P. T. A. Elects new officers inMAYNARD — Open house was featured at the* Parent Teacher meeting held at the Maynard school Monday evening, April 17 Parents and friends were given an opportunity to Visit the several classrooms, talk with the teachers in charee and view the dfsplays of work done during the year _ . On the business agenda was the, election of officers for the next school year. They are Mrs. Ivan Gamier, president- Mrs Of>rtrnrfo r^ni.ic w^t« Q to ,,• o Gertrude Lemus, Westgate, vice- president; Mrs. William A. Ste- pjjans, secretary; and Mrs. Rajph Jipson, Oeiwein, treasurer. >'i'Plans were made to hold a bake sale in the near future.-The proceeds are to be> applied on thei medical and hospital expenses<incurred while Ronald Kap- Pmeyer has been in the Rochest- a*; Minn., hospital. phosphorous payments,", Mr. McCord said. "This makes sense because we are now over pivxlucing when we do not need it. This leads to a Technique developed For diagnosing cancer A State University of Iowa scientist has developed a technique that shows promise of aiding in the diagnosis of cancer of the lymph nodes, which will cause rome 15,000 deaths in the nation this year. Dr. Harry W. Fischer, associate professor of radiology in the SUI college of medicine, believes the technique — called lympho- graphy — will help in determining how and when these nodes are involved in the spread of cancer. Lymph is a colorless fluid which travels through the body in its own set cf lymph vessels. The lymph nodes are rounded masses of tissue which occur along the course of the lymph vessels. They are of importance in trapping and halting or modifying the spread of cancer cells which have broken loose from the main tumor. Early diagnosis of cancer offers the best hope of treatment, but detection of malignant growths of the lymph nodes has been stymied because they are as transparent to x-rays as a pane of glass is to ordinary light. But Dr. Fischer has found that when a special contrast liquid is injected through the lymph vessels of the leg, structures deep in the pelvis, including any ab- normalties such as cancer, become visible on x-ray film. Dr. Fischer chose to test his pew technique on the pelvite area because of the high incidence of tumors in this area of the body and because of the known tendency of these tumors to spread to pelvic lymph nodes. The SUI scientist's research is one of the many projects at the SUI Medical Center that are supported with funds from the American Cancer Society and its Iowa Division. , a-ops without regard to soil Vss- es ••TI,;*. ; - • . • i c "" h( s .^T " » V, ""„ ' 1L ""'I th '! washt> ? away from Iowa builds no homes, roads, schools, or churches. In fact home..?, schools, roads, and churches could have been and can now bo built qujcker bv keepin g the soil in Iowa through conservation practices," according' to Mr. McCord. What is it that has caused unrest in China? One of the principle causes is lack of food brought about in large measure by the destruction of soil resources. The Yellow River of China so named Because of the farm eroded soil it carries to the sea gives mute evidence as to one of the basic tioubles in China — that is soil erosion. The veterinary diagnostic lab- tratory at Iowa State university, in the first quarter of lilfil, has reported more than twice as many hog cholera diagnosis as it did during the same months last year. Total numbers of animals brought to the laboratory cannot reflect the numbers of infected animals in the state accurately, says Extension Veterinarian Maynard Spear of Iowa State university. However, an increase in numbers of cases of any disease at the laboratory r:ften indicates a trend. There is no doubt that hog cholera infection is increasing in Iowa. lowans concerned about the welfare of the swine industry met in March at the call of Bernard Collins, president of the Iowa Swine Producers association to launch a program to eradicate cholera. lowans have never tried to eradicate this disease. They have been content to piotect their herds only by vaccination. Many don't even vaccinate. Collins re- ported the disease is costing lowans an estimated Sii million a year. Canada has eradicated the disease at a cost of only $3 million, including the cost of en- demnities for hogs slaughtered as carriers or victims of cholera. At least 12 foreign countries now embargo Iowa pork to avoid the risk of cholera in their own clean herds. Tiie picture above shows Dr. Spear, Iowa State university extension veterinarian, appointed at the March meeting as chairman of educational work for the Iowa cholera eradication committee: Marion Steddom of Gran, ger, chairman of the newly formed stale cholera eradication committee, and Dr. Grant Blake of Des Moines, in charge of United States Department of Agriculture's disease eradication program and secretary of the committee. They are pointing to tne list of nine steps the committee declared essential for hr>£ cholera eradication. ~ These steps are: Discontinue the use of fully virulent virus; ORDER YOUR e & Rock FROM Leland Benter RANDALIA, IOWA Phone 428 - 2241 Corrugated pipe keeps Rodents out of tile For those who- are tiling this year and getting ACP payments, there must be 1C feet of corrugated steel pipe at the end of each outlet. This pipe must be covered at the outlet end with a trap to prevent back water from entering the tile drain. Piobably the most important p_int in covering the end of the outlet is to prevent rodents such as muskrats from entering the tile and plugging it up. This plugging has become more com iron in recent years, because large areas where the muskrats formally lived have been tiled out so they are now migrating into the smaller streams of water. Although the ACP has res- sponsibility to layout contouring and stripcropping where ACP payments are made, their staff is so overloaded with the signup on corn allotments that they may not be able lo do all the layout. Therefore, just call the Soil Conservation District office in West Union and they will lay it out. TRY LEADER WANT ADS IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE I Ladies Aid to meet •The iregular f Lima Ladies Aid ' meeting will be Friday afternoon With Mrs. Otto Popenhagen. Roll call is a-Bible verse. Mrs. Donald '• Off will have, devotions and ' Mrs. Robert Gilbert, the program. COMPLETE PROCESSING .PiDR YOUR MAYNARD LOCKER 'Phone 65 Maynard, Iowa when Hall ruins your crops It pays to insure and be safe. And for extra safety and service, be sure to Insure with Farmers Mutual Hail. FMH includes fire and lightning protection on crops in the field at no extra cost — 30 trained fleldmbn and 100 adjuster* assure prompt lettlemcnt. Atk your agent or write today. •^^^^^m^x^-ir.:--'^..'..^^' EARL SCHNEIDER INSURANCE AGENCY 2323 GRAND OES MOINES, IOWA QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT CONVERTING LP APPLIANCES TO NATURAL GAS Q. A. VA. I understand that my LP appliances must be converted before they can use the new natural gas? Yes, your LP range, water heater, dryer and other appliances must be converted and adjusted before they can operate correctly on natural gas. Is this an expensive procedure? No. Your Peoples serviceman will convert your appliances to natural gas free of charge in almost all cases. In the few cases where parts must be installed there is a nominal charge for the parts. Q. .How about my LP furnace . . . does that need conversion, too? A. Yes, your LP furnace must be converted, too. And this usually requires the installation of a pressure regulator which costs about $3. Who do I call to get this converting taken care of? Call or visit your Peoples office to arrange for having your LP appliances converted to" natural gas. The conversion will be scheduled to assure that you can use your gas appliances at all times. A. PEOPLES NATURAL GAS CLIFFORD HAYES PHONE 266 LIVE MODERN...FOR LESS...WITH NATURAL GAS

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