Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 13, 1963 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 13, 1963
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WtAiHt* *Vft*Atf 40 FORECAST Water Strike (Continued from Pag'' 1) Olo'hine Wankmuller said. i« furn?h»d to me'er readers. t,pf H'JVP ihr-v h3\<: to mpp? 'be \Vank Tujllei said evpry effort ji h«?inE mad' to rps^lvp ih<? isijps in the s'nkp. bu' declared <ha' 'he '-OTipany will not ar- bi'raif th'- ' irjthine i^ue only ijnlo*«: thp pay matter and vacation ISMJP is a'*-o di^ r 'Ussf*j. No meetings be''- 1 .e<?n 'he com- pan\ and union a:e scheduled a' ihe present Th" •.'.• a t e r company supervi- v>i s \\i-rp jjpaifd for a Ion? stay at th" pumpine plant. Whpn thr • jn-t' '.'.PIP '.hynt't-d OVPI from st'-;un to plpf.-1n<"it\. th" supervisors load was lightened. Th" ' j hange was made- to give the supervisors in th" plant an easier time in its operation. Lawr- pnc" said. "The change- went smoothly, in fact we each got about six hours sleep apiece and even had eggs and bacon for breakfast " | Alton and vicinity — Fair and During the changeover, the i quite "X>1 tonieht. with ih" )-nv water output dropped from 10 •43 to 48 Sunny and a little 'million gallons to 8 million and ;warmer Saturday, \vith the high the water pressure dropped about in the mid 70s. 7 pounds. Dro|>[>«-d During Night CHICAGO (AP)-Mrs. Care B. Presidential powers during the Extended Forecast " /ater P ljm P in 8 ail ni S ht at the Williams, assistant Republican! last session of Congress, but "in Southern Illinois — Tempera Scattered showers and tJiundenshow- ers will occur Friday night over the WARMER fair to partly cloudy elseuhere. It will cooler over most of the country ex- northern Plateau, central Plateau, parts cept Florida and the west coast states. of the central Plains and southern Plateau as well as the Tennessee valley and western Guff states. It will be mostly It will be warmer in the northern Plains. (AP Wirephoto Map) Republican Leader Raps Creeping Congress WeatherForecast built up our national chairman, said todav a; this ™"™nt session, in the first tures will average near normal in ^^.^'^^^ ^'' Democratic - controlled •'creeping si * ™ nths onl ^ h " had "f 207 i southeastern and extreme South- £ i requests for moneys and 70 re-ern Illinois and three to six de- Congress" reflects "lack of oon-| quests for Presidenlial powers." izrees above normal elsewhere. A The out P ut should, remain nor- consistency ,, A11 thriT1CT u ttll , ' ' All thOUghtfUl viction, courage and in the White House. Mrs. Williams, of St. Peters- 1 , he power-grabbing Kennedy ad jalizp," Mrs. Williams said, , I warming trend will begin Satur- mal. the manager said, with only UJaJ'day and Sunday. Normal highs, > slight drop in pressure dining :78"to 82. Normal lows, 56 to 64. the day. burg Fla told a closing session' ministration is thus presenting us^f 'Potion wiirtotal one-fourth' Alton Mayor P. W. Day ar- ourg, tia., tow a closing session, ' * ,, neh ,„ a period of showers Tues- ranged a meeting I.etween a re- of the National Federation of Re-i wllh ,.° °' the f rd Y est ?"» of day or Wednesday. our time—the protection of the fun-; * c^uc^^ publican Women: ' damental form of our government "The President continues to ac-j given us by our founding fathers." celerate his requests tor both! She asserted that the term dem- power and money in his drive to joe-racy should not be used in ref FRIDAY, SfcPTEMBER 13. 1963 100 Ar^Evacuated In Hospital Fire year-old original buiWinR •* Mw- A siirginil ward contenting 20 rv Hospital today whrn fir" ''""'• p-tlrnm was evacuated immcdi- aeed the roof and fourth floor cx-UiHy on Hw fourth floor and the tensively 'hospital 1 * t-morgpncy ward on the No injuries were reported. jflnrt floor WHH cleared. More than 160 Hit-men were! Later, pntirnts in second and quicklv brought to the K-WIP ;ind|ihlrtl n«or wards also were taken names leaped 30 feet into the air|| 0 olher bHlldings of the hospital for a time from the old striidunMromplex. al 261h Street and Calumet Ave- Merry Hospital is » 350-bed in- nur on the South Side. | si Million with several huildings. Before the fire wan reported un-, ,, os p ita | ;itt ( .ndants fought the der control, a section of '"'' "''Vfj,-,. alongside firemen. shineled roof of the four-story! pi,. ( , I)l( , n r( . mi) incd on the root structure collapsed. 'fighting tin hlaze even after a Hospital officials said the bl;</e apparently was caused hy H blow- ^ oulsidr lh"| p ,, (> , )i1ion of it caved in, and streams torch as workmen Disease Kills Mammoth Elm expand executive power and t o | erence K> the United States form i . ,,,•-,. . . ,iof government which has the weaken the legislative branch of! our government." Money Requests She said Kennedy made 75 Negroes Picket in E. St. Louis EAST ST. LOUIS. III. <AP> About 75 Negro youths paraded in front of East St. Louis City Hall : today protesting alleged discrimi 1 nation in city schools. Thp demonstration was orderly, police said. The demonstrators i were mostly high school students. I Thursday night. H civil rights (group presented a list of l.'i dr- ! mands to the School Board, aimed iat ending the alleged discrimination in schools. <M from portable towers on the men. Traffic was routed away from the aira as fin- aw) police equipment converged at the scene. Seven police ambulances and nine other police ears were sent to Ihe fire, and police helped hospital workers move patients from Ihe burning structure to other hospital buildings. City's Share Of Sales Tax Is $28,989 ind balances of lutional republic. "In this century, Franklin presentative of the water coin pany and the laborers union at 5 p.m. Thursday in his office. Attorney Durr representing the water company and John Shortal, business representative for Local . „ j _ . _, 218 of the Hodcarriers and Labor- At EulVar(lSVllle\ers union conferred, but no prog- jress was reported. j EDWARDSVILLE - An ancient i Day said wages and vacations! CHICAGO HOSPITAL BURNS CHICAGO—Chicago firemen go in- cago. Firemen are shown just corning to action against fire in upper floors of in with first burst of water. (AP Wire- j availability of courses for some nio ,. p m . m , hp -,,„, wing of Mercy Hospital today in Chi- photo) 'predominantly Negro schools i rP( . f ,i V pri last year :elrn tree re-'Roosevelt, representing the execu | its kjnd in the more power . . ." she said. j it haK fallen victim to ^e dreaded "He was stopped, just as thHDutch elm disease. Congress has refused, to date, to! The elm, 77 feet tall, has aj yearSi W ith ID cents the first year.l approve attempts by President'spread of 525 feet. Only a fp«-! .. . ,t . , , ten [nine cents the Kennedy to substitute presidential j green leaves cling to its branches, j f)jghl ( , ents th( directives, backdoor spending, jThe rest have turned brown and standby authority for lawful legis-jfallen to the ground, as time and lalion." quests tor moneys and 29 £ori tive b ra "eh, twice tried to usurp i^ cut down next week because _^.____ ^^ trmrri nnu?or '' «ho «;H iH is* i *_ n ..:_*.:„. *_ ii__ j i_j Sen. Jackson Supporting Test Treaty WASHINGTON (AP)—Sen. Henry M. Jactaan came out today in favor of the limited nuclear test ban treaty, saying its risks are serious hut acceptable. The Washington Democrat, who the largest of !,,.„.„ discussed But the main is- ouscussea, But tne main is- sue| wor){ c i o thes for the laborers i remained a big stumbling block. J" A wage increase request wasj Q mentioned, staggered over three' year thjrd year jj ay . • /T1 .. and f / es f f Or Brinkmanship | the Dutch elm disease took their I toll. Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois, Senate Republican leader, addressed the federation Thursday night and rapped the Kennedy administration for what he called "playing dangerous economic Tree surgeons from Southern Illinois University, on whose property the tree is located, have worked for two years, trying to preserve the gigantic tree. After it is felled next Tuesday, university officials plan to pre- I brinkmanship" with stability of! serve two-cross section slices of served as Democratic President national Kennedy's chairman during teh I960 presidential campaign, had been generally regarded as one of the treaty's principal critics. In his announcement today, Jackson said he was compelled to conclude from the evidence that the agreement involves "serious —perahps even formidable—military and technical disadvantages." But he added that with assured saafeguards for the nation's security, "I believe thaat the the nation's currency. He contended the country's balance of payment deficit "hat; reached startling proportions" under Kennedy and is "one of the most complicated and menacing problems facing the nation." The Senate leader told the Republican women that the rate of deficit payments rose during the Kennedy administration from J3 billion a year go a $5.2 billion level in the second quarter of 1963. "Just six years ago, our gold !the tree. One will be kept at the school's Edwardsville campus. The Illinois State Historical Socie- Shortal said in a statement today, "I felt when we left the meeting in the mayor's office we were on the brink of a settlement and Durr told me he was going to contact the company to see if the Nine Alton young women seeking eligibility for appoint- Alton will receive $28.989 this month from its June sales taxes , which will bring to $158.617 the : The demands dealt with a broad (ot;|[ ,.,,,.,,,„„, from , h ' js sou , re range of school matters, a board (n| . , h(l fjrs , sjx mollths of , hc • spokesman said. CJty . s fjsf> .,| yrar The gi-oup asked for greater ^ hf , fi. mon 'th total is SJ.092 amount of $lo<,515 for the period more equal racial makeup of f, om April through September, i teaching staffs and a job finding The $'J8.089 payment for Sepi service for graduates. (ember reflects retail sales in ! A board member. Arbra Gray, (he city last June. It is SI.218 • sa'd the board will call a special'more than the August payment CHATTANOOGA. Tenn. (AP)—i meeting in about 10 days to con ! 0 f $27.741 City Patrolman James Mallette i sider the demands. . '• The municipal sale.s imposts of * No Alton ordinance could be accepted when ex-convict Carl! "The list includes many good '-per cent are collected for the ' found today relating to the orig- Wesley Brown offered to buy the! ideas and I want to see inequities city by Illinois Department of i. , . „ .. , , . , policeman's breakfast. 'corrected immediately," Gray Revenue along with state sales ( mal installation of the signal ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^.^ • )axps ^ rpmittances are made .'lights at the Broadway entrance ^^j.,.' of the big roil of ^oney; G ™y- s N«?Rro. represented the monthly to the city. The state ito Owens-Illinois Glass Co^ig^^^ was carr yj n g Thj s led to'board and accepted the list of de makes a 4 percent charge for r TL j where the proposed removal has an investigation which led to the^rnands from Elmo Bush, chair •, handling administration and col- JOU | been protested : arres t of Brown in connection with i man of a committee representing lections and sends the city the i However, the city has an or- No First Ordinance Found On Traffic Lights at O-I Con Offers to Buy Cop Meal; Arrested dinance of Aprli 9, 1959, which Mhe S500 burglary of a gas station,! the co-ordinating council of East net amount after withholding its "owned by his brother-in-law. 'St. Louis Civil Rights Groups. fee. men! to the city position of ac- authorized the operation of sig-j proposal was acceptable." Shortal said that Durr called later and said the company was not interested in negotiating the contract any further and now wanted to submit the matter to arbitration. The union said supplying the work clothing for the six . t . exarmna -on conducted today by, , ant entrance and at tne foot . th ^ Clvl1 S ™ Commission of Washington Avenue , a half .; in 'he council chamber of CitV| b]ock east of the plant gate , Continues Saturday 9 A.M. Hall. ;City Clerk Paul Price said. The ordinance authorized that ty has expressed an interest in| Jaborel , s i/lvo j ve d would cost the i. j. • • it _it : obtaining the other. company a total of $600 a year. Local historians .say the treei Shom] sajd> ..j o£fered was standing long before most same arbitration four days ago. Preliminary typing tests were; held for applicants last Monday.; At the civil service office, it! trafflc °" E ' Broadway at the was said, that 11 had passed the i Owens-Illinois entrance be regu- typing test. Two of these. ho%v-! lated and controlled by auto ever, were not present for to- matic day's written examination. One sent word that she was pre- control signals. Elimination of the plant entrance lights and substitution white settlers came to the area. | bm nQW W£ do not fed , t ig jn ^jvented attending due to Quebec Receives 6 Inches of Snow QUEBEC, (AP) - Eastern Que . ibec got its first taste of winter !*> M agreement, Shortal explain- best interest of the community nor to the persons involved to arbitrate the matter." •Undue Delay' It would cause an undue delay Sonate may prudently give its ad-j reserves totaled $22 billion," heU, mi)es an no ur. — snow and winds of ed. The union representative said ness for which she was hospi-ivided by the plans for E. Broad- talized. j wa y resurfacing project as ap- Salary for city accounting j proved by the state Division of clerks is S265 to $280 a month, i Highways. i Presently the city has onel Objections of Owens-Illinois; vacancy. Those passing the ex-! and the Flints Glassworkers i amination will be placed on have been referred FASHION BARGAIN DAYS Three'to six inches of snow fell!" the <-ompany wanted us to waive! vice and consent to ratification."! said. ,,,,,, ^ .„„ ... v ..,^., „ „.. Jackson's removal of himself) "Today, due to the fact that, j n Laurentides Park to the north.! contractual time limits on arbi- frorn the doubtful list enhanced foreign holders of dollars have Motorists reported snow to the| trat;on - eligibility list as qualified for c j ty council to Mayor P. future appointment. the chances for ratification of the pact by a substantial margin over the necessary two-thirds majority. been converting to gold, our gold supply has dwindled to approxi malely $15.6 billion." west made driving hazardous for ^l 1 I IU14V VJ*i» "*H •<l«J"*'-««M"«v' - .. Lr 80 miles along the north shore ofi" n)on P )aced P )ckets ^ efore the St. Lawrence River. P um P in 8 stalion Monda y a n d 125 Prominent Area People Attend UF Training Session (Mcture Vagi'. «) A total of 120 prominent area clti/ens were on hand for t h e Advanced Gifts training session of the 1964 United Fund, Thursday noon in the YWCA. Master of ceremonies Robert Hosier, who is general superintendent of the Advanced Gifts Division introduced leaders of the drive including superintendents of each of the five teams. The luncheon program started off with a slide presentation by Doug Bair depicting the various aspects of the United Fund program of community service. Hosier by means of a prop showed how the goal for the Advanced gifts division of the drive as a "victory celebration." of 4,000 more potential contribu- Following Hosier S. John Craw-1 t ()rs . ley, executive director of the UFi Crawley exp i a jned in detail how : Day and the aldermanic traffic i committee for reviewing nego- i tiations with state engineers. The lights installed some ; years ago are now held by the BILLINGHAM-ON-TEES, Eng- state to be illegal. Wednesday the 15 - members of I land (AP) — Police handwriting' Ten members of the Laborers Investigate Threats On Queen Elizabeth is $117,000. He said that the kick-off break-1 "^ m fast would be held at 8 a.m. i- Monday in the Hotel .Stratford | followed by a day by day report-j ing session at H a.m. Tuesday, j Wednesday and Thursday ol next week. ! A final report session is slat- i ed from 5 to 7:.'iO p.m. next Frid;iy combined with what he described gave those present a pep talk on the new goal o( $<1HO,000 for this year in the Alton - Wood River urea. "We must raise $20,000 in new money this year, Crawley said, therefore you workers must thing in terms of a 10 per cent increase from everybody you contact. 11 each of you do this in the campaign we svill reach our goal. He said this year 25,000 people will be contacted for donations as contrasted with 21,000 last year. "This therefore gives us a two (old approach to reaching Ihe new the UF serves 13 communities and represents 18 agencies. the operating engineers refused to cross the line. Three supervisors took up the job of. operating the plant. The main issue of the strike centers around the laborer's svanting the company to issue work clothes. Shortal said the engineers anc other personnel get work clothe.' issued through a laundry. Lawrence stated earlier that to issue the work clothes would es tablish a precedent and this the company would not do. experts today studied four notes j threatening an acid attack on Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip. Authorities said it was impossible immediately to say whether the notes were written by the same person. NEW HOURS! EFFECTIVE OCT. 1 Daily 9 AM. to 8 P.M. Friday 9 A.M.-3 P.M. 5 P.M.-7.-30 P.M. Godfrey State Bank Member F. D, I. C. MONTICELLO PLAZA goal; Ihe 10 per cr<nl proposed do- cease and (he addition LET ACME STRETCH YOUR FUEL OIL DOLLAR Summer 1'rliwn Am I,(mrr ACME OIL CO. I'lionc 4(i'i-HO(JO or 4H5-5HH',! W. J'. (iOSSK'IT, Owner Clip and Save /or FREE Gift I WM from Arimithc* ClirUt'i di»ci|il«, but •ecrelljr. I eciue for Hi* Iradf And «« Piklc nude mf pie*. If Hat It my (John 19. ALTON BIBLE & BOOK STORE 2800 E BROADWAY. Gift* and Religious Item! A Message About Staten Funeral Home To our many friend* in the Greater Alton area... We will continue the operation of our funeral home in the same manner you have been accustomed to in the past. Mrs. Ralph Woodson, my daughter, ha» been associated with her father in the bus!, ness as funeral director for the past 12 /ears. She will continue in that capacity. My two sons, James and Richard Staten, will also continue with the firm. Mrs. Ben F. (Catherine) Staten Staten Funeral Home "Service Wllh Dignity" MO Court Ht. THftjilione 465-8641 Adult Education Glass Registration East Alton - Wood River High School And Area Technical Institute Registration on CLASS MEETING Nights September 17, 19, or 20, 1963 Classes wtart the week of September 33, 1963 Register for These Courses Monday, Sept. 16, 7:00 P.M. Name Place Cost Weeks Effective Speaking ............. IE 6a 10.00 10 Graphic Arts ................... IE 3 10.00 10 English Communications (Mon. & Wed.) IE 1 Technical Report Writing (Mon. & Wed.) ............. IE 1 15.00 15 15.00 15 Register for These Courses Tuesday, Sept. 17, 7:00 P.M. Office Machines ................ 104 15.00 15 Refresher Typing .............. 103 15.00 15 Tailoring ...................... 200 5.00 10 Spanish, Conversational ........ SC 2 15.00 15 Mathematics foi Electronics (Tues. & Thu.) Kile ........ 114 15.00 15 Welding ....................... IE 4 20.00 15 Metal Trades Blueprint Reading. IE 23 10.00 10 Political Action ................ 102 6.00 9 Oil & Water Color Painting .... 4 10.00 10 ReglNter tor These Course* Thursday, Sept. 19, 7:00 P.M. Ret reshor Shorthand ........... 104 Beginning Typing .............. 103 Bookkeeping ................... 108 Rapid Reading ................. SC 4 Intermediate Sewing ........... 200 Party Foods & Cake Decoration.. 203 Machinist, Theory & Practice.... IE 5 Adult Driver Education ........ IE 3 15.00 15 15.00 15 15.00 15 15.00 15 5.00 10 10.00 10 15.00 15 35.00 8 foi Till* Course Friday, Sept. 20, 7:00 I'M. Clothing Construction • Beginning Sewing) ........ 200 5.00 10 Other cfjursch not listed may be opened by the school when a nurabei large enough tc make up a class express their need for training. We Will Mall Descriptive Foldor— Phone 25J-OtW Kxt. 2fi with only a small handful oi SUPER-BARGAINS which are much more than 10% OFT which are net prices. (In Thursday nite's "Telegraph".) SHE'S DANCING (probably waltzing to that old-time favorite, "Take Me to Snyder's, Again") because she saved her family 10% (that's a lot) and got top-notch quality to boot, quality she knows and appreciates, at Snyder's OLD FASHION BARGAIN DAYS, HE'S PLAYING (and paying with a smile, you will note) because he is the family hero for taking Mother and the kids to Snyder's for all their fall clothing needs, known quality and known reliability, and saving 10% OFF regular day-to-day low prices. Reasonable limits on all items. No sales to dealers. Come early, stay latel Shop Mon., Thuis., Fri. nile till 9 Slum THIRD AND PIASA * ALTON

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